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World Soccer

Edited by:

Eugenio Trevino

Emilia Maltos

Gustavo Vargas

Table Of Contents


Note from the Autor - - - - - - - - - - - 3

History of Soccer - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4

Best Teams In the World - - - - - - - - - 5

World Class Stadiums - - - - - - - - - - - 6

Best Leagues In Football - - - - - - - - - 7

Best Teams Supporters - - - - - - - - - - 8

Editors Note

Eugenio Trevino Galan, is a part time professional in soccer and as a photgrapher.

He is always with a good positivie and trying to get the best out of his career.

He is 17 years old and studying high schooal at the American School

Foundation of Monterrey.

Emilia Maltos Meyer is a nurse for the tigres team

as she is a graphic designer, she is a always trying

hard and always comes prepared to recover players.

Besides always being on the gym, she spends time

in the field. She is 16 years old and also goes to High

school at the American Achool Foundation

Gustavo Vargas Diaz is a

retired soccer player, He

is now coach and a

expert in digital arts. He

is 17 years old and loves

to continue his role. He

goes to the American

School Foundation of


Top 3 Best Soccer Players - - - - - - - - 9

More than a Sport - - - - - - -- - - - - - - 10

Best Cleats in the Market - - - - - - - - - 11

About us - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 12

History of Soccer

1872: The first official match was played, between the national teams of Scotland and England in Scotland which ended the game in a draw


1900: Soccer started to expand in the world which led to get played for the first time in the Olympic Games

Top 10 teams

1904: FIFA was established by delgates from: France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

1923: The FA Cup FInal was moved to Webley stadium for the very first time.

1930: The FIFA held the first ever World Cup tournament in Montevideo, Uruguay with only 13 teams being played.

1932: Soccer was taken off the program for the olympic games in Los Angeles, due to a controversy between FIFA and IOC over the defenition

of amateur and the reluctance of many strong countries to travel to the US because it was to expensive to be involved.

1938: First English FA Cup Final was televised live by BBC in this soccer history timeline.

1954: UEFA was formed on the 15th June.

1955-56: First European Club Competitions, later to become the Champions League. The first winners were Real Madrid beating Stade

Reims 4-3

1958: First live Worldwide TV coverage of the World Cup and this soccer timeline.

1961: On December 18th, CONCACAF was formed

1970: BArzil became the first country to win the World CUp three times.

1994: First World Cup FInal to be decided on penalties

1994-1996: 3 Billion people follow USA World Cup in 1994. Major Leagues Soceer is introduced as the top USA proffesional soccer league.

Barcelona FC: In 1899, football pioneer

Joan Gamper decided he wanted

to form a football club. After eleven

other enthusiasts responded to his

newspaper advert, the dream became

a reality and Barcelona was born. s.

Barcelona have managed to win 26 La

Liga titles, 5 Uefa Champions league,

3 Fifa club World Cup and lastly 30

Copas del Rey.. Lastly Barcelona have

the best player in the world as of today

called, Lionel Messi with 6 Ballon


6: FC Bayern Munich

FC Bayern Munich is recognized

as one of the best teams

in Germany and was founded

over 119 years ago.

Real Madrid: Real Madrid CF has

probably achieved all a football club

could. With a record 33 La Liga titles,

19 Copa del Rey trophies, a sensational

13 European Cups/Champions

Leagues and 2 UEFA Cups, Real are

second to none in a competition for

the greatest football club of all time.

Real has been the most supported

club in the country for the majority of

its history.

1: Borussia Dortmund

Was founded in 1909 is the

second-largest German football

club in the world based

on membership.

3: Manchester City

This club is one of the most

prominent and dominant

football clubs in the English

Premier League (EPL).

Liverpool Fc: Since they were founded in 1892.

Internationally, Liverpool is the most successful

British club of all time with plenty of European

trophies on their record. As of today Liverpool

are known for the greatest club in the world by

winning the Uefa Champions League and the

Fifa Club World Club.

4: Paris Saint-Germain:

The Parisians as Paris

Saint-Germain (PSG) is fondly

called by fans is the top

football club in France.

World Class Stadiums

Best Soccer Leagues

Anfielfd- Liverpool

The stadium’s capacity only accommodates

45,000 spectators, but seating

is right on the pitch. Anfield is the

seventh largest stadium in England,

and was built in 1892.

Bernabeu, Spain

This stadium is home to Real Madrid,

one of the most popular European soccer

clubs. Located in Madrid, Spain,

it opened in 1947 and is owned by Real

Madrid Club de Futbol.

On first place we have the Premier League:

The Premier Legue is considered by many

the best league in the world where the

competition is so good that they are almost

7 teams with great level making this league

one of the hardest legues in the world

On Fourth place we have the Serie

A: The Serie A is considered to every

time getting better into making the

top 3 leagues and its competitiveness

with playing with amazing players.

This league is having the second best

player int he world and everytime is

reaching out for better players.

Azteca, Mexico

Camp Nou, Spain

Azteca is Mexico’s shinning gem and

has held two World Cups. It is home

to the Mexican national team and the

Mexican La Liga team, Club America.

This is home to quite possibility the

most popular soccer team in the

world, FC Barecelona since 1957, and

it is the largest stadium in Europe.

The Allianz Arena

Wembley Football Stadium

This is home to the current European

club champions, Bayern Munich. It is

the third largest stadium in Germany,

and holds up to 75,024 spectators.

It is the second largest stadium in

Europe, and the largest in the United

Kingdom. Wembley is also home to the

English national soccer team, rugby

team, and the NFL national series.

On second place we have La Liga

La liga is a the profesional league in spain famous

for having the best rivaliry in the sport, Real Madrid

vs Barcelona this classico has viewers around

the world just to watch this two teams. Not only

that but other teams like Valencia and Sevilla

are now getting level in which they show on the

And Finnally on 3rd place we have The Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is the German league of Soccer in

which great teams like Bayern Munich and Borrussia

Dortmund stand up more but in the last years

new young teams like Lepzing have been rising

making everyday more the bundesliga a more competitive


Best Soccer Supporters In the


Top 4 soccer players

Borussia Dormund is a very known team not only

because of the amazing players they have but for

having the best supporters in the sport the average

attendance for each game is 80,000 fans which is

the hightest attendance in the world and the most

impresive part is that their is only a capacity of

81,365 in which only 65,829 are seats.

1# Lionel Messi

There has been a war in soccer to see who is the

best player in the world but Trophys and stadistics

speak for themselves since Messi have won 6 Ballon

D’ors which is an awared that is awareded for the

best player in the year and Messi made history for

being the first player in the world to get 6 Ballon


And finnaly on 3 place Tigres, “Libres y

Lokos“ Have been awarded by plenty of inter-

national newspaper to be known for one of

the best supporters in the world making them

the most loyals supporters in the world and

no matter what the result is they will always

support their team, They have an average of

41,538 in every home game they have and

they they thats Tigres is not a team its a way of


On second Place we have Boca Junior which is

known not just for their amazing soccer but also

for having a crazy supporters and being the most

outstanding supporters in the world in Argentina

they play every game like if its the last one and even

do they are a little bit agressive no player wants

to go and play in the “Bombonera“ because of the

great pressure Boca Fans makes to the rival.

3# Virgil Van Dijk

Virigil Van Dijk is the best defender in the

world since he has so good he was even nominated

for the Ballon d’or this year and had

an amazing contest vs Messi he is so good

that on the Premier League it had to pass 64

games to someone to dribble him.

2# Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has been the best player in the

world by many fans not only for his amazing talent

of socring goals but also for his hard work since all

the achievments he has are because of his impres-

sive dedication which turned him into an actual


4# Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is one of the biggest promises in soccer

since he is only 21 years old and he already won

the most important trophy in Soccer the World Cup

in which he was the star in the team. Mbappe is one

of the most complete Strikers in the league since he is

a very good dribbler, has an amazing power shot and

has an amazing Velocity since he reached an amzing

velocity of 36.2 km/h in a sprint.

This sport is not a natural sport it is

a sport were a big percentage of the

world play this sport in order to have

fun and hang out with friends in order

to have a fun activity to do in the


The world cup has a huge difference from

the second most watched event of the

world which is the SuperBowl. The superbowl

leads the event with 114.4 Million

of people watching it while the World cup

has 1.013 Billions of people watching the

event which is 1/7 of the population in


More than a Sport

Best Soccer



the World

Fans all over the world feel passionate

in order to follow their national team

or in another scenario they could follow

their favorite team to all locations

in which they play. This sport leads to

travel around the world and lead your

team to dominate the cups in order for

them to be Chanpions.

The Whole world wouldn’t be the

same without the sport of Soccer

as they wouldn’t get to hang out

with other type of sports and they

wouldn’t follow their team as they

do in Soccer. The impact of Soccer

which have made to the world

has led to people play this activity

without getting bored and have fun

while in the meantime it is very

difficult to get hurt.

Best cleats in the market

Adidas Performance Copa


Adidas has been producing outstanding

sporting shoes for generations and the

Copa Mundial soccer shoe was released

in 1979 and transformed the football

The Nike Hypervenom offers a onepiece,

tongueless construction which

is designed to almost eliminate seams

adding to your ability to control the

The synthetic lining that is offered is

quick-drying keeping your feet cool

and dry throughout the game. The

tongue of the Copa is long and can be

Nike Hypervenom Phantom

III Dynamic Fit

The Nike log or Swoosh is by far one

of the most recognized brands in the

world. It is connected with the best

athletes in a number of sports includ-

About us

We are a magazine that believes in provides the

best for our audience and customers leading

them to know more about the sport but mainly

its history it has gone through ...

Since we are passionate about soccer, we want

to provide readers with a great experience

filled with information and tips that will help

them forever...



We believe in quality and

wish to transfer the best

information to our readers

that we hope they will enjoy.

We believe that this magazine

made by us has made the audience

know more and try to be

more convinced that this is

the best sport in the world

All around the world will

see our beautiful magazine

which will create more fans

to join and fill passionate

about this sport

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