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"Loft Miles" is a time accounting Distributed Application for Self Building residential community groups.
This is a working document. It is not a definitive pitch or an offer but serves as the basis for developing the component elements and relationships with a diverse selection of people from across the Public , Private and voluntary sectors and across the MainStream Legacy Web and Web 3 Block chain worlds.

“purchase a London based home in the sky for your

own occupation using sweat equity, bulk purchasing

power, and community to reduce cost. Backed by a

specialised lender and a respected main contractor

this is a unique way of property ownership."

June 2020. #LoftMiles #RealRLD

“purchase a London based home in the sky for your

own occupation using sweat equity, bulk purchasing

power, and community to reduce cost. Backed by a

specialised lender and a respected main contractor

this is a unique way of property ownership."

#LoftMiles #RealRLD

This Document is open source, our YouTube channel

also has a series of Videos dealing with People

and community based #PlaceMaking




Executive Summary. “Bumper Sticker


Co-working , Co-Living, Co-location, The Collective, We-work, A self build back to

Basics Manhattan Loft Gardens.​ Built to affordable Price Points, To an Affordable

Shell and Core Spec with tailored Financial solutions with Bond, Private equity,

Credit union, Mutual Mortgage and Central Government and Local Authority


Loft Miles.

Loft Miles is a working Title for a Cryptographic token which will allow for, like for

like exchange of Labour and services time at all stages of project conception through

to final fixing and moving in.

Builder Occupiers

Developers satisfying social housing

“purchase a London based home in the sky for your own occupation

using sweat equity, bulk purchasing power, and community to reduce

cost. Backed by a specialised lender and a respected main contractor

this is a unique way of property ownership. "


Team and Prospects




● Self Organising Self Building Loft Builder

● Feasibility and PR

● Project Management Coordination and Facilitation

● RLD Creative Partners

− Contrast Design David Power

− Matt Nimmo Siren Design

− Anna de Zahlen-Stobbie Architecture

● RLD Finance and Developer Partners

− Reditum Capital Simon Morris

− Castlebrooke Jonathan Mitchell

− Chris Daniel Quadrant

− Augur Simon Mann

− Northern and Shell Westferry Printers Martin Ellice/RichardDesmond

● RLD Shareholders

− Kevin Costello Private Equity offshore expert.

− Nicola Evans Legal Expert and Hospitality expert

− Mike Fitzgerald Property and recovery of asset Banking and

Accountancy expert

− Andrew Boyett Camp IFA and Ex Pat finance expert.

● Placemaking

− HackerTel

− PlaceMaking Basics

● Projects in Development

− Pepper Street Isles of Dogs

− Charlotte Street W1.


Key Headings.


Curating allocation

Developer Sign up

Self Builder sign up

Local Authority Sign Up

Land Purchase

Construction costs

Fit Out Costs

Occupier Mortgages

Mixed Use

Retail Re purpose


Creative services

Pro Services

Retail and hospitality

First Time Buyers



Key Workers



Mind Map Skeleton.


Mind Map For development. (E mail sent not published to web.)


Origination, Qualification and Leveraging “Loft Miles

Forget Traditional Lenders, this is at such a scale that bespoke packages are

negotiated with Principal Lenders ( banking licensed entities)

I did a lot of Loan origination and qualification research when we were looking at

Lagom/forres, I am pulling off the old slides i did for this presentation.







If you look at the updated mind map

Curating allocation.5.1

We need to do a Case Study.

1. Couple, Key worker and Apprentice.

2. What are their typical credit histories, Student Loans, Rental commitments,

Salary escalation on general scale if Public sector.

3. If they rent and Save deposits, Where can they live, what are combined,

Commute costs etc.

4. What sweat equity would they bring to a self Build Loft Scheme.

5. Loft Miles, I.e Sweat equity earned from helping on other self builds,

6. Providing other services to the self build project they are moving too but also

others in their Geographic area

7. What does the financial picture look like as opposed to their renting

from ​https://www.getliving.

8. The founder of Get Living and I have a conference call next week. Their Model

is I think self defeating in terms of getting affordable housing to Occupiers who

can start the first time buyer market and provide some ballast to the UK Housing

market which has become top heavy and top tier focused.

9. Forget deposits per se and think aggregated risk across a portfolio of 50,000

homes. The logistics for origination etc I am working on. It's the Personal

Finance and net worth comparisons that flow from the model which I thought

with your background ( Note to ABC) you could really add the sizzle to.


West Ferry Printers Pitch.

This is a message for Richard and Martin,

I have relaunched my UK Property consultancy and will be open as soon as Lock

down passes.

I was disappointed to see the West-ferry Decision

but have some ideas which

You Might find it will help.

Bumper Sticker!

towerbuilds.co.uk (We have an App in development to deal with applicants and


redefining living and ownership

Ethical | Sustainable | Contemporary

It's a new sort of self build concept, And should get these guys off your case.


"This is your chance to purchase a London based home in the sky for your own

occupation using sweat equity, bulk purchasing power, and community to reduce

cost. Backed by a specialised lender and a respected main contractor this is a unique

way of property ownership. "

This is what they want, Just stack em high and sell em cheap.



Castle Brook Got yes menned earlier in the year.



Johnathan Mitchell is an old mate of mine, along With Neil Young he co-founded and

runs Castlebrooke.



Here's my New Website


I would love and come and see you guys to pitch my solutions .

Alternatively as Sweden isn't doing this lockdown the same way,

Why don't we all meet here, My Kids love this place.


I was right about live streaming

Martin Ellice

Jul 10, 2012, 6:43 PM

to me


Having discussed the opportunity internally it’s not for us. I do wish you every

success for the future.

Best regards,

Martin Ellice

Group Joint Managing Director

And I am pretty sure I can help you with Westferry Printers re-development .

Real-Estate Land and Developments Limited email: rlddevelopments@gmail.com


skype: rogerglewisGrasloksvagen 21, 26697, Hjarnarp, Sweden

https://www.linkedin.com/in/rogerglewis/Roger Lewis


Tower Hamlets Final Report Rejection.





The west-ferry Print works has news updates and the Community Liaison seems

from the presentation somewhat lackluster. Savills are the Agents.

News Reports High Court.




Plans for the £1bn scheme on the former site of Westferry Printworks on

the Isle of Dogs was given the green light by Mr Jenrick in January 2020,

despite the planning inspector recommending permission be refused

because of conflicts with local planning policies and a lack of affordable


Mr Jenrick’s intervention came one day before Tower Hamlets Council

was due to announce its local plan and approve a new Community

Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedule, meaning the developer

avoided having to pay between £30m and £50m more to the council via

new CIL charges.

Tower Hamlets ​subsequently launched legal action in March 2020​,

arguing that the timing of the decision reflected a bias towards the


Asked to explain the timing of the decision, the secretary of state has now

accepted that a “fair-minded and informed observer” may conclude that

there was a “real possibility” that he was biased in favour of the developer

in granting the permission.


This Twitter Feed


is a mine of information on how present policies are failing to address the issue of

affordable Homes. ​https://www.actiononemptyhomes.org/Blogs/blogs


Peoples Audit


According to the only viability study report they have

released, Homes for ​#Lambeth​ and their friends Savills

believe that shared ownership counts as affordable

housing. Affordable that is if you have a household

income of £90K.









Is this how you get #TheWrongHousing built? By sitting in #TheRightSeat at dinner?

For more on what's wrong with current housing development in London take a look

at #PrettyVacant when you've finished with


see https://actiononemptyhomes.org/Blogs/blogs



EXC: Robert Jenrick sat next to Richard Desmond at a Tory fundraiser just weeks

before the Housing Secretary gave the green-light to the tycoon's controversial £1bn

property deal.

Desmond brought it up over dinner... but Jenrick insists he shut the conversation



organisation and Leverage of Sweat Equity


If Assembling flat-pack furniture can be organised centrally then so can,

Shell and Core Apartment fit outs.

Community Currencies and Time Banks.

Ithaca Hours




Our own Community Currency Solution Loft Miles and The





The Model of Time Hours ledger keeping will be applied to Sweat

equity across services and labour across the Construction , fit out

and Decoration, and maintenance of Loft Miles Self build projects.


First Home Stories: Meet Narada and Hannah

“Buying a home doesn’t mean giving up avocado toast

and coffees for the foreseeable future. In this blog

series, we get all the insight from recent buyers on how

they managed to get on the property ladder.”

Quote from Pocket Living , ( who remembers Yuppies? )

Can yuppies really do affordable Housing,errr…. Yah,

Yahh , Yahhh? Nope!





Insert alternative Scenario,

Our Offer of a

Loft Miles Self Build Solution for Narada and Hannah.

Example Outputs and Inputs to model off.


Commute Costs

Saving for deposit


Assistance , Help to buy, Housing Benefits

Child Care savings ( shorter commute)


Financial Model and cash streams.

The stages of the financing and sources will vary at

each stage of a project.

1. Feasibility, origination ,

2. purchase of Land and Planning , through to design

and building regulation.

3. Pre sales allocation/ curation of Self build element of

the scheme. Draw downs for self-build Process division

of Homes,

4. Draw downs against individual self build home

accounts for final fix stages within divisions.

5. Cross referencing sweat equity accounts to

Commercial Elements of the scheme where we work in

partnership with Developers / master planners of Large

scale regeneration projects.

6. Cross referencing to Central Government and Local

Government housing provision funds.

7. Cross referencing to private equity/ bond funds with

risk appetite allocations and returns for the different

stages and elements of the Project portfolio.


UK Co-Housing,

A finance solution for Cannock Mill Cohousing

Some areas of financial risk for self-build cohousing we

have identified are:

Insufficient members

Members unable to meet financial commitments to

company (amount or timing)

Inability to raise external finance

Failure to acquire site at acceptable cost

Adverse changes in property values or building costs


Third party liability

Inadequate accounting records / compliance failures

Contractor insolvency

Planning not achieved or onerous planning conditions

Interest rate changes


In parallel with talking to other finance providers, we spotted and applied

for the ​Homes & Communities Agency ​(HCA) ​Builders Finance Fund​ ​in

May/June 2014 (and a related infrastructure fund – which eventually we

did not take forwards). On 8 September 2014 we were the only cohousing

company (and the only developer in Colchester) to be accepted by HCA

for the next stage (due diligence). The HCA Builders Finance Fund is now

replaced by the Home Building Fund. For more information

see ​https://homebuildingfund.campaign.gov.uk/







HGO Housing Growth Partnership


Equity investment of up to £5m

Minimum developer contribution of 10% of total costs

Gross development value (“GDV”) of between £4m – £35m

Average selling price does not exceed £750k per unit

Ideally a minimum of outline planning permission at the point of

investment with construction capable of commencing within 12 months

Wellesley Group is an established alternative finance firm enabling

investors to make returns on their investments and helping to build more

homes in the UK.







What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is an intentional community of private homes clustered

around shared space. Each attached or single family home has

traditional amenities, including a private kitchen. Shared spaces typically

feature a common house, which may include a large kitchen and dining

area, laundry, and recreational spaces. Shared outdoor space may

include parking, walkways, open space, and gardens. Neighbors also

share resources like tools and lawnmowers. ​Cohousing is designed by its

future residents, making it a unique way to build your dream home.


Bristol Pound is money that’s made by local people, for local people. It’s

run by a non-profit community interest company (Bristol Pound CIC) in

partnership with the Bristol Credit Union.

Set up by a group of campaigners and financial activists in 2009, the Bristol Pound is

a network of over 2000 individuals and independent businesses who use digital and

paper currency to trade in Bristol, localising supply chains and keeping money

circulating in our city. It’s a movement, an idea, a hope, a better way of doing money.




Web 3, Blockchain Ingredients.

Roger Lewis is “Tonefreqhz”.




tonefreqhz (tonefreqhz) · GitHub





Regarding Blockchains, Smart contracts and hours exchanges the Smart

contract and token format are ideal for self build projects with defined

Hours Values and also for inventory of materials and Work Flow

analogies, ( metric for grounding apples and oranges so comaparisons can

be made)

Document Ends.

This is a working document. It is not a definitive pitch

or an offer but serves as the basis for developing the

component elements and relationships with a diverse

selection of people from across the Public , Private and

voluntary sectors and across the MainStream Legacy

Web and Web 3 Block chain worlds.



Real-Estate Land and Developments Limited

email: ​rlddevelopments@gmail.com


skype: rogerglewis

Grasloksvagen 21, 26697, Hjarnarp, Sweden


Roger Lewis



Company number: ​12600616


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