2020 Athletic Boosters - Spring Program Book


Greetings from the

GWOC Commissioner

Greetings!! On behalf of the Greater Western Ohio conference I would like to welcome you to today’s

event. The participants today have been working hard and preparing for the season. Needless to say

they are thrilled to have you in attendance.

This is a year of change for the GWOC as we transition to two divisions for the 2019-2020 school

year. The divisions will be named American and National. While we are excited for the current setup

of the GWOC this will be the final year that the GWOC offers a division format. The conference will

be moving to an eight team membership setup beginning fall of 2020. This transition will allow the

GWOC to meet the needs of membership and solidify the conference for the foreseeable future.

The Greater Western Ohio Conference (GWOC) has built a distinguished and proud history of

academic and athletic excellence over the years. It offers students the best opportunities to compete

in an elite academic and athletic conference. It also provides a forum for fans of the GWOC to

support the best high schools, and competition, in the state.

We recognize that competition can be fierce but we must strive to promote and encourage

sportsmanship to the fullest degree in all of our athletic events. Proper conduct and respect for

all are actions to be demonstrated before, during, and after all sporting events and activities. We

ask for your support with this initiative by being a role model and positively supporting the event’s

participants. Sportsmanship is everyone’s responsibility - please do your part.

The student-athletes, coaches and administrators of the GWOC thank you for your ongoing support.

you play a vital role in the continued growth and success of the conference. Please visit the

conference website at www.gwocsports.com for all conference related information and follow us on

Twitter at @GWOC. I hope you enjoy your visit and today’s contest.


Eric Spahr

Commissioner, GWOC



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