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A word from the Principal...


I hope you all managed to make the most of the wonderful weather over half term.

As you will know, from Monday 8th June, we are following Government guidance and opening to

YR, Y1 and Y6. We are very fortunate to have such an enthusiastic and committed staff that have

made it possible for us to offer this additional provision in small groups with at least two adults per

group. We have a wide range of procedural changes to ensure everyone’s safety including staggered

starts, a one-way system and separate entrances. It will not be the same as before lockdown,

but we are determined to make it the best possible experience for your children.

You may have seen on Facebook that our outside area is continuing to be improved, with Mr Richards

ensuring our garden thrives and that all produce is offered to our community and our iPod

intervention space having a dramatic overhaul - before and after pictures below.

Finally, one story came to my attention this week and I had to share it. It is a story of empathy,

which is light of some of the race issues currently raging across the globe, is in my opinion, our

most important Value. Casey, in Y5 has an aviary in his garden with almost 30 birds, consisting of

Budgies and Cockatiels. One of the pairs of Cockatiels are very young and just had their first clutch

of 5 eggs. However due to not having any experience they abandoned their clutch, and of the 4

hatched eggs, 3 perished. The only way this final chick will survive is by now hand rearing him,

which consists of mixing a special formula, and syringe feeding him ever 2-4 hours. Whilst keeping

him on a hot water bottle wrapped in towels for warmth.

Casey has taken on much of the responsibility for this a

nd is doing a great job. Well done Casey, we are really

proud of you!

Stay safe,

Mr Adam Anderson


Home Learning...

The Early Years children have been extremely busy this week starting our new

topic all about the sea. This week’s story was Tiddler, the story telling fish. The

children had to identify the rhyming words that were used within the story and

have a go at thinking of a few more.

The children were challenged with creating their own story about Tiddler riding

somewhere on a seahorse. They had the choice how to represent the story. I

have really enjoyed looking at their story maps and reading the adventures of

Tiddler. They have also been learning about the use of speech marks within a


This week in maths we have been learning about capacity, estimation and

measuring. The children have completed lots of practical activities.

The class have enjoyed being creative and have produced some fantastic art

work. They have made underwater scenes, fish using different resources, designed

their own fish based on a character from a popular story and made an

underwater world in a bucket!

Home learning...

Year 1 had their first zoom meeting just before half term. We decided to hold

a show and tell session. 23 children turned up! I was so impressed with how

polite all the children were, each patiently waiting their turn and listening carefully

to each other. In fact, one parent later told me that she had been to adult

meetings where the adults struggled to be as polite and respectful as the children

in class 1.So well done Class 1! There will hopefully be more zoom meetings

over the weeks. As well as having fun on zoom, so many of you have been

completing some great maths work on doubling and sharing. English has been

linked to Sidney the Spider and we have loved seeing the great pieces of work

you are completing. Another amazing piece of news is that class 1 have read

over 888 books on Epic books!! This really is an Epic read and I am so proud of

you all and we have another certificate to collect from Epic Books! Below is the

email I received. Keep up the excellent work Class 1.

Home learning...

Year 2 have had a great start to the final part of the summer term. They have

been looking at the artist Barbara Hepworth and have been on a virtual tour

of her studio. They have then been looking at her sculptures and have been

sketching their favourites. They have been learning lots about Tally charts and

pictograms in maths and have already mastered these to a good level. For our

PSHE this week the children have been looking at rules and why these are important.

They have been playing board games to practise following rules and

instructions. They have been doing lots more besides this and are all so enthusiastic

about their learning. Well done Year 2.

Home learning...

Class 3 have started our geography unit about rainforests and begun to explore rainforests

around the world. We have identified the 4 layers of a rainforest, where they

are located and also looked at the inhabitants of each layer. Some children have designed

their own rainforest creature based on a mix of features from different animals.

We also looked at the countries around Europe and used the labelling tool on Seesaw

to name as many countries as we could from an online map.

Our maths this week is related to finding equivalent fractions. We are beginning to

acknowledge the terminology used when using fractions as well as understanding what

the numerator and denominator mean/ represent.

Home Learning...

Class 4 were introduced to their new topic ‘water’ this week. They began to

explore the oceans, researching each of them and learning about the difference

between and ocean and sea. They also used tutorials to complete some brilliant

‘under the sea’ art work. In English, the focus has been on creative writing

this week and there have been some outstanding stories as well as some brilliant

SPaG work. Well done class 4, I’m really excited to see what you can all

achieve this term.

Home learning...

Before half term Class 5 were asked to create their own lockdown poems. The children

were asked to write them in any style they wished. It was important to give the

children an opportunity to express their views or feelings on the current situation; to

be free to express themselves, which is the beauty of poetry. They were all fantastic

creations that hit my heart.

Coronavirus, Covid19

Caution everywhere

Over reaction or the right reaction?

Remembering to wash our hand, cough into a tissue

Obeying to ‘Stay home, stay safe and protect our NHSʼ

Nobody allowed to live their normal life

Alterations everywhere, at home, parents work,supermarkets and streets

Visual aids in place, to remind people of the two metre social distancing

Influx of worry and anxiety amongst people, children missing school and friends

Real people of all ages dying from this awful virus

Us against the world! so my Mum keeps telling me

Supporting my mum whoʼs a key worker, Sitting still, in hope that it all

disappears, like waking up from a bad dream.

This is corona, a dislike to many. So sad for some, but hereʼs how I remember it,

in its good ways.

Family = Love

Fighting with my sis then making up

A lot of laughter at home

Mum and dad together being happy,

Inside our house we had to make do

Learning to live and be happy with what we have

Yesterday is gone letʼs make the most of today!

Learning at home

Over reacting (mum) has kept us safe!

Very happy to spend this much time with dad

Everyday Iʼve been thankful to our NHS and my grandma whoʼs a nurse

By Lennon James Jeffrey

Age 10

Home learning...

Year 6 has continued to be very busy this week and lots have been taking to

their gardens. It has been great to see so many tomato plants thriving following

our experiment using old tomatoes. There have also been a variety of

art skills on display including 3D sketching and digital art, both using so much

detail. Some of Year 6 enjoyed another Zoom meeting where we shared important

things to us over lockdown - we even had a chicken join our meeting! This

was also a good opportunity to ask questions about the possibility of returning

A word from the Principal...

Jake N.

is awarded this certificate for achieving

1 st



in the last 30 days

out of everyone in

Year 1, Year 2



Ellis C.

1 st

Biggest Increase in Correct answers

over the last 7 days

Year 3, Year 4

04 / Jun / 2020

A word from the Principal...

Alex C.

1 st

Biggest Increase in Correct answers

over the last 7 days

Year 5, Year 6

04 / Jun / 2020

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