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Dragon Boat Festival!

The Best of Hangzhou

JUNE 六 月




When the boat comes in?

Everyone loves the Dragon

Boat festival, let’s discover why

its celebrated

Is it a bird, is it a plane?

East vs West dragon depictions

端 午 节 duān wǔ jié, is a folk festival

celebrated for over 2,000 years

in China. This year the festival

falls on the 25 th of June so of

course, it couldn’t be less

than our main topic!

image Ane Ayerbe



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Wellington College International Hangzhou provides a progressive, valuesbased

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future through the unique Wellington approach to holistic education, with

a focus on 21st century skills, highly individual pastoral care, and a wide

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Spotted in Hangzhou

A teacher, an artist and a

skateboarder walk into a bar…

First impressions


The way you dress is


Why is Douyin so


Video sharing app

also known as TikTok


Skincare Tips

Taking care of your skin

as seasons change

Explore your inner


House of Cards Tuesday jam


A Hollywood smile

Annie Clover shows us how!

Just Desserts

There’s always room for a

gluten-free treat

Cooking Zongzi

A history of, and how to make

those tasty little triangles.

Eat & Drink





Lost Chinese traditions

How well do you know them?

Confucious - the first food


The food teachings of Kǒngzǐ

In Person



Sustainability - challenges of

our generation

Paul Bhang explains how you can

make a difference

An Instagram Success!

Cynthia Vasconcellos, social media





Mountain retreat just 60km from the






Crafty outdoor drinking!

5 great places to enjoy a beer

in the sun

Entrepreneur visa

Nihub unscrambles new visa policy



/ LIFESTYLE // 广 告 • 生 活 方 式



广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFESTYLE /

The Dragon Boat festival, 端 午 节 duān

wǔ Jié, is a folk festival celebrated for

over 2,000 years in China. As it is based

on the lunar calendar, the date varies

from year to year on the Gregorian calendar, and

this year it is the 25 th of June. Of course, it couldn’t

be less than our main topic for June!

Dragon Boat racing, health-related customs, sticky rice

dumplings (zongzi) recipe...Want to know more?

REDSTAR wants to celebrate this important date with

you and help you understand more about the

famous festival.


Ane Ayerbe


of the


He Fang Street

By Takudzwa

Congratulations! You have won drinks vouchers for one of Hangzhou's

cocktail bars! If you have a great picture you want to share with our

team, send it to us - not only could it feature in our magazine but you

can also win a special prize! Email: 7

/ LIFESTYLE // 广 告 • 生 活 方 式







王 飞


广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFESTYLE /


What brought

you to


For Dragon Boat Festival

everyone gets a day off -

how will you spend it?

Do you have a

favourite Hangzhou

'Hidden Gem'?

My job - I’m an international teacher. I teach Drama

and Art at secondary level at HIS and moved here in

July from Vienna, Austria. It’s very fulfilling and the kids

are great with an extraordinary strength and resilience

about them since being back at school after the

outbreak. Binjiang is a lovely place to live with a village

feel about it. People are super friendly and welcoming.

For us, we’ll actually be on

our summer holiday so

we might visit somewhere

outside of Hangzhou-

Anji or Moganshan

are on my mind!

LA Cafe in Binjiang. It’s my

home from home. And Mr

Beer- well, we haven’t actually

been there yet, but we saw it

during the lockdown period,

and it looked awesome! A

nice beer in a beautiful place!

I was traveling the world back in 2006 and was

living in Thailand when I ran out of money! My

brother and I are best mates and he'd lived in

Hangzhou for a while. He invited me over for

a few months to work and make some more

money for my travels and I fell in love with the

place and the people. That was 14 years ago!

I'm a painter so my time is

pretty much own anyway, but

I'd usually try and get out in the

sunshine. This year I'll probably

have a walk around Yang Gong Di

on the west side of the lake.

I love the walks around the south west

of the city so places like the 4 Eyed Well

on Hupao Road and Manjuelong Road,

Meijiawu Longjing Tea Village or the

gorgeous Nine Creeks which is about 1

hour's walk from the Longjin Tea Village.

Because of work, my family moved to

Hangzhou when I was young, I didn't

really want to move here at the

time, but as I am a skateboard lover,

I soon made lots of friends while

skateboarding, so I gradually came

to enjoy this city more and more.

The Dragon Boat festival is an

important festival for family in China.

It's a tradition that we should eat

Zongzi on that day. Unlike some

other families, the food in my home is

not so heavy as we believe it's more

healthy, but on this day we will also

prepare a lot of food for the family.

The secret spot I recommend is the

skateboard park near Hubin Intime mall. I

have installed some skateboard facilities

there, as it's near West Lake, so sometimes

when our friends were skateboarding

there, lots of people are attracted to

watch them. I believe it's a great way to

spread the skateboard culture.

Want to be in Spotted next month?

Scan the QR to get involved! 9

/ LIFESTYLE // 广 告 • 生 活 方 式






By Daniela Gutiérrez M.

"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but

you decide what you are, what you want to express by the

way you dress and the way to live."

—Gianni Versace

As people say, “first impressions count”. A bad image can close many

doors. The way you dress definitely makes an impact on how people

see you and treat you. Our clothes not only transmit to others who

we are, but also have a huge impact on our self-esteem. Through

our outfits, we can feel more attractive and confident to accomplish

the goals we set. Of course, personality, performance and character are

also really important, but whether we like it or not, its undeniable the

predominance of the physical appearance in human relations.

The way of dressing speaks for a person. It doesn’t matter if it's for a date or

for the office, wearing the right outfit plays an essential role in every aspect

of our lives. Therefore, it’s really important to ask first, how I can feel more

empowered as a woman with the clothes I’m wearing, and second, what do

I want to project to others and what’s the message I’m planning to transmit.

Every person has their own different characteristics: a certain height and

weight, a particular shape of the face, a special colour of the skin, hair, eyes,

etc. Look at yourself in the mirror – not with judgement but with love –

and figure out what are the things you would like to highlight the most.

Remember, not every fashion trend suits everyone, so choose a concept

that would make you feel confident and secure.

Valentino – Spring Summer 2020 Valentino – Spring Summer 2020



According to Vogue, there’s

never just one colour for the season,

but definitely bright yellow, orange

and pink are trendy for this summer.

Valentino, Moschino, Comme des

Garçons, among others, already

establish this at the runway.



Universal elegance. It’s an amazing option.

You can be creative and match it with the

right accessories: A belt, neckless, earrings,

and even a hat.

Here are some ideas on what’s trending for this summer. Adapt them

according to who you want to be and what you would like to highlight.

Create your own style!


广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFESTYLE /


Shirt lovers! The

basics are back. This

can be combined

with everything:

Pants or long and

short skirts.

Christian Dior – Spring Summer 2020

Alberta Ferretti – Spring Summer 2020



Alberta Ferretti – Spring Summer 2020



As Glamour magazine says, powerprints

are back in a huge way this

summer, with giant florals, clashing

hues, and polka dots.

Christian Dior – Spring Summer 2020

Versace – Spring Summer 2020

Valentino – Spring Summer 2020

These are some options you can take

and adapt to your style. Be creative

and passionate at the time to choose

what you would like to wear. Allow

yourself to be yourself! As Edith Head

once said, you can have anything you

want in life if you dress for it.

Valentino – Spring Summer 2020 11

/ LIFESTYLE // 广 告 • 生 活 方 式





By Camilla Fatticcioni

Every few years, a new app

redefines the way we use

social media. Wherever I find

myself in Hangzhou, I see

people on a bus or train, in a coffee

shop or a park scrolling their thumb

on an app called 抖 音 Douyin.

The Chinese word Douyin 抖 音

literary means "shaking sounds,"

and it is a video sharing and editing

app used by people also all over the

world under the name of TikTok.

The company ByteDance launched

Douyin in China in September

2016, and it’s meteoric growth

has seen, in just its first year,

an incredible 100 million users

and 1 billion views per day.


• Douyin allows you to edit and share a

short video on the same platform.

• Users can create videos of themselves,

which often feature music in the

background, and that can be sped up,

slowed down, or edited with a filter.

• Users can choose background music

from a wide variety of music genres,

and they can also film short lipsync

videos to popular songs. While

scrolling the app, you will realize that

most of the music on this app is very

catchy, which is another reason why

many videos go viral on Douyin.

• Users can choose whether any other user,

or only their "friends", may interact with

them through the app via comments,

messages, or "react" or "duet" videos.

• The app's "react" feature allows users

to film their reaction to a specific video,

over which it is placed in a small window

that is movable around the screen.

• The "duet" feature allows users to film a

video aside from another user's video.

• Douyin employs artificial intelligence to

analyse users' interests and preferences

through their interactions with the

content and display a personalised

content feed for each user.

• The app thrives off trending hashtags

and challenges. These are communityled

and usually start by one short video

introducing the challenge. The idea

is to have people copy the challenge

or trending activity and produce their

own version. Challenges can come and

go quite quickly, but if they are picked

up by celebrities or online influencers

they carry the most momentum.


广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFESTYLE /

on different media, too "cringe." It's perhaps

another reason why Douyin is such an

appealing platform. The app allows those

with even the smallest followings to

"go viral" and become online celebrities

overnight. The main difference between

and other social media is how easy

it is to become famous online. Still, mainly

it is a never-ending entertainment source.



Thanks to its growing popularity,

Douyin turned out to be a very efficient

marketing platform. One of the most

popular marketing formulas in China is

called KOL, which stands for Key Opinion

Leader marketing, and is very similar

to what we might call an influencer.

KOL marketing is another way to quickly

build trust between your audience and

your brand in China. Influencers may be

established online celebrities, or they may

be influential amongst your target audience

– both will have a large following for

themselves with high engagement rates.


Young people crave micro-entertainment

and short bursts of distraction. Videos

on Douyin are fun, sharp, and trendy.

People can follow other accounts and

create a feed of new content from the

creators they enjoy most. There is also

a "For You" feed that shows a random

assortment of videos from others. What's

both crucial and easy to miss about Douyin

is how it has stepped over the midpoint

between the familiar self-directed feed

and experience-based first on algorithmic

observation and inference. The most

obvious clue is when you open the app:

the first thing you see isn't a feed of your

friends, but the page called "For You." It's an

algorithmic feed based on videos you've

interacted with, or even just watched. It

never runs out of material. It is not (unless

you train it to be), full of people you know,

or things you've explicitly told it you want

to see. It's full of things that you seem to

have demonstrated you want to watch.

Douyin assertively answers anyone's what

should I watch with a flood. In the same

way, the app provides

plenty of answers for

the paralyzing what

should I post? The

result is an endless

amount of material

that people might be

too self-conscious to

post on any other social

network. It is frequently,

in the language widely

applied outside the

platform, from people

Understanding who your audience is and

who your audience is following is the first

step to start a KOL campaign. Then you

will need to think of a themed hashtag for

your influencers to create relevant branded

videos, and your chosen influencers

will encourage their fans to create their

videos all based on the themed hashtag.

Even though I have explained here

the basics of the app, the only

way to understand how addictive

Douyin can be is to give it a try! 13







By Yasamin Lalavi

As the days start to get shorter

and the weather finally becomes

brisker, you may notice some notso-fun

changes in your skin. They

might be like the symptoms that can

arise when winter turns to spring, and

when summer is nigh. For instance, your

skin might feel tight or appear drier than

usual, or if you are acne prone, maybe your

pimples are more inflamed than ever.

The summer heat is making its presence

known! So, what does this mean for

your skin? With every season, your skin

changes in response to the weather,

so it’s no surprise that you may have

noticed your skin reacting differently

than usual in the summer heat. Make

the most of this seasonal transition by

being aware of what skin care changes

to look out for and what you can do to

minimise the damage to your skin.

We all love a sun-kissed glow, but when

it comes to skin care, it always pays to

know of what changes your skin will be

susceptible to in every season. In the

winter, it’s all about protecting your skin

from drying out, while in the summer,

prioritising sun protection is the most

important part of maintaining radiant skin.

广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFESTYLE /


1. Don’t skip the SPF: In summer

using a minimum daily 30 SPF is

an absolute must for your skin.

2. Moisturising: as a second step I

highly advise keeping your skin

moisturised as the heat and sweat

is so high in the summer. Whether

your skin tends to be oily or dry,

keeping it hydrated in any climate

is the key to protecting your skin!

3. Face burn: maybe you protect your

skin against the strong sun in the

daytime but still end up burning?

Always remember to re-apply your

SPF throughout the day, but if you

still find yourself stinging from too

much sun, focus on keeping your

body temperature down and staying

hydrated to relieve the discomfort.

Take cool showers, use lots of

moisturiser to rehydrate your skin and

drink extra water to avoid dehydration!

4. Swimming pool: for all of us the

swimming in the pool in the summer

is one of the coolest ways to stay

cool and have fun, but make sure

you rinse off with fresh water after

you’re done swimming. Chlorine

strips your skin of its oils, causing

it to feel dry and irritated.

5. Dry skin: those who suffer from dry

skin in autumn or winter will face

eczema by summer, unfortunately

there is no “one size fits all” remedy

for eczema but regulating your

body temperature may help. As

sweat build-up tends to irritate

dry skin and eczema it’s a good

thing to rinse off or pat your skin

dry after sweating to reduce

inflammation and control itching.

6. UV damage: long term exposure

to UV causes cancer. Keep your skin

away from straight UV by applying

a minimum of 30 SPF every day and

reapplying it throughout the day.

7. Hydrate: you may think drinking extra

water would help to hydrate your

skin and while it is helpful it may not

be enough, you should apply a light

moisturiser twice a day (morning

and night) to avoid dryness and

damage to your skin in the summer.

8. Oily skin: in the heat of summer,

fight oily skin by keeping makeup as

minimal as possible and switching

to a gel cleanser when washing. 15

/ LIFESTYLE // 广 告 • 生 活 方 式








Hydrate your skin thoroughly

using a cucumber and lavender

face mask. This mask is suitable

for all skin types and it is exactly

what you need this summer.


• ½ cucumber

• A slice of Aloe Vera or

1tbsp of Aloe Vera gel

• 2 tbsp of sugar

• Some drops of lavender

This mask is great to

restore the moisture in

the skin, which is lost in

the dry heat of summers.

Avocado provides nutrition to your skin

with a delicious smell and freshness.

Coconut oil replenishes the moisture, while

honey repairs the chaffed and scaly skin.


• ½ ripe avocados

• ½ tsp coconut oil

• 2 tbsp honey


Mash avocados to a fine creamy texture

and add honey and coconut oil to it.

Apply it all over your face and keep

for 15 minutes until dry. Wash off with

warm water and dab dry with a towel.


To prepare this mask, put the slices

of a cucumber in a mixer and blend

well. Add Aloe Vera gel and lavender

essential oil to it. Apply it on your

face and wash off after 15 minutes.




Strawberries contain salicylic acid,

which is great for breakouts. Lemon

juice tightens the skin pores and

gives you a refreshing feel.


• Mashed strawberries

• 2 tbsp lemon juice

• 1tbsp yogurt

• 1 tbsp honey


Mash all the items together, but don’t

use a blender. You want a spreadable

paste not juice. Apply it evenly

on your face and lie down while it

dries. Wash off with cold water.


广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFESTYLE /





By Rodrigo Ocaranza

More and more venues are reopening

and events are kickstarting.

As the quarantine

measures loosen up, House of

Cards bar has weekly events and invites

local and foreigner artists to perform.

If you’re eager to extend your weekend and

discover a new musical space to express

yourself on-stage, then you should pay a visit

to the House of Cards. A perfect place to

explore your inner performer on a Tuesday

evening, you’ll experience quality live music

as you gently slip into the night, carried

along with the vibes from the weekend

and Hangzhou’s Monday jam sessions.

House of Cards is a new whisky and cocktail

bar located at 22th Gaoji Street (400m

from GuCui Road Station). It’s a bit tricky to

reach the bar as it seems to be hidden in

the middle of Gaoji Street but try to guide

yourself by the

neon lights and

you’ll find some stairs

leading up to the 2nd

floor entrance. The space is not

that big, but this creates a somewhat cozy

lounge feeling which creates a pretty relaxed

atmosphere to chill inside. The place is

comfortable by its design and it’s a great way

to have a close encounter with live music

literally a few metres from your table. Food

and snacks are also available if you need.

Regarding the venues equipment they

have a 16-inch real drum, keyboard,

digital mixer, and full-range speaker.

The opening performance starts

from 21:30 and ends at 00:30.

The jam at House of Cards was initiated

by Charlie, a local musician who is

passionate about rock and jazz and was

followed up by a group of enthusiastic

musicians from all over the world who

love music and used this space to

communicate and learn from each other.

If you’re lucky you may

catch a Chinese band

performing or some

of the local musicians

playing and joining

the jam. All genres are

welcomed but the bar

mostly focuses on rock,

pop, jazz, funk, blues and R&B.

All the musicians, singers and bands

are warmly welcomed to join the band and

improvise on stage. There is a real sense of

freedom here - don’t be shy and join the

band! if you pay attention you will spot

musicians from other jam nights, just ask

the host Charlie and they will hand you

a playing turn, but please remember to

bring your own instruments to perform.

Right now there is a special promotion

where everyone who is present can

enjoy a bottle of beer for free. In addition,

there is a promotion for performing jam

members that join the house of cards

WeChat, every Monday and Wednesday

from 19:00 to 02:00 you will get 50% off

your second drink presenting this coupon.

And don’t forget to bring your health code

and your mask as well as your passport

picture because you may be requested to

show this to be admitted at the entrance. 17

/ LIFESTYLE // 广 告 • 生 活 方 式




By Annie Clover

It is rare for a person to be proud of their teeth:

good shape, and not discoloured. For most people,

they can only dream about a ‘Hollywood’ smile.

For myself, as a big tea lover, I wasn’t happy with the

colour of my teeth. A few times I tried the whitening

service at dental hospitals. But the result doesn’t last

long, not more than a week. Fortunately, I then found

a great dentist, Ethan from D Smile dental hospital.



Dental veneers (sometimes called porcelain

veneers or dental porcelain laminates) are

wafer-thin, custom-made shells of toothcoloured

materials designed to cover

the front surface of the teeth in order to

improve your appearance. These shells are

bonded to the front of the teeth changing

their colour, shape, size, or length. Today,

with improved cements and bonding

agents, they typically last 10–30 years. They

may have to be replaced in this time due to


广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFESTYLE /

• The colour of a porcelain veneer

can be selected such that it makes

dark teeth appear whiter.

• Veneers offer a conservative approach

to changing a tooth's colour and

shape; veneers generally don't require

the extensive shaping prior to the

procedure that crowns do, yet offer a

stronger, more aesthetic alternative.

• They provide a natural tooth appearance.

• Gum tissue tolerates porcelain well.

• Porcelain veneers are stain resistant.

• The colour of a porcelain veneer

can be selected such that it makes

dark teeth appear whiter.

• Veneers offer a conservative approach

to changing a tooth's color and

shape; veneers generally don't require

the extensive shaping prior to the

procedure that crowns do, yet offer a

stronger, more aesthetic alternative.

cracking, leaking, chipping, discolouration,

decay, shrinkage of the gum line and

damage from injury or tooth grinding. The

cost of veneers can vary depending on the

experience and location of the dentist.



• Teeth that are discoloured -- either

because of root canal treatment;

stains from tetracycline or other drugs,

excessive fluoride or other causes;

or the presence of large resin fillings

that have discoloured the tooth

• Teeth that are worn down

• Teeth that are chipped or broken

• Teeth that are misaligned, uneven,

or irregularly shaped (for example,

have craters or bulges in them)

• Teeth with gaps between them (to

close the space between these teeth)


• They provide a natural tooth appearance.

• Gum tissue tolerates porcelain well.

• Porcelain veneers are stain resistant.



Yes, alternatives to veneers include

bondings and crowns. Veneers offer a

nice intermediate option. Veneers may be

best suited for individuals who want to

change the shape of their teeth more than

just a little bit -- as is done with bonding

-- but not enough to require a crown.


I'm very happy with the results. The

exact work on my teeth took about 2-3

hours and the doctor was really nice. Now

definitely I will be smiling more often.

He can be reached by

WeChat: ethan77777777 19

/ LIFESTYLE // 广 告 • 生 活 方 式






By Ane Ayerbe

Who doesn’t love

desserts? Cakes,

cookies, ice cream…

Everyone does!

That moment when you feel

something sweet in your mouth

after filling the stomach…it’s

priceless. Here is a fact: no one is

ever full for the dessert, and the

healthier, the better!

Nowadays many people are

intolerant to certain ingredients,

and among them are gluten

intolerant people. For those who

don’t know what gluten is, gluten

is a family of storage proteins

— formally known as prolamins

— that are naturally found in

certain cereal grains, such as

wheat, barley, and rye. Therefore,

gluten intolerance is the body’s

inability to digest or break down

the gluten protein found in

wheat and certain other grains.

Also known as gluten sensibility,

gluten intolerance can range

from a mild sensitivity to gluten

to full-blown celiac disease.

With this article, I want to give

everyone the opportunity to

cook and taste these delicious

desserts. Take the apron, and let’s

do 3 easy gluten-free recipes!



• 3 small carrots

• 400g cooked chickpeas

• 2 large eggs

• 30g banana or vanilla isolated protein

• 1 tbsp. coconut oil

• 1/2 tbsp. baking powder

• 80g veggie milk (or the milk you

normally use)

• Sweetener (optional)


• Preheat the oven to 180º

• Simply place all your ingredients in

your blender and blend until you

have a classic sponge cake texture.

• Place the mixture in a mould

• Bake at 180 degrees (preheated

oven) for 25 minutes

• Take it out of the oven, let it cool,

and voila!


广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFESTYLE /






• 100g coconut flour

• 20g pure cocoa

• 2 ripe bananas

• Sweetener (optional)

• 150g coconut milk

• Chocolate chips


• Preheat the oven to 150º

• Place vegetable paper on a

baking sheet

• Mix all the ingredients for the

cookie in a bowl

• Add some chocolate chips

• Bake for 15-20 minutes

• Let cool for a few minutes and…



• 200g chickpeas

• 200g white beans

• 1/2 avocado

• 3 dates

• 1 ripe banana

• 3 tbsp. cocoa powder

• 3 tbsp. spelt flour

• 2 tbsp. almond flour

• 1 tbsp. coconut oil (melted)

• 100g plant-based milk

• 1 small handful of walnuts

• 1/2 tsp. yeast

• Sweetener


• Wash the chickpeas and the white beans

and melt the coconut oil.

• Mix well all the ingredients, except the


• Add the walnuts.

• Bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

• Let cool in the pan for a few minutes.

Then put in the fridge…and voila! 21

/ EAT & DRINK // 广 告 • 饮 食







By Sabrina Valles

You would assume that Craft beer

and outdoor patios would be

synonymous, right? However,

when I was initially posed with the

question, “Which Hangzhou taprooms have

an outdoor patio?” I felt stumped. With

the summer heatwave hitting Hangzhou,

nothing sounds better than

drinking a refreshing pint

of craft beer outdoors

- I can easily share

where to find

excellent craft beer,

but it truly took

me some time to

determine at which

taprooms you can

drink in the sunshine.

Let’s take a look at some

of the options:

BREWGANG 上 乘 精 酿 餐 吧

422-434 South Zhongshan Lu 中 山 南 路 422-434 号

Closest Metro Stop: Line 5 | Jiangcheng Lu

Monday-Sunday 10:30-01:00;

Kitchen closes daily between 14:00-16:30.

BEER GIRL 77 77 啤 妹

Sitting in Brewgang’s newly renovated patio resembles the

feeling described in the popular Journey ballad, “Don’t Stop

Believin,” with a few modifications to the lyrics. The stringed

lights and the people create the emotional connection one is

looking for while drinking a local beer. A great place for people

to “hold on to the feeling” while creating new memories, the

ambience feels cosy but can accommodate large groups.

Brewgang also hosts a buy one, get one free beer happy hour

Sunday – Thursday from the time it opens to 20:00. Keep an

eye out for the Traveler IPA and Nitro Big Gun White Stout;

these beers will be returning to the tap lines this month.

21 Zijinfan Lu 紫 金 范 路 21 号

Closest Metro Stop: Line 2 | Fengtan Lu

Currently in its soft opening, the taproom

will officially open 25th June.

Monday-Sunday 16:0- 00:00

One of Hangzhou’s newest craft beer taprooms features

a fairly modest-sized patio that can host small groups.

Located at the southeast corner of Xixi National Wetland

Park in the area of Xixi Creek Mall, guests can enjoy one of

Beer Girl’s beers after spending the day embracing nature

or shopping. After opening four taprooms in Beijing, Beer

Girl 77 is bringing its fifth to Hangzhou, offering craft beer

lovers a wide variety of beers, including its latest brews:

dry hopped pilsner, session IPA, and a Belgian wheat beer.


广 告 • 饮 食 // EAT & DRINK /



西 餐 吧 ( 城 中 香 格 里 拉 大 酒 店 店 )

6 Changshou Lu, Kerry Centre, Yan’an Lu 杭 州 市 长 寿 路 6 号

Closest Metro Stop: Line 1 and 2 | Fengqi Lu

Monday-Sunday 11:00-00:00

After a long day of shopping at Kerry Center or sightseeing at

West Lake, a Midtown beer sounds perfect at the brewery’s

patio. In addition to hosting large groups, couples and groups

of four can drink their beer while people watching shoppers

strolling through Kerry Center. The latte-inspired beer Nitro

Coffee Break will be flowing through the tap lines. If you think

this is too heavy for summer, don’t worry – it has a light body

but still exhibits rich malty notes. Don’t forget the happy hour!


桃 十 三 精 酿 啤 酒 馆 ( 桥 西 直 街 店 )

Chalet, 13 Qiaoxizhi Street 桥 西 直 街 13 号 小 木 屋

Closest Metro Stop: Line 5 | The Grand Canal

Monday-Sunday 13:00-22:00

RAY’S 暗 光 精 酿 咖 啡 吧

230 Zhonghe Middle Lu 中 河 中 路 230 号

Closest Metro Stop: Line 1 |

Longxiangqiao; Line 2 | North Zhonghe Lu

Monday-Sunday 10:00-1:00

Tao 13 bar’s patio lines the river flowing under

the Grand Canal in Gongshu – offering a beautiful

view of the waterway. This is a stand-up bar

that only offers outdoor seating and can host

small and large groups. It serves a variety of

imported beer as well as beers brewed within

China. Breweries featured include United Statesbased

New Belgium, Wuhan's No. 18 Brewing

& Co., and Australia's Dainton Brewery.

Craft beer drinkers engaging in a date night

with their partner or a catch-up session

with one or two friends will enjoy Ray’s

newly renovated patio. The intimate seating

layout includes several stools at the bar,

two small tables, and a wooden platform

offering a casual lounge area. The modern

aesthetic of the bar is complimented by

the lush greenery from the plants and

the trees surrounding the area. Every day

during the month of June, the taproom

will host a buy one, get one free beer

happy hour from 12:00 to 18:00. Also, a

small batch of their newest sour ale, 弄

潮 (Tide) will be available to taste earlier

this month and a larger batch of the beer

will be ready in late June or early July. 23

/ CULTURE // 广 告 • 文 化







Dragon Boat Festival, in

Chinese 端 午 节 , is one of

the most famous holidays

in China, its earliest record

dates to the period of Seven

Warring States (475-221 BC),

which means that it has been

celebrated for over 2000 years,

becoming, only in 2019, the

first Chinese festival to receive

the honour of being part of the

UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.

By Eleonora Bollini


广 告 • 文 化 // CULTURE /

It is time to travel to the past, to go

far away, to a time when the idea of

China itself had still to materialise and

discover the origin of this iconic festival.

You cannot think of Chinese culture

without picturing a dragon in your head,

you can truly find them all over China,

also known as “Country of the Dragon”.

You are probably asking yourself why they

glorify a creature that can spit out fire and

constantly takes princesses as prisoners!

The answer is that the diversity between the

western view of dragons and the eastern

one is important, both in their aspect

and symbolism. Regarding the physical

characteristics, many parts of the body are

full of significance, such as the forehead,

which represents wisdom, the fish tail

which symbolises flexibility and the eagle’s

claws which signify bravery. The Chinese

dragon is the source of all the good things,

it is the master of stars, rainbow, thunders

and rain, it brings joy and miracles.

In ancient times, the fifth lunar month

was considered an unfortunate month

because, being hot, insects and bacteria

breed fast and people could easily catch

infections. Consequently, the fifth day of

the fifth month was weighed as the most

cursed day of the year, from here comes

the name of the “double five festival”.

During that day people made sacrifices

on top of mountains or along riverbanks

and rowed dragon boats, hoping that the

real dragon would appear to save them.

There are many legends and stories

about the origin of this folk festival,

the most popular is the story of

the famous poet Qu Yuan.

The story of Qu Yuan starts during the

period of the Seven Warring States. He was

a talented officer and poet from the state of

Chu. He had many ideas to make his state

stronger and he put some of them into

practice. He wanted to unify some states

against the more powerful state of Qin, and

he didn’t agree with the strategy adopted

from his superior. Accused of betrayal, he

was forced into exile and live far away from

his beloved state. Enforced to stay far away

from home, he started travelling around

China and became a great poet, writing

one of the most beautiful poems of ancient

Chinese literature. A few years later the

state of Chu was conquered by Qin. From

that moment the situation became worse

day by day, until, in 278 BC, the state of

Qin conclusively conquered the enemy,

arriving to the capital of Chu. Qu Yuan,

beinhg devoted to his state, felt so bad that

he did something extreme - he decided to

kill himself, sinking in the 汨 罗 (Mìluo’) river,

on exactly the fifth day of the fifth lunar

month. People around got on their boats,

started playing trumpets, moving paddles

of the boats and throwing 粽 子 (zongzi)

in the water, trying to save his body from

animals and evil spirits that lived in the river.



離 騷

lí sāo

The Sorrow of Parting

朝 發 軔 於 蒼 梧 兮

zhāo fā rèn yú cāngwú xī

Taking off the brake, departing

from Cangwu at dawn,

夕 餘 至 乎 縣 圃

xī yú zhì hū xuán pǔ

and before night falls, arriving

at the Hanging Gardens;

欲 少 留 此 靈 瑣 兮

yù shǎo liú cǐ líng sǒu xī

I wish to stay at this gathering

place of the spirits,

日 忽 忽 其 將 暮

rì hūhū qí jiāng mù

yet the sun is about to set;

吾 令 羲 和 弭 節 兮

wú lìng xī hé mǐ jié xī

I order Xihe to slow to a trot;

望 崦 嵫 而 匆 迫

wàng yān zī ér cōng pò

gazing at Mt Yan and Mt Zi, yet

not anxious to approach them;

路 漫 漫 其 脩 遠 兮

lù mànmàn qí xiū yuǎn xī

the road is boundless -

cultivation so distant;

吾 將 上 下 而 求 索

wú jiāng shàngxià ér qiúsuǒ

I shall explore it from beginning

to end. 25

/ CULTURE // 广 告 • 文 化






By Turaeva Ziyodakhon



Chinese people believed that the third day of

the Spring Festival is unlucky. They used to call

this day "Scarlet Dog Day" ( 赤 狗 日 ). This kind of

belief came from an old legend about Scarlet Dog.

In this legend, Scarlet Dog was the god of anger,

and whoever met him would face bad luck. That is

why Chinese people did not go out and did not

have guests in their houses on that day. They

just stayed at home for the whole day. However,

this tradition is not in practice anymore and

modern Chinese people go wherever they

want on the third day of the Spring Festival.


Chinese people believed that dogs can see

ghosts and phantoms. A dog that howling

meant that it is seeing a ghost or a phantom, and

if the dog howls continuously it was considered

as a prediction of oncoming death. Also, Chinese

people also believed that, the fluid from the eyes

of a dog can give humans the ability to see souls of

their ancestors. Smearing the fluid on his/her eyes

gave them the ability to see the supernatural

world. However, it is believed that smearing

the fluid in the eyes of ordinary people would

cause their death from the shock of seeing

the afterlife. In my opinion, it is good that this

kind of tradition is not in practice anymore.


广 告 • 文 化 // CULTURE /


In ancient China, parents or relatives of the

bride and groom arranged a match. After

marriage, the woman was not regarded as part

of her own family anymore. Instead, she was

treated like the 'property' of the husband's

family. In modern China, marriage is

based on the choice of two people.


This tradition started before

the Qing Dynasty. Han Chinese

associated beauty with the small

feet of a woman. That is why from

a young age, girls were forced to

bind their feet tight. It was extremely

painful as the bones changed their

shape. All this pain was just to

satisfy the view of Chinese men.

However, when Chairman Mao

came to power, he prohibited this

tradition and made sure that it

is not in practice anymore.


Nail clipping was used as a method

of child discipline for almost 4,000

years. When a child did something

wrong, he was punished by having

his fingernails clipped. It was a very

cruel method of parenting. There were

even special tools for this process.

Fortunately, due to the development

of human rights, this tradition was

stopped and is not in practice

anymore. However, some Chinese

men today still grow their pinky

nail to symbolise honour.

Now we know more about the unknown side of China to us. I hope this article was useful and interesting for you.

Keep discovering China with us! 27

/ CULTURE // 广 告 • 文 化




By Maddalena Depalo

孔 子 (kǒng zǐ), better known as Confucius, was a teacher,

politician and philosopher born in 551 B.C. in the Lu state

of China. Confucius is well known all over the world. Even

people that are not living in China knows at least his name

and that he is from China. His teachings, preserved in the 论

语 (lùn yǔ), focused on creating ethical models of family

and public interaction, and setting educational standards.

His philosophy is well rooted in Chinese culture and back in

the days became the official imperial philosophy.


Confucius was not only the founder of

the philosophy of Confucianism, but also

an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. Some

people even say that he laid the foundation

of Chinese cuisine. He attached great

importance to food, describing it as one of

the three basic conditions of a state, along

with an army and trust. This is not surprising

since in his philosophy a life without food

and friends would be incomplete and

poor. His ideas on diet where focusing on:

seasonality, origins, portions and hygiene.


广 告 • 文 化 // CULTURE /




This reflects the emphasis he gave

to hygiene: there are always better

methods of storing grains and meat

can always go through finer methods of

preparation. In fact, during the process

of growing, harvesting and refining,

grains and meat can be contaminated.





He taught that by following this rule,

gastro-intestinal problems could be

prevented. In fact, many gastro-intestinal

related illnesses occur when food of poor

quality and hygiene are consumed.



He said that “the way you cook your food

reflects the way you live”. This is definitely

an important aspect of our diet. Remember

that failure to cook food properly may

cause an overall loss in nutritive value.




As we all know, Chinese people today

always give great importance to

seasonings, and the same is true of the

ancient Chinese. This because they link

health to the use of condiments. All the

food we are eating here in China is never

without sauce, and now you know why.




He also gave great importance to

eating fresh and local food. Even today,

knowing the origin or source of the

food we are eating is very important.


Seasonality is important too. Fruits

and vegetables that are available in

season tend to be fresher and healthier,

this is because fruits and vegetables

out of season are usually treated with

pesticides, which are bad for our body.




The idea of a balanced diet is not that

new. Confucius already introduced

this topic many years ago with this

teaching. Meat is important, but should

be eaten in moderation and should

always be consumed with vegetables.



In his opinion, you shouldn’t limit drinking,

but at the same time it is important to

not exceed. Drinking too much could

lead to health problems and disease.



Eat ginger, but in moderation so as to

not increase the internal heat of the

body. In Western countries we have

more recently discovered the fantastic

properties of ginger, but it has always

been present in the cuisine of China.


This is not only a rule from the Galateo.

Digestion process begins in the mouth

when the mechanical breakdown of

food takes place during the chewing

process. If someone speaks while

eating, the swallowing process will

be hindered and so will the digestion

and absorption of the food.



Confucius thought that controlling

portions would lead to longevity. Today

there are many nutritionists suggesting

the same – by controlling portion size

so that we should never be full.

Even though Confucius lived 2,500 years

ago his ideas can definitely be applied in

today’s context and still teach us something. 29

/ CULTURE // 广 告 • 文 化

30 myredstar.comDRA

广 告 • 文 化 // CULTURE /

FT 31















Do you want a behind the scenes look at a print publication?

Want to strengthen your social media marketing skills?

Trying to improve your abilities as a writer?

Come and intern at REDSTAR, where you can learn all these skills and more!

/ IN PERSON // 广 告 • 人 物



By Rodrigo Ocaranza



If you feel the urge to make a difference

in your city and want to explore and

experience Hangzhou in a whole new way,

eco-venture is the best place to start.

Environmental issues truly are the

challenges of our generation and will be

responsible for quality in the life of the

new ones - awareness of the topic, and

the simple actions and we take today, can

truly have a huge impact in the future.

Everybody striving for a sustainable

world stumbles upon the big of

questions how and where we can

start to change things and participate

beyond our individual limitations.

Environmental awareness in China is

possible and people are striving to make

it happen. I had the pleasure to interview

founder of Eco-Venture, Paul Bhang.



WE ARE SIMPLE, we gather together,

explore the city, hike around and clean up

the trail on the way. We aim for zero waste

& leave no trace. So far, we have had more

than 400 people join our events. Together

we have picked up more than 8,000 litres

of trash while not leaving any of our own

trash on our trace. Since we started Eco-

Venture, I have heard lots of feedback that

similar activities or changes in the ordinary

life of participants have happened.




When I grew up in Korea, I was taught to get

involved in various volunteer works and be

socially responsible. While joining volunteer

works, I felt rewarded and fulfilled, but at

the same time felt aware of the limits on

making change happen. There were lots of

people with the good will to help others

or the environment, but even through

the sacrifice and devotion of their time

and labour, it still couldn’t bring

enough of an outcome to

solve the issues.


广 告 • 人 物 // IN PERSON /

Having spent more than 10 years working

and studying around the world, I have

lived in the most developed countries,

like Austria and Japan, as well as some

of the most undeveloped countries, like

Pakistan and Papua New Guinea. In some

developed countries, I saw the system

providing good welfare, but people had

limitations in noticing the serious issues

happening in the world and tended

to stay in their own comfort zones. In

undeveloped countries, people’s deaths

because of poverty and disease seemed

to be all too common and I felt powerless

as a human being. I tried to avoid the

uncomfortable fact that one wouldn’t

be able to make any kind of change for

a long time, yet my resolve for finding

ways to solve such issues began to grow.

In my 20s, I was focused on making money

as I believed that money could help make

the biggest changes. After dropping out of

university, I started working in companies

and even started my own business. Even

though I succeeded in achieving a certain

level of success recognised by society, I

couldn’t compromise in ways of making

money. Money itself without ethics and

good will couldn’t make changes.

When I became 30, I decided to go to Japan

to learn about bicycle design and frame

building. I learned about sustainable/ecofriendly

mobility while working in the

industry and organised events focusing

on eco-tourism and cultural exchanges.

After that, I moved to Hangzhou and

started a guesthouse that had a bicycle

theme. I met lots of like-minded people

and was able to create a community.

However, by running a certain model

of business, there are still limitations

on making an influence and making

changes. After winding up the

guesthouse business, I wanted to focus

on making sustainable changes.

Therefore, the Eco-venture project was

born: Simple and fun ideas are my focus

on getting people involved. I also want

to prove that there is a balance between

the ideal and the real. I don’t want people

with good will to be disappointed and

stay away from the issues, nor people who

are already doing good deeds to starve

to death by way of their sacrifices. I want

WE ARE SIMPLE, we gather together, explore the

city, hike around and clean up the trail on the

way. We aim for zero waste & leave no trace. 35

/ IN PERSON // 广 告 • 人 物

the project to be balanced with profit and

nonprofit and at the same time sustainable

in the form of a social enterprise. We are

starting a permaculture farm too and

we hope to organise more events and

establish a culture where people can

experience a natural and sustainable way

of living and learn how to do less harm

to the earth and help her to regenerate.


I’m currently studying and planning to be

a permaculture instructor and designer.

Hopefully I can fully spend my time on

this and be a bridge to connect east and

west and people and the earth. Overall, in

2020 I am hoping to have less regrets on

how I am spending my time now when I

look back on the last ten or twenty years.





We are still facing many difficulties in

running the project. The biggest challenges

are financial. Environmental protection

cannot be done without costs. No project

can move on without financial support

in the world we are living in. However,

many people misunderstand why we ask

for financial support for the project. I wish

more companies, or government, could

be more concerned and supportive on our

projects, or projects like ours. Also, I hope

that every individual can notice they have

huge power on choosing positive changes

as a consumer, and as a member of each

community by making ethical decisions.

We will continue, no matter what,

but I would sincerely ask people to

support involvement of any kind to

make good changes for the Earth.



We are planning many different events

including picking up trash, farm work,

camping trips and workshops. It’s not easy

to makes clear plans with dates due to

the pandemic but hopefully everything

will get back to normal soon and we are

hoping to meet everyone more often.




To check our upcoming events please follow

our official account and join our group

chat to socialise with like-minded people.

Official account:

WeChat : wensonjabi


广 告 • 文 化 // CULTURE /






By Jerry Shen

From when I first started playing

computer games as a child,

I had always used the name

“NogardJS” as my screen name.

“JS” because they were my initials and

“Nogard”, embarrassing to admit now,

because it was “Dragon” spelt backwards.

It’s difficult to say when this fascination

with dragons first started. Perhaps it was

when I was watching old Chinese movies

where these beasts served as symbols of

wealth and luxury or watching cartoons

of an almighty dragon granting wishes to

warriors. Nevertheless, I had always been 37

/ CULTURE // 广 告 • 文 化

In Chinese mythology, dragons are believed

to have control over natural phenomenon

such as rain, floods and typhoons.

captivated by these mythical creatures.

Dragons are depicted quite different

in the East versus the West. In Western

cultures, dragons are typically pictured

as fire-breathing beasts with large wings

and horns. A typical Western depiction

of dragons can be found in the popular

TV series Game of Thrones. In the East

however, dragons are typically without

wings and more snake-like with a long

body. In addition, the Western dragon has

aggressive connotations in that they are

uncontrollable and burn villages. In Eastern

folklore, dragons tend to be wise and

benevolent and bring forth prosperity and

harmony. Still, all cultures describe dragons

as majestic, large serpentine creatures.

For the purpose of the article, I will be

talking in depth about the Chinese Dragon

as opposed to the Western depiction.

The Chinese Dragon or Lóng ( 龙 ) is a

symbol of power, strength and good

fortune. In Chinese mythology, dragons

are believed to have control over natural

phenomenon such as rain, floods and

typhoons. They are revered as the

highest-ranked creatures in the Chinese

animal hierarchy and for that reason,

many excellent and powerful people are

metaphorically compared to dragons. In

fact, emperors in China were said to be

“sons of dragons” and ordinary people

were prohibited from owning items

with images of dragons on them.

The origin of the Chinese Dragon is

unclear but one legend is as follows:

Once upon a time, the people of China

lived in tribes that were said to be under

the protection of different spirits. The

spirits resembled animals with which they

lived close to. Villagers who lived near the

ocean would be protected by the Fish spirit

whereas those living in the mountains

adopted the Bird as their spirit. People in

the low plains adopted the Horse while

the ones in the high plains chose the

Serpent. The villagers in the fertile rice

fields chose the Ox, the industrious animal.

It wasn’t before long that the men and

women waged war on each other in the

name of their spirit. The battles were

long and arduous and were good for

absolutely nothing! Even so, the fighting

continued until the children of each tribe

had enough and decided to wage war on

war. They came together and created an

animal that would protect everyone. An

animal that can be “agile like the fish, free

like the bird, fast like the horse, cunning

like the serpent and strong like an ox”.

To do so, they glued the body of the

serpent to the scales of the fish. They then

took the horns of the ox and glued it to

the head of the horse. After attaching the

head and body together, they added the

wings of the bird. This animal could swim

in the ocean, fly in the sky and run across

the land and was named the “Dragon”.


When the men and women of China saw

this creation, they stopped fighting for

the first time and made peace with one

another vowing to never fight again.

In Chinese mythology, the concept of the

Dragon is collectively personified by the

Dragon King or the Dragon God or Lóng

Wáng ( 龙 王 ). Not only can he control the

water and the weather, he serves as the

commander of all dragons and controls

all creatures of the sea. However, he still

takes orders from the Jade Emperor.

The Dragon King has nine sons which are

collectively named the “nine sons of the

dragon”. Each of these sons have different

personalities, forms, characteristics and

depictions and can be found in different

artefacts throughout Chinese cultures:

1. The qiú niú ( 囚 牛 ) is the form of a

dragon and enjoys music. He is often

found decorated on musical instruments.

2. The yá zì ( 睚 眦 ) is the mix of a dragon

and a wolf and likes to fight. His

aggressive nature means he tends to

be found on swords and weapons.

3. The cháo fēng ( 嘲 風 ) looks like

the mix of a phoenix and dragon.

It is adventurous and can be found

on the four corners of roofs.

4. The pú láo ( 蒲 牢 ) is a small dragon which

likes to scream. He is represented on bells

and typically forms the handle of the bell.

5. The suān ní ( 狻 猊 ) is a hybrid of a lion

and a dragon and likes to sit down. He

can be found on the bottom of Buddhist

idols typically under the Buddhas’ feet.

6. The bì xì ( 贔 屭 ) is a turtle-dragon

hybrid typically found under

grave-monuments. It’s large shell

allows it to carry heavy loads.

7. The bì àn ( 狴 犴 ) is a tiger-dragon

hybrid which likes litigation and

keeps watch over prison gates.

8. The bā xià ( 霸 下 ) is a hybrid of reptile and

dragon. It is a creature which likes to drink

water and is used to decorate bridges.

9. The chī wěn ( 蚩 吻 )is a mix of fish and

dragon and likes swallowing. It is typically

placed on roofs to swallow evil spirits.

The earliest depiction of dragons within

Chinese culture dates back several

thousand years ago to the fifth millenium

BC. A dragon statue predicted to be from

5000-3000 BC was discovered in the

province of Henan in 1987. Other artefacts

with dragon symbolism including jade

badges and carvings were also discovered

which dated back to later millenia. In

addition, many Ancient Chinese from

300 BC actually documented unearthed

dinosaur bones as “dragon bones”.

Today, the dragon continues to be a

pervasive symbol in Chinese culture. In

the zodiac calendar, the dragon serves as

arguably the most preferred sign of the

twelve zodiac animals. During Chinese

New Year, dragon puppets are made of

cloth and wood and made to dance by

a team of gymnasts and acrobats. This

famous dragon dance accompanied with

drums and music can be seen in almost

every Chinese New Year party. Dragons,

unsurprisingly, are also the symbols for

the boats used in the Dragon Boat Festival.

Regardless of where you go in China, you

will be able to find some symbolism of

dragons. Even though no one has ever

seen a real one in person, almost everyone

can feel their powerful presence! 39

/ IN PERSON // 广 告 • 人 物



By Ane Ayerbe

Want some tips to

become more popular on

social media?

Cynthia, the Instagrammer

based in Hangzhou will

give you some.

Creating a personal blog or

promoting your own brand

is becoming more and more

commonplace. As the world

becomes 2.0, so does the way of working

and sharing passions.

For those that do not know, Instagram is

a popular photo and video-sharing social

networking service. On this platform, we

have more and more possibilities, diverse

actions and more complete tools that

allow us to focus our social media strategy

towards more specific objectives.

Cynthia Vasconcellos is a Brazilian

Instagrammer based in Asia. Before living

in the Asiatic continent, she’s travelled to

over 20 countries and also lived in Ireland.

Living in China was not part of her plan, but

she got a job offer and decided to embrace

it make this beautiful country as home for a

while. Now because of the pandemic, she’s

been away from home for some time, and

like many people around the globe, she’s

still waiting to see what the future will bring.


广 告 • 人 物 // IN PERSON /

When did you open your Instagram account? For what


I started my account in 2014, I was travelling a lot and wanted to

share news about my trips.

I have always loved photography and worked as a wedding

photographer some years ago and I have always loved travelling,

so Instagram was a way to share both passions.

Feel free to check

her instagram


With time and the new versions of Instagram, I also started to

share about lifestyle and daily life, and it started to feel like a big

community. I already met lot’s of good friends on Instagram that

is now my “real-life”.

You have over 9,000 followers. How did you reach that

many people?

To get large numbers, you have to have interesting content, so

that larger accounts will want to share your posts. Also, always

reply to everyone who shows interest in your posts. And to reach

new people, engage with people that share similar content.

Another thing that is never out of fashion is to use hashtags

related to what you post, this will also help a lot to reach new

people and get new followers.

What mehods do you think are essential to become a

good Instagrammer?

Share things that inspire other people and bring positivity to daily

life. Sometimes I get messages of people suffering of depression

and I feel so happy when they say that my photos and messages

inspire them to move on, life is beautiful everybody! I know

sometimes it’s complicated to see positivity in some moments of

our lives, but there’s always something good to be thankful for.

Do you think Instagram is a good place for business?

Yes, today Instagram is much more than a social network, lot’s of

people use it for their job. And businesses make lot’s of money

using it. Instagram is a great platform to promote products as

now people spend more time on the phone than watching


What would you say to someone who just opened an

account and wants to become popular on Instagram?

I’d say you have to feel happy and do it as long as you are

enjoying it. I get to see many Instagrammers that feel stressed

and sometimes they get frustrated because they put lots of

hours and effort into their accounts yet don’t see growth in their

numbers of followers. So be careful about it. Life is much more

than just numbers.

And talking more about business pages, most of the brands hire

people that will work only for that, so they invest lots of money in

the account to make it grow - they’ll hire models, photographers

or even an agency to help with their digital marketing. What

many brands do is to pay Instagrammers to show and talk about

their products, so more people will get to know it and buy it. The

more people are talking about, and seeing your products, the

more you’ll sell your products 41

/ TRAVEL // 广 告 • 旅 游


莫 干 山



By Eleonora Bollini

During the lockdown, all travellers were dreaming about travelling and exploring

new places again. We did not know when it would be possible and how it would

be, but that moment finally arrived. Even if there are a lot of inspections, especially

if you are a foreigner, but, after all this time being locked up at home we are able

again to discover new places, so don’t let the checks influence your mind.

If you would like to take a break from the

city, 莫 干 山 is the perfect place to visit

during this period. At only 60 km from

Hangzhou, you can enjoy the breathtaking

view from the different scenic areas

and get lost in its great number of different

paths or in the amazing bamboo forest.

莫 干 山 is a well-known spot for many

reasons. Beyond a shadow of doubt, it is

famous for its impressive view and scenic

spots, but it does not end here. Walking

along the paths, hiking, and exploring the

area, you can see a lot of stone-built old

houses, villas, and a Western style castle.

In the early ‘900s many people from

Shanghai travelled to Moganshan regularly

to find peace and take a break from the

frenetic and stressful life of the bustling

city. Because of that, many of them built

beautiful villas with amazing views. Not only

people from 上 海 went there, between all


广 告 • 旅 游 // TRAVEL /

the buildings there is one of the residences

of Mao Zedong, now empty and not that

easy to find, they say he only spent the time

for an afternoon nap there.

One of the characteristics of this place is

the presence of a stunning Western style

castle. The edifice is named “Naked Castle”,

built in 1910 by the Scottish missionary Dr

Duncan May during his 45 years spent in

China. “Born as a place to rediscover the

pure, playful and passionate side of your

heart, to immerse in nature and nurture

friendship, love and the simple pleasures

of life.” Years later it became open to more

people and today it remains a fancy hotel

where you can celebrate weddings or other

ceremonies. If you are brave enough, you

can swim in the infinity pool, made of glass,

on the side of a cliff. To reach this amazing

castle from the place where you arrive with

the little bus, you should follow the “100

steps path”. it does not look that difficult

until, only later, you can read the truth, there

are in fact more than 400 steps! Of course,

you could choose to take the normal way,

following the street or taking a little car, but

it will not be the same, being adventurous

always helps you discover beautiful things.

This mountain is really crowded in summer,

especially when in the little town at the foot

of the mountain the temperature reaches

crazy numbers. In such situations, many

people from the little town will go up, to

the top of mountain, to find fresh air and,

maybe, relax sitting on a hammock, looking

at the amazing landscape.

During the winter, because there are less

tourists and because hiking in the snow is

not easy and not even that comfortable, the

tickets are half price.

The way to reach this beautiful place got

a bit more complicated because of the

COVID-19 situation. From Hangzhou you

can choose to go by 高 铁 and reach it in

fifteen minutes, or take the slow train and

have a journey that lasts around one hour.

Once you arrive in the little town you will be

able to find information about how to reach

the famous spot by public transport, the

problem is that the main bus that should

bring you to the entrance, and back, is not

working. The only way to get there within

a reasonable time is to call a cab. You will

find many taxi drivers ready to take you to

the entrance gate for a modest price. Once

at the entrance you can buy a ticket that

includes the ride on the little bus to reach

the touristic spot and come back, both

ways. The other option is to hike and avoid

taking the little bus, but it could take a long

time and a lot of energy.

Born as a place to rediscover the pure,

playful and passionate side of your heart,

to immerse in nature and nurture friendship,

love and the simple pleasures of life.

The suggested time to visit this touristic

place is more than one day, because the

journey to reach it takes a long time, and

the spot closes at 5 pm, so you risk not

having enough time to see all that you

planned to visit. if you would like to save

even more time and enjoy the beauty of

the mountain also at night, there are a lot

of little hotels along the paths, all of them

offering amazing views.

What are you waiting for? It is time to go! 43

/ BUSINESS // 广 告 • 商 务




scanned copy

• Business Plan

• Business License of the start-up hub/

incubator where you registered your

company at - Original & scanned copy

• Official Acceptance Letter from the startup

hub/ incubator – Original

• Additional documents may be requested

during the application

Are you going to graduate this


Would you like to start your own

business in China?

If the answers to these two questions are

"yes", then there’s good news for you! Let

nihub unscramble the entrepreneur visa

policy for you.


For international students looking to

start their own business in China, they

may apply for a 2-5 years residence

permit for the purpose of ‘private affairs’

(marked as ‘entrepreneurship’) by lodging

the graduation certificate of Chinese

universities to conduct internship program

or innovation & entrepreneurship activities

after graduation. During this period, upon

being employed, the applicants may apply

for the working residence permit according

to the regulations. For international

students from foreign universities who

come to China for internship program,

invited by a company which is registered in

the provincial public security department,

the applicants may apply for a short-term

private affair visa (marked as ‘internship’) at

the arriving border custom. Those who have

entered China but holding other types of

visa may also apply and convert the current

visa into a short term private affair visa

(marked as ‘internship’).

Documents to be provided in support of

the visa application.

• Passport – Original Passport & Scanned


• Previous Chinese visa(s) – Original &

scanned copy

• University Graduation Certificate(s) –

Scanned copy

• Reference Letter from the University

• ‘Overseas Visitors Residence Registration


• Health Check Report

• Non-Criminal Record from the country

of origin and notarized by the original

country’s China embassy or consulate

• Company Business Licence – A company

established by an individual - Original &


1. The certificate of outstanding graduate

shall be issued and sealed by the vice

principal or above of the University’s

International Education Department.

2. When lodging your final visa submission

at the Visa office, we suggest you to

bring one of the representatives (or staff

member) from the start-up hub/ incubator

to make the process more efficient.


The new policy is more flexible in option

of stay or exit: the current policy stipulates

that international students who intend to

work or start a business in China have to

exit first and then re-apply for a visa, while

the new policy doesn’t require to exit China

for those who are eligible to apply.

Scan the QR code below to add our Client

Relationship Manager for a free consultation

and get more details.

Although the Immigration Office has

suspended the application of Chinese visas

from overseas due to the current virus

crisis, however you should get to know it in

advance. Opportunities always favour the

ones with prepared minds!


广 告 • 杭 州 黄 页 // HANGZHOU LISTINGS /


中 式 餐 饮

BBQ 烧 烤

Ba Li Lobster • Old Street Barbecue (bā lí lóng

xiā • lǎo jiē shāo kǎo) Gate2, Wanda Gold Street

Xiangqing Lu (8731-3852) 巴 厘 龙 虾 • 老 街 烧 烤 祥

庆 路 万 达 金 街 2 号 门

Big Chen Barbecue (dà chén yáng ròu chuàn)

Beside Jinyuan Edifice, Wulin Lu (8550-0571) 大 陈 羊

肉 串 武 林 路 锦 园 大 厦 旁 ( 教 场 路 口 )

Dong Shou Barbecue (dòng shǒu ba) B1, 4th

Hubin Yintai 245 Yan’an Lu (8977-9393) 动 手 吧 ( 湖

滨 in77 店 ) 延 安 路 245 号 湖 滨 银 泰 四 期 B1 层 ( 地 铁

龙 翔 桥 站 B 出 口 )

Eight Colour Barbecue (bā sè kǎo ròu) 51 Hubin

Lu (8578-7757) 八 色 烤 肉 ( 湖 滨 店 ) 湖 滨 路 51 号 (

近 庆 春 路 )

Gobi Barbecue (gē bì tān xiàn kǎo yáng ròu

chuàn) At the cross-section of Tiyuchang Lu and

Wulin Lu (150 8860-4327) 戈 壁 滩 现 烤 羊 肉 串 ( 体 育

场 路 店 ) 体 育 场 路 武 林 路 交 叉 口 机 场 大 巴 旁 边

Hanna Mountain (hàn ná shān) 1FC102

Zone77C3 Hubin Yintai Wushan Lu (8702-2705) 汉

拿 山 ( 湖 滨 银 泰 新 店 ) 吴 山 路 湖 滨 银 泰 in77C3 区

1FC102 号

Nine Yanger Northwest Barbecue and

Dumplings (jiǔ yàng ér • dōng běi shāo kǎo

shuǐ jiǎo) 206, 2F, West Lake D11, Wulin Lu (8892-

2512) 九 样 儿 • 东 北 烧 烤 水 饺 ( 武 林 店 ) 武 林 路 163

号 西 湖 D11 食 尚 城 二 楼 206

Wang Jintumen Barbecue (wáng jì jīn tú mén

chuàn kǎo) 101 Baijingfang xiang (8517-3954) 王 记

金 图 门 串 烤 ( 百 井 坊 店 ) 百 井 坊 巷 101 号 ( 近 延 安 路 )

West Lake Stove Barbecue (xī hú lú biān •xiān

kǎo zhū ròu) B1, Lixing Luxury Plaza, 124 Pinghai

Lu (8539-4230) 西 湖 炉 边 • 鲜 烤 猪 肉 ( 利 星 店 ) 平 海 路

124 号 利 星 名 品 广 场 B1 楼

Zao Chuan Chang Barbecue (zào chuàn chǎng

shāo kǎo) 237 Tiancheng Dong Lu (135 6784-8644)

灶 串 厂 烧 烤 天 城 东 路 237 号

Hotpot 火 锅

Chuan Xi Ba Zi Hotpot (chuān xī bà zǐ huǒ guō)

2F, Zone77B Hubin Yintai, Pinghai Lu (8715-6866) 川

西 坝 子 火 锅 ( 湖 滨 店 ) 平 海 路 湖 滨 银 泰 in77B 区 2 层

Fu Kua•Hua Jiao Ji Seafood Hotpot (fú kuā •

huā jiāo jī hǎi xiān huǒ guō) 4F, Big City Plaza, 609

Yan’an Lu (8667-6800) 福 夸 • 花 胶 鸡 海 鲜 火 锅 ( 国 大

城 市 广 场 店 ) 延 安 路 609 号 国 大 城 市 广 场 4 层

Gang Guan Chang Wu Qu Xiao Jun Gan Strings

Hotpot (gāng guǎn chǎng wǔ qū xiǎo jun4

gān huǒ guō chuàn chuàn xiāng) 281 Wulin Lu

(8722-8585) 钢 管 厂 五 区 小 郡 肝 火 锅 串 串 香 ( 皇 后 公

园 店 ) 武 林 路 281 号

Grandpa Pan (lǎo yé guō) 902, A Yintai Mall, 530

Yan’an Lu (8583-6328) 老 爷 锅 ( 武 林 银 泰 店 ) 延 安 路

530 号 银 泰 百 货 A 馆 902

Lao Fo Ye Charcoal Frog Hotpot (lǎo fó yé tàn

huǒ wā guō) D11, West lake, 155 Wulin Lu (8693-

9527) 老 佛 爷 炭 火 蛙 锅 武 林 路 155 号 西 湖 D11

Mi Shi Chaoshan Beef Hotpot (mì shí cháo

shàn niú ròu huǒ guō) 166 Huansha Lu (8782-

6211) 秘 食 潮 汕 牛 肉 火 锅 ( 湖 滨 店 ) 浣 纱 路 166 号

Ren Wu• Hua Jiao Seafood Hotpot (rén wù •

huā jiāo hǎi xiān huǒ guō) B157, B1 Hangzhou

Building Center Plaza, 11 Wulin Plaza (8606-5777)

仁 物 • 花 胶 海 鲜 火 锅 武 林 广 场 11 号 杭 州 大 厦 中 央

广 场 B1 层 B157 商 铺

Shu Liao Chongqing Hotpot (shǔ liáo zhòng

qìng huǒ guō) Queen Park 277 Wulin Lu (8782-

0008) 蜀 燎 重 庆 火 锅 ( 武 林 店 ) 武 林 路 277 号 皇

后 公 园

Shui Lin Jian Japanese Buffet Hotpot (shuǐ lín

jiān rì shì zì zhù guō wù liào lǐ) 9F, Yintai Mall,

Yan’an Lu (8583-6329) 水 林 间 日 式 自 助 锅 物 料 理 (

武 林 银 泰 店 ) 延 安 路 银 泰 百 货 A 馆 9 楼

Xing Fu Li Beijing Barbecue and Hotpot (xìng

fú lǐ wén shuàn wǔ kǎo lǎo běi jīng shuàn guō)

4F, Jiangjin International, 251 Anye Lu (8677-9689)

幸 福 里 文 涮 武 烤 老 北 京 涮 锅 安 业 路 251 号 江 锦

国 际 四 楼

Local Cuisine 本 帮 菜

Cai Yun Xuan (cǎi yún xuān) 13 Beishan Lu (8796-

4550) 彩 云 轩 北 山 路 13 号 ( 断 桥 对 面 )

Chang’s Garden (lóu wài lóu) 30 Gushan Lu (8796-

9023) 楼 外 楼 ( 孤 山 路 店 ) 孤 山 路 30 号 ( 近 平 湖 秋 月 )

Da Pai Da Traditional Dish (dà pái dà chuán

tǒng cài) 41 Xueshi Lu (8805-7737) 大 牌 大 传 统 菜

学 士 路 41 号

Grandma’s home (wài pó jiā) The Podium

Building of Hangzhou Daily Paper, 218 Tiyuchang Lu

(8515-7979) 外 婆 家 ( 杭 州 杭 报 店 ) 体 育 场 路 218 号

杭 州 日 报 大 楼 裙 楼 ( 中 河 北 路 口 )

Green Tea (lǜ chá cān tīng) 3F, West Lake Yintai,

98 Yanan Nan Lu (8700-2788) 绿 茶 餐 厅 ( 西 湖 银 泰

店 ) 延 安 南 路 98 号 西 湖 银 泰 3 楼 ( 近 吴 山 广 场 ) 238

Dadou Lu (8899-8277) 绿 茶 餐 厅 大 兜 路 238 号

Hangzhou Restaurant (háng zhōu jiǔ jiā)

Building1-3 205 Yanan Lu (8708-7123) 杭 州 酒 家

( 延 安 路 店 ) 延 安 路 205 号 1-3 楼 ( 延 安 路 与 邮 电

路 交 叉 口 )

Ma Deng Bu Luo Restaurant (mǎ dēng bù luò)

238 Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8698-9975) 马 灯 部 落 ( 四 眼

井 店 ) 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 238 号

New White Deer (xīn bái lù cān tīng) 5F,

Yintai Merchandise West Lake Culture Plaza 487

Zhongshan Bei Lu (8898-7698) 新 白 鹿 餐 厅 ( 西 湖 文

化 广 场 店 ) 中 山 北 路 487 号 西 湖 文 化 广 场 银 泰 百 货

5 楼 ( 近 环 球 中 心 )

No.23 Qiangmen Cai (23hào qiáng mén cài •lǎo

dǐ zǐ háng zhōu wèi) 23 Jietansi Xiang (159 6810-

3025) 23 号 墙 门 菜 • 老 底 子 杭 州 味 戒 坛 寺 巷 23 号

Old Man’s Sautéed Shrimp (lǎo tóu ér yóu bào

xiā) Building A Wanhua Wulin Business Edifice, 25

Jietansi Xiang (8515-1117) 老 头 儿 油 爆 虾 ( 武 林 店 )

戒 坛 寺 巷 25 号 万 华 武 林 商 务 大 厦 A 座

Shi Ke (shí kè) No. 1224, Dongxin Avenue (8819-

8811) 食 课 东 信 大 道 1224 号

Tian Lun Li Restaurant (tiān lún lǐ cān tīng) 1F,

Bldg. 7, Xixi New Plaza, 550 Xixi Road (8106-0001) 天

伦 里 餐 厅 西 溪 路 550 号 西 溪 新 座 7 号 楼 1 楼 东 边

Yun Shan Hostel (yún shān shàng) 30 Siyanjing,

Hupao Lu (8796-9989) 云 山 上 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 30 号

Other Restaurants 其 它 餐 馆

7017 Restaurant (7017 wèi dào gōng chǎng)

68 Tonghe Lu (8806-7017) 7017 味 道 工 厂 ( 中 财 店 )

通 和 路 68 号

A Wa Shan Zhai (ā wǎ shān zhài) 2F, Bldg. 4,

Xingguang International Plaza, 228 Jiangnan dadao

(8709-2520) 阿 瓦 山 寨 ( 星 光 广 场 店 ) 江 南 大 道 228

号 星 光 国 际 广 场 一 期 4 号 楼 2 层

Meng Ke Han Restaurant (méng kě hàn tè sè

cān tīng) Rm. 306, Bldg. 3, Hangzhou Yin, 2030

Jianghui Lu (8524-5685) 蒙 可 汗 特 色 餐 厅 江 晖 路

2030 号 杭 州 印 3 楼 306 号 ( 钱 江 龙 对 面 )

Sit and Forget Lijiang Restaurant (yī zuò yī

wàng lì jiāng zhǔ tí cān tīng) NL101, Bldg. 4, Kerry

Centre, 385 Yan’an Lu (5610-7266) 一 坐 一 忘 丽 江

主 题 餐 厅 ( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 385 号 嘉 里 中 心 4

幢 NL101

Tangmen• Jianghu Restaurant (táng mén •jiāng

hú jiǔ jiā) 306 3F Bolan Elephant City 294 Wenyi Lu

(2802-3107) 唐 门 • 江 湖 酒 家 文 一 路 294 号 铂 澜 大

象 城 3 楼 306 号

Wen Xin Shi She (wén xīn shí shě) Room5008

F5 Hangzhou Bldg. 546, Yan’an Lu (8138-3238) 文

心 食 舍 ( 武 林 银 泰 店 ) 延 安 路 546 号 杭 州 百 货 B 馆

5 楼 5008

Xi Bei You Noodle Restaurant (xī bèi yóu miàn

cūn) B1, Zone77C Hubin Yintai, 238 Jiefang Lu

(0820-7320) 西 贝 莜 面 村 解 放 路 238 号 ( 湖 滨 银 泰

in77C 区 负 一 层 )

Yu Man Tang Chuan Restaurant (yú mǎn táng

chuān cài guǎn) 12 Baijingfang Xiang (8515-8619)

渝 满 堂 川 菜 馆 百 井 坊 巷 12 号

Yu You Yu Xiang (yú yǒu yú xiāng) 345 Wenshan

Lu (8607-9181) 渔 有 鱼 香 文 三 路 345 号

Yun Ji Yun Gui Yunnan Restaurant (yún jì yún

guì fēng wèi cān tīng) L5-26 Longhubin Sky Street

at the cross-section of Jianghan Lu and Yueming Lu

(8703-3412) 雲 季 云 贵 风 味 餐 厅 ( 滨 江 龙 湖 天 街 店 )

江 汉 路 与 月 明 路 交 叉 口 龙 湖 滨 江 天 街 5L-26

Teahouses 茶 室

Chenghuangge Teahouse (chéng huáng gé chá

lóu) 3 Wushan (8703-9698) 城 隍 阁 茶 楼 吴 山 3 号

Hu Pan Ju Teahouse (hú pàn jū chá lóu) 1

shengtang Scenic Spot (8702-0701) 湖 畔 居 茶 楼 圣

塘 景 区 1 号

Hua Hai Yuan Teahouse (huá hǎi yuán chá lóu)

36 Xixihe Xia (183 6718-0353) 华 海 源 茶 楼 西 溪

河 下 36 号

No Rain Teahouse (wèi yǔ chá lóu) 92 Dadou Lu

(8803-8855) 未 雨 茶 楼 大 兜 路 92 号

Qingteng Teahouse (qīng téng chá guǎn) 583

Fengqi Lu (8506-0909) 青 藤 茶 馆 凤 起 路 583 号

San Qing Cha Xu Tea House (sān qīng chá xù

yì shù chá guǎn) Rm. 208, Bldg. A, Runheyada

International 1750 Jianghong Lu (5669-3737) 三

清 茶 叙 艺 术 茶 馆 江 虹 路 1750 号 润 和 信 雅 达 国 际

A 幢 208 室

Wan Hu Lou Teahouse (wàng hú lóu chá shì)

2-3 Beishan Jie (8515-5843) 望 湖 楼 茶 室 北 山 街 2-3

号 ( 靠 近 断 桥 )

West Lake Hotel• Lakeside Teahouse (xī hú guó

bīn guǎn •hú pàn chá jū) 18 Yangongdi Inside the

West Lake Hotel (8797-9889) 西 湖 国 宾 馆 • 湖 畔 茶 居

杨 公 堤 18 号 西 湖 国 宾 馆 内

Ya Ye Ji Teahouse (yǎ yè jí chá xué táng) 66

Jiangjun Lu (8706-4525) 雅 叶 集 茶 学 堂 将 军 路 66 号

Yin Hu Shang Yue Teahouse (yǐn hú shàng yuè

chá guǎn) 188-277 Wulin Lu (153 9704-0116) 隐 湖

上 悦 茶 馆 武 林 路 277 号 -188 号

Zen To (shān gǔ xiǎo wū) Shangchengli Cun,

Longwu, Zhuantang (135 7577-4116) 山 谷 小 屋 转

塘 龙 坞 上 城 埭 村 听 风 阁 对 面

Vegetarian & Vegan 素 食

Jing Ming Xuan (jìng míng xuān shū yuè fāng)

50 Huaxianqiao Lu (132 8217-1806) 静 茗 轩 蔬 悦 坊

化 仙 桥 路 50 号

Qingchun Canteen 66 Qingchundong Lu

(8702-6930) 庆 春 食 堂 102 道 纯 手 工 蔬 食 料 理 庆

春 东 路 66 号

The Lakeside Veggie (lín hú sù shí tīng) Inside

Liucheng Lu, Scholar Bridge 1, Nanshan Lu 临 湖 素

食 南 山 路 学 士 桥 一 号 柳 铖 道 内

Vegetarian Canteen (sù shí táng jiě fàng lù

diàn) Xing He business building B1, 89 Jie Fang Lu

(8677-2369) 素 食 堂 ( 解 放 路 店 ) 解 放 路 89 号 星

河 商 务 大 厦 B1 层

Zhichun Vegan Restaurant (zhī chún sù shí

cān tīng) 1F, Xiandai Building, Zhongshan Bei Lu

(Westlake Cultural Square Exit C) 只 纯 素 食 餐 厅 中

山 北 路 现 代 城 建 大 厦 一 层


国 际 料 理

American 美 国

Element Fresh (xīn yuán sù) S37, B1, Mix C Mall,

701 Fuchun Lu (8669-8130) 新 元 素 ( 万 象 城 购 物 中

心 店 ) 富 春 路 701 号 万 象 城 B1 层 B1S37 商 铺 L127,

1F, Building 3, Kerry Centre (8813-3687) 新 元 素 (

嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 353 号 嘉 里 中 心 3 幢 1 层 L127

L1-33, Paradise Walk Binjiang, 1515 Jianghan Lu

(8791-2690) 新 元 素 ( 龙 湖 天 街 店 ) 江 汉 路 1515 号

龙 湖 滨 江 天 街 L1-33

Slim’s Steak House (dà píng guǒ niú pái cān

tīng) 131 Bojingdao Commercial Street, Paradise

Walk Binjiang (151 5712-6527) 大 苹 果 牛 排 餐 厅 江

汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 天 街 铂 金 岛 商 业 街 131 号

The Habit Burger Grill (hā bǐ tè hàn bǎo)

Shop88, Outer Street, 1F, Building D, Chengxi Intime

City (8801-7875) 哈 比 特 汉 堡 城 西 银 泰 D 座 1 楼 外

街 088 号 铺

Westwood (yù jiàn xī mù měi shí cān tīng) L3-

07, 3F, Building B, Xixi Incity, No. 1 Wuchang Avenue

(0571-85858216) 遇 见 西 木 美 食 餐 厅 五 常 大 道 1 号

西 溪 印 象 城 B 座 三 楼 L3-07

Australian 澳 大 利 亚

Max Sonia (mǎ sū yà) 1F, Pingan Financial Center,

Jiangjin Lu (8602-9950) 马 苏 娅 江 锦 路 平 安 金 融 中

心 悦 坊 商 场 106 铺

Mona Vale (méng yuè qīng shí) 527 Yuhangtang

Lu (8670-3575) 檬 悦 轻 食 余 杭 塘 路 527 号

Arabian 阿 拉 伯

Doner Kebab 1205, 25th Avenue, Xiasha (137

3220-0797) 白 杨 街 道 25 号 大 街 1205 号

Dubai Flavour Music Restaurant (dí bài háng

zhōu fēng wèi yīn lè cān tīng) Building 3, No.

30-6, Changsheng Lu (189 5802-1581) 迪 拜 ( 杭

州 ) 风 味 音 乐 餐 厅 长 生 路 30-6 号 3 楼 ( 长 生 路 与

东 坡 路 交 叉 口 文 物 大 楼 )

H&N KEBAB (kǎ bā yīn yuè cān ba) 1F & 2F, 45

Wenjin Lu (158 5828-5220) 卡 巴 音 乐 餐 吧 文 津 路

45 号 1 层 ,2 层 201、204

Layali Cafe 387 Xuelin Jie (132 5571-2217) 学 林

街 387 号

Pizza Curry Restaurant (sà lǐ yuán) 1F, Building1,

No. 8 section of Xinyuan, Xiaoheshan (183 6815-

2699) 萨 哩 缘 留 下 街 道 小 和 山 新 苑 8 区 1 幢 1 楼

Sana’a Restaurant (sà nà cān tīng) 504 Liuhe Lu

(8755-3246) 萨 娜 餐 厅 留 和 路 504 号

Bakery 烘 焙

Donco Bakery B1, Ruffles Center, 228 Xinye Lu

(8515-3326) 新 业 路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 B1 层

Gontran Cherrier 101-12, 1F, Xizi International

Center, 9 Jingtan Lu (8815-6017) 景 昙 路 9 号 西 子 国

际 中 心 一 层 101-12

HPC Bakery (hóng pǎo chē dàn gāo shì jiè) 72

Zhongshanbei Lu (8660-9093) 红 跑 车 蛋 糕 世 界 中

山 北 路 72 号

MR. MAIMAi (mài qiū fàn) 1F, Raffles Plaza (180

6897-6382) 麦 丘 梵 ( 来 福 士 店 ) 来 福 士 广 场 1 楼

3F, Kerry Centre (180 5710-1348)( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 嘉

里 中 心 3 楼 1228 Dongxin Avenue (133 4616-9613)

( 滨 江 店 ) 东 信 大 道 1228 号

Ruson (lù sōng) Pingan Financial Center,

Jiangjin Lu (131 1675-1820) 鹿 松 江 锦 路 平 安 金

融 中 心 Store1-1, Building 1, Huanglongyayuan,

Paomachang Lu (137 3812-9121) 跑 马 场 路 黄 龙 雅

苑 1 幢 底 商 商 铺 1-1

Brunch 早 午 餐

Wagas (Raffles Branch) (wò gē sī) 1F, No. 29/30,

Raffle Centre, 228 Xinye Lu (8796-1123) 沃 歌 斯 ( 来

福 士 店 ) 新 业 路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 01 层 29/30 号 45

/ HANGZHOU LISTINGS // 广 告 • 杭 州 黄 页


六 月 酒 店 资 讯

Meilu Legend Hotel


杭 州 丽 晶 美 庐 酒 店

Enjoy swimming on a

hot summer day?

Is there anything more attractive

than a cool swimming pool?

150-level indoor heated

swimming pool at Hangzhou

legend Meilu Hotel

Dazzling glazed enamel pool top

European palace design style

Fitness Cards

Individual card 1 month ¥1,000

Individual card ½ year ¥5,800

Individual card 1 year ¥9,800

Family card 1 year ¥15,800 (2 adults

and 1 child below 16 years old)

Reservations: 8709-8800

Café 咖 啡

Cafe Sangu’s (sān gǔ kā fēi) ”We are what we eat”

and at Sangu House, we believe tasting happiness

means eating quality, fresh food and drinking

the finest wines. Our café and restaurant serves

breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as a full-range

coffee bar. Choose red wine (vin rouge) and white

wine (vin blanc) from six different countries at

our boutique wine shop, which can be enjoyed

alongside your meal or at home. Every Monday:

Buy one, get one free pasta entrees. Every Thursday:

It’s Ladies Night! All ladies can purchase one bottle

of wine and get a second bottle of wine half price.

Room102, Huafeng International Commercial

Building (8770-1075) 三 谷 咖 啡 四 季 路 55 号 华 峰 国

际 商 务 大 厦 102 室

Bean’s Cafe 358-5 Xixi Lu (138 5719-9991) 西 溪 路

358-5 号 ( 西 特 超 市 正 对 面 )

Beans & Roast Coffee (bā dòu xiàn hōng kā fēi

gōng fáng) 123 Building 2, Starry City I (151 5808-

5014) 八 荳 现 烘 咖 啡 工 房 星 耀 城 1 期 2 幢 123 号

Black Rainbow Coffee 38 Pingfeng Jie (Opposite

Family Mart) (158 6811-4119) 屏 风 街 38 号 ( 全 家

便 利 店 对 面 )

Café Couture (kē tú kā fēi tīng) 2F Dikai

Marriott Executive

Apartments Hangzhou

杭 州 万 豪 行 政 公 寓

Kid's Room Package

¥799 net

Come and enjoy your family time

in our thoughtfully decorated Kid’s

Room and discover the beauty of

Hangzhou at a very special rate!

This offer is available until 12 July 2020

• One night stay at Deluxe Studio

• Daily buffet breakfast and set

menu for lunch or dinner

• For 2 adults and 1 child below 12

years old

• Themed decoration

• Kid's Club

• Family movie time

• Kid's snacks

• Selected gift

Reservations: 8868-7999

International Centre, 19 Dangui Street, Xincheng

Commercial (5856-8987) 珂 图 咖 啡 厅 新 城 商 圈 丹 桂

街 19 号 迪 凯 国 际 中 心 裙 楼 2 楼

Cat Fiend Cafe (māo jīng kā fēi) Shop 107

Shenlan Plaza, 203 Zhaohui Lu (153 8103-5653) 猫

精 咖 啡 朝 晖 路 203 号 深 蓝 广 场 107 商 铺

Crackafe (bào liè kā fēi) 30 Hai’er Xiang (187 0581-

0520) 爆 裂 咖 啡 孩 儿 巷 30 号

Dongwo Seal Coffee (zī dǒng wō xǐ Coffee)

45 Dajing Xiang (150 5710-8917) 资 董 窝 玺 大 井

巷 45 号

Hola Coffee (Hola pǐ zhī yǐn pǐn) 426 Xixi Lu (186

6804-6817) Hola 匹 芝 饮 品 西 溪 路 426 号 ( 浙 江 大 学

玉 泉 校 区 北 门 旁 )

I Like Coffee & Bar (yī kā fēi) 95 Shangtang Lu

(8536-1609) 伊 咖 啡 上 塘 路 95 号

Kingsland Coffee (bái chéng kā fēi) 1F, Bldg.2,

Xixi Impression City, Wuchang Avenue (8766-0378)

白 城 咖 啡 五 常 大 道 西 溪 印 象 城 2 期 1 层

Maan Coffee (màn kā fēi) (Bei Cheng Tian Di)

Building 8, Bei Cheng Tian Di, 567 Huzhou Jie (8970-

5577) 漫 咖 啡 ( 北 城 天 地 店 ) 湖 州 街 567 号 北 城

天 地 八 号 楼 (IN77 Branch) (màn kā fēi) 13 Hubin

Lu (8646-5577) ( 湖 滨 银 泰 in77 店 ) 湖 滨 路 13 号

(Huang Long) (màn kā fēi) Huang Long Shi Ji Yuan,

133-4 Xixi Lu (8680-0121) ( 黄 龙 店 ) 西 溪 路 133-4

号 黄 龙 世 纪 苑 (Queen's Park) (màn kā fēi) 277 Wulin

Lu (8970-0377)( 皇 后 公 园 店 ) 武 林 路 277 号 皇 后

公 园 底 商 1 层

Mellow Coffee and Wine (fāng chún hóng jiǔ

kā fēi tǐ yàn guǎn) 436 Dunxiang Jie, Sandun

(153 8110-8777) 芳 醇 红 酒 咖 啡 体 验 馆 三 墩 镇 墩

祥 街 436 号

MONEY CAT (qián māo kā fēi) 527-5 Xixi Lu (156

0653-2117) 钱 猫 咖 啡 西 溪 路 527-5

NEST CAFE (cháo kā fēi) 619 Weiye Lu (8898-4763)

巢 咖 啡 ( 伟 业 路 店 ) 伟 业 路 619 号 567 Xincheng Lu

(156 5887-7660) 巢 咖 啡 ( 江 南 店 ) 信 诚 路 567 号 诺 基

亚 大 楼 A 座 大 厅

Pillow Books (zhěn biān shū) 15

Shangmanjuelong (1F, Jianxiang Hostel) (8196-

1555) 枕 边 书 上 满 觉 陇 15 号 ( 简 象 酒 店 一 楼 )

Shixia Specialty Coffee (shī xià jīng pǐn kā fēi)

(West Lake) 46 Santaiyunshe, Santaishan Lu (152

5715-1111) 诗 夏 精 品 咖 啡 三 台 山 路 三 台 云 舍 46

号 (Hushu Lu) Gurangdian Market, 65 Hushunan

Lu (188 6750-2234) 湖 墅 南 路 65 号 广 电 市 场 57

Guihuaxi Lu (158 6817-1444) 桂 花 西 路 57 号

Wa Cafe (wèi bàn shēng huó) 224 Zhuanjiang Jie

(182 6802-1630) 未 半 生 活 转 塘 街 道 转 江 街 224 号

人 才 家 苑 小 区 门 口

Weekend Coffee 127 Jianguo Bei Lu (189 6616-

4262) 下 城 区 建 国 北 路 127 号

What Ghost Coffee (shén me guǐ) 15 Donghexia,

Doufuyi Qiao (171 3004-7200) 什 么 鬼 斗 富 一 桥

东 河 下 15 号

Wooby Cafe (wù bái kā fēi) Shop 16, 1F, Building

4, Ludi Xuhui Cheng, Binjiang (178 1604-0660) 悟 白

咖 啡 绿 地 旭 辉 城 4 号 楼 底 商 16 号 铺

Desserts 甜 品

Mr. Wishes Jinshagang Living Quarter, Zhejiang

Industry and Commerce University, Xiasha (186

5784-2951) 下 沙 街 道 浙 江 工 商 大 学 金 沙 港 生 活 区

Oui Kitchen 289 Zhongshanbei Lu (173 5714-

5059) 中 山 北 路 289 号

Plant Power (wéi gēn tè lì hài) 3-101

Tongshengjiayuan, Liubai Nong, Zhongshanbei Lu

(159 6879-5306) 维 根 特 厉 害 中 山 北 路 六 百 弄 通 盛

嘉 苑 3-101( 西 湖 文 化 广 场 D 口 向 前 150 米 )

French 法 国

Carbon (Carbon běi shān shí hào fǎ guó cān

tīng) 10 Beishan Lu (8796-8775) 北 山 十 号 法 国 餐

厅 北 山 路 10 号

Chinchin Building 66, Dongxinhechuang Park,

139 Liuhe Lu (8605-5513) 留 和 路 139 号 东 信 和 创

园 66 座

La La Villa Restaurant (sān yàn gé fǎ cān tīng)

1 Bapanling Lu (8796-6528) 三 嚥 阁 法 餐 厅 八 盘 岭

路 1 号 紫 萱 度 假 村 内

PAPAGAYO (pà pà jiā yuē cān tīng) 4 QingZhiWu,

Yugu Lu (8703-9803) 帕 帕 家 约 餐 厅 青 芝 坞 路 4-1 号

Satine French Restaurant (sà tíng fǎ cān

tīng) 1F, Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Wetland Park

Resort, Zijingang Lu (8500-2222) 萨 婷 法 餐 厅 杭 州

西 溪 天 堂 国 际 旅 游 综 合 体 1 号 杭 州 西 溪 喜 来 登 度

假 大 酒 店 1 层

German 德 国

Falco’s German Bar (hǎi màn dà shū) 88

Xiangyuan Lu (8665-2638) 海 曼 大 叔 祥 园 路 88 号

( 星 巴 克 斜 对 面 ,N 座 1 楼 )108-2, 1F, Building 27,

Xixiyihao Creative and Commercial Center (8702-

4815) 西 溪 壹 号 创 意 商 务 中 心 27 号 楼 1 层 108-2 室

Lenbach Restaurant & Bar (lán bā hè xī cān

pí jiǔ fāng dà yuè chéng diàn) (Joy City) L1-12,

Joy City, 1 Yinxiu Lu (8738-2120) 兰 巴 赫 西 餐 啤 酒

坊 ( 大 悦 城 店 ) 隐 秀 路 1 号 大 悦 城 购 物 中 心 L1-12

(Chengxi Intime City) 1F80-82, Intime City, 380

Fengtan Lu (8691-1220) ( 城 西 银 泰 店 ) 丰 潭 路 380

号 城 西 银 泰 城 7 幢 105 室 1F080

Paulaner Brauhaus (dé guó bǎo lā nà pí jiǔ

fāng) 4F, 1157 Shangcheng, 77 Zhongshan Zhong

Lu (5666-8229) 德 国 保 拉 纳 啤 酒 坊 中 山 南 路 77 号

尚 城 1157 利 星 2 期 四 楼

Global Cuisine 无 国 籍 料 理

Amour (ài mù cān ba) 1F, Shimaobingu

Commercial Center, 4756 Jiangnan Avenue (8838-

1567) 爱 慕 餐 吧 江 南 大 道 4756 号 世 贸 滨 谷 商 业

中 心 一 楼

Aussie Kitchen (ào jiāo) 25 Zhonghezhong Lu

(177 0641-1277) 澳 骄 中 河 中 路 25 号

BERNINI (bèi ní ní cān tīng) 206 Nanshan Lu (139

8980-9967) 贝 尼 尼 餐 厅 南 山 路 206 号

Black Burger (Zhongshan Zhong Lu) 264

Zhongshan Zhong Lu (173 6454-6602) 中 山 中 路

264 号 商 铺

Blue Frog (lán wā) L137A, Bldg.3 Hangzhou Karry

Centre, 385 Yan’an Lu (8665-7058) 蓝 蛙 延 安 路 385

号 杭 州 嘉 里 中 心 3 栋 L137A L1-01,L202, E Area,

Hubin Intime In77, Dongpo Lu and Youdian Lu

(8708-2960) ( 湖 滨 银 泰 In77E 店 ) 东 坡 路 与 邮 电

路 交 叉 路 口 湖 滨 银 泰 In77E 区 L1-02,L202 号 1515

Jianghan lu, Paradise Walk (8799-0208)( 龙 湖 天 街

店 ) 江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 天 街 1 幢 101-18 室

Blune (bù lǔ cān tīng) No. 512, 5F, Building 3,

Kerry Centre (8779-1872) 布 鲁 餐 厅 延 安 路 385 号 嘉

里 中 心 3 幢 5 层 521 号

Borox Salad (bù lù kè shā lā) 051, 2F, Paradis

Walk Xiasha, Jinsha Avenue (8662-5083) 布 露 克 沙 拉

金 沙 大 道 下 沙 龙 湖 天 街 2 楼 051

Brunch 304 104, Building 4, Kerry Centre (177

6707-3314) 嘉 里 中 心 4 幢 104 号

Brunch Restaurant (jiǔ shù xī chú cān tīng) 218

Tiyuchang Lu (157 7991-7292) 玖 树 西 厨 餐 厅 体 育

场 路 218 号

Burger Lab (hàn bǎo shí yàn shì) 498

Zhongshanzhong Lu (138 1774-4540) 汉 堡 实 验 室

中 山 中 路 498 号

Clove Forever (wú yuè dīng xiāng) 2F, Fuleide

Plaza, 99 Wenze Lu (8778-1316) 吾 悦 丁 香 文 泽 路 99

号 福 雷 德 广 场 2 层

eShine eats (Jiaogong Lu) (yī xiàng qīng shí

jiào gōng lù diàn) 18 Jiaogong Lu, Building D, EAC

(2800-2377) 壹 向 轻 食 ( 教 工 路 店 ) 教 工 路 18 号 欧

美 中 心 D 座

Gatto Matto (yě miāo pī sà) 104 Huaxing

Chuangye Mansion, Huanggushan Heng Lu (8733-

2082) 野 喵 披 萨 黄 姑 山 横 路 华 星 创 业 大 厦 104 店

Hello27 (mǐ qí lín fēng wèi qīng chú fáng)

D101-1, 1F, EAC Oumen Centre, 18 Jiaogong Lu

(2822-5887) 米 其 林 风 味 轻 厨 房 教 工 路 18 号 EAC 欧

美 中 心 一 楼 D101-1

Jason’s Library (jié sēn tú shū guǎn) 529, 1F,

Bldg. 4, Juzhen Guoji, 515 Yuhang Tang Lu (8683-

9773) 杰 森 图 书 馆 余 杭 塘 路 515 号 矩 阵 国 际 4 号 楼

1 楼 商 铺 529

Maggie & Rose Restaurant (mài qí luó sī qīn

zǐ cān tīng) 2F, Henglong Plaza, 688 Shanyin Lu

(8380-5399) 麦 琪 萝 丝 亲 子 餐 厅 山 阴 路 688 号 恒

隆 广 场 2 层

Mamba Gastro Lounge (màn bā měi shí jiǔ

láng) 3F (Upstairs of KFC), World Trade Alley, 4758

Jiangnan Avenue (8738-1175) 曼 巴 美 食 酒 廊 江 南

大 道 4758 号 , 世 贸 滨 谷 (KFC 楼 上 3 楼 )

Mamala (Kerry Centre) Mamalaxī cān tīng (jiā lǐ

zhōng xīn diàn) 268 Qingchun Lu (180 5718-7799)

Mamala 西 餐 厅 ( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 庆 春 路 268 号

Osteria Pelacanus (tí hú) 3-5 Huanggushan

Lu (177 5717-3631) 鹈 鹕 黄 姑 山 路 3-5 号 539

Zhongshanzhong Lu (8501-3612) 中 山 中 路 539 号

Panchos (mò xī gē cān tīng) 168 Huaxing Lu

(8512-1219) 墨 西 哥 餐 厅 华 星 路 168 号

Pinano La Citta (bǐ lán wān xī cān tīng) Shop

101, Building 4, Star Avenue Plaza (8663-7787) 彼 蓝

湾 西 餐 厅 星 光 国 际 广 场 一 期 4 号 楼 101

SUAI fusion Restaurant 1F, Zhewaishewai, 339

Liuhe Lu (152 5895-6600) SUAI 融 合 私 房 西 餐 厅 留

下 街 道 留 和 路 339 号 浙 外 涉 外 一 楼

Super 27 NL 105&106, Building 4, Kerry Centre,

385 Yanan Lu (159 5715-6573) 延 安 路 嘉 里 中 心 4

幢 105 号

Supercado (shū kǎ qīng shí) 206-207, B2F,

Hedacheng (8801-7639) 蔬 卡 轻 食 下 沙 和 达 城 负 二

楼 B206-207( 近 文 泽 路 地 铁 口 )

Tofo Burger (tú fū hàn bǎo) 243 Zhongshanbei Lu

( 131 1679-8684) 屠 夫 汉 堡 中 山 北 路 243 号

Wade (wǎ de yīn yuè cān ba) Room 328, Building

16, Xiasha Powerlong Mall Phase 1 (151 6715-2440)

瓦 的 音 乐 餐 吧 学 府 街 宝 龙 城 1 期 16 幢 328 室 ( 必

胜 客 旁 )

Wade’s (wèi dé) Wulin Branch: 3F, Hangzhou

Xiecheng, 163 Wulin Lu (8701-1778) 味 德 武 林 路

163 号 杭 州 鞋 城 3 楼 Wensan Branch: Room 105,

1F Building H, Dragon Vanke Centre, 77 Xueyuan

Lu (8195-7668) 味 德 学 院 路 77 号 黄 龙 万 科 中 心 H

座 1 楼 105

Yuan Cafe (yuán kā fēi) 440-442, Building 7,

Tianhongjunyi community, Dongxin Avenue (137

5087-6527) 元 咖 啡 东 信 大 道 天 鸿 君 邑 小 区 7 幢

440-442 号 53 Zixia Jie (8813-0109)( 西 溪 首 座

店 ) 紫 霞 街 53 号

Japanese 日 本

51NB (51NB rì běn shāo kǎo jū jiǔ wū) 2F


广 告 • 杭 州 黄 页 // HANGZHOU LISTINGS /

Building G, Xixi Valley, 80 Zixia Street (189 6990-

2080) 51NB 日 本 烧 烤 居 酒 屋 紫 霞 街 80 号 西 溪

谷 G 座 2 楼

Daochuan (dào chuān jū jiǔ wū) 279

Zhongshanbei Lu (8692-7780) 稻 川 居 酒 屋 中 山

北 路 279 号

Genki Sushi (yuán qì shòu sī) 057A, 2F, Chengxi

Intime Mall, 380 Fengtan Lu (8681-0329/135

8834-4738) 元 气 寿 司 丰 潭 路 380 号 城 西 银 泰 二

楼 057A 号

HuNT’S (hāng shí) Shop No. 126, F1, K-lab,

Huanglongwwanke Center, 77 Xueyuan Lu (8778-

2886) 夯 食 学 院 路 77 号 黄 龙 万 科 中 心 K-lab 商 场

一 楼 126 铺

LINKS (LINKS rì shì liào lǐ) Building G, Wanke

Centre (133 3607-1498) 日 式 料 理 万 科 中 心 G 座

Liubenmu (liù běn mù rì běn liào lǐ) Room 138-2,

Building 3, Golden Street Meidi (180 5878-5580) 六

本 目 日 本 料 理 金 街 美 地 3 号 楼 138-2 号

Nasibi (nà sī bǐ rì běn liào lǐ) 4F Shimaojunlan

Restaurant, 122 Shuguang Lu (8796-9826) 纳 思 比 日

本 料 理 曙 光 路 122 号 世 贸 君 澜 饭 店 四 楼

380 号 3 楼 326

Il Forno (yì fāng) 224-230 Xihu Avenue (199

0472-9336) 意 坊 西 湖 大 道 224-230 号

La Giara (kǎ luò) Room 091-092, Building F, Yintai

city, Fuqiang Lu (87616211) 卡 洛 意 大 利 餐 厅 富 强

路 银 泰 城 F 座 1-091-092

MULINACCIO (mò lǐ nà qiáo cān tīng) (Hubin

headquarter) 3F, No. 123 Pinghai Lu (8782-5681) 莫

里 纳 乔 · 餐 厅 平 海 路 123 号 3 楼 ( 湖 滨 银 泰 A 区

国 际 名 品 店 )(Xixi Branch) 1F, Building 27, Xixiyihao

Creative and Commercial Center, 808 Wenerxi Lu

(8895-9982) 莫 茉 · 餐 厅 文 二 西 路 808 号 西 溪 壹

号 创 意 商 务 中 心 27 号 楼 1 楼

NEW BERE (xīn bèi lè) 117 Building C, Yeah Street,

58 Lishui Lu (2803-1623) 新 贝 乐 意 大 利 餐 厅 丽 水 路

58 号 Yeah 街 C117 号

Petaloso (luó sòng) 5F Jinsha Street,560

Jinshadadao (138 6866-8289) 罗 颂 意 大 利 餐 厅 金 沙

大 道 560 号 金 沙 天 街 5 楼

Piano 18 (yǎ lái) 18/F Raffles City Hangzhou Tower

1, 228 Xinye Lu (5602-6226) 雅 来 18 新 业 路 228 号

来 福 士 中 心 塔 一 雅 诗 阁 18 楼

Niujiang (niú jiàng rì běn liào lǐ) 247 Chongren

Lu, near the west tea (8799-8703) 牛 匠 日 本 料 理 炭

火 烤 肉 崇 仁 路 247 号 西 茶 旁

Yi yi (yì yī rì běn liào lǐ) 12 Shangmanjuelong Lu

(8693-2259) 鮨 一 日 本 料 理 上 满 觉 陇 路 12 号

Yongle (yǒng lè rì běn liào lǐ) 1F, Building6,

Laiyinjuzhen International, the intersecting of

Fengtan Lu and Yuhangtang Lu (8889-1080) 永 乐

日 本 料 理 丰 潭 路 与 余 杭 塘 路 交 叉 口 莱 茵 矩 阵 国

际 6 号 楼 1 层

Mexican 墨 西 哥

LaBamba (lā bā mǎ mò xī gē cān ba) 203, 2F,

Fuleide Plaza, 99 Wenze Lu (180 7299-0375) 拉 芭

玛 · 墨 西 哥 餐 吧 文 泽 路 99 号 福 雷 德 广 场 2 楼 203

Mojar (me hā) 5 Lanjiawan, Yugu Lu (8522-2105)

么 哈 玉 古 路 兰 家 湾 5 号 1257-1 Xuelin Jie (8669-

2563) 学 林 街 1257-1 号 ( 汉 庭 酒 店 电 梯 旁 )

Panchos (mò xī gē cān tīng) 168 Huaxing Lu

(8512-1219) 墨 西 哥 餐 厅 华 星 路 168 号

Indian 印 度

Mongolian 蒙 古

Mongolian Culture Restaurant (méng gǔ wén

huà tè sè cān tīng) 2F, Yuanlong building No.1,

Xiasha (18268196195) 蒙 古 文 化 特 色 餐 厅 经 济

技 术 开 发 区 10 号 大 街 与 25 号 大 街 交 叉 口 源 隆 大

厦 1 幢 2 楼

Nepalese 尼 泊 尔

Chakde Indian Cricket Restaurant (chá kě

dé yìn dù cān tīng) 183 Xinyifang Commercial

Street (133 0651-5830) 查 可 得 印 度 餐 厅 信 义 坊

商 街 183 号

Lalqila The Royal Redfort (hóng bǎo yìn dù cān

tīng) 4F, No. 011, Baolong Shopping Mall (8195-

1639) 红 堡 印 度 餐 厅 宝 龙 城 市 广 场 4 层 011

Pita's & Tika's (zhōng dōng hé yìn dù fēng wèi

cān tīng) 217, 2F, LongFor Paradise Walk, 1515

Jianghan Lu, Binjiang (8538-6691) 中 东 和 印 度 风

味 餐 厅 江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 天 街 铂 金 岛 商 业 街 2 楼

217 428-7 Dongxin Dadao, Puyan (8693-6382) 浦 沿

东 信 大 道 428-7 号 ( 天 鸿 君 邑 小 区 )

Saffron Indian Restaurant (suǒ fēi lǎng yìn dù

cān tīng) 1F, Building 2, Four Points Sheraton, 868

Dongxin Avenue (8899-4575) 索 菲 朗 印 度 餐 厅 东 信

大 道 868 号 福 朋 喜 来 登 大 酒 店 2 号 楼 1 层 内

Xindier (xīn dì ěr kā lí zhǔ tí cān tīng) 215

Jianguonan Lu (8827-0017) 欣 帝 尔 咖 喱 主 题 餐 厅

建 国 南 路 215 号 及 三 昧 庵 1-1 号 ( 近 斗 富 三 桥 )

Italian 意 大 利

Angelo’s (ài jiā lù) 1L, Building 7, Tianhongjunyi,

the intersection of Dongxindadao and Liuhe Lu

(8139-3788) 意 大 利 西 餐 厅 东 信 大 道 与 六 和 路 交 叉

路 口 天 鸿 君 邑 小 区 7 号 楼 1 层

Carbon (mó kǎ duō) Room 123, Building D, Wulin

Square, Miduqiao Lu (8190-5656) 莫 卡 哆 意 大 利 餐

厅 密 渡 桥 路 武 林 广 场 1 号 杭 州 大 厦 购 物 城 D 座 1

层 D123 号

Ciao Piano (màn shí guāng yīn yuè cān

tīng) 1F, Qianjiang International Times Plaza, 111

Chengxing Lu (8756-7968) 慢 时 光 音 乐 餐 厅 城 星 路

111 号 钱 江 国 际 时 代 广 场 一 楼

Fei Zi (fēi zī yì dà lì cān tīng) Room 326, 380

Fengtan Lu (8761-6227) 菲 滋 意 大 利 餐 厅 丰 潭 路

Kasthamandap (jiā dù fēng líng ní bó ěr fēng

wèi cān tīng) Room109, North Building, XiXi Intime

Mall No.3 (159 6882-3868) 加 度 风 铃 尼 泊 尔 风 味 餐

厅 西 溪 银 泰 商 业 中 心 3 北 楼 109 室

Northern European 北 欧

Eata 2F, Zprime Hotel, 372 Yanan Lu (8196-

5135/187 0199-7301) Eata 北 欧 西 餐 酒 吧 延 安 路

372 号 智 尚 臻 选 酒 店 2 层

Pizza 披 萨

Italian Pizza (yì shì pī sà diàn) Qingfengxincun

14-7 (182 9736-9401) 意 式 披 萨 店 庆 丰 新 村 14-7

Nabulesi Pizza (nà bú lè sī bǐ sà) EAC, 18

Jiaogong Lu (8195-6717 / 185 0581-5485) 那 不 乐 斯

比 萨 教 工 路 18 号

Oh My Pizza 852 Haidanan Lu (137 3588-2586) 海

达 南 路 852 号

Pizza Marzano (Raffles Centre Branch) (pī sà

mǎ shàng nuò) 1F, No. 35/36, Raffles Centre, 228

Xinye Lu (8805-7806) 披 萨 玛 尚 诺 ( 杭 州 来 福 士 店 )

新 业 路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 01 层 35/36 号 L203, 2F,

Building 3, Kerry Centre (8715-6526) ( 嘉 里 中 心

店 ) 延 安 路 353 号 杭 州 嘉 里 中 心 3 幢 2 层 L203

Singaporean 新 加 坡

Pojak (yà cuì jiā lǐ zhōng xīn diàn) 312, 3F,

Building 3, Kerry Centre, 353 Yanan Lu (8738-5839)

亚 萃 ( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 353 号 嘉 里 中 心 3 幢

3 层 312 号

Spanish 西 班 牙

Eatspanol Tapas Restaurant (yī shí bàn nǐ xī

bān yá cān tīng) 18 Jiaogong Lu (Near the Apple

Store), EAC (8505-8272) 伊 食 伴 你 · 西 班 牙 TAPAS

餐 厅 欧 美 中 心 东 路 教 工 路 18 号 ( 苹 果 店 旁 边 )

Hola! (Hola nián lún gōng yuán) 3867 Binsheng

Lu (173 4854-8821) Hola! 年 轮 公 园 ( 宝 龙 城 店 )

滨 盛 路 3867 号 宝 龙 城 步 行 街 1 层

La Pedrera (bā tè luò xī bān yá yì shù cān tīng)

West Gate, the Dragon Hotel Hangzhou, 2 Hangda

Lu (8899-5577) 巴 特 洛 · 西 班 牙 艺 术 餐 厅 ( 黄 龙

店 ) 杭 大 路 2 号 黄 龙 饭 店 西 门 Wenlvaolai, Xixi

Xiyue City, 21 Zijingang Lu (8848-9830) 巴 洛 特 · 西

班 牙 音 乐 酒 吧 餐 厅 紫 金 港 路 21 号 西 溪 栖 悦 城 文 旅

奥 莱 ( 近 西 溪 湿 地 博 物 馆 )

Steakhouse 牛 排

Cru Steak House (JW bā fáng) 2F J W Marriott

Hotel Hangzhou, 28 Hushu Nan Lu (8578-8888 ext.

6337) JW 扒 房 湖 墅 南 路 28 号 JW 万 豪 酒 店 2 楼

Thai 泰 国

Blue Elephant Restaurant (lán xiàng tài guó

cān tīng) F4, Baolong City Plaza,3867 Binsheng

Lu (159 8886-6804) 蓝 象 泰 国 餐 厅 滨 盛 路 3867 号

宝 龙 城 4 楼

Golden Pepper (jīn hú jiāo tài guó cān tīng) 3F,

Paradise Walk Xiasha, 560 Jinsha Avenue (2822-

6777/188 5803-7288) 金 胡 椒 泰 国 餐 厅 金 沙 大 道

560 号 龙 湖 天 街 商 业 中 心 三 楼

Mango Thai (měi tài tài guó cān tīng) 5F,

Westlake Intime Mall, 98 Yanan Lu (8700-2377) 美 泰

泰 国 餐 厅 延 安 路 98 号 西 湖 银 泰 城 5 层

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant (sà wǎ dí tài guó

cān tīng) 2F, Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale, 555

Fengqi Lu (6888-6387) 萨 瓦 迪 泰 国 餐 厅 凤 起 路 555

号 杭 州 温 德 姆 至 尊 豪 廷 大 酒 店 2 楼

Tai Rong (tài róng) Xinyifang Pedestrain, 1

Caoyingxiang (8822-3700) 泰 榮 湖 墅 南 路 草 营 巷 1

号 信 义 坊 步 行 街

Vietnamese 越 南

Funyo station (fěn yuè xī gòng) L301, Kerry

Centre (139 8949-0772) 粉 越 西 贡 越 南 米 粉 嘉 里

中 心 L301

PHO (dōng tián yuè nán fěn jiā lǐ zhōng xīn

diàn) 234, 2F, Building 3, Kerry Centre (2813-7633)

东 田 越 南 粉 ( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 353 号 嘉 里 中

心 3 幢 2 层 234 号 Room 601-44, Building 1, Paradise

Walk, 1515 Jianghan Lu (8692-9563)( 滨 江 天 街

店 ) 江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 天 街 1 幢 601-44 室

Yue Yu (Baolong) (yuè yù bǎo lóng diàn) 4th

floor, Baolong City Plaza, Jiangnan Avenue (173

0091-9893) 越 遇 ( 宝 龙 店 ) 江 南 大 道 宝 龙 城 4 楼


酒 吧 & 夜 生 活

1999 Pub (1999 jiǔ ba) 87 Nanshan Lu (8160-

0066) 19:00-02:00 1999 酒 吧 南 山 路 87 号

A Bull (ā bù xī cān kā fēi) 814-818 Haidanan Lu

(152 6816-5561) 阿 布 西 餐 咖 啡 下 沙 海 达 南 路

814-818 号

ALCHEMY (liàn jīn shù) 7 Paomachang

Xiang (8514-5618) 炼 金 术 黄 龙 跑 马 场 巷 7 号

Aurora Cocktail Lounge 85 East Huancheng Lu 东

环 城 路 85 号

Basement Bar Buy Now Electronics Supermarket

-1F, Jiaogong Lu (180 7298-1901) 教 工 路 百 脑 汇 科

技 大 厦 负 一 楼

Chimney (yān cōng) 524 Zhongshanzhong Lu

(173 6706-1849) 烟 囱 中 山 中 路 524 号

College Bar (kā lè jí) 4 Lanjiwan, Yugu Lu (8739-

9817) 咖 叻 吉 玉 古 路 青 芝 坞 兰 家 湾 4 号

COS.MOS.29 123-2 Xueyuan Lu (8720-3633) 学 院

路 123-2 号

ENJOY (yǐn jiǔ) 59 Bai Jing Fang Xiang (158 6912-

2807) 瘾 酒 百 井 坊 巷 59 号

G-Plus 2 Baochu Lu 保 俶 路 2 号

Helen’s (Wulin Lu) (Helen’s (wǔ lín lù diàn))

89 Wulin Lu (8806-0271) Helens ( 武 林 路 店 ) 武

林 路 89 号

Joy Bar (jiǔ yǐn) 5 Haiguan Lu (158 2121-5580) 7pm

- 2am 酒 隐 海 关 路 5 号 87 Nanshan Lu (158 2121

5580) 7pm - 3am 南 山 路 87 号

Kameleon (xī yì hóng jiǔ láng) 104, Bldg.C,

Waketown Pedestrian Zone, 9 Wulin Lu (134

5673-7273) 夕 邑 红 酒 廊 武 林 路 9 号 Wake Town 街

区 C 幢 104 号

Late Market Building 2, Chenghexia, 6 Fengqi

Lu (151 5806-0898) Late Market 凤 起 路 城 河 下

6 号 2 幢 47

/ HANGZHOU LISTINGS // 广 告 • 杭 州 黄 页

Lightning 176 Jiaogong Lu ( 199 6743-9084) 来

电 教 工 路 176 号

Mislead (wù dǎo jiǔ ba) 168 Baochu Lu (153

9701-7157) 误 导 酒 吧 保 俶 路 168 号

Old Captain Lounge Bar (lǎo chuán zhǎng)

113 Shuguang Lu (8603-5510) 老 船 长 酒 吧 曙 光

路 113 号

Orange Flower (chéng huā kā fēi jiǔ ba) 1

Xiaoheshanxinyuan (8538-3397) 橙 花 咖 啡 酒 吧 小

和 山 新 苑 1 号 ( 留 和 路 浙 江 科 技 大 学 东 和 宿 舍 )

Shares Bar Room 203, 2F, Gemini Mansion, 1785

Jianghan Lu, 17:00-01:30 江 汉 路 1785 号 国 际 网 新

大 厦 2 楼 203 室

Socia10 (Socia10 yīn lè jiǔ ba) 173 Yugu Lu

(8817-1891) Socia10 音 乐 酒 吧 玉 古 路 173 号 -3

SOS Club 3/F, Huanglong Hengli Mansion, 5

Huanglong Lu (5683-6688) 20:00pm – 5:00am 黄 龙

路 5 号 黄 龙 恒 励 大 厦 3 楼

Xanadu (pǐn) 255 Zhongshan Zhong Lu (8691-

6283) 品 中 山 中 路 255 号

YOLO Bai Jing, Building 75, Bai Jing Fang Xiang (178

5733-0121) 百 井 坊 巷 百 井 大 厦 75 号

Craft Beer 精 酿 啤 酒

Aishang Beer (Zhongshan Lu) (ài shàng pí jiǔ)

266 Zhongshan Bei Lu (8702-5715) 艾 尚 啤 酒 ( 中 山

店 ) 中 山 北 路 266 号 156 Shuguang Lu (8680-6916)

艾 尚 啤 酒 ( 曙 光 路 ) 曙 光 路 156 号

Boxing Cat Brewery (bù sī pí jiǔ guǎn) 34

Shihuqiao Lu (159 8881-1179) 布 斯 啤 酒 馆 狮 虎

桥 路 34 号

Craftbeer Buyer (jīng niàng pí jiǔ mǎi shǒu) 5F

(Roof) of Powerlong Square, Binjiang (177 4680-

1730) 精 酿 啤 酒 买 手 滨 江 宝 龙 广 场 5F 露 台

East River Tap Room (dōng hé Taproom) 238

Zhongshan Zhong Lu (8675-9199) 东 河 Taproom

中 山 中 路 238-1 号 ( 近 地 铁 1 号 线 定 安 路 A 出 口 )

Midtown Brewery (chéng zhōng pí jiǔ ba) 1F,

Shangri-La Hotel, 6 Changshou Lu (8159-0265) 城

中 啤 酒 吧 长 寿 路 6 号 杭 州 城 中 香 格 里 拉 大 酒 店 一 层

Brew Gang (shàng chéng jīng niàng cān bā)

Not only a restaurant or bar, Brew Gang is a

platform created by craft beer geeks to promote

the culture of food and drink. Beers are brewed

right on the premises - be sure to taste them all!

422-434 Zhongshan Zhong Lu, Drum Tower Food

Street (8512-6626) 上 乘 精 酿 餐 吧 中 山 中 路 422-

434 号 鼓 楼 美 食 街

Mill3 Craft Beer Bar (City West) Shop700-9, South

Gate, Sailihuiyuan (8718-7673) Mill3 精 酿 啤 酒 吧 ( 城

西 店 ) 拱 墅 区 赛 丽 慧 园 南 门 商 铺 700-9 号

Peers Bar (pí kè) 3-2 Baochu Bei Lu (8683-9917)

啤 客 保 俶 北 路 3-2 号 338-1 Zhongshanzhong Lu

(8722-9338) 中 山 中 路 338-1 号

Professor P (pí jiāo shòu shǒu gōng pí jiǔ) 465

Jianguo Lu, above Binhe Square (132 9675-0921) 啤

教 授 手 工 啤 酒 建 国 路 475 号 ( 滨 河 广 场 楼 上 近 建

国 北 路 必 胜 客 旁 )

RingCorner by BoxingCat 28 Xinyifangshang Jie

(135 0654-0002) 信 义 坊 商 街 28 号

Schanke Music Beer Bar (xuān kè yīn yuè pí

jiǔ cān ba) Room 1-3, Building 32, Da Fu Qing Qing

Chun Fang, Qingchun Lu (5666-0999) 喧 客 音 乐 啤

酒 餐 吧 庆 春 路 大 福 清 巷 青 春 坊 32 幢 1-3 室

Taste Room 73 Wen’er Xi Lu (8690-7226) 文 二 西

路 73 号

Thirteen Peaches (táo shí sān) 13 Taohuanong

(189 6906-9559) 桃 十 三 桃 花 弄 13 号

Cocktails & Whiskey

鸡 尾 酒 & 威 士 忌

CASK by Connoisseur 161-165 Jiangnan Avenue

(139 1725-2311) 江 南 大 道 161-165 号

Go professor (jiāo shòu hěn máng tài kōng jiǔ

ba) No. 104, Unit 3, Building 5, Jiarungongguan, Jinji

Lu (177 6711-9616) 教 授 很 忙 太 空 酒 吧 金 鸡 路 嘉 润

公 馆 5 号 楼 3 单 元 104 号

Hola (Hola nián lún gōng yuán) 3867 Binsheng Lu

(173 4854-8821) Hola 年 轮 公 园 ( 宝 龙 城 店 ) 滨 盛

路 3867 号 宝 龙 城 步 行 街 1 层

Mill (Huanglongwanke) 101, Building G,

Huanglongwanke Center (8823-1332) Mill( 黄 龙 万

科 店 ) 黄 龙 万 科 中 心 G 座 101 (City West) 77 Yile Lu

(8891-2175) ( 城 西 店 ) 益 乐 路 77 号 (Nanshan Lu)

176-3 Nanshan Lu (8670-5929) ( 南 山 路 店 ) 南 山 路

176-3 号 (Binjiang) 4317 Binsheng Lu (8111-1772)

( 滨 江 店 ) 滨 盛 路 4317 号 (Qianjiangxincheng)

217 Kunpeng Lu (8819-7779) ( 钱 江 新 城 店 ) 鲲 鹏

路 217 号

One Pint (yī pǐn tuō jiǔ guǎn) 302, Tianhe

Building, 257 Tiyuchang Lu (8603-3042) 一 品 脱 酒

馆 体 育 场 路 257 号 天 合 写 字 楼 302 室 087A, 1F,

Building C, Chengxi Intime Mall (8835-5142)( 城 西

银 泰 店 ) 丰 潭 路 380 号 城 西 银 泰 C 座 1F087A

Quarter 591 Qingtai Street (8829-8788) 清 泰

街 591 号

U LOUNGE BAR 145 Jiangnan Avenue (183 5810-

6873) 江 南 大 道 145 号 ( 江 南 星 座 楼 下 )

WITCHERY (nǚ wū jiǔ ba) Shimaobingfen,

crossroad of Jiangnan Avenue and Nanhuan Lu (135

8801-9007) 女 巫 酒 吧 江 南 大 道 与 南 环 路 交 叉 口 (

肯 德 基 隔 壁 )

Live Music 现 场 音 乐

9Club (jiǔ qiú huì) 2F, South Building, City Life

Square, 262 Wantang Lu (8106-0813) 酒 球 会 万 塘

路 262 号 万 糖 汇 城 市 生 活 广 场 南 楼 2 楼

Eudora Station (yì duō ruì zhàn xī cān tīng)

101-7 Nanshan Lu (8791-4760) 亿 多 瑞 站 西 餐 厅 南

山 路 101-7 号

Hi Livehouse 3F, Building 2, Xiaochengtiandi,

Xiasha (182 5751-9535) 下 沙 经 济 开 发 区 晓 城 天

地 2 幢 三 楼

Hutaoli (hú táo lǐ) Building 1, K-lab, Huang Wanke

Center, 77 Xueyuan Lu (150 0559-8881) 胡 桃 里 (

西 湖 店 ) 学 院 路 77 号 坤 和 黄 龙 万 科 中 心 K-lab 一

楼 二 号 门 旁

JZ Club (huáng lóu) 6 Liuying Lu (8702-8298) 黄

楼 柳 营 路 6 号

Liyue Music Bar (lǐ yuē yīn lè jiǔ ba) Room

108, Building 1, Commercial Street, 9 Wulin Lu

(8588-6111) 里 约 音 乐 酒 吧 武 林 路 9 号 ( 商 业 街 1

幢 108 室 )

Long Ji Mao Yan Xia Yu Music Restaurant (lóng

jì háo yán xiā yǔ yīn yuè cān tīng) 38 Hubin Lu

(158 2414-9705) 龍 記 · 蚝 言 虾 语 音 乐 餐 厅 湖 滨 路

38 号 ( 华 侨 饭 店 旁 )

Loopy Rm. 313, 77 Zhongshan Nan Lu (5610-7080)

中 山 南 路 77 号 313 室

Old Melody Music Bar (jiù shí guāng yīn yuè

ba) 21 Cangqiantang Lu (Zhang Taiyan Former

Residence) (8861-5577) 旧 拾 光 音 乐 吧 仓 钱 塘 路 21

号 ( 章 太 炎 故 居 )

Mao Livehouse 3F, Shangcheng 1157, 77

Zhongshan Nan Lu (8783-5787) 中 山 南 路 77 号 尚

城 1157 利 星 3 楼


Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake (píng hú qiū

yuè) 1 Longjing Lu 平 湖 秋 月 龙 井 路 1 号

Bai Dike (bái dī) 1 Gushanhoushan Lu (8799-6663)

白 堤 孤 山 后 山 路 1 号

Bamboo-lined path at Yunqi (yún qī zhú jìng) 8

Yunqi Lu 云 栖 竹 径 云 栖 路 8 号

Baochu Pagoda (bǎo chù tǎ) Baochu Lu (8799-

6663) 保 俶 塔 保 俶 路

Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (qǔ

yuàn fēng hé) 89 Beishan Lu 曲 院 风 荷 北 山 路

89 号

China National Silk Museum (zhōng guó sī

chóu bó wù guan) 73-1 Yuhuangshan Lu (8706-

2129) 中 国 丝 绸 博 物 馆 玉 皇 山 路 73-1 号

Dream of the Tiger Spring (hǔ pǎo mèng quán)

39 Hupao Lu 虎 跑 梦 泉 虎 跑 路 39 号

Enjoying tea at Dragon Well (lóng jǐng wèn

chá) 148 Longjing Lu (8778-8585) 龙 井 问 茶 龙 井

路 148 号

Evening Bell at Nanping Hill (nán píng wǎn

zhōng) 55 Nanshan Lu (8717-9603) 南 屏 晚 钟 南

山 路 55 号

Guan Yao Museum (nán sòng guān kū bó wù

guan) 60 Nansong Lu (8608-3990) 南 宋 官 窟 博 物

馆 南 复 路 60 号

Guo’s Villa (guō zhuāng) 28 Yanggongdi (8798-

6026) 郭 庄 杨 公 堤 28 号

Hangzhou Botanical Garden (háng zhōu zhí

wù yuán) 1 Taoyuanling (8796-1904) 杭 州 植 物 园

桃 源 岭 1 号

Hangzhou Flower Nursery (háng zhōu huā pǔ)

14 Xishan Lu (8796-9691) 杭 州 花 圃 西 山 路 14 号

Huagang Park (huā gǎng gōng yuán) 10

Yanggongdi (8796-3033) 花 港 公 园 杨 公 堤 10 号

King Qian’s Temple (qián wáng cí) 11

Qianwangci Lu 钱 王 祠 钱 王 祠 路 11 号

Leifeng Pagoda (léi fēng tǎ) 15 Nanshan Lu

(8798-2111) 雷 峰 塔 南 山 路 15 号

Lingyin Temple (líng yǐn sì) 1 Fayunnong (8796-

8665) 灵 隐 寺 法 云 弄 1 号

Long Bridge (cháng qiáo gōng yuán) 35

Nanshan Lu 长 桥 公 园 南 山 路 35 号

Meijiawu (méi jiā wù) 7Yunqi Lu 梅 家 坞 云 栖

路 7 号

Melting Snow at Broken Bridge (duàn qiáo cán

xuě) 1 Longjing Lu 断 桥 残 雪 西 湖 龙 井 路 1 号

China Seal Museum (zhōng guó yìn xué bó wù

guan) 10 Hougushan Lu (8799-4193) 中 国 印 学 博 物

馆 后 孤 山 路 10 号

Nine Creeks in Misty Forest (jiǔ xī yān shù) Jiuxi

Lu 九 溪 烟 树 九 溪 路

Orioles Singing in the Willows (liǔ làng wén

yīng) 87 Nanshan Lu 柳 浪 闻 莺 南 山 路 87 号

Precious Stone Hill Floating in Rosy Clouds

(bǎo shí liú xiá) 22 Zhaoqing si li jie (8717-9603) 宝

石 流 霞 昭 庆 寺 里 街 22 号

Prince Bay Park (tài zǐ wān gōng yuán) Nanshan

Lu (8796-3701) 太 子 湾 公 园 南 山 路 5-1 号

Six Harmonies Pagoda (liù hé tǎ) 16 Zhijiang Lu

(8659-1401) 六 和 塔 之 江 路 16 号

Solitary Hill (gū shān gōng yuán) 3 Gushanbei

Lu (8717-9603) 孤 山 公 园 孤 山 北 路 3 号

Spring Dawn at Su Causeway (sū dī chūn xiǎo)

1 Longjing Lu 苏 堤 春 晓 龙 井 路 1 号

Sunny and Rainy Views from the Lakeside

(hú bīn qíng yǔ) 250 Nanshan Lu 湖 滨 晴 雨 南 山

路 250 号

Temple to Yu Qian (yú qiān cí) 161 Santaishan Lu

(8796-2534) 于 谦 祠 三 台 山 路 161 号

The Yellow Dragon Cave (huáng lóng dòng)

Shuguang Lu (8797-2468) 黄 龙 洞 69 曙 光 路 69 号

Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon (sān tán yìn

yuè) 1 Longjing Lu 三 潭 印 月 龙 井 路 1 号

Tomb of Wu Song (wǔ sōng mù) Beishan Lu 武

松 墓 北 山 路

Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor (huā gǎng guān

yú) 5-1 Xishan Lu (8796-3033) 花 港 观 鱼 西 山 路

5-1 号

West Lake (xī hú) 1 Longjing Lu (8717-9617) 西

湖 龙 井 路 1 号

Wu Yun Mountain (wǔ yún shān) 6 Wuyundong

Lu (8608-6364) 五 云 山 五 云 东 路 6 号

Xiling Seal-Engravers’ Society (xī líng yìn shè)

31 Gushan Lu 西 泠 印 社 孤 山 路 31 号

Yue Fei’s Temple (yuè wáng miào) 80 Beishan Lu

(8796-9670) 岳 王 庙 北 山 路 80 号


住 宿

5-Star 五 星

Banyan Tree Anji (ān jí yuè róng zhuāng) Baimu

Avenue, Baishui Bay Village, Anji Town (589-1818) 安

吉 悦 榕 庄 安 吉 县 天 荒 坪 镇 白 水 湾 村 百 亩 弄

Club Med Joyview (ClubMed ān jí dù jiǎ cūn)

1888 Qingyuan Lu, Anji Town (589-8888) ClubMed

安 吉 度 假 村 安 吉 县 灵 峰 街 道 清 远 路 1888 号

DoubleTree by Hilton Hangzhou (háng zhōu

hé dá xī ěr dùn yì lín jiǔ diàn) 600 Jinsha Avenue,

Jianggan District (8989-8888) 杭 州 和 达 希 尔 顿 逸 林

酒 店 江 干 区 金 沙 大 道 600 号

Four Points by Sheraton Hangzhou, Binjiang

(háng zhōu lóng xǐ fú péng xǐ lái dēng) 868

Dongxin Dadao (2887-8888) 杭 州 龙 禧 福 朋 喜 来 登

东 信 大 道 868 号

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake

(háng zhōu xī zǐ hú sì jì jiǔ diàn) 5 Lingyin Lu

(8829-8888) 杭 州 西 子 湖 四 季 酒 店 灵 隐 路 5 号

Grand Hyatt Hangzhou (háng zhōu jūn yuè jiǔ

diàn) 28 Hubin Lu (8779-1234) 杭 州 君 悦 酒 店 湖

滨 路 28 号

Grand Metro Park Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu

wéi jǐng guó jì dà jiǔ diàn) 2 Pinghai Lu (8708-

8088) 杭 州 维 景 国 际 大 酒 店 平 海 路 2 号

Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Qianjiang 399 Juyuan

Lu, Jianggan District (139 5802-2988) 杭 州 钱 江 新 城

万 豪 酒 店 剧 院 路 399 号

Hangzhou Qianxi Vacation Hotel (háng zhōu

qiān xǐ dù jiǎ jiǔ diàn) 15 Jiuxi Lu (8761-3666) 杭 州

千 禧 度 假 酒 店 九 溪 路 15 号

Hangzhou Yi Hotel (háng zhōu yì jiǔ diàn) 198

Hushuan Lu (8809-9999) 杭 州 逸 酒 店 湖 墅 南 路

198 号

InterContinental Hangzhou (háng zhōu zhōu jì

jiǔ diàn) 2 Jiefangdong Lu (8981-0000) 杭 州 洲 际 酒

店 解 放 东 路 2 号

JW Marriott Hotel Anji (ān jí JW wàn háo) 1

Huancheng Nan Lu, Anji Town (561-8888) 安 吉 JW

万 豪 安 吉 县 环 城 南 路 1 号

JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu

JWwàn háo jiǔ diàn) 28 Hushu South Lu, Gongshu

District (8578-8888) 杭 州 JW 万 豪 酒 店 拱 墅 区 湖

墅 南 路 28 号

Le Méridien Hangzhou Binjiang (háng zhōu

bīn jiāng shì róng ài měi jiǔ diàn) 4756 Jiangnan

Avenue (8837-0777) 杭 州 滨 江 世 融 艾 美 酒 店 江 南

大 道 4756 号

Marriott Executive Apartments Hangzhou

(háng zhōu wàn háo xíng zhèng gōng yù) 2F,

Wecan Center, EFC Tower 3, Future Sci-Tech City,

Yuhang District (8868-7999) 杭 州 万 豪 行 政 公 寓 未

来 科 技 城 EFC 欧 美 金 融 城 3 幢 万 创 国 际 2 层

Meilu Legend Hotel (lì jīng měi lú jiǔ diàn) 8

Zhibei lu (8709-8800) 丽 晶 美 庐 酒 店 之 北 路 8 号 丽

晶 美 庐 酒 店

Midtown Shangri-La Hangzhou (háng zhōu

chéng zhōng xiāng gé lǐ lā dà jiǔ diàn) 6

Changshou Lu (8733-8888) 杭 州 城 中 香 格 里 拉 大 酒

店 长 寿 路 6 号

Oakwood Residence Hangzhou (háng zhōu ào

kè wǔ dé guó jì jiǔ diàn gōng yù) 28 Jiaogong

Lu (8899-3131) 杭 州 奥 克 伍 德 国 际 酒 店 公 寓 教

工 路 28 号

Park Hyatt Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu bǎi

yuè jiǔ diàn) 1366 Qianjiang Lu (8696-1234) 杭 州

柏 悦 酒 店 钱 江 路 1366 号

Pins De La Brume Hangzhou (háng zhōu jiǔ lǐ

yún sōng dù jiǎ jiǔ diàn) 18-8 Lingyin Lu (8798-

7999/13777489457) 杭 州 九 里 雲 松 度 假 酒 店 灵

隐 路 18-8 号

Relais & Chateaux Chaptel Hangzhou (luó lái

xià duǒ ·háng zhōu hú biān cūn jiǔ diàn) 57

Changsheng Lu (8788-2999) 罗 莱 夏 朵 · 杭 州 湖 边

邨 酒 店 长 生 路 57 号

Shangri-La Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu xiāng

gé lǐ lā fàn diàn) 78 Beishan Lu (8797-7951) 杭 州 香

格 里 拉 饭 店 北 山 路 78 号 ( 近 岳 庙 )

Sofitel Westlake Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu

suǒ fēi tè xī hú dà jiǔ diàn) 333 West Lake Dadao

(8707-5858) 杭 州 索 菲 特 西 湖 大 酒 店 西 湖 大 道

333 号

Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Wetland Park

Resort (háng zhōu xī xī xǐ lái dēng dù jiǎ dà jiǔ

diàn) 1 Westbrook Resort, Zijingang Lu (8500-2222)

杭 州 西 溪 喜 来 登 度 假 大 酒 店 杭 州 西 溪 天 堂 国 际 旅

游 综 合 体 1 号


广 告 • 杭 州 黄 页 // HANGZHOU LISTINGS /

Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou (háng

zhōu wēn dé mǔ zhì zūn háo tíng dà jiǔ diàn)

555 Fengqi Lu (8761-6888) 杭 州 温 德 姆 至 尊 豪 廷 大

酒 店 凤 起 路 555 号

Yellow Dragon Restaurant (huáng lóng fàn

diàn) Intersection of Hangda Lu 120 Shuguang Lu

(8799-8833) 黄 龙 饭 店 曙 光 路 120 号 杭 大 路 口 (

近 杭 大 路 )

4-Star 四 星

Courtyard by Marriott Hangzhou Wulin (háng

zhōu wǔ lín wàn yí jiǔ diàn) 28 Hushu South Lu

(8981-7777) 杭 州 武 林 万 怡 酒 店 湖 墅 南 路 28 号

Hilton Garden Inn Hangzhou Jingshan Luniao

Xinhu (háng zhōu jìng shān lú niǎo xīn hú xī

ěr dùn huā yuán jiǔ diàn) 8 Xunli Street, Yuhang

District (8857-6616) 杭 州 径 山 鸬 鸟 新 湖 希 尔 顿 花 园

酒 店 余 杭 区 鸬 鸟 镇 寻 梨 街 8 号

Holiday Inn (háng zhōu guó jì jiǎ rì jiǔ diàn) 289

Jianguobei Lu (8527-1177/139 5712-5019) 杭 州 国

际 假 日 酒 店 建 国 北 路 289 号

Boutique Hotels 艺 术 酒 店

Seven Villas Hangzhou (zǐ xuān dù jiǎ cūn) 1

Bapanling Lu (8886-7888) 紫 萱 度 假 村 八 盘 岭 路 1 号

Hostel 客 栈

Bikery (bài kè lǐ mín sú) 51 Shangchengdai,

Zhuantang Jiedao (137 7065-4953) 拜 客 里 民 宿 杭

州 市 西 湖 区 转 塘 街 道 , 上 城 埭 51 号

Daisy Hostel (chú jú qīng nián lǚ shè) 65

Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8882-8537) 雏 菊 青 年 旅 社 虎

跑 路 四 眼 井 65 号

Ele Jane (jiǎn xiàng) 15 Shangmanjuelong Lu

(8196-1555/182 6718-5222) 简 象 上 满 觉 陇 路 15 号

Fan Hua Si Jing Hostel (fán huā sì jǐng jīng pǐn

jiǔ diàn) 61 Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (159 2414-3344) 繁

花 似 景 精 品 酒 店 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 61 号

Hua Qing Yuan Hostel (huā qīng yuán kè zhàn)

63 Siyanjin, Hupao Lu (8816-1377) 花 青 原 客 栈 虎

跑 路 四 眼 井 63 号

Ling Shang Youth Hostel (lǐng shàng guó jì qīng

nián lǚ shè) 106 Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8798-1068)

岭 上 国 际 青 年 旅 社 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 106 号

Ming Bai Mountain Hostel (míng bái shān shù)

36 Siyanjin, Hupao Lu (8798-1211) 茗 白 山 墅 虎 跑

路 四 眼 井 36 号

Mio Hostel (miào jū mín sù) 220 Siyanjin, Hupao

Lu (8577-1125) 妙 居 民 宿 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 220 号

Pan Yue Lan Hu Hostel (pàn yuè lǎn hú mín sù)

197 Kong Jia Li Village, Shanyi Community, Binjiang

(177 6719-6054) 泮 月 揽 湖 民 宿 长 河 街 道 山 一 社 区

孔 家 里 197 号

Shi Bai Yun Hostel (shī bǎi yún jiǔ diàn) 66

Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8799-9903) 诗 柏 云 酒 店 虎 跑

路 四 眼 井 66 号

Spring Flower Hostel (chūn nuǎn huā kāi qīng

nián kè zhàn) 79 Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8678-3660)

春 暖 花 开 青 年 客 栈 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 79 号

The Green Hostel (háng zhōu qīng tíng qīng

nián lǚ shě) 88 Qingzhiwu (8799-0755) 杭 州 青 庭

青 年 旅 舍 青 芝 坞 88 号

Wang Xing Qiu Hostel (wāng xīng qiú qīng nián

lǚ shè) 39 Siyanjin, Hupao Lu (133 5571-2787) 汪 星

球 青 年 旅 社 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 39 号

Wulin Youth International Hostel (wǔ lín guó jì

qīng nián lǚ shè) 4F, Wanhua Commercial Building,

409 Tiyuchang Lu (Near Wulinmen subway station)

(2818-0881) 武 林 国 际 青 年 旅 社 体 育 场 路 409 号 万

华 商 务 楼 4 楼

Yun Shan Hostel (yún shān shàng) 30 Siyanjing,

Hupao Lu (8796-9989) 云 山 上 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 30 号

Resorts 度 假 酒 店

Banyan Tree (ān jí yuè róng zhuāng) Baimu

Avenue, Baishui Bay Village, Anji Town (589-1818) 安

吉 悦 榕 庄 天 荒 坪 镇 白 水 湾 村 百 亩 弄

Fuchun Resort (fù chūn shān jū) 339 Jiangbin

Dong Lu (6341-9500) 富 春 山 居 东 洲 街 道 江 滨 东

大 道 339 号


休 闲 娱 乐

Fitness 健 身

A+ Sports Club (A+yùn dòng jù lè bù) 3F Building

D, Yuanjian Edifice (8703-9812) A+ 运 动 俱 乐 部 ( 远 洋

国 际 店 ) 远 见 大 厦 D 座 3F

Buddy Fitness Personal Trainer Studio (bā

dì jiàn shēn sī jiāo gōng zuò shì) Room 2116,

Boyuexuan Edifice, 1870 Binsheng Lu (8880-2800)

巴 帝 健 身 私 教 工 作 室 ( 滨 江 星 光 店 ) 滨 盛 路 1870 号

新 世 界 铂 悦 轩 大 厦 2116 室

C-M Fitness Sports Concept Museum (C-M

Fitness yùn dòng gài niàn guǎn) R605, Hengxin

Edifice 588, Jiangnandadao (8537-0490) C-M

Fitness 运 动 概 念 馆 江 南 大 道 588 号 恒 鑫 大 厦 605

CrossFit Unicorn (qí lín zōng hé xùn liàn guǎn)

Huaicheng Sports Center, Huaide Jie (8779-7269) 麒

麟 综 合 训 练 馆 怀 德 街 怀 诚 体 育 运 动 中 心

CrossFit Xihu R167, B1, Hubing Yintai, 245 Yan’an

Lu (137 3502-4354) 湖 滨 银 泰 店 延 安 路 245 号 湖 滨

银 泰 B 区 地 下 一 层 167 室

EP Fitness Club• Epoch Fit (EP jiàn shēn jù lè bù

•Epoch Fit) 2242-2248 Binsheng Lu (8510-7167) EP

健 身 俱 乐 部 •Epoch Fit 滨 盛 路 2242-2248 号

HT Fitness Studio (HT jiàn shēn gōng zuò shì)

R1601, F16, B2, Hexinyada International, Anye Lu

(8663-5399) HT 健 身 工 作 室 安 业 路 润 和 信 雅 达 国

际 2 幢 16 层 1601 室

LEFIT (lè kè yùn dòng) 2F, building 3, Starry City

Phase 2, Jiangling Lu (159 5811-5762) 乐 刻 运 动

( 星 耀 城 店 ) 江 陵 路 星 耀 城 二 期 南 区 商 场 3 幢 2

楼 B2, Xingfu Plaza, 30120, Section F, West Lake

Cultural Square (400 150-1866)( 西 湖 文 化 广 场

店 ) 西 湖 文 化 广 场 F 区 30120 幸 福 广 场 B2 楼 2F,

Shangpinzhekou Shopping Mall, 505 Si Hao Da Jie

(400 150-1866)( 下 沙 上 品 折 扣 店 ) 下 沙 四 号 大 街

505 号 上 品 折 扣 商 城 2 楼 西 南 角

Leti Fitness (lè tǐ jiàn shēn) F10, Big City Plaza,

609 Yan’an Lu (8776-6716) 乐 体 健 身 ( 国 大 店 ) 延 安

路 609 号 国 大 城 市 广 场 10 楼

Reebok 1030 CrossFit A304, L3, Yuanyang

Ledigang, 58 Lishui Lu (5626-0377) 远 洋 乐 堤 港 店

丽 水 路 58 号 远 洋 乐 堤 港 三 楼 A304

Shushibao Fitness Center (shū shì bǎo jiàn

shēn zhōng xīn) F4, 1st Starlight International

Plaza, 228 Jiangnandadao (2898-2222) 舒 适 堡 健

身 中 心 ( 星 光 广 场 店 ) 江 南 大 道 228 号 星 光 国 际 广

场 一 期 4 层

WILL’S (wēi ěr shì jiàn shēn) NL109, Kerry Centre,

385 Yanan Lu (8716-1658) 威 尔 士 健 身 ( 杭 州 嘉

里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 385 号 嘉 里 中 心 NL109 6F,

Paradise Walk Mall, 1515 Jianghan Lu (8607-1289)

( 滨 江 龙 湖 天 街 店 ) 江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 滨 江 天

街 购 物 中 心 6F 8F, Paradise Walk Mall, 560 Jinsha

Avenue (8725-6699) 金 沙 大 道 560 号 龙 湖 杭 州 金

沙 天 街 8 楼


演 出 场 所

Theatres 剧 院

Hangzhou Theatre (háng zhōu jù yuàn) 29 Wulin

Square (8517-7801) 杭 州 剧 院 武 林 广 场 29 号

BEAUTY 美 容 美 体

Spas 美 容 养 生

Luluhu (luò hū) L6-04, Raffles City, 228 Xinye Lu

(8889-9191) 络 乎 新 业 路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 L06-04

141 Xixi Lu (8502-3288) 西 溪 路 141 号

Haiyinhui Hot Spring (hǎi yīn huì wēn quán)

Jiangnan Dadao Near Zhongnan Shopping Centre

(8601-8197) 海 茵 汇 温 泉 江 南 大 道 1090 号 中 南 购

物 中 心 附 近

Tuankou Zhongan’an Hot Spring Resort (lín

ān tuān kǒu zhòng ān dōng wēn quán dù jiǎ

jiǔ diàn) 188 Tuanquan Lane, Tuankou Town, Lin’an

(5868-6889) 临 安 湍 口 众 安 氡 温 泉 度 假 酒 店 临 安 湍

口 镇 湍 泉 街 188 号

Xin’an River Forest Hot Spring (háng zhōu xīn

ān jiāng sēn lín wēn quán dù jiǎ jiǔ diàn) 71

Hengshan Lu, Shouchang Town, Jiande (6456-8866)

杭 州 新 安 江 森 林 温 泉 度 假 酒 店 建 德 市 寿 昌 镇 横 山

社 区 横 山 路 73 号

Xinyifang Spa (xìn yì fāng wēn quán yù chǎng)

328 Moganshan Lu (8836-9493) 信 义 坊 温 泉 浴 场 莫

干 山 路 328 号

Yunman Hot Spring (yún màn wēn quán) 255

Fengqing Avenue, Xiaoshan (Inside the First World

Hotel) (8386-0020) 云 曼 温 泉 风 情 大 道 255 号 第 一

世 界 大 酒 店


购 物

Food & Beverage 食 品

Epermarket (zhè yàng shēng huó) Epermarket

( 这 样 生 活 ) When you think of fresh and

imported grocery experts, Epermarket should come

to mind. They are an online supermarket that has

over 5,000 imported products, from a source you

can trust. Whether you are looking for fresh fruit and

organic vegetables sourced from over 35 partners

farms, pantry favourites such as pasta, proteins, and

condiments, or even home care products such as

kitchenware and small appliances, Epermarket has

everything you need. You can also enjoy convenient

delivery and receive your groceries seven days

a week. Plus, an international customer service

team that offers support in French, English and

Chinese. Epermakrtet is also ISO 9001 certified, and

routinely tests their fresh products with SGS, the

world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and

Certification company. Visit

to discover more. (400 776-0776) 这 样 生 活

Olé B208, 701 Fuchun Lu (Near Jiangjin Lu subway

station) (2817-2098) 富 春 路 701 号 负 二 层 B208 铺

Sam’s Club (wò ěr mǎ shān mǔ huì yuán shāng

diàn) BM/F, IN city, Xixi Store, 1 Wuchang Avenue

(8873-6900) 沃 尔 玛 山 姆 会 员 商 店 五 常 大 道 1 号 西

溪 印 象 城 BM 层


International Schools

国 际 学 校

Hangzhou International School (háng zhōu

guó jì xué xiào) Founded in 2002, HIS is an IB

World School that offers the expatriate community

in Hangzhou an inclusive international experience

and curriculum (Early Years to Grade 12) based on

the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework.

HIS is the first and only international school in

Hangzhou that is fully accredited by an international

accrediting association and authorized by the IB

for all three IB Programmes: PYP, MYP, and DP. The

school currently serves over 650+ students (ages

2-18) from over 50 nationalities. HIS is a member


and ACAMIS, which gives students and faculty

access to international school sports leagues,

cultural exchanges, and professional development.

Graduates of HIS attend prestigious universities

throughout the world. admissions@his-china.

org, 78 Dongxin Ave, Binjiang

District (8669-0045) 杭 州 国 际 学 校 滨 江 区 东 信

大 道 78 号

0571- 87157555

Wahaha International School (háng zhōu wá

hā hā wài jí rén yuán zǐ nǚ xué xiào) Established

in 2015, Wahaha International School (WIS) is a nonprofit,

English language immersion international

school located in Hangzhou, serving students

from Kindergarten through Grade 9. In the stateof-the-art

campus, WIS offers students a rich, fully

international, IB (International Baccalaureate) based

curriculum complemented by a strong and vibrant

Chinese language and culture program. Through

its unique curriculum, WIS develops in students

the creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and

communication skills that are essential for success

in today’s and tomorrow’s rapidly developing

marketplace of ideas and innovation. admissions@, 5 Yaojiang

Lu, Shangcheng District (8715-7555) 杭 州 娃 哈 哈 外

籍 人 员 子 女 学 校 姚 江 路 5 号

Wellington College International Hangzhou

(háng zhōu huì líng dùn wài jí rén yuán zǐ

nǚ xué xiào) Wellington College International

Hangzhou provides a world-class holistic education

to expatriate children from ages 2 to 18, following

the English National Curriculum in Pre-Prep and

Prep School, which is enhanced by the crosscurricular

International Primary Curriculum (IPC). In

Senior School, children complete IGCSE and then

either A Level or IB Diploma Programme depending

on their goals. Closely tied with the Wellington

College in England, and with sister international

schools in Tianjin and Shanghai, WCIH provides

the high-quality international education that has

become synonymous with the Wellington College

name. A wide range of academic and co-curricular

activities are supported by state-of-the-custombuilt


hangzhou-international/ For Admissions: 8239-6366

or 2399

Xuezhi Lu, Xiaoshan District 杭 州 惠 灵 顿 外 籍 人 员 子

女 学 校 萧 山 区 学 知 路 2399 号

Chinese Language 汉 语

Chinesetown. Shinyway Language Institute

(xīn tōng huá wén) Established in 2006,

Chinesetown is a certified Mandarin training

institute which is well-known for its professionalism,

efficiency and excellent service. We provide a rich

selection of courses, including comprehensive

Chinese courses, HSK preparation, business

Chinese and online course in both small group

and private one-on-one form. We also provide

custom-designed courses for enterprise employees

taken at their office, and cultural events monthly. 4F (Reception Floor), Metro

Business Building, 611 Zhongshan Bei Lu. Line 1,

West Lake Cultural Square Exit B. (2807-3392) 新 通

华 文 中 山 北 路 611 号 地 铁 商 务 大 厦 1-6 层

Chinese Surfing (háng zhōu chàng yǔ zhōng

wén) Room 401, 4F, 334 Fengqi Lu (151 5811-6008)

杭 州 畅 语 中 文 下 城 区 凤 起 路 334 号 401 室 49

/ HANGZHOU LISTINGS // 广 告 • 杭 州 黄 页

Faith Education (fù xìn jiāo yù) 803 Pinghai

Wangjiao, 58 Pinghai Lu (138 0574-2761) 复 信 教 育

平 海 路 58 号 平 海 旺 角 803

Free Tongue Education (fēi cháng jiāo yù) 248

Dong Xin Avenue, Binjiang District (138 0576-0599)

非 常 教 育 浦 沿 街 道 东 信 大 道 248 号

Hutong School (hú tóng xué xiào) Room 125, 8F,

292 Yan’an Lu (137 5819-9307) 胡 同 学 校 延 安 路

292 号 8 层 125 室

Private Schools 私 立 学 校

BASIS International School Hangzhou (háng

zhōu qián jiāng bèi sài sī guó jì xué xiào) 99

Yuntang Street, Jianggan District (8815-3888) 杭 州

钱 江 贝 赛 思 国 际 学 校 江 干 区 运 塘 街 99 号

Wahaha Bilingual School Hangzhou (háng

zhōu wa hā hā shuāng yǔ xué xiào) 5 Yaojiang

Lu, Shangcheng District (8780-1933) 杭 州 哇 哈 哈 双

语 学 校 上 城 区 姚 江 路 5 号

Kindergartens 幼 儿 园

Hangzhou Victoria Kindergarten (háng zhōu

wéi duō lì yà yòu ér yuán) Honghui Lu, Xiaoshan

District (8351-5277) 杭 州 维 多 利 亚 幼 儿 园 萧 山 区 弘

慧 路 延 伸 段 众 安 景 海 湾 内

Wesley School (wèi sī lǐ yòu ér yuán) 269 Gongfa

Lu, Gongshu District (8882-880) 卫 斯 理 幼 儿 园 拱 墅

区 工 发 路 269 号


Yougo Sports Academy (sài dí yōu guǒ guó jì

tǐ yù xué yuàn) West Lake Sports & Cultural Center

(180 6942-3303) 赛 迪 优 果 国 际 体 育 学 院 西 湖 区

文 体 中 心 Donglian Sports Park (180 6942-3303) 东

联 体 育 公 园


Hospitals 医 院

Greentown Hospital (zhè jiāng lǜ chéng yī

liáo) 409 Gudun Lu (8885-7888) 浙 江 绿 城 医 疗 古

墩 路 409 号

Hangzhou Aima Maternity Hospital (háng zhōu

ài mǎ fù chǎn yī yuàn) 666 Gudun Lu (5681-8818)

杭 州 艾 玛 妇 产 医 院 古 墩 路 666 号

International Healthcare Services of Sir Run

Run Shaw Hospital (shào yì fū yī yuàn guó

jì mén zhěn) 11F, Tower II, 3 Qingchun Dong Lu

(8600-6118) 邵 逸 夫 医 院 国 际 门 诊 庆 春 东 路 3 号

2 幢 11 层

Maria Obstetrical and Gynaecology Hospital

(háng zhōu mǎ lì yà fù chǎn yī yuàn) 300 Qiutao

Lu (8652-1200) 杭 州 玛 莉 亚 妇 产 医 院 秋 涛 路 300 号

No.7 People Hospital (dì qī rén mín yī yuàn)

305 Tianmushan Lu (8512-1914) 第 七 人 民 医 院 天

目 山 路 305 号 附 近

No.117 Liberation Army Hospital (jiě fàng jun1

dì 117yī yuàn) 14 Lingyin Lu (8734-8500) 解 放 军 第

117 医 院 灵 隐 路 14 号

Red Cross Hospital (hóng shí zì huì yī yuàn)

84-86 Xinhua Lu (5610-9999) 红 十 字 会 医 院 新 华

路 84-86 号

Shulan (Hangzhou) Hospital (shù lán háng

zhōu yī yuàn) 848 Dongxin Lu, Xiacheng District

(400-103-9999) 树 兰 杭 州 医 院 下 城 区 东 新 路 848 号

The 2 nd Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang

University School of Medicine (zhè jiāng dà

xué yī xué yuàn fù shǔ dì èr yī yuàn) 88 Jiefang

Lu (8778-3777) 浙 江 大 学 医 学 院 附 属 第 二 医 院 解

放 路 88 号

Zhejiang Hospital (zhè jiāng yī yuàn) 12

Lingying Lu (8798-7373) 浙 江 医 院 灵 隐 路 12 号

Dental Clinics 齿 科

Baibo Dental Clinics (bài bó kǒu qiāng) 1881

Binsheng Lu (8504-9777) 拜 博 口 腔 ( 滨 江 店 ) 滨 盛

路 1881 号

Grammy Dental Clinics (gé lái měi kǒu qiāng)

341 Tiyuchang Lu (2822-0051) 格 莱 美 口 腔 体 育

场 路 341 号

Huashan Liantianmei Dental Clinics (huá shān

lián tiān měi yī yuàn kǒu qiāng kē) Qiutao Edifice

B, 248 Qiutao Lu (151 5814-1263) 华 山 连 天 美 医 院

口 腔 科 秋 涛 路 248 号 秋 涛 大 厦 B 幢

Kewa Dental Clinics (kē wǎ chǐ kē) L6-19 Fushi

Center 228 Xinye Lu (400-606-0222) 科 瓦 齿 科 新 业

路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 L6-19 号

Mingyi Dental (míng yī kǒu qiāng ) Covers

an area of 2300 square meters. Total input over

30 million. Together with the advance dental

equipments for painless treatments, we strive to

ensure your dental experience with Ming Yi be a

pleasant and relaxed one. We provide 23 dental

treatment rooms and offer a complete range

of dental treatments, performed by skilled and

experienced dental specialists in Zhejiang Province.

Our dental treatments range from General Dentistry,

Preventive Dentistry, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery

and Implant, Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry,

Pediatric Dentistry and Dental Specialist Clinic. 111

Chengxing Lu, Jianggan District (8608-6616) 铭

一 口 腔 江 干 区 城 星 路 111 号 钱 江 国 际 时 代 广 场

2 号 楼 2 层

My Dental 2F, Building 2, Qianjiang International

Times Square, (8608-6616) 铭 一 口 腔 城 星 路 钱 江

国 际 时 代 广 场 2 号 楼 2 层

Qier Dental Clinics (qí ěr kǒu qiāng zhèng jī

zhōng xīn) Civil Aviation Building 2, 392 Tiyuchang

Lu (8530-5080) 齐 尔 口 腔 正 畸 中 心 体 育 场 路 392

号 民 航 大 厦 2 楼

Quanhao Dental (quán hǎo kǒu qiāng) 125-2

Xueyuan Lu (8980-8810) 全 好 口 腔 学 院 路 125-2 号

Surgery Clinics 医 学 美 容

Hangzhou Jinggang Beauty Clinics (háng zhōu

jìng gǎng yī liáo měi róng) 508-1 Yan’an Lu (400

087 6600-0325) 杭 州 静 港 医 疗 美 容 延 安 路 508-1 号

Hangzhou Time Beauty Clinics (háng zhōu shí

guāng yī liáo měi róng yī yuàn) 596 Jiaogong Lu

(400 087 6600-0736) 杭 州 时 光 医 疗 美 容 医 院 教

工 路 596 号

MyLike Beauty Clinics (MYLIKEháng zhōu měi

lái yī liáo měi róng yī yuàn) Meilai Edifice 333,

Moganshan Lu (150 5819-2199) MYLIKE 杭 州 美 莱

医 疗 美 容 医 院 莫 干 山 路 333 号 美 莱 大 厦

Victoria Beauty Clinics (wéi duō lì yà yī liáo měi

róng yī yuàn) 658 Jianguobei Lu (400 087 6600-

0314) 维 多 利 亚 医 疗 美 容 医 院 建 国 北 路 658 号

Yes Skin Beauty Clinics (Yes Skinyán shù yī

měi) 3b-12F, International Health Center, 9 Jingtan

Lu (400 091-0890) Yes Skin 颜 术 医 美 景 昙 路 9 号 西

子 国 际 全 程 健 康 中 心 t3b-12F


Foreign Visa Service 签 证 服 务

Hangzhou Angela Elite Consulting (háng zhōu

ān qí lā shāng wù zī xún yǒu xiàn gōng sī)

Room 748, Block A, China Resource Building, 1366

Qianjiang Lu (135 8845-2749) 杭 州 安 奇 拉 商 务 咨 询

有 限 公 司 钱 江 路 1366 号 华 润 大 厦 A 座 748 室


Childrens Day Charity Event

Hangzhou Networking Event

Latin Night

Get your face in REDSTAR! Send your

photos to the REDSTAR WeChat account

(redstarhangzhou) by 15th June 2020!

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六 月





A holistic approach

What does academic success

truly mean in the 21st century?

How to make your dragon

Fun activity to introduce the kids

to the dragon boat festival

Cooking Zongzi

A history of zongzi, and how to

make those tasty little triangles

/ EDUCATION // 广 告 • 教 育




What does academic

success truly mean in

the 21st century?

This is a question that educators

around the world are constantly

reflecting on, as the world becomes

smaller, industries change, and there

is less clarity on what types of jobs will

exist in the future. All of this has been

brought into even sharper focus during

the COVID-19 pandemic. No one can

predict what the future will look like,

or what jobs or industries students will


广 告 • 教 育 // EDUCATION /

be aiming for once they graduate from

university. Is globalisation itself coming

into question, as nations retreat and

look inwards for security and a return

to more prosperous times? This is why

it is important to educate children not

only with requisite knowledge, but

also with the skills that can be applied

to any job, any task and any industry.

To develop children who are lifelong

learners. Skills such as problemsolving,

teamwork, critical thinking,

leadership, being resilient in the face of

challenges; all of these can be applied

broadly, and, more importantly, we can

continue to focus on teaching them at

this time.

During times of crisis it is reassuring to

see a stable education being provided

to students. Wellington College

International Hangzhou combines

world-class facilities and resources,

highly qualified and carefully selected

teaching staff, together with a

rigorous curriculum and values-based

educational philosophy to teach the

skills students clearly need in the

21st century. Through the sports, arts,

drama, sciences, co-curricular activities

and over 200 school activities,

students experience a range of

opportunities that push them to their

limits, stretch their imaginations and

teach them that trying hard and ‘failing

forward’ is often more important than

getting it right the first time. This type

of holistic education - which values

both academic and non-academic

achievement is crucial not only now

but also in the years ahead.

Does providing a holistic

education sacrifice

academic progress?

There is a common misconception that

providing a holistic education, where

children are happy coming to school,

means that students are relaxed and

are not progressing academically. We

believe the opposite is true; providing

a holistic education does not imply a

relaxed attitude towards academics,

and in fact will result in even better

academic performance. The research

shows that students with high levels

of emotional wellbeing are more

motivated to study, have more energy,

are more independent, more resilient

to challenges and overall perform

better academically than in schools

where students are given enormous

pressure to cram for tests. Furthermore,

as previously outlined, a holistic

education also provides opportunities

for students to develop skills that will

serve them well beyond university.

An increasing trend shows that the

world’s top universities are looking

beyond pure exam results, and are

additionally focusing on attracting

well-rounded students who can

demonstrate a passion for life, a

commitment to contributing to the

university community, and who are

able to learn beyond textbooks,

taking ownership of their own study

pathways. Wellingtonians leave the

College inspired by the world around

them, ready to take full advantage of

all the opportunities waiting for them

at university and as a result they are

competitive applicants. 55

/ EDUCATION // 广 告 • 教 育

How else does

Wellington set children

up for success in

university and beyond?

As children move up to Senior

School, they embark on the IGCSE

(international general certificate

of secondary education), which is

essentially identical to the GCSE sat by

British pupils in the UK, but tailored

for an international context. IGCSEs

are famous for their rigour, but in

addition to this, the way IGCSEs are

structured means there is no way

to “teach to the test”. Students are

required to learn and apply a range

of skills to be successful. In their final

two years at the College, students

take on the A Levels, the worldrenowned

high school qualification

that universities globally hold in

high regard. Suffice it to say that

when students leave Wellington,

they have both the knowledge and

skills to succeed in life. Not only in

university, but well into the future.

Wellington’s approach to holistic

education is supported by the results.

While Wellington College International

Hangzhou is still a young school with

no senior school graduates at this

time, we can look to the success of our

sister schools in Tianjin and Shanghai

as an indication of our expectations

for Hangzhou. This year’s university

admission season has been challenging

to say the least, with major disruptions

caused by COVID-19. Yet despite this,

to date the pupils from Tianjin and

Shanghai have received nearly 200

offers from top ranking universities.

Nearly 40% of pupils received offers

from universities ranked among the

top 10 in the world.

Wellington understands that one of

the key reasons parents choose a

school is because they want to help

their children get into university. This is

why senior school students will embark

on a four-year higher education

pathway programme, working with

a qualified University Officer who

will support pupils in researching the

best-fit universities and courses. The

University Officer will ensure that

pupils are well-prepared to write their

college applications and research the

necessary application requirements

to excel on their chosen pathway,

wherever that may be.

Scholarships and


Wellington firmly believes that

every child should be provided with

world-class opportunities not only

in academics, but also in a range of

non-academic and extracurricular


In order to recognise and reward

the pursuit and achievement of

excellence in our pupils, and to

make a Wellington education

accessible to a broader range of

pupils throughout Hangzhou and

the surrounding regions, Wellington

College International Hangzhou are

proud to offer a range of scholarships

and awards. Whether through tuition

reduction or providing additional

opportunities to demonstrate talent

and leadership within the community;

scholarships and awards provide a

unique opportunity for talented pupils.

In addition, scholarships and awards

may be further complemented by a

means tested bursary.

Awards of up to 100% of the tuition

fees will be available to successful

applications in Year 7 or above for

August 2020. For more information

please contact the Admissions Team by

calling +86 8329 6366 or via email at


广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFESTYLE /








By Camilla Fatticcioni

The Dragon Boat Festival is one

of my favourite celebrations

in Hangzhou. The boat race at

the Xixi national park and the

delicious sticky rice dumplings are

such a sweet memory that I decided

to bring the festival also inside my

home. I challenged myself to make

a paper version of the traditional

Chinese Dragon Boat. I found the

exercise to be simple and fun (I also

discovered that my little cousin has

better drawing skills than me!)


• Coloured cardboard

• Scissors

• Pencil

• Glue

• Coloured crayons,

markers or watercolours

• Toothpicks

1. Take a piece of coloured cardboard

and fold it in half. On one side,

start outlining your dragon boat.

Online you can find many reference

images. I suggest drawing simple

lines. You may add more detail later.

2. Once you have drawn the dragon,

cut the folded paper so you will

have two identical outlines of

your dragon boat. Then divide

the two dragons outline cutting

the middle of the paper fold.

3. Now comes the fun part: colours!

Chinese Dragons are usually

green, yellow, blue, red, and

black. Red is the primary colour

of the Dragon Boats as the

symbol of fire and strength.

4. Take another piece of coloured

paper and cut a rectangle

that is as long as your paper

dragon and 3 cm wide.

5. With the help of a ruler, draw

two long vertical lines on either

side, half a centimetre from the

border and two short horizontal

lines 2 centimetres from the

border. Cut where the lines are

crossing and fold the rectangle

following the drawn lines.

6. Stick with glue the two drawings

of the dragon boat on the sides

of the tiny boat you created

out of the paper rectangle.

7. Stick together the two dragon

heads and tail, like a bow

and a stern of a boat.

8. With some extra cardboard

I created some triangles and

stuck them to the toothpicks to

create some tiny, tiny paddles.

Here you have your paper dragon boat! 57

/ LIFESTYLE // 广 告 • 生 活 方 式





By Maddalena Depalo

How many times have we wondered

what’s inside those 小 笼 包 we have

in our trusted restaurant? Or just

how did they make those delicious

面 条 ? Chinese cuisine is very rich

and diverse. Each region has its own

typical dishes and I bet we could

spend a year trying to eat them all.

But there are some dishes which can

be found at the same time all over he

country. This is the case with dishes

eaten at festivals, even if there are

slight differences from one region to



广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFESTYLE /

Spring is the time for the Duanwu

festival ( 端 午 节 , a.k.a. Dragon

Boat Festival, and Zongzi ( 粽 子 )

is the traditional food eaten at

this time. The date is determined by

the Chinese Lunar calendar, but this

year the festival falls on the 25th of

June. Zongzi is basically glutinous rice

with sweet or savoury fillings wrapped

in bamboo. After being cooked in

water, all the ingredients stick together

and when unwrapped stay in the

particular shape you gave them. They

are sticky, aromatic and when you eat

it the flavours explode in your mouth.


Like everything in China, Zongzi has a

legend attached. They say that 2,300

years ago there was a poet who

committed suicide by jumping into the

water. People went to find his body

and since they couldn’t, they put rice

inside hollowed out bamboo and threw

it into the water, hoping that the fish

would eat the rice instead of the poet’s

body. They also say that afterwards,

the spirit of the poet talked with the

people from the village and told them

that fishes were actually eating the rice

but it was better to put rice into the

leaves of the bamboo. Today, people

are still wrapping sticky rice in bamboo

leaves, but instead of throwing it

into the water, now they cook and

eat them to celebrate this event.


The strange green

triangles used to be

prepared a few

days before

the festival and

all around China have a

different shape, size and

flavour. The version we will

prepare today is savoury and

is typical in the Southern regions.

Savoury Zongzi can be served for

breakfast, as a snack or as one of the

dishes in a meal. You only need rice,

pork belly and shiitake mushrooms. So,

what are you waiting for? Challenge

yourself with these delicious Zongzi

and get closer to Chinese culture.


• 600g glutinous rice

• 6 dry shiitake mushrooms

• 200g pork belly, cut into chunks

• 2 tablespoons light soy sauce

• 1 tablespoon dark soy sauce

• 1 tablespoon Shaoxing rice wine

• 1/4 teaspoon Chinese five-spice


• 1/4 pinch white pepper

• 1/4 pinch salt

• 1 pinch sugar

• 1 tsp ginger, minced

• 30/35 bamboo leaves

• 12 cooking strings, 125cm/50 inch


1. First things first - you have to

prepare the ingredients. So the night

before, soak uncooked rice, dry

shiitake mushrooms and the bamboo

leaves in water. Since the bamboo

leaves will float to the top, you

should put something on top (like a

pot or a dish) to immerse all of them.

Marinate the pork belly with the

other ingredients. Leave it overnight.

2. The morning after, cook your

ingredients. First clean both sides of

the bamboo leaves and cook in a pot

with hot water, a pinch of salt and

1/4 cup of vinegar (optional). Then

let them cook for 20 minutes. When

cooked, cut the ends.

3. Meanwhile cook the rice in a rice

cooker and then in a pan with some oil.

4. Cook also the pork belly together

with the mushrooms in a wok.

5. Now arrives the funny part.

Assemble the Zongzi. This seems to

be very difficult but after making a

few of them it will get easier! The

common shape is the pyramid. For

doing so you just need to overlap

two leaves like an X and then form a

wide cone. Place some glutinous rice

inside, then the pork and mushroom

and top with more rice. Fold the top

over, then the sides and finally the

end of the bamboo leaves. Tie with a

cooking string (opposite direction of

the last two leaves).

6. Do the same for all the 12 Zongzi.

7. Now is time to cook. Bring a large

pot of water to boil and put all the

Zongzi inside. Let them cook for 1

hour 25 minutes with the lid on.

8. Once they are cooked let them

cool for a few minutes. Unwrap the

bamboo leaves and serve with sweet

chili sauce or spicy chilli sauce.


STORAGE: When they are completely

cool, place the Zongzi into an air-tight

container or a sealable plastic bag.

Store in the fridge for up to 3 days

or in the freezer for up to 2 months.

REHEAT: Let Zongzi defrost completely

and place them into a pot with boiling

water. Leave to simmer for 3-5 minutes. 59


























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