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"Lucas Wilson is ready for his date with his girlfriend, Julie Carter. With the help of his friend, Ben Foster, nothing can go wrong. But when the fabric of reality literally starts breaking apart, it is up to Dasher to save everything he loves and cares about before it's too late. Meanwhile, Lucas must face the ultimate question. Should he tell Julie that he is Dasher, or keep it secret to protect her from harms way?


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Hello, my name is Christian Goodin, creator of

Dasher broken reality. I have always been

fascinated by superhero stories from around the

world. When I was a child, I used to draw a lot. I

was obsessed with drawing because I wanted my

fantasies to come true. All of my drawing has led

me to creating a story and develop my own

characters that I think deserve to be known.


Page Layouts

For my Graphic novel, I have designed these layouts to help me

navigate where the characters are positioned and map out the

environments they are in.


These are just ruffs, so there would have been changes in the pages

compared to the layout planning. I have used black ink to draw the

layouts to make the images clear, but there are others that are done

in pencil.


These layout also help me think about the environment the

characters are in, because I have labelled each layout where

the characters are so I don't forget where the story takes place.


Thumbnail sketches

These are the thumbnail sketches of my starting and ending pages

for my Graphic novel. I did these thumbnail sketches to build a

planner for how my Graphic novel is going to look when it's

finished. I have added the colours so I know which colours to use

when developing the story.


When I was developing the story, all I could think about was the

viewing positions because I liked to experiment with the panel

scenes. I was practising on how each angel will look and how it will

effect the readers.

As I have done the thumbnail sketches, I added speech bubbles

into them because I wanted to know where they should be before I

get started with the Graphic novel. I wanted the thumbnail sketches

to tell me where speech bubbles will go.



Poster designs


These are all my characters I have

made for the graphic novel. I have

made some updates on the

characters such as character poses.

I have also done some Character

experimenting with their positions to

see which one fits better for them and

for their personality.

Earlier in the introduction, I mentioned that I used to

draw a lot. When I went to College, I had still did some

drawing, but it was the characters from my Graphic

novel. I had used to draw characters on paper so I

would remember what they look like in the future when

I start my career. Drawing is what I do to help me plan

out my future characters and stories.



Dasher/Lucas Wilson

Dasher is the hero of Blackpool who runs into

danger without a moment of hesitation. He is

also known as:

The blue angel

Blackpool's guardian

The blur of Blackpool

However, Lucas

Wilson (Dasher's

alter-ego) is a 14

year old high

school student who

acts like a dork and

a coward around

bullies. This gives

Lucas the perfect

cover to keep his

superhero alter-ego


These are my pencil

drawings of Lucas

Wilson/Dasher when I

went to Preston's

College. It is easy to tell

apart how much I have

progressed with my

drawing skills. Back

then, I only knew how

to do basic drawings.




Dasher - "Head Designs"

These are all of my head designs for Dasher's appearance. This was for me

to decide which head or face would look better for him. I picked Design 6

because I thought that it looked more arrow dynamic if Dasher was running

around Blackpool. My choice has been based on how arrow dynamics works

in the real world.

Design 1 Design 2 Design 3

Design 4 Design 5 Design 6


Dasher - "Suit Designs"

Dasher's suits

I have done some different suit designs to see which one looks better on

Dasher. I used my spear time to do these designs when ever I go out to town,

or when I'm working at home. Out of the 5 designs I've made, I picked design

1. Its one of the most familiar suits I am more close to recognizing for my



Extra suits

In addition, I wanted to have fun making

some suit designs that are different to the

original idea. The stealth suit is for when

Dasher is on a stealth mission, and the

hazmat suit is for protection against hygiene.

Stealth suit

The stealth suit was based on my research

due to the ability to blend into the darkness.

I wanted to give Dasher a suit that helps him

sneak into buildings or houses to gain

information on their super villains.

Hazmat purpose

The hazmat suit was made

because of the coronavirus

situation around the world. I

thought the hazmat suit would

make an excellent example of

how serious we should take the

situation. I also think the suit

should suit as a tribute to the



Suit Experimenting

I have traced over Dasher's Body to

create Lucas Wilson with out his suit on. I

have also did some experimenting with

him to see how he looks when he has his

suit on without his helmet, as well as the

other way round. I have been looking up

on other superheroes and their alter-egos

and saw that they sometimes do that

same method with their characters. That

was where I found the idea to experiment

with my character.

I have also been doing some thinking

while experimenting. It has me thinking

of another idea for another story which

I can do based of these experimental


E.G. Perhaps Lucas is put in a position

where his helmet is stuck to his head

and he can not get it off of him.



Ben Foster

This is Ben Foster, the assistant and best

friend of Lucas Wilson. He is there for the

Blue speeding hero and his voice to Lucas'

ear when ever he's needed to give advice.

He has a monitor that allows him to see

where Dasher is so Ben can come up with an

idea to solve whatever Dasher's problem is.

I have used two different software to

experiment with Ben, Sketch-app and Adobe

Photoshop. I have been practising how Ben

will look when he is in a comic book panel

image so I can us the same drawing method

onto my Graphic novel.



Julie Carter


Julie Carter will be the love interest for Lucas. She will be the damsel

in distress who is going to be saved by the blue speeding hero.

This was my character sketch of Julie

before I went to Uclan. Based on this, I

have picket the places on her where there

needed to be changes to be made for her

so she would look better.

After looking at her old design, I knew what

changes I needed to make. Her neck was

too long, her stomach is not cover up, and

her eye brows aren't visible enough. I have

also changed the colour of her jeans to see

how she would look.




When I first drawn Julie, I

didn't like the design of her

body. So I shortened her

height to fix her it. But

then, my lecturer took a

look at the design and told

me to raise her neck collar

and suggested to give her

some sleeves for her

arms. After redesigning

her, I though I should draw

redesign her again,

because I wanted her shirt

to symbolise what

Blackpool is like for it's





Fracture is the villain in the

graphic novel who is only

interested in riding the world and

humanity of their emotions. He

describes feelings as a disease, a

chemical which controls our

everyday lives. Fracture believes

that he is saving us from our

emotions because we are slaves

to our chemical imbalance.

Below are some crack designs I have

made as gateways to the other

dimension. These cracks will

commonly have a reflective surface

that reflects back light which ever way

it's facing.



Character build

I've went over to someone, a

student from Uclan University,

and showed my character

design of Dasher. This

student said that this is the

best design that I have

worked on. This student says

that I have learned to improve

on my character design by

researching other designs of

other cartoon characters. This was what motivated me to continue

doing this for my other characters in my graphic novel.


Because of the feedback I was given, I learned to continue with

that same cartoon style to design my other characters. Because

of this, I have found my own style of drawing and have grown

used to it.


Character Height and Scale

Based on their ages and body designs, I have scaled them to the

right height they are supposed to be in the Graphic novel. I have

added my scale models of my characters to show from the side

views their precise height. This has me learning which is easier to

learn which one of them is the oldest, by looking for the tallest



Sample Script

Everything I have done for my Graphic novel is all based from this comic

script. However, based on reading the script, there have been a few changes I

made to make the story better than before. I believed that the changes where

necessary for the story to gain readers attention.


Pages 17, 18 and 19 shows Fracture confronting Dasher, and has him in a

helpless situation. I thought these three pages would be good examples to

show what kind of characters Dasher and Fracture are.







There are some background environments I have done on paper,

but most of them are designed on adobe photoshop. I use

photoshop to draw over the top of my draw image and give it

colouring to make the image look clear.


This image I have done is the front of Blackpool based on, not only

how the amount of times I have visited the town, but also how I

remember seeing it in my mind.


Blackpool tower

Other Dimension



When I did the designs for the background environment, I wanted to

think about how I saw Blackpool in my eyes (Or how I wanted to

see Blackpool). So I have drawn these places that would help me

think about the town and have it look bright and colourful. Even at

night, I wanted Blackpool to be colourful at the restaurant when

Lucas and Julie are supposed to meet..


Version 1

Version 2


I have done two versions of my Blackpool drawings, but one of

them was almost right until I noticed something wrong. Version 2

has a rubbish bin drawn on because I wanted the alley way to

look just as uninteresting, but then I realised what my mistake

was. I had accidentally done an American style bin onto a drawn

British town.



Lucas Wilson is ready for

his date with his girlfriend,

Julie Carter. With the help

of his friend, Ben Foster,

nothing can go wrong. But

when the fabric of reality

literally starts breaking

apart, it is up to Dasher to

save everything he

loves and cares about

before its too late.

Meanwhile, Lucas must face

the ultimate question. Should

he tell Julie that he is Dasher,

or keep it secret to protect

her from harms way?

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