Land of the Ringneck


The land of the ringneck is a book in which you explore the land of a Britishbird

Land of the Ringneck


Stephanie Mensing

Look through the white fog at that object on the dark stubble near the fence, sad coloured

and dark, it seems just like a large clod of British earth ; but, lo ! a golden gleam bursts

through the cold haze, and as we clatter past on the iron-bound road, blowing our fingers

and huddled in our coat collars, we see the dark object turn, and raise to the winter sun the

glittering emerald neck, the burnished collar and jewelled breast of the most brilliant British

Birds, the lordy cock pheasant, strutting proudly, with his strong feet, inch long spurs, and

tapering tail, to find his varied breakfast. — Fur and Feathers Series, The Pheasant

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