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Well you seem very comfortable now. People want to know

how and when they can listen to your shows?

There is really no easy way to answer that because I don't have

a set schedule. I'm all pre-recorded so I try to have the

interview released the next day at the very latest. It goes out on

social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I do have a

business page for the Leo Affects on Facebook and my actual

Facebook itself is also the Leo Affects. It's sort of a double


When you're not Podcasting what do you do?

My day job I am a food service worker at the Veterans hospital

here in my hometown. I got out of active duty, the Air Force

after 14 years and my wife and I and my three kids moved

back home to my hometown of Bath.

There is a Veterans hospital here so I applied. They also have an extensive rehabilitation program there, so I get to

see people of all ages and veterans of all different types, so I pay it forward.

If you could have me ask you any question on the planet, what would it be?

I guess I would want you to ask what my overall goal is in all of this? Where do I see myself going?

Ok what is your goal and where do you see yourself in five years?

Well with any luck this voice acting hobby right now will actually become a career and I can branch out into film

acting as well. I am trying to branch out beyond podcasting into the entertainment industry in general.

How did you come up with the "Leo Affects?"

It's ridiculously stupid. It's funny to me and I guess that's all that really matters in a podcast. That's what they say.

As long as you are enjoying yourself. So, the real idea behind it is I was sitting on the couch and watching one of my

favorite shows called "LetterKenny." The gist of the show is it is about a bunch of hicks from Canada and they run

around the town of 5000 people doing nonsensical things. I am a Leo. I was born in August and I really embrace

that. So, I was talking to my wife who is really my driving force. She is the one who actually sent me to the

convention in North Carolina. She was following Will Wheaton and heard he was going to be in North Carolina so

she decided I was going. I really wanted to meet him so badly because not only is he an actor, but he also played

Dungeons & Dragons on The Big Bang Theory and also for those who created content for Dungeons & Dragons. So,

my wife sent me there and while I was there I met all these other voice actors that I idolized and never realized

they did those voices. That really poured gas on the fire and motivated me to really wanna do this. I wanted to call

the podcast something easy and that could be abbreviated and that people would grasp. I really liked the idea of

having the Leo in there. The original idea I had was to have it called the Leo Effects with an "E" implying that I'm

effecting someone. In “LetterKenny” they do a skit about how everybody that goes to Los Angeles neve pronounces

it the same again. Every time they come back, they always pronounce it differently. So, they do this whole long skit

about LA.....and it makes me laugh every single time I watch it. I die of laughter. That's what sealed me. I decided to

do "Leo Affects" with the letter "A" and the abbreviation for it would be LA.


The official website for The Leo Affects may be found at: https://theleoaffects.wixsite.com/podcast


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