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By Dave Borlase

Eye-watering debt and

social breakdown loom…

The good news? More

babies will survive.

Meanwhile, churches are

lumped in with leisure

centres in the postlockdown

pecking order

Britain faces a debt burden

that will be felt for at least a


The £300bn debt racked up

since the Covid-19 lockdown

dwarfs Britain’s £39bn Brexit

pay-off to the EU.

Economies are being shaken,

systems of government are

being shaken, our way of life

is being shaken.

The idea that God has allowed

or even sent this plague

upon us is anathema to many

churchgoers and church leaders.

Yet after last December’s

election, which saw the crushing

defeat of a potentially

anti-Semitic government that


would have blocked the people’s

vote to leave the EU, I

was hearing: “Unless you repent

you will likewise perish.”

Churches remained closed

from Mothering Sunday on 22

March through to Easter and

Pentecost. Their reopening

schedule was considered by

the government to be on a par

with opening leisure centres.

Unfortunately, our Church

nationally was in such a sorry

state that God could not find

a reason in the UK Church to

hold back his judgement.

If we believe this virus is

a judgement from God, and

God knows all things, we can

say by extension, that God has

shut every church building in

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The plague

nobody’s talking


Clifford Hill, p7


the future

Philip Wren, p2

The humbling

of Britain

Prophecies, p4

“If my people...”

Letters, p16

Bring back

Mission Praise!

Reviews, p14

Undeterred by not being allowed to advertise his open air meetings,

Salvation Army Major Iain Stewart and his wife Ann led hymns and prayer

in their church car park in Horsham, West Sussex on Sundays during

lockdown, before going to play hymns outside church members’ homes

2 HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020



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this nation for corporate worship.

This cannot be underestimated!

If we see this as a judgement

of God, it really should make us


This will no doubt be a great

time of sifting. Like every organisation,

the finances of churches

will be touched.

For many years, much of the

Church in the UK and the West

has been drifting into liberalism.

Sin and judgement have

been sidelined for acceptance

and “judge not”.

Whereas Rev Billy Graham

was welcomed over 60 years

ago when he first came to these

shores, and even our Queen

sought out a private audience

with him, his son, Franklin

Graham, was treated like a

hate preacher when he tried

to preach the Gospel in Britain

this summer.

To see sections of the Church

stand with the venues that cancelled

his meetings was very serious

indeed. Now both arenas

and churches are closed.

Is this the end of the Church

in the UK? Of course not. Many

continue online, perhaps preparing

as the remnant Church

for the days ahead.

We have not turned; we have

not even asked the question

Why might this judgement

have come to Britain? Over the

years, God has already brought

a certain amount of judgement;

it’s fallen on the beasts of the

field and has been seen in the

floods and several economic


Yet we have not turned; we

have not even asked the question.

This spring the nation has

gone to extreme measures to

save lives by imposing a nationwide

lockdown. The government

rightly talks about every death

being a tragedy. But where is the

compassion for the unborn, the

most vulnerable and helpless in

our society?

Every year, governments

across the world fund the killing

of 56 million babies, a similar

number to those who died in

World War Two.

When someone takes another

life, we rightly seek justice. So

when many of our young men

were killing each other on London

streets, we said, “This must

stop, because we saw the bloodshed.”

Yet what has been the recent

response to the ending of one

million lives every five years in

our nation? We sought to stop

people praying outside clinics

and have even forced abortion

on Northern Ireland.

However, God’s mercy can be

seen in this judgement. Globally,

many abortion clinics have been

closed during this pandemic.

Planned Parenthood announced

that 5,600 of their clinics across

64 countries have closed. Even

if they were only performing ten

abortions a day, that is 50,000 babies

saved from abortion every

day, massively eclipsing the

numbers dying as a result of this


More lives will be saved by

this virus than killed

Some reports state that up

to 49 million women and girls

across the globe may no longer

have access to family planning

services (which would include

access to abortion). Thus, ironically,

more lives will be saved by

this virus than killed.

But the British government

suddenly allowed women to take

abortion pills at home, despite

Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s

denial of these plans on

24 March.

And already, the newspapers

have reported women suffering

after aborting babies at home

when they were past the legal

limit. One baby was seven

months old, four weeks past the


May these revelations awaken

people to the horror of abortion.

It seems God is also using the

schools’ closure; there will be

less time for the planned rollout

of the deeply disturbing new Relationships

and Sex Education

lessons in England this September.

May parents pay much closer

attention to what their children

are being taught.

And despite reports of increased

domestic abuse, God

has used this time to strengthen

the family, with fewer opportunities

for parents or teens to stray.

After King George VI called a national prayer day on 26 May 1940,

338,000 men were ferried across a calm Channel

Evacuated troops on a

destroyer about to berth

at Dover, 31 May 1940

May affairs be ended, troubled

marriages be restored and

many more seek the deeper and

more stable relationship found

in marriage.

And 80 years after our nation

flocked to pray for our soldiers

stranded at Dunkirk, let us pray

that the nation returns to her

God-fearing heritage.

Dave Borlase is

director of Intercessors

for Britain.

For regular updates

write to IFB

Office, 14 Orchard

Road, Moreton,

Wirral, Merseyside,

CH46 8TS. Email


News in brief

Brexit: UK-EU trade talks

are continuing; the deadline

to agree an extension to the

Brexit transition period is the

end of June. Dave Borlase says:

“The EU will no doubt use this

virus to try to push back the

end of year deadline. Pray for

determination to see it through,

and to find God’s Brexit, his

best outcome for Britain.”

Church closures “unlawful

and unnecessary”: The day after

the Christian Legal Centre

sent a letter signed by national

leaders that threatened a judicial

review against the government’s

decision to keep churches

shut, places of worship were

allowed to open for private

prayer from 15 June. The letter

had referred to Magna Carta’s

promise of a free Church.

Behavioural psychology in

government: The Independent

reported in April that the “dominant

voices” advising the government’s

Scientific Advisory Group

for Emergencies (SAGE) are

“mathematical modellers and behavioural

scientists”, rather than

doctors and medical officers.

Concerns have been raised

over a SAGE group advocating

using the media to “increase [the]

sense of personal threat” from

coronavirus. A document from

the SPI-B sub-group, published

on the government website and

dated 22 March, stated: “the perceived

level of personal threat

needs to be increased amongst

those who are complacent,

using hard-hitting emotional




To see local Christians unified

and strengthened, sharing

information and building trust

across churches by providing a

meeting place, a marketplace

and forum for the local Christian


To inform and stimulate

concern about local and national

issues relevant to our society

Founding editor: Melanie Symonds



Covid-19’s legacy will prove terminal for

the current world system, says Philip Wren

Maybe the economy will bounce

back as the government hopes.

Maybe tax revenues will quickly

recover, allowing debts to be repaid.

Maybe, but due to the lateness

of the hour on God’s prophetic

timescale, it is unlikely.

Nations will be left heavily

in debt

The timing of this crisis, as we

draw near to the end of this age,

points to another outcome. For

the current world system, symbolised

in the Bible by the name

Babylon, it will prove terminal.

This coronavirus pandemic

will to some extent pass, but its

legacy will last.

Nations will be left heavily in

debt, with weakened economies

and reduced tax revenue. Global

institutions such as the International

Monetary Fund will be

looked upon to bail the nations

out, but this will come at a heavy


Population reduction

Since the 1970s, when books

such as Paul Ehrlich’s, ‘The Population

Bomb’ were published,

population reduction has been

one of the primary goals of those

who control such institutions.

By listening carefully, we find

that it is still on the agenda, especially

for poorer countries.

Therefore we can expect to see

governments giving in to pressure

for easier abortions, euthanasia,

childless same-sex relationships

and other measures to

cull the population.

In many countries, a shortage

of money will mean rationing of

medical treatment.

Presented as a necessary response

to the crisis, the DIY

abortions brought in by the UK,

Germany and a growing number

of other countries are unlikely to

be repealed.

The politician’s nightmare

How are governments going to

be able to meet the insatiable demand

for healthcare, schools, policing

and social services, when

swamped by high unemployment

and poverty? There are limits

on the amount of revenue that

higher taxes can raise. Another

round of even more stringent

austerity will not be deemed

acceptable. Before the pandemic,

the UK government had

just announced an easing of

the spending rules. It will not

be long before even the global

institutions run out of money to


The fall of Babylon

The Bible foresees that at the

end of the age there will be a

group of ten nations which will

be instrumental in the final

overthrow and destruction of

Babylon in Revelation 17:16-17.

These nations exist today

and are united by their common

hatred of the present world

system. They will, like wolves

singling out the injured prey,

see the weakness of the Western

world and pounce for the kill.

These nations will step into

the gap the global institutions

can no longer fill. They will not

charge interest on their loans.

Instead, their lending will be

secured against national assets.

When the impoverished

nations can no longer pay

back the loans, the assets

will transfer to the lender.

By stripping the assets of the

nations, the ten kingdoms will

grow even richer.

God has warned us in

advance that he will cause

the destruction of Babylon. In

weakening the nations of this

world, Covid-19 is paving the

way toward that

final judgement.

Philip Wren

writes a quarterly

bulletin, Trumpet

Sounds, which

is sent free to all

who request it

either by post or

email. To receive

a copy either phone 01444 811253

or email contact@trumpetsounds.


A longer version of this article,

incorporating a biblical view of

judgement, will be on the HEART




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August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 3

Locked down but not locked out

Shetlanders threw

their nets wider

Thousands dial

up hymns

Zoom meetings may have palled for

some after ten weeks of isolation (you

can’t greet a screen with a holy kiss), but

they did save travel time and expense

When God closes a church

door, he opens a browser

window, it seems.

Lockdown meant that the far

north of the British Isles and

Norway received extra prayer

when the fifth ORCAS (Orkney,

Caithness and Shetland) conference

played virtual host to

Norwegians Astrid Nærbø and

Jon Steinar, who leads a prayer


Thanks to Zoom, Alistair Barton

of Pray for Scotland could

also be in the prayer room.

Spurred on by the early

Church, which was based

on geographic areas rather

than denomination, OR-

CAS’s mission is “to see

a beautiful, empowered

Bride of Christ transforming

the north and beyond”.

Pastor John Clancy

of Life Church, Orkney,

Speakers at the online ORCAS

2020 conference. Top row, left

to right: Andrew Harmsworth

(Shetland), Pastor John

Clancy (Orkney), Alistair

Barton (Broxburn, central

Scotland). Second row: Astrid

Nærbø (Norway), Jon Steinar

(Norway), Jennifer Gordon

(Caithness). Third row: Moira

Scott (Orkney)

Jennifer Gordon, Caithness

A free dial-a-hymn

hotline received more

than 106,000 calls in just

over four weeks.

Daily Hope offers well-known

hymns, prayers and worship

services from the Church of

England. Launched in April by

Surrey mother Pippa Cramer

and backed by the Archbishop of

Canterbury, the 24/7 phone line

is aimed at older people who

aren’t online.

Pippa, 51, said: “My prayer

has been that thousands would

come to hear the good news of

Jesus, and experience his love

amid the uncertainty and the

fear at this time.”

The initiative grew out of Pippa’s

Connections group at Holy

Trinity Claygate, Surrey, one of

the UK’s largest weekly gatherings

for seniors.

“An extraordinary

opportunity to share God’s

comfort and hope”

Archbishop Welby commented:

“It’s important that we support

those who are feeling lonely

and isolated, whatever age

they are.”

The phone line’s success has

been covered by national media,

including The Guardian and

ITV News.

To listen to Daily Hope, dial

0800 804 8044.

Astrid Nærbø,


Alistair Barton, director of

Pray for Scotland

spoke on, ‘When

the gathered are

scattered’, looking

at what the

three phases of response,


and reconstruction could look

like for the Church during and

after Covid-19 (this had garnered

over 1,000 views at the

time of writing).

Andrew Harmsworth from

Shetland, a member of the OR-

CAS steering group, says, “Surely

the Church does not want to

go back to where we were

before the current crisis?”

He quotes seventh

century evangelist

St Cuthbert:

“In these days of

darkness what

we need is a fire

from the north”.

The group is

also inspired

Pastor John Clancy, Orkney

by evangelist Jean Darnall’s

1967 prophetic vision of God’s

fire sweeping from the north,

through the UK and across into

continental Europe.

The recorded event is at:


“If my people...”

– by Andrew

Harmsworth –

see letters page

Moira Scott,


Good connections: The Archbishop of Canterbury with

Daily Hope founder Pippa Cramer

Good news in brief

BIBLES FLYING OFF THE SHELVES: The Bible has experienced a

dramatic surge in sales as readers search for hope amid the pandemic.

One US publisher had a 62 per cent increase in April compared to last year.

SPIKE IN ONLINE CONVERSIONS: The number of people seeking

online information about knowing Jesus has increased since the

Covid-19 outbreak, according to three of the largest online evangelism

ministries (Global Media Outreach, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

and Campus Crusade for Christ). Meanwhile, one in four UK adults have

tuned in to online services, and one in 20 have started praying.

MEDICAL STAFF PRAYING TOGETHER: A Christian doctor working

in intensive care told Christian Medical Fellowship, “[I’m seeing] huge

openness from [my] colleagues. Several are praying with us at 7pm

having never prayed in their life before.”


a survey of over 1,000 Christians 86 per cent said that their marriage

relationship or relationship with their partner had improved, and that there

had been fewer arguments and “less irritation”.

4 HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020

“Three years of great humbling

will come upon this nation...”

In the days before the prophet Samuel, we are told, “The Word of the Lord

was rare in those days; there was no widespread revelation” (1 Samuel 3:1).

That is not the case today! We offer these recent prophecies from British

leaders to encourage prayer and to provide a catalyst to study what the

Bible teaches. All prophetic messages should be carefully checked in the

light of Scripture.

These messages are shortened; see below for how to order the full versions

“A global scourge of sickness”

This message was given by Bible teacher David Noakes

on 30 March and published in Prophecy Today UK.

(Another of his messages is published in the Prophecy

Today section of this paper). Having carefully ‘weighed’ it

(considered it prayerfully), groups have been using it for

prayer guidance. David is a guest speaker at the Bicton

Bible Week, from 8-14 August dv

“My people are hardened …

by the continual beating down

of the heat of deception... Yet I

have a remnant who grieve over

the state of the world…

“I have sent fire and floods,

earthquakes and famines in

many places, but who has

wanted to know the reason?

Men, even the leaders of my

people, believe the lie that these

so-called natural disasters are

caused by the actions of men and

can be resolved by the skilled

remedies of men.

“Therefore I have released

a curse, a global scourge of


“I will wreck her economy”

sickness for which men have

no remedy… in the hope that in

their despair, men will turn to me

for deliverance and salvation…

“Everywhere I see violence,

corruption and greed, and the

shedding of innocent blood –

millions of unborn children who

are the work of my hands and for

whose lives I had a purpose on

this earth…

“Beloved, do not be deceived…

In my love and concern I am

shouting a global warning

before the final judgments

of irretrievable disaster, the

outpouring of my pent-up anger,

The late Bible teacher Lance Lambert

received a sobering message for Great

Britain on 6 August 2011, previously

published in Prophecy Today UK:

“A Laodicean Church, neither hot nor

cold, rumbles on like machinery. It

is a Church where I am outside of its routine; its

organisation and its methodology. It is Christianity

without me!

“I will wreck [Britain’s] economy, destabilise her

in every way. I will change her climate, even her

weather... Stand before me and plead the finished

work of my Son.”

He had previously received a warning in 1998 for

the nations over their treatment of Israel:

“Now, I will become their enemy, says the Lord, and

I will judge them with natural disasters, by physical

catastrophes, by fire, by flood, by earthquakes,

and by eruptions… I will smash their prosperous

economies, says the Lord…

“They sit like potentates, so safe, so secure,

believing in their own cleverness and wisdom and

power, but I, the Lord, will cause them to stumble…

“All those storms and troubles will come upon

both the redeemed and the unredeemed… Do not

fear, but trust in me, for I will be your strength…

“Beware of uncommanded work that you may not

uncover yourselves and become casualties. For all

that which I command you to do, there is grace and

power and wisdom and you will be fully covered…”

David Noakes

for then it will be too late….[I

will do] all that is prophesied in

my Word.

“Before that day, I desire

to purify and equip you, my

remnant people, to declare my

love, the Gospel of my Son’s

sacrifice sealed in his own blood,

to those who are destined for the

awfulness of my wrath.

“Who will respond to my call

to declare the truth, for this is a

day of decision?”

“Great turmoil”

One of HEART’s partner

pastors, Rev Mark Weeden,

“by chance” came across

this message of Pastor Colin

Urquhart given on 12 June 1992

and believes it is relevant now.

Pastor Colin spoke of “a time of great travail

and turmoil on the earth… Men do not

understand how this will happen, nor the

swiftness with which it will take place.”

“Something is about to be


Pastor Clive Urquhart of

Kingdom Faith Church,

Horsham, spoke on 10 May

of something “about to be

released”, which would be

of a similar magnitude to the

days of Noah:

“The world will continue to go about

its business, not realising… that things

are about to be flooded by who I AM...

I’m dealing with consumerism and

entertainment in the Church, the add-ons

that make a church busy but not fruitful.

I’m getting my Church back to the Great


The humbling of

greAT briTAin

Readers may recall the astonishing account of

HEART Partner Pastor Chris Wickland’s death and

return to life in our Feb/Mar issue.

The day before, on 28 November 2019, Pastor Chris, of

Living Word Church Network, had received this prophecy.

After recovering from the near-fatal cardiac arrest, he

finally published it on 10 April, writing on Facebook: “I

knew when I received this word the enemy was angry.

The plan of the enemy is to shut every church down. No

more prayer, no warfare of praise, no glory to God.”

“I will have the people in this

land in derision…

“Sadly, my own Church has

failed to see how impoverished

and how weakened she has

become… Yet I will do great

things with… this small remnant

of a Church that is left…

“I am going to bring

punishment to this nation – a

time of humbling… to chastise

her, that she may repent of her

wicked ways and turn back to


“This will be a short

punishment but

a deep chastisement”

“You will have a grace and a

favour upon you which many

other nations will not be given...

and I will pour out My Spirit.

And I will bring revival… It

will be uncontainable... and the

world will hate it because it

will be… so powerful that they

cannot ignore it…

“It will polarise people … And

many powerful men and women

who vehemently hate my name,

will come to know me and love

my name... I will make those who

passed those wicked laws be the

ones that undo them...

“You need to be spending

these hours – because it is only

hours… in prayer… in the Word,

learning from me… because

Pastors Chris and Tracey


there are many bridesmaids out

there who do not have enough

oil in their lamp... No-one can

part-exchange their life of

intimacy with me to those that

have no intimacy with me…

“This will be a short punishment

but it will be a deep chastisement

to this nation…

“[The Church has] apostatised…

and allowed the doctrines

of men to infiltrate the

teachings of the Church…

“Be encouraged and get ready...

for a period of three years a time

of great humbling will come

upon this nation, and it will be…

a very difficult three years.

“But then things will turn, and

you will go from winter to spring,

to summer, and into harvest


n Full versions of these prophecies and longer versions of other

articles in this paper are available on HEART’s website. If you

do not have internet access, please send cheque for £4.50 p&p

payable to HEART Publications, 24 Grafton Road, Worthing, BN11

1QP or phone 01903 209383 to pay by card and have them sent.

There is no charge for existing postal subscribers and Friends of

HEART, but a sae would help!

The ‘Mother Barbara’ prophecy and others which foretold

life in the late 20th and early 21st century, together with

helpful prayers for the nation by Pastor John of Strengthen

the Faithful, can also be ordered from the HEART office.

August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 5



Pro-abortion lobby has “privileged access”

to heart of government

A recent legal challenge over

‘DIY’ abortions carried out by

women at home has revealed

that the Department of Health

works hand-in-glove with

pro-abortion campaigners.

Christian Concern

reports that its request

that the High

Court would review

the government’s

decision to allow ‘at

home’ abortions has

been denied. The organisation

was pursuing

the case because

it believes that DIY

abortions, where a

woman takes pills to

kill her developing

baby, are “nowhere

near as safe” as abortionists


‘At home’ abortions had been

allowed during the Covid-19

lockdown because the government

saw them as a vital part of

healthcare, even though many

other potentially life-saving consultations

had been cancelled.

“If pro-abortion lobbyists

want something to happen,

they can contact their

insiders and get it done”

However, the process has

shown how civil servants are

puppets of the abortion industry.

“The public should

be appalled,” says

Andrea Willliams,

CEO of Christian


Christian Concern’s chief executive

Andrea Williams says:

“The evidence in the case has

begun to expose how the abortion

industry has captured the

Department of Health. The case

has already exposed

that if pro-abortion

lobbyists want something

to happen, they

can contact their

insiders and get it


“One key civil

servant in the case

worked simultaneously

for Public

Health England and

abortion provider

Marie Stopes UK!

These aren’t clinical

experts simply advising

on best practice.

They’re campaigners like BPAS

executive Ann Furedi, who calls

for abortion at any stage, for any


“We want to appeal this case,

but we need to do much more

than that – we need to continue

to expose the abortion industry’s

privileged access to the

heart of government and the

untold damage caused to women

and babies because of their


She added: “The general public

should be appalled that the

Civil Service has been hijacked

by the abortion industry and

ministers have become powerless

in the face of it.”

Christians win battle with council

over sex ed





NATIONAL NEWS by Andrew Halloway



The School Gate Campaign

is urging parents to lobby

their children’s school for

proper consultation on the

new Relationships and Sex

Education (RSE) curriculum

planned for the autumn


Christian mother Susan

Mason, who leads the campaign

group, says schools

might overlook parents’

rights on RSE while staff

concentrate on their plans to

re-open after the lockdown:

“It is imperative that parents

take the initiative and

ask when policy consultation

will occur at their school, in

preparation for the RSE curriculum

being put together.”

Topics to be taught in

the revised curriculum


shocked Christian

and Muslim

parents, leading

to the daily


A council has dropped its controversial

school sex education curriculum after a

Christian pressure group intervened.

The Christian Post reports that Warwickshire

County Council’s RSE course

included teaching on masturbation, pornography

and transgender ideology, but

was withdrawn after parents objected

and the Christian Institute threatened legal


The Christian Institute said the sexually

explicit All About Me curriculum

“made no reference to marriage, contrary

to national requirements”, taught that

there are multiple genders and encouraged

schools to allow students to use toilets

of the opposite sex.

All About Me also advised schools not

to inform parents if their children shared

overnight accommodation with pupils of

the opposite sex, and even to conceal a

child’s transgender status from their own

parents – which contravenes the 1998 Human

Rights Act, according to the Christian


A parent also told Birmingham Live

that an accompanying website claimed

that pornography is fine and there is no

such thing as porn addiction.

Social media giants have been criticised for allowing

prostitution adverts that may encourage

sex trafficking.

Escort England, Escort Scotland, Adultwork and

Viva Street have run adverts for sexual services on

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and The Sunday

Times alleges that these websites use women who

are forced into prostitution.

The three social media giants claim to ban explicit

content on their platforms, but anti-trafficking

campaigners say prostitution websites get

round the restrictions.

Bronagh Andrew of Trafficking Awareness Raising

Alliance says: “Women who are trafficked for

Continued on page 6

Schools will soon be teaching liberal sex ed classes

by Muslim parents outside

a school in Birmingham.

Ms Mason added: “Even

though the law requires

that each school consults

with parents on RSE policy,

and samples of materials

should be made available

for inspection, the Department

for Education is insisting

that RSE still has its

first lessons in September

this year.”

Parents concerned at the

lack of moral framework in

RSE, which will be compulsory

even in primary

schools, can get guidance

at rse-get-it-right.org.uk – a

website set up by The Values

Foundation advocacy


Tel. 0208 855 8027




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9.30am to 5.30pm

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prostitution don’t see themselves

as being involved in the

sex industry. They see themselves

as being raped on a daily


After The Sunday Times’

revelations, Facebook and Instagram

suspended Adultwork

and Viva Street’s accounts, and

Twitter suspended Escort Scotland’s

account, but anti-trafficking

groups say more rigorous restrictions

are needed.

Visits to porn sites had reportedly

rocketed during the lockdown.

Bible teacher

David Pawson


David Pawson: 1930-2020

It was only in our last issue that

HEART celebrated the ministry

of David Pawson on his 90th

birthday, but he ‘ascended’ to

be with his Lord and Saviour

on Ascension Day, 21 May.

After a long battle with bone

cancer and a form of Parkinson’s

disease, Rev Pawson

passed away peacefully, without

pain, at the nursing home

where he had spent the last few


His website states: “David

has left a huge legacy with

many thousands finding the

Lord through his ministry. He

leaves us with a wealth of biblical

recorded wisdom… He was

an advocate that the solution to

every situation can be found by

reading the Scriptures.”

Dr David Landrum, director

of advocacy at Evangelical Alliance,

wrote on Twitter: “What

an extraordinary Bible teacher.

He had a huge impact on me

when I was saved 29 years ago.

Eternally grateful.”

Robin Lane of Christian

Friends of Israel UK shared

an anecdote from a preaching

seminar that David led in 2010,

aged 80: “He... completed the

day by preaching an evangelistic

sermon. His passion for

preaching was still so strong

that when he finished the sermon

his audience rose spontaneously

to give him a standing

ovation. It was a very special


PRAYER POINTS in a time of “plague”


These Israeli families were filmed saying “Thank you” for money

that paid for food during the lockdown.

Most are Messianic or Arab believers, according to the Tel Aviv-based

Maoz ministry that handed out donations. “Some were not believers

but came to faith as a result of receiving the funds, and in one case

we helped an elderly Arab believer from being evicted by helping to

pay a debt,” says Brian Greenaway, Maoz’s UK spokesman.

Economy “devastated”

With tourism not restarting until

at least July, the threat to Israel’s

economy has been “devastating,”

according to Dr Mike

Evans of the Jerusalem Prayer


Cyber winter?

Israel’s national cyber chief,

Yigal Unna, officially acknowledged

on 28 May that the country

had thwarted a major cyber

attack against its water systems

in April, an assault widely attributed

to arch-enemy Iran,

calling it a “synchronised and

Renowned apologist Ravi Zacharias

died on 19 May from a rare

form of bone cancer, aged 74.

US Vice President Mike Pence,

who attended his memorial service

in Georgia on 29 May, said:

“He was the CS Lewis of our day.

Crisscrossed the globe to every

Mars Hill he could find to answer

sceptics, move obstacles of

unbelief, armed with intellect,

girded with truth and love.”

Passion City Church Pastor

Perhaps our other pages have already provoked prayer, but

here are more points for your thanksgiving and petitions

organised attack” aimed at

disrupting key national infrastructure.

He warned that “cyber

winter is coming”. (Source:

United with Israel)

Demand for New


Christian Witness to Israel (CWI)

reports an increased demand for

New Testaments among Jewish

people. In Israel, a young man

named Aviad, the son of a wellknown

rabbi, told CWI that he

had come to the conclusion that

the Messianic prophecies were

indeed fulfilled in Jesus.


Louie Giglio called Zacharias a

“gentle giant” and a “rare treasure”,

adding: “He never sought

to win an argument, he always

sought to win a person.”

Born in India in 1946, Zacharias

became a Christian aged 17

while recovering from a suicide

attempt. He founded Ravi Zacharias

International Ministries in

1984, with the mission of “helping

the thinker believe and the

believer think”.

Ravi Zacharias, 1946-2020, and his wife Margie, who survives him


Timely end of lockdown

Evangelist David Hathaway

says: “Pray for the restoration

of our nation and that we can

come out of lockdown more

speedily. I am of the opinion

that the lockdown was too

drastic, created by man without

God! So the responsibility

is on us, believers, to pray our

way out, to pray for the restoration

of health and the national


Pray that politicians will heed

wise counsel; former chancellor

Lord Lamont says that social

distancing at 2 metres makes

“large parts of manufacturing,

the hospitality industry and

public transport unviable”.

It seems that a business that

is “Covid secure” may not be financially


“Social distancing on a

semi-permanent basis is a delusion,”

said Lord Lamont.

Just as God used the Babylonian

empire to judge Judah,

but later judged Babylon for

going too far in its cruelty (Jeremiah

50:14-15, Zechariah 1:15),

pray that the enemy will not

take what God is doing further

than God intends by causing

restrictions to last longer than




A time of “sifting”

“God is sifting his people, removing

the egos, the personal

agendas. Despise nothing; be

only concerned that you are

in God’s designated place for

you.” From the Dorset prayer

group of HEART subscriber Diane




Worldwide figures indicate a

resurgence in people engaging

with religion. Google searches

for the words ‘prayer’ and

‘Christianity’ are surging; five

million people tuned in to hear

the Archbishop of Canterbury’s

Mothering Sunday service.

An end to division

and fear

“God is using the virus to reveal

the spirits of fear and

manipulation across society,”

says prayer group leader

Diane Golder. “The virus is not

as destructive as the Spanish

flu of 100 years ago. Indeed, the

panic is worse than the virus!”


One in four workers currently

furloughed might end up unemployed

by the end of summer.

More women than men are

thought likely to lose their

jobs; if this is part of God’s

pruning to allow women more

time with their families, pray

that single mothers and fathers

will be able to provide for their


Families and


It was already estimated before

the lockdown that one in four

children will have witnessed

domestic abuse; since then,

domestic abuse helplines report

being overwhelmed, while

many church-run initiatives

were shut down.

Concerning trends

“Sermons and Sunday school

classes are forced online –

which means every one of our

words are being saved and

stored in the government’s huge

new data centre in Utah, which

is OK as long as we have a government

that accepts Christianity,”

warned Rev Danny Jones

of Northlake Baptist Church,

Georgia, in his 20 April sermon

which was viewed nearly two

million times.

He also warned that digital

currency will enable the flow of

money around the world to be

“monitored and controlled”.

This sermon detailed the players and

politics behind the declaration of a global

pandemic. Please contact the HEART office

if you would like his sermon notes


United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned

that the world is facing extreme crisis due to the coronavirus

[ie lockdown]: “Hunger and famine of historic proportions, 60

million more people pushed into extreme poverty, up to half the

global workforce, 1.6 billion people, without livelihoods...” (Fox

News, 29 May).

Rev Mark Weeden of King’s Church, Arundel, says: “Pray for

desperate people worldwide to have food and basic necessities.

The UK’s concept of ‘austerity’ pales beside real global poverty.”

This is a shortened version of our prayer points; for a fuller, less

“sanitised” version, please send sae to the HEART office

August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 7


Prophetic insight into today’s world



Surely God must have some extraordinary

purpose in allowing TWO plagues to hit the

world at the same time

So how are we to interpret

what is happening today? We

have not just one plague but

two, simultaneously hitting the

nations. Surely God must have

some extraordinary purpose in

allowing TWO plagues to hit the

world at the same time.

Calling for repentance

The prophet Joel has more to

say about locusts than any

other prophet in the Bible.

He describes an invasion

of locusts which sounds

like an eyewitness account:

“What the

locust swarm

great locusts have eaten; what

the great locusts have left, the

young locusts have eaten; what

the young locusts have left, other

locusts have eaten” (Joel 1:4).

Joel uses this to warn of an invasion

by enemies of Israel who

will devastate the land: “Before

them the land is like the garden

of Eden, behind them, a desert

waste – nothing escapes them”

(Joel 2:3).

He uses this threat of invasion

to call for repentance: “Rend

your heart, and not your garments.

Return to the Lord your

God, for he is gracious and compassionate,

slow to anger

has left the Continued on page 10

Is this what is to come? The UN’s forecast for May to July 2020 shows locusts

sweeping across part of Africa, the Middle East and on to Asia


Locusts are devastating desperately needed crops following

years of poor harvests and famine


Our daily news is so filled with

the coronavirus pandemic that

we are failing to notice another

plague that is developing at an

alarming rate.

It is a plague of locusts of biblical

proportions that is already

covering a huge swathe of territory

across the Middle East and the

Horn of Africa, and even spreading

eastward as far as Pakistan.

It threatens to bring famine and

starvation to millions of people

if it is not controlled within the

next few weeks.

Heavy rains fell across the

whole of East Africa and the

Middle East (including Israel) in

April, which is the time of year

when the young locusts generate.

The forecast is bleak, as millions

of hoppers with their voracious

appetite are expected to devastate

areas where they have already

settled. Soon the locusts

will be flying in immense swarms,

hundreds of miles wide, and are

expected to sweep across vast

areas of Africa and the Middle

East, extending east into Asia.

Immense damage

The plague of locusts has already

done immense damage in

Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya and

across into Uganda and South

Sudan, devastating desperately

needed crops following years of

poor harvests and famine.

What is forecast to be the

greatest plague of locusts ever

seen began in a desert area

around the Gulf of Oman in 2018,

when exceptional storms swept

the area; these generated a voracious

breed of desert locusts that

swarmed on both sides of the

Gulf, with Iran on one side and

Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia

on the other side.

Even a small swarm of a

third of a square mile can

eat as much food as 35,000

people would in a single day

The work of controlling the

spread of the locusts through

insecticides and aerial spraying

was hampered during April because

of lockdowns caused by

the coronavirus pandemic. The

two plagues are now jointly affecting

vast areas of Africa and

the Middle East.

Even a small swarm of a third

of a square mile can eat as much

food as 35,000 people would in

a single day. Existing swarms

are already laying eggs that will

hatch to generate the next invasion,

expected in the summer.

In the Bible God uses plagues

and famines to send strong

messages to people

Extraordinary timing

It is an extraordinary time for

a plague of locusts, with the attendant

possibility of worldwide

famine, to hit the world – just

when the coronavirus pandemic

is hitting all nations!

In the Bible God uses plagues

and famines to send strong messages

to people. He used plagues

to send messages to Egypt to let

the people of Israel go from slavery,

and there are many more

examples. Jeremiah says that

the sword, famine, and plagues

are God’s instruments of sending

warnings or judgement and they

are usually accompanied by calls

for repentance.

Send an sae to Issachar

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8 HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020


San Remo trumps all subsequent Middle East peace efforts

With the Covid-19 pandemic

in danger of blinding us

to every other significant

development in the world,

we have been jolted back to

reality by another crisis that

has lingered unresolved for


The Middle East conflict has

continued unabated amidst a

global plague that has struck

fear among Israelis and Arabs

alike, with Jews even getting

blamed for it by some of their


Here in Britain, more than 130

British politicians have called

for Israel to be sanctioned if

they go ahead with proposals

to annex Jewish settlements

in Judea and Samaria – the socalled

West Bank – that is presently

under Palestinian Authority


The problem is that Western

governments have for decades

followed the mantra of a ‘twostate

solution’ which would see

an Arab nation living peacefully

alongside the Jews. But this

plan, based on the assumption

that Israel is illegally occupying

the disputed land, is completely


The idea that ‘Palestinians’

were entitled to this land has

evolved over several decades

from an anti-Semitic propaganda

campaign aimed at delegitimising

the modern Jewish state,

now 72 years old.

Jewish connection to the

land goes back over 3,000


After a series of wars designed

to destroy Israel failed

to achieve that purpose, Yasser

Arafat and others came up with

the idea of resorting to lies and

make-believe to try to convince

the world that the Jews had stolen

their land.

This treaty still stands in

international law

In truth, Jewish connection

to the land goes back over 3,000

years, which was among the key

reasons that world leaders got

together at San Remo in 1920 to

ensure they did the right thing

by the Jewish people, to whom

they granted all of what was then

called ‘Palestine’ from the Mediterranean

to the River Jordan.

This treaty still stands in international

law and Israel has a

perfect right to all of Judea, Samaria,

East Jerusalem and Gaza

– none of which belongs to the


It is only because the majority

of Israelis desperately desire

peace that they are repeatedly

prepared to compromise by

giving up land that is rightfully

theirs. Sadly there is clear evidence

that Mahmoud Abbas,

Arafat’s successor, will never be

happy with any ‘peace plan’ that

involves recognition of Israel.

Meanwhile President Trump

has drafted his ‘Deal of the Century’

– yet he has not included

San Remo in his equation. Is

this because it had been long

forgotten in British government


by Charles Gardner

Shechem (now known as Nablus) in Samaria, is in the Bible and is home to Jacob’s Well and Joseph’s

Tomb, yet its ownership is disputed today. In fact, the mountains of Samaria represent the heart of

the land promised to the Jews – both by God himself and the San Remo treaty

British Prime Minister Lloyd

George fronts the assembled

international leaders at the

San Remo conference, Italy,

in 1920

In fact, San Remo – signed a

century ago – trumps all subsequent

peace plans, and if it had

been adhered to throughout

the 1920s, 30s and 40s, the Israeli-Palestinian

conflict might

not have been given sufficient

breath to ignite.

For it was never meant to

come to this, with bits of ‘Palestinian’

territory here and there

while politicians are forced to

spar over rights to build. Yes,

there was Arab opposition 100

Charles Gardner

years ago, but an attempt to

solve this problem was made

by Winston Churchill when, in

1922, he effected what I would

call the original ‘two-state solution’

by handing over a swathe

of land to one of Britain’s wartime

Arab allies. Although some

had hoped the Jews could have

the entire territory, Churchill’s

aim, as set out in a previous

issue of this paper (Feb/

Mar 2020), was to fulfil wartime

promises made to the Arabs and

to create a buffer state between

the Jews and their neighbours,

who were already sending over

raiding parties.

This land became known as

Trans-Jordan (now simply Jordan).

It was no doubt well intended,

for Churchill was always a

friend of Israel, but the Arabs

were still not happy, which is

why the United Nations offered

a ‘Partition Plan’ in 1947, dividing

and reducing Israeli territory

in clear breach both of God’s

Word and the San Remo Treaty,

also seen as Israel’s ‘earthly

deed’ to the land.

And yet even this generous

offer was rejected by the Arabs,

who subsequently went to war

against the new Jewish state,

during which conflict Jordan illegally

annexed Judea, Samaria

and East Jerusalem.

But when Israel’s enemies

eventually realised that the

Jewish state could not be defeated

by military means, a propaganda

war was launched for the

purpose of creating a non-existent

‘Palestinian’ people and

state. The rest is history – much

of it re-written, airbrushed or

even invented.

Jordan’s annexation of much

of Israel’s biblical heartland

(which was renamed ‘the West

Bank’) was recognised by only

two countries in the world – Pakistan

and (shamefully) Britain

– whereas Israel’s proposed annexation

only of parts of these

territories elicits a cacophony of

abuse from many quarters.

Those who divide the land of

God’s “treasured possession”

(Psalm 135:4) will reap the judgment

of the Lord. (Joel 3:2)

Background to San Remo

Read more about the historic 1920

San Remo treaty in a limited edition

book released to mark this April’s

centenary. ‘Pathway to Peace’ is just

£5; order from sanremo@LNF.org.uk

‘Restoring Churchill’s reputation’ is

an article on his role in the events

leading up to San Remo. It can be

read in the Feb/Mar 2020 issue of this

paper; order by calling 01903 209383

More articles by Charles Gardner on the

San Remo treaty, ‘The Miracle of Dunkirk’

and sharp comment on recent events can

be found at www.heartpublications.co.uk

and www.prophecytoday.uk. Charles is

also a regular contributor to Israel Today

at www.israeltoday.co.il and Prophecy

Today at www.prophecytoday.uk

His new book, ‘King of the Jews’, is

now available from Christian Publications

International. He is also author of ‘A

Nation Reborn’ (CPI), ‘Israel the Chosen’

(Amazon) and ‘Peace in Jerusalem’

(olivepresspublisher.com) – all available

from Amazon.

‘King of the Jews’ is reviewed in this

paper and can be bought from www.


August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 9



A top police official in Ukraine has

sparked outrage by demanding a ‘list of

Jews’ in the western city of Kolomyia.

The demand for a list of the names,

addresses and phone numbers of local

Jews was received by Yakov Zalischiker,

head of the city’s Jewish community,

and has been roundly condemned as

reminiscent of the Nazi occupation of

the former Soviet republic.

The Transfiguration Cathedral in

Kolomyia, Ukraine


The Jerusalem District Court has ordered

the Palestinian Authority to pay

500 million shekels ($142m) to the families

of those killed in Palestinian terrorist

attacks, mostly committed during the

Second Intifada (2000-2005).



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Groups, families,


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A new Danish translation of the New

Testament has sparked outrage by omitting

the words ‘Israel’ and ‘Jews’.

They have been accused of whitewashing

history, identity and sacred Scripture, and

even a Muslim cleric has condemned the

omissions, saying it was done to present

the Jewish people as stateless.

Birgitte Stoklund Larsen, a journalist for

the Danish Bible Society, said it was done

to avoid identifying ancient Israel with the

modern state.


A Christian TV station broadcasting in Hebrew

is causing controversy over claims it

is proselytising Jews.

Even American evangelical leader Laurie

Cardoza-Moore has urged Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu to take it off the


Host of TV programme ‘Focus On Israel’,

Cardoza-Moore said: “At a time when global

anti-Semitism is engulfing the world, GOD

TV should be using its platform to teach

Christians about their biblical responsibility

to stand with our Jewish brethren and

the State of Israel.”

GOD TV deny the proselytising claims,

explaining that Shelanu TV, their Hebrew-language

broadcast, features Christian

content which happens to portray

Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. They have

signed a seven-year contract with HOT Cable,

the largest cable network in the country,

and are working in partnership with Israel’s

Messianic Jewish community, which

means that American ‘evangelicals’ are

seen to be working against the interests of

believers in another country!

Unhealthy tweets

The BBC has rejected calls from a pro-

Israel group to ban a public health expert

from its coverage of the coronavirus

pandemic after several of his anti-

Semitic tweets were discovered.

Prof John Ashton was alleged to have

compared Zionism with Nazism and has

also suggested it was “time for Jews to reflect”

on the situation in Gaza.


The founder of the anti-Semitic Boycott,

Divestment and Sanctions movement,

Omar Barghouti, has said that should Israel

invent a vaccine for the coronavirus,

he would have no problem cooperating

with them if it saved millions of lives.

Labour’s would-be Foreign

Secretary supports boycott

It seemed Labour’s anti-Semitism problem

might be receding after new leader

Sir Keir Starmer, whose wife is Jewish,

spoke boldly of rooting it out.

However, he has appointed Lisa Nandy,

one of the other recent leadership contenders,

as Shadow Foreign Secretary.

Ms Nandy is a former chair of the party’s

Friends of Palestine group and has recently

supported calls for an arms embargo

against Israel.

“For Zion’s sake I will not

keep silent”

Isaiah 62:1

For more information about the work of the

Israel Britain Alliance, email

michael@israelbritain.org.uk or phone

01372 726633


Johannes Barthel

Johannes is the Ebenezer Regional

Coordinator for Eastern Europe -

former Soviet Union, Nordic countries,

Central and South European countries

and Israel. He oversees the Home for

Olim in Haifa Israel.

Other national & international guest


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Praying for Israel

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For more information email: info@ha-nosim.org.uk

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10 HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020

Iranians beg to flee – to Israel!

Iranian journalist, Nada Amin, who received asylum in Israel

Caught between an oppressive regime

and the raging coronavirus pandemic,

Israel’s Foreign Ministry says thousands

of Iranians are requesting help

to escape to Israel.

“Thousands of people are asking to

come to Israel for medical assistance

or to emigrate,” Yiftah Curiel, head of

Digital Diplomacy at the Foreign Ministry,

told the Jerusalem Post.

“Sometimes the messages are from

people who have been forced to flee

and are refugees in other countries, or

people who had to flee after expressing

solidarity with Israel,” Curiel said.

One message from a 31-year-old Iranian

told the ministry, “I escaped Iran

because of the corrupt regime. I asked

for asylum in Turkey, and my wife and

4-year-old daughter and I are in unlivable

conditions; there is no one who

can help. We have been abandoned

and our lives are in danger.”

A message from a man claiming

to be a Jewish soldier in the Iranian

army said being Jewish was a “political

and religious crime, I have to flee

Iran. Please direct me how to receive

asylum in Israel? Please answer me.

My life is in danger and I cannot stay

in Iran.”

The ministry’s Persian social media

program is run by Sharona Avginsaz,

who made aliyah from Iran in 1988. Its

Twitter account has 220,000 followers

and there are almost half a million on

Instagram. The number of requests

has overwhelmed the department.

Most Iranians “see Israel as a modern,

progressive, democratic country,

and that is one of the reasons for this

wave of messages to our pages,” Avginsaz

said, adding that Iranians these

days are more aware because of the internet

and those who contact her know

that Iran’s anti-Israel propaganda is a


(Source: United with Israel)

Hadas Parush/Flash90


Prophetic insight into today’s world

Continued from page 7




and abounding in love, and

he relents from sending calamity”

(Joel 2:13).

Benchmark for judgement

But Joel also foresees a

time coming when God will

judge all nations – particularly

for what they have done

to his covenant people of Israel.

This will be the benchmark

by which the nations

are judged, according to


He says: “In those days

and at that time, when I restore

the fortunes of Judah

and Jerusalem, I will gather

all nations and bring them

down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.

There I will put

them on trial for what they

did to my inheritance, my

people Israel, because they

scattered my people among

the nations and divided up

my land” (Joel 3:1-2).

If you look at the map

where the plague of locusts

are centred, it is almost exclusively

hitting nations that

are hostile to Israel, led by

Iran whose leaders have

sworn to destroy Israel and

are said to be near the point

of developing nuclear weapons

that could wipe out Israel

at a moment’s notice.

And he hates the greed, violence

and injustice that is

the spirit driving the world

economy whereby millions

go to bed hungry every night

while others live in luxury.

The message I am hearing

is that it is only repentance

and turning that can stop the

plagues from devastating the


But the supreme measure

by which God judges the nations

is the way they treat

Israel, God’s covenant people,

because that is a measure

of their attitude towards God

himself. They hate Israel because

they hate God: and in

some strange way, Israel and

Jerusalem symbolise God in

the minds of millions of people.

Just as the Nazis blamed

the Jews for all their misfortunes,

the people in many

other nations do the same.

The nations persecute Jews

because they are in rebellion

against God.

Urgent warning

I am not prophesying that

we are coming to the great final

judgement of the nations.

No one knows God’s timetable

and it is utterly wrong to

speculate upon the times that

only the Father has in his


Only repentance can stop

the plagues devastating

the nations

But I do believe that God is

sending a very urgent warning

to humanity that our sinfulness

– the sins of all nations

– have reached such a

point that judgement is coming,

and only repentance and

turning can save us from destruction.

Will the leaders of

the nations take heed of the

warning signs?

More articles by Clifford

Hill can be seen in the

Prophecy Today section of

this paper and in the free

weekly online magazine:


India had asked Iran and

Pakistan if they could

work together to fight the

locust swarms. Iran had

been keen, but Pakistan

was slower to respond,

according to News 18 in


The swarms had been

forecast to reach South

Africa, but one pastor said

they had prayed for their

country to be spared.

Featuring the

San Remo Resolution 1920

The legal foundation of

the Jewish State

Tipping point

I believe God is calling for

repentance in all nations

where the sins of humanity

have reached the tipping

point that is incurring inevitable

judgement. God hates

the shedding of innocent

blood through the millions

of babies that are being


Millions go to bed hungry

every night while others

live in luxury

The UN’s map showing locations of locust swarms


Presented by

Col. Richard Kemp, CBE

Purchase the DVD from:


Livestream from:


August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 A

Fast tracked

to a New Life

Meet the biker who found freedom in the fast lane by Chris Eyte

THERE’S something different about

the motorbike as it roars down the

racetrack and spectators glimpse

the rider kicking out a gear to

accelerate into the fast lane.

Michael’s bike has a Bible verse daubed on the side

A big inscription has been

daubed across the side of the

bike: ‘Acts 20:24’. Anyone could

fumble through a Bible to look

up the verse: “However, I consider

my life worth nothing to

me; my only aim is to finish the

race and complete the task the

Lord Jesus has given me – the

task of testifying to the good

news of God’s grace.”

For this motorcyclist, the

race echoes a far more important

challenge: the race of life.

That’s why Michael Jackson, 38,

has inscribed his bike as a reminder.

The software engineer from

Bridlington, Yorkshire, is serious

about combining his passion

for motorcycling with his far

greater desire to share the love

of Jesus Christ with other riders.

“I gave my life to Christ”

It wasn’t always that way,

however. “Having grown up in

a Christian family, I had a lot

of the knowledge of Christ but

it didn’t stop me from exploring

my own path,” he says. “In

my late teens and early 20s, I

went looking for other answers

elsewhere but through that, God

kept his hand on me.

“During some quiet time on a

family holiday, I finally decided

I knew which way I wanted my

life to go and gave it to Christ.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs

since then, but all the standout

moments of my life involve

God’s immense blessing and encouragement.”

Knowing Jesus has made a

“difference” for Michael, who

appreciates God’s “leading and

direction in my life”.

“Without Jesus, I would have

struggled to cope with life’s


He added: “I try to follow

where he leads and that takes

a lot of the pressure away from

trying to do everything perfect

or ‘as it should be done’.

“I’m sure without Jesus, I

would have struggled to cope

with life’s pressures of career,

materialism and false hope.

With him, I have an eternal

hope, forgiveness of sin and a

Michael Jackson wants to

follow God’s path for his life

guide that means I’m able to follow

[God’s] path.

“The outcome God has for us

in this life on earth isn’t always

good if judged by the laws of

the world, but God has greater

things in store.”

Faith fuels his racing

Michael had loved car racing

since boyhood, but his interest

in motorcycling began when

he went on a work trip to Australia.

He enjoyed a Formula 1

weekend in Melbourne and felt

inspired to compete in motor

sports, especially motorcycling.

“I passed my bike test in 2012

and took a track day at my local

track, Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire

– and never looked back.

To me the learning curve of bike

riding was steeper and more rewarding

than car driving and I

always like the bigger challenges

of life.

He ended up cartwheeling

through a gravel trap

“Not long after, I attained my

race licence and so I entered my

first ever race on Easter Monday


Things didn’t “exactly go as

planned” on his first race when

he ended up cartwheeling

through a gravel trap on the last


But he kept racing at local hill

climb events and then stumbled

across a Christian motorcycling

group called the Faith Fueled

(sic) Racing team in 2016 (faithfueledracing.co.uk).

“I asked if it would be OK to

tag along with them as we raced

the same model of bike and

clearly they shared a passion

for God. I wanted to see how

I could combine racing

with outreach.”

Having been

a committed

member of the group for several

years, Michael is now headed

for new horizons – his bike is up

for sale as he sets his sights on

racing with four wheels again.

“I want to share the love of

God with others”

But no matter what the vehicle,

he continues to find racing

a natural way to share his faith:

“I want to share the love of God

with others, but I find that hard

to do in the usual ways. Using

the racing helps me, because

the fun and excitement I have

for both aspects of my life helps

me engage with

those who share

at least one of

those interests.”

B HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020

A prayer of





cancer survivor

Michael Bushby

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most


Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my


My God, in him I will trust.”

Surely he shall deliver you from the snare of the


And from the perilous pestilence.

He shall cover you with his feathers,

And under his wings you shall take refuge;

His truth shall be your shield and buckler.

You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,

Nor of the arrow that flies by day,

Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness,

Nor of the destruction that lays waste at


A thousand may fall at your side,

And ten thousand at your right hand;

But it shall not come near you.

Only with your eyes shall you look,

And see the reward of the wicked.

Because you have made the Lord, who is my


Even the Most High, your dwelling place,

No evil shall befall you,

Nor shall any plague come near your


For he shall give his angels charge over you,

To keep you in all your ways.

In their hands they shall bear you up,

Lest you dash your foot against a stone.

You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra,

The young lion and the serpent you shall

trample underfoot.

“Because he has set his love upon me, therefore

I will deliver him;

I will set him on high, because he has known

my name.

He shall call upon me, and I will answer him;

I will be with him in trouble;

I will deliver him and honour him.

With long life I will satisfy him,

And show him my salvation.”

Psalm 91

In 2013 I was diagnosed with stage

4 cancer and today I am alive! So

I’m saying as Jesus said to the devil,

“Coronavirus, get thee behind me!”

Take strength from the Bible! Read

Psalm 91 (on this page) and make it

your prayer. You may also like to read

these comforting words from the

prophet Jeremiah:

For I know the thoughts that I think

toward you, says the LORD, thoughts

of peace and not of evil, to give you a

future and a hope. Then you will call

upon me and go and pray to me, and

I will listen to you. And you will seek

me and find me, when you search for

me with all your heart. I will be found

by you, says the LORD, and I will

bring you back from your captivity.

(Jeremiah 29:11-14)

Michael Bushby’s account of healing

can be read at www.heartpublications.




God knows who and

where you are right now.

In fact, Jesus said that

even the hairs on your

head are numbered.

Why not look up all the

healings that Jesus and

his disciples did in the

gospels of Matthew,

Mark, Luke and John and

the book of Acts?

How do I become

a Christian?

BEING A CHRISTIAN is about a relationship with

Jesus Christ, the only Son of the living God, who

died in our place, to pay the price for our sin. He

desires to welcome you into God’s family here on

earth and into heaven when you die.

To start this relationship, simply pray the prayer

opposite; if you mean it, he’ll respond, because the

Bible says that God looks at our hearts.

The churches featured in this paper will be happy

to welcome you and explain the importance of daily

Bible reading, daily prayer, baptism, being part of a

congregation where the Bible is preached and believed,

and telling others about what Jesus has done for you.

Dear God, I am a sinner and need


I believe that Jesus shed his

precious blood and died for

my sin.

I am willing to turn away

from my sin.

I now invite Christ

to come into my heart

and life as my

personal Saviour.

A message of hope

Rev Dr Clifford Hill

Our stOry

From 1985 to 2006, Prophecy Today was

published in print and grew to become one of

the most widely read Christian magazines in

the UK. It was an iconic publication renowned

for declaring the word of God for our times

In 2015, Prophecy Today was reborn online as

Prophecy Today UK, taking a new format but

keeping the same vision. Our small but dedicated

team is led by Prophecy Today’s original founder, the

Rev Dr Clifford Hill, and operates under the umbrella

of Issachar Ministries, publishing fresh editions each

Friday. You can sign

up on our website to

receive these straight to

your inbox, for free!

At Prophecy Today UK,

we believe that God is

as involved in the world

Prophecy Today’s original


Covers of the original Prophecy Today magazine, in print


today as he was in biblical times. We also believe that

he longs to give Christians understanding about the

world and how he is working out his purposes in it.

The next four pages contain excerpts from the

contemporary ministry of Prophecy Today UK, which

includes commentary on public affairs, teaching

articles and book reviews.

Every one of our articles published since 2015 is

available on our website – find us at



The great shaking of the nations

that through Prophecy Today

we have been prophesying for more

than 30 years is happening today.

It gives us no satisfaction in saying

this for, as national leaders are

saying, we are all in this together –

no-one has been immune from the

risk of Covid-19. But where does it

fit in the purposes of God?

In the July 1986 edition of the

printed magazine Prophecy Today, I

wrote the editorial under the same

title as I am using here. Back then,

I was writing a few weeks after

gatherings at Mount Carmel and

Jerusalem where we had received

the message forewarning of a great

shaking of the nations, in line with

the prophecy in Haggai 2:6-7.

This great shaking has only

increased in intensity since those

days – as we have been writing in

Prophecy Today for many years.

Today, God is shaking all nations

through the coronavirus pandemic.

As with all the other shakings, we

must ask: why?

Scripture emphasises three

outstanding things that God hates:

oppression and violence, injustice

and greed, idolatry and false

religion. I believe there comes a

point in God’s dealings with the

nations when the wickedness of

humanity becomes intolerable; at

that stage God allows the forces

of darkness and human sin to be

unrestrained, to bring a time of

judgment upon the nations.

China is a nation of unremitting

oppression, where freedom of

speech is impossible and where

Christians are subjected to great

persecution and cruelty. Even in

Europe, however, which quickly

became the ‘epicentre’ of the

pandemic, abortion levels are at an

all-time high, while more and more

countries are allowing elderly and

unwell people to take their own

lives, shepherding those deemed a

burden on society to the slaughter.

Can we be surprised that God has

not spared us?

The second thing God condemns

is injustice and greed, which are

the qualities upon which the

financial systems of the world are

built. In 2008, the great financial

The message I have been carrying

since the 1980s is one of great

trouble – but also one of hope

crisis brought the crash of many

seemingly rock-solid financial

institutions, which required an

enormous effort of governments

to save the world economy. Even

secular observers saw this as caused

by greed and injustice. It was an

opportunity for radical reform, but

no such reformation took place.

Now the world economy is facing a

disaster which no-one can avert or


The third thing God hates is idolatry

and false religion. Our modern

totem poles are our houses and

Continued over

Continued from previous page

cars and worldly possessions – and

ourselves. False religion in Britain

includes the unbelief embraced by

most clergy trained in university

theology faculties. Biblical

scepticism becomes unbelief, which

robs the Gospel of power. What is

more, over more than 50 years of

immigration, church leaders have

joined with politicians to welcome

other religions into the land, claiming

“We all worship the same god!”.

Walking on Water

Prophetic word first given at a Prophetic Word Ministries meeting, 1994

For all these reasons, there comes

a point when warnings are too late.

The message I have been carrying

since the 1980s is that there would

come a time of great trouble

engulfing all nations.

But the message I have been carrying

is also one of hope – if we preach

the Gospel and people respond in

repentance, then a revival of faith

could follow the time of judgment.

Despite the pandemic, I know that

God has good purposes for this


In the meantime, the Gospel is firmly

in the hands of individual believers

and we must seek every chance to

share it. The pandemic has afforded

us an unprecedented opportunity to

share the love of God and testify to

the only cure for fear: the hope of

the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

■ The Rev Dr Clifford Hill is

Prophecy Today UK’s Editor-in-

Chief. Read his weekly editorials at


David Noakes

“In the days which are to come, that

part of the Church which will survive

and prevail as overcomers will be that

part which has learned to walk upon

the waters, trusting only in me. There

will be such storms that it will no

longer be possible to cross the waters

by the ordinary means of using a


The ways of traditional church

organisation will not be adequate,

because they will be too rigid and

inflexible to withstand the wind and

the waves. Those who have put their

trust in them for their security will

be like those who find themselves

in a boat which is overwhelmed and

doomed to sink.

In those days only those who have

learned to walk upon the waters will

walk in safety. Putting my people into

rigid, formal structures is to put them

into a boat which will seem adequate

and comfortable while the waters

are calm, but will later become a

place of death for those whose only

experience has been to get in and

enjoy the ride.

The structure of my Church is not to

be like a ship, a monolithic whole, a

structure created by men. It is to be

my Body, mobile and flexible, able to

adapt to the needs of the moment.

A body will survive, but any structure

created through the wisdom and

efforts of man will prove to be like

the ship which will sink in time of

trouble. My people should not be

over-organised but should be taught

the ways of God; the way of listening

for the voice of my Spirit and of

spontaneous obedience to those


Each one must have his trust solely in

me, the Head of the Body, who alone

has the wisdom to guide his people

through stormy waters.

The days are coming when every item

of your security which depends upon

the ways of man and the structures of

the world will be taken from you. No

matter how hard you have laboured

to build it up and no matter how

much my people have asked me to

bless it, it will be like having placed

your treasure in a bank which has

suddenly closed its doors and will

permit you no access.

My people must be taught the way of

walking on the water, hand in hand

with me. They must be taught to put

My people must be taught the way

of walking on the water, hand in

hand with me

their eyes upon me with a wholehearted

intensity and to trust me

implicitly in all matters, whether they

seem great or small.

As each member learns to recognise

and obey the instructions of the Head,

so all together will begin to function

as one Body. This will never come

about through human organisation,

but only under the direct leading of

my Spirit.

Consider what is written in my Word

and hold it close to your hearts:

‘Cursed is the man who trusts in man

and makes flesh his strength, whose

heart departs from the Lord. For he

shall be like a shrub in the desert, and

shall not see when prosperity comes,

but shall inhabit the parched places in

the wilderness...

Blessed is the man who trusts in the

Lord, and whose hope is the Lord. For

he shall be like a tree planted by the

waters, which spreads out its roots

by the river and will not fear when

heat comes; but its leaf will be green,

and will not be anxious in the year of

drought, nor will cease from yielding

fruit.’ [Jeremiah 17:5-8, NKJV]”

Prophecy Today UK encourages

readers to weigh and test all

prophecies carefully, with the help

of Scripture and the Holy Spirit. The

full version of this word is available

on www.prophecytoday.uk. Search

‘Walking on Water’

Living in Babylon

The coronavirus pandemic has

changed everything. For weeks

we have not been able to enjoy

normal social relationships; our

political masters have controlled

everything we do outside our own

homes. In normal times this would

be considered ‘oppression’.

The restrictions upon us are, in

ways, like those imposed upon the

people of Judah who were forcibly

transported to Babylon after the

fall of Jerusalem in 597 BC. They

could only go where their political

masters allowed; even in their leisure

time they were under surveillance.

The exiles didn’t have the internet

for communication. They missed

the great festivals in the Temple in

Jerusalem. They felt isolated and

separated from God.

Nevertheless, with some

encouragement from the Prophet

Jeremiah, in exile they found a

faith that was not dependent upon

the Temple or the priesthood.

They discovered God in their own

homes and in private prayer. Their

new-found faith triumphed over

all adversity. When they eventually

returned to shattered Jerusalem,

nothing was too difficult for them.

Will this be the experience of

Christians in Britain when the

corona-crisis subsides? Will many

new believers emerge from the

lockdown having had a life-changing

experience of God? Will living in

21st-Century Babylon transform the

lives of multitudes?

This article is part of a series on www.

prophecytoday.uk drawing modern

lessons from the Babylonian exile.

Search ‘Living in Babylon’

■ Rev Dr Clifford and Mrs

Monica Hill


‘OutsIDE IN’ - sEEkINg tO sErvE

‘Out Of church’ BELIEvErs

Workers – and customers – get a

taste of heaven on earth!

Indulging in a box of chocolates, or

having a quick break with the help

of a well-known tasty snack, might

seem almost akin to a religious

experience for some.

Perhaps there is an element of truth

to that – because virtually all the big

chocolate companies were founded

by Christians.

Most of them were practising

Quakers, who were radical disciples

of Jesus much persecuted for

their faith in days gone by as their

exuberance and passion literally

shook the foundations of formal

religion. At times they would tremble

with emotion as they worshipped –

hence their nickname.

As their principles barred them from

many trades including producing

and selling alcoholic drinks, they

went into business producing nonalcoholic


Joseph Rowntree and other Quakers

like Fry and Cadbury hit upon the

idea of using the humble cocoa bean

to create a delicious chocolate drink

– the bars came later – with the help

of a spoonful or two of sugar.

The industry took off and soon

provided employment for thousands

in Bristol, Birmingham and York, with

the latter now home to a museum –

York’s Chocolate Story – attracting

visitors from around the world.

Honesty and integrity were their

watchwords, with the welfare of

their workers (and of the community

in general) always paramount.

The establishment of a retreat to

care for the mentally ill in a humane

way was an example of their early

philanthropy. And Rowntree’s

was among the first to offer paid

holidays and a company pension

scheme, along with a works doctor

and dentist. Indeed, they were

ahead of their time as regards

industrial welfare, providing terms

of employment and working

conditions which only came much

later in other industries.

Rowntree’s also built New Earswick

on the outskirts of York to provide

clean, affordable housing – following

the example of George Cadbury

who had created a model village

at Bournville, still said to be among

the most desirable residential areas

in the country. There were obvious

business benefits from having a

contented workforce

living in a pleasant


John Cadbury also

invested his energies in

campaigning against

industrial pollution,

child labour and animal

cruelty, founding the

society which became

the RSPCA. And Helen

Cadbury, daughter

of Richard, founded

the Pocket Testament

League, now a global

enterprise using pocketsized

scriptures to help

spread the Gospel.

Joseph Fry held a prayer

meeting for all workers

and Cadbury’s followed

his example, while

Rowntree’s hired a Congregational

minister to look after the young

men’s pastoral needs. Free breakfast

was also provided along with a

myriad of social and recreational


Sounds like heaven on earth – and

certainly a challenge for believers in

today’s business world!

■ Charles Gardner

fear god and Don’t Be Afraid

When disaster strikes, what is God saying?

For a long time, God has been

trying to get the world’s attention.

There has been a growing sense

that things cannot continue the way

they are going – that we are hurtling

towards global meltdown – whether

politically, economically, ecologically

or spiritually.

By allowing the world to be brought

to a virtual standstill by something

we cannot even see, God has

encouraged everyone to reflect on

where the world is heading and has

called the Body of Messiah to listen

to him in these crucial days. What

is God trying to say to his people?

There will doubtless be various

answers to this question, but among

them must surely be the following:

1. Unfailing love: Our Heavenly

Father does not desire anyone to

perish; he wants to draw everyone

back to himself. More than this, he

is preparing a faithful remnant for

himself out of every nation. We need

to be able to rest in the peace and

security of his unfailing love, even

while crisis rages around us.

2. Restoring the fear of the Lord: We

have desperately needed wisdom

to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

Proverbs 1:7 tells us “The fear of the

Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.

God’s Kingdom people, the Body of

Messiah, need to regain the fear of

the Lord, so that the glory of God

once again becomes our priority and

so we can access his wisdom.

Continued over

In recent years, a growing number of faithful

Christians in the UK have become disillusioned with

current expressions of Sunday church available to

them, or have left altogether.

They are not falling away from the faith, but rather acting in line with their

consciences. Unable to find or attend a congregation that affirms the

authority of the Bible, they are searching for fellowship in other ways, as

they go through a ‘wilderness’ season with the Lord.

For Christians in this position, Prophecy Today UK

is pleased to commend

‘Outside In’, a new area of ministry supporting and connecting believers who are

on the ‘outside’ of current ‘church’ life but still very much ‘in’ the Body of Christ.

If you would like more information about this initiative, please

e-mail outsidein@issacharministries.co.uk or write to ‘Outside In’

at Issachar Ministries, Office 5, Shannon Court, High Street, Sandy,


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Enjoy Prophecy

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Continued over

fear god and Don’t Be Afraid


Prophecy Today UK reviews books, DVDs and other resources, both old and

new, which we hope will bless your walk with God. Read the full reviews of the

books below in the ‘Resources’ section on www.prophecytoday.uk

The New Christian Zionism

3. Do not be afraid: Whilst the whole

world fears the virus, God wants his

people to have a proper perspective

as found in Matthew 10:28: “Do not

be afraid of those who kill the body

but cannot kill the soul. Rather,

fear the One who can destroy both

soul and body in hell.” We are

commanded to fear him not so we

can sit and tremble, but so we might

be freed from all other kinds of fear

and able to represent him rightly

and boldly to those who don’t yet


Today, the attitude that prevails

around the world is one of ungodly

fear, which “has to do with

punishment” (1 John 4:18). Why are

people afraid of being punished?

Usually because they feel guilty.

But the good news of the Gospel is

that Jesus came to remove the two

giants of fear and guilt from our

lives by shedding his precious blood

for us, so that we can enjoy perfect

forgiveness and freedom from the

fear of condemnation.

Through the pandemic, God has

given his people a tremendous

opportunity to reach out to the

multitudes with this glorious hope.

■ Aggy Efthimiou

Prophecy Today UK is a project of Issachar Ministries. Its

inclusion in Heart is still in its pilot stage and we need to be

able to justify its production costs. We will be assessing its

effectiveness after one further issue of Heart.

If you appreciate Prophecy Today UK’s inclusion in Heart please let

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Gerald McDermott

IVP, 2016, 349pp

£18 (paperback). Available from Christian Friends of Israel and


The main thesis of this excellent and important book is that Christian Zionism is

not “an outgrowth of premillennial dispensational theology” (p11). There is a long

history of Christian Zionists who lived before the emergence of Dispensationalism

and many Zionists who have come since have not espoused this particular theology.

The book, which contains contributions from a range of experts, arranged into four sections, stresses

the centrality of Israel and the Land to the whole Bible rather than just some eschatological (end times)

scheme. The return of the Jews and the re-establishment of their nation-state is clearly part of biblical

prophecy, but there is more to Christian Zionism than that.

Part Two, ‘Theology and the Bible’, considers the relation between the two testaments before looking at

Zionism in the gospels and the Pauline epistles. This more scholarly section is still very readable, and the

points excellently made.

In Part Three, chapters on ‘Theology and the Law’ (e.g. does modern Israel violate its covenantal call to

justice by its relation to international law?) and on ‘Theology and Morality’ (e.g. is modern Israel faithful to

the moral covenantal demands regarding its treatment of minorities?) are extremely helpful.

Part Four considers the future of Christian Zionism. This summarises the book and continues to stress the

theological case for being a Christian Zionist.

The book can be slow-paced at times, but key points are reinstated clearly and to good effect. Overall a

very informative and significant book. ■

The Sinner’s Charter

Author: Steve Maltz

Publishing info: Saffron Planet Publishing, 2020, 226pp

£10 + P&P (paperback). Available from the publisher’s website,


Maltz’s latest book asks ‘Are the Ten Commandments still for today?’ The title

indicates that what was once viewed by Western culture as a set of moral imperatives

has been skewed by modern thinking and flipped into something quite the opposite, creating a charter

for sinners to justify how the world should operate – whether in the entertainment industry, the business

world or private life.

Part One considers each Commandment in turn, with useful explanations of the original Hebrew and how

certain phrases should be properly read. Maltz also includes excellent research into our own times with

recent examples of how our culture has changed to reflect attitudes very different from those found in

God’s Word.

Part Two takes us through the historical journey of what happened to the Ten Commandments once men

got their hands on them. Beginning with the early Church we see how even Christians began to alter both

the words and the spirit of the Commandments.

Part Three looks again at each Commandment in turn with the aim of reclaiming them. Even if you feel

you want to challenge some of Maltz’s conclusions or ideas, the stimulus to your thinking will be valuable.

Finally, Maltz asserts that the Church must accept that it has lost sight of the certainties of God’s laws,

otherwise it will sink further into irrelevance. This book is a profound scrutiny of both the Word and the

world, capable of making a significant impact on individuals. ■


August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 C



Ultimately, we WILL be given answers. Faith is trusting God

when he speaks and when he doesn’t, says Canon J John


Policeman finds faith after asking

virtual assistant a surprising question

While some are scrambling

to unravel the

mystery of Covid-19,

popular Christian

speaker J John has gently challenged

us to remember that

“God isn’t Google”!

“God wants to be known

as our heavenly Father, not

simply as the answer to

everything that puzzles us”

“We often turn to [God] and

ask for answers, but the fact is

God wants to be known as our

heavenly Father, not simply as

the answer to everything that

puzzles us,” he wrote in a recent

blog post.

“This pandemic is an alarm

call over our beliefs and


Many, he said, are looking for

a ‘Poirot moment’ to explain why

the coronavirus is happening:

“Is man, nature or God responsible?

If it’s God, what is he doing

and why? Is it a judgement?

A warning? A test? A shaking up

of the world?”

The evangelist, whose ‘Just

One’ events at stadiums in London

and Kent have seen hundreds

make a commitment to follow

Jesus, declares that Covid-19

is primarily a warning. “I believe

God is sovereign and controls

the universe and is certainly in

charge of matters. I believe that

this pandemic is an alarm call

over our beliefs and behaviour,

our attitudes and actions.

“I believe that God can give

the wisdom to a scientist to find

the vaccination or to just totally

eradicate the virus. I believe

God wants to get our attention

and wants us to repent of our

sins, starting with the Church

– we have rejected God and ignored

his commandments.”

He added: “I also wonder if

it might be a good reminder to

look again at some of the Old

Testament verses – until very recently

much ridiculed – that say

things like: ‘Thou shalt not eat

bats’ (Leviticus 11:19).”

Speaking of Jesus washing his

disciples’ feet the night before

his crucifixion, he commented:

“When Jesus, taking the role of a

servant, begins to start washing,

Peter protests, only to receive

the reply, ‘You don’t understand

now what I am doing, but someday

you will’ (John 13:7, NLT).”

J John believes this story gives

three helpful lessons for today:

1. Trust God’s timing

“We must accept that we may

not be given answers to our

questions now. Jesus didn’t answer

Peter’s curiosity and left

him short of an answer. In fact, I

think God frequently does that…

he is God, not Google. Faith is

trusting God when he speaks

and when he doesn’t.”

2. One day we will get


“We can be confident that, ultimately,

we will be given answers.

Jesus promises Peter

that someday he will know

why he is washing the disciples’

feet. In our instant age,

patience is not exactly a popular

virtue, but it’s what we


“St Paul, whose towering

intellect must have found

unanswered questions


could write,

‘For now we

see only a reflection

as in a

mirror; then

we shall see

face to face.

Now I know

in part; then

I shall know

fully, even

as I am fully

known’ (1




3. Actions

first, questions


“We mustn’t let

questions distract us

from doing what we

need to do. As Jesus

talks about what he is

doing for the disciples, he says,

‘I have set you an example that

you should do as I have done for

you’ (John 13:15, NIV). At times

like this our priority should not

be questions but actions.”

Ultimately, says J John, the

pandemic is a chance to find

peace with God before it’s too

late. “What is far more important

than getting answers about

this global crisis is the opportunity

for us, while we are still

alive, to repent and get right

with God, and to put things right

by taking him and his commandments


He added: “Let us do what we

are instructed to do in Micah

6:8: ‘The Lord has told you what

is good, and this is what he requires

of you: to do what is right,

to love mercy, and to walk humbly

with your God’ (NLT).”

NLT is the New Living Translation

of the Bible; NIV is

the New International



article: https://




Philo Trust

Canon J John


This was the question a policeman

asked his virtual assistant,

Siri, while awaiting

test results for Covid-19.

Quarantined at home and feeling

anxious and unwell, David’s* internet

search brought up a website

run by the Billy Graham Evangelistic

Association (BGEA).

Soon, the 20-year law enforcement

veteran was talking with a

volunteer at the ‘Search for Jesus’


“I’m struggling with faith, and

with everything going on… even

more so,” David typed.

The volunteer, Gloria, replied:

“Where do you look for peace in

uncertain times?” David said that

he looked within himself.

“I can understand that,” Gloria

replied. “The catch with that,

though, is that our inner selves can

be really disturbed by what we see

and hear. That can lead to anxiety,

as you know.”

She went on to suggest that he

could find peace in a relationship

with Jesus Christ.

“I’m not ready to go yet”

“I’m not ready to go yet,” David

typed. “I’m only 48… I still feel I

have things left to do.”

When David admitted that he

was terrified of catching Covid-19

and that he was afraid of dying,

Gloria replied that he was “realising

the truth of God’s Word, that

‘the result of sin is death’”, quoting

the Bible verse Romans 6:23.

“That is why you are so scared,”

she said.

“Well, thanks for pointing that

out,” David answered sarcastically.

“Now I’m even more scared!”

“God knows that you cannot

reach him through your own


But Gloria responded: “That

verse continues, ‘But the gift of

God is eternal life in Christ Jesus

our Lord.’ The really, really good

news is that God knows that you

cannot reach him through your

own efforts. So he provided the

way for you to do that.

“He loves you that much, David.”

Gloria then invited David to put

his trust in Jesus: “For God so

loved the world, that he gave his

only Son, that whoever believes

in him should not perish but have

eternal life” (John 3:16). The verse

was familiar to David; he had

seen it on signs people held up at

American football games.

She added: “God sent his own

Son, Jesus, to earth. Jesus lived

a life without sin but died a terrible

death. He took all of our sins

upon himself, all of our punishment

upon himself.”

“But what am I supposed to

do?” David asked.

“Believe,” Gloria typed. “I can’t

give you a sales pitch on that. It

has to come from your heart.”

David then confirmed that he

had already prayed the prayer of

salvation found on the website.

Gloria expressed utter joy at

the news, then explained: “The

words of the prayer are not magical.

The important thing is the attitude

of your heart.”

She encouraged David to take

the next step in his new relationship

with God by signing up for

the free ‘Know Jesus’ discipleship

course online (courses.goingfarther.net/know-jesus).

A BGEA spokesperson commented:

“As David began a twoweek

quarantine, God had given

him a gift he hadn’t been looking

for – the gift of time. The Lord had

once again used a temporary crisis

to lead one of his children to

eternal life.

“In this time of uncertainty, it’s

one more reason to believe God’s

Word is always true.”

*Name changed to protect the

policeman’s identity.

For more inspiring stories like

this one, go to www.premierchristian.news

or tune in to Premier

Christian Radio, AM 1332 (London).

D HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk




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Former NHS

worker Femi


reflects on our

need to humbly

ask God to heal

our land

Femi Omotoyinbo has a new

idea for Thursday nights

Living under the Covid-19

lockdown, it has been painful to

hear about deaths among front

line workers and even more

worrisome that people who

share the same colour as me

are the most susceptible to the


Even the message, “Stay at

home, protect the NHS, save

lives,” seems to be telling us that

the NHS needs its own cure.

Working in an NHS administrative

unit a few years ago, I

used to pass the hospital mortuary

on my way home; seeing

bodies being moved was always

sobering. Someday those who

are carrying bodies will themselves

be carried.

Yet while colleagues showed

respect for the dead, I soon

learned that the NHS cannot be

seen to endorse God. I will never

forget the day my manager summoned

me, looking quizzical.

A colleague had forwarded

one of my emails to her. My

crime? I had added the phrase,

‘NHS cares, God cures’, to my

“God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called”

2 Corinthians 3:5

Post: Administrator / PA

electronic signature.

My manager said, “I am personally

not against this, but

many people here will not like

it. So I want you to remove it.”

Her statement felt like a slap

to me. But she had approached

the issue wisely, so I removed

the phrase, yet the pain of the

experience remained with me

even after I returned to Africa.

A proverb in my culture

seems relevant: “Any stream

that forgets its source will dry.”

Even where Christianity

was a bait to enslave many

Africans, it still worked out

for good

The fathers who pioneered

the existence of this great

country imbued their children

with godly standards, and their

offspring came to Africa and

shared the story of a loving God.

Some were killed, but the

seed they sowed did not die.

Even where Christianity was a

bait to enslave many Africans, it

still worked out for good.

Covid-19 is a single message

to the world with different

meanings for every nation

Meanwhile, the UK creates

more room for profanity than

many other countries. Secularism

is seen as the doctrine

of democracy, with the excuse

that religion is a mess. But how

can we aim

for freedom

from the

one whose


we carry till

death? If

we choose

to be free

Initially 20 hours pw. 20 days annual leave excl bank holidays.

£10ph pro rata (dependent on skills / experience). Duties include

assisting charity’s daily running & providing support to Chairman.

Location: Eastbourne.

Skills required: committed Christian, good people &

communication skills, organisational ability, compassion & empathy

including aptitude for initiative. UK driving licence essential, valid

passport desirable.

Computers for Charities, Recycling for Charities and Recycling for

Charities Trading Ltd are interconnected. Whereas computers are a

part of the charities work, people constitute its focus and ethos.

Our organisations are Christian based. We seek to provide an

open door between church and world through varying means.

Closing date for applications: Friday 19 th June

Please contact Simon Rooksby (Chairman)

01323 848588 / admin@computersforcharities.org


Previous applicants welcome to re-apply

Reg Charity No: 1107802

from God,


must fill the

vacuum – so the devil is perpetrating


Covid-19 is a single message

to the world with different

meanings for every nation.

For the UK, it is simply a call

for the stream to remember

its source. It is a call that

God should not only “save the

Queen” but that he should

mercifully save the kingdom

as well!

We have taken God lightly

and subjected him to ridicule,

but now we are the ones wallowing

in ridicule. Was it by

chance that the UK had the

third highest percentage of infections

in Europe, or that the

virus was quick to lay hands

on the Prime Minister? Was

it by chance that he survived?

This shows that there is love in

the scourge (Hebrews 12:6).

Politicians are confused,

science has broken our

hearts and wealth has

proved worthless

The weekly cheering for the

NHS made people feel good,

but it could not bring health.

Ultimately, we do not need

psychological palliatives or

even a vaccine. Our whole land

needs healing. So why don’t

we take time every Thursday

at 8pm to humble ourselves,

pray and seek God’s face with

repentant hearts?

Politicians are confused,

science has broken our hearts

and wealth has proved worthless.

Let us turn to the only one

who can turn the tide, calm the

storm and give us the times of

refreshing (Acts 3:19).

Femi Omotoyinbo is a Nigerian

currently living in the UK.

He is a Christian philosopher

and member of the International

Society for Philosophers

(ISFP), and an Associate Fellow

of the Royal Commonwealth


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Themed Retreat Days


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An influenza researcher in a bio-lab in America

WHO’s liberal

agenda exposed

British audiences were bemused

or aghast when the US

President announced he was

defunding the World Health

Organisation (WHO) in April, in

the middle of a pandemic.

However, Family Watch International

(FWI) has completed

a special investigation into

the WHO and found that it has

a radical pro-abortion and sexual

rights agenda.

In ‘The World Health Organisation

Exposed: Sexual Rights

vs Sexual Health’, FWI finds

that the current WHO Director-General,

Tedros Adhanom

Ghebreyesus, is not a medical

doctor, yet has a key role in

world health. He also has a history

of promoting abortion and

controversial sexual rights at

the expense of sexual health.

While minister of foreign

affairs in Ethiopia, Ghebreyesus

aimed to remove “parental

consent requirements” for

teenage girls to have abortions,

and ban practices “that criminalise

consensual adult sexual

behaviours and relationships,

including outside of marriage,

same-sex relations… voluntary

sex work”.

The WHO promotes the

legalisation of prostitution


WHO Director-General, Tedros

Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Under his leadership, the

WHO supports sex education

for children that promotes

abortion, masturbation, homosexuality

and transgenderism.

It is also promoting the legalisation

and destigmatisation of

prostitution, and pushing the

legal recognition of ‘diverse’

sexual behaviours as important

to health, even though they

cause more (not less) disease.

FWI also claims that the

WHO is working closely with

the IPPF (International Planned

Parenthood Federation,

founded by Bill Gates’ father):

“It is quite apparent that IPPF

is playing a major role in writing

and producing WHO’s multiple

controversial publications

advancing abortion, CSE

and sexual rights policies. This

is a serious conflict of interest

because IPPF benefits financially

from abortions and other

sexual services.”

When US Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo announced that

Covid-19 came from a Chinese

lab, the UK media reported

that the science did not support

that idea.

However, independent scientific

research has since emerged

that concludes Pompeo may be


On 3 May Pompeo declared: “I

can tell you that there is a significant

amount of evidence that

this came from that laboratory

in Wuhan.”

The intelligence agencies of

the US, Canada, the UK, Australia

and New Zealand, the

‘Five Eyes’, said they had no

evidence that the virus escaped

from a Wuhan lab, although they

agreed that China knew about

the outbreak in early December

and tried to hide it.

According to the Australian

After decades of fighting each

other, rival gangs around Cape

Town have agreed a truce and are

now working together to bring

food to families starving because

of the Covid-19 lockdown.

“What we’re seeing happen

here is literally a miracle,” says

Pastor Andie Steele-Smith, an

Australian known as the ‘gang

pastor’ who initiated the project

and laid the groundwork for the


The most notorious gangs in

Fisantekraal and Manenberg,

such as the Americans, the Jesters

and the Clever Kidz, are distributing

soap, food and other

essentials to homes and soup


The gangs also benefit, receiving

food themselves, but

their co-operation to help

others is unprecedented.

Daily Telegraph, a ‘Five Eyes’

dossier confirmed that the initial

cover-up allowed the virus

to spread across the globe

to the “endangerment of other

countries”, but the agencies disagreed

over the source of the


The novel coronavirus was

optimised for penetration

into human cells

However, LifeSiteNews reports

that a team of Australian

scientists has produced new evidence

that the novel coronavirus

was optimised for penetration

into human cells instead of

animal cells, suggesting it was

indeed altered in a laboratory.

Although the study is preliminary

and had not yet been peer

reviewed at the time of writing,

it suggests that the virus did not

come from a wet market but the

Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Lead researcher Prof Nikolai

Petrovsky stated that it is “entirely

plausible that the virus

was created in the biosecurity

facility in Wuhan… a laboratory

that was known to be cultivating

exotic bat coronaviruses at the


Meanwhile, LifeSiteNews also

reports that evidence from Wuhan’s

morgues and crematoriums

suggests that Covid-19

deaths were 20 times higher

than the official count. The Chinese

government claims that

only 2,535 people died, but a

more realistic number is 50,000

dead. In addition, LifeSiteNews

claims its articles on the cover-up

have been deliberately

suppressed by Facebook.

Gangs stop fighting to deliver food

Pastor Andie Steele-Smith, left, with gang members in Cape Town

“Nobody in the community

has ever seen these boys

walking side by side and working

together and then having

a chat and a meal or praying

together,” explains Steele-Smith.

Reporters from around the

world, including the BBC, have

covered this remarkable story.

11,207 find Christ after Trump tweet

President Trump’s tweets are often

a source of controversy, but

a recent one led to thousands of

people becoming Christians.

In April, Trump sent a tweet

encouraging people to watch

Pastor Greg Laurie’s Palm Sunday


Harvest Christian Fellowship

in Riverside, California, which

Laurie leads, usually attracts

tens of thousands of online viewers.

Trump’s tweet increased

that to 1.3 million, and after Laurie’s

sermon 11,207 people responded

to his call to give their

lives to Christ.

Laurie explained: “People

are scared. People are asking

the questions that they probably

should be asking all the time.

People are just listening more

than they normally listen.”

August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 13




If you’ve ever wondered why today’s Church seems weak and

ineffective, Charles Gardner has the answer

‘ King of the Jews:

Why the Bible –

And All History –

Points to Jesus’

by Charles Gardner

Christian Publications International

£10 plus p&p

Today’s Church is weak because

it sees (or wants to see) only

half the story. So says Charles

Gardner in his latest book.

In the author’s words: “The

Western Church has somewhat

lost sight of its Hebraic roots.”

So Gardner takes Christians

out of their comfort zone and

challenges the Church. In the

first chapter we see that, according

to Genesis 12:1-3, God

planned a “double blessing” for

mankind. The Jews were to be a

blessing to the Gentiles and then

the Gentiles were to be a blessing

to the Jews!

Through the Jews came Jesus

and the Gentiles then proclaimed

his salvation to all.

Having both Jewish and Gentile

ancestry, this hit home with

the author. He notes that Jesus

demonstrated this point at the

start of his ministry when he

first healed a Jewish leper, and

then the servant of a Roman centurion,

a Gentile.

The rest of the book stresses

that Jesus has not finished with

the Jews. To this end, the author

starts with the Jewish Tanakh

(essentially the Old Testament)

which, as the first disciples recognised,

points clearly to Jesus,

the true Jewish Messiah (Luke


And when it comes to the

mandated annual “feasts of the

LORD” in Leviticus, the author

writes: “They all point to the

Messiah … every aspect of each

festival has a perfect fulfilment

in Yeshua (Jesus)”.

The Church is fundamentally

weak once she ignores

anything Jewish

Charles Gardner in Israel

Amazing! In fact, the feasts

go on into the millennial reign

of Christ, when the nations go

up to worship the “King of the

Jews” (Yeshua) at Jerusalem

and to keep the Feast of Tabernacles

(Zechariah 14). Does the

Western Church realise this?

Clearly, as the author argues,

the Church is fundamentally

weak once she ignores anything

Jewish. And except for a

few “Christian Zionists” this is

generally true for the Church in


In order to open the eyes of

a sleepy, PC church, the book

moves on to describe what is

happening in the Middle East.

For example, did you know that

the Dead Sea is now coming to

life? Freshwater fish have been

observed swimming in new sink

holes, and the reader is guided to

Ezekiel 47 which talks about the

future healing of the salt waters.

Or did you know that nearly

half the world’s 14 million Jews

have now emigrated to Israel

(made ‘Aliyah’), in line with Ezekiel’s

end-time prophecy (Ezekiel


The author claims Aliyah is

not preached because it is “a political

hot potato”. Neither is the

“sign of the fig tree” in Matthew

24, which many assume refers

to the end-time blossoming of


Here the book makes an interesting

observation. One line

of theological thought sees the

fig tree as a symbol of political

Israel while the olive tree (as in

Romans 11) represents the original

purpose of the nation under

God. Recall that Romans 11 refers

to the end-time salvation of

God’s chosen people Israel, so

why does the Western Church

not preach this?

Britain’s stubborn refusal

to recognise Jerusalem as

Israel’s capital

The book rightly makes much

of the current political scene;

Israel has a hard time politically

from other governments, with

the shining exception of Presi-

dent Trump moving the US bassy to Jerusalem.


under former leader

As far as Britain is concerned,

Gardner has sharp

words for the unbridled anti-Semitism

in the Labour

Jeremy Corbyn.

And Britain’s stubborn refusal

to back Israel and recognise

Jerusalem as the historical

Jewish capital is also

criticised. In contrast, President

Trump’s actions over Jerusalem

seem like “a breath of

fresh air”.

In fact, Britain failed the

Jews miserably in World War 2

when she reneged on her Palestine

Mandate and restricted

Jewish immigration to Israel.

Did this initiate God’s curse on

Britain, as in Genesis 12:3?

When it comes to the Middle

East, the current Russian-Iranian

alliance is a clear danger to

Israel, but the author stands on

the fact that “the God of Israel

rules”. Prophecy says such aggression

will be defeated.

In conclusion, Gardner makes

the following perceptive observation:

“Christians who know

their Bible and are committed

to following Jesus are also serious

about their love for Jews.”

Conversely, if we don’t love

the Jews, how much do we really

love Jesus? Even more to

the point, he asks: “Why do most

British Christians not get the

connection between following

Jesus and befriending the Jews?

Could it be something to do with


Has he touched a raw nerve

here? Does the Church need a

move of the Spirit?

Dr Graham Wade

‘King of the Jews’ is available

from www.heartpublications.

co.uk for £11.70 inc p&p or call

01903 209383 or send cheque

payable to HEART Publications,

24 Grafton Road, Worthing, West

Sussex, BN11 1QP



The viral meme that

brought comfort to

thousands wasn’t by

the great C S Lewis

A quote, apparently by C S

Lewis, went viral (what else

currently?) on social media in

March 2020.

In fact, it appears to have

been inspired in 2020.

According to Reuters, it can

be traced back to a Facebook

post made on 12 March by a US

woman named Heidi May.

May told Reuters she wrote

the exchange on a day she was

“feeling overwhelmed”, adding,

“Jesus spoke these words

to my heart.”

C S Lewis has quotes misattributed

to him so frequently

that author William O’Flaherty

wrote a book in 2018 called,

‘The Misquotable C S Lewis’,

claiming to have all of Lewis’s

Christian writings in electronic,

searchable form (even material

not available to the general

public) and also all of the books

by Lewis that aren’t specifically

aimed at the Christian market.

What did Lewis say that was

related to this topic? O’Flaherty

recommends that the best

places to read about Lewis’s

views on life’s struggles are

‘The Problem of Pain’ and two

essays Lewis wrote on similar

themes: ‘Learning in wartime’

and ‘On living in an atomic age’.

Sadly, Lewis’s comment about

carrying on as usual before an

atom bomb strikes doesn’t really

work during enforced ‘social

distancing’, although his throwaway

remark about a microbe is


“If we are all going to be destroyed

by an atomic bomb,

let that bomb when it comes

find us doing sensible and human

things—praying, working,

teaching, reading, listening to

music, bathing the children,

playing tennis, chatting to our

friends over a pint and a game

of darts—not huddled together

like frightened sheep and

thinking about bombs. They

may break our bodies (any

microbe can do that) but they

need not dominate our minds.”

From ‘On living in an atomic

Age’ (in ‘Present Concerns’)


“I could well believe that it is

God’s intention, since we have

refused milder remedies, to

compel us into unity, by persecution

even and hardship.

Satan is without doubt nothing

else than a hammer in the hand

of a benevolent and severe God.

For all, either willingly or unwillingly,

do the will of God:

Judas and Satan as tools or instruments,

John and Peter as


From ‘The Collected Letters

of C S Lewis’, Volume 2 (to Don

Giovanni Calabria on 20 September



“We are not necessarily doubting

that God will do the best for

us; we are wondering how painful

the best will turn out to be.”

From ‘Letters of C S Lewis’ (to

Father Peter Bide on 29 April



“The idea that our sorrow is

part of the world’s sorrow is, in

certain moods, moving enough:

the mere fact that lots of other

people have had toothache

does not make toothache less


From ‘Psycho-analysis and

Literary Criticism’ (in ‘Selected

Literary Essays’)


“One is given strength to bear

what happens to one, but not

the one hundred and one different

things that might happen.”

(Emphasis by Lewis)

From ‘The Collected Letters of

C S Lewis’, Volume 3 (to Mary

Willis Shelburne on 8 March


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Bring back

Mission Praise!

With churches closed and the focus moving to home worship,

it’s time to find trusty, tuneful songs that everyone can sing

without band aid

‘Why I Left the Contemporary Christian

Music Movement: Confessions of a

Former Worship Leader’

by Dan Lucarini

Evangelical Press


Drummed out of church? You’re

not alone.

I knew I was getting old, but it

was confirmed after I tentatively

asked a church’s sound desk

supremo if the volume could be

turned down a bit.

I was assured that the volume

was legal and regularly tested. It

was politely suggested that my

inability to cope with deafening

decibels was due to my age.

Perhaps mature worshippers

should be given ear muffs as

happens with babies in some

modern churches?

These days, whenever I see a

drum kit in its perspex box on a

church stage, my heart sinks. The

song lyrics and Scripture verses

will be conveniently projected

onto a screen, so I don’t need

my Bible and notebook; the only

essentials are earplugs.

Sadly, though, even earplugs

don’t protect these ageing ears

from the aural onslaught of a

modern service’s music band, let

alone enable me to hear God’s

still, small voice.

Recently, I drove 80 miles to

be with people who worship

God “in the beauty of holiness”

(Psalm 96:9). With just two

singers and a keyboard, I could

actually hear the congregation

singing and found myself smiling

as we sang a three-part harmony


I don’t need my Bible and

notebook; the only essentials

are earplugs

It’s not that I don’t like volume;

I can recall thrilling times when

the whole congregation roared,

“Thine be the glory” – but you

could hear the words.

I wonder if modern worship

leaders have considered that

an important witness to men

(and indeed, women) is hearing

other men sing? The only time I

hear men joyfully singing hymns

these days is in a football or

rugby stadium. If sports teams

like to hear their fans singing

their praises, wouldn’t God

like to hear his supporters too,

rather than just another skilled

performance by a select, spotlit


Secular styles

I found answers in this book

by Dan Lucarini, written in 2002

and reprinted twice since, most

recently in 2010. I wish I’d found

it sooner.

In fact, it’s one of a small

stable of books written over the

past few decades to warn about

the adoption of secular music

styles in churches. As Marion

Daniel of Sozo Ministries points

out, rock music came into

fashion over 60 years ago, and

while church leaders initially

resisted, eventually the world’s

music infiltrated the Church.

Born out of rebellion (‘rock

and roll’ was slang for the act

of procreation), rock music

emphasises the ‘off ’ beat which

apparently goes against the

natural rhythm of the heart

and has various unhealthy

side effects, including raising

adrenaline levels.

It baffles me that many cleanliving

Christians who haven’t

been out clubbing the night

before get treated to dimmed

lights and blaring rock music on

Pride of place: a drum kit in front of the altar and the Cary family recording morning worship at home.

Email the HEART office for the link

a Sunday morning. The essence

of God’s holiness is his ‘set apartness’;

surely a ‘seeker’ needs

to see a difference between the

nightclubs they are used to and

worship music used to welcome

the presence of God.

It is thought that secular music

styles at unrelenting volume will

keep young people entertained.

However, one issue with rock

music is that the pounding beat

keeps people in thrall, while

the lyrics become secondary.

I doubt whether young people

mind what they’re singing while

they’re mesmerised by the beat –

but other forces are listening. It

was Dr Clifford Hill who pointed

out that before the 2015 Paris

massacre at the Bataclan hall,

the audience was singing along

to “Kiss the devil.”

Public apology

Dan Lucarini gives answers

to this dilemma; he really does

have the T-shirt, having been

responsible, as a musician and

worship leader, for introducing

contemporary Christian music

(abbreviated to CCM) to churches.

He doesn’t believe in ‘blended’

services, either, where a

couple of traditional hymns are

followed by ‘rockier’ songs.

In fact, the book serves as a

public apology to all the congregations

where he introduced

contemporary Christian music.

If sports teams like to hear

their fans singing their

praises, wouldn’t God like to

hear his supporters too?

He explains in depth why he

reverted to a more traditional,

conservative music style and

refutes the standard arguments

that I have already heard, such

as music needs to be ‘culturally

relevant’. “John MacArthur

warned us that the rush to

make churches user-friendly...

has become an excuse for

importing worldly amusements

into the Church in an attempt to

attract non-Christian ‘seekers’

or ‘unchurched Harrys’ by

appealing to their fleshly


“Self-indulgent spirit”

Lucarini contends that baby

boomers, those who came

into church leadership in the

mid-1980s, were not thinking

primarily of ‘seekers’ when

importing CCM into the house

of God: “The bottom line was

that we simply wanted our

music in the Church, not what

we perceived as our parents’

or grandparents’ music... We

have the same self-centred, selfindulgent

spirit of the 1960s and

1970s but now it has been given a

veneer of Christian dedication.”

Lucarini claims he has yet

to hear legitimate reasons

why Christians are offended

by traditional music, when

CCM “has a sensual beat, is

closely associated with worldly

lifestyles and splits churches”.

He also blames it for hurting a

generation of older Christians.

The only convincing reason

he has heard for abandoning

traditional music is that it can

seem boring or irrelevant, far

lighter charges than those he

brings against CCM.

The second part of this

review will examine some of

Lucarini’s answers to common

justifications for CCM, as well as

his personal solutions for drumfree

congregational worship.

Lockdown has, I hope, led

to a pruning of our musical

props: can we re-evaluate what

the “heart of worship” truly

means and get used to bringing

a “sacrifice of praise” again

instead of unwittingly letting

ourselves be carried along by

the ‘charisma’ of the music?

If the future is in small home

groups, it must be time to dig

out ‘Mission Praise’, which has

page after page of accessible,

anointed songs.

Melanie Symonds

Look out for part two in the Aug/

Sept issue



n ‘Sound effects’, a four-part

article series, Dr Frances

Rabbitts, Prophecy Today

UK, www.prophecytoday.

uk (Issachar Ministries tel:

01767 223 270)

n ‘Shocking news about

worship’, CD, Marion

Daniel, Sozo Ministries

International. Includes a

neurosurgeon’s evidence

about the rock beat’s effect

on the body and mind. www.

sozo.org/shop / 01794 344920

n ‘Music – what’s feeding

your soul?’, CD, Alan

Daniel, Sozo Ministries

International. Lists

composers who were involved

in the occult.

n Weekly family hymn sings

with modern hymn-writers

Keith and Kristyn Getty,

accompanied by their young

daughters. www.gettymusic.



In the last issue (April/May

2020), the article ‘Finding

peace in troubled times’ by

Rev Mark Weeden stated

that the hymn, ‘It is well

with my soul’ was written

by a man who had just lost

his wife and children at sea.

This was a sub-editing error

and was not written by Rev

Weeden. While the hymn

writer, Horatio Spafford,

had lost his four daughters

at sea, his wife actually

survived the 1873 shipwreck.

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African pastors desperately need Bibles and will travel miles for

training, says Rev Mark Weeden, founder of Living Word Ministries

Over 90 per cent of all pastors worldwide

do not have formal theological

training, according to the World

Evangelical Alliance.

Two pastors cycled 45 km

to attend a conference

Working to fill this void, Living

Word Ministries (LWM) ministers in

Africa and India, running pastors’

conferences and giving out literature

and Bibles. Especially in the rural areas,

many are hungry for the Word

of God; two pastors cycled 45 km to

attend a conference.

LWM takes seriously the Great

Commission which Jesus Christ gave

to the Church: “Make disciples of all

the nations… teaching them to observe

all things that I have commanded

you” (Matthew 28:19-20). Where

there is no electricity, we often show

the ‘Jesus’ film using solar powered


Many Western Christians question

the reality of Africans’ response to the

Gospel, but they live in a completely

different environment to us. They see

their need of God, often daily, without

all the supports and securities we

have in a developed economy.

The day after one outreach, four

older teenage boys left school to

come to the conference venue to

thank me for sharing the good news

of Christ, to which they had responded.

We’ve donated soap and

toilet rolls to prisoners

In one African country, LWM has

access to several prisons; we’ve been

able to donate soap, sanitary items

and toilet rolls and have seen some

prisoners come to faith.

Children at the Living Word

orphanage in Seme, Kenya

God also cares for the vulnerable;

our Living Word orphanage at Seme,

in western Kenya, is home to 35 orphans

officially, but about 50 are now

cared for at a practical level. Many

of them lost their parents to the violence

that erupted after Kenya’s 2007

elections. However, equipment at the

orphanage remains basic; medical

items are in short supply and a few

years ago one girl died after contracting


At the beginning of 2020, we were

invited to oversee and teach a Bible

school in Kenya, which has been able

to function throughout the lockdown.

If you would like to hear about the

work of LWM at your church, home

group or men’s or ladies’ breakfast,

please contact us on 07956 789 112 or

email livingwordmlw@gmail.com

Our website shows lots

more of the work:



Delegates of a pastors’ conference

with their certificates (Zambia)

Christ Apostolic Pastors’

Conference, Malawi

Distributing literature in Zambia

As well as running Living Word

Ministries, Rev Mark Weeden leads

King’s Church in Arundel, West

Sussex – details on the back page

How to dress properly!

Pastor Mark Weeden (left) and

interpreter Zondo in Malawi


This is a Wilberforce


Social care and

Covid-19: crisis

or opportunity?


FORCE campaigned against

the slave trade in the early 19th

century, he understood the need

for political, social and spiritual


As he lobbied Parliament on

the many social issues of his day,

he influenced governments, political

parties and cross-party


Wilberforce realised the

Gospel changed society

But he also worked on creating

societies and associations that

would help transform ‘public

manners’; these societies built

up families, translated and distributed

Bibles and proclaimed

the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For Wilberforce realised that

the Gospel changed society

through individuals transformed

by God’s saving grace. This social

movement changed the nation,

paving the way for the Victorian

social reformers, who in turn influenced

the creation of the NHS

and the welfare state.

Cornerstone collapsing

However, over the last few

weeks, we have seen one oft-ignored

cornerstone of the welfare

state close to collapse. Care

homes, supposedly shielded

from the coronavirus epidemic,

have instead turned out to be one

of its focal points.

Behind each statistic is a

family devastated

In the last week of April alone,

2,423 confirmed Covid-19 deaths

occurred in care homes, almost

as many as in acute hospitals.

Care home deaths from all causes

are nearly 60 per cent higher

than expected, and behind each

statistic is a family devastated.

The care sector has been

poorly served by successive


William Wilberforce combined

political reform with spiritual


Anton Hickel / Public domain

Lack of protective gear for

staff, inadequate facilities for social

isolation and the discharge of

still sick Covid-19 patients back

to care homes have all contributed.

The care sector has been

underfunded and poorly served

by successive governments. Coronavirus

has merely revealed how

bad this neglect has been.

When Theresa May sought to

deliver a modest funding solution

for care in the 2017 general

election, it became an albatross

that arguably cost her parliamentary

majority. The way we

voted suggested a reluctance to

pay the cost of a properly funded

social care system. Is it because

we want to put out of mind the

reality of ageing and frailty? Do

we see funding for health and

education for the young and fit

as more important than the care

of the elderly and disabled?

A Wilberforce moment

Actually, I think most of us are

not that callous or self-absorbed.

The ironic twist of the pandemic

is that it is making us re-evaluate

what really matters. That we

should be caring for our weakest

members. That people matter

more than political or economic


Now is a Wilberforce moment

to reform society’s priorities.

How we care for our elderly, disabled

and vulnerable citizens

should be top of that list. But

first, we need an inner transformation

of individuals and communities

that only Christ can


Since the start of lockdown,

one in four of the population

have accessed online services

or prayer meetings – more than

ever previously darkened the

doors of our churches. We have

a message of salvation, hope and

healing to proclaim to a broken

world – let’s not squander the opportunity.

Steve Fouch is head of communications


Christian Medical


He has worked

in community

nursing, HIV

and AIDS and

palliative care.

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The storm of the Lord

I believe the storm of the Lord

has gone forth, as prophesied by

Jeremiah: “See, the storm of the

Lord will burst out in wrath, a

whirlwind swirling down on the

heads of the wicked. The anger

of the Lord will not turn back

until he fully accomplishes the

purposes of his heart” (Jeremiah


The Almighty God does not

think as we think (Isaiah 55:8-9).

He says, “Woe to those who call

evil good and good evil” (Isaiah

5:20). May he not stop doing

whatever he has to do until we

think as he does. Judgement

begins “at the house of God” (1

Peter 4:17).

But we can still pray, “In

wrath remember mercy” (Habakkuk


Mary Cole

Chippenham, Wiltshire

Bringing out the best

During this epidemic, our Lord

and Good Shepherd is bringing

out our best qualities.

Those of us fortunate to have

stayed well have started helping

others – which we hadn’t

done previously.

In addition to the 750,000 volunteers

for the NHS, we are

helping the homeless, the elderly,

the disabled and young

children. Doctors, nurses and

other public servants – many

of whom risk catching the virus

on a daily basis – are all in our

thoughts more.

We can all be optimistic about

the future because something

worthwhile always comes out

of disasters. When this current

situation is over, I hope we will

continue being helpful to each

other, and not rush around

thinking about ourselves so


This is my prayer: “Dear

Lord, please be a guide for us

and help bring out the very best

qualities in us.”

John Houghton

Worthing, West Sussex

Blood of Jesus banned

Recently I wrote to the Queen

about the words, ‘The Blood of

Jesus Christ’ being declared a

criminal offence on Remembrance

Sunday when I displayed

them at Speakers’ Corner.

The shed blood of Jesus

Christ is the key belief of Christians

in Britain, the basis of

Western civilisation and what I

rely on to enter Heaven.

I had displayed these words

for over 30 years, but the police

insisted that they were against

statute law.

Since Hyde Park is a royal

park, the Queen’s personal

ownership of the park was

supposedly the reason why the

words were banned – yet she is

the Supreme Governor of the

Church of England! I was upset

to receive a reply from a courtier

stating that this matter was

“not one in which Her Majesty

would become involved”.

Could this condemnation

of God’s Word in the Queen’s

name have something to do

with the fact that three top royals

– Prince Andrew and The

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

– stepped down from royal duties

within two months of each


Roland Parsons


Let the land rest

No wonder the climate is changing

– we have not allowed the

land, air or sea to rest as God


Few allow themselves a sabbath,

either. Factories and

stores remain open on Sundays,

while cars, planes and

ships continue regardless.

Even little children are using


As well as commanding Israel’s

inhabitants to have a weekly

sabbath, God also required

the land of Israel to observe a

sabbath to the Lord (Leviticus

25:1-7). During the Babylonian

captivity, the land “enjoyed its

sabbath rests” for 70 years (2

Chronicles 36:21).

We might think we know better,

but we have foregone God’s

wonderful promises to those

who obeyed his commands: “If

you follow my decrees and are

careful to obey my commands,

I will send you rain in its season,

and the ground will yield

its crops and the trees their

fruit… I will look on you with

favour and make you fruitful

and increase your numbers…

I will walk among you and be

your God, and you will be my

people.” (Leviticus 26:3-4,9,20)

Pearl Rumsey

Rainham, Kent

David Pawson

revolutionised my


Thank you so much for the

article commemorating the late

David Pawson’s 90th birthday


He truly was a remarkable

elder statesman of the British

evangelical church. David was

instrumental in forming my understanding

of God’s purposes

for Israel when he spoke on

the subject, “It is time for the

Church to repay its debt to the

Jewish people” back in the early

1980s. My wife and I had visited

Israel in 1976 and I knew

I had missed something very

significant about the land and

the people.

David’s sermon opened my

eyes and revolutionised my

thinking. I’m sure there are

many others who can testify

to similar experiences. I

have since had the pleasure

of speaking alongside him on

a number of occasions and

always found him to be a great

source of wisdom, understanding

and humour.

Roy Thurley

Llandudno, Conwy County

David Pawson gave a lot of his

books to Sovereign World Trust

in Tonbridge, Kent, which has

been donating to pastors worldwide

for over 30 years. His

book, ‘Unlocking the Bible’,

has been given free of charge

to many pastors across Uganda.

Pastor Godfrey Muwanga of

Life Ministries Christian Centre,

Kampala, told me recently,

“The first time I came across

David’s teaching was 23 years

ago. Since then I have read

many more of his books and the

resources have enriched me

and the ministry I lead.”

Richard Smart

East Sussex

Pastor Godfrey Muwanga is

grateful for David Pawson’s


Engrossed: Pastor Martin

Wabwire of Pentecostal

Churches of Uganda reading

David Pawson’s ‘Unlocking the


A unifying voice

I am writing to thank you for

your informative and challenging


In these days of great uncertainty,

you are bringing a

unifying and prophetic voice

to believers across our nation,

as well as the good news of

our Lord Jesus Christ to anyone

who may pick up your paper.

Well done to everyone involved!

Keep up the good work.

Glynis Parker

Exeter, Devon

In my own


Andrew Harmsworth


“If my people, who are called

by my name, will humble themselves

and pray and seek my

face and turn from their wicked

ways, then I will hear from

heaven, and will forgive their

sin and heal their land.”

This verse (2 Chronicles 7:14)

must be one of the most quoted

of the whole Bible, but have we

grasped the full meaning of the

call to repentance?

It is us, God’s people, who are

called to repent. What should

we be repenting of?

Practices that are totally opposed

to God’s will, which our

nation has legalised in recent


To me the most obvious is

the Abortion Act. We rightly

rejoice when the unborn child

of a lovely nurse who died of

coronavirus is saved by a caesarian,

yet thousands of unborn

children are denied the right to


The unborn child of a

lovely nurse is saved by a

caesarian, yet thousands of

unborn children are denied

the right to live

The Church in the United

Kingdom has not spoken with

one voice to declare God’s will

in these matters, mainly because

leaders of the different

streams of the Church are not


If we are indeed the Body

of Christ, shouldn’t that body,

under God’s anointing, speak

with one voice?

“For if the trumpet makes an

uncertain sound, who will prepare

for battle?” (1 Corinthians


In the early Church, each geographic

area had a team leadership

that proclaimed a clear

message. Let’s pray that our

leaders will come together to

repent and declare the will of

God. Then he might forgive our

sin and heal our land.

Andrew Harmsworth



Are we in the last chance saloon?

Is God mercifully allowing

Satan’s vile virus to act as a

megaphone, crying out the

world, “Repent!”?

Otherwise, why would a loving

God suddenly allow everyone

on the planet to face their

own mortality? Could it be he

knows that they are more likely

to hear his gentle knock on the

door of their heart and his still,

small voice calling their name

when distressed? Not only

that, but many are alone now,

bereft of those who love them

the most.

The assurance that eternity

will, undeservedly, be spent

with him

The Bible tells us that God

looks only on each heart and its

motives. God does not look at

man’s behaviour or derogatory

human label. He simply longs

to be IN every heart so it can

overcome death as he did and

thereby receive his peace that

“surpasses all understanding”,

together with the assurance

that eternity will, undeservedly,

be spent with him.

The Cross was for EVERY

unique, beloved, seeking person;

God loves each of us

equally, unconditionally and


The thief crucified next to

Jesus only had to call out, “Remember

me!” to be told, “Today

you will be with me in paradise.”

Mary Clements

Malmesbury, Wiltshire

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PERSECUTION WATCH by Andrew Halloway



After a brief period of respite

during the Covid-19 lockdown,

churches are suffering state persecution

again in China.

There are many reports of

church raids, cross removals and

violence against Christians.

“China is the world’s

foremost violator of human


International Christian Concern’s

Gina Goh says: “In recent

weeks, we have seen an increased

number of church demolitions

and cross removals on state-sanctioned

churches across China, as

house church gatherings continue

to face interruption and harassment.”

The United States Commission

on International Religious

Freedom (USCIRF) published

a report in April that detailed

China’s attacks on Christians,

Tibetan Buddhists and Muslims.

According to the Christian Post,

USCIRF commissioner Johnnie

Moore stated that “China

is the world’s foremost violator

of human rights and religious

freedom… because of the way it

aids and abets similar actions by

other countries all around the


Moore also complained that

the international community lets

“China play by its own rules… especially

at the United Nations…

those nations around the world

who ignore China’s malevolence

may eventually find themselves

subservient to it.”

There are also reports of members

of the Falun Gong sect, Uighur

Muslims and Christians having

their organs ‘harvested’ while

alive, along with first person interviews

on YouTube. Hearts

and livers are said to be sold for

$130,000 by the Chinese state.

A people’s independent inquiry,

the China Tribunal, testified

to the UN in September 2019,

but it is claimed the British government

ignored its findings.

Hamid Sabi, counsel to the China Tribunal, testifying to the UN about forced organ removal

A child victim of the Fulani




An evangelical church has

received death threats after

being blamed for spreading

Covid-19 in France.

La Porte Ouverte (Open Door)

Church in Mulhouse, eastern

France, held a conference three

weeks before a ban on large

gatherings, yet it has been unfairly

targeted by the media,

locals and even a politician.






Stefanos Foundation

house. It’s really from there

that the epidemic spread.”

Religious freedom charity

Open Doors said that conspiracy

theories and fake news led

to attacks on churches in other

countries, too. After a church in

Russia was falsely accused of

meeting during the lockdown,

another church’s building suffered

an arson attack.

Fulani militants have continued

to attack Christians in

northern Nigeria, with gruesome

murders continuing despite

the government-enforced


There are almost daily reports

of herdsmen bursting

into homes, killing families and

kidnapping missionaries for


After Muslim Fulani herdsmen

murdered children on 14

April, Christian charity Release

International called on the nation’s

government to protect

Christians in the north.

Armed Fulani extremists had

surrounded Hura village, shouting

“Allahu akbar” [Allah is

greater], shooting their guns and

setting houses on fire. As the villagers

tried to escape, nine were

killed – including a pregnant

woman, her three-year-old child

and two five year-olds.

“This killing is more

dangerous than the


According to ASSIST News,

tribal chief Rev Ronku Aka said:

“This killing is more dangerous

than the coronavirus. It is incessant.

I am calling on the government

to have mercy and come to

our aid.”

The Fulani have forced thousands

of Christians out of the

north and middle of the country,

yet the government has done little

to help.

Release International CEO

Paul Robinson says: “Our message

to Nigeria and the international

community is: in the name

of humanity, you cannot sit back

and watch this happen.”

On 23-25 April, Fulanis killed

13 Christians and kidnapped 13

others in Kaduna State, causing

over 1,000 people to flee their


Muslim Fulani herdsmen also

slaughtered families on 11 May,

killing 17 men, women and children

in Kaduna state days after

a pastor and missionary were

abducted, sources said. Muslim

Fulani residents of the predominantly

Christian Gonan Rogo

village in Kajuru County had apparently

slipped away the night


Luka Binniyat, spokesman for

the Southern Kaduna People’s

Union (SOKAPU) said, “It is clear

that while the Kaduna state government

is enforcing the lockdown

against Covid-19 with all

its might, it has little or no interest

in securing our law-abiding,

defenceless communities against

these unrelenting massacres and

ethnic cleansing.”

A warning about genocide in

Nigeria has already been given

to the UN Security Council by

Christian Solidarity International

on 30 January.

“They must be shot with


Pastor Samuel Peterschmitt

told the BBC about the threats,

including one which said: “They

must be shot with Kalashnikovs.

We must burn the church.” His

congregation is the second largest

evangelical church in the


After the conference in February,

more than 70 attendees

La Porte Ouverte is France’s

second largest evangelical


became severely ill and 29 died.

Pastor Peterschmitt said that if

they had suspected there was any

danger, they would have “immediately

suspended everything”.

The Christian Institute reports

that a French health minister

poured fuel on the fire by claiming,

“The tipping point was the

evangelical gathering at Mul-

Image from the youth section of La Porte Ouverte’s church website


Hassan John/Release International

Mass burial for children at

Hura village, after Fulani

militants kill nine and burn


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18 HEART Christian newspaper June / July 2020 adverts@heartpublications.co.uk August / September 2020 ADVERTS DEADLINE: 9 July 2020







by John Lennox

The Good Book Company


“Removing God from the equation

does not remove the pain

and suffering... But [it] does remove

something else – namely,

any kind of ultimate hope.”

Written in one week, this slim

volume by Oxford mathematics

professor John Lennox is an eloquent

yet heartfelt response to

the coronavirus.



Invitation from the founding editor:

HEART was started in 2007 in obedience

to a vision for a Christian newspaper which would

unite believers and give them a voice.

HEART is run completely by faith with a very small,

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He writes with compassion to

those who are grieving, having

narrowly avoided a heart attack

some years ago and lost his own

niece, aged just 22, to a malignant

brain tumour.

A veteran apologist, Lennox

has publicly debated wellknown

atheists such as Richard

Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

He deftly unravels the question

of suffering – both natural

disasters in a “fractured” post-

Fall world, and man-made

suffering caused by our free


Highlighting the moral

evil within our own hearts,

he suggests that we are actually

part of the problem:

“I think and do evil. If, then,

there is a God, why does he

tolerate me?”

The atheist view that

there is no absolute moral

Please send me a standing order form

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Registered under the Charities Act 1960 No. 327396

Registered in the United Kingdom No. 2104165

standard is also addressed: “Rejecting

good and evil implies that

any talk of the coronavirus being

bad or evil makes no sense.”

The author concludes by explaining

why God can be trusted,

pointing to the fact that God himself

has experienced human pain

through Jesus’ crucifixion, thus

conquering death and offering

both ultimate justice and eternal

life for those who believe.

An ideal gift for non-Christian

friends who are questioning.

Rachel Cary

Eloquent yet heartfelt:

John Lennox


Expressing God’s

love by providing

medical aid,

education, social

and other

relief worldwide.

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Coronavirus delays

Pope’s “new

humanism” pact

– while a cardinal

warns of world


Coronavirus has forced the Vatican

to postpone the launch of a global

‘re-education’ plan in which “God

‘withdraws’ so that man can be free.”

The chosen day for Pope Francis’

‘Global Education Pact’ launch, 14

May, is the anniversary of the founding

of the modern state of Israel, but

the Pope had chosen it last year to

launch his “binding global contract”.

He had invited “the great ones of

the earth”, which some have noted is a

phrase occurring in Revelation 18:23,

to a ‘World Summit’.

Cardinal Gerhard Muller is one

of several Catholic bishops

who have warned of a world


He is seen here arriving for

Mass at the annual Student

Leadership Summit of the

Fellowship of Catholic University

Students in the US on New Year’s

Day 2020

Pope Francis had said, “We must

co-operate on our common home to

save the environment.”

Archbishop Vincenzo Zani, the Vatican

prelate tasked with organising the

Global Education Pact, explained that

the theological vision at the heart of

Pope Francis’ “new humanism” is one

in which God “withdraws” so that man

can be free.

This is one of a series of moves by

Pope Francis to blur the lines between

the religions and has led to Catholics

launching a petition to ask the Vatican

to affirm that all salvation comes

through Jesus.

Meanwhile, a group of prominent

Catholic clergy, including German

Cardinal Gerhard Muller, former head

of the Vatican’s doctrinal congregation,

was criticised for warning in a

letter of attempts to use the Covid-19

pandemic to create a ‘world government

beyond all control’.

Among those signing were; Archbishop

Carlo Maria Vigano, former

US nuncio to the United States; and

Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, retired

bishop of Hong Kong.



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Isis murders

52 Christians

in Mozambique

Bishop Luiz Fernando Lisboa

Aid to the Church in Need

Islamic State (Isis) has claimed

responsibility for an attack

in Mozambique in which

churches were burned and 52

young people killed.

Bishop Luiz Fernando Lisboa

told Catholic charity Aid to

the Church in Need that three

districts in the north were

attacked by jihadists during Holy

Week. In Muidumbe District, 52

young people were slaughtered

after refusing to join Isis,

although the extremists may

have been a local terror group.

Bishop Lisboa added that five

or six chapels were set on fire,

and even some mosques were


According to Premier News,

previous attacks in March had

already caused people to flee

their homes, allowing thieves to

loot the houses.

“The people are so weary

and very anxious after what has

happened,” Bishop Luiz said.

Three families in

India beaten up

Three Christian families who

refused to take part in animist

worship in India have been assaulted

and threatened with


Christian Solidarity Worldwide

reports that the attack happened

in the village of Salepal in the

Bastar District of Chhattisgarh on

4 May, when local animists began

worshipping on a field belonging

to the Christians. When the

Christians objected, the animists

threatened to take their land.

The next day, the Christians

were severely beaten and told to

renounce their faith or die. They

have now taken refuge in another

village as the police have ignored

their plight.

Meanwhile, pastors and their

families in some parts of India

are being excluded from government

food aid during the covid-19

lockdown, Barnabas Fund

reports. In one state, local Hindu

extremists who organised the

food distribution refused to give

food to a pastor unless he renounced

his faith in Jesus – leaving

him to return empty-handed

to his hungry family.

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