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Issue 220: June/July
Winter 2020


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Looking for the positives...

Over the last few months, we have seen massive change; to our lifestyle,

communities, and economy. It’s easy to throw out platitudes about ‘silver

linings’, but the reality is there are a lot of people, friends and associates whose

businesses have been devastated, years of work undermined. Now a murky

grey future of uncertainty still awaits them. Sure there are positives as in every

situation, but we need to look squarely at the future and know that what was in

the past will not be coming back any time soon – if ever.

But it is equally important to look at that which does not change – here at

Adventure we were astounded by the support that our online ‘free to the world’

issue received, which we brought out mid-COVID. I would love to say it was

carefully planned, but it wasn’t, it was us thinking on our feet trying to find the

best way forward. We sat daily bewildered by the number of people who read the

magazine. At one stage it was being read once every 25 seconds (you can follow

the link at the bottom if you wish to see that issue).

In a time of ‘whoa what’s coming next’ we had this beacon of positive

reaction. Regardless of what the world throws up, we are committed to an active

and adventurous lifestyle. Now more than ever, we generally believe that seeking

that adventures lifestyle is vital for us all. It makes us healthier, both physically

and mentally, it strengthens our environment and communities. We live in one

of the most incredible places on earth, and for every one of us, Adventure is


I am sure by the time you read this; we will be in Level One – embrace

all that it has to offer; visit local, buy local, and invest locally. Be an advocate

for your friends and family and encourage them to venture out. If they lack

confidence, then use one of the agencies that will introduce them and their family

safely to the outdoors.

You will see throughout this issue a new second logo associated

with Adventure called Taiao – it’s the simple symbol of a nikau palm and

the word ‘Taiao’ which means environment. It is time for us to grasp our

own environment. We can be proud of what kiwis have achieved through

this COVID experience, how it’s been overcome, how we have been

supportive of each other and how we have set a standard for the world.

Its now time to take that to another level and show the world how we as

kiwi can invest finically, emotionally and physically in our own Taiao our

own environment, because it is that investment locally, is what we can

control, what we can count on, that will give the most reward to both us

and our community for the future.

Steve Dickinson - Editor


Will Gadd ice climbs in a moulin on the Greenland ice cap

near Ilulissat, Greenland.

Image by Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool


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