Adventure Magazine Issue 220


Issue 220: June/July
Winter 2020


Photographer Christian Pondella, explains taking the cover shot while on

an expedition with Will Gadd to Greenland. See page 10 for the full story.

"In this kind of environment pretty much anyone with a camera or a phone

can take a really amazing photo because it’s such an amazing place, so

as a pro photographer you’ve got to find ways to exceed that. You’ve got

to be dynamic, evaluate the situation and give depth, use foreground,

middle ground, background, tr to do something that evoked emotion ,puts

the viewer into the picture, use dramatic lines and shadows, and then

draw them into the subject.

On this shoot, sometimes it was just a matter of hanging on a rope taking

photos, going up and down to line things up differently, shooting into the

light to make it dramatic, moody, bright and colourful. You always have

ideas before a shoot but you always end up changing your plan.

Every time I do a project with Will it turns out to be wild and adventurous. I

knew this one would be a tonne of fun and produce some amazing photos

and it turned out to be one of the coolest adventures I’ve ever been on."


Here is an Irish whiskey

that apparently will make

you think twice about it.

The engaging backstory

behind the birth of the

Glendalough distillery,

was created by friends

from Wicklow and

Dublin, with a desire to

set up a craft distillery

in Ireland to reflect the

heritage of the gone

by distilleries. They

took a risk by giving

up their jobs and created a distillery in the Glendalough mountains,

which was a favourite spot. Coupled with the sweet notes of cherry,

raisins, and fig flavour notes of the award winning double barrel

Irish whiskey, it was the right choice to use with a combination of

persimmon, pear, citrus and ginger. The tasting team commented

on the fruity, sweet but smooth whiskey flavour that shone through.

It was described as heavenly even when mixed with other fruit burst

flavour notes. Have you tried this whiskey?

• Muddle persimmon and pear together

• Add a few drops of essential black pepper oil thanks to @


• 2 jigger Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey @glendalough

• 1 jigger freshly squeezed lemon juice

• Bar spoon of Stones ginger wine

• Shake with ice, pour into glass and top up with a no sugar ginger

beer, and garnish with dehydrated pear and a matching rose.

Approx 10 carbs per serve

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