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Invitation to the

Anniversary and

Foundation Festival





Bad Blumau – Hundertwasser community

09 - 11 Oct 2020

Since a long time we had the feeling that something completely new would come for us.

9 years after our very first peace tree planting in Munich, we would like to create our international

foundation, together with you.

The Peacetree Coin should help us to plant 1 million Peace Trees with and,

moreover, to protect habitats of primeval forests and indigenous peoples.

From the very depth of our hearts, the peacecelebrationfestivals were born to which we

want to invite you from the bottom of our hearts. The festivals will be very uplifting peace

celebrations with wonderful workshops that can help develop great strength in all participants.

The start and the very first festival will take place on a magical Dream Place come true:

created by the brilliant artist and tree lover Friedensreich Hundertwasser in Bad Blumau.

We already planted a peace tree there on July 7th, 2019, at an international meeting of earth

keepers and elders.

So we look forward to many like-minded co-founders who share our big dream of an international

foundation for 1 million peace trees and feel the call to help initiate and realize this


Do you feel this resonante in your heart? Then write an email to with the keyword: „

2020“ and tell us why you want to be there and with a little luck,

one of 88 seats is yours.

We look forward to you!

9 year anniversary of the Peacetree Foundation &

Launch of

Greetings from our heart

From the whole Peacetree family

9th anniversary & founding

ceremony of the international

foundation Peacetree.Earth

We are honored the New Zealand Peace Ambassador and Waitaha

Peace People elder - Billy TK Senior - has taken over the patronage


We premiere at the very first Peace Celebration Festival with 88

co-founders from October 9-11, 2020 at the living & wellness artwork

by Friedensreich-Hundertwasser in Bad Blumau. We are

excited to co-lead Peace Celebration Festivals with peace benefit

concerts all over Europe, starring Billy TK Senior and his friend Carlos

Santana as well as other world-famous musicians in 2021.

How important the Peace Tree vision is for humanity was confirmed

by a visit from the Mamos from Colombia. They sent two

representatives of the next generation of their ancient earth keeper

tribe, with the purpose to guard the heart of Mother Earth.

Together we planted more peace trees and we received from them a

blessing for our vision and for the whole Peace Tree Network.

The devastating forest fires in the Amazon and Africa, and continued

overexploitation on the lungs of Mother Earth show the time

is now more mature than ever before for our large


The foundation´s aim is not just to expand the Peacetree network by

1 million trees, but also to protect habitats of primeval forests and

native inhabitants!

With the funding innovation of the Peacetree Coin as well as our major

Crowdfunding on Start-Next, the path is now open for everyone

to participate in the international foundation, the film and its projects

to restore our appreciation of our world’s peace.

“Kia Ora liebe Herzensgeschwister! Frieden ist immer da!

Als ich den Film „Die Mamos und die Bäume des Friedens“ gesehen habe, wollte ich diese Familie persönlich

kennenlernen, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, auf der ganzen Welt ein Netzwerk mit Friedensbäumen

zu pflanzen.

Sie haben mich 2 Wochen bei sich wohnen lassen und mich als Teil ihrer Familie willkommen geheissen. Die Friedensbaum

Familie hat für mich und andere grossartige Musiker mit „Friede, Freude, Friedrichshafen ein wundervolles

Festival organisiert und mir dabei geholfen meine WorldPeace Foundation zu gründen.

Zusammen waren wir dann 6 Wochen in Neuseeland auf Friedenstour unterwegs und haben gemeinsam viele

Friedensbäume, unter anderem auch einen für die Wale gepflanzt, damit diese sich wieder besser orientieren können

und nicht mehr stranden.

Daher ist es für mich eine grosse Ehre, ihr friedensfeierfestival und Gründung der internationalen Stiftung als Schirmherr

zu begleiten. Sie haben ihr Leben genauso wie ich dem Frieden gewidmet und bringen so viel auf die Erde. Sie

haben meine und Eure Unterstützung mehr als verdient.

Ihr Wirken und ihre grosse Vision ihrer internationalen Peacetree Charity werde ich und meine Musikerfreunde daher

auch mit den Benefizkonzerten auf meiner Europa-Tournee, die Matthias federführend mit organisieren wird, begleiten.

Sie machen eine grossartige Friedensarbeit und ich kann nur jedem empfehlen bei dem Gründungsfestival

dabei zu sein.

Kia Kaha - Forever Strong

Grusswort des Friedensbotschafters

aus Neuseeland

Billy TK Senior



Be part of the Peace Celebration Festival

with the Partner Ticket

Perhaps you are already feeling the call of your inner voice to make your contribution to this world.

An unmistakable process of change is taking place all over the world.

Many people are confused, feel isolated and find themselves waiting for the right moment. All of the

prophecies speak of the present day. People feel alone or not strong enough to bring change to the

world. Most have lost contact with their intuition and Mother Nature. However, they all feel that each

one, just like a cell of the great earth organism, has to fulfill their own task in order to be effective for

the big picture.

Have you always been someone who did’t just stand by, but rather aimed to give your best? You knew

that every act did more than all of the world‘s great words put together and have you already stood

up for your heart’s desire or do you want to do it now? You are the one reason why change in this

world is becoming possible. You believe in the good in this world and you know, when enough people

come together, the goodness turns out to be a beacon that will spread all over the world.

To create a harmonious world and accomplish our mission on earth, we need an environment

that supports us. We need to be surrounded by trees, forests and plants. Trees are connected

to the nourishing and supportive earth at every moment, giving us strength and stability. Trees

are the only plants that protrude so high into the sky to establish a stable connection

with the cosmos. As antennas they take up information, visions and

unity of the cosmos.

As a founding member, you will receive one of 10 sponsorships

of an already planted Peace Tree!

You will also receive one of the first-ever limited Peacetree-Coins

as well as a Peace Tree Mala, which will

connect you to the entire peace tree network.

Be a part of it and support the Peacetree Foundation!

Become a Peacetree founding partner & apply with

your „why“ for one of the 88 Tickets at:

Watch the interview on Delphin TV

Line Up at the


Inspiring speaker

for peace


Her songs are honest, touching and thoughtful.

Morgaine, a young, peace-loving and vegan artist full

of courage and self-confidence. She wraps her authentic

and critical lyrics about the light and dark sides

of life in a dreamy-profound robe of acoustic soundscapes

in her soft but expressive voice.

David Mages

An exceptional multi-instrumentalist, singer and teacher

full of dedication and empathy. With his colorful

variety of instruments, he takes you on a musical journey

around the world through other cultures, sounds

and traditions. Especially children are inspired about

his rousing songs.

Moderation - Dunja Burghardt

Dunja Burghardt is a moderator, screenwriter and

storyteller. Together with her husband Maik Burghardt

she has been moving the media industry for over 15

years in the field of sustainable development, social

responsibility and raising awareness and mindfulness

among our society. Her path led her to the Cosmic

Cine Film festival that will take place in the Mathäser

Filmpalast in Munich in April 2020 for the 7th time.

Filmmakers, artists and musicians show there their

vision of tomorrow‘s world where peace is possible.

Jacqueline Le Saunier

Spiritual trainer, actresse, visionary & author. The

focus of her work is to guide people back to their own

intuition and thus to their authentic, fulfilled path of

the heart. Thanks to her clairvoyance, she sees the

potential, calling and life issues in people´s energy


Jacqueline represents a new generation of modern,

down-to-earth, and spiritual teachers.

Mathias Walter - White Lightfire

He met his Native American teacher at the age of 22,

who, after 11 years of training, invited him to the strongest

and most sacred ritual of the Native Americans:

the sun dance. It was there where he received the

vision to create a peace movement - the Peacetree


At the Anniversary & Foundation party he will be

presenting his newest Vision – the planting of 1 million

peace trees – in an epic multi-vision show.

more brilliant

speakers & info on

Friday October 9th, 2020

Introduction to the I

Giving Peace a Value - Instead of Paying Taxes

Together with you we want to bring to life the international Peacetree.Earth foundation. It is the

next step toward the manifestation of our goal of planting one million peace trees. With this „earth

acupuncture“, a special ceremonial planting, the earth can regenerate faster, which has been confirmed

by many earth guardians.

With all the important climate discussion, we must not forget what Mother Earth really needs: our

affection, love, appreciation and gratitude!

Peace present

Gift peace now for the festival. Included in the gift box is our sought-after Peacetree

Mala, which connects you to the entire Peace Tree network and one of

the first Peacetree Coins limited edition (limited to 333), which

will soon be worth more than the whole box.

A peace tree is a very special ceremonial form of planting, much like our Celtic ancestors used to

perform it. Many primitive peoples have gathered hope for humanity from seeing us planting trees

the same way they did and visited us specifically to encourage us to plant more trees in this way!

Support our peace project now

with your donation at Start Next:

Give away a gift box

as a symbol of your


Our partner



will donate

25% on top of



The Peacetree Coin - For 1 million peace trees

What is I

Voices of Co-Lovers

Vision – Films for Peace

Peace trees are a symbol of being one.

Peace trees express our connection.

Peace trees represent people‘s mental strength.

Peace trees bring people back together.

Peace trees remind us of where our roots are.

Peace trees are our mirrors.

Wonderful, unique and powerful.

People are Peace Trees.

Iris aus Senegal

Peace trees radiate primal force - unconditional LOVE and

open the hearts of all people. Peace trees bring a lot of love, primal trust,

good-naturedness, peace and calm into the world. Connected to a Peace

Tree, I feel at home and within me the same strength flows, which lets me

recharge and encourages me on my way to my inner self. This unconditional,

deep PEACE allows for a flow of unconditional LOVE still desired to

grow in our world!

AHO! All peacemakers, peace trees and all those

who need this power, be blessed!

Renate aus Graz

The Project – Agents for Peace

For me, peace trees are portals, though which the energies of peace,

harmony and ease can be fed into the field of our Mother Earth. Due to

all peace trees being energetically connected amongst each other, an

ever-growing network is being created. This energy field of peace is

increasingly growing and is, through the trees, being rooted deeper into

the earth and thus into the hearts of people. I‘ve been to a few Peace Tree

plantings myself.

The greatest miracle I experienced at the rainbow dance: We were all

around the peace tree and touched it when we saw a rainbow-colored

cloud and a miniature rainbow in the middle of the bright blue sky,

although it wasn‘t raining! For me, this was a clear sign that our prayers

were being answered. Always ... Aho !!


After 8 international film and two peace film

awards for “The Mamos and the Trees of Peace“

we now want to realize our great charity film

vision “Agents of Peace”.

The soundtrack for this is already being produced

by well-known musicians from all over the


Some of the musicians will be at the gala evening

performing their works for the soundtrack live.

Filming has already taken place at locations in

Germany, Europe, America, New Zealand and

Myanmar. A first trailer will be presented at

the gala night in Bad Blumau.

An Extraordinary Journey to Myanmar

An inner and outer journey to the Philosopher‘s Stone

Since birth in 1972, Matthias Walter (medicine name - White Lightfire) has been a lucid day


In his dreams, he receives messages and meets his teachers on the path of his heart.

In 2009, three red and one white clothed monk suddenly appeared in his dream and told

him to come to their monastery in Burma.

He followed this call and was initiated with the ancient alchemical knowledge of the Philosopher´s

Stone which enables him to maintain telepathic contact with the monks. 2016 he

undergoes another intensive training in the monastery. Then the abbot declares a pair of

ancient jointed trees, located at the convents gate as a peace tree in order to strengthen

the network of to peace trees planted worldwide.

In the last dream, the monks authorize him to reconnect all of humanity

to this ancient alchemical body of wisdom and to its special powers. On his last trip in

February / March 2019, he got adopted as the son of the monastery and connected to the

monks‘ teacher.

On February 1st - 21st, 2021, there will be again a trip to the monastery in Myanmar.

What is the Philosopher‘s Stone?

Many myths surround the Philosopher‘s Stone, which in alchemy signifies the formula of

a „stone“, also called Lapis philosophorum. It is said to be out a substance that can turn

metal into gold.

The Philosopher‘s Stone also represents the principle of transmutation (transformation),

of healing and purification. Intended for use against various deficiency states and disharmonies,

the stone, which is also said to have a rejuvenating effect, is used as a panacea of

highest purity and as a symbol for transformation of the lower into the higher self of the

pure soul.

The stone goes through fire for you and with you, again and again, and burns every and

anything that has blocked your highest potential so far, little by little and fire by fire bringing

your noble inner essence to its full unfolding.

Since the group is limited, the only way to join is by applying for this special opportunity.

If you are interested to be part of this trip, then apply with your short personal biography

mentioning your „why“ and a photo by August 31, 2020 directly to White Lightfire at:

All those selected by the monks for this trip will then receive an invitation with further


Peace Tree

Here man, there the tree

alleged separation,

but vibrant this dream,

of recognition.

With the roots in heaven

man can bless him

with the roots towards the earth

meet each other truly.

The art of touching every tree

lays also in the hands and in this dream.

Severely injured for a long time,

used and cut down,

underestimated their value

but nothing in the world

stopped us from watering them -

and so, they are still there.

to make peace

where it had once been.

Dunja Burghardt

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