Shelton High School 2019 - 2020

Ms. Deyette

To the Class of 2020

Who could have ever expected your

senior year to be one for the nation to

remember? As you reflect back upon your

time at Shelton High please remember

the positive times, the memories you

made, and the events that you helped

create. You are part of history in the

making, even more than classes before

and after. You saw the opening of the

new building – and is not that something

to be proud of! You helped guide the

underclassman, who were more than half

the campus, and helped them learn what

it means to be a Highclimber and to show

Climber Pride. You participated in the

planning of the sports facility remodel.

What school in our area will have the

facilities that Shelton will have? You

supported the concept of an

underclassmen leadership class. These

are all examples of leaving your legacy

and making the place that has been so

important to you even better, richer with

opportunities for students, than what you

experienced. For these and many other

reasons, the Class of 2020 will have a

special place in our hearts and leave us

with lasting memories. Go beyond.

Explore the unknown. Take a risk.

Become the adult you desire to be. You

have roots at SHS, to include many

people who support you, never forget

that you are a Highclimber.

Thank you Class of 2020 – I will forever

remember you! Ms. Deyette

“2020, the future is clear”

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