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2 Softball Australia


The Australian Softball Federation (ASF) was formed in

1947, by softball associations in Victoria, Queensland

and New South Wales. The ASF, today known as

Softball Australia, aims to provide opportunities for

people to participate at all levels and in all forms of the

game, by developing, promoting and managing the

game throughout Australia.

Softball now spans across every state and territory

in Australia offering involvement for all individuals at

school, club, state, national and international levels.

There are two forms of softball – fastpitch and slowpitch.

Fastpitch softball is widely played, especially at

competition level, while slowpitch softball is promoted as

a recreational game in Australia.

Championships are held at both state and national levels

on an annual basis and are for the age groups of Open

Women and Men, Under 23 Women and Men, Under 19

Women and Men, Under 16 Girls and Boys and Masters.

At an international level, softball is played in over 120

countries around the world. Australia is currently the

only country in the world to have their four national

teams ranked in the top three; Australia’s Open Women’s

team - Aussie Spirit, Open Men’s team – Aussie

Steelers, and Under 19 Women’s team – Aussie Pride,

are ranked third in the world with the Under 19 Men’s

team – Aussie Colts, ranked number one.

These high world rankings are a reflection of the quality

of softball at the local level and standard of education

and accreditation systems in place in areas such as

coaching, umpiring and scoring in Australia.

A significant strength of softball in Australia is the

dedication of a large number of volunteers who give their

own time to administer the sport.


Softball Australia will provide quality sport

opportunities for all in the community. As a united

group striving for excellence, we will be responsive

to stakeholders’ expectations and will endeavour to

deliver softball is a spirited, fun and innovative sport

in a changing world”

Softball Australia 1


2 Softball Australia

Australia, for its small population and remoteness

of location, continues to confound the world with its

achievements on the international sporting stage.

This position has been reached by the development

of a comprehensive and effective national sport

system that encourages sport and structured

physical activity for all Australians and creates

opportunities to enable those who are talented and

motivated to reach their potential. This system has

evolved with the strong support of the Australian

Government, State/Territory and local governments,

the private sector and sporting organisations at all


At the national level, primary responsibility for

developing and directing sport lies with national sporting

organisations. On behalf of the Australian Government,

the Australian Sports Commission plays central

leadership, co-ordination, funding and advocacy roles

in the operation of the Australian sport system, largely

through the national sporting organisations. Indeed the

Australian Government, through the Commission, is the

major investor in Australian sport.

In 2007-08 the Australian Government, through the

Commission, provided Softball Australia with funding of

more than $2 million for the development of the sport and

its continued enhancement at the grass-root and elite

levels. The Commission also allocated a further

$270,000 under the Australian Government Sport

Training Grants program. This program provided

targeted direct financial support to Beijing Games medal

potential athletes.

The Australian Sports Commission recognises that

Softball Australia has continued to work to build its

membership base and has made significant progress

in establishing quality business processes with the

view to maximising service delivery to its membership.

Following the recent review of softball, the Australian

Sports Commission has been very pleased with the

progress of Softball Australia in moving toward a soundly

governed and professionally managed national sporting


On behalf of the Commission, I look forward to working

with Softball Australia in the future for the betterment of

Australian sport.

Mark A Peters

Chief Executive Officer

Australian Sports Commission


The last 12 months

have been a very

important time in the

history of Softball

Australia, with some

major success, on

and off the diamond,

and some significant

challenges beginning to

be addressed and the

seeds of major change

being planted.

In what can only be described as a remarkable

performance, our under 19 men’s team the ‘Aussie Colts’

brought home a fourth successive ISF Junior World

Championship Gold medal. Head Coach John Nielsen

and the entire team and staff are congratulated on an

outstanding performance. Our men’s program continues

to deliver fantastic results despite the ongoing funding

challenges for this form of our sport.

Congratulations are also extended to the Aussie Spirit

who, after a hectic 12 months, competed at the 2008

Beijing Olympic Games and brought home a bronze

medal. The bronze medal game received enormous

coverage in Australia and demonstrated the high

entertainment value of softball at the elite level. Well

done to Head Coach Fabian Barlow and the entire team

who we are all very proud of.

Winning Olympic bronze is an outstanding achievement

and I would also make special mention of Natalie Ward,

Melanie Roche and Tanya Harding who are the first

Australian female athletes to win medals at 4 consecutive

Olympic Games.

The decision of the IOC to not include softball on the

Olympic program for 2012 is a bitter pill for Softball

to swallow, however the ISF Back Softball Campaign

is in full swing and the International promotional and

lobbying campaign is giving Softball a chance for reinclusion

in 2016. The Olympic decision impacts on a

number of areas including; the dreams of young Softball

participants, the aspirations of those athletes currently

in the female talent pathway, promotion of softball to the

wider public and High Performance funding from the

Federal Government, which is vitally important for our

success at the international level.

Other major challenges facing Softball in the short term

include: increasing participation numbers and increasing

revenue from non-government sources. Both are

considerable challenges and in many ways go handin-hand.

By increasing participation more membership

revenue will come into softball at all levels and more

participants also makes softball more attractive to

commercial partners and sponsors.

The Softball Australia Board is acutely aware of these

challenges and has been developing strategies to

address them. The last 12 months has seen a number

of initiatives specifically created to tackle many of

the aforementioned issues. The most public of these

initiatives has been the ASC Review and the adoption of

the "Too Few; Too Much Report". The Report provides

softball with a blueprint to advance the sport which starts

with Constitutional and Governance Reform and also

include specific recommendations relating to events,

game development and high performance. Many of the

recommendations are quite large and all of Softball’s

stakeholders must rally together to advance the sport to

ensure a bright future.

The Softball Australia Board has also been working

very hard at confirming the roles of directors, keeping

a strategic focus and improving the transparency and

consultation associated with all decision making. The

management of the finance area has been a major area

of focus and a number of steps have been taken to

ensure best practice is adopted in this important area.

Softball Australia 3

4 Softball Australia

I would like to thank all of the Board Members for their

support, commitment and passion in what has been an

extremely active year for the Board and I look forward

to their ongoing commitment to steer Softball Australia

through such an important time in its’ history.

The role of our Member States and Territories in

developing softball cannot be overstated. The states

and territories play a vital role in administering our sport,

not only impacting on the grassroots level directly, but

also coordinating the pathway for our talented athletes.

Softball Australia makes policy and conducts programs

and competition at the National Level, but it is the

Member states and territories who do the ‘work on the

ground’ which is vital for the success of all National

initiatives. The collaboration between Softball Australia

and the state and territory associations is essential

for Softball to take the necessary steps forward in the

coming years and I look ahead with confidence that this

will be the case.

On a sad note we learnt of the passing in January of

Softball Australia Life Member Merle Short. Merle was a

long time Honorary Secretary of the Australian Women’s

Softball Council and is probably best known for being

the Manager of the 1965 World Championship Australian

Team. Merle Short is a true legend of the game of

softball and will be sorely missed by all in the Softball


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our

principle partners the Australian Sports Commission, the

Australian Institute of Sport and also, our commercial

partners and sponsors for their excellent support of

Softball in 2007-08. Your ongoing support is crucial

for softball to continue heading in the right direction

in the years ahead.The staff at Softball Australia is

acknowledged, both in the National Office in Melbourne

and the High Performance Office in Brisbane. The

enthusiasm with which you undertake your roles is

recognised and your efforts appreciated.

I am pleased to say that Softball Australia has taken the

first steps on a challenging but exciting road ahead and

I look forward to the entire softball community taking

charge of the future.

Phil Matthewson



It is fair to say that

2007-08 has seen the

beginning of enormous

change in the world of

Australian Softball.

In September 2007 the

National Office re-located

from the outer Melbourne

suburb of Box Hill to

be close to the city in

Hawthorn. The office

building is shared with

Bowls Victoria and Bowls

Australia and has a real ‘sports’ feel to it. The office is

approximately double the size of the old office and has a

large boardroom allowing meetings and functions including

Board meetings to be held on site.

From a management and governance viewpoint, the

major activity during the past 12 months has been a

‘whole of sport’ review conducted by the Australian Sports

Commission. The review considered all parts of the

softball business and activity at national and state level

and the ‘Too Few; Too Much’ report was produced. ‘Too

Few; Too Much’ contains 42 recommendations including

constitutional change, structural change in the High

Performance Program and new Community Softball

Programs. The report probably hasn’t told the softball

community anything that it didn’t know already, but it has

given much needed direction on how to tackle a number of

the challenges softball has been grappling with for many


Softball Australia acknowledges the contribution of

the Australian Sports Commission which fully funded

the review in addition to ongoing support in the High

Performance and Development areas. Special thanks to

the chief authors of the report, Stephen Fox and David

Crocker whose hard work is sure to pay dividends for

softball in the future.

Many challenges for softball in Australia still remain and

significant work is required to ensure softball remains

strong in respect to participation numbers and international

results. These challenges cannot be adequately dealt

with by individual groups within softball and it is the

responsibility of all stakeholders to work together to

advance the sport in Australia.

The past 12 months has also seen a number of changes

in staff and structure at Softball Australia. Dianne

Lilburn (Communications Coordinator) and Joanne

Paez (Business Manager) left Softball Australia for new

challenges and we welcomed Deion Moore (Financial

Coordinator) and Shannon Ryan (Club Development and

Membership Growth Coordinator). We wish Dianne and

Joanne all the best for their futures and look forward to

Deion and Shannon’s contribution.

Personnel changes have also occurred within the Directors

of Softball Australia. In October 2007 former Softball

Australia CEO and Director Neil Dalrymple did not seek

re-election due to employment commitments and Sue

Rindfleish was elected to the Board. Phil Matthewson

was officially elected as President of Softball Australia

after holding the position in an acting capacity following

the retirement of Harvey Milson from the position earlier

in 2007 and Darryl Clout was elected Vice President.

Retiring Director Jenny Holliday was also re-elected. In

December 2007 the Board welcomed Maree Holden and

Andrew Seeckts as appointed Directors with expertise in

communications and finance respectively.

While all this change was taking place off the field

Australian Teams kept performing at an extremely high

level on the field.

The “Aussie Colts” Junior Men’s Softball Team celebrated

their fourth consecutive World Championship gold medal

with a spectacular win in the ISF World Championships

against Canada in Whitehorse, Canada. Congratulations

to Head Coach John Nielsen and the entire squad for an

outstanding achievement.

The Aussie Steelers will compete at the 2009 ISF World

Championships after qualifying by finishing 2nd in a

qualifying tournament hosted by New Zealand Softball in

April 2008.

Softball Australia 5

6 Softball Australia

Aussie Spirit spent 2007-08 preparing for the Beijing

Olympic Games. Tours to China, Japan and Canada in

addition to participation in the National League/National

Championships all contributed to the preparation of the

15 athletes who were selected to represent Australia at

the Games. Softball Australia would like to acknowledge

the efforts of all squad members, volunteers and staff

who were involved throughout the team’s preparation. In

a terrific campaign Aussie Spirit came away with a hard

fought Olympic bronze medal after a titanic tussle with

Japan, during which 5 tiebreak innings were required

before a result could be achieved. The game also saw

softball broadcast on free to air television in prime time

with an estimated audience of 3.3 million Australian


The entire Aussie Spirit are to be congratulated on

winning an Olympic bronze medal, however we make

special mention of three of our athletes; Natalie Ward,

Tanya Harding and Melanie Roche who are the first

Australian female athletes to win medals at 4 consecutive

Olympic Games – an outstanding achievement.

At the National level, as usual our championships and

events were hotly contested. Congratulations to the

following state/territory associations for their success;

Championship/Event Winner

Arthur Allsop Shield (Under 16 Male) NSW

Esther Deason Shield (Under 16 Female) NSW

Nox Bailey Shield (Under 19 Male) ACT

Elinor MacKenzie (Under 19 Female) NSW

Laing Harrow Shield (Under 23 Male) ACT

Joyce Lester Shield (Under 23 Female) Victoria

John Reid Shield (Open Men’s) ACT

Gilley’s Shield (Open Women’s) NSW

National League (Open Women’s) Qld

On behalf of Softball Australia I would also like to

acknowledge the staff and volunteers of all host

associations for the National Championships and Events

for their hard work in providing the facilities and infrastructure

for such events to take place.

It would also be remiss of me not to take this opportunity

to thank our wonderful band of loyal partners and


Australian Sports Commission

Australian Institute of Sport

Australian Olympic Committee

• Easton

• Ausport

• MAKO Eyewear

• Canterbury International

• Boronia Travel Centre

• Mizuno

• My Heroes

• Johnson & Johnson

• State Institutes/Academies of Sport; QAS, ACTAS,


My appreciation is also extended to the Directors, staff

and volunteers of Softball Australia and our Member

States and Territories, who continue to make a very

valuable contribution to management and governance

of the sport in Australia. Your hard work, dedication and

passion is acknowledged and will continue to be required

as we take softball forward together.

Softball is heading into a new era, both on and off the

diamond. While we wait for the International Olympic

Committee decision regarding the re-inclusion of Softball

on the Olympic Program for 2016, after missing out

for 2012, it is the responsibility of all stakeholders in

the game to unite to tackle the immediate challenges

confronting us. Such challenges include: ensuring that

the game stays relevant for the next generation and

providing quality participation and pathway opportunities

for both the recreational competitor and the future

national team representatives.

We look forward to much of the hard work from 2007-08

beginning to bear fruit in the year ahead and Australian

softball attaining the success it deserves.

Mark McAllion

Chief Executive Officer

Softball Australia 7


8 Softball Australia

BOARD Phil Matthewson FCPA


Phil has been involved in softball

since the mid 1980's, firstly as a

coach, then Assistant Coach of the

Western Australian Senior Women’s

team in 1997 and later moving to the

administration side of the sport. He is a Life Member

of the Carine Cats Ball Club after serving as President

for a number of years. He was on to the Board of the

Western Australian Softball Association (WASA) in 1993

and became President in 1997 until 2003. Phil became

a Board Member of Softball Australia in 1998, Vice

President in 2003, took on the role of acting President in

early 2007 and was elected to President in October 2007.

Darryl Clout

Vice President

Darryl has been involved in a number of

roles in Softball for more than 20 years.

He was a member of the NSW Board

from 1995 to 2000 and has been a

member of the Softball Australia Board

since 1996, serving as President from 200 to 2004. He

has represented the Federation at the ISF Congresses in

Tampa in 2003, Kaohsiung in 2005 and Manila in 2007.

He is a member of the ISF's Administrative Commission,

Legislative Commission, the Code Review group and

the ISF Strategic Task Force, chaired by former IOC

President, Juan Antonio Samaranch, known as the

'Back Softball' Committee. He has held various roles

as Team Administrator and Head of Delegation at a

number of Men's World Championships and International

tournaments. In October 2007 David was elected to the

position of Softball Australia Vice-President. He is also

the General Manager of the NSW Department of Sport

and Recreation.


Jenny Cassidy

Jenny was elected to the Board in

October 2004 and is currently the Head

Coach of Softball at Wesley College.

After playing softball for 11 consecutive

years, representing Waverley and

Victoria at Junior and Senior levels,

Jenny had to leave the sport due to work commitments.

She has returned to the sport after 10 years and is

heavily involved at all levels.

Ken Culpitt

Developing a passion for the game

since the early 1960s, initially as a

scorer, Ken became one of the most

renowned umpires not only in Australia,

but also internationally, umpiring at six

World Championships. Ken joined the

Board in 2001, after serving on the ACT State Board,

and has made a major contribution to the direction of the

Softball Australia Umpiring Program over the past twenty

years, for over ten years as a Deputy Umpire-in-Chief.

Ken was instrumental in the development of Softball

Australia’s Strategic Plan and is a Life Member of Softball

Australia, Softball Canberra and the ACT Umpires’


Jenny Holliday

A member of the Board since 2005,

Jenny started her softball career in

1974 playing through to 1998; a career

which saw her represent Australia

in 104 games including three World

Championships (1986, 1990, 1994)

and one Olympic Games (1996). Jenny is now Chief

Executive of the People and Parks Foundation. Prior to

this her roles included Executive Director of the Victorian

Olympic Council Inc. and Head of Girls Sport at Caulfield

Grammar. Jenny was inducted into the International

Softball Hall of Fame in 2001 and the Softball Australia

Hall of Fame in 2002. She is a Life Member of the Glen

Waverley Softball Club.

Joyce Lester, OAM

Joyce played 235 games for Australia

and was part of the Bronze Medal

winning team at the Atlanta Olympics

in 1996. She was an Australian Senior

Representative from 1977 to 1996

and captain from 1985 to 1996. Since

her retirement from playing, Joyce has been involved

in coaching various teams in Queensland. Joyce was

inducted into the Softball Australia Hall of Fame in 2000

and was elected to the Board in 2002.

Susan Rindfleish

Sue, elected to the Softball Australia

Board in 2007, has been involved

in Softball Administration since the

early 1980s. She has been a Board

Member of Softball NSW since 1996

and the President of Softball NSW

since 2002. Sue is a Life Member of the Sutherland

Shire Softball Association and a Founding Life Member of

Redbacks Softball Club. Sue has held a number of team

Administrator roles for NSW at Australian Championships

since 1993. As a teacher in NSW Primary School

Education, Sue has been actively involved in the school

sport scene and is a Life Member of both the Sydney

East Region Primary School Sports Association and the

Botany Bay Zone PSSA.

Andrew Seeckts

Andrew joined the Board at the

beginning of 2008 with the focus

on finance. This is Andrew's first

involvement with Softball however, he

has previous experience in the Sports

and Recreation industry including

the MCC and Golf Australia. Andrew is Chair of the

Softball Australia Finance Committee and has overseen

significant change in this area during 2007 - 2008.

Maree Holden

Maree Holden has been involved in

softball for many years at all levels

of the game as either a player or

administrator. She began her softball

playing career as a 7 year old in Mt

Isa – she has coached and has also

been a team manager, but has also focussed her time in

the promotion of the sport. She has worked as Media

Officer for the Brisbane Diamonds National Fastpitch

League team, Media Officer for the Australian Women’s

team and Publicity Officer for the Queensland Softball


Terry Downes

Athletes Commission Representative

Has played 96 games for the Aussie

Stealers and has attended three World

Series (1996, 2000, 2004). Terry has

been a specialist coach for the womens

team at the 2004 / 2008 Olympics.

He was also the winner or the first Softballer of the Year


Kelly Gentle

Athletes Commission Observer

A member of the Athletes Commission

since 2006. Kelly began playing

softball in 1985 at the Cumberland

Nepean Softball Association in

NSW where she is still an active

playing member. She played for the University of

Hawaii from 1995 until 1999 while studying a degree in

communication on a scholarship. After playing in Hawaii

Kelly had a short stint in the Italian League. Kelly was a

member of the Australian Women’s Team from 2001 until

2006 and won bronze with the team at the 11th Women’s

World Championship. Currently Kelly holds the position

of Club General Manager at Fitness First.


Chief Executive Officer Mark McAllion

Game Development Manager Chet Gray

Athletes and Events Administrator Shane Cantelmi

Administration Assistant Erini Gianakopoulos

Finance Co-ordinator Deion Moore

Talent Identification Coordinator

Membership Growth

Kylie Bloodworth

& Club Development Coordinator Shannon Ryan

High Performance Manager

Programs Co-ordinator

Bob Crudgington

– AIS Softball Bernadette Dench

AIS Administration Assistant Christine Angove

Chief Statistician Michael Hannelly

National Umpire in Chief Andrew Rindfleish Manager Heather Farrell



AIS Head Coach /

Australian Women’s Coach Fabian Barlow

Under 19 Women’s Head Coach Paula McGovern

Men’s Head Coach Bob Harrow

Under 19 Men’s Head Coach John Neilsen

Softball Australia 9



Andrew Rindfleish (Umpire in Chief)

Patricia Sibraa (DUIC)

Leigh Evans (DUIC)

Debbie Grove (DUIC)


Mark Toft

Sue Itzstein

Bruce McCahon

Yvonne Kahler

Scott Reindfleish


Michael Hannelly (Chief Statistician)

Lindy Rattigan

Mary Walkinshaw

Ngaire Huston


Jenny Cassidy

Cathy Kerr

Shane Cantelmi

Michael Hannelly

Andrew Rindfleish

Bob Crudgington

Mark McAllion

Chet Gray



Paula McGovern

Fabian Barlow

Janell Behrendt


Bob Harrow

Darryl Clout

Ann Monahan

10 Softball Australia

Under 19 Men

Wayne Durbidge

Ann Monahan

John Neilsen

Under 19 Women

Paula McGovern

Annette Fidge

Sally McCreedy


John Bright

Kylie Bloodworth

Vikki Bingley


Jenny Holliday, Bob Crudgington, Mark McAllion,

Chet Gray, Fabian Barlow.


Andrew Seeckts, Deion Moore, Ken Culpitt,

Mark McAllion, Phil Matthewson, Michael Hannelly


Terry Downes, Jenny Holliday, Kelly Gentle, Paul Maisey,

Brooke Wilkins


U19 Men

Tour of NZ, October 2007

Head Coach: John Neilsen

Assistant Coach: Gary Butler

Specialist Coach: Sandra Evans

Team Manager: Jodie Sheehan

Statistician: Christine Denkel

Massage Therapist: Pat Turnock

Canberra Skins, December 2007

Head Coach: John Neilsen

Assistant Coach: Vikki Bingley

Specialist Coach: Laing Harrow

IT/Video Analysis: Gary Butler

Team Manager: Jodie Sheehan

Statistician: Christine Denkel

Physiotherapist: Jesse Adams

Open Men’s Nationals

March 2008 & ISF World Championship

June 2008

Head Coach: John Neilsen

Assistant Coach: Gary Butler

Specialist Coach: Laing Harrow

IT Specialist Coach: Sandra Evans

Team Manager: Jodie Sheehan

Statistician: Christine Denkel

Physiotherapist: Chris Neal

Open Men

Pacific Series, December 2007

Overseeing the program

Head Coach: Bob Harrow

Battery Coach: Loran Algar

Team Manager: Michael Titheradge

IT/Video Analysis: Barry Blanchard

Physiotherapist: Bernie Simai

Physiotherapist: Yoni Salomon

Physiotherapist: Cecile Dellaport

Massage Therapist: Pat Turnock

Green Team

Coach: Paul Maisey

Coach: Gary Butler

Statistician: Lindy Rattigan

Gold Team

Coach: Bryan Edwards

Coach: John Neilsen

Statistician: Helen Edwards

ISF Qualifier, April 2008

Head Coach: Bob Harrow

Assistant Coach: Loran Algar

Assistant Coach: Kere Johanson

Team Manager: Michael Titheradge

Statistician: Helen Edwards

IT/Video Analysis: Barry Blanchard

Physiotherapist: Bernie Simai

Open Women

2007 Canada Cup

Head Coach: Fabian Barlow

Asst Coach: Lindsey Carroll

Asst Coach: Lachlan Thorburn

Video Analyst: Susan Tomlinson

Team Manager: Jillian Ritter

Massage Therapist: Terry Downes

Physiotherapist: Katrina Macdonald

Statistician: Mary Walkinshaw

Selector: Janell Behrendt

Umpire: Leigh Evans

2007 China Cup

Head Coach: Fabian Barlow

Asst Coach: Wayne Saunders

Video Analyst: Susan Tomlinson

Team Manager: Jillian Ritter

Massage Therapist: Angela Lewis

Physiotherapist: Katrina Macdonald

Statistician: Cheryl Dawes

Selector: Paula McGovern

Strength & Conditioning: Lachlan Penfold

Umpire: Darren Sibraa

2007 Japan Cup

Head Coach: Fabian Barlow

Asst Coach: Richard McCreedy

Asst Coach: Joyce Lester

Video Analyst: Susan Tomlinson

Team Manager: Jillian Ritter

Massage Therapist: Howard Arbuthnot

Physiotherapist: Katrina Macdonald

Statistician: Carolyn Buttsworth

Selector: Janell Behrendt

Umpire: Darrell Shephard

2008 International Challenge

Head Coach: Fabian Barlow

Asst Coach: Richard McCreedy

Asst Coach: Wayne Saunders

Video Analyst: Susan Tomlinson

Team Manager: Jillian Ritter

Massage Therapist: Terry Downes

Physiotherapist: Katrina Macdonald

Statistician: Carolyn Buttsworth

Selector: Janell Behrendt

Selector: Paula McGovern

Softball Australia 11

12 Softball Australia



This report will focus on club development projects,

coach education programs and membership growth

initiatives, which have taken place during the period July

2007 to June 2008.

Sports Accreditation Online (SAO)

In 2007 Softball Australia was asked by the ASC, as one

of the initial 5 sports, to trial the new Sports Accreditation

Online (SAOI) system for coaches. All existing softball

coaches within our national database were transferred

over into the new SAO system in November. Since

November, State and Territory affiliates have gained

access to the new online database, for the purpose of

updating all accredited coaches information.

The Australian Sports Commission's (ASC) Coaching

and Officiating Unit has developed the system over the

last two years with input from selected national sporting

organisations. Sports Accreditation Online provides

a strong IT foundation for the future of the National

Coach Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) and the National

Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS). Sports

Accreditation Online will provide valuable information for

more than 2,500 individual softball coaches and officials.

Use of the internet to upload accreditation data

streamlines the process and enables softball to

implement new business systems that avoid multiple

handling of data and reduce workloads for State


A key feature for coaches and Softball Australia is

access to Sports Coach and Sports Official online

publications. A category search will enable articles in the

two publications to be located by areas of interest.

Other features of Sports Accreditation Online

include the ability to:

• monitor accreditation programs, in terms of expiry

dates and review processes;

• access reports providing a range of information on

an NSO’s accredited coaches and officials;

• generate reports on trends and cross sport


• allow individuals to update their own personal

contact details or refer individuals back to their


• allow coaches and officials to access their

accreditation status and print off their own




Softball Australia played host in Canberra to 80 coaches

from all over the Oceania region who participated

in the International Coaching College. The course

was held at the Australian Institute of Sport from 30

August - 2 September. The college was established

in the USA in collaboration between the International

Softball Federation and the National Fastpitch Coaches

Association. This was the first time the course had been

conducted in Australia and provided many coaches with

the opportunity to come together and share experiences

and develop their knowledge of our great game.

The college is a four day intensive course lead by some

of the most experienced coaches in the world. Sharon

Drysdale, the Director of the National Fastpitch Coaches

College was the lead instructor of the course, adequately

supported by John Tschida, and Linda Wells.

Coaches from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the

Philippines, Federated States of Micronesia, American

Samoa and Palau benefited from the information

delivered on many facets of the game including:offensive

and defensive strategy in addition to hitting and practical

sessions. Coaches left the course with a comprehensive

resource manual to utilise in their own countries.

Participants attending the course were as follows:

Vikki Bingley, Frank Curcio, Vicki Bingley, Alan Bain,

John Neilsen, Laing Harrow, Bob Crudgington,

Softball Australia 13

Fabian Barlow, Troy Baverstock, Grant Weir, Lachlan

Thorburn, Kere Johanson, Lindsey Carroll, Sue

Brandenburg, Andrew Mallison, Sam Donkin, Joanne

McGowen, Marilyn Jones, Sharon O'Mara, Dale

Kaimoana, Heather Skuse, Bill Fitzgerald, Lloyd

Howlett, John Black, Barry Blanchard, Martin McMahon,

Kevin Jenkins, Wendy Mathieson, Brooke Wilkins, Sue

Nisbet, Sonya Oskam, John Nairn, Reeann Chatman,

Teri Cubillo, Toni McCormack, Paula McGovern, Cheryl

Waye, Sandra Evans, Geoff Ritchie, Kirsty Mann, David

Bailey, Jenny Cassidy, Gary Butler, Chantelle James,

Janice Landy, Janell Behrendt, Annette Fidge, Leah

Grantham, Stephen Hunt, Rob Cook, Robert Henty,

Annette Phillips, Debbie Sauerwald, Debbie Colls,

Shelley Keen, Debbie Mygind, Rob Siolo, Alex Carter,

Kath McGilbert, Murray HAWKE, Dean Rice, Dave

Workman, Josephine LIM LEE IM, Jenny LIM POH

CHOO, Prof. Francis Carlos B. Diaz, Kingston Anson,

Patterson Anson, Clayton Mahuka, Tobias Marbou

Carolyn Ngiraingas

Softball Membership Growth and Club Development

In November 2007, Shannon Ryan joined the Softball

Australia staff as the Membership Growth & Club

Development Co-ordinator. Since this time, Shannon

has been looking after a number of areas concerning

growth/participation and club development practices,

along with creating new opportunities for targeted and

other associations who seek assistance. There are a

number of different areas that Shannon oversees as part

of his role. They include:

Regional Membership Growth & Club Development


The Regional Membership Growth & Club Development

program is focusing on six local associations in NSW,

Vic, TAS, SA and WA. They have been targeted at

this time in order for them to develop not only their

membership numbers but their ability, capacity and

development practices to operate effectively as an


Diamond Program/Grand Slam Program

The Diamond Program continues to be promoted across

the country through state and territory associations. This

program is one critical part of being able to evaluate

where an association/club sits when it comes to all areas

of association/club development. Softball Australia is

currently developing an online resource called the Grand

Slam Program which will assist associations and clubs in

all areas of development and membership practices.

14 Softball Australia

SportsCONNECT – Inclusive Softball

Softball Australia has completed its fourth year with the

newly named SportsCONNECT program and remains

at gold level. The Inclusive Softball program involves

the education, awareness and promotion of softball for

all abilities, cultural and socio economical backgrounds.

Softball Australia made a presentation to health, sporting

and local government officials in Victoria in June, to

inform them of the work that we have done and continue

to do. We continue to promote the Inclusive Softball

Softball for Everyone resource to disability organisations,

as well as softball associations and clubs.

Indigenous Sport Program

Funding support from the Indigenous Sports program

and Department of Communications, Information

Technology and the Arts (DCITA), enabled Softball

Australia to continue to fund programs that worked with

indigenous communities. The Indigenous Community

Softball Carnival program was conducted in NT, WA, and

SA with funding support from Softball Australia being

provided to the ACT for various Indigenous initiatives.

These programs continue to address the social issues

prevalent in these communities and also promotes

softball development.

Active After Schools Community Program – AASCP

Softball Australia completed working with the AASCP

program to develop a companion manual for softball.

The eight week softball program has been developed

for the "after schools’ sessions", to deliver a positive

sporting experience and promote the opportunity of

recruiting potential members to softball clubs and

associations. Softball Australia will continue to promote

this program to all relevant stakeholders in the sport.

Most of our state affiliates have continued to form links

with their State AASCP in order to deliver after school

softball programs.

Easton OZPitch program - Recreational Slow Pitch


Easton continues to support the opportunity for all States

to participate in the Easton OZPitch program. State

affiliates and local associations continue to be able to

access resources from Softball Australia to start their 4 –

6 week recreational slow pitch program for parents and

local organisations. Over the past year we have had a

number of associations take up the program in the states

and territories.

Softball Australia 15

16 Softball Australia

Talent Identification and Development

The primary focus of the Talent Identification and

Development area in 2007/08 was to conduct testing

across all states/territories. Through the funding

provided by the High Performance program and

the Australian Sports Commission, National Talent

Identification program (NTID), over 500 tests were

conducted throughout the year in six states. Selected

from the testing were the top 20 female athletes to

attend the Under 14 Development Camp in Sydney in

July 2008. The Talent Identification area was rebranded

during the year to become the “Unearthing the Stars”

program. Testing of athletes in states took a variety

of forms throughout the year, with various states

aligning themselves with National League teams as a

promotional exercise.

The Talent Identification and Development program

received $50,000 in funding across the past two financial

years from the NTID program, for the identification and

development of talented indigenous athletes. Softball

Australia is now able to identify the Indigenous athletes

participating in the elite pathways. In this past year

Softball Australia has not only provided support to

individual athletes but also ran an Indigenous Battery

Camp in 2007. This program, culminated in the selection

of the Australian Indigenous team who will participate in

the International Challenge Series in July 2008.

Chet Gray

Game Development Manager

Shannon Ryan

Membership Growth & Club Development Coordinator

Kylie Bloodworth

Talent ID Coordinator




The boy's and girl’s Friendship series were split over two

weeks during the July school holiday.

The Girl’s Friendship Series June 28 – July 5th with 10

teams competing and Boy’s Friendship Series July 6 –

11- with 6 team competing which included a team from

New Zealand.


"Australia Gold" secured the 2007 Youth Men`s

Friendship Series title after defeating the Qld Sharks

by 8 runs to 2. Australia Gold and the Qld Sharks had

finished in third and fourth positions after preliminary

rounds. Hard fought Semi Final matches saw both teams

advance to the Final, after the Sharks defeated NZ 1-0

and Aust Gold knocked Aust Green over by 6-2.

Individual Awards

Player of the Final - Shaun Bostock(Gold)

Most Stolen Bases - Kyle Beaudoin(NZ)

Most RBI`s - Adam Pearce(Sharks)

Best Pitcher - Shane Norman(Gold)

Best Batter - Shaun Bostock(Gold)

Most Valuable Player - Ty Priest(Gold)


Softball Australia`s Youth Girl’s Friendship Series was

won by Australia Green, who defeated US Red by 3 runs

to 2. US Red finished on top of the ladder after rounds

and met Aust Green in the Series Final. The Aussie

girls powered through the game with a strong defensive

performance and powerful hitting. Aust Green pitcher,

Simone Freeman was named Pitcher of the Tournament

and Player of the Final, with impressive performances on

the mound throughout the four day tournament. Simone

pitched the seven innings Final, achieving 13 K2s.

Other tournament awards went to;

Jade Wall(Gold)- MVP

Dani Curcio(ACTAS)- Batting

Kiley Schwebhelm(US Red)- Fielding

Stacey Webber(Green)- Most Home Runs

Sarah Needy(US Red)- Most Stolen Bases

Jade Wall(Gold)- RBIs

Softball Australia 17


Rain affected play in the Preliminary Final and playoff

game of the International Challenge Series at Blacktown

Olympic Park. The Grand Final could not be contested

due to continuing heavy rain.

The International Challenge Series win was therefore

awarded to the School Sport Australia Merit Team as

they were the first team to reach the Grand Final. US

Red were named runner`s up for the series.

18 Softball Australia

Final Standings

1st Merit Team

2nd US Red

3rd Invitational

4th NSW Metro

5th US Blue

Individual Award Winners

Most Stolen Bases - Kara Murphy(NSW Metro)

Fielding - Kellie Corder(US Red)

Batting - Toni Dance(Invitational)

Pitching - Kaia Parnaby(Merit)

Most Valuable Player - Jackie Di Siervi(Invitational)



The first u/14 national training camp was held, June 29 –

July 4th which included 20 players and 5 coaches.

The quality of the coaches and assistant coaches who

ran the camp was excellent. The Assistant coaches

worked within their brief and followed the directions of

the Leader Coaches and their behaviour and manner

with these athletes was appropriate at all times.

A detailed plan for the camp was devised before the

camp, with input from the leader coaches via a 2-hour

phone conference. This gave the camp a basis to work

with and helped with the planning, with Cathy Kerr and

the NSW Softball Association. This also meant planning

time each evening was reduced as the focus of each

session was already in place. All that was required

was minor changes and specific planning for the day’s


All Assistant coaches were involved in the nightly

planning sessions. Mary Magarey (physiotherapist)

conducted a session with the athletes and parents on

shoulder care and detailed exercises with a Theraband

© that athletes could do at home. Athletes were given a

Theraband © of their own.

Areas covered during camp included:

Pitching, Catching, Throwing, Fielding, Batting,Bunting,

Base Running, Pool recovery, Relay plays, Games,

Dynamic Warm Ups, Fitness, Infield, Outfield,Sliding

Leader Coaches

Paula McGovern, Brooke Wilkins, Kim Cooper,

Barry Blanchard

Assistant Coaches

Claire Dalziel, Brett Kirk, Mark Leonard


Francesca Alves (VIC), Belinda Anderson (TAS), Rachel

Beggs (QLD), Stephanie Birk (NSW), Ashleigh Bruce

(NSW), Melinda Buckmaster (ACT), Jordyn Christensen

(NSW), Mariah Cumberlidge (QLD), Annali Dolman (SA),

Nicolette Dunn (NT), Grace Fox (ACT), Lillian Halfacree

(NSW), Alexandra Halsey (QLD), Melissa Hayes (NT),

Brianna McGovern (ACT), Melissa Nottidge (NSW),

Renee Watt (ACT), Jacinta Williams (ACT), Stephanie

Williams (NSW)


Softball Australia conducted the first National Indigenous

battery program for 5 players and 3 coaches July 5 – 8.

The camp provided an opportunity for players to have

access to high quality coaches, biomechanical analysis,

sports science and nutrition.


Jessica Forest (NT), Shantelle Anderson (NT),

Catherine Hohepa (NT), Katina Robson (ACT),

Bianca Scrymgour (NT)


Kylie Bloodworth, Joanne Paez, Brooke Wilkins

AIS Pitching Coach

Kyle Richardson - Dartfish Assistance

Softball Australia 19


During the 2007/08 year the major focus of Softball

Australia’s Women's High Performance Program was the

continual preparation and final selection of our Olympic

team for the 2008 Beijing Games.


In order to maximise opportunities for players to

be selected and at the same time ensure the team

combinations were enhanced the program focused

on competition opportunities. The Australian team

participated in three overseas international competitions

including the Canada Cup, the China Cup and the Japan

Cup. These tournaments provided quality games against

Olympic standard opponents as well as exposure to the

playing conditions in Asia.

At the completion of the National League season Softball

Australia also conducted two more events in March with

the NTC Challenge and the International Series at the

Blacktown Olympic Centre. Over the past 12 months

leading up to the announcement of the Olympic team,

Australia participated in 8 international events as well as

conducting four rounds of National League and National

Championships. This schedule not only prepared the

team for the Olympic Games but provided AIS Squad

members and “potential” Olympic players with the

opportunity to demonstrate their wares to the National

Selection Panel.

20 Softball Australia

Training Camps

Each year the training camp schedule is driven by the

AIS Softball Program. With the exception of the annual

AIS Induction camp and an Olympic Selection Camp

most of the training camps were held later in the year

after the Olympic team had been announced. These

camps were important in finalising team goals, strategies

and developing teamwork.

Daily Training Environment

Our National Training Centre Program continued

to provide the daily training for our AIS Squad and

developing players. Through the efforts of our NTC

coaches and the support provided by a number

of the State Institutes and Academies our players

enjoyed excellent support via skills and performance

enhancement sessions as well as support from their

athlete welfare departments. Services included injury

management, strength and conditioning, video feedback,

nutrition, performance psychology and athlete career and

counselling services.

On behalf of Softball Australia, we would like to thank

the staff of the New South Wales Institute of Sport,

the Queensland Academy of Sport, the ACT Academy

of Sport, the Victorian Institute of Sport and the West

Australian Institute of Sport for their expert guidance and

support of our elite softball players.

Softball Australia would also like to acknowledge the

support and efforts from the State Softball Organisations,

who provide the underpinning programs and the

framework for the State teams for National Competitions.

Performance Enhancement

The major focus of the performance program has been

the scouting of Olympic opponents, with the use of video

analysis and charting via Digital Scout. Thanks to the

work from Sue Tomlinson; athletes and coaches received

DVD ROMs of their own performances and opposition

teams. This type of work is time consuming and Sue

would have spent many late nights downloading and

editing footage from games in order to give the team a

strategical edge over its opponents.

Softball Australia would also like to acknowledge

the expertise of the AIS Sports science consultants,

especially nutritionist Michelle Cort and performance

psychologist Rosanna Stanimirovic.

Management and Administration

There is a tremendous amount of “off the diamond” work

necessary to get an international squad ready for an

Olympic Games. Head Coach, Fabian Barlow has done

Softball Australia 21

an outstanding job providing the planning, leadership

and direction of the women’s program. However the

program wouldn’t have progressed far without the help of

a number of key people, both staff and volunteers.

Heading the list of volunteers is Jill Ritter, the team

manager for “Aussie Spirit”. For a volunteer to make

herself available for so many overseas tours and

events was a remarkable contribution to the team. Her

excellent organisational skills ensured many of the team

functions were executed smoothly. Off the field activities

included dealing with hotels, airports, excess luggage,

team finances and the general daily organisation and

administration of the team.

A number of volunteer coaches also helped Fabian and

the coaching staff, and the expertise and enthusiasm

provided by Richard McCreedy and Wayne Saunders

has been greatly appreciated by Softball Australia and

Aussie Spirit. Keeping track of performance statistics is

another important task and the contributions from Carolyn

Buttsworth, Cheryl Dawes and Mary Walkinshaw are also


Softball Australia also wishes to acknowledge the efforts

from our volunteer selectors, Paula McGovern and Janell

Behrendt who were charged with the difficult task of

assisting Fabian Barlow with the selection process.

Other people to contribute to the program include our

medical staff led by Doctor Mark Young. On tour, our

athletes received care from our physiotherapists Katrina

MacDonald, Kylie Robertson and massage therapists

Howard Arbuthnot, Terry Downes and Angela Lewis.

Our NTC coaches have been tireless in their efforts to

prepare individual players for international competition

and we would like to acknowledge the expertise of

Lindsey Carroll and Lachlan Thorburn, who contributed

at training as well as assisted Fabian Barlow by

participating in a number of international events.

22 Softball Australia

Other NTC coaches including Troy Baverstock, Grant

Weir, Kylie Bloodworth, Lloyd Howlett and Kathy Horton

also made significant contributions to the daily training

environment of our elite players.

Before any player or coach steps onto a plane there is a

tremendous amount of work required in terms of logistics.

The work put forward by our AIS Softball Coordinator

Bernadette Dench has been outstanding. Apart

form the administration work associated with the AIS

program, “Bernie” was responsible for the logistics for 8

international events, 6 AIS camps as well as looking after

the bookings for 6 National League teams at 3 different

events. Bernie also looked after uniforms and apparel for

the Australian team as well as administering the ASADA

database for softball. Her efficient and friendly manner

always made her the first stopping point for any player or

staff member.

Finally on behalf of the staff of the High Performance

Program I would like to thank the leadership provided

by our Chief Executive, Mark McAllion and SA board

member Jenny Holliday.

Mark left no stone unturned to make sure we had the

resources to carry out all facets of the high performance

plan, and along with the input from Jenny Holiday

provided the strategic leadership necessary to get the job


I would also like to thank the staff at the office in

Melbourne particularly Deion Moore, Shane Cantelmi,

Chet Grey and Erini Gianakopoulos who were always

available to assist us to keep the program running.

Bob Crudgington

High Performance Manager

Softball Australia 23


The Marketing and Communications side to the Softball

Australia business in 2007/2008 saw the introduction of

a number of innovative mediums and events, and a busy

time from a media perspective in the lead up to both the

Canada Cup and the Beijing Olympic Games.

A highlight of the year was the announcement of the 2008

Beijing Olympic Team which was held on the 2nd April in

Blacktown, Sydney. The AOC Assistant Chef de Mission,

Lyn Bates officially named the team with Jo Banning,

Media Liaison for the AOC performing the role of Master

of Ceremonies and Phil Mathewson, President of Softball

Australia welcoming those in attendance.

Natalie Ward was named Captain of the Team and spoke

to those attending which included, members of the

media, AOC members, softball representatives and local

association presidents and secretaries.

Another event during the year was the annual Softballer

of the Year Awards dinner, held in Brisbane and attended

by about 120 people including Softball Australia

Committee Members, State Representatives, athletes

and softball supporters who were treated to the

professionalism of Craig Willis as the MC and witnessed

Bob Crudgington inducted into the Softball Australia “Hall

of Fame”.

The month of February 2008, saw the appointment of

Sports and Entertainment Group (SEG) to provide a

number of services including: media liaison, webcasting,

newsletter production and the introduction of the

My Heroes concept.

In February, Softball Australia took the ground-breaking

move to stream-on-demand over the internet, the

24 Softball Australia

International Challenge Series held in Blacktown, Sydney,

between Australia, Japan, China and Canada.

Followers of the sport in Australia and overseas were

able to watch the series at a time which was convenient

for them through the internet and were provided with all

the action and commentary as if watching it on television,

something which was a first for the sport of softball.

Being an Olympic year, media interest in the team was

heightened with most members involved in many media

interviews, including newspaper, magazine, radio and

television with a fun highlight for Nat Ward and Belinda

Wright, who were featured on Saturday Disney.

The year also saw the revitalisation

of the "Softballer newsletter" with a

new look design, of which there have

been three editions over the last few

months. The same design was used

for all the other printed Softball

Australia collateral including the

2008 Media Guide and this

2007/2008 Year Book

Wise heads

& unbridled


Five of the 15 players named by the

Australian Olympic Committee on

April 4 will be going to their first




The Australian team selected for the Olympic Games in

Beijing in August, is an excellent mix of wise heads with

the unbridled freshness of first-time enthusiasm.

Headlining that quintet is the youngest

member of the team, 21 year old pitcher

Australia has won a medal at all three Melanie Roche, Tanya Harding, Natalie

Justine Smethurst. Belinda Wright, who

Olympic softball tournaments – bronze in Titcume and Stacey Porter who are all

was a reserve for the team that went to

Atlanta and Sydney, silver in Athens. The playing for different teams in Japan, while

Athens four years ago, will be an active

USA has won the gold at all three

Kelly Hardie and Simmone Morrow are

member in 2008, while Danielle Stewart,

Games, and while Ritter believes the playing in Italy.

Jodie Bowering and Kylie Cronk are also

Americans are still the ones to beat, she

Olympic debutants.

“We will be playing in the Canada Cup,

emphasised the evenness now apparent which is a tradition for this team every

At the other end of the scale, three

in international softball.

year, and there we’ll probably face the

players will be competing in their fourth

“The Americans are the ones to beat, but USA as well as other teams competing in

Olympics – a perfect record of participa-

so is Japan, so is China, so is Canada,” Beijing. So it will give us a fair bit of

tion given softball was only introduced for

Ritter explained. “I think everyone has an practice before we hit the Olympics.”

the 1996 Games in Atlanta. Captain

concluded Ritter.

Natalie Ward and two of the four pitchers

in the team – Melanie Roche and Tanya The week after the team was named the A final camp back in Australia will be


players went into a four-day, team-

conducted before the team flies to Beijing

building camp at the Gold Coast which on August 6. The first of the Aussie

The final chance to impress for selection

was all about physical challenges and Spirit’s seven preliminary matches will be

on the team was the international series

operating as a unit, but little about

played on August 12.

staged at Blacktown in March against


Canada, China and Japan. While

The Australian Softball Team

Canada, which had its Olympic team “We didn’t pick up any gloves or balls,”

for the Beijing Olympic Games is:

here, won the tournament, Australia’s aim Ritter admitted. “It was a bit more about

to experiment with various combinations getting everyone on the same page and Jodie Bowering Natalie Ward (Capt.)

was rated a success.

understanding what they have to do off Kylie Cronk Belinda Wright

the diamond and now Fabian Barlow Kelly Hardie Kerry Wyborn

Jill Ritter, Section Manager for the

takes over on the diamond.”

Tanya Harding Head Coach:

Australian team, said: “Because we were

Sandra Lewis Fabian Barlow

selecting, we obviously didn’t have line- Another camp was conducted on the first

Simmone Morrow Team Officials:

ups out there that would necessarily be weekend in May in Sydney for the nine

Tracey Mosley Wayne Saunders

as competitive. Fabian Barlow, our Head players who aren’t currently playing

Stacey Porter Richard McCreedy

Coach was looking to see who stepped professionally overseas.

Melanie Roche Susan Tomlinson

up and who didn’t, not can we win it.”

Justine Smethurst Jillian Ritter

Danielle Stewart Katrina Macdonald

Natalie Titcume

Terry Downes

equal chance and it’s a lot more even now.”


The Softball Australia Athletes’ Commission (AC) has

been in the Softball Australia framework now for three

consecutive years. The purpose of this commission is to

represent the views of athletes from the grass roots to the

elite level to the Softball Australia Board.

2007/08 members of the athletes commission are;

Terry Downes QLD

Kelly Gentle NSW

Paul Maisey VIC

Brooke Wilkins QLD

In 2007/08 Terry Downes and Kelly Gentle were the

AC members on the Softball Australia Board with

Terry Downes being the voting member. Our Board

representatives continued to voice the ideas and

concerns of the players where necessary at board

meetings and once again, the AC would like to thank

Softball Australia for their continued recognition of the

Athletes’ Commission and for allowing its members to

become an integral part of the SA board.

The 2007/08 year was busy with the Women’s team

heading off to the Olympics winning Bronze, the

Under 19 Men’s team winning Gold at the Youth World

Championship, the Men’s team winning the ACTEW AGL

Pacific International Men's Series and qualifying for the

2009 World Championship.

This busy year again the AC was able discuss via email,

teleconferences, and face-to-face meetings many

topics from the issues facing the sport from an athlete’s

perspective to the different issues surrounding our

representative teams.

Some Athlete Commission discussion and actioned items

this year have been:

• AC member Paul Maisey continued communications

with the umpires association to discuss current game

management and decision-making. It is hoped that this

new open line of communication will help improve the

game of softball.

• Players from the women’s program sought and received

permission from the board to write a letter of thanks

to both the ASC and AOC for their ongoing support

of softball and the Australian women’s players in this


• Men’s Fundraising Committee (est. 2006) has been

raising money to help offset some of the personal

expenses involved with the men’s program and its


The program was boosted by:

• Adam Dean’s generous contribution of live magic shows

• Raffles held at the 60th anniversary in Sydney

Sports memorabilia auction at the skins tournament

• Zaidee Foundation Support. Softball Australia and

the AC got behind the Zaidee Foundation this year by

wearing the rainbow shoelaces at national tournaments

to raise awareness of youth organ donation. We thank

all States and players that were involved and wore the


• Player numbers and caps were distributed to men’s

players retrospectively. States have used tournament

dinners and state team dinners to present players with

caps. The team will present all future caps to new team


Australian women’s team uniform committee - players

were brought together and used in the decision making

for team uniforms with a sponsorship with Canterbury

making it possible for the team to be decked out in new

playing uniforms.

• The AC has made efforts to gain player input to the

SA website via posting personal stories and diaries to

engage public interest. The framework for this and a

more structured approach will be established in the

coming 12 months.

• A page on the SA website with information regarding

the AC’s existence, roles and responsibilities is in the

pipeline for launch in 2009. The page will allow athletes

to gain a greater understanding of the AC and voice

their opinions and ideas direct to the AC members for

discussion at meetings.

• AC agreed with Softball Australia to the idea of

discontinuing the u23 National Tournaments due to the

new direction our sport is headed.

Softball Australia 25

All members of the AC would like to send their

congratulations to the Aussie Colts and the Aussie Spirit

team members on their outstanding individual and team

achievements throughout their World Championship and

Olympic campaigns. They have proved once again that

athletes and teams from Australia are tough, skilled and

have the ability to play softball with class and integrity.

The AC continued to increase the awareness of its

existence and the awareness of its role for members of

26 Softball Australia

Softball Australia. It is anticipated that this next year we

will continue to grow as a commission and provide both

Softball Australia and members with support.

Terry Downes and Kelly Gentle

On behalf of the Softball Australia Athletes’ Commission


2007/08 was a busy year for softball across the country

with many opportunities for our umpires to be involved

in softball at all levels. The service provided by our

1000 plus registered umpires from Saturday T-ball to the

growing number of masters competitions to State and

National championships and to the international arena

has allowed our sport to continue to be enjoyed by all. At

the National level, we had eight National Championships

in 2008, serviced by 48 qualified umpires, an increase

of 6 from 2007, averaging 1.75 tournaments each. In

total, 89 umpire appointments were made for the 2008

Nationals. The National League series was played

in the three eastern States and provided additional

opportunities to umpires, largely, from these States. The

ACT Men’s Skins Tournament in December, together

with the annual South Brisbane Classic in June provided,

largely self-funded (though accommodation is provided in

Canberra), high class opportunities to those umpires with

a focus on the male side of our sport.

At the International level, opportunities for umpires on

both the female and male programs were again plentiful

in 2006/2007. Four of the Olympic teams competed in an

international tournament in Sydney in April, with Debbie

Grove (Vic), Neville Lawrance (SA), Damien McCauley

(SA), Andrew Rindfleish (NSW), Scott Rindfleish

(NSW), Darrell Shephard (NSW) and Diane Waller (Vic)

comprising the umpire crew. The annual men’s Pacific

International Test series was held in Canberra following

the ACT Skins weekend in December 2007. Ken Culpitt

was appointed the UIC and Leigh Evans (Vic), Bruce

McCahon (NSW), Damien McCauley (SA), Andrew

Rindfleish (NSW) and Darren Sibraa (Qld) joined with

three visiting New Zealand international umpires to work

the tournament. The Softball Australia Friendship Series,

held over a fortnight at Blacktown in Sydney in July 2008

continued as a developmental venue for umpires. For

the fourth year, an Advanced Umpire Clinic was held in

conjunction with the Friendship Series. Five umpires

from NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria

attended the Clinic.

Debbie Grove, from Victoria, was named the 2007

Viv Triplett Umpire of the Year at the Softball Australia

Awards of Excellence for her continued contribution to

softball umpiring at the State, National and international

levels. The Australian and New Zealand umpire

programs have had a Tasman Exchange in place for

many years. Under this initiative each country sends

one or more of its umpires to the other to officiate at a

National championship. Warren Duff (WA) and Kevin

Broomhall (Vic) travelled to Hutt Valley for the NZ Men’s

Club Championship in March 2008. Reciprocating was

Jeremy England, who umpired at the Men’s Nationals

in Melbourne in March 2008. Internationally, a number

of overseas appointments were made to support the

female and male programs. Debbie Grove (Victoria) and

Di Waller (Victoria) were appointed to the 2008 Beijing

Olympics. Margo Koskelainen was also appointed as

a Deputy UIC at the Olympics. Scott Rindfleish (NSW)

and Darren Sibraa (Qld) were appointed to the Under

Softball Australia 27

19 Male World Championships in Whitehorse, Canada,

in 2008. Debbie Grove and Di Waller accompanied the

Australian Team to the 2008 Canada Cup. Leigh Evans

(Vic), Damien McCauley (SA), Scott Rindfleish and Darren

Sibraa umpired the Men’s World Championship Qualifier in

Auckland in April 2008.

Wayne Saunders, from New Zealand, was appointed to

the position of Oceania Region Umpire in Chief in 2007.

Wayne has displayed a keenness to have as unified

approach as possible across all Oceania countries.

Andrew Rindfleish and Scott Rindfleish conducted a clinic

for Papua New Guinea umpires in Port Moresby in March

2008. Formal clinic work was followed by on diamond

assessment at the PNG National Championships.

Our successful umpires at national levels of accreditation

in 2008 were, for Level 6 – Dave Roberts (South Australia),

Helen Strauss (Queensland) and Howard Watt (NSW);

28 Softball Australia

and for Level 5 – Richard Barrow (Victoria), Matt Blake

(Queensland), Mark Gallagher (ACT), Leanne Gearside

(New South Wales) and Peter Walsh (Queensland).

January 2008 saw the passing of long term ISF Director

of Umpires, Merle Butler. Merle was a friend to Australian

softball umpiring and a close friend to many individual

Australian umpires. He is and will be missed by many.

Andrew Rindfleish

National Umpire-in-Chief


The National Statistician Committee (NSC) has continued

to forge its way into recognition with a number of

significant achievements including:


Governance and management of the Statistician

program for the year;

Operational Plan for the Statistician Program has

been reviewed and updated;

Extension of Committee to assist in successful


NSC National Scoring forum with every State and

Territory, except the Northern Territory represented;

National Officials Accreditation Scheme (NOAS)

accepted and in place;

Exam assessments (review of requirements) and

quality control;

Staffing of National and International Events in


Quality assurance review of all games from the 2008

National Championships and events;

The improvement of Electronic reporting from

National Events by Statisticians and volunteers;

Further technology assessment (trial of technology

formally at a championship);

Mentoring program trialled for 2008 with good results

and feedback at National and State level;

Adoption of the Australian Sports Commission

Trainer and Presenter courses; and

Recognition of the skills of Australian Statisticians

Internationally through appointments to International

Events by ISF.

The two years of transition to the NOAS accreditation has

now been completed, effective July 30, 2008.

The Mentor Program has progressed during the year

with NSC Members attending both planning and Mentor

training programs. At the Open Nationals in Sydney 2008,

a Northern Territory Statistician who had been identified

for a career path in April 2007, was invited to attend and

improve her skills.

The Northern Territory Statistician was paired with Mentor

Statisticians at the event to enable her to have a wide

variety of experiences and pick up skills. The exposure to

a diverse group enabled the NT Statistician to select the

most appropriate mentor to meet their needs, as well as

developing a future support group.

The NT Statistician was able to display competencies at

the event in, operating the National Statistics Database,

practical skills in the running of a scoring team at a

National Event, Electronic and Paper Scoring at National

Events. Also The NT Statistician was able to successfully

present a practical exam for examination for NOAS

Level 4.

In a trial at the NTC and International Challenge new

Level 2 NOAS scorers were able to attend and be paired

with senior statisticians. The improvement in skill sets of

the “mentee” scorers was impressive and they are now

pressing the NSW State Director for a Level 3 course.

The consistency and quality control standards across the

program are underpinned through the quality assurance

program with the assessment of every game across

national tournaments. The work of the National Scoring

Committee members undertaking the duty is outstanding

and must be recognised.

Reviews are provided to State Directors for hosted

tournaments, to ensure the content is correct. It

is pleasing to see the improvement of reporting at

National Events with the Tournament Chief Statistician’s

implementing recommended changes.

In May, the National Scoring Forum was conducted with

all States and Territories attending with the exception of

the Northern Territory. The format of this annual forum

changed this year to provide additional opportunities

to network as well as continuing to provide a valuable

source for consultation, discussion and directives.

Softball Australia 29

Carolyn Buttsworth (NSW), Cheryl Dawes (Qld), Christine

Denkel (Qld),Helen Edwards (Vic) and Lindy Rattigan

(SA) represented Softball Australia in a variety of scoring

and statistical roles at international level over the past 12


International recognition of the Australian Scoring Program

has been evidenced by the international appointments by

ISF of Australian Statisticians. Lis and Mike Hannelly were

appointed to the South Pacific Games as Lecturers and

Chief Statisticians.

Their role included training the available scorers in Samoa

prior to the games and mentoring during the games. Mike

30 Softball Australia

Hannelly has been appointed as Chief Scorer and Carolyn

Buttsworth has been appointed as an official Scorer to the

Beijing Olympics.

We would like to thank the very hard working National

Scoring Committee members for their hard work during

the year. Without their efforts, our program would not have


Mike Hannelly

Chief Statistician


With an Olympic team selected in March and the

Olympic Games to be staged in August it has been

a hectic 12 months for both the athletes and staff as

players showcased their skills at different national and

international events to seek selection for Beijing.

The athletes were provided with lots of opportunities to

secure their selection with tours to Canada, China and

Japan between July and December of 2007 as well as

an international home series against Canada, China

and Japan in March 2008. There was also the National

League, Gilley’s Shield and an Olympic Trial camp in

February held in Brisbane to allow the players to put their

best foot forward.

On March 16 th in Sydney the three national selectors sat

in a hotel room for 7 hours to select the final 15 athletes

that would represent Australia in the softball event at the

2008 Beijing Olympic Games. This was quite a difficult

few hours for the selectors as we knew as the day was

going on we were making some players dreams come

true as well as ruining others. We felt we could have

selected another 2 or 3 different combinations of teams

and they all would have done a good job for their Country.

Throughout the international tours and the home series

in March the team experienced some mixed results.

This was due to a mixture of trialing new combinations,

possibly players trying too hard to impress, quality

opposition as well as just some up and down team

performances. Throughout these mixed performances

we not only learnt a lot about our own players but

also the strengths and weaknesses of our upcoming

Olympic opposition. There were many hours spent by

Sue Tomlinson our video analyst in centerfield capturing

footage of our opposition and providing this footage to

the coaches for them to analyze.Once the team had

been selected in March and we had conducted our first

Olympic camp in April six members of the team left to

play in the professional leagues of Japan and Italy. In

particular this was pleasing that three of the players

were pitchers as this would provide a great preparation

for them by having to pitch to world class hitters every

weekend. This left nine players and the staff to prepare

for the pre Olympic tour to Canada as well as the

Olympics through camps, scrimmage games as well as

their own individual skills work with their home based

coaches. These nine athletes worked extremely hard

during this time and were looking forward to putting that

hard work into practice on the Canada tour.

The Canada tour would involve exhibition games against

an All Star team from Ontario as well as the Venezuelan

National team who had also qualified for Beijing. This

would be followed by a Tri-nations series involving

Australia, Canada and Japan and then onto Vancouver

for the well known Canada Cup event. There would also

be team trainings as well as the players continuing their

strength and conditioning programs at gyms we were

provided access to.

I have several people and groups to thank for their

help, effort and support over the last 12 months. The

Australian Institute of Sport, Softball Australia Board and

the Softball Australia staff members in the Melbourne

office have been terrific in their support of the Women’s

National Program. The NTC coaches around the country

have been vital in the development and up-skilling of the

players which has led to a quality National League and

Gilley’s Shield as well as a stronger player base for the

National selectors to choose from. Bob and Bernie in the

AIS office in Brisbane have made massive contributions

to the program, the different teams selected and myself

over the last 12 months. The Aussie Spirit staff have

been great and are a real pleasure to work with, they give

up their families and time away from work to provide the

players with the best opportunity to perform. And lastly

and most importantly the athletes, thank you for your

efforts over the last 12 months in particular leading into

the selection of the Olympic team. During this emotional

roller coaster time of selection and trying your very best

to perform you all conducted yourselves in a way that the

Australia softball community can be proud of.

Fabian Barlow

Senior Women's Head Coach

Softball Australia 31

32 Softball Australia

Jodie Bowering

Sandra Lewis

Justine Smethurst

Belinda Wright

Kylie Cronk

Simmone Morrow

Danielle Stewart

Kerry Wyborn

Kelly Hardie

Tracey Mosley

Natalie Titcume

Stacey Porter

Tanya Harding

Melanie Roche

Natalie Ward (C)

Softball Australia 33


34 Softball Australia

Australian Opens Women’s Squad and Statistics

Games played for period 30 th June 2007 – 28 th June 2008

2007/2008 AIS/Australian Open Women’s Squad

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Total

Catherine Bishop SA 4 0 0 0 0 4

Alison Bourne NSW 0 0 0 0 0 0

Jodie Bowering Qld 8 8 4 4 7 31

Sarah Bradley NSW 0 0 0 0 0 0

Carly Cheesman VIC 0 0 0 0 0 0

Kylie Cronk Qld 8 8 4 4 6 30

Chelsea Forkin WA 3 0 0 0 0 3

Leigh Godfrey WA 0 0 0 0 7 7

Kelly Hardie Qld 0 4 3 2 5 14

Tanya Harding Qld 0 3 3 2 0 8

Danica Howlett NSW 9 6 2 5 7 29

Kate Judd ACT 7 6 3 4 6 26

Sandra Lewis Qld 9 8 0 0 7 24

Jocelyn McCallum Qld 4 0 0 0 0 4

Zara Mee NSW 6 4 0 0 5 15

Simmone Morrow NSW 0 0 0 0 9 9

Tracey Mosley Qld 9 8 4 4 9 34

Kaia Parnaby NSW 0 0 0 0 0 0

Stacey Porter NSW 9 8 4 5 9 35

Kathryn Quigley VIC 9 0 4 5 8 26

Jenna Richards ACT 0 0 0 0 0 0

Melanie Roche NSW 0 1 2 2 0 5

Justine Smethurst VIC 0 0 0 0 6 6

Danielle Stewart Qld 9 0 3 4 2 18

Natalie Titcume VIC 0 4 4 5 8 21

Kym Tollenaere Qld 0 0 0 0 0 0

Natalie Ward NSW 9 7 4 4 7 31

Clare Warwick ACT 0 7 3 4 0 14

Melinda Weaver Qld 0 8 0 0 0 8

Rebecca Whalley Qld 0 0 0 0 0 0

Felicity Witt NSW 6 4 2 2 5 19

Belinda Wright NSW 9 7 4 5 7 32

Kerry Wyborn NSW 9 7 2 5 9 32

International Matches

Played from 30 June 2007 – 28 June 2008

(1) 2007 Canada Cup

30 June – 8 July 2007

Vancouver, Canada

Preliminary Rounds RF A

v White Rock Renegades 9 0

v Chinese Taipei 4 3

v USA 0 11

v Japan Elite 0 3

v Washington Blast 7 6

v Puerto Rico 15 0


v Japan 3 8

v Venezuela 11 2

v Japan 7 0

Totals 56 33

Placing 5th

(2) 2007 China Cup

9 – 14 October 2007

Beijing, China

Preliminary Rounds RF A

v Chinese Taipei 9 4

v Canada 2 0

v China 16 1

v China 2 1

v Canada 3 0

v Chinese Taipei 7 0


v Canada 0 5

v China 1 4

Totals 40 15

Placing 5th

(3) 2007 Japan Cup

16 - 20 November 2007

Yokohama Stadium, Japan

Preliminary Rounds RF A

v Japan 0 1

v USA 1 5

v China 2 1


v China 5 0

Totals 8 7

Placing 3rd

(4) 2007 Japan Elite Challenge

21 - 22 November 2007

Yokohama Stadium, Japan

Preliminary Rounds RF A

v Japan Elite 1 6

v Japan Elite 7 2

v Japan Elite 1 1

v Japan Elite 0 3

v Japan Elite 6 7

Totals 15 19

(5) 2008 International Challenge

12 – 16 March 2008

Blacktown NSW, Australia

Preliminary Rounds RF A

v Canada 1 0

v China 6 8

v Japan 4 5

v Canada 1 3

v China 5 2

v Japan 2 1

v China 1 5

v Japan 2 3

v Canada 11 10

Totals 33 37

Placing 3rd

Totals for all matches played:

Runs for: 152

Runs against: 111

Games won: 18

Games drawn: 1

Games lost: 16

Softball Australia 35

36 Softball Australia


First of all, congratulations to John Nielson and the entire

Under 19 Aussie Colts list of players and officials for not

only winning the 2008 Junior World Championships but

in the heart stopping way that you did it.The pressure on

this team to succeed was clearly evident from the start

as winning a fourth consecutive World Championship

over a sixteen year span is like finding a four leaf clover

in the middle of a busy highway. A lot of the recent Open

Men's success together with our Under 19 achievements

is thanks largely to the tremendous results of the recently

introduced Friendship Series and the scouting and talent

ID that has blossomed from this program.

Here we are, less than 12 months away from the ISF

World Championships in Saskatoon and the Open Mens

squad has now been finalized, our Training & Fitness

Program is well and truly underway and our Website to

compliment our Video Analysis is nearing completion.

I am very excited with the group of athletes who have

been selected in the 2008 Opens Mens Squad. The

squad itself comprises a balance of youth and experience

and brings with it : Speed, Versatility and a strong

Pitching Department. More than ever our players have

been exposed to “World Class” International competition

with 8 players from our current squad participating in the

ISC World Tournament recently held in the USA

The SKINS Tournament in Canberra later this year will

again produce the ultimate of competition for all squad

members to showcase their talents in looking to gain

selection in the World Championship Team.The majority

of the team is hoped to be selected at the completion of

the SKINS Tournament & Friendship Series.

We have tasted success during this past 12 months at

the Pacific Series in Canberra where our very own Aussie

Green & Aussie Gold both defeated New Zealand. The

Blacksox then inflicted their revenge in the ISF Qualifying

Series in Auckland.This series was closely fought and

was by no way a runaway victory which will now give us

the extra incentive it takes to get to the top.Our upcoming

schedule will comprise of the 2008 Canberra Skins

Tournament and a possible Friendship Series following

this event.The team will be heading to Canada on July 3

and our Base Camp will be Milverton, Ontario, who have

hosted Australian Teams since 1974.

Progress can only be made by looking into the future

as the builders have left their mark throughout the

journey. I would like to thank the many officials who have

contributed to the success of this program along the way

which has made my job easier to co-ordinate.

Coaches : Bryan Edwards , John Nielson , Gary Butler

and Paul Maisey who assisted at the International Pacific

Series. Loran Algar continues to provide valuable support

in his role with the team as does our most recent addition

to the Mens program , Kere Johanson.

Statisticians : Helen Edwards and Lindi Rattigan

IT / Scouting : Barry Blanchard & Wayne Durbridge

Physiotherapist : Bernie Simai

Massage Therapist : Pat Turnock

Special mention also to our selectors: Ann Monaghan

& Darryl Clout and to our Team Captain Mike Harrow

who has assisted in the preparation and monitoring

of our Training & Fitness Program.I would also like to

acknowledge the players who have put in a tremendous

amount of time & effort in their endeavours to succeed

and I am sure with the pride and professionalism that has

been displayed they will see reward for their efforts in the

journey ahead.And finally to the man who keeps us all

informed, shows direction when it needs to be shown and

organises the many favours that are continually asked

by us all .Our Manager, Mike Titheradge who has been

with us from the start displays enthusiasm and desire for

success that seems to get stringer and stronger each

year.A BIG THANKYOU for the commitment to this team

and for the assistance in translating all communication

in easy to understand language that is understood by

myself in particular –Your efforts mean a lot to the Aussie


Bob Harrow

Head Coach

Softball Australia 37

38 Softball Australia


Name Surname Caps at WC Qualifier

Tyron Bartorillo 5

Evan Byrne#

Aaron Cockman 5

Tim Crome

James Darby

Neal Delpero#

Terry Downes 6

David Edwards 5

Adam Folkard 4

Michael Gibson

Nathan Gill *

Jeff Goolagong 7

Mike Harrow 5

Andrew Havercroft

Jon Hudson

Adam Humble 4

Brad Jones

Josh Jones *

Nathan Jones 5

Kris Kiefel

Andrew Kirkpatrick 5

Ryan Lavers#

Shaun Mason *

David Metekingi 5

David Newsome 7

Shane Norman #

Matt Norton #

Nick Norton

Glen Rigg *

Adam Rindfleish *

Rahim Rohizat #

Nick Shailes 6

Joel Southam *

Travis Southam

Michael Tanner

Andrew Thurtell *


Luke Van de Griendt *

Lewis Weldon #

Heath Wells #

Ricky Wheeler #

Jayson White *

Zenon Winters 7

# = 2008 Squad member only , * = 2007 Squad member only

International Matches

Played from 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008

(1) Pacific International Series

5-8 December, 2007

Canberra, ACT

Australia Green RF RA

v Australia Gold 7 2

v Japan 2 1

v New Zealand 2 5

v Japan 7 0

v New Zealand 5 3

v Australia Gold 4 5


v Australia Gold

Grand Final

7 6

v New Zealand 3 2

Totals 37 24

W/L Record

Placing 1st

6 2

(2) ISF Men's Regional World Championship


10-13 April, 2008

Auckland, New Zealand


v New Zealand 0 6

v Papua New Guinea 8 0

v Guam 16 0

v Guam 15 0

v New Zealand 1 3

v Papua New Guinea 5 0


v New Zealand 0 5

Totals 45 14

W/L Record

Placing 2nd

4 3

Softball Australia 39


The U/19 Women’s Program is at the start of its

preparations for the World Championship in 2011. The

new Squad was selected solely from the U/16 National

Fastpitch Championships in Adelaide as all these

athletes will be eligible for the team in 2011. The all new

selection team of Sally McCreedy, Annette Fidge and

myself watched the girls closely and were assisted by the

terrific team of State coaches from the Championships

and chose a squad of 32 athletes to be invited to the

Friendship Series in July. This new, refined selection

procedure resulted in a very good standard of softball

athlete at the Friendship Series. The fitness test and

game performances are testament to that.

Since my appointment as Head Coach, I will be taking a

“hands on” approach with the squad. As a result several

visits were made interstate to visit the athletes before

the Friendship Series. A program was planned out and

during my visits the plans were implemented. Set plays

were organised along with my expectations to each of

the members prior to the Friendship Series.

In early April, a 2 day camp in Brisbane that was

conducted for the Regional members of the QAS

squad was organised for the athletes selected into the

Friendship Series. We flew the 2 athletes from SA to this

camp so they had the opportunity to be exposed to all

the training as well as working with Brooke Wilkins and

Marissa Carpadios in regards to specific battery work. It

also provided an opportunity for the squad to mix and

start breaking down the barriers.

During the U/23 Fastpitch Championships, we were able

to conduct a 2 day battery camp in Sydney with the help

of Marissa Carpadios. On day 2, the NSW non battery

members of the squad and the ACT members came to

Blacktown and we were able to run a 1 day camp for

them following the basic structure of the Brisbane run

camp. This was a very efficient way of meeting most of

the squad.

In early May, I attended 1 day of the Australian

Schoolgirls Championship in Sydney. About a third of the

squad were participating at the Championship including

40 Softball Australia

the 2 WA members of the squad. It was an opportunity

for me to meet with some squad players and with their

coach and outline various plays to work on back home.

Finally in June we worked with the Victorian members

(and Melbourne based NT athlete) to follow the same

program. In all, we had the opportunity to meet and or

train all 32 members of the squad. In reality we had the

opportunity of working with 28 members of the squad.

This was beneficial as most athletes came to the

Friendship series knowing what was expected of them

and consequently we did not have spend large amounts

of time explaining set plays. Attending the School Girls

Championship was also very worthwhile. I met with the

convenor, who made it clear we would be most welcome

to attend the next Championship in Adelaide 2009. He

thought it was good that the Australian Head Coach was

taking an interest in the Championship. It certainly was

another opportunity to see athletes perform in game

conditions. As we progress, more of the Squad will

participate in this Championship.

The Friendship Series in July was the conclusion of

the selection process for this first squad. Two even

teams were selected but their results varied. I took the

opportunity to coach both teams twice to work with all

athletes and coaches. This was a very good tactic for me

and one that should be continued again next year.

As the squad is at it’s youngest, they may struggle

against the older competition however we were very

pleased on how the teams fared. The “Green” team were

outstanding only losing 2 games and finishing 3rd overall.

The “Gold” team had a slow start but began to play some

good softball and finished 5th.

Overall, it was pleasing to observe the progress of the

athletes. The need to continually stay in contact with the

squad and increase training and playing opportunities will

be vital to their continued development.

Paula McGovern

U19 Head Coach


Rachael Ambrose (NSW)

Michelle Beecher (ACT)

Michelle Bell (NSW)

Georgia Casey (NSW)

Bridget Corver (ACT)

Hannah Deen (NSW)

Annali Dolman (SA)

Nicolette Dunn (NT)

Sonya Fleischfresser (Qld)

Jemma Freegard (WA)

Lora Hanson (Qld)

Stephanie Harm (Qld)

Megan Horne (NSW)

Zoe Hughes (Vic)

Ebony Humble (WA)

Lana Kaesler (SA)

Rhianne Kerr (NSW)

Melissa Lindsay (Vic) (Withdrew)

Olivia MacGinley (Qld)

Georgia Phillips (NSW)

Ellen Roberts (NSW)

Katina Robson (ACT)

Ella Ross (ACT)

Linley Somerville (NSW)

Tara Speakman (Qld)

Alison Sternes (Qld)

Tayla Supple (Vic)

Katherine Tye (ACT)

Lana Tye (NSW)

Emily Wadwell (NSW)

Marina Walker (Vic)

Stacey Webber (Qld)

Shaylee Worner (Qld)

Photographs courtesy of Sue Christie, Softball NSW

Softball Australia 41


Australia once again have been crowned World

Champions. The success achieved by the team was

thoroughly deserved. The professional approach and

preparation the players and staff applied during the 3

year build up to the World Championships was a credit

to all. Our motto of Pride, Passion, Unity, Respect and

Discipline went a long way in helping us achieve our


During the lead up to selection of the team, a squad

competed against New Zealand in Hawkes Bay. This

squad was successful in winning the friendship series

42 Softball Australia

conducted here and also won the test series 4 games

to 3. A squad also competed against Open Age Men’s

teams at the 2007 Canberra Skins, and even though we

did not win a game, the players and staff gained valuable

experience in our quest for gold. The team was selected

in January 2008 and training programs commenced

under the supervision of States based satellite coaches.

These programs were skill and fitness based and ran

for 3 nights per week. Each athlete had their own fitness

program that they completed in their own time. These

sessions continued until the team departed for the World


In March, the team competed in the Open Men’s National

Championships that were held at Altona in Victoria. The

competition against the best men in Australia was a

vital cog in our preparation for Worlds. The boys played

some great softball, winning several games and gaining

valuable experience along the way. The win against

ACT, was a highlight of the competition and a stepping

stone to the World Championships. I would like to thank

Softball Australia and the Member States for allowing us

to participate in these Championships.

In June, the team set out for Vancouver in Canada

for a series of games in preparation for the World

Championships. I would like to thank Tom Taylor for his

assistance in arranging games against some of the best

men’s teams in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.

Also thanks to all team contacts and players for such

high quality games in our preparation. Congratulations

also to staff and players for there performance both on

and off the diamond. With a 16-2 win/loss record, the

team showed they would be hard to beat at the World


The team traveled to Whitehorse for the VIII Junior Men’s

World Championships. The boys played exceptional

softball over the period of the championships. Their belief

in each other was a beacon for all to see. Once again our

motto of Pride, Passion, Unity, Respect and Discipline

was to the fore, this along with courage and commitment

made the team an unyielding force. All members of

the team contributed during the championships with

aggressive offence and defence laying the foundation

stone for our success. The high level of skills shown by

all players was evident throughout the games with very

few mistakes.

Our belief in each other and the commitment to work

together to achieve our goals was evident to the very

end. In a very tight and exciting final the team at no

stage contemplated defeat and with a never say die

attitude fought hard to the end to achieve their dreams. I

would like to congratulate the staff and players on their

performance both on and off the diamond, they were a

credit not only to themselves and their families but also to

Softball and their country.

I would also like to sincerely thank a very dedicated team

of officials for their efforts throughout the program. Jodie

Sheehan, Laing Harrow, Gary Butler, Sandra Evans,

Christine Denkel and Chris Neal who worked extremely

hard throughout the program on making sure our

objectives and goals were met and thus ensuring nothing

was left to chance in our quest for World Championship


I would also like to thank the following for their assistance

over the 3 years of the program. Ann Monaghan and

Wayne Durbidge for their tireless efforts in selecting

the squads and team. Also Vicky Bingley, Werner Pohl,

Phillip Powel, Rob Cook and Michelle Torpey for their

help with coaching the players over the program. To

the Board and Staff of Softball Australia thanks for your

support throughout the many camps, test series and

finally the tour. Without the help of the above mentioned

we may not have achieved success. To the players and

their parents thank you all for the courage, commitment

and support you provided during the program, it was

much appreciated. I would like to wish you all the best in

their future sporting and life endeavors as I am sure that

the memories we have and the friendships we formed will

last a life time. Finally I wish the staff and team selected

for the VIIII Junior Men’s World Championships in 2012

all the best in their quest to once again be the best in the


John Neilsen

U19 Men's Head Coach

Softball Australia 43


44 Softball Australia

2008 Australian Under 19 Men’s Team

Steven Albee

Craig Bingley

Cameron Bint

Aaron Boccardo

Shaun Bostock

Tyson Duncan

Thomas Edwards

Drew Faulkner

Beau Harich

Ryan Lavers

Shane Norman

Ty Priest

Brad Riley

Rahim Rohizat

Matt Stafford

Jason Tutt

Heath Wells


Shaun Illingworth

Aidan Kajan

Brendan Lamb

Lewis Weldon

Matthew Walker

2007 Squad Members

Travis Duroux

Stephen Flux

Todd Greaves

Shaun Illingworth

Corey Jong

Aidan Kajan

Matthew Kraeh

Robert Maughan

Nicholas Murray

Sean Smith-Weaver



Played from 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008

(1) Test Series vs New Zealand

12-13 July, 2007

Blacktown, NSW


v New Zealand 3 5

v New Zealand 10 3

v New Zealand 3 4

v New Zealand 10 0

v New Zealand 5 3

Totals 31 15

W/L Record

Placing 1st

3 2

(2) Tour of New Zealand

30 September - 7 October, 2007

Hawkes Bay, New Zealand


v NZ Black 4 1

v NZ Red 3 2

v NZ Red 2 4

v NZ Black 8 5

v Hawkes Bay 3 2

Totals 20 14

W/L Record

Placing 1st

4 1


v New Zealand 4 3

v New Zealand 7 1

v New Zealand 4 5

v New Zealand 4 2

v New Zealand 7 6

v New Zealand 1 8

v New Zealand 7 8

Totals 34 33

W/L Record

Placing 1st

4 3

(3) Pre-World Championship

8-17 June, 2008



v Stealers 3 0

v Canadians 5 2

v Mariners 7 2

v Firefighters 5 4

v Sars 5 0

v Rebels 9 2

v Connaught All Stars 3 0

v Meralomas 0 2

v Squamish 10 1

v Squamish 8 1

v Slammers 7 1

v Slammers 7 2

Totals 69 17

W/L Record 11 1


v Comox Valley 6 4

v Cumberland 96ers 9 0

v Victoria Athletics 3 0

v Vancouver Firefighters 2 3

v Victoria Athletics 8 5

v Vancouver Firefighters 6 4

Totals 34 16

W/L Record

Placing 1st

5 1

(4) ISF Junior Men's World Championship

20-29 June, 2008

Whitehorse, Canada


v Botswana 15 0

v South Africa 19 0

v Japan 6 1

v Denmark 19 1

v Czech Republic 7 2

v Argentina 6 3

v Canada 3 1

v Venezuela 11 4

v United States 9 0

v New Zealand 0 9

v Mexico 3 0


v Japan 4 1

Gold Medal Match

v Canada 2 1

Totals 104 23

W/L Record

Placing 1st

12 1


Runs For 292

Runs Against 118

Games Won 39

Games Lost 9

Softball Australia 45

46 Softball Australia



Australian Open Women’s Fastpitch Championship

6 – 12 January, 2008

Blacktown Olympic Park, NSW

Final Standings Win Loss RF RA

New South Wales 10 2 61 28

Queensland 8 5 38 29

Victoria 7 5 26 27

ACT 6 5 30 22

Western Australia 3 7 22 26

South Australia 0 10 7 52

Grand Final Score

New South Wales 2 def Queensland 0

Winning Team

Kyira Cox, Kelly Gentle, Renee Gloss, Tatiana Holodnow,

Danica Howlett, Zara Mee, Simmone Morrow, Ashlee

Pobjie, Stacey Porter, Belinda Summerville, Kym Turnell,

Natalie Ward, Felicity Witt, Belinda Wright, Kerry Wyborn,

Rachel Zucchetti, Troy Baverstock (Head Coach),

Chris Clough (Administrator), Kathy Horton (Assistant

Coach), Lloyd Howlett (Assistant Coach), Sharon O’Mara

(Specialist Coach), Carolyn Buttsworth (Statistician),

Justin Wray (Physiotherapist), Jamie Ryan (Sport


Award Winners

Midge Nelson Medal (MVP)

Stacey Porter (NSW)

Lorraine Woolley Medal (Best Pitcher)

Felicity Witt (NSW)

Sybil Turner Medal (Best Batter)

Belinda Summerville (NSW)

Rosemary Adey Medal (Rookie of the Year)

Belinda White (SA)


Australian Open Men’s Fastpitch Championship

1 – 7 March, 2008

Altona, Victoria

Final Standings Win Loss RF RA

ACT 11 1 49 16

Western Australia 7 6 41 28

Victoria 5 7 30 50

Queensland 6 5 58 46

Australia U19 4 6 28 54

New South Wales 1 9 28 40

Grand Final Score

ACT 5 def Western Australia 0

Winning Team

Evan Byrne, Adam Folkard, Mike Harrow, Laing Harrow,

Matthew Jones, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Michael Moore,

Matthew Norton, Nicholas Norton, Matthew Riley, Richard

Sullivan, Michael Tanner, Bob Harrow (Head Coach),

Geoff Tutt (Manager), Tracey Hebditch (Statistician).

Award Winners

Most Valuable Player

Michael Harrow (ACT)

Best Pitcher

Andrew Kirkpatrick (ACT)

Best Batter

Zenon Winters (Qld)

Rosemary Adey Medal (Rookie of the Year)

Michael Moore (ACT)

Softball Australia 47

48 Softball Australia


Australian Under 23 Women’s Fastpitch


15 – 19 April, 2008

Blacktown Olympic Park, NSW

Final Standings Win Loss RF RA

Victoria 9 0 58 15

New South Wales 8 3 51 24

Queensland 7 4 70 50

ACT 3 7 54 69

Western Australia 3 5 48 54

NSW Country 2 7 33 55

Northern Territory 1 7 16 63

Grand Final Score

Victoria 4 def New South Wales 3

Winning Team

Carly Bell, Jenny Bryce, Stacey Bulger, Carly Cheesman,

Amy Collins, Emily Curcio, Stephanie Davis, Jackie

Di Siervi, Chloe Fagan, Nikki Hollett, Zoe Hughes,

Natalie James, Lauren Olsen, Emily Smethurst,

Justine Smethurst, Dale Stocker, Caroline Ziada, Kylie

Bloodworth (Head Coach), Christine Cox (Assistant

Coach), Joanne Paez (Assistant Coach), Jan Ferguson

(Statistician), Jenny Miles (Trainer).

Award Winners

Most Valuable Player Lauren Olsen (Vic)

Best Pitcher Kaia Parnaby (NSW)

Best Batter Jade Wall (Qld)


Australian Under 23 Men’s Fastpitch Championship

9 – 13 April, 2008

Mirrabooka, WA

Final Standings Win Loss RF RA

ACT 7 4 46 35

Queensland 6 4 47 43

Victoria 5 5 71 59

New South Wales 4 5 48 61

Western Australia 2 6 33 47

Grand Final Score

ACT 3 def Queensland 1

Winning Team

Evan Byrne, Daniel del Rio, Travis Duroux, Josh Jones,

Matt Jones, Andrew Kefford, Michael Moore, Nick Norton,

Brad Riley, Matt Riley, Matt Stafford, Jesse Tawes, Grant

Robertson (Head Coach), Tony Bishop (Trainer), Peter

Jones (Statistician), Evan Byrne (Assistant Coach).

Award Winners

Most Valuable Player Damien Nairn (Qld)

Best Pitcher Matthew Stafford (ACT)

Best Batter Lewis Weldon (Vic)


Australian Under 19 Women’s Fastpitch


13 – 19 January, 2008

Hobart, Tasmania

Final Standings Win Loss RF RA

New South Wales 14 0 83 17

Western Australia 8 6 103 46

Queensland 8 5 73 50

Victoria 7 6 55 56

South Australia 4 8 46 59

ACT 4 8 55 86

Tasmania 0 12 12 109

Grand Final Score

New South Wales 5 def Western Australia 1

Winning Team

Annabel Davies, Nicole Deegenaars, Ashleigh Deen,

Melissa Dwight, Monique Faul, Simone Freeman, Kirsty

McKirdy, Stacey McManus, Katherine McVeity, Monique

Miller, Kara Murphy, Kaia Parnaby, Sophie Pickering,

Sally Ward, Lisa Williams, Kimberley Wright, Darrin

Crisp (Head Coach), Sue Pobjie (Administrator), April

Clune (Assistant Coach), Sharon O’Mara (Assistant

Coach), Charlie Whetu (Assistant Coach), Lis Hannelly

(Statistician), Lauren Gradwell (Trainer).

Award Winners

Most Valuable Player Ashleigh Deen (NSW)

Best Pitcher Kaia Parnaby (NSW)

Best Batter Ashleigh Deen (NSW)


Australian Under 19 Men’s Fastpitch Championship

20 – 26 January, 2008

Redlands, Queensland

Final Standings Win Loss RF RA

ACT 10 3 70 28

New South Wales 9 3 88 33

Victoria 8 4 78 57

Western Australia 4 7 50 36

Queensland 3 7 34 63

South Australia 0 10 12 115

Grand Final Score

ACT 8 def New South Wales 2

Winning Team

Luke Baxter, Craig Bingley, Matt Cuthbert, Travis Duroux,

Tom Edwards, Matt Jones, Andrew Kefford, Matt Kraeh,

Michael Moore, Andrew Power, Brad Riley, Matt Riley,

Matt Stafford, Jason Tutt, Heath Wells, Werner Pohl

(Head Coach), Graeme Matthew (Administrator), Callan

Lewis (Trainer), Brenda Hebditch (Statistician).

Award Winners

Most Valuable Player Matt Stafford (ACT)

Best Pitcher Brad Riley (ACT)

Best Batter Steven Albee (NSW)


Australian Under 16 Girls Fastpitch Championship

13 – 19 January, 2008

West Beach, South Australia

Final Standings Win Loss RF RA

New South Wales 11 0 73 9

Victoria 8 5 76 51

ACT 6 5 64 49

Queensland 7 4 80 47

South Australia 4 6 38 65

Tasmania 3 7 21 61

Western Australia 3 6 35 54

Northern Territory 0 9 19 71

Grand Final Score

New South Wales 7 def Victoria 1

Winning Team

Rachael Ambrose, Michelle Bell, Georgia Casey, Hannah

Deen, Samantha Freeman, Megan Horne, Rhianne Kerr,

Lauren Murphy, Ellen Roberts, Rachael Sechi, Linley

Somerville, Lana Tye, Emily Wadwell, Annika Whitford,

Rachael Williams, Bridget Wilson, Barry Blanchard

(Head Coach), Sam Donkin (Administrator), John Black

(Assistant Coach), Heather McCann-Price (Assistant

Coach), Barry Rumsey (Assistant Coach), Michelle Cate

(Statistician), Bill Holland (Video Analyst), Sam Poole


Award Winners

Most Valuable Player Hannah Deen (NSW)

Best Pitcher Lana Tye (NSW)

Best Batter Katina Robson (ACT)


Australian Under 16 Boys Fastpitch Championship

4 – 10 January, 2008

Hawker, ACT

Final Standings Win Loss RF RA

New South Wales 13 1 127 41

Victoria 8 7 118 79

ACT 7 7 103 127

Queensland 6 7 106 100

Western Australia 0 12 64 171

Grand Final Score

New South Wales 13 def Victoria 4

Winning Team

Matthew Attard, Mitchell Brownlow, Grant Clark, Luke

Doherty, Steven Evic, Cameron Hardie, Joel Harris,

Lachlan Hay, Adam Henville, Ryan O’Driscoll, Trent

Paterson, Harrison Peters, Guy Power, Reece Powles,

Ben Scambury, James Todhunter, Wayne Browne (Head

Coach), Robyn Laws (Administrator), Chris Brownlow

(Assistant Coach), Adam Rindfleish (Assistant Coach),

Kevin Skuse (Assistant Coach), Robyn-Anne Sinclair

(Statistician), Paul Taylor (Video Analyst), Lauren

Gradwell (Trainer).

Award Winners

Most Valuable Player Riley O’Connor (Qld)

Best Pitcher Harrison Peters (NSW)

Best Batter Reece Powles (NSW)

Softball Australia 49


9 – 11 Nov 2007 Downey Park, Brisbane

7 – 9 Dec 2007 Jells Park, Melbourne

6 – 11 Jan 2008 Blacktown Olympic Park, Sydney

22 – 24 Feb 2008 Blacktown Olympic Park, Sydney

50 Softball Australia

Final Standings Win Loss RF RA Points

1. NSW Firestars 21 4 141 76 42

2. QLD Heat 19 6 119 59 38

3. ACT Diamonds 14 11 110 88 28

4. VIC Titans 9 16 47 98 18

5. WA Flames 9 16 65 84 18

6. SA Starz 3 22 46 123 6

Grand Final Score

Queensland Heat 4 def NSW Firestars 3

Winning Team

Sandra Avery, Nicole Bennett, Jodie Bowering, Kylie

Cronk, Kristy-Lee Dalton, Tyleisha Dunn,

Kellie Hardie, Emma Harris, Sandra Lewis, Tracey

Mosley, Jessica Muller, Amy Pagotto,

Brooke Spence, Kate Sternes, Danielle Stewart, Kim

Tollenaere, Vicki Gannon (Manager),

Lachlan Thorburn (Head Coach) Joyce Lester (Asst

Coach), Kevin Jenkins (Asst Coach)

Award Winners

Player of the Finals

Queensland Heat

Sandra Avery

MVP Stacey Porter

NSW Firestars

Best Pitcher

NSW Firestars

Zara Mee

Best Batter

Queensland Heat

Kylie Cronk



State Association T-Ball Junior Senior SlowPitch/Masters Total


ACT 314 630 267 420 320 456 75 75 976 1,581 2,557

New South Wales 730 1,044 853 1,757 892 2,536 667 2,582 3,142 7,919 11,061

Northern Territory 43 26 9 47 9 191 65 45 126 309 435

Queensland 430 597 798 1,297 1,005 2,244 9 22 2,242 4,160 6,402

South Australia 78 172 128 662 166 1,251 29 30 401 2,115 2,516

Tasmania 36 77 8 45 35 314 0 0 79 436 515

Victoria 230 333 239 467 371 1,171 113 188 953 2,159 3,112

Western Australia 283 198 248 155 1,276 1,615 45 44 1,852 2,012 3,864

TOTAL PLAYERS 2,144 3,077 2,550 4,850 4,074 9,778 1,003 2,986 9,771 20,691 30,462


State Association Coaches Umpires Other Total


ACT 107 121 7 14 56 142 170 277 447

New South Wales 228 100 153 141 93 232 474 473 947

Northern Territory 7 5 4 2 1 14 12 21 33

Queensland 108 61 53 15 52 159 213 235 448

South Australia 59 49 21 7 22 111 102 167 269

Tasmania 10 16 8 3 0 14 18 33 51

Victoria 67 44 33 21 29 77 129 142 271

Western Australia 6 0 15 2 3 2 24 4 28

TOTAL OFFICIALS/ADMINISTRATORS 592 396 294 205 256 751 1,142 1,352 2,494


State Association Total


ACT 1,146 1,858 3,004

New South Wales 3,616 8,392 12,008

Northern Territory 138 330 468

Queensland 2,455 4,395 6,850

South Australia 503 2,282 2,785

Tasmania 97 469 566

Victoria 1,082 2,301 3,383

Western Australia 1,876 2,016 3,892

TOTAL 10,913 22,043 32,956

Softball Australia 51


52 Softball Australia


1966 Esther Deason, MBE* 1989 Rosemary Adey, OAM

Merle Short* 1993 Margo Koskelainen, OAM

Marjorie Dwyer* 1994 Pat Rawlings, OAM

1967 Audrey McLaughlin, AM 2000 Shirley Schneider

1968 Pat Young* 2002 Alan McAuliffe

1969 Edna Nash* 2004 Ken Culpitt

1980 Pat Shearwood 2006 Bill Gobbart

* Deceased


1985 G. Phillips* 1991 R Adey, OAM

H. Meehan P Rawlings, OAM

N Menner 1992 A Allsopp*

N. Allsopp 1995 P Shearwood

N. Whittingham S Troyahn

E. McKenzie* 1997 L Evans

R. Gherardin G Ledingham

M. Scott 2000 J Lester, OAM

J. Pizaro* 2002 L Harrow

L. Woolley R Willis

M. Nelson, BEM J Holliday

M. Dodds 2003 L Anderson

S. Sommerville T Bull

M. Swann 2004 K Cooper

M. Edwards J Brown

A. McLaughlin, AM S King

M. Short* F McRae

B. Dornan K Dienelt

1986 R Boyd L Carroll

D Hutchinson K Loughman

1987 E Deason, MBE* K Maddern

M Dwyer* N Richardson

M Middlin M Koskelainen, OAM

J Paez 2005 C Peel

J Phelps, OAM T Baverstock

C Roughley K Herbert

S Turner H Petrie

1988 J Allsopp A McAuliffe

V Triplett 2006 M Gowty

C Selem B Crudgington

1989 L Brown 2007 J McAuliffe

1990 J Stevens

* Deceased


J Loton

1981 Esther Deason (Administration) 2001 Jenny Holliday (Player)

1983 Midge Nelson, BEM (Player) Joyce Lester, OAM (Player)

1987 Myrtle Edwards (Coach) 2003 Laing Harrow (Player)

Merle Short (Administration) Margo Koskelainen, OAM (Umpire)

1989 Margaret Swann (Player) Alan McAuliffe (Umpire)

1991 Rhonda Boyd (Player) 2005 Norma Allsopp (Player)

Christine Roughley (Player) Ken Culpitt (Umpire)

1993 Janine Allsopp (Player) Joanne Brown (Player)

Sybil Turner (Player) Denise Hutchinson (Player)

Vivienne Triplett (Umpire) Kerry Dienelt (Player)

1997 Rosemary K Adey, OAM (Administration) Shane King (Player)

1998 Audrey McLaughlin, AM (Administration)


Female Athlete of the Year Sandra Allen

Male Athlete of the Year Andrew Kirkpatrick

Junior Female Athlete of the Year Chelsea Forkin

Junior Male Athlete of the Year Andrew Evans

Spirit Award Marissa Carpadios

Indigenous Athlete Award Renee Gloss

Coach of the Year Leanne Evans

Administrator of the Year Sue Nisbet

Statistician of the Year Michael Hannelly

Vivienne Triplett Award - Umpire of the Year Debbie Grove

Local Softball Association Waverley Softball Association

Softball Australia’s Hall of Fame Bob Crudgington


WA: Kent Barrett, Peter Beresford, Gary Collie, Peter Nielson

Vic: Beverley Beard, Jill Fry, Lynne Wilmott

Qld: Maria Caterson, Bruce Challenor, John Dyer, Desley Humphries, Judy Losberg, Dave Martin

SA: Keith Sampson

NSW: Vicki Lansley, David Duckworth, Bill Forsyth, Kayleen Shailes, Dianne McGowen, Cheryl Mahon, George

Mills, Joy Molyneaux, Helen Miller, Kerrie Porter, Barry Blanchard, Ruth Marshall, Ben Scott, Joanne Buchanan,

Rhonda Schultz, Sue Thompson, Marilyn Walker.

Tasmania: Shirley Wood, Nikki Smith, Lisa East, Trish Webb, Peter Clarke, Laurence Newman, Rebecca Hayes,

Allison Donohue, Shelley Keen, Rosalie Winduss.

Softball Australia 53

54 Softball Australia


I am very pleased to see that the seeds of change that

have been planted over the past couple of years have

started to take effect. We have been able to implement

a number of changes to the way our sport is run and we

are slowly starting to see the benefits of these changes.

I believe the manner in which we have co-operatively

worked through changes and challenges put before us

and the foundations laid, augers well for the future of

softball in the ACT. I am extremely pleased with the way

we have worked towards common objectives and am

proud to be at the helm of a group of people keen to see

the sport succeed.

While the 2007/08 season once again saw us maintain

our overall membership numbers, a concern is the

decline in the number of junior players and the decline

in our junior affiliate membership. This is an area that

needs serious attention. We need to work together to

address the problems being experienced by our junior

clubs and affiliates. Without a strong junior base we

cannot expect our sport to continue to grow.

Another area that poses some serious questions over

our ability to run our competitions is the impact on

ground usage posed by the drought. We have been

successful in obtaining financial assistance from the ACT

Government to drought proof our fields. The work to be

undertaken will include re-sowing the enclosed diamonds

with drought resistant couch grass, two new skinned

training diamonds and water tanks to assist with the

watering of the internal diamonds.

Unfortunately, we have not had the success we would

have liked in gaining additional income from sponsorship.

We have devoted a substantial amount of effort in

seeking the sponsorship dollar. However, the reality

appears to be that we need to look at other sources for

increasing income, rather than relying on sponsorship.

Nonetheless ,we will continue our pursuits in this area.

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate all players and

officials who represented the ACT in the various national

and international events during the 2007/08 season.

Once again you have done Softball ACT proud. Despite

our relatively small population base, ACT teams continue

to perform well above what could be expected at the

national level.

The strength of the sport in the ACT has once again

been emphatically demonstrated by the excellent

performances of our teams and the success of many

players in being selected for Australian teams and

squads. Congratulations to all players and officials who

have been selected in Australian representative teams or


Our men have ensured there is no doubt who is the

number one men’s softball state in the country by

winning the open, under 23 and under 19 championships

and finishing a very creditable third at the under 16

level. Our women’s program also made significant

progress this season. Our Open Women, playing

as the ACTAS Diamonds, finished third at the Open

Women’s Championships and third overall in the National

Women’s League competition. Much of the credit for

the improvement of our Open Women’s performances

must go to Lindsey Carroll, the ACT Academy of Sport

Program and the support received from Softball Australia.

In the other national championships, the Under 16 girls

also finished a creditable third, while our Under 19

women finished sixth and our Under 23 women finished

in fourth place.

Of course the success enjoyed by our teams and the

individual honours gained by numerous players would not

have been possible without the dedicated and expert help

provided by our coaches, managers, statisticians and

administrators. These people voluntarily devote many

hours to the development and growth of our players and

the sport. To these people I say a very big thank you

because we couldn’t achieve what we have without you.

On the diamonds at Hawker we have also been very

busy and successful with the staging of the following


Softball Australia 55

56 Softball Australia

• The Tainn Hunter Classic Slow Pitch Carnival which

raised over $10,000 for charity.

• An international friendly series against the

Indonesian Men’s team.

• The ActewAGL Pacific International Men’s Series

featuring the Australian, Japanese and New Zealand

Men’s teams.

• The ActewAGL Canberra Skins with teams

from around Australia, Japan and New Zealand


• The Primary School Sports National Softball

Championships for both boys and girls.

• The Under 16 Boys National Championships.

• The Australia Day Carnival which this year took on

an international flavour with a visiting New Zealand

boys team participating.

• The ACT Mixed Slow Pitch Invitational Carnival.

These events were a huge success because of the hard

work and dedication of our office staff and the large

number of volunteers who devoted countless hours and

energy to ensure each event was meticulously planned

and smoothly run. Softball ACT is deeply indebted to

you for your time and efforts. The community service

you offer our sport is outstanding. Please know you are

valued and appreciated.

There is no doubt that a major contributor to our

successes is the large number of willing and committed

volunteers. Our volunteer base is the core to our

continued success and excellent achievements. Please

accept my special thanks for your efforts; we could not do

it without you.

Today, it is impossible to present a viable sport to the

community without sponsors and partners. I would like

to pass on my gratitude to the Department of Sport and

Recreation Services, the Department of Territory and

Municipal Services, Australian Capital Tourism and the

ACT Academy of Sport for their assistance. I would

also like to acknowledge and thank all our sponsors and

supporters, in particular ActewAGL, the Ainslie Football

and Gungahlin Lakes Clubs and Ausport. We are

delighted you offer your support through partnership with

Softball ACT. We look forward to continuing working with

you into the future.

Last, but not least, I would personally like to thank

the Softball ACT Board members who have played a

significant part in steering our sport and focussing its

continued growth and success.

Softball Australian Capital Territory


There have been many highlights over the past 12

months for Softball, the biggest being the success once

again of the Australian U19 Men’s Team at the World

Championship. Congratulations to all the team on a great


It was pleasing to see an increase in membership from

most country affiliates however there was an overall

decline across the state. To assist with the profile of the

sport and to compliment the hard work from the affiliates,

Softball NSW has partnered with NBN TV to develop a

TV Commercial to be shown in country areas.

NSW has been fortunate to host a number of events

over the past 12 months, with the highlight being the

International Series which involved: Australia, Canada,

Japan and China. Other events were the Open Women’s

Australian Championship, Softball Australia Friendship

Series, International Challenge Series and the U23

Australian Championship. Together with many state

events the volunteers are stretched to the limit, but

continue to give up their time to ensure that the events

are a success.

NSW had success at the 2008 Australian Championships

with good results across all teams and many individual

success stories.

With the hard work of volunteers NSW can continue to

provide many programs across the state including the

Rising Star U12 Program, Regional Academy programs,

Disability Programs, Indigenous Programs and programs

for umpiring, scoring and coaching. The changes in the

NCAS & NOAS have met with positive responses and

the technical areas are working hard to ensure that the

programs are delivered as widely as possible.

One of the biggest disappointments was the decision by

the NSW Institute of Sport to not continue with a Softball

Program after December 31 2008.

Softball NSW are fortunate to have a number of sponsors

who continue to support the sport, Blacktown City

Council, Department of Sport and Recreation, Easton,

Rooty Hill RSL, Coca Cola, The Dugout, Kay’s Custom

Sportswear, Rising Stars, Gemshot Photography, Adam

Dean, GEO Domains, and Tri-Steel.

The future of the sport rests with the enthusiasm and

hard work of our volunteers and we cannot underestimate

their value.

Softball New South Wales

Softball Australia 57

2007/2008 has been a time of change and progress for

Softball NT. Softball in the Territory is becoming more

widely recognised, which is evident by the growth in

registrations from the previous year.

In 2007/2008 Softball NT farewelled Development

Officers Melissa May and Kerry Wetherall and welcomed

Executive Officer, Jacquie Hatt and Development Officer,

Danielle Campbell.

Our Under 23 Representative team was fortunate enough

to be coached by veteran Barry Blanchard. The team

travelled to Sydney to compete in the 2008 Australian

Under 23 Women’s Fastpitch Championship (Joyce

Lester Shield).

Softball NT also facilitated the development of our junior

players by fielding a team at the 2008 Australian Under

16 Girls Fastpitch Championship (Esther Deason Shield).

A joint initiative with Baseball NT saw the successful

running of a 6 week social Big Balls / Little Balls

competition, with baseball and softball being played on

alternating weeks. Slow Pitch competitions were also

held numerous times throughout the year.

Four Indigenous Territory girls had the honour of being

selected for the inaugural Australian Indigenous team

to participate in the International Challenge Series.

Softball NT was proud to see Nicolette Dunn, Helen

Laughton, Tara Liddy and Jessica Forrest representing

the Territory’s Indigenous population at this international


This year saw our Development Officers visiting

numerous remote Indigenous communities for carnivals

58 Softball Australia



and to assist in establishing regular competitions. Basic

scoring and umpiring courses are held during each visit

to assist communities to run their own competitions in

the absence of Softball NT representatives. Wadeye, a

community located on the western edge of Daly River,

has established and maintained a 9 team community


In 2008, the Northern Territory Championships displayed

the talent of players from Darwin, Katherine, Timber

Creek and Jilkminggan. Leigh Godfrey (WA), Jodie

Stevenson (WA), Chelsea Forkin (WA) and Sarah

Tutchener (VIC) participated as pickup players for

separate teams selected by secret ballot. The girls

conducted skill sessions before the Championship, which

was thoroughly enjoyed by the junior and senior players


Softball NT is looking forward to another exciting year of

changes and progress in Territory softball.

Softball Northern Territory


Softball Queensland has had a busy and productive year.

Following on from the successful development of The

Softball Centre - Redlands last year, we celebrated the

opening of the upgrade to The Softball Centre - Brisbane.

The Downey Park upgrade, an investment of $670K into

lighting and player facilities, was officially opened by Mr.

Chris Bombolas MP on Wednesday 7 November 2007 on

behalf of the Minister for Police, Corrective Services and

Sport, the Honourable Judy Spence MP.

From ongoing viability of the sport, we report two

noticeable outcomes. Firstly, Softball Queensland was

successful in achieving three year funding from the

Queensland Government for the 2008 - 2010 period

for Organisational Development and Priority Initiatives

(PI). The PI funding program has allowed Softball

Queensland to implement our Growth and Participation

Project introducing modified softball, OzPitch and Simple

Softball, to areas where softball currently isn’t being

played. Secondly, our registration numbers in traditional

club softball have shown an increase over the current

year. This is the first real increase we have experienced

for a number of years and hopefully reflects a return

of the investment of the good work that was made in a

number of initiatives including, Simple Softball, the Junior

Games Pathway and Growth & Participation Project.

On the representative front, congratulations are extended

to the Queensland Heat team which won back to back

National League titles. The Queensland Heat is the

new name for the combined QAS Heatwave and SQ

Sunlanders teams. Congratulations are also extended to

the players and officials from Queensland who either won

individual national awards or were selected in national

teams and squads or appointed to international events.

These are listed elsewhere in the report. Other awards

received included:

� Queensland Sportswoman of the Year - Brooke

Spence was awarded the Clem Jones Group

Emerging Athlete Award at the Womensport

Queensland Dinner

Queensland Sports Awards - The 2007 Qld Under

16 Girls Team won the Department of Education,

Training and the Arts 2007 Queensland Junior

Sport Team of the Year.

Logan City Sport Awards - the 2006 Softball

Queensland Masters Tournament won the Logan

City Sport Awards Event of the Year

Audrey McLaughlin AM was awarded the

Queensland Government – Sport and Recreation

Volunteer Medal.

We welcomed Canterbury Clothing Company as our

official uniform and apparel supplier and thank all our

sponsors and preferred suppliers. The Queensland

Government Department of Sport and Recreation and

the following sponsor groups continue to contribute to the

success of softball in Queensland: Queensland Academy

of Sport, Canterbury Clothing Company, Easton, Dormer

Sport, Quest Apartments, Four’N Twenty, Yellow Cabs,

Constellation Hotel Group, OAMPS and Ozwings.

Print media coverage has again been very high with

over $100k coverage gained. Softball was featured on

Network 10’s “Sport On” segment for their Totally Wild

children’s show and the Olympic Softball Team Farewell

was covered by all four TV stations in addition to the

print media. Channel 10 presented their weather report

with two live crosses during the event and ABC featured

a segment on Tanya Harding during their Stateline



Events are a major part of our business. In addition to the

State Championships, national events, season launch,

annual dinner and the Olympic Farewell, SQ held the

inaugural Southern Cross Challenge in Redlands in

April 2008. The Challenge was developed to provide

international competition and links with other international

teams. The SQ Masters Tournament started with 8 teams

in 2000 and continues to grow with 62 teams participating

in 2007. Special mention of the Mackay Softball

Association who hosted the 2008 Under 14 Boy’s State

Championship eight weeks after the city and specifically

the softball park, was inundated. Flood water level

Softball Australia 59

eached higher than the dugout roof on all diamonds. A

mammoth effort was put in by the volunteers who worked

so hard to make sure that the diamonds were not just

playable but in great condition for the championship.

Thank you to the Softball Queensland Board and staff for

their continued assistance and dedication in carrying out

the affairs of the organisation. Special acknowledgment

goes to Tracey Holt and Kerry McAllister for their specific

contributions, both having resigned late in the final year

of their two year terms and welcome to our new Board

Member, Mark Jeppesen.

60 Softball Australia

Finally thank you to our volunteers who make our

teams, clubs, and associations successful and therefore

the overall success of the sport in Queensland. Your

continual effort is amazing and often overlooked, but very

worthy of recognition.

Softball Queensland

Softball Australia 61


A number of major projects undertaken have resulted in a

rewarding but at times very challenging year.

SA hosted back to back masters’ events and supported

by international promotion, the 2007 event became the

Australasian Masters Games.

In addition to Stream 1 funding from the Office for

Recreation & Sport, SA was successful in its application

for Stream 2 funding to conduct a governance

review in 2007/08. The review is now complete with

recommendations to be implemented on a progressive


The 2007 Junior Tournament was again a great success,

having become an integral part of theNational Junior

competition calendar with teams from SA, VIC, ACT and

NSW now participating.

SA hosted the 2008 Australian U16 Girls Championship

with funding from the Office for Recreation & Sport

assisting with the running of the event and provision

of sports training services. Keith Sampson, was the

Convenor of this Championship in which all 8 States/

Territories participated.

The Senior State Championships were held on the

Australia Day long weekend at Softball Headquarters,

with Gawler & Districts hosting the Junior Championships

in February.

Following changes to the National League program the

entry of the SA Starz into a 6 team competition was a

highlight of the year. The team’s participation in the

League was funded by Softball Australia and the AIS with

access to the player draft an added benefit.

62 Softball Australia

Re-elected to his 3rd term as President, Keith Sampson

continued in this demanding position, supported by hardworking

and committed Vice-President/Treasurer, Jane

Hunt and other Board Members Rosemary Adey, Annette

Fidge, Kay Mentha & Bob Bartels.

The OzPitch competition was conducted with 4 teams

participating, 59 of whom were not competing in another

mainstream competition.

Congratulations to ex-pat. South Australians,Tracey

Mosley & Simmone Morrow on their inclusion in the

Women’s Olympic Team, to Sue Tomlinson on her

appointment as Assistant Coach/Video Analyist and to

John McAuliffe who will be inducted into the Softball

Australia Hall of Fame in October.

Neville Lawrance was reappointed to a further term as

DOU recently completing his 7th year in the position

with Janell Behrendt newly appointed to the position of

DOC. Although the DOS position remained vacant for

the majority of the year, Lindy Rattigan has recently been

confirmed in this position.

Softball South Australia

Softball Australia 63


State Teams

We congratulate and thank every coach, manager,

statistician, player and parent for their great efforts in

supporting our National teams. Continuing improvements

within our junior development program will see further

progress in coming years. Congratulations also go to our

players who gained National selection.

Technical Committees

State Technical Directors, Geoff Ritchie, Lorraine Davies

and Di Waller have continued with their efforts to ensure

all coaches, scorers and umpires receive the training

and guidance required to maintain their high standards.

Congratulations to all those officials who achieved levels

during the season and also those who represented our

state at National and International level.

Development Officer

Geoff Ritchie, our Development Officer has continued his

great work over the past year.


The State Championship sub-committee, headed

by Heather Farrell, and ably assisted by the host

associations, worked tirelessly to present very successful

state championships this year.

Dot Bourke and her Masters committee are to be

commended on the organisation of the Victorian Masters

Championship which was an outstanding success once


Funding & Sponsorship

Andy Bailey’s work as Project Officer continued at the

high level of previous years, with funding programs again

proving very successful. Thanks to the Department of

Victorian Communities for providing funding which is vital

to the future growth of softball in Victoria.

64 Softball Australia


Association Affiliates

Thanks once again to all the people involved in the

administration and conduct of our affiliate associations.

It is due to their continuing involvement that enables

softball to maintain a presence throughout the state, and

the time and effort required is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to the Board

I would like to thank the board members for all their

hard work and dedication to the task. I appreciate

their assistance and support over the year for what is

sometimes a thankless job. I am confident that Softball

Victoria is on a sound financial footing and will continue

to be so. I look forward to the challenges ahead.

Softball Victoria


The 2007/08 softball season has been a challenging one

for Softball Tasmania. The decline in senior numbers has

been a concern while the increase in the juniors has been

very pleasing.

All Associations are to be congratulated on their

attendance and hosting of Tasmanian Championships.

Association teams provided many close, enthusiastic and

skilled games with the premiership shields being shared

around the all the Associations.

Softball Tasmania thanks all those involved for their help

and dedication, especially our Directors of Umpiring

(Wayne Clarke) and Scoring (Norm Johns).

Congratulations to all players who were awarded Most

Valuable Player awards during the Championships.

Tasmanian teams competed in National Championships

with mixed results. U16 Girls played extremely well and

recorded several wins, while the U19 Women although

playing great softball were unable to put a win together

coming very close on a number of occasions. Players,

officials and parents committed themselves to trainings

and travel to ensure that teams were able to participate

at the highest level of competition and Softball Tasmania

thanks all those involved.

Ian French continues to update the Softball Tasmania

web site with information about all softball news, results

and other relevant softball information. Thanks Ian

for your many volunteer hours, Softball Tasmania is

extremely grateful.

January 2008, saw Southern Tasmanian Softball

Association host the Australian U19 Women’s National

Championships in Hobart. Convenor Jim Seabourne,

his committee and the many volunteers who worked

tirelessly during the weeks leading up to, during and after

the Nationals. Everything ran very smoothly and Softball

Tasmania hopes those attending and visiting from other

states enjoyed their time in Tasmania.

The Northern Tasmanian Softball Association tried, with

great success, a different approach to recruitment. The

NTSA decided on a TV advertisement which resulted in

165 young softballers enjoying a 10 week program of skill

and introduction to softball. The introduction of a mixed

slow pitch roster also provided many players with games

and thanks must go to Easton and Softball Australia for

their help and assistance.

Softball Tasmania congratulates Rahim Rohizat who

was selected into the Australian U19 Men’s team, who

won the ISF Junior Men’s World Championship in

Canada. Rahim’s outstanding performances have also

led to his selection in the Australian Open Men’s Squad.

Unfortunately, Rahim has had to leave Tasmania so

that he might further his softball dream and improve his

chances of selection and because of this move he has

received great success in his softball. The Tasmanian

softball community is extremely proud of Rahim’s

achievements and we continue to wish him every

success in the future.

Softball Tasmania continues to rely on our volunteers

who continue to be the “LIFE BLOOD” of Softball

Tasmania and Association. All are to be thanked for their

support and willingness to give their time freely for the

benefit of softball.

Softball Tasmania

Softball Australia 65

It truly gives me a great amount of pleasure to write my

first annual report for the members of Softball having assumed

my role as General Manager in early December

2007. I believe that the sport of Softball will flourish in

what is a society that is densely populated by sports and

recreational activities. Sporting participants are overwhelmed

by choice, and Softball must ensure that its

product is designed and positioned to capture the largest

piece of the pie it can.

The future of Softball in Western Australia is very bright

and with the introduction of a national junior participation

program, talent identification programs and procedures,

club development opportunities and the like, Softball

throughout the entire country will prosper.

Participation rates in Western Australia have remained

steady in a dwindling sporting environment and the introduction

of the programs listed above should result in

increases to the annual participation rates in years to


The pending Olympic decision will have an impact on the

sport of Softball as we move forward. The continuation

of existing and or establishing of new programs will be

dependant on this decision. Softball WA is committed to

the continuation of the High Performance programs and

is currently in discussions with the WA Institute of Sport in

regards to the future of the WAIS program.

66 Softball Australia



The review undertaken by the Australian Sports Commis-

sion has highlighted numerous areas that the sport will

continue to grow in the coming periods and it is what we

do NOW in these key areas that will impact on OUR sport

in the future.

I look forward to working with all members of the Softball

family as we move forward into what should be a highly

challenging, yet exciting and prosperous period for the

sport of Softball in not only Western Australia, but the

entire country.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the

wonderful efforts of our board members, Softball WA staff

and volunteers, committee members of our associations

and clubs, corporate partners Department of Sport and

Recreation and Healthway, our Softball WA supporters

and sponsors, umpires, scorers, coaches, officials and

most of all the players and participants for making this

great game what it is.

Softball Western Australia



Softball ACT

PO Box 264

Hawker ACT 2614

T: (02) 6278 3000

F: (02) 6278 3111



Softball New South Wales

PO Box 52

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Softball Northern Territory

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Softball Queensland

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1/866 Main Street

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South Australia Softball


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Tasmania Softball Council

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F: (03) 6249 3589



Victorian Softball Association

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Western Australian Softball


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ACT Academy of Sport (ACTAS)

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NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS)

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Queensland Academy of Sport


90 Windsor Terrace

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F: 07 3357 2081


Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS)

Po Box 828

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T: 03 9699 8055

F: 03 9699 7690


Western Australian Institute of

Sport (WAS)

Po Box 183

Claremont WA 6910

T: 08 9387 8166

F: 08 9383 7344


Softball Australia 67

68 Softball Australia


Softball Australia wishes to acknowledge the valuable support of the following sponsors

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