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New name

sought for

iconic restaurant

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Redcliffs School

rejoins its


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•Ferrymead Studio: 23 Humphreys Drive

•Central City Studio: 46 Salisbury Street

Ph: 021 055 1884 or 027 227 2026

Approval for new Four Square Boaties





ESSENTIALS: Craig Hawtin at the Redcliffs Four Square checkout. He

is served by Vanessa Forsyth. (Right) – Operator Heath de Garnham

with a 1924 Model T Ford which was built in the same year that the

Four Square brand was established. PHOTOS: GEOFF SLOAN ​

• By Jess Gibson

EASY ACCESS, open space and

“great service” are some of the

things customers said they liked

about the new Four Square in


The supermarket on Main Rd,

which was formerly a New World,

opened on Monday.

Foodstuffs South Island owns

both brands and decided to change

the store after trends showed

customers’ shopping habits had


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• By Jess Gibson

CONCERNS ARE mounting over

boaties who have been flouting

rules in Sumner Bay.

In Canterbury, bylaws are

regulated by Environment

Canterbury with recreational

boating activities overseen by the

Harbourmaster’s Office.

Bylaws include the

requirement to wear personal

flotation devices such as life

jackets having someone in

charge of the

vessel and

sticking to

speed limits,

among other




safety officer


Gordon McKay

McKay said since the start

of alert level 2, the office has

observed several breaches which

have “compromised not only

individuals own safety, but that of

others on the water.”

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Work With Results.


Sales Consultant

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Eddie started his Career in Real Estate in 2017.

Since then Eddie has proven himself to be a top

performing agent in Ray White Ferrymead. His

drive for results and care for his clients is

unmissable. We say thank you to all our clients,

buyers and sellers for helping write the story of his


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Wednesday June 17 2020

from the editor’s desk



Star Media, a division of Allied Press Ltd

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of under-seige Akaroa

restaurant Bully Hayes, has

shown what you can do on

the bounce back.

When the controversy

broke last week about Hayes’

alleged slave trading, abduction

and other deeds during

the 1800s, Jones was put on

the spot.

Initially, he told media he

might think about changing

the name of the restaurant

“further down the track” but

at this stage, it was “not really

a story”, and he declined

to comment further.

Jones must have slept on it,

because the next day he was

talking, indicating a change

of restaurant name and giving

the public an opportunity to

have input into that.

On pages 4 and 5 today we

find out more about Jones.

– Barry Clarke


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birds of the estuary

Fantails troubled by harsh weather

The much-loved fantail is a delicate bird and may not survive

through hard frosts and cold winds. ​

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community events

Learn to play bridge

Bridge clubs in Sumner and Mt Pleasant will give you an

opportunity to play this interesting card game with other likeminded

and friendly enthusiasts.

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Wednesday June 17 2020

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‘Behaviour like this is idiotic’

•From page 1

He said the bylaws exist to

ensure the safety of all water

users and to reduce conflicts

between the different waterbased

activities in an area.

“[They] apply whether you are

on a lake, river or the sea and

regardless of whether you are

swimming, jet skiing, kayaking

or taking part in any other water


The Sumner Lifeboat was

recently called to assist three

people in an inflatable boat 100m

off Boulder Bay.

The engine on the boat

had stopped and one of the

occupants was trying to swim

to shore towing the boat behind

him – none were wearing


Said Mr McKay: “Behaviour

like this is idiotic. It puts the

lives of the people on board

at risk, and wastes emergency

services time.”

Mr McKay said the

Harbourmaster’s Office has

observed numerous instances of

unlawful activity including jet

skis jumping waves and towing

in foiling surfboards in reserved

areas of Sumner Bay.

“This area is dedicated

specifically to swimmers,

windsurfers, sailboarders,

kitesurfers and the like.

Power-driven vessels are


He said 10 reports of such

behaviour are currently

being looked into by the

Harbourmaster’s Office.

“Another issue we are

concerned about is speed. [It]

should normally be kept below

five knots when transiting the

reserved area to or from the boat


Sumner Lifeboat crew member

Howard Nicholls said people

need to be aware of safe boating


“There’s a reason for the

regulations, it’s to help make sure





Office has



instances of

unlawful activity

in Sumner Bay,

including an

incident where

Sumner Lifeboat

was called to

assist three

people in an

inflatable boat

100m off Boulder


people stay safe.”

He said additional to the

actual bylaws, people should give

consideration to other things

that will help improve safety

like having a cellphone that will

function if it gets wet and having

extra navigation measures for

when it’s dark.

•For more information

on the navigation safety

bylaws, visit https://www.



In Brief


The Diamond Harbour Volunteer

Fire Brigade raised more than

$2000 towards a new four-wheeldrive

rapid response vehicle by

selling firewood on Sunday. The

brigade has now reached about

$73,000 of the $85,000 needed to

buy the vehicle, which will help

get brigade members quickly and

safely to emergencies in difficult to

reach locations.


Banks Peninsula is set to get highspeed

wireless broadband and

4G mobile phone coverage. The

rural connection cell site went live

in Gebbies Valley on Thursday.

It marks the first stage of a vital

communications boost for the

region, along with a second site

in Birdlings Flat. Rural homes

and businesses will have access to

high-speed broadband and mobile

data, further supported by the

removal of mobile “blackspots”

along the southern side of State

Highway 75.


The city council is looking to

install a footpath at the section

of Richmond Hill Rd between

numbers 72 and 102. If you have

any concerns or feedback to give,

phone Lori Rankin on 941 5562

or email

before noon on July 8.




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funerals and grief resources,

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Wednesday June 17 2020


Iconic Bully Hayes moving forward

Akaroa’s iconic restaurant

Bully Hayes will be

renamed after almost

25 years, following an

academic’s claims the

current name honours

slavery. Jess Gibson talks

to owner Wayne Jones

about his business and

the changes ahead

How did you come to own

Bully Hayes?

We bought the business over

17 years ago, but it was started

about 24 years ago. It was an old

state house on the property and

part of it still remains which

is built into the building. Two

developers built it and ran it as a

restaurant initially.

We also bought another

business that we renamed and

rebranded about 11 years or so

ago, L’Escargot Rouge, which we

set up as a sister business to Bully

Hayes. Me and my wife, we both

own the businesses.

How did the restaurant

become so popular?

It’s probably because it’s a place

that has been here so long. It’s

been here nearly 25 years now.

A lot of restaurants come and

go over a very short period of

time. Bullys has been one of the

places that hasn’t. Although it

initially went through two or

three owners in the first four or

five years.

I’ve been here for 17 and a half

years nearly, and we’ve sort of

built a brand around giving good

customer service, looking after

people and having good food

and a great environment.

What have been some of your

best memories so far?

I work pretty much full-time

hands-on in the kitchen and on

the premises, and for me, the

enjoyment is the hospitality.

I enjoy making people happy

and talking to people, making

sure we’re serving good food and

looking after people.

There have been lots of highs

and lows we’ve gone through.

COSTLY: Bully Hayes owner Wayne Jones said it will cost between $20-$30,000 to rename his

“heavily branded” restaurant in Akaroa.


We had a fire next door which

nearly burnt us down one time.

We sort of just got ourselves back

on our feet and then we were hit

with the first earthquake.

Then we got ourselves on our

feet again and we got hit by the

second earthquake.

We’ve lived through a lot

of trials and tribulations over

the years but we’ve always got

ourselves through and each time

we’ve come back stronger.

My enjoyment comes from

people coming in and then

always walking out the door

saying “thank you very much, we

greatly enjoyed it.”

As a restaurant owner that’s

probably the greatest gratification,

you could ever receive.

Why did you feel it was the

right time to rebrand your


The name change is extremely

disappointing for the majority of

our followers.

I mean some are very supportive,

but the majority are

very sorry for us to have to go

through this whole situation.

But for us, to move forward,

we’ve got to look at this in a

positive light and to do that we

want to put it out there to try and

make it positive and hopefully

try and keep everybody happy

by giving everybody the input to

looking for a new name.

We’re not going to lose our

brand, Bully Hayes, as well.

That’s very important to us and

it’s very important to our locals

and our market.

I don’t want it to be seen as a

big back down, I do want it to

be seen as progress in moving

forward and changing the name

is probably a very minor part of

what we’re going to try and do.

For us, there’s still the brand

and what we will do is probably

tell more of the story.

In fact, I’ve been contacted by

a number of actual historians

and biographers of Bully Hayes,

and there’s a lot of literature out


Some of the most extensive

work, Joan Druett has put out.

I got an email yesterday with

a Niuean Government website

article about Bully Hayes. It

was a very long article and very

well written, it actually debunks

majority of the things people are

saying. The majority of those

things are not true.

Joan Druett says in her books

a lot of it is myth, there’s nothing

confirmed and a lot of it is

hearsay. The sources that some of

the stuff is coming from are very

misleading or not truly accurate.

While it may be out there

and people love hearing the

dramatised version of things and

they like to hear the blood and

the gore and everything else, the

majority of it is not true.

I think people should be aware

of that.

Joan Druett sent a lot of stuff

to the media and none of that

has been used because people

like to hear the dramatised version

of things.

When people read it, the ones

that were more shocked about

it will actually think a little bit

more about it – that in fact it isn’t

as big a story as it’s all been made

out to be.

There are a lot of followers of

what’s been happening who have

contacted me who are actually

very disappointed in the way this

has been portrayed.

What are some of the best

names you have received so far?

I’ve had a number which have

been based around my name

because I’m a public figure

that’s here seven days a week

(laughs). People have suggested

the Jonesy’s, Wayne’s World and

there has also been a number of

wordplays on the current Bully


I’ve had a couple of writers

ring me and suggest a couple

of things like Hully Bayes and

Bully Stays, and also there’s been

a lot of references to hometown

heroes, Frank Worsley has been

one of the noted.

Also, there’s been references

to the nautical theme and references

to the French. There’s been

a wide list of names that have

been put out there.

We’re gonna put it all together

and we’ll put it out to a large

group of regulars who are here

through the week and see what

their preference is.

The strongest suggestion that’s

in the box, by the biggest majority,

is to keep the name. Also

by email and Facebook it’s the


The Facebook post has created

a massive tirade of views from all


A big chunk of it is about not

giving in and a big chunk of it is

that Bully Hayes is Bully Hayes.

Regardless, that’s the name

they know and the name they

recognise, and it’s the name they

want to stay.

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Wednesday June 17 2020

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in Wayne’s world

What will it take to

rebrand your restaurant?

Rebranding a restaurant

is a massive and very expensive


It’s not just coming up

with a name, there’s all the

design work that comes

into putting that name into

something visual, then

using that visual to create

what you’re trying to sell to


I mean we’ve got a massively

branded environment

here, so yeah, it’s

an extremely expensive


While we might take the

name part of it over initially,

it’s going to be gradual,

because there’s no way

you can physically spend

$20-$30,000 in the current

environment where we are

struggling to survive.

What has business been

like after lockdown?

We’re sort of just holding

ground. We are probably at

about 70 per cent of what

we would normally be at

this time of year.

That’s our problem, we’re

not trading bad enough

for subsidies or to get help,

and we’re not trading good

enough to make money. So

it’s a real ‘catch 22’ at the


How long have you lived

in Akaroa and what do

you like most about living


I actually spent a lot of

time here as a teenager, I

had friends who had baches

in Wainui.

Then I moved up to

Wellington and I studied

hospitality management.

I ended up working in

Wellington for 17 to 18

years and travelling overseas

working in Europe.

Then I came back to

Wellington and worked up

there for a couple of years

and decided it was time

to look at our roots and

DEBUNKED: Wayne Jones has been contacted by

several historians who say that many of the claims

made about Bully Hayes are not true or have been


we sort of looked around

places we’d had an association

with, and Akaroa

really appealed.

It had that nice seaside,

quiet small-town (vibe) that

we really enjoyed when we

worked and lived in France

for a couple of years.

So Akaroa was very

much the logical place.

We found a business and

moved here 17 and a half

years ago, and we haven’t

moved since.

My wife, Joanna and I

also wanted to find a nice

environment to have our

family and bring them

up, and Akaroa has really

proved to be the perfect

place for that.

What do you do when

you’re not working?

I have three boys who

are all at Boys’ High in


My time off is usually in

the winter, and with winter

sports I enjoy spending

time with the kids and

their rugby and sporting

endeavours in Christchurch.

That, and skiing with the

family. Every year we go

away for a week or two and

that’s usually my breakaway.

Other than that my

time is pretty much based

around the business. It

is very much a hands-on

business if you want to

be successful and make it

work and keep going.

If you could choose

three people to have

dinner with at your

restaurant, who would

you choose?

Graham Henry would

stand out to be one.

We actually did a rugby

club fundraiser dinner last

year and he was a guest


I had a chat with him

afterwards and he was a

“wealth of knowledge” sort

of guy.

Peter Gordon would be

one on the food side of it.

His knowledge and creativity

in using New Zealand

as a sounding block for

putting food out around the

world - he’s pretty much the

one man who’s conquered it

in my mind.

And I think Richie

McCaw. I’ve had a strong

background in rugby,

following and playing it

through the years.

He’s got the gift that

makes him the most

likeable guy.

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Wednesday June 17 2020

Your Local Views

Readers respond to

the design for the new

Lyttelton Musuem

Brian Saunders – It

appears the architect has tried

to reflect the harbour basin

mountains especially the Mt

Herbert / Mt Evans area in

the design. This may look

good in a rural setting but does

nothing to add to the character,

and feel of the existing town


Even after the loss of

significant buildings from

London St, Lyttelton has

character. I feel the new

museum building along with

the massive complex earmarked

for the Collett’s Corner site will

alter forever the essence of our


A visual design with a

Victorian look would be much

more in keeping.

If the museum people go

with the metallic look maybe it

should be more in keeping with

the nautical theme. Is the design

suppose to be the hull of a ship?

It’s hard to tell from the photo

what the architect is trying to


Brian Johnston – I am

somewhat shocked. It looks like

a foundry.

Jammed in between two

buildings does not help.

I suggest the new museum


have an opinion on a local

issue? Email your views to

should be on a standalone

site. Space and maybe the odd

outside exhibit.

I am more inclined to a

modern art deco look. A bit of

yesterday and at the same time

a modern look.

Fay and John Jeffery

– I am writing to show my

displeasure at the design concept

of the proposed Lyttelton

museum building.

It will definitely not fit in with

the other buildings in Lyttelton

with that design concept it will

look like a heap of rusty junk, a

blight on the landscape.

A reader respond to calls

for safety improvements at

the Coastal Cliffs walkway

in Church Bay where April

Morel fell to her death in


Richard Smith – There’s no

way council’s stretched budget

should be used for this, although

the accident is terribly traumatic

for the family and friends, we

have to accept responsibility for

our actions, take appropriate care

and acknowledge the conditions,

especially relevant as it says she

was familiar with the track.

Dyers Rd is the same, many

thousands have safely negotiated

this road for years, if you drive

off the edge it’s your own fault,

unless, of course, someone

crashes into you. The council

shouldn’t be spending on this


•From page 1

Residents had been using

the store to top up the grocery

shopping they do at other

supermarkets, and it became

unsustainable for it to remain as

a New World.

Some customers were frustrated

when Foodstuffs South Island

said they had plans to rebrand

to a Four Square in March, and

there was also negative reaction

when it was announced 19 jobs

would be affected by the transition.

But supermarket operator

Heath de Garnham said the

feedback has been “pretty good”

since reopening.

He said adjusting the store’s

layout took about one month

and rebranding took a week –

his favourite part was the new




(left) and

Ben Davie


at the new


Four Square.




Feedback ‘pretty good’

community sit-down area at the


“It’s about making it their


Richmond Hill resident Craig

Hawtin said the new Four

Square was “brilliant,” and he

particularly liked the easy access.

He shopped at New World

“every second day” and plans on

remaining a regular customer.

In spite of the prices going

up by a couple of dollars, he

didn’t mind because of the great


Sam Timbrell and Ben Davie

were shopping together at the

new store when it opened on


Mr Timbrell said the new

entrance has “opened up quite



Market Update

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Wednesday June 17 2020

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Wednesday June 17 2020

Redcliffs School rejoins its community

After nine

long years,



an entire of


of children

outside of their home

suburb, Te Raekura/

Redcliffs School principal

Rose McInerney reflects

on the school’s pending

return home on Monday

WHEN WE first moved offsite

back in 2011, it was a temporary

move. We thought a few months,

perhaps a year at the most. None

of us could have possibly imagined

the road that lay ahead.

It is with immense relief that

can we now put that journey

behind us, moving into our

wonderful new school with a renewed

sense of energy. The sense

of both excitement and relief in

the community is palpable.

This community spirit is

something we’ve witnessed

throughout our time away. We’ve

never been disconnected from

Redcliffs, and we have had such

enormous support from our


So many of you have helped us.

Whether it’s been by marching

alongside us to show the Minister

how we all felt, writing letters or

LONG JOURNEY: (From right) Redcliffs School’s former principal

Kim Alexander and principal Rose McInerney stand outside the

new campus with Board of Trustees members who have been

involved since the Canterbury earthquakes.


postcards to politicians, signing

our petition, donating to help with

our legal fees and other expenses,

sending those emails, texts and

care packages – your help has

meant so much. Thank you.

Our return is down to the

tenacity and doggedness of

many, many wonderful people,

volunteering your time and

playing an integral part. It has

all been worthwhile – it will really

be something special to see

Redcliffs children again making

their way to and from school

along our streets.

Te Raekura Redcliffs School

We will be opening under our

new name, Te Raekura Redcliffs

School. Our name translates

literally to ‘The Red Cliffs”, and

reflects the red, glowing headlands

that were an important feature for

Ngāi Tahu when returning from

sea. The name, along with many

others we are already using across

the school, was gifted to the school

by Mātauraka Mahaanui, an

organisation established to include

Māori and Ngāi Tahu content in

Christchurch’s rebuilt schools after

the earthquakes.

Redcliffs steadily rebuilds

In February 2011, we had a roll

of just over 400 children. Many

of these families left Redcliffs

while their homes were being

rebuilt, and others moved away

for a range of reasons.

We’ve seen steady roll growth

since our return to the suburb

was guaranteed, and I’m pleased

to say that Te Raekura Redcliffs

School will open with a first

day roll of 210 pupils. Our new

school has been built for 300

children, and we have a masterplan

for growth to 400.

A lasting legacy

As a tribute to the school he

was so closely involved in saving,

former Board of Trustees member

Mark Robberds has crafted a

stone wall at the school entrance.

We are so grateful to Mark for

all he did to support the school’s

return. His wall represents the

legacy of a succession of board

members, school staff, and the

wider school community, who

worked tirelessly to ensure Redcliffs

retained its primary school.

Celebrating our return

The children’s first day of

school is on Monday. As our

move back to Redcliffs draws

near, we have been planning how

we will celebrate our return and

officially open our wonderful

new school.

Next Thursday, the school

will be officially opened by

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern,

with entertainment by Redcliffs

students (and supported by

Dave Dobbyn!). Given the

capacity of our new hall, this

event will be for invited guests.

We know many more in our

community would love to

take part. We will be live streaming

the event to our Facebook

page, which you can follow – it’s

called ‘Support Redcliffs School’.

Redcliffs School open days

We warmly invite you to book a

place for a tour of the new school

during one of our four open days.

They will all be held at 2pm

on July 2, July 19, July 31 and

August 2.

Numbers are limited, and

open day bookings are required

by phoning or emailing the

school office with subject title

‘Open Day’ and the date you

wish to attend. Email: office@ or phone

384 3853.

An enormous thank you to

our community, from us all,

for your support over these

past nine years. I know that the

smiles on the children’s faces on

Monday morning will make it all


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Expansive open plan kitchen and dining, with

flowing private indoor outdoor area’s facing

NE and W for all day sun while opening to a

massive wrap around deck, covered pagoda,

with gorgeous planting.

- Kitchen with spacious breakfast bar

- Underfloor water heating, two heat pumps

- Upstairs provides a second living area

- 4 generous size double bedrooms plus office

- 4 bathrooms with underfloor heating

- Internal access double car garage, carport and

plenty of off-street parking

- Would consider a house swap for a property

that needs repairs with the balance paid in


- Block away from the beach and downtown


Holly Jones

027 512 3196

Wednesday June 17 2020

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Four Square

doors open

in Redcliffs

Open 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week

Four Square opened its doors in

Redcliffs this week, the 62nd Four

Square in South Island! “We’ve

had a really warm welcome from

the community,” says Heath de

Garnham, operator of the store,

“we know our transition to a Four

Square has been a change, so

it was extremely heartening to

see many familiar faces here on

opening day. Locals came in to

check out the store, have a yarn

and many said how impressed

they were with what we’d done

with the place.” he added.

With a great grocery offer,

barista coffee and ‘Food to Go’

options, plus an incredible range

of boutique beers, wines and

ciders, the team are absolutely

raring to go “we’ve opened with

some very sharp opening specials

and we have a huge amount to

offer,” says Heath “we’re really

excited about being the go-to

supermarket for the community

and we’ve all got our listening ears

on for suggestions of how we can

tailor our offer to the locality even


Hundreds of specials run for two

weeks at Four Square, customers

can view all the current specials

on-line at,

plus a selection will regularly

feature in the Bay Harbour News.


188 Main Rd, Redcliffs,


Phone (03) 373 6131



Banana’s Loose

1 99 kg

Four Square Pizza

11 99 ea

Fresh NZ Beef

Porterhouse Steak17 99 kg

Fresh NZ

Chicken Breast

10 99 kg

NZ Broccoli

69 c ea

Pams Golden

Roast Chicken


9 99 ea


Lands &




13 99 ea

Heineken Lager

12 Pack 330ml Bottles 23

99 ea


*these Redcliffs only specials

run until midnight 21 June

Wine & Beer only available at stores with an off licence.

Liquor may only be sold during the hours specified in the

store licence. *Available at participating stores.

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Ready for

your future

The Club House is our socialising hub. It’s my favourite

place to spend time with friends over a cup of tea or

be part of the organised activities on offer.

Lady Wigram Village living includes spacious villas and elegant apartments,

surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds.

Lady Wigram Village residents will in future have the option to be cared

for in a hospital care home, rest home or dedicated dementia unit.

Construction is well under way and due for completion soon.

210 Kittyhawk Ave, Wigram, Christchurch 8042

03 341 0543 | 027 3411 464 | |

Wednesday June 17 2020

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• By Jess Gibson


Mission’s food bank is now $3400

better off thanks to fundraising

by Ferrymead Lions Club.

A cheque was presented to

Christchurch City Missioner

Matthew Mark on Wednesday,

the money was raised through

pea straw sales in Redcliffs in

Sumner last month.

Club member Bill Newsom

said the events were very successful

as it sold more than 900 bales

of pea straw, 250 bags of compost

and “a lot” of Nitrophoska fertiliser.

“I would like to thank the

Mt Pleasant, Redcliffs, Sumner,

and Scarborough community

for supporting the [club].

Everyone must have been busy



Lions Club sold

more than 900

bales of pea

straw, 250 bags

of compost

and a lot of


fertiliser bags

at fundraiser

events in

Redcliffs and

Sumner last


$3400 for mission

in their gardens during


“We enjoy doing projects like

this where we can give money to

good causes.”

Mr Mark said the mission has

seen an “unprecedented increase”

in demand for services, particularly

its food bank.

“When we’ve got a community

group like the Lions who have

proactively gone out and done

some incredible work for us in

the community to raise funds for

us we feel incredibly grateful.”

•If anyone would like to help

the club with future projects

or would like to find out

more about being a member,

phone Mr Newsom on 384

9130 or Rosemary Lory on

326 6333.

THE FANTAIL is surely one

of the most well known and

loved birds. Who does not enjoy

watching this tiny bird with its

distinctive fanned tail, happy

chattering and curiosity causing

it to come within arm’s reach?

You may have even been lucky

enough to have seen a black

fantail, which only make up five

per cent of the fantails. Don’t let

them scare you when you do see

one, it really is only a myth when

you hear that they are harbingers

of bad luck.

Both male and female share

the task of incubating the eggs

but as soon as they hatch the female

will leave it up to the male

to feed the chicks, as she will

leave to start building another

nest for the next clutch of eggs.

When the chicks from the

first nest can fend for themselves

the male will find her and share

incubation, followed by feeding

the chicks and so on and so on.

They can nest up to four times

every season.

Note that the male will need to

feed the chicks every 10min, so

he is kept super busy doing this

feeding by himself. Those nests

by the way are super-soft, comfy

and cleverly constructed using


Tanya Jenkins is the manager of the Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust, a

non-profit organisation formed in 2002 to protect one of New Zealand’s most

important coastal wetlands. Each week she introduces a new bird found in the

estuary. Her column aims to raise the understanding of the values and uniqueness

of the area.

Harsh weather not kind to fantail

DELICATE: The fantail does not cope very well in harsh winters

as, being so small and fragile, they can not survive harsh frosts.


moss, rotten wood fibres, hair,

dried grass and woven together

with cobwebs.

The fantail does not cope

very well in harsh winters as

unfortunately, being so small

and fragile they can not survive

harsh frosts. For this reason,

don’t be surprised if on a frosty

day you open your woodshed

or garage to find fantails

sheltering from the cold.

How can we help the fantail to

thrive? Controlling rats in your

garden as they are the key predator

of the fantail.

During winter hang or place

a shallow bowl in a tree with

sugary water to give them extra

energy. As they only eat insects

they will not feed from your

birdseed feeder.

What’s your view on:

A proposal to modify the

resource consent process

for work on the reinstatement

of Christ Church Cathedral

The resource consent process can be modified under the

Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Act 2017 (the Act)

by an Order in Council (Order) made by the Governor-General.

Before a final decision is made to recommend the proposed

Order to the Governor-General, the Act requires it to be

tested robustly. This includes seeking your feedback on

an explanation document that sets out:

• an explanation of what the proposal is intended to achieve;

• a description of the proposed effect of the Order; and

• an explanation of why the Minister considers that the Order

is necessary or desirable for the purpose of the Act.

Let us know your views on the explanation document

The document can be viewed and written comment made online


Also, they are available on request from Christchurch City Council

service centres and libraries and the main office of Selwyn and

Waimakariri District Councils during normal business hours.

Anyone can make a written comment but they must

be received by: 5pm Monday, 22 June 2020.



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Wednesday June 17 2020

2 [Edition datE]

keep it local

and support businesses in your community

Shop with us and reduce


your ecological footprint

AN exciting new store has

opened in the Woolston Tannery

that stocks a wide range of

specialist grocery items that are not

only top quality and affordable but

are environmentally friendly.

“Food for Thought started with

a desire for our family to shop

more sustainably,” said Deneale

Knox, co-owner. “The intent for

us in opening the store, other

than supplying great quality and

ethically produced products is to

focus on sustainability by catering

to the growing desire for people to

reduce their ecological footprint

by abandoning unnecessary plastic


Warm and welcoming, the store

has a clean and simple layout that

provides the perfect background

to showcase the array of stock

on offer. An amazing range of

mainly organic pantry goods

including gluten free and paleo

alternative flours are available in

bulk bins along the walls, there is

an Eco Store Station for re-filling

household cleaning products, and

of course, they use compostable

packaging. Food For Thought also

stock some retail items including

keep cups and gift packs.

Amongst the quality brands they

stock are highly respected Frank

Green, Cere Organics, Little Bird

Organics, Happy Wholefoods,

Pottery For The Planet, Apostle Hot

Sauce, Loving Earth, The Brothers

Green, Tea Total, Bamboo Babe,

Raw Nature NZ, and Eco Store.

Deneale is also a keen cook.

Using alternative flours, healthy

fats, nuts, seeds and legumes, her

quick and tasty recipes are available

on website and instagram.

Food For Thought is open daily

from 10am-4pm and located on

The Tannery Boardwalk, Shop

29b, 3 Garlands Road. info@


1/2 cup Coconut Sugar

4 small mashed Bananas

125g Butter, melted

2 cups Banana Flour

2 teaspoons Baking Soda

150ml warm Milk

1 teaspoon Cinnamon

3 large Eggs

1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Hemp Seed Topping mix:

3 tablespoons Hemp Seeds

1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon

1 tablespoon Coconut Sugar


Preheat oven to 180C. Combine all

ingredients (except for the topping) in a

bowl and beat for approx 1 minute. Pour

mixture into a lined loaf tin. Sprinkle over

the Hemp Seed topping then bake in oven

for approx. 30-40 minutes or until skewer

comes out clean. Remove from oven, cool,

slice and enjoy with butter or cream cheese.

Your local professional





• Bathroom repairs

• Renovations

• Leaks

• Blocked drains

• Gas and drainage

KeeP New ZealaNders worKiNg!


Kids from $115

Adults from $195



Four good reasons to use us

to frame your artwork:

1. Know how - UK qualified

conservation framer

2. Experience - We have been

established now for eighteen years

3. Guarantee - All work guaranteed

4. Price - Very competitive prices

Carol and Chris

Phone 376 5322 or email

47c Garlands Road, Woolston Phone 389 3431

Contact Malcolm Ph 328-7350

32 London St, Lyttelton

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm






03 379 0717

18 Settlers Cres, Ferrymead

from only



per month!

77 large units. 24/7 access

The wide entrance (14.2 metres)

Large unit size (9.0 x 3.5 metres)

Great for storing boats!

Units are protected by a large,

locked gate, are constructed with

tilt slab concrete, are individually

alarmed and monitored, and

approved for insurance.

Innovative designer, creator,

skilled craftsman and repairer

of fine jewellery

Lyttelton Studio, 8 London St

Phone 025 486 2855

Advertising enquiries Jo Fuller | Ph: 027 458 8590 |

Wednesday June 17 2020

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Email by

5pm each Wednesday

Use It or Lose It

Monday, 11am and 1.30pm,

Wednesdays, 9am and Friday,


People over 65 can get back

to exercising and enjoying the

camaraderie while maintaining

a safe distance. Classes focus

on the key factors that allow

this age group to maintain their

independence, strength and

mobility. For details, phone Kris

on 021 262 8886.

Redcliff’s Bowling Club, 9 James


Mt Pleasant Farmers’ Market

Saturday, 9.30am-12.30pm

The community-owned

market brings you wonderful,

locally grown food every

Saturday. For more information,

phone co-ordinator, Di, on 020

4195 4639.

3 McCormacks Bay Rd, Mt


Lyttelton Farmers’ Market

Saturday, 10am-1pm

Nearly all stallholders will be

returning to the market post

lockdown. It may look a little

different and will likely change

as more information comes to

hand. However, the same great

produce and atmosphere will be


London St, Lyttelton

For advice and information please

contact my electorate office:

376 4512

PO Box 19661, Christchurch 8241

Discover Christchurch’s

best pet


• Daycare - all breeds

• Long stay/short stay

Call now to

book in your

fur baby,






271 Dyers Road | Ph 384 1297



Amazin’ winter Specials!!



Warmer KiWi HomeS


*Eligibility criteria apply

Taylors Mistake planting


Saturday, 9am and 1pm,

Sunday, 9am and 1pm (two

sessions each day)

A new charitable trust has

formed to regenerate a Taylors

Mistake reserve using 1600

native trees and shrubs. Ngā

Rākau ō Onepoto will be

running planting sessions at

Giant’s Nose Reserve. Take a

spade and if possible, either

a grubber or mattock and a

hammer. If you are interested in

volunteering, email 4ngarakau@

Access the reserve using the

walkway between 125 and 127

Taylors Mistake Rd.

Redcliffs Coffee and


Friday, 10.30am

Every Friday except for

the first Friday of the month

or public holidays and over

Christmas-New Year period.

Redcliffs Uniting Church


Sumner Tea and Talk

Monday, 10.30am

Enjoy good coffee and lots of

laughter with a friendly group of


Upstairs in the Matuku

Takotako: Sumner Centre

• We will offer you the best quality brands and

option of heat pump for your home/business

• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 18 years to Cantabrians

• We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years

(providing annual maintenance has been completed)

Phone us today for your free consultation & quote


PHONE 03 366 0525

“A local team for local people”

Sumner Bridge Club is back in action, with fun and competitive sessions on Monday at

7.15pm and Wednesday at 1pm. Meet at 57 Dryden St, Sumner. If you have any questions,


Loopy Tunes Pre-school


Tuesday, 9.30am in Sumner

and 10.30am in Redcliffs

Children can have fun singing,

using props and learning actions.

$2 per session. Sessions run

during term time only.



by Don Winslow

In six intense novellas connected by the themes of

crime, corruption, vengeance, justice, loss, betrayal,

guilt and redemption, Broken is #1 international

bestseller Don Winslow at his nerve-shattering, heartstopping,

heartbreaking best. In Broken, he creates a

world of high-level thieves and low-life crooks, obsessed

cops struggling with life on and off the job, private

detectives, dope dealers, bounty hunters and fugitives, the lost souls

driving without headlights through the dark night on the American criminal


With his trademark blend of insight, humanity, humor, action and the

highest level of literary craftsmanship, Winslow delivers a collection of

tales that will become classics of crime fiction.

My Lies, Your Lies

by Susan Lewis

His life was destroyed by a lie.

Matuku Takotako: Sumner

Centre at 9.30am and Redcliffs

Uniting Church hall, 2 Augusta St

at 10.30am

Mt Pleasant Bridge Club

Wednesday, 7pm and Friday, 1pm

We are now open for both

Her life will be ruined by the truth.

Joely tells other people’s secrets for a living. As a ghost writer, she’s used

to scandal – but this just might be her strangest assignment yet.

Freda has never told her story to anyone before. But now she’s ready to set

the record straight and to right a wrong that’s haunted her for forty years.

Freda’s memoir begins with a 15-year-old girl falling madly in love with

her teacher. It ends in a way Joely could never possibly have imagined.

As the story unravels, Joely is spun deeper into a world of secrets and lies.

Delving further into Freda’s past, Joely’s sure she can uncover the truth…

But does she want to?

Absorbing, emotional and absolutely unputdownable, My Lies Your Lies is

2020’s must-read





sessions and all visitors are

welcome. Please be seated 15min

prior to the start of the session. If

you do not have a partner phone

Raylene on 3849677.

Mt Pleasant Yacht

Clubrooms, Scott Park, 21 Main




We have one copy of Broken to give away, courtesy of Take Note Ferrymead. To be in the draw, email with Broken in the subject line or write to Take Note Book Giveaway, Broken

Star Media, PO Box 1467, Christchurch 8140. To be eligible for the draw, all entries must include your name,

address and contact number. Entries close Tuesday, June 30, 2020. The book winner for Gulliver’s Wife is

Rachel Stracey of Mt Pleasant.

PAGE 14 Wednesday June 17 2020


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Life is for living!

50 Bayswater Crescent, Bromley

Deadline Sale: Thursday 25 June at 4pm

4 bedrooms | 1 living | 2 bathrooms | 2 car garage | Listing no: OPA25072

For people of all ages and stages,

this is a fantastic opportunity not to be

missed! This affordable modern home

offers low maintenance for a spacious

living environment. Well proportioned

and nestled on a pleasantly landscaped

section, it will appeal to young or old

families to first home buyers and investors

alike. Immaculately presented, the clever

configuration is functional and practical.

The open plan kitchen and living area has

created a much sought after lifestyle with

great indoor/outdoor flow through sliding

doors to the sunny courtyard where you’ll

be proud to entertain. The well-organised

layout offers four spacious bedrooms,

the master complete with ensuite and

walk-in robe, and great additional storage

throughout. The main bathroom has

both a bath and separate shower and the

décor throughout is subtle and neutral,

providing a muted backdrop to your

choice of furnishings. Winter warmth

is ensured with a heat pump, HRV

system, and double glazing. The summer

months welcome the sun streaming in

from various angles. The double garage

has ample storage and internal access.

The property is well fenced for children

and animals and offers a further secure

parking bay for a boat, trailer, or just

the extended family. A very desirable

home for first home buyers, with many

appealing features to live life your way. Put

your stamp on this wonderful opportunity

and feel happy to call it your home.

Deadline closes Thursday 25 June at

4pm (unless sold prior).

Open homes Thur/Sat/Sun 12 - 12.30pm

To arrange a private viewing or for more

information please call Simon and Paula

of Ray White Ferrymead on 0274 304 691

Simon and

Paula Standeven

Elite Number 1 Sales


Licensee Salespersons

(REAA 2008)

Ray White Ferrymead –

Prier Manson Ltd.




Horncastle Arena,

21-23 August 2020

Book now

Don’t miss your opportunity to

showcase your business in front of

10,000+ qualified attendees

New exhibitor packages available or 021 800 809

Wednesday June 17 2020

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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100


Excavator & Dozer Hire

Enquire for rate

Tim: 027 285 7454

Barry: 027 432 5195

Excavator & Dozer Hire

Enquire for rate

Tim: 027 285 7454

Barry: 027 432 5195

Excavator & Dozer Hire

Enquire for rate

Tim: 027 285 7454

Barry: 027 432 5195

Excavator To & Let Dozer Hire

Enquire for rate

Tim: 027 285 7454

Barry: 027 432 5195


Ideal as an extra

bedroom or office.

no bond required

Fully insulated and double glazed for warmth.

Three convenient sizes from $70 a week:

Standard 3.6m x 2.4m

Large 4.2m x 2.4m | Xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m

Visit our website

for display cabin locations

Situations Vacant

Te Raekura

Redcliffs School

Teacher Aide Position

We seek a positive, caring and committed

teacher aide to join our fantastic school.

You will work with one of our students

in Year 5 and support her to access our

curriculum to the best of her abilities. The

ability to be consistent in your approach

and to help implement a modified

curriculum programme is important.

Skills and understanding of literacy

teaching in a structured and systematic

way will be advantageous, as will the

ability to be flexible and show initiative.

Additional skills in working with students

with Dyslexia will also be beneficial. The

position is currently for 12 hours per

week - Monday to Friday (days and hours

negotiable) and is during school term time

only. This position is for Terms 3 and 4,

with the potential to run into 2021. The

position will start on July 20th and end on

the 17th December.

For further information, or to enquire

about our Structured Literacy Approach

at Redcliffs school, please contact

Abby Blanch on abby.blanch@redcliffs. To apply, please email your

application including a short cover letter

and your cv, together with the names

and contact details of two professional

referees by Monday 29th June.

Applications close at 5pm.

Te Raekura

Redcliffs School

.1 ORRS Teacher Position

We require a qualified teacher for a .1

ORRS position. We seek a caring and

kind teacher who is focused on building a

strong and supportive relationship with our

learner. Additional skills and knowledge

of Structured Literacy teaching will be

advantageous. The ability to successfully

modify the classroom programme to meet

the needs of our learner is essential. The

.1 position is for 2.5 hours of teaching

time per week with our student - some

flexibility is needed around the timetabling

of these hours to best meet the needs of

our learner.

For further information please contact

Abby Blanch on abby.blanch@redcliffs. Please apply by email with

a short cover letter, your CV, and the

names of two professional referees

by Monday 29th June to Abby Blanch.

Applications close at 5pm.

Trades & Services

Building and



New Houses


Building and Decorating

Phone John: 027 224 2831





Logburners –

Pellet – ULEB



Bird Protection

Phone Duane

027 428 9026

328 9990

Keeping the home

fires burning


George Lockyer. Over

40 years bricklaying

experience. UK trained.

Insurance work, EQC

repairs. Heritage

brickwork & stonework

a speciality. No job too

small. Governers Bay.

Home 329 9344. Cell

027 684 4046. E mail


Exp. Repairs, uplifting,

relaying, restretching.

Phone John on 0800

003181, 027 240 7416


Affordable Concrete

Cutting with Quality, and

removal work. Free quote.

No job to small. Phone 027

442-2219, Fax 359-6052

a/h 359- 4605


JMP Electrical.

Experienced & registered..

Expert in all home

electrical repairs &

maintenance. Call James

027 4401715

Trades & Services



Our unique restoration

processes will make your

tiled areas look NEW again!

We specialise in professional

cost effective solutions for

all your tile & grout issues.

• Tiled shower makeovers

• Re-colouring old grout

• Mouldy silicone replacement

• Professional tile/grout

cleaning, sealing & repairs

Call today for a FREE quote on 0800 882 772

or email


We are a locally based electrical company, covering all

Christchurch Areas, including Lyttleton, Sumner & the Bays areas.

Standard Christchurch travel rates apply

Specializing in Residential, Commercial & Industrial


0274 340 529 |


and Garden


Need help with

your garden?

We provide a quality

service for all your

Garden Maintenance

(hedges, lawns,

line trimming, weeding)

and Landscaping needs,

(fencing, paths, drives,

retaining and earthworks).

Ph 021 272 0303


Andrew Martin Electrical.

25 years experience.

Specialize in home

renovations, repairs and

maintenance. Call Andrew

0274 331 183



Call Mt Pleasant Home

Maintenance 022 475






ROOFS $300

• Oamaru StOne

• Driveway

• PathS

• hOuSe

• General exterior

wash Down

• tidy up

Ph: 027 561 4629



Mature, reliable,

conscientious &

experienced, reasonable

rates, no job too small!

Call Ron 027 434-1400


Feature work, walls,

paving, drystone walls,

& repairs. One man team

ideal for small/medium

size jobs. Keeping the

locals happy for 25 years.

Ph Tim Williams 027 714






Earthquake Repairs, Grind

Out & Repoint, River/

Oamaru stone, Schist,

Volcanic Rock, Paving,

all Alterations new & old,

Quality Workmanship,

visit www.featureworks. or ph 027 601-3145





Earthquake Repairs, Grind

Out & Repoint, River/

Oamaru stone, Schist,

Volcanic Rock, Paving,

all Alterations new & old,

Quality Workmanship,

visit www.featureworks. or ph 027 601-3145


& Supplies

GARDENER Need your

home or commercial

garden tidied up or

renovated or require long

term assistance. Phone

Ruth 326 6663 or 021 272


Wanted To Buy

AAA Buying goods

quality furniture, beds,

stoves, washing machines,

fridge freezers. Same day

service. Selwyn Dealers.

Phone 980 5812 or 027

313 8156

Public Notices





2020 AGM


Mt Pleasant

Bowling Club

9 James St, Redcliffs

Sun 12th July 2020


Petrina Herring



Phone for further details

(03) 379 1100

PAGE 16 Wednesday June 17 2020


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After years of trading as a franchise, we’ve branched out so we can bring you the best furniture in the New Zealand

market, at a more affordable price. Come and find us in the old Target building, on the corner of Blenheim & Curletts Road,

Sockburn. Or visit our website to find out more about us.

Finance Offer: Twelve months

payment holiday using qCard


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