Little Green Radicals Story Of Us


the story

of us

Designed in London

Always organic

& Fairtrade

Designed in London

Always organic & Fairtrade

Little Green Radicals started

life in London in 2005. We

make bright, fun clothing for free

range kids. We have always

been organic & Fairtrade &

we do our utmost to respect the

many amazing people who make

our clothes and our planet. Nick,

our founder takes you into our

colourful world..

In the beginning...

We started life in London in 2005.

While doing one of the many cold

wet market days in Greenwich

selling organic and Fairtrade

t-shirts, I came up with six

humorous eco-slogans for baby

& toddler t-shirts, which

included ‘I Recycle my

Tantrums’, Wind Farm’

& ‘Give Peas A Chance’

worn here by my son

Leo, the original

Little Green Radical.

Nick Pecorelli

LGR Founder

Free range kids

Where we began,

the original

Little Green Radicals

slogan collection.

Always Fairtrade

& organic

Since those market days we have

grown to become an international

award winning brand with stockists

all round the world.

We are proud that all our clothing is

certified by GOTS as well as the

Fairtrade foundation.

Our designs are

by Josie Bragg, whose


English eye for print and

colour sets us apart from

other brands.

Designed in


Our London studio,

where all the magic happens

We pride ourselves

in using sumptuous fabrics all

made from organic GOTS

certified cotton. We make clothes

children can play in and children

and parents alike adore.

At Little Green Radicals we

encourage girls as well as boys to

dream without limits – to be

pilots, doctors, engineers,

astrophysicists or astronauts.

Everyone can reach for the stars.

Our designs reflect those

aspirations so many of our

prints are designed for both

boys and girls.

Shilo wearing our

Rocket to the Stars PJ’s

Since 2005 we have

always used Fairtrade

cotton. Our farmers, based in

India, get a guaranteed price for

their organic pesticide

free cotton.

The factories we work with look

after their employees, who get

fair wages, maternity leave, and

many of the other things you

would expect from decent


Meet Punitha & Ankita

Our wonderful colleagues

in India who help make

our clothes.


makes our


We respect the planet & are always thinking about

how to reduce our environmental footprint, like

the inks we use in our clothes, right down to the beautiful

compostable packaging our clothes come in.

We support our

wonderful stockists from

setting you up with your

account, to helping

place your order all the

way to making sure

your collection arrives

in perfect condition.

We also have a selection

of point of sale which

will help you promote

our range.

Be part of it...

If you would like to stock

our range we would love to

hear from you

UK & all other countries

Hannah Slack– Sales Manager

+44 (0)770 137 62 29

Germany, Switzerland

& Austria

Anna Wetherill – Sales Manager

+44 (0)117 955 21 90

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