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Longtime contributor Marta Morton shared this image of the wild Sapodilla tree in her yard. She says, “It looked like a bunch of twigs and I

thought it was dying from lack of rain. All of a sudden, after two rain showers, it started to bud and then the sprouts started to turn green.”

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Coming Back to Life

My life turned upside down in late March, just like most of the world’s population. With little time to prepare,

I made the agonizing decision to stay put in Turks & Caicos Islands instead of returning to Chicago to help out my

elderly parents and uncle. I had no idea the TCI borders would close for four long months. Thanks to the grace of

God, good neighbors, food delivery and my seniors’ inner strength, my dear family members are making it through,

as healthy and comfortable as can be expected during the “shelter in place” order in Illinois. How I thank God for

answering my daily prayers for their protection!

I watched the Islands slowly turn from spring into summer. Some trees and shrubs in the “bush” go barren and

look dead during the dry winter season; it was a blessing—and reminder to me of God’s rejuvenating power—to see

the leaves and flowers grow back, inch by inch. As usual, the country’s natural beauty soothed my soul and calmed

my anxiety from the flow of fear and uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 upheaval.

We also made the difficult decision not to print this issue. Instead, you can read and enjoy it online—we’ll be

working to share the link with as many as possible—please do the same.

I overflow with gratitude to our contributors, who shared their experiences so honestly; to our advertisers, who

continue to support our publication during these hard times; and to the TCI Government and residents, who acted

with awe-inspiring discipline and dignity to keep the Islands healthy and safe for our visitors to return.

Kathy Borsuk, Editor

timespub@tciway.tc • (649) 431-4788

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