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Author draws

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Magestic black

swan thriving

on estuary

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20 years of

service to the


• By Bea Gooding


originally visited the Delta

Community Support Trust for a

hot meal.

That first encounter has now

transpired into 20 years of service

and dedication towards the

trust’s food bank and community


This month marked the special

milestone for the Linwood

resident who has volunteered for

four days a week at the organisation

more than two decades.

“It feels amazing and overwhelming.

It’s so lovely to have a

place to come and feel loved and

wanted,” said Mr Christensen.

“It gets me out of bed every


It all started when he was seeking

a sense of community and

had come across the meal organised

by the North Avon Baptist

Church – from then on he had

found his purpose.

“I thought I might give them a

hand with dishes as well, then it

just got bigger from there,” he said.

“It feels really good to be a part

of the family, I love helping and

being with people and I’ve made

so many friends over the years.”

Mr Christensen holds many

roles at the trust, such as organising

DVD nights with the Friendship

Link – a companion group

for people with disabilities and is

the official DJ at discos held at St

Albans Baptist Church.

The volunteer said much had

changed over the years, especially

since the earthquakes and now

the recovery from Covid-19 and

having more demand for food


Now that the country was in

recovery mode, he urged others

to get involved in their communities

and give back, no matter

how small.

“It’s so rewarding, and being

with people and helping them

really makes their day.”

DEDICATION: Brent Christensen has celebrated 20-years at the Delta Community Support Trust.



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2 Thursday June 18 2020

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PO Box 1467, Christchurch

Community board

members lend a hand


Bea Gooding

Ph: 021 911 576


Frank Greenslade

Ph: 364 7441

Your local community news

delivered to 17,598 homes

within The Star each week.

Linwood • Avonside • Richmond • Shirley • Bexley

Burwood • Dallington • Wainoni • Bromley

Aranui • Avondale • New Brighton • Northshore

Queenspark • Parklands • South Brighton

• By Bea Gooding


have banded together for their first

“Clean Up Day,” clearing overgrown

vegetation on the banks of the Avon


Members of the Coastal-Burwood

Community Board noticed a section

near the river beside New Brighton

Rd was “a bit worse for wear,” and

decided to take action.

The board’s chairman Kelly Barber

said the clean-up was also inspired

by members of the community

who made similar comments of the

riverbank’s state.

Said Mr Barber: “We felt with

council resources and budgets likely

to be stretched due to the effects of

Covid-19 over the foreseeable future;

it might be good for our team to lend

a hand.

“We had a wonderful time together

and managed to clean up a section

of the road side hundreds of metres


The area was overgrown and

“neglected” with tall grass, but

during the lockdown the city

council was unable to carry out the

usual maintenance due to Covid-19


TAKING INITIATIVE: Coastal-Burwood Community Board deputy

chairwoman Jo Zervos (left), chairman Kelly Barber, city councillors

Phil Mauger and James Daniels, and board member Bebe Frayle. ​

“The council staff do an amazing

job, but they can’t do everything.”

He encouraged the community to

get involved and take responsibility

for their area and said the board

planned to hold more clean-up days

in the future.

“This is where we live and this is our

area. We can either wait for others to

do it or we can do it ourselves – it’s

taking pride in the area that you live

in,” said Mr Barber.

A place to call your own?

Here’s a helping hand

You could qualify

for a First Home Grant

of up to $10,000 per person

or a 5% deposit First

Home Loan – or even both.

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Javahna’s mission to keep homeless warm

• By Bea Gooding


Page is determined to keep

Christchurch’s homeless

community warm this winter.

The New Brighton volunteer

has started her very own charity,

Winter Warming Hearts by

Javahna, this month after seeing

the reality of homelessness in the

city – something she did not see

after previously living in Timaru.

Her goal was to put together

backpacks filled with winter essentials

such as blankets, gloves,

beanies, scarves and flasks filled

with homemade vegetable soup.

“I felt really bad because I’ve

got everything I need and I lived

in a nice, warm house but homeless

people don’t have that much

stuff,” said Javahna.

“And Jacinda (Ardern) said we

needed more kindness in New

Zealand, so I wanted to help out.”

She originally had plans to

save up for a PlayStation, but realised

there were bigger issues at

hand and decided to support the

homeless in any way she could.

It initially started off with

organising 10 backpacks, also

equipped with supermarket

vouchers, but she decided to continue

her efforts and established

the initiative.

She was also keen to organise

summer packs in the future,

Discover Christchurch’s

best pet


• Daycare - all breeds

• Long stay/short stay

Call now to

book in your

fur baby,






271 Dyers Road | Ph 384 1297

WARMING WINTER HEARTS: Javahna Page, 12, has started a charity dedicated towards keeping homeless people in

Christchurch warm during the winter. ​

donating to homeless shelters in

the city once she had everything


Said Javahna’s mother, Michelle

Page: “I think it’s more

important now more than ever

due to this lockdown, we’re

going to see the cost of living


Do you have a son or daughter

interested in horse riding?

✭ Courses every weekend.

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711 Island Rd View Hill, OXFORD 7495

03 312-4309

rise for a while which could

make more people homeless

or unable to afford certain


“I feel like the proudest mother

on the planet that my daughter

would think of doings this let

alone start the motion.

“If we could all have a bit more

kindness rather than judgement,

our country could heal a little


Javahna largely relied on

public donations and said she

would be grateful for any

items small enough to fit in a

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bag, and fresh vegetables for

the soups.

For more information on

how to donate to Javahna’s

charity, visit:


The revolution in heat pumps is here now!

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Thursday June 18 2020


A walk along memory lane

McMaster & Heap

Veterinary practice

A few SPECIALISED services

you may not know about…


The past 12 months has seen our Practice treat many

cancer patients with Chemotherapy. We have an

experienced, dedicated team of vets and nurses who

really connect with these patients and their owners.

We see referrals from other Practices and we can

offer sound advice, deliverance of care and ongoing

support for these patients. We often seek the advice

from specialists when formulating the appropriate

plans and drugs to be used.

surgical workload and have purchased the necessary

specialised equipment so that spinal, orthopaedic,

soft tissue, and thoracic surgery can proceed without

a hitch. We also can organise patients to have CT/

MRI scans, prior to surgery, through Pacific Radiology

if necessary. Spinal ( CSF) taps are also carried out if

deemed necessary for spinal/intracranial patients.

Your vet needs to refer your pet to Helen for her expert

opinion and surgical expertise.


This is a great, non invasive service which allows

us vets to have a good look down airways into the

lungs (can even go up nostrils) and down or up the

gastrointestinal tract. We have just purchased a smaller

scope to visualise the urinary system in dogs and can

get into smaller airways.

Triple Olympic Gold

medallist Peter Snell gives

a speech at the official

opening of QE II Stadium in

1973 to a packed audience

in the stands. Christchurch

mayor, Neville Pickering is

seated behind Snell.

Kirsty and Mauger sharing the love, after

Mauger was in for chemotherapy to treat

his Mast Cell Tumour.

Chemotherapy in pets is not as aggressive as in

humans, therefore the side effects are less. We aim for

“Quality of Life” versus squeezing every minute out

of living. We do aim for “complete clinical remission”

though. Most tumours are removed initially or

debulked and then chemo is used to reduce the risk of

spread of cancer to other sites. We do not have access

to radiation therapy in Christchurch.

Side effects ( nausea, vomiting, lethargy, fever,

diarrhoea, anorexia) can occur, but are not as severe

as in humans as doses given are lower. We manage

these with medications or reducing the next chemo

drug dosage.

Pets can still enjoy their normal foods and exercise

whilst on chemotherapy. There are a few exceptions

though. If your pet’s White Blood cell count gets

too low, then avoid high density dog areas so

disease transmission is low. Raw food diets are not

advised during chemotherapy due to an increased

risk of infection if the pet’s immune system comes

compromised. It is thought a premium diet, higher in

protein and fat/lower in carbohydrate are preferred

and fish oil has been talked about.

Pets DON’T lose hair like humans. After surgical clipping,

hair regrowth can be slow but it will grow back.

There is no risk to the owner of a pet receiving

chemotherapy, although pregnant women should not

handle any chemotherapy medications that are to be

given at home.

Our Vet Kirsty does the lion share of Chemotherapy in

the Practice. She has a dedicated, experienced nursing

team and these patients are all typically scheduled

on one day. Blood work is initially done to check they

are fit and healthy for their chemo drugs, then they

are injected slowly via an IV line or given orally. No

sedation drugs are usually required. It is quick, easy

and painless for your pet. Kirsty is really passionate

about helping your pet seek cancer remission whilst

enjoying a full, great quality of life. She is with you

every step of the way, answering your questions,

especially when big decisions need to be made.


We are now able to offer a surgical referral service

thanks to Dr Helen Milner (a registered specialist in

QE II Park stadium during the opening ceremony in 1973.

Catherine and Kirsty seen here manoevering

the endoscope to retrieve the scrunches from

Floyd’s stomach.

Small Animal Surgery)

coming on board

recently. Helen sees

referral patients from

all over the South

Island where they are

typically booked for a

1 hours consultation,

with surgery then

scheduled if required.

We have built a

dedicated sterile

surgery and theatre

area to cope with this

Dr Helen Milner,

our surgical


The patient is required to be under anaesthetic but

the procedure is fast and often effective at getting

a diagnosis, biopsying tissue or retrieving “foreign

bodies” which is most

fun. Recently “Floyd”, a 4

month old Labradoodle

was endoscoped late

one afternoon for

eating “scrunchie” hair

ties, with 6 ended up

being retrieved via

the endoscope. Very

satisfying, quick and less

expensive compared to The retrieved scrunchie

exploratory surgery.


Our new vet “ Terryne Loney” is an expert in the field

of dentistry, so coupled with vet Olivia who enjoys all

things in the teeth and gum department, we are able

to handle most dental problems and emergencies.

Our state of the

art dental suite

is fully equipped

with 2 dental

stations, allowing

scaling, polishing

and extractions

to be performed

on 2 patients at

the same time.

Digital dental

radiographs are

very important Terryne, our new vet.

when deciding

what teeth need extracting, checking for cancers and

root infections and congenital tooth abnormalities.

We now have the veterinary skills and equipment to

perform restorative dental care including root canal

surgery and offering alternatives to extraction in teeth

that are important to retain.

For any further information on the above services

please don’t hesitate to call or message us.

Dr Michele McMaster

The New

Zealand team

at the 1974


Games opening

ceremony at the

QE II Park.

Open 7 days

Cnr Hoon Hay & Coppell place

phone 338 2534, Fax 339 8624


McMaster & Heap

(From left to right) – Richard Dunn,

John Anderson and Peter Dunn with

the New Brighton clock face which

was removed for repairs in 1976.

Aerial view showing the construction

of the new Parklands subdivision in


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Author draws on own bullying experience

THE THIRD and final book in a

series about bullying by Lyttelton

cartoonist and writer, Alex

Hallatt, is set to hit bookshops

later this month.

Hallatt’s inspiration for the

books came from her time at

primary school in England.

“When I was bullied at school,

it was one of the most miserable

periods of my life. I wrote the

books I would have liked to have

read back then. They are stories

that give hope and tools for

standing up to bullying,” Hallatt


But bullying is still a problem

in New Zealand schools. A 2019

Education Review Office study

reported that 47 per cent of

primary students had been bullied,

while 61 per cent of primary

students had witnessed bullying

of others.

Hallatt’s newest book, FAB

Club 3 - The Big Match, follows

on from Friends Against Bullying

(FAB) Club and FAB Club 2 -

Friends Against Cyberbullying.

The first book’s theme was

general bullying at school and

the second book’s theme was

online and phone bullying.

For the third book, it was time

for Hallatt to turn her attention

to sport.

“Playing sport can be fun, but

not if you never get picked for

the team. And what if the team

you do get picked for has the

world’s worst coach? A coach

who is useless, or worse: a bully,”

the book’s description reads.

And not only does it relate to

the subject of bullying among

children; but as all of us have

witnessed recently, some of

the worst bullying comes from

adults who use their positions of

power badly.

“Even if they are lucky enough


resident Alex Hallatt’s third

book in a series about bullying,

FAB Club 3 – The Big Match

focuses on sport.

never to have been bullied, most

people would prefer a world in

which the bullies don’t come out

on top in the end. The FAB Club

series is that world and one we

can aspire to be in.”

Charity in

need of


• By Bea Gooding

THE BLANKET Bank is in need

of donations following increased

demand due to Covid-19.

The charity has set up a givealittle

page to make up the shortfall

of warm bedding they provided to

vulnerable families across the city.

Due to the pandemic, usual

donations of used bedding was

“much more difficult” to process

therefore monetary donations were

much preferred.

Charity co-ordinator Martha

Baxendell said compared to this

time last year, demand was higher

than normal, reflecting job security

in families.

“We started the givealittle because

we’ve had fewer donations over the

lockdown that we couldn’t accept

and it (donations) was incredibly low

at this time of year,” she said.

Donations had already been

made, meaning the charity only

had to turn away one person,

instead of many.

“Without it, we would’ve had to

turn multiple people away.”

The funds will be used to purchase

new blankets, duvet, sheets

and other warm items.

Donations can be made to The

Blanket Bank at: https://givealittle.

The Trusts Act 2019 - How it

affects your Family Trust.

Specializing in E-Cigarettes, Vaporizers and

smoking essentials. We have the highest

quality of E-Cigarettes and vaporizers for

both beginners and advanced vapers.

“If you have a family trust or act as a

trustee, you should be aware of the changes

to trust law which are set to come into effect

in January 2021.” says Charlotte Grimshaw,

an Associate at Saunders & Co Ferrymead.

The Trusts Act 2019 aims to reform trust

law in New Zealand by better setting out

the core principles relating to trusts, and

providing better rules and mechanisms for

trust administration and dispute resolution.

The Act requires greater transparency for

trusts and how they are managed, including

that trustees will now need to tell beneficiaries

if they are a beneficiary, and must provide

beneficiaries with trustee contact details,

details on any change of trustees should that

occur, and the beneficiary’s right to request

trust information.

The Act clearly sets out duties that

apply to trustees that are mandatory

(duty to act honestly, in good faith,

and for the beneficiary’s benefit), and

default (exercise due care and skill and

impartiality in making decisions and

managing trust assets).

Settlors, trustees and those thinking of

setting up their own family trust should

then consider the measures required to

comply with the increased trust obligations

and consider altering their practices to

ensure compliance. This may include

refreshing knowledge of the principles of

trusts and trustee duties, checking that

important documentation on trust assets

and decision-making is complete and in

order, and ensuring the contact details of

those involved in the trust are available.

Having the advice of a lawyer who is

experienced in Trust Law is beneficial in

ensuring you are advised correctly when

looking to set up a Trust, or in checking

that your Trust is compliant with the latest

trust law.

Contact Charlotte Grimshaw for advice on Trust Law


03 940 2435

987 ferry rd, christchurch


Thursday June 18 2020

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Funding boost sought for

community organisations

A FINANCIAL boost to help

community organisations

cope with the challenges of the

Covid-19 crisis is proposed in the

city council’s draft Annual Plan.

The one-off $360,000 boost to

the Strengthening Communities

Fund would be available to

community groups working to

promote well-being across the

sporting, arts, social, health and

environmental sectors.

The five per cent increase

has been suggested as a way to

acknowledge the difficulties that

community-focused organisations

could face following the recent

Covid-19 level 4 lockdown,

says city council head of community

support and governance

John Filsell.

“The purpose of the Strengthening

Communities Fund is to

support organisations that help

make Christchurch a more caring

and enjoyable place to live.

Last year, for example, the fund

received 951 applications from

community organisations, and

763 received a grant.

“We recognise the importance

of their role and the challenges

they are likely to face in the

coming months, and that’s why

we’re proposing some extra

funding to help ensure they’re

equipped to deal with those


SUPPORT: The city council

has proposed a $360,000

boost to the Strengthening

Communities Fund.

Many of the traditional

sources of funding for community

groups, such as Gaming

Trust grants, have been affected

by Covid-19.

If the one-off $360,000 boost

goes ahead it would have a 0.07

per cent impact on rates.

Public consultation on the

draft Annual Plan opens on Friday

and continues until June 29.

The Strengthening Communities

Fund, which was set up in

2008, is a $7.2 million fund

distributed by community

boards and the city council

each year.

THE BLACK swan, large and

majestic, moves slowly whilst

floating on the ponds and

estuary. It is stunning with its

bright orange/red bill, which is

detailed with a white band.

The male can weigh as much as

7kg and while the females look the

same, they are smaller and reach a

maximum of 6kg in weight.

The black swan were

introduced from Australia,

however, a large number selfintroduced

themselves, and they

are therefore classified as a New

Zealand native bird.

You may think that the black

swan is a common bird in New

Zealand, as the estuary and the

wastewater ponds are home

to some 1000 swans which are

very visible. But the population

across the entire country only

numbers 60-70,000 birds, so we

are lucky to have a large enough

estuary to support as many as it


The herbivores only eat vegetation

submerged under shallow

water, with seagrass being their

favourite food, but at high tide

they often venture grassed areas

nearby to feed on grass. It must

be a healthy diet as they can live


Tanya Jenkins is the manager of the Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust, a

non-profit organisation formed in 2002 to protect one of New Zealand’s most

important coastal wetlands. Each week she introduces a new bird found in the

estuary. Her column aims to raise the understanding of the values and uniqueness

of the area.

Black swan thriving on estuary

PROTECTION: The black swan thrives on the Avon-Heathcote

estuary and can live up to 30 years.


up to the age of 30 years!

Pairs will mate for life but live

in a flock of many other pairs

until its nesting time from July

onwards when they separate to

build large nests made up from

sticks, debris and dead leaves

formed into a large floating

mount or nest on the islands in

the ponds.

I am sure you too have observed

with delight the string

of swan with the male upfront,

followed by five or six fluffy grey

cygnets with the female keeping

an eye on them all at the back.

Be careful not to disturb

swan as they can be aggressive

towards predators (including us

humans) and vulnerable during

their moult in January and February

when they are flightless

for about a month.

What can we do to help the

majestic swan thrive? Keep up

healthy water quality in our

rivers and the estuary to ensure

vegetation growth to feed this

many birds.

Check what goes down your

drains, for example, rinse your

paintbrushes in the sink as

that wastewater will be treated,

not outside where it may flow

straight from stormwater drains

into our rivers and then the

estuary which is detrimental to

water quality.




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21-23 August 2020

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Thursday June 18 2020

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Ground moisture barrier

under low sub-floor

Now with the colder and wetter weather on

its way, home owners are focusing on ways

to make their homes comfortable, warm

and healthy for their families throughout

winter. Rising damp is an issue that affects

many of our older properties which suffer

from poor, or no, ground moisture barrier.

In Canterbury especially, post-quake, many

people have relocated to homes that suffer

from rising damp which can be associated

with health problems. Independent tests have

shown that up to 40 litres of water can rise

from the ground and enter a house every day,

leading to mildew, mould, condensation and

musty smells. Moulds can produce various

allergic reactions and the frail, elderly and

very young are especially vulnerable.

Canterbury Foam Concrete Ltd is a

locally owned and operated firm. The team

understands the problems caused by rising

damp and are there to help. They will come

to your damp home and pump a lightweight,

flowable foam concrete under your timber

floored home.

While insulation is important, it has been

recognised that it is dampness that is the real

villain in the house. The new Healthy Homes

Standards introduced by the government

effective from the 1st July 2019 now has

a requirement to install ground moisture

barriers, a key element in the armory to fight

moisture in the home.

Dr Larry Bellamy BE (hons) PhD in a

report dated 1988: Foam Concrete Under

Timber Floors: An Energy Analysis assessed

the effects of placing Foam Concrete over

damp soil and had this to say: Condensation

on the underside of a timber floor can occur

where the floor is suspended over damp

ground and the inside air temperature falls

close to the crawl space air temperature.

Much energy is required to vaporize moisture

that penetrates the structure. By avoiding

underfloor condensation, foam concrete can

reduce floor heat losses by up to 90%.

• Canterbury Foam Concrete Ltd can in most

cases, install a Ground Moisture Barrier

under the suspended wooden floor of your

home, even when there is no crawl space.

• BRANZ Appraised; Appraisal Number 961

• Members of the Insulation Association of

New Zealand.

• We offer a free measure and quote in the

Canterbury region with no obligations.

• Assessments can be made in all other

regions by arrangement.

Contact Canterbury Foam Concrete

Ltd now for your free, no obligation quote

and complimentary appraisal of your

underfloor ground moisture barrier needs.

Phone 03 376 4608, 0508FOAMCO or www. for more information.

Zone Control for your

ducted heat pump

Ducted heat pumps are a highly efficient

way to heat (or cool) your home. The

air from the heat pump is ducted to

several rooms or zones in your house.

Using a zone control system makes your

ducted heat pump even more efficient, by

specifying the amount of heat required

in each area, so not wasting energy to

overheat or overcool any room.

The AirTouch4 zone control system

from Smooth-Air takes ducted heat pump

air zoning to a whole new level of comfort

and energy efficiency.

AirTouch4 - The Ultimate Zone


Have total control of your comfort zone:

AirTouch4 lets everyone enjoy a different

level of conditioned air in the room they

are in.

Save money on the power

bill, without compromising on

comfort, by only running the

heating or cooling where you

need it with Smart Zoning.

Plus with runtime tracking,

energy and airflow management

technology, you can enjoy greater

efficiency and savings from your

family’s ducted heat pump.


The AirTouch4 can



connect to Google Home and

Amazon Alexa.

Not every home is designed

equal. Not every room is either.

Temperatures can often fluctuate from

one room to the next because of sunlight,

room activity or other factors.

With AirTouch4’s Individual

Temperature Control Technology (ITC),

the AirTouch monitors temperatures

and smartly adjusts airflow as needed

around your home with the aid of multiple

wireless temperature sensors instead of a

single sensor in one location. When some

rooms get too hot or cold, the AirTouch

will adjust airflow to maintain your desired

temperature, without wasting conditioned

air on rooms already comfortable.

Contact Smooth-Air on 0800


for more information on the AirTouch4

zone control.



Ventilation Equipment Suppliers



Ducted Heatpump zone control

Adapt your home to




T. 03 376 4608 E




Amazin’ winter Specials!!



Warmer KiWi HomeS


*Eligibility criteria apply

• We will offer you the best quality brands and

option of heat pump for your home/business

• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 18 years to Cantabrians

• We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years

(providing annual maintenance has been completed)

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PHONE 03 366 0525

“A local team for local people”

Adapt your home to




60 23º


75 %

80 % 50 %

100 21º


60 % OFF

100 %

18º 80 % 50 22º



75 20º


Adjust the airflow around your home in 5% increments so everyone enjoys their own comfort zone.

Adjust the airflow around your home in 5% increments so everyone enjoys their own comfort zone.


(0800 766 684)

264 Annex Rd



03 343 6184










Save money on

your power bill

Monday - Friday

7.30am - 5pm


Thursday June 18 2020

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If you want more information about an item or to contact a

seller, visit and search the ID#

1986 Hyundai Excel

Gothic Tarot Card Reading

Trinity Spread

Leather & Iron Chair

Beautiful Merino Mink Scarf

Mahogany Desk

Wheels & Tyres


ID 34836


ID 34825


ID 33690


ID 29665


ID 33925


ID 34809

Rosewood Bedside

29” Trek Hard Tail

Mountain Bike

Vintage Bedroom Furniture

2004 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

Oak Bed

Ford 460cu in BB Motor


ID 33684


ID 28145


ID 32749

See Seller

ID 34604


ID 30957


ID 34771

Ford Falcon Extracators

4-seater Leather Sofa

Dodge Engine Block

Two Speed Motor Assembly

For Leslie Speaker

2006 Crusader Elddis

Super SIROCCO Caravan

204L oil drum


ID 34770


ID 33677


ID 34767


ID 25497


ID 34762


ID _6100

Mid-century Italian Chairs

Motorhome Mobile Home

Tiny Home

Vintage Suitcase

Leather Sofa

Ford 2004 Boss 260

Mens Kakadu

Waxed Canvas Jacket


ID 33699


ID 29146


ID 34681


ID 33685


ID 34752


ID 22892

As New Double Mattress

1993 Nissan Navara D21

The Press

Special Earthquake Edition

Welsh Dresser

Pair of B&W Folding Crates

on Castor Wheels

Pine Vanity


ID 28712


ID 34687


ID _4806


ID 34721


ID 34680


ID 34720

Toyota Camry

Rayline Twin Hull Dingy

Queen Anne Style Mahogany

Dining Table & Chairs

Breville Mixer/Blender

Portmerion Pottery

Portable cot


ID 32505


ID 30862


ID 34678


ID 34646


ID 34648


ID 34645


4 Wheels & Tyres

Bluewash Dining Table

Teddy Bears

Drum Top Teak Desk

Ride-on Mower

WW2 Helmet


ID 34644


ID 34583


ID 32102


ID 33697


ID 34586


ID 34584


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Thursday June 18 2020 11

Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Collision Repairs

QEII Collision Repairs.

Free Courtesy Cars

(conditions apply),All

Insurance work, Rust

Repairs & Private work.


Free pickup & delivery.

Ph. 03 388 5187

Community Events



want to have a drink that’s

your business. If you want

to stop, we can help. Phone

0800 229-6757



want to have a drink that’s

your business. If you want

to stop, we can help. Phone

0800 229-6757

Trades & Services


Locally owned & operated with

over 30 years experience.

• Extensions & repair • Roof coating

• Concrete & clay tiles • Butynol

• Malthoid • Asbestos Certified

• Coloursteel • Old iron • Guttering

Phone Dave 981 0278

or 021 223 4200





advanced film solutions

99% uv block

fade protection

heat control

reduce glare

25 Years Experience

Trades & Services

privacy films

frosting designs

non-darkening films

Workmanship Guaranteed

Lifetime Warranties on Most Films



Free Quotes Canterbury and Districts

03 365 3653 0800 368 468

Trades & Services


★Garden Clean-ups


★Lawn Mowing

★Garden Maintenance

Call us today for a FREE quote

PH 0800 4 546 546

(0800 4 JIMJIM)

Trades & Services


George Lockyer. Over

40 years bricklaying

experience.Uk trained.

Insurance work, EQC

repairs. Heritage

brickwork & stonework

a speciality. No job too

small. Governers Bay.

Home 329 9344. Cell

027 684 4046. E mail


Exp. Repairs, uplifting,

relaying, restretching.

Phone John on 0800

003181, 027 240 7416


Prompt & reliable

registered electrician

with 24 years experience

for all residential and

commercial work, new

housing and switch board

replacements. Phone Chris

027 516 0669



Spouting Unblocked,

Cleaned Out and Flushed

Out. Call Trevor 332 8949

or 021 043 2034


Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


35 years exp, no job

too small. Ph Ross 027




Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

audio amps, soundbars.

.Aerial & satellite

installations, kitsets, 480D

Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379


Trades & Services


& all camera tapes

converted to DVD or

USB. Video taping

special occasions, www. ph 03


Wanted To Buy

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045

Sporting Notices

SportS ClubS..

Looking for players,


managers or

new members?

We can help you advertise if

you are in need of additional

team members.

We’ve got you covered with..

Full Christchurch coverage –

93,000 papers home delivered

every thursday

or a LocaL community

neWspaper of your choice

for full information or assistance in placing your advertisement

please call Vicky sayers or mike fulham on 03 379 7100

359 lincoln road, Addington, Christchurch

phone: 03 379 7100


Phone for further details

(03) 379 1100

Are you ready to grow?

Kiwi Gardener is your

practical guide to gardening

in New Zealand.





0800 77 77 10


12 Thursday June 18 2020

Latest Canterbury news at


our largest

fLOOriNG saLe


see us in store now


free NO ObLiGatiON Measure & quOte apply


26oz $80.00 per M

36oz $99.90 per M

50oz $119.90 per M


30oz 2nd $65.00 per M

40oz 1st Grade $119.90 per M

48oz 1st Grade $129.90 per M


• Loop Pile

Only while stocks last!

aMaZing PriCe

NOW $39.90 per M

50oz Polyester


• Polyester

• Cut Pile

• Extra Heavy Duty

• 3 Colours

NOW $79.90 per M


• 2m & 3m wide

2M Wide frOM $49.90LM

3M Wide frOM $70.00LM



• 6x6m, Fully Installed.

• Conditions Apply

NOW $999.00

312 Wilsons Road North, Waltham Phone 366 0070

Mon to Fri 8am-5pm and Sat 10am-1pm

Q Card Finance


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