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Is Go The Distance

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LED Lighting Standard


Connects to any IVS Vacuum or

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Constructed of Stainless Steel for

long lasting durability


Booms can swivel 180° or can be

fixed stationary

Free use or Pay

Operation Available

Custom Branding

Arch signage can be customized

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Boom Arm 120” long

Base Pole 99” tall

2 • SPRING 2020

Auto Sentry ® CPT

Differentiate your self-serve site. Upgrade to an

EMV-ready central payment terminal solution.

Auto Sentry ® Central Payment Terminal (CPT)

■ The Auto Sentry CPT provides convenient EMV credit card transactions at your self-service wash location.

Customers pay at the CPT with EMV and tap credit cards, Apple Pay and other mobile wallets as well as bills

and coin. Customers will receive a 5 digit code on their receipt that can be used in any bay or vacuum using

our keypad and bar-code scanner. The CPT offers your customers a secure payment solution.

Innovative Control Systems ®

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SPRING 2020 • 3


Covid-19 ....................................... 6

Mitigation and

Response Resources

Fun & Games .......................... 10

Selling Your Car Wash .......... 14

Yes, Virginia,

there is life after carwashing

Secrets to Longevity ............. 16

Innovations ............................... 20

Quick Tips ................................ 24

Industry Dirt ............................ 26

Extra! Extra! ............................. 30

Tricks of the Trade ............... 34

Association Calendar

& News ....................................... 46

Cover Story ............................... 54

Going the Distance

Darwin at the Carwash ....... 70

VOL. 47, NO. 2, SPRING 2020

Publisher Jackson Vahaly

Editor Debra Gorgos

Design Katy Barret-Alley

Editor Emeritus Jarret J. Jakubowski

Editor Posthumous Joseph J. Campbell

Editor Posthumous Julia E. Campbell

Self Serve Carwash News is published 4 times

per year and is independently owned by Jackson

Vahaly. Web address is www.sscwn.com.

All inquiries should be directed to:

Self Serve Car Wash News

110 Childs Ln., Franklin, TN 37067


Note to Self


It was a Tuesday and my 7 year old was at

catechism class. I was running errands with my

daughter and my phone pinged with a message

from Publisher Jackson Vahaly. He rarely

texts, so I pulled into a parking lot, nervous

that something serious was happening. The Car

Wash Show is canceled, the text read. What in

holy hell? Why?

While the coronavirus was just starting to

make headlines and seep into the everyday vernacular,

it hadn’t yet revealed its massive and

devastating impact. Impact is putting it lightly.

More like abysmal terror. Putting together The

Car Wash Show takes thousands upon thousands

of hours. Like a wedding x 500,000 +

1,000 Met Galas.

This whole “corona” thing cannot be that

bad? I wondered and questioned in the parking

lot. Are they overreacting? Because it was still

early March many things were still business

as usual. I worried about canceling my flight,

wondering if I would get my money back.

Looking back, and realizing this was one of my

first concerns, I realize that my friends and I are

a far cry from the Greatest Generation. Things

will be okay. But, in a swift kick to my optimistic,

yet uninformed outlook for a worldwide virus,

the International Carwash Association was

spot on. Getting to its vendors, exhibitors and

attendees, before real pandemonium struck

was not only kind, but marked the Association

as a pioneer of putting the people first. Lots

and lots of money will be lost and people will

be angry, but lives are at stake. It was a nod

towards collective health tainted with a risk of

a PR insanity, but the risk paid off.

A few weeks later, the cancellation of the

Show was not an isolated incident, but part of

the worldwide “new normal.” A few times, while

trying to homeschool, shop in swift dashes, and

keep my own sanity at bay, I wondered if this

whole thing was just a dream. Are we locked

inside of a movie that, to the audience, seemed

horrific? I have been a Type-1 Diabetic since

I was four years old. I am also a germaphobe.

And, while both diseases are not deadly, they

both prepared me for colossal germ-awareness.

Lysol wipes are my friend. Non-handwashers

were my enemy. But this? This is a whole new

ballgame. And while my own chronic disease

was and always has been at the forefront of my

subconscious, and I worried for my dear father,

a widow and over the age of 70, I have also

been more than sensitive to the plight of small

business owners.

As a car wash owner, I cannot imagine what

you all are going through. Is your car wash essential?

Non-essential? Do you have to wear a

mask? What should my signage say?

State by state, there was no blanketed conclusion

and everyone was left to fend for themselves.

Some of you have stayed the course,

some of you were fined, and others didn’t care

and many of you have worried. One good thing

is that there is a lot of help for small businesses.

And, as cleanliness is now a worldwide objective

and car washes are a worldwide method of

hygiene. Is there a serendipitous chance that the

two notions could work together? Only time

will tell. And, I hope this ‘movie’ ends soon.

In other news, before this pandemic took over,

my family and I traveled to Mexico for winter

break. And, while I would love to expound on

the food, the scenery and music, I instead need

to use this space to revel in the fact that I got

to meet and hang out with an esteemed member

of the car washing and detailing community.

Alan Read, who is originally from Texas, was

for many years the National Sales Manager for

Auto Magic, which was one of the leading detail

chemical companies in the industry, was a

founding member of the Professional Detailing

Association and on the first Board of Directors.

He was also the second president of the PDA.

Not only that, but Read is a veteran, a former

government agent and also a humanitarian, now

spending his time volunteering at local schools.

His tennis skills are nothing to shake a racquet

at either. He teaches tennis and also has a wealth

of knowledge regarding the sport. On the first

full day of our trip, Alan reached out and said he

would love to show my family and I around the

area he now calls ‘home.’ Later that day, Alan

took us on a walk, first to some Mayan ruins,

then to the beach and then took us to a local

eatery where we had the most delicious Mexican

food. We talked detailing, his years with

the PDA, and his years spent serving our country.

He then went on a hunt to scope out local

car washes for this publication. Despite a bad

back, an earlier tennis lesson, hot sticky weather,

and miles upon miles of on-foot travel (he

ditched his vehicle years ago) he even carried

my 65-pound son on his shoulders.

Copyright 2019. 2 Dollar Enterprises/SSCWN. All Rights Reserved

4 • SPRING 2020

Note to Self

Is there anything this man cannot do? Some

people are just magical. They have an unassuming,

welcoming aura. Such people are not in any way

panged with hidden agendas or prejudices. Alan is

one of those people.

Here are Alan’s photos of local car washes in

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico:

Before I sign off, I want thank you so much for

being a part of our readership. I know everything is

so coronavirus heavy and I promise, there are lots

of articles in this issue that do not even mention

the virus. I hope you enjoy it and I hope all of you

are healthy.

Until next time,






No matter your equipment,

we work with just about any

equipment on the market.


Payments are made easily

through credit or loyalty

cards, and mobile.


With one location or

hundreds, tie all your data

together to make managing

your wash a breeze.

651-439-5740 | washcard.com

SPRING 2020 • 5

Around the Wash


Mitigation and Response Resources

By Kimberly Grizzle, AAI

• • •

The World Health Organization declared

COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020. The

global economic impact on businesses, and the

path of destruction on human lives remains incomprehensible.

The one thing we do know about

this virus...it does not discriminate, and it continues

to alter life as we know it.

The unforeseen circumstances and consequences

of the coronavirus (COVID-19) are an

eye-opening reminder for any business owner --

understanding the potential risk elements in the

business strategic planning process is crucial. Identify

and evaluate the possibility of risk for an effective

organizational guide to mitigation and management,

business continuity, and crisis response


As COVID-19 intensifies, company leaders

and business owners across the nation are seeking

knowledge, answers, and accurate interpretation

of the information they’re receiving regarding


The historic $2 trillion stimulus deal has generated

new acronyms; FFRCA, CARES, PPP Loans

-- leaving many business owners scrambling to understand

it all. Employer compliance, small business

loans, paycheck protection program loans,

workplace health and safety, employee leave, responding

to an employee test positive for coronavirus,

and loss of business income coverage are just

a few of the hot topics heard from business owners

and company leaders.

New legislation, employment law, government

assistance resources, state level resources, and evolving

updates can be overwhelming. Breaking it down

into separate categories with an overview highlighting

the available resources, compliance, and action

steps for employers might be easier to digest.

Employers are encouraged to familiarize themselves

with the new Family First Response Coronavirus

Act [FFRCA] requirements to ensure

compliance. The employer must also follow the

CDC recommended guidelines for workplace and

workforce safety.

Families First Response Coronavirus Act

(FFRCA): The Families First Coronavirus Response

Act took effect April 1st. The new federal

law makes important changes to employee leave

policies. These changes are aimed at helping workers

who are sick or need to stay home for childcare

reasons during the coronavirus threat.

Business leaders need to quickly become familiar

with the provisions of the law, as it could grant

up to 12 additional weeks of paid leave to impacted

employees. This includes many employers that

are typically exempt from FMLA. The good news

for employers is that the law requires the federal

government to pay businesses for salary expenses

incurred while employees are on paid leave.

Learn more using these resources from the Federal

Department of Labor.

• Employer Paid Leave Requirements

• Employee Paid Leave Rights

• Employee Leave Request Form

• FFRCA Questions and Answers

Workplace Health and Safety – Control and

Prevention: Prior to COVID-19, employers could

not exclude an employee from working. However,

the pandemic creates an evolving process for

the employer’s right to protect its workforce, and

the obligation to provide a safe workplace. Risk

managers and Human Resources must undertake

a fine balancing act in dealing with the coronavirus

when it comes to the Americans with Disabilities

Act but are being aided by some leniency on the

part of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity


Measures for protecting workers from exposure

to, and infection with, the novel coronavirus,

COVID-19 depend on the type of work being performed

and exposure risk, including potential for

interaction with infectious people and contamination

of the work environment. Employers should

adapt infection control strategies based on a thorough

hazard assessment, using appropriate combinations

of engineering and administrative controls,

safe work practices, and personal protective equipment

(PPE) to prevent worker exposures. Some

OSHA standards that apply to preventing occu-

6 • SPRING 2020

The Next Evolution in Car Wash Lighting:


Bay / Tunnel Light

Create lines of light

making a “runway”

within your bays and

tunnels. No more

cables running between

lights. Only seamless,

bright light.

Call Now for Special Introductory Pricing

Introducing LEDLINE-X. A light that is made to fit your

application at a price point comparable to the static,

fixed size fixtures of the past. No more cables between

lights. No more dark spots.

A light made for car washes. Water-tight, chemical

and UV resistant silicon housing designed to

withstand the rigors of car wash environments.

Unmatched versatility. Innovative mounting system

enables easy use in bays, tunnels, chemical arches,

vacuum arches, and building wraps.

Vac Arch Light

Delight your customers

by adding light along

the entire length of a

vac arch to maximize

light distribution inside

of cars. Fixtures

designed to fit your

arch. Why light 8ft of

your 14ft arch? Light all

14ft and let your

customers see the


Chemical Arch Light

Seamless, gapless

passageway of colorful

light for a truly

immersive effective.

Make a continuous

archway of light to

showcase chemicals.



SPRING 2020 • 7

pational exposure to COVID-19 also require employers

to train workers on elements of infection

prevention, including PPE. Federal and state agencies

have seen a large influx of workplace safety

complaints related to the COVID-19 outbreak,

and experts urge employers to create exposure

control plans in case an agency comes knocking.

Unlike the flu and common cold, COVID-19 is

considered a recordable illness by the U.S. Occupational

Safety and Health Administration.

• Interim Guidance for Businesses

• Control and Prevention

Responding to an Employee Test Positive

for Coronavirus: As the number of coronavirus

(COVID19) cases continue to increase, employers

are dealing with the difficult situation of responding

to an employee’s positive COVID-19 test.

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, employers

should be prepared to respond to an employee

testing positive for the disease. By being prepared,

employers can swiftly respond to the employee,

notify the rest of their organization and make

plans for moving forward. The website below provides

an overview of how you can respond to finding

out an employee has COVID-19.

• Guidance for Employers

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic

Security (CARES) Act:

• Provides direct assistance to individuals and

families that need it most. Under the bill, a

typical middle-class family of four would get

$3,400 to help them meet their daily expenses.

• Includes emergency funds for food and nutrition

programs so families can continue to get

that help if they need it.

• Provides immediate assistance to childcare

providers to prevent them from going out

of business and supports childcare for families,

including for healthcare workers, first

responders, and others playing critical roles

during this crisis.

• Provides cash-flow assistance to small businesses

through federally guaranteed loans,

with certain expenses eligible for forgiveness

if employers maintain their payrolls through

this emergency.

• Creates a temporary pandemic unemployment

assistance program to give assistance

to workers who aren’t normally eligible for

unemployment benefits, such as the self-employed

or independent contractors.

• Ensures that testing and the eventual vaccine

for coronavirus patients will be covered by

private insurance.

• Includes $100 billion in support for hospitals

and health care providers and provides flexibility

for them to receive both prospective

payments and reimbursement for costs associated

with coronavirus, including lost revenues.

8 • SPRING 2020

• Gives health care providers more capabilities

to offer telehealth services.

• Provides an additional $16 billion to procure

personal protective equipment, ventilators,

and other medical supplies for federal and

state response efforts.

• Allows the Secretary of Education to defer

student loan payments, enables students who

were forced to drop out of school due to coronavirus

to keep their Pell Grants, and gives

colleges and universities the flexibility to continue

work-study payments to students who

cannot work due to coronavirus closures;

• Provides funding for elementary and secondary

schools that can be released quickly to

states to help schools respond to coronavirus

and related school closures, including immediate

needs of students and teachers, improving

use of education technology, supporting distance

education, and making up for lost learning

time; and

• Stabilizes major sectors of the economy without

putting taxpayers on the hook for giant


• Small Business Emergency Loans Guide

and Checklist

• Guide to Employee Retention Tax Credit

• Disaster Loan Assistance

Coronavirus and Insurance

Policies – Will insurance

cover a COVID-19 claim?

Government ordered quarantining, shelter-inplace,

and nonessential business shutdowns are

creating economic losses for businesses. Many organizations

are asking if their business interruption

policy will cover loss of income.

Loss of Business Income Coverage: Business

income and business property coverages depend

on the cause of loss. Insurance Services Office

(ISO) Form CP 10 30 Causes of Loss – Special

Form is common. It defines covered cause of loss

to mean “direct physical loss” unless otherwise

limited or excluded. Form CP 10 30 also contains

an exclusion for damage caused by “fungus,” “bacteria,”

and “wet rot.

Contingent Business Interruption: Coverage

to compensate for losses due to supply chain interruption

and/or partner/vendor losses that impact

the insured.

General Liability Coverage: Liability insurers

typically agree to indemnify the insured for damages

that the insured becomes legally obligated to

pay as the result of an occurrence. ISO Form CG

00 01 - Occurrence is defined as an accident (unexpected

and unintended), including continuous

or repeated exposure to substantially the same

harmful condition. However, many policies are

endorsed with limitations for damage or injury

caused by fungi and bacteria.

Workers’ Compensation: The determination

of whether a communicable disease is “work-related”

is a case-by-case evaluation.

Health Insurance: Under Families First Coronavirus

Response Act [FFRCA], all comprehensive

private health insurance plans must cover testing

approved by the Food and Drug Administration

(FDA), and vaccination once it becomes available.

Other types of potential losses:

• Contamination to business property:

• Pollution or Environmental insurance

• Commercial General Liability insurance

with pollution/environmental coverage

• Employee claims against the business:

• Workers’ Compensation insurance

• Employment Practices Liability insurance


• Cybersecurity breaches:

• Property insurance

• Cyber Liability insurance

• Personal injury, and third-party property damage,

claims against the business [e.g., alleged

negligence leading to virus exposure]

• Commercial General Liability insurance

• Errors & Omissions Liability insurance

• Pollution or Environmental insurance

COVID-19 is uncharted territory for insurance

policy analysis since traditional insurance policies

did not contemplate pandemics when originally

drafting coverage.

Policy language varies, so there really are no universal

answers about whether a COVID-19 loss

will be covered. Most policies will have exclusions

for contamination, pandemics, bacteria or viruses,

or the exercise of civil authority.

Each insured’s loss scenario and policy are

unique. If you believe you have a covered loss,

contact your insurance agent/broker to submit a

claim under the policy in a timely manner to be

reviewed for coverage determination.

In conclusion: The COVID-19 pandemic caught

the world off-guard. Governments have launched

unprecedented public-health and economic responses.

And it’s evolving by the day.

It’s truly a test of patience as we adapt to a new

normal and await an ending to its wrath before we

will know and understand the precise impact on

human life, and the global economy this pandemic

crisis created. We are all in this together.

Kimberly Grizzle, AAI, is the Marketing and

Business Development Strategist for The

Insurancenter, an agency that was founded in

1895 as a full service independent insurance

agency serving the four state region of Missouri,

Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. A national

car wash insurance program was introduced in

1986. It has maintained the largest writer of car

wash insurance policies.

Grizzle received her Property and Casualty

license in 1996, and an Accredited Advisor in Insurance

(AAI) designation in 2002. She has been

with The Insurancenter for 16+ years.

SPRING 2020 • 9





Think these two

pictures taken at a

self serve car wash

are the same?

Think again!

There are six differences.

Can you spot them all?

1. Numbers are missing on Bill Changer sign

2. Doorknob is flipped to other side

3. Door is shorter

4. Red arrow is a different color

5. Plank is missing inside bay

6. Planter is larger


Quarantining has exhausted my puzzle collection and my television has been taken over by my children

so I have resorted to, that’s right, online gaming. No, NOT online gambling, people! I was searching for a few

puzzle-like games and came across this! The Car Wash Simulator. If anyone wants to play this game, or has

already, please feel free to send your review to debrag@sscwn.com. Here is the official description (via Steam):

Achieve your American dream as a small businessman in the car industry. Build, upgrade and

modernize your car wash to attract more clients. You also need to be wary of your growing

competition and other, not entirely legal, factions, that would love to take part in your success.

Earn your money honestly, or accept shady deals for larger sums. It may be worth the risk,

but remember to be thorough, because the local authorities might want to drop by for an

unexpected visit.

A wide variety of tools are ready at your disposal, so you could fulfil your clients’ wishes. Your

reputation is at stake and time is limited, so manage it wisely.


• Grow your business

• Upgrade your gear

• Fight the competition

• Manage your time

• Collaborate with the law

enforcement or the mob

• Gain reputation and

respect in the ‘hood

10 • SPRING 2020




This photo “re-touching” was done by Seattle

artist Rudy Willingham. According to King5 News,

Willingham combines paper cutouts with real Seattle

landmarks to create humorous photos.

“The most popular one I probably did was the elephant car wash

and I made it say wash your hands,” he said in the story. “A lot of people

have been buying it and putting it up in their bathrooms.”

Willingham said he has been getting a lot of messages and comments

like, “thank you for making me smile,” or, “I really needed that

laugh.” The artist said he struggled with weather or not the virus was

fair game or even funny. But he said he thought that maybe it will

bring some levity to the very Sirius situation.

SPRING 2020 • 11

12 • SPRING 2020

SPRING 2020 • 13

Around the Wash

Selling Your

Car Wash

Yes, Virginia, there is life

after carwashing

By David Begin

For many reasons, I decided to sell my car washes last

year in 2019. I love being in the car wash industry

and I also love the relationships that I have developed

with industry colleagues, customers and employees. I

knew that it was going to be a difficult transition into

“civilian life”, but I still underestimated the emotional

upheaval that selling your business would bring.

I had every reason to be “crazy excited” about the

transaction, but it also brought me many moments

of sadness, confusion and loss. I learned many lessons

and experiences that were beneficial during that time

and I would like to share them with you.

1. One day, you will not

own your business.

I am surprised when many carwash owners

tell me that they would never sell their business.

They tell me that it is such a big part of their lives

and that they cannot even entertain the notion of

selling their car wash to someone else. I admire

that spirit and the love those types of owners feel,

but the cold hard fact is that you will exit your

business one day. A partner could try and take it

over through a court action or a bad partnership

breakup could occur. You could go bankrupt or

the bank could call in the loan note you have.

Or more likely, you will exit the business lying

in a pine box. It concerns me when owners do

not consider this fact that they will not own the

business one day and have made no provisions

for how they plan to transfer or sell the business.

In my 15 years in the car wash business, I have

seen far too many partnerships with either

non-existent or poorly written

and/or vague buy/sell agreements

that even the best team attorneys

could not defend or decipher. In

my opinion, not developing a

solid exit strategy is being a bit

irresponsible to you and your

loved ones. Leaving the matter

to your family or the legal system

to sort out will more

than likely produce a result

that will be less than


2. You should have a sale

price in mind.

There was a sign at our local plumbing supply company

in the “slightly dented” section of bathroom fixtures

that stated: Make us an offer, but do not embarrass

yourself. This comes to mind when I talk to car wash

owners that operate “less than optimum” sites and expect

to get what the mega car wash down the street got

for their sites. You should always have a realistic value in

mind for your wash and if a buyer makes you the offer,

or offers you a premium to that amount, you should seriously

consider it. Get an evaluation for your site if you

need assistance with a sale price. You should always have

an idea of what the market value is for your wash. Then

come up with a price that you will accept if someone

offers to purchase your wash. If the industry

is offering 8x earnings for your type of

wash and you expect 20x earnings, you

will sit on the sidelines for a long, long

time and no one will take you seriously.

A buyer will pay a premium for certain

washes under certain conditions, but they also

need to figure out how to make the wash

profitable when they become the owner.

Overpricing a wash in hopes of someone

giving you that offer communicates to a

buyer that you are not really interested in

a sale. We are fortunate to be in an industry

where other parties are extremely interested

in purchasing our business. Remember, many

small businesses are out there and cannot be

sold, so because car washes are always in demand,

we are part of the fortunate few.

3. Your wash is not “you”.

A business such as your car wash is what you

own and not who you are. This was a hard lesson

for me to learn. For years I wrapped up much of

my identity in being a car wash owner. If you cannot

separate your professional identity from your

personal identity, it will be difficult to sell your

wash when a great opportunity to sell comes along.

Many car wash owners have asked me, “What will

I do and who will I be if I sell my car wash?” You

cannot make rational decisions about selling your

carwash if you have this mindset. You are not your

car wash and you have to be able to “let it go.”

Wise words from

another car wash owner

Jeff Paul, the owner of Valencia Car Wash in California,

spoke to me when I was considering selling

my car wash and offered me some great advice. Jeff

had owned many businesses over the years and told

me that I was a business owner first and a carwash

owner second. He also stated that I would either find

another business or find something else to do that

could be just as fulfilling. This advice helped me to

understand that I loved being a business owner and

that at that time, I just happened to own a carwash.

It gave me the freedom to let go of my current car

washes with the anticipation that I could find something

even more fulfilling in the future. Since selling

the washes, I have created a coaching and consulting

practice that helps other car wash owners become

more efficient and successful. I am looking forward

to the future and the next chapter of my life, and,

yes, there is life after owning a carwash.

David Begin has more than 15 years of experience in the car wash industry as an owner and operator. David has been active in the industry as an association leader. David

is a past president of the Rocky Mountain Carwash Association and the International Carwash Association (ICA). David is a frequent speaker at regional, national and international

carwash conventions and meetings. David is also the co-host of the popular podcast, Carwash, the Podcast. David is also the founder of Begin Insights, a coaching

and consulting firm focused on the carwash industry. For more information go to www.begininsights.com.

14 • SPRING 2020

Shop online or call today for your free printed catalog!

We have what you need,

when you need it!

f W m! 'P ml J'u em dultmeier.com

1-800-228-96661 Omaha, NE

1-800-553-6975 I Davenport, IA


On Orders $1800 Or Over

Exclusions Apply, See Details Below

Tanks, pipe, sprayers and other large equipment are not included in this program.

Applies to Continental U.S. ground shipments only.

SPRING 2020 • 15

Around the Wash

Secrets to


In the Winter 2020 issue of Self Serve Car Wash

News, the cover story featured car wash owners

who had been in business for 10-40 years.

The issue was sent to the presses before I was

able to interivew Jerry NIx, who has owned a

self serve since 1982. Nix has some wonderful

advice to share and also delves into how his

washes have changed over the years, from pricing

to innovations.

When and where did your self

serve wash open?

I opened my first location in Yelm, Washington, in

1982. It was a five-bay Self Serve with a Truck Bay.

My second location was opened in 1983 in Tacoma,

Washington. A third location was opened in 1990

in Parkland, Washington, a fourth location in 1994

in Spanaway, Washington and a fifth location was

opened in Lakewood, Washington in 1996.

How has your car wash

changed since then?

The changes to the car washes have been dramatic

in terms of technology, appearance, marketing, property

maintenance, video security and the many wash

services offered.

How have your prices changed?

Pricing has gone up in concern with expenses and

inflation. When I started we charged $1.25 for 5

minutes of time. Today, we charge $4 for 5 minutes of

wash time.

What has been the best

innovation/advancement since

you started out?

The best innovation and advancement for the selfserve

car washes, in my opinion, has been the in-bay

automatic. Manufacturers have been instrumental in

making their equipment compatible to retro-fit into a

self-serve bay.

What has been the biggest

“problem” for self serves

over the past 38 years?

The biggest problem in the last 38 years in the self

serve industry has been the disrespect of customers.

From littering to customers who use the car wash

without spending money (such as those who either

dump their garbage on the ground or vandalize the

equipment). I currently close three of my locations

between 10 p.m. - 6 a.m. in an effort to discourage

late night dumping or vandalism. We also clean our

car wash facilities twice a day so they are clean and

appealing to our customers.

Are you surprised you have been

doing this for 38 years?

Yes, I’m a little surprised that I’m still working at

my car washes, but I love the industry and I like the

customer interaction. By building my businesses from

the ground up, it takes on a certain level of satisfaction

for my wife and myself.

And, what do you think is the

secret to your longevity

(car wash ownership-wise)?

Quality, service, and Selection. Quality in the cleaning

products I offer my customers and the quality of the

equipment that is offered. Both the products and the

equipment are dependable and reliable. Service in the

manner of answering customers concerns or questions

about the services we offer. We make sure there

is a live person on hand between 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. 7

days a week. Selection in terms of tri-color soaps,

pre-soaks, triple foam wax, countdown timers, credit

card acceptance, bonus tokens, turbo vacuums with

carpet cleaners and fragrance scents, expanded

vending items, and clean appealing facilities.

Don’t just take his word for it; the Yelp & Google reviews speak for themselves:

I love coming to the car

wash, every morning it’s

being maintained and

discount car washes

between certain times.

The gentleman who runs it

is very kind and has great

customer service!



A car wash is always a great way to jump

start your morning, Jenna! Our half-off

special runs from 6 AM - 10 AM every

day, and we’re always ready to help

anyone who comes through. Next time

you find yourself with some dirt on your

rims, you can count on us to help.

All the best, Jerry Nix, Ownerw

Older facility but clean and always a

stall open. Offers more services than

the majority of self serve car washes.

Offers xtras like rain x, tire cleaner,

3stage conditioner, spot-free rinse, bug

& tar remover. Plus a vending machine

for anything else u might need . Will

return to this car wash for sure

16 • SPRING 2020

Increase Revenue

When a customer purchases

tokens, you have made a sale

Added Security

Put your mind at ease with

tokens. Minimize staff

supervision and deter theft

Unique Alloys

Hoffman Mint offers different

alloys & sizes to best suit your

car wash needs

Reduce Cost

Tokens help reduce operating

cost and are a lower-cost

payment option

Marketing Options

Set your business apart and

help build your brand with

custom tokens


Whether for a promotion or

price fluctuation, simply adjust

the value of your tokens



Whether using our stock tokens

or custom tokens,

the benefits are endless.

Learn more at


Hoffman Mint

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


SPRING 2020 • 17


Boom Assembly


Zierco’s Original Swivel and

Boom Assembly, with

New Rebuildable


• Feather light rotating action

• Twin compression springs are

tension-adjustable for a variety

of hose and gun weights

• Swivel rotates 360˚ - 12 ft.



• Temperatures to 280˚ max.,

pressure to 2000 psi

• Longer hose life as spring

prevents kinks

• Ruggedly built, satisfaction


• Proven performance with over 50 years

service in the field (Since 1962)







FAX: (414) 764-9763


107C Cartridge Features:

• Field Repairable

• 100% 304 Stainless Steel Internal

Materials Eliminate Failure Due to


• Double O-Ring Design Uses Any

Type of Grease

7355 S. 1st. Street

Oak Creek, WI 53154



VISA and Master Card accepted



18 • SPRING 2020




Zierco’s Easy Service Swivel and

Boom Systems with

MODEL 204 and 206 FEATURES

• Twin compression springs are tension-adjustable

for a variety of hose and gun weights

• Swivel rotates 360˚ - 12 ft. diameter

• Temperatures to 280˚ max., pressure to 2000 psi

• Longer hose life as spring prevents kinks

• Ruggedly built, satisfaction guaranteed

• Optional stainless steel components

• Proven performance with over 50 years service in

the field (Since 1962)

Boom Systems with Full 360 Degree roTATIoN

Booms are Available with 3 Different Mountings





Flat Plate

Mounts directly

to the ceiling or


Easy to Use -"Feather Light" rotating action


Swivel Base

Mounts directly to

the ceiling.


OFFSET Overhead Carwash Boom

Allows for TWO Center Boom Installation


Wall Bracket

Mounts to wall and

is adjustable so

boom swings

to wall when

not in use.

Ideal for foaming brushes.








To Convert Model 203

to a 204 Assembly

Remove boom body

from hinge plate




Rotate hinge plate

counter clockwise to

remove seal elbow

Replace O-Rings

7355 S. 1st Street

Oak Creek, WI 53154

Fax: (414) 764-9763







VISA and Master Card


SPRING 2020 • 19




Edge-lit LED panel from LSI

LSI Industries has launched an enhanced version of its edge-lit LED panel.

The new luminaire features an innovative upgrade that enhances its versatility

across numerous indoor applications.

“Our enhanced, edge-lit LED panels fill a void in the marketplace,” said

Mike Prachar, Chief Marketing Officer of LSI Industries. “They give customers

significant flexibility to customize, and optimize the use of light in

different areas throughout their facilities.”

Customers can select up to three different options for both color temperature

and wattage, giving them a total of nine different light settings

from a single fixture. This gives facility managers, and others responsible

for the property, significant flexibility to customize and enhance employee

workspaces, increase safety and conserve energy.

LSI’s enhanced LED product produces light from the sides, not the back.

This makes them extremely thin and lightweight, which allows them to be

mounted in a variety of applications. Panels are easy to install and available

in multiple sizes, including 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 feet.

Podcast from

CAR WASH Magazineand

The How of Carwashing

CAR WASH The Podcast is your source for real stories and real business

insights from the experts—both in and out of the car wash industry. The

show helps investors, owners, operators and managers think about ways to

enhance their business—for free and on demand.

CAR WASH The Podcast co-hosts Matt DeWolf and David Begin discuss

some of the practical things you can do and should be doing right now to

manage your car wash during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also discuss

both the steps you need to take to keep your business stable—and how to

really take advantage of any slow time you might be experiencing.

For the latest trends impacting the industry, tips from successful industry

leaders, and inspiration for our listeners, add CAR WASH The Podcast to

your favorite podcatcher, like iTunes or Stitcher, or just bookmark www.

carwash.org for the latest episodes.

Ceramic Sales Program

from Shine Time ®

This revolutionary Shine Time® Ceramic chemistry provides car wash

operators with an opportunity to offer your customers a new exciting Protectant

that produces an instant, noticeable shine. The result is higher sales

per vehicle and happy, satisfied car wash customers.

The Shine Time® formula produces a “self-cleaning” effect whereby the

applications in Arches and In-Bay automatics car washes adhere to positively-charged

modern clear coat paint finishes and repel negatively-charged

dirt and grime.

● Game-changing technology

● Long lasting results

● Hand wax quality shine and protection

Drive sales to your top car wash package with Shine Time®

UWashApp also presents new

opportunities for operators:

• Advertise to customers during the car


• Track new customers across multiple

car wash locations

• Geotarget customers with car wash

and in-store specials

• Partner with other local businesses to

advertise and promote their offerings

• Partner with nonprofit and government

organizations on PSAs.

Also, any payment method — Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card payments,

and others — are accepted through the app, giving consumers more

choices and minimizing operator time managing cash and auditing other

forms of payment.

The UWashApp onboarding program includes hardware devices for all

services at a site, customized app graphics and logos, an onboarding setup

call, access to priority support during installation, access to the UWashApp

management portal, and resources and training options to help maximize

wash packages, loyalty pipelines, and in-app advertising.

20 • SPRING 2020





VS57068 24 PACK

VS17068 72 PACK



VS50262 24 PACK

VS10262 72 PACK



VS50249 24 PACK

VS10249 72 PACK



VS57177 24 PACK

VS17177 72 PACK






Attaches to vehicle vents














• 4 PAcKs pEr bOx

• ADjUsTaBlE ScEnT CoNtRoL

• MOuNtS On vEhIcLe vEnTs

• INdIvIdUaLlY PaCkAgEd








• Streamlined check out

• Improved site speed

• Improved mobile shopping

experience - easily

place an order on the go!

• Easily redeem your

Rewards points



Join the Kleen-Rite Rewards Club now!



SPRING 2020 • 21

ISTOBAL develops arches for the disinfection of PPE and

the exterior of vehicles in its fight against COVID-19

In two weeks, it adapts its chemical application

technology on vehicles and manufactures arches

that spray disinfectant on the PPE of health personnel

and emergency services, quickly and efficiently in

15 seconds.

It also manufactures arches for the external disinfection

of vehicles with an average capacity of about

1,000 disinfected vehicles per day.

Its first arches for the disinfection of PPE and the

exterior of vehicles are already working in Spain.

Bristol (April, 16th 2020).- The Spanish group

ISTOBAL, leader in wash and care solutions for

the automotive industry, has developed automatic

arches for the disinfection of PPE (Personal Protective

Equipment) of health personnel, security forces

and emergencies personnel in addition to arches for

the external disinfection of vehicles in order to fight

against COVID-19.

The company has started the production of this

equipment so that it can be installed near main accesses,

quarantine areas, operating rooms, ICUs and

other points. In this way, ISTOBAL reinvents itself

with the manufacture of this equipment, adapting

part of its production to combat the spread of the

pandemic. In just two weeks, it has adapted its chemical

application technology on vehicles for the manufacture

of arches that can spray disinfectant on the

PPE of restrooms, security and emergency departments,

quickly and completely in 15 seconds.

With a capacity to disinfect

more than 4,000 people

with PPE a day, this arch

measures two meters in

height and is easy to install,

as it incorporates supports

that can be comfortably attached

to the ground or to

any platform. It is made up

of eight sprinklers that spray

disinfectant product on the

PPE of health and safety and emergency forces and

are automatically activated in its path thanks to a

photocell detection system that activates the sprinklers

of this nebulization system.

Arches for external vehicle disinfection

Likewise, ISTOBAL is also producing arches for

the external disinfection of medical vehicles such

as ambulances and fleets of the security forces with

an average disinfection capacity of about 1,000

vehicles per day. This system is designed to spray

vehicles with biocide and achieves disinfection of

large vehicles.

The first arches for the disinfection of PPE and the

exterior of vehicles already work in Spain, in cities

such as Madrid and Valencia.

ISTOBAL, leader in the vehicle care sector

ISTOBAL is a Spanish company located in Valencia,

leader in the design,

manufacture and marketing

of vehicle wash and car care

solutions. Since 1950, the

company has brought innovative

products for excellent

vehicle care to the industry

that ensure a positive user

experience for consumers.

It exports its products

to more than 75 countries,

working with a wide network of distributors around

the world. It has 9 subsidiaries and three manufacturing

and final assembly plants in Spain, USA. and

Brazil. Currently, 78% of its production corresponds

to international sales.

The Spanish group, whose USA

subsidiary is based in Bristol, VA,

reinvents itself with the production

of arches for the disinfection of

Personal Protective Equipment

(PPE) of health, security and

emergency forces and studies

their production internationally to

combat the pandemic.

22 • SPRING 2020



Replacement Doors For Ginsan, Jim Coleman and Many More.

Flag Design Bubbles Design Blue Flame Design Water Design

The Vault

Strong • Secure • Dependable


• 7 Gauge Stainless Shell Construction

• Double Medeco Security Locks

• Digital Display

• Dimensions: 16” X 12.5” X 8.5”

• Accepts Coins, Tokens, Bills, Credit Cards

• Mercury Global Vision Payment System

• 8, 10, or 12 Push Button or Rotary Selection

• Push Button Selection has LED Back Lit Indicators

• Eye Catching Graphics

• Prefabricated Holes for Easy Electrical Access

• Plug-In Wiring Harness for Easy Removal & Servicing

• Safe Pipe Ready

Custom Design

Replace your existing Ginsan or Jim Coleman meter doors for

ultimate flexibility, dependability and profitability. With the same

high quality features as our Vault Door, we stock sizes for Ginsan,

Jim Coleman, Dilling-Harris, Hamilton Dan, Mark VII, and many more.

Call Us Today To Turn Your Wash Into A Reliable Revenue Producing Business.



Flexible • Profitable • Dependable

(800) 421-5119

225 Crown Blvd., Timberlake, NC 27583

PO Box 488 | Roxboro, NC 27573

www.cpcarwash.com | sales@cpcarwash.com

SPRING 2020 • 23


Looking For

Civilized Customers?


Are you

in a HUB zone?

The HUBZone program is offered by the Small

Business Association and is designed to support

small business growth in underutilized business

zones. If a business qualifies, the goal by the SBA

is to award at least 3% of federal contract dollars

to each business each year.

According to the SBA, to see if your business

qualifies, it must:

3 Be a small business

3 Be at least 51 percent owned and

controlled by U.S. citizens, a Community

Development Corporation, an agricultural

cooperative, a Native Hawaiian

organization, or an Indian tribe

3 Have its principal office located

in a HUBZone

Want more “sophisticated” customers? Not to NPR and I can vouge for my opinion.

generalize, but people who listen to public radio Local public radio stations are a great way to

(local National Public Radio or NPR

advertise your message. Usually found under

stations) or NPR on SiriusXM are

the “Underwriting” category, you can choose to

considered to be of a certain ilk, if

have your ad as part of a local segment. Currently

there are over 1,000 local

you will. That’s not to say sophisticated

listeners do not also

NPR stations, and 27.4 listeners

listen to heavy metal stations

across the nation.

and Howard Stern—don’t

To find your local public

come at me, I interned at

radio station, visit npr.org.


Find a penny, get rich

If you’re finding yourself knee-deep in trackers.com: This coin in average condition

change—from your machines or from your will be valued at somewhere around $195,

customers’ vacuumed out vehicles, you might while one in certified mint state (MS+) condition

could bring as much as $21,019 at

want to take a closer look at each coin.

For instance, the quarter pictured

auction. This coin in poor condition

below looks like a regular old piece

is still worth $192.3 more than

of currency. But, think again! This

the intrinsic value from silver

quarter is worth anywhere between

$195 - $21,091.

more valuable to a collector than

content of $2.7, this coin is thus

Yes, that’s right. According to coin-

to a silver bug.

Here are some other coins to look for, according to cointrackers.com:

3 Have at least 35 percent of its

employees live in a HUBZone

You can see if your business, and your employees,

are in a HUBZone by visiting Sba.gov.

Along with the federal financial assistance,

other benefits, according to the sba include:

3 The government limits competition for certain

contracts to businesses in historically

underutilized business zones. It also gives

preferential consideration to those businesses

in full and open competition.

3 Joining the HUBZone program makes your

business eligible to compete for the program’s

set-aside contracts. HUBZone-certified

businesses also get a 10 percent

price evaluation preference in full and open

contract competitions.

3 HUBZone-certified businesses can still

compete for contract awards under other

socio-economic programs.

24 • SPRING 2020

Mercury Dime

Year: 1916

Mint Mark: D

Value: This coin in average

condition will be valued at

somewhere around $949,

while one in certified mint

state (MS+) condition could

bring as much as $41,000.




a little nickel, only

five of which were

made, can bring in

mega millions.

Buffalo Nickel

Year: 1924

Mint Mark: S

Value: This coin in average

condition will be valued at

somewhere around $17, while

one in certified mint state

(MS+) condition could bring

as much as $14,000.

Copper Wheat Penny

Year: 1943

Mint Mark: No mint mark

Value: This coin in average

condition will be valued at

somewhere around $60,047,

while one in certified mint state

(MS+) condition could bring as

much as $85,782.

Liberty Head V Nickel

Year: 1913

Mint Mark: No mint mark

Value: This coin in average condition

will be valued at somewhere

around $3,428,950, while one in

certified mint state (MS+) condition

could bring as much as $4,408,650






4 1































• Streamlined check out

• Improved site speed

• Improved mobile shopping

experience - easily

place an order on the go!

• Easily redeem your

Rewards points



Join the Kleen-Rite Rewards Club now!



SPRING 2020 • 25




Worldwide car wash market projected to reach $26B by 2025Reynolds

The worldwide car washing services market is

projected to grow by US$5 Billion, driven by a

compounded growth of 3.1%, according to ReportLinker,

which is an award-winning market

research solution provider. “The shifting dynamics

supporting this growth makes it critical for businesses

in this space to keep abreast of the changing

pulse of the market. Poised to reach over US$25.9

Billion by the year 2025, car washing services will

bring in healthy gains adding significant momentum

to global growth,” according to an April 14

press release.

Representing the developed world, the United

States will maintain a 2.5% growth momentum.

In Europe, Germany will add over US$189.3 Million

to the region’s size and clout in the next 5

to 6 years and over US$150.1 Million worth of

projected demand will come from the rest of the

European markets, the report states. In Japan, the

market will reach US$1.6 Billion by the close of

the analysis period. “As the world’s second largest

economy and the new game changer in global

markets, China exhibits the potential to grow at

4.8% over the next couple of years and add approximately

US$1.4 Billion in terms of addressable

opportunity for the picking by aspiring businesses

and their astute leaders.”

Competitors identified in this market include,

among others,

3 7 Flags Car Wash

3 Autobell Car Wash

3 Brown Bear Car Wash

3 Delta Sonic Car Wash

3 Corporation

3 Freedom Car Wash

3 Goo-Goo Express Wash, Inc.

3 Hoffman Car Wash & Hoffman Jiffy Lube

3 IMO Car Wash

3 Magic Hand Car Wash

3 Mike’s Car Wash

3 Mister Car Wash, Inc.

3 Mr. Clean Car Wash

3 Octopus Car Wash

3 Otto Christ AG

3 Petro-Canada

3 Speed Car Wash

3 The Wash Tub

3 Wash Depot Holdings, Inc.

3 Zips Car Wash

Harrell’s acquires

AutoShine of

New England

Generation Growth Capital Fund III, LP (GGC),

a Milwaukee-based private equity firm that invests

in lower middle-market companies, and Harrell’s

Car Wash Systems, Inc., a full-service distributor of

car wash systems and supplies, announced on February

20 the acquisition of AutoShine of New England.

A press release stated that AutoShine, which is

headquartered in Manchester, Connecticut, is focused

on selling, installing, and servicing car wash

systems in addition to parts, chemicals, and ancillary

items needed to operate car washes. AutoShine

is the fourth add-on to join the Harrell’s platform.

Frank Carpino, President of AutoShine, will continue

to manage the company going forward.

“Through our active acquisition strategy over

the past few years, Harrell’s has accelerated into

an industry-leading distributor and service provider

of car wash systems and products. AutoShine

complements the Harrell’s gold standard in endto-end

car wash solutions and solidifies our market

position in the Northeast U.S.,” said John Reinke,

Managing Director of Generation Growth Capital,

Inc., in a press release.

Chad Tearman, President of Harrell’s Car Wash

Systems, Inc., also stated in the press release, “As

our company continues to grow, we look forward

to finding ways to expand our product and service

offerings in ways that add value to our customers.

We really value the relationships that we have with

customers. AutoShine brings a new product line to

us and a strong technical expertise in tunnels that

complements our Northeast region nicely. We are

very excited about the trajectory of our company

and the growth prospects we see throughout all of

our markets.”

G&G names new regional

sales managers

G&G Industrial Lighting of Clifton Park, New

York, announced on March 9 that Chris Carpenter

and Konner Kappelman joined the team as Regional

Sales Managers. The RSMs are responsible

for training and traveling with independent representative

agencies, servicing lighting and electrical

architects, engineers, contractors and distributors,

according to a press release. With this expansion

of the sales force, G&G will be able to effectively

penetrate key markets such as car wash, food processing,

transit, automotive services and industrial

applications with their highly engineered LED

lighting products while providing hands on support

for all representatives.

Carpenter most recently served as a Regional

Sales Manager for Dialight, a provider of LED

lighting to heavy industrial and hazardous locations

customers. Kappelman previously served

as a Lighting Controls Specialist for The Foley

Group, a lighting-focused manufacturers’ representative


“What excites me is the opportunity to collaborate

with our channel partners to provide specialized

solutions for superior light performance,

product durability, and environmental sustainability,”

Carpenter stated in the press release. “G&G

is a company with a sound growth plan, possesses

an outstanding organizational culture, and is committed

to product and service excellence with our

reps, distributors and end users. “

Kappelman also stated, “I was first drawn to

G&G by its product, which is truly in a class of

its own in the lighting industry. However, it was

ultimately the core values of the company that

really caught my attention as it is apparent that

this company is truly a family and I am excited

to officially be a part of what this family is going

to accomplish. The sky is the limit with G&G.”

Ben Jamison, Director of Business Development

added that the newly-hired duo will allow

G&G to continue to deliver our commitment

to excellence in customer service and will keep

G&G’s products at the forefront of our partner’s

and customer’s minds when they consider

their future lighting needs and requirements.

Kleen-Rite announces date for 2020 Expo

This year, the Kleen-Rite Expo will be held

on Wednesday, November 18, at its headquarters

in Columbia, Pennsylvania. The Expo,

which takes place every other year, brings in

over 300 car wash operators from around the

country under one roof to learn about what is

new in the industry. It also provides a delicious

lunch and educational seminars.

Kleen-Rite, which is a business wholesale

supplier serving the car wash and other pressure

cleaning and car care industries, hosted over 60

manufacturers at its 2018 Expo.

26 • SPRING 2020

Know Your Pump!

• Stainless Steel Valves & Valve Cages Protect

Against High Temperatures

• Will Not Melt

• Will Not Wash Out

• Standard on 5, 7 and 11 Series Pumps

5 Series

Since 1923

3 Series

Belt & Direct Drive Pumps

Self Serve, Single Gun & Dual Gun Prep


4 GPM, up to 1800 PSI


5 GPM, up to 1500 PSI


8 GPM, up to 1000 PSI

Pump Only

Pump with

5 HP Motor

Upgrade Now!

• Pump only or pump set (as pictured)

• Available for same day shipping

• SS insert models available

Select Arimitsu Pumps to be installed on

your new pump stands & equipment or

when refurbishing your existing ones.

313 L Set Up

to 4 GPM 0 -

1500 PSI

516 L Set Up

to 5 GPM 0 -

2300 PSI

508 L Set Up

to 10 GPM 0 -

1200 PSI





View "Resources" at arimitsupumps.com for helpful video tutorials.

arimitsupumps.com l 763.205.8341 l greg@arimitsupumps.com

700 McKinley St NW, Anoka, MN 55303

SPRING 2020 • 27

Automotive Industry executive Vic Keller

acquires AUTEC Car Wash Systems



AUTEC Car Wash Systems, a global manufacturer

of high-volume, income-driven, fully automated

car wash equipment based in Statesville, North

Carolina, announced on February 25 that it was

acquired by Dallas-based business leader and entrepreneur

Vic Keller. The terms were not disclosed.

According to a press release, since 1981, AUTEC

has specialized and manufactured three fully automatic

car wash systems – soft-touch car wash systems,

touch-free car wash systems, and a combination

car wash system that provides both. They also

manufacture a premier soft-touch car polisher.

Growing from a small company that started in

the founder’s basement, to a multimillion-dollar

corporation, the expert team at AUTEC Car Wash

Systems grew to include marketing, design, research

and development, engineering and drafting,

welding and metal fabrication, paint and surface

preparation, electrical, assembly, technical service

and complete chemical blending, formulating and

packaging operations.

Keller is a seasoned automotive executive and entrepreneur.

He has more than 25 years’ experience

building, growing and leading a diverse portfolio

of companies across numerous verticals including

manufacturing and distribution, automotive, technology,

e-commerce and financial services, the press

release stated. Keller is a firm believer in investing in

people, not just businesses, and his leadership philosophy

focuses on intentionally instilling a great

culture, delivering a profitable financial model and

developing top talent to execute the vision.

“I am thrilled to be operating in the automotive

industry again and to be a part of the AUTEC

team,” said Keller in the press release. “AUTEC has

established themselves as an elite player in the car

wash manufacturing space and has tremendous

potential to further accelerate their footprint. We

see a huge opportunity to drive innovation, technology

and optimization to increase customer retention

and CSI, also known as the customer satisfaction

index, by providing an ultimate customer

experience in order to help our customers reach

their maximum return on investment.”

Keller continued, “I am passionate about the incredible

business that Tom Hobby, the founder of

AUTEC, has built. The AUTEC team has been extremely

welcoming and genuinely supportive of this

transition, and we are working together to capitalize

on strategic opportunities ahead. My vision is to

leverage the successful model that Tom and the AU-

TEC team have created, while driving innovation in

key areas to lead the company into its next chapter.”

In addition to AUTEC Car Wash Systems, Keller is

the founder of KLV Capital, a Dallas-based private

equity firm. Previously, he founded the ZAK Automotive

Companies, which included ZAK products, a

professional-use automotive chemical company that

was an official partner of NASCAR; ZAKTEK, an

insurance services company; and NEXEMO, a business

to business e-commerce purchasing platform

for the automotive industry.

In 2015, after Berkshire Hathaway Inc. acquired

the ZAK Automotive Companies, Keller continued

as CEO and his senior executive responsibilities for

Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, where he oversaw

several operating departments in the multibillion-dollar

organization, including the parts and service

business. Keller developed and led the Berkshire

Hathaway Automotive professional development

department, which provided training, talent acquisition,

sales strategy, customer experience and dealer

academy services to more than 11,000 associates.

Vending Machine News

The sweet smell of success

The power of a delicious scent can drive cravings,

and cravings can drive impulse purchases. And one

entrepreneur in Syracuse, New York, has invented a

vending machine which perfumes the area in chocolatey

sweet heave. According to a press release, the

inventor, who is not releasing his name, stated, “After

taking a tour of the Hershey Chocolate World

Factory, I realized how powerfully I craved chocolate.

I wanted to boost vending-machine sales by

making people crave the items inside.”

The inventor developed CHOCOLATE SCENTS

FOR VENDING MACHINE to encourage potential

customers to buy products from the vending machine.

The unit entices people to crave items sold by

the vending machine, stated the press release. It

is designed to appeal to individuals with a sweet

tooth. The invention is easy to use. Additionally, it

can be used to sell a variety of food items.

The original design was submitted to the Rochester

sales office of InventHelp. It is currently available

for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers.

Vending market could hit

$33B by 2025

The global interactive kiosk market (which includes

self-serve and vending kiosks) is expected to

grow from USD 24.8 billion in 2019 to USD 32.8

billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 4.6% from 2020 to

2025, according to a ReportLinker analysis.

A February 11 press release stated that the interactive

kiosk market growth can be attributed to

several factors such as enhanced shopping experience

for customers, lower investment costs than

traditional outlets, enhanced applications other

than conventional ones, and innovations in touch

screen display and glass technology. However, the

high set up cost and need for regular maintenance

of the kiosks and rising cyber-crime incidents are

expected to hamper the growth of the market, the

press release stated.

Vending kiosks, which offer things such as snacks

and beverages and are primarily used in retail

stores, quick-service restaurants, hotels, airports,

railway stations, malls, and so on, held the largest

share of the interactive kiosk market in 2019

The report did cover the fact that putting up

an outdoor kiosk is more challenging as it can be

prone to theft and fraud. Also, it should have a protection

system against dust, rain, temperature, and

humidity, the press release added. North America

held the largest share of the interactive kiosk market

in 2019 in terms of revenue, and the trend is

expected to continue during the forecast period.

The interactive kiosks market in North America

is driven by various factors, such as the need to

save time, accuracy, and high living standard as

compared to other developed regions. The United

States is the largest market for interactive kiosks in

this region, according to the report


Do you play

music (on

overhead speakers)

at your car wash?



NO 65%

28 • SPRING 2020

New technology: Incorporated into low

and high pH detergents

Works with touch-free in bay automatics,

friction units and self service washes.

Removes road film, bugs, salts and other

highway grime

Contains no HF or ABF (hydroflouric

acid/ammonium bifluoride)

Environmentally friendly,


Demos available: We show you how it

works at your location

Works in heated or cold water — spray

on, rinse off

One or two-step process — two-step is



SPRING 2020 • 29



Presenting the news stories featuring

self serve car washes

They met at a car wash and

the rest is history

National Business

Week postponed

Not all love stories begin at a ball or on a

blind date. Some, wistfully poetic with enchantment

and hearts and flowers begin at….

a self-serve car wash. Back in 1969 Bertha

Gober was getting ready to wash her 1966

Mustang on a sunny afternoon in North Little

Rock, Arkansas. It was then that she saw Jessie,

who five years older. He offered to wash

her car for her and from there, a love story

unfolded. Their love story was profiled in the

February 9 edition of the Northwest Arkansas

Democrat Gazette.

“He said he was impressed with the car and

me,” she said in the story. “He offered to wash

it. He said, ‘Hey, you need some help? I’ll wash

it for you.’ So, I said, ‘Hey, I’ll let you do that.’”

Jessie was at the car wash day to clean his

1967 Chevrolet Caprice. leaning

“I didn’t know that much about her, but I

had seen her and kind of wanted to talk to

her,” he said in the story. “This was my chance.”

When he finished Bertha’s car, the story

reported, he was getting ready to go back to

work on his own. First, though, he asked for

her phone number.

They got engaged about seven months after

they met and were married on February 22,

1970, in the church where Bertha grew up.

“It’s just flown by,” says Bertha of their

half-century-long marriage. “I don’t even feel

like I’m the age I am.”

And, 50 years later, Jessie still washes and

cleans Bertha’s car when it needs

“Yes ma’am,” she said in the story.

Jessie added that he was washing her car the

day of the interview!

How sweet! Here’s to you, Bertha, Jessie

and here’s to positive car washing news.

For more than 50 years, the President of the United

States has issued a proclamation announcing National

Small Business Week, which recognizes the critical

contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small

business owners. This special week was supposed to

take place from May 3 - May 9, 2020, but it has been

postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Small Business Association (SBA),

As part of National Small Business Week, the U.S.

Small Business Administration takes the opportunity

to highlight the impact of outstanding entrepreneurs,

small business owners, and others from all 50 states

and U.S. territories. Every day, they’re working to grow

small businesses, create 21st century jobs, drive innovation,

and increase America’s global competitiveness.

More than half of Americans either own or work for a

small business, and they create about two out of every

three new jobs in the U.S. each year.

Updates can be found by visiting www.sba.gov


washing cars

Pictured here is Chace Crawford, star of Gossip

Girl and The Boys. The photo was taken at a West

Hollywood self service car wash on April 27.

From farming to car washing, self serve

owner finds success in small

Californian town

Former farmer is now a successful self serve

owner Shayne Brady not only owns the only

self serve car wash in town, but he also is offering

up many other profit centers, the Holtville

Tribune reported. Brady was profiled in

the April 17 issue in which he opened up

about his road to success.

He bought out the former owner of California-based

Holtville Car Wash in December

2018 and immediately put a plan in place for


“All four bays have the spot-free air shammy,”

Brady said in the story. “It incorporates

soft water and reverse osmosis, so it won’t

spot your car. But customers must do a thorough

job to get all the water off.”

Brady always knew the value of hard work.

Throughout high school he, along with his

two older brothers helped out their father

with his custom row-crop tractor business,

farming everything from lettuce, carrots, melons,

tomato beds and sugar beets. He attended

and graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 1986

with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture

Management and worked again for his

father’s farming business. His father sold the

business in 1999 and then started a storage

facility business and a few years later Shayne

opened a tow trucking business.

As for the Holtville Car Wash, Brady did everything

from completely re-landscaping the

property to adding new equipment and token


“We’re getting set up to accept credit or

debit cards,” Brady said in the story. “There

still are some processes to complete with the

credit card companies, as well as the card

readers. Then we’ll have to shut down the car

wash for about two weeks to be refitted to

accommodate credit transactions. It is more

intense than I expected.”

Brady acknowledged in the story that there

are a number of moving parts with the car

wash and things can wear down. Yet should

anything go wrong, he wants his customers to

reach out to him immediately.

“We’ll hurry over and get you into another

bay,” said Brady. “The residents here appreciate

having a good car wash and not having

to drive to El Centro and we value them for

their loyalty.”

30 • SPRING 2020




Coleman Hanna Car Wash Systems cost effective New Stainless Steel Dual Vacuum

Arch System is one of our most popular designs. Car wash operators delight in the easy

installation, low operations cost,and low maintenance design. Customers enjoy the easy

access to the vacuum claw and functional design bringing the vacuum hoses directly to

their vehicles door. From new construction to adding additional profit centers this system

is what car wash operators are looking for.

Operator’s Choice for over 50 Years!

5842 W 34th St • Houston, TX 77092

1.800.999.9878 • 713.683.9878


Find us on Facebook:


SPRING 2020 • 31



Looking Back to ... Spring 1995

What was happening 25 years ago, according to the Spring 1995 edition of Self Serve Car Wash News?

New Self Serves

■ Altona, Ontario

The Sun Valley Co-op in Altona, Ontario, is now in

hosts a self serve car wash. According to a February 16

Pembina Valley Online story, the car wash opened in


General Manager Brad Iverson said in the story, “We

are excited to add this new service and will continue

to offer great car wash options for years to come with

the Co-op name. We are committed to improving and

expanding the services we provide and look forward to

offering increased carwash promotions through our locations.”

The Sun Valley Co-op Car Wash provides three automatic

wash options and six self serve wash bays.

According to its website, The CO-OP® brand is used

by a network of retail co-operative associations across

Western Canada that own and operate Co-op Agro

Centres, food stores, gas bars/convenience stores, home

centres, pharmacies and more.

■ Bee Cave, Texas

Plans are underway for a new self-service car wash

within the Bella Colinas commercial subdivision in Bee

Cave, Texas.

According to an April 30 CommunityImpact.com

story, the 1.58-acre lot will consist of a 4,162-squarefoot

building and include an automated wash-bay, storage

area and a small office space. Proposed hours of operation

for the car wash are from 6 a.m.-10 p.m.

32 • SPRING 2020

■ Victorville, California

An abandoned Del Taco is slated for demolition to

make way for a new car wash, an April 15 Daily Press

story said. The one-acre parcel of land will soon be home

to a Quick N Clean Car Wash, which has other locations

in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Texas.

The site, which has been vacant since the Del Taco

closed in 2017, will be razed to make room for a 150-

foot long tunnel, 35 vacuum stations, including 26 that

will be covered; and a 5,400 square-foot office and storage


Progressive Senior VP Paul Galmarini represented the

seller, a Santa Monica-based private investor and Progressive

Senior Retail Specialist Albert Lopez represented

Quick N Clean in the transaction, the story said.

“The Bear Valley Road location was ideal for Quick

N Clean because it features many of the traits they look

for, including high traffic counts, outstanding visibility,

excellent access and close proximity to other service

and food-oriented retail uses,” Lopez said.

He added that the company is actively seeking additional

expansion opportunities throughout Southern


“While the excellent location made the property very

attractive, it was a complex and lengthy transaction in

that there were several adjacent properties with dominant

easement rights over this site that had to be negotiated

and extinguished,” Galmarini said.

■ Milford, Delaware

The Buccaneer Car Wash located across from Milford

High School. Is now open for business, according to a

February 11 Milford Live story.

Karan Gupta said in the story, “We saw potential in

the car wash business since we were already running

them at our gas stations,” Gupta said. “Milford is the

next town emerging on the Delaware map and there

seemed to be a good opportunity to serve the people

of Milford and become a part of this close-knit town.

Milford is the next booming town after Middletown

with the opening of the new hospital and all the other

businesses opening up it gave us confidence to invest in

Milford. We have had a very good and encouraging response

from the people of the community and we hope

to provide them with ongoing excellent service.”

Gupta said he plans to continue upgrading the 24-

hour car wash including offering free vacuums with the

purchase of a car wash. They also hope to add unlimited

monthly wash packages in the future.

“We offer self-serve washes starting at $3 using 100

percent hot water wash with a lot of options that are

not offered at other locations in this area,” Gupta said in

the story. “This includes the tire cleaner, pre-soak, soap

foam brush, high-pressure soap, high pressure wax and

more. The best services are the hot wax and air dryer on

the self-serve options.” Automatic washes start at $8 and

a free towel dry is offered between the hours of 8 a.m.

and 6 p.m. every day.”

Having driven several cars over the years, Gupta said

that he has personally seen the importance of keeping

a vehicle clean.

Everything you need to Succeed

From the most trusted name in Self Serve Equipment



















D&S Carwash Equipment

www.dscarwash.com 800.844.3442

SPRING 2020 • 33


Presenting some of the best discussions from the Self Serve, IBA and General Discussions sections of CarwashForum.com. To view more

posts discussing some interesting and common problems, as well as some of the best and brightest solutions, visit CarwashForum.com

(Note: Some posts feature minor edits for readability.)

Bye Bye birdies

Metal screens, Netting,

Bird Be Gone, Rubber snakes

How do you guys get rid of birds? They are all over

the place right now and making a huge mess. NOOB

I am dealing with the same problem. I have installed

expanded metal screens and bird spikes.

Both worked. At this point, the small areas are becoming

a roosting spot. I just bought netting to see

how that goes and thinking I should have done that

in the first place. Will know in a few weeks. THECKIE

I used to have problems with barn swallows

roosting at the car wash. The only thing you can

do to get rid of them is to seal up the building. On

the areas that they’d land or roost on I ended up

putting metal and wood cut at an angle so they

couldn’t land or roost. Any nest I found I got rid of

it right away. I think pigeons are the worst, nothing

more than a rat with wings. RANDY

I live trap the sparrows and starlings. Pigeons get

it with air rifle. Living in a rural town I tend to get

away with stuff that others can’t. SWAMPDONKEY

I used to use a product called Bird B gone. Came

in a tube that fit in a caulking gun. It was basically

a substance you applied and it stayed effective for

How I fixed it!



After many years, my R.O. membrane needed replacement. It

went from 1.5 gpm to 3.5 gpm instantly. Bits of the membrane

were found in the storage tank. The TDS was at 90 in the storage

tank. I installed a new membrane. When I first pressurized the

new membrane it was flowing at 3 gpm @170 psi. I let it sit overnight

and tried it again. This time it flowed at 2 gpm @170psi.

After a couple of days, I checked the storage tank and it was at a

TDS of 20. But today I noticed the membrane flowing at 3gpm

@170psi. The output TDS is reading 70.

maybe 6 months. It was just real sticky stuff that

the birds hated. BB guns are also effective if you’re

a good shot. MAC

I 2nd Mac on Bird B Gone. Take a full rainy day

& 2/3 tubes of that stuff & put it EVERYWHERE

they land. They will be gone in 48 hrs & stay gone.

Will cost you about $40 & the problem is gone!


Recently, at our rural location, we had a buzzard

get into the mechanical room, scaring the

you-know-what out of our city boy mechanic. He

left the mechanical door open and returned many

minutes later to find the buzzard gone. I hope it’s

not an omen for something. WASH4LIFE

I think I saw it on the forum before we tried

it but rubber snakes from the dollar store have

seemed to make a real difference for us. We have

a flat roof so I threw a couple up there and on top

of the walls between the bays. BERT79







Rubber snakes


Be Gone


Before anyone loads their firearm

or slingshot, it’s important to know

that all wild birds (except pigeons,

English sparrows and starlings)

are protected by federal and state

laws, according to the U.S. Fish

and Wildlife Service. This means

you cannot trap, kill or possess

protected species without federal

and state permits. And, even if

you are allowed to harm a pigeon,

there’s a better way to handle them

(killing of pigeons could lead to a

PR nightmare…) The first step,

according to the U.S. Fish and

Wildlife Service is to identify

the bird and determine why it is

attracted to your property.

THE SOLUTION: I remembered that when I took

the old membrane out, I noticed the O ring in the cap was

partially dislodged. I put it back in the groove and then installed

the new membrane. When I woke up at 2:30 in the morning I had a hunch that the

excessive flow rate and high TDS was water partially getting past the membrane.

I pulled the cap off and found the O ring was partially out of the groove again. I

grabbed another O ring and installed it, and things are running normal. It was

untreated water getting past the O ring and causing high “flow” and high TDS

readings. The old membrane that I took out is most likely fine. I will look at putting

some adhesive in the O ring groove to keep the O ring in place if this happens again.

This O ring is hit with 170 psi when the pump starts up.

34 • SPRING 2020



Want an insurance plan that’s perfectly

tailored to your business? Go with the

#1 car wash insurance provider

in the U.S.

With over 30 years of experience in the

car wash industry, we offer an easy

online application, quick turnarounds

and a 24/7 online client solution center.



SPRING 2020 • 35


Help Wanted

... from myself

Any guys out there that own/run car washes full time as their job? Particularly

self service car washes. I’m wondering at what point did you know you had to

quit your day job and go out on your own. [This would be for] 3 or 4 car washes?

I know it all depends on size and profitability of each wash. I want to expand,

but it will be hard to do with my 6-5 millwright job (that I hate). SHINESHED

Do Not Work

with Family




My full-time job in the industry began in 1996

when I opened my full-service stand-alone detail

shop. It was rough; I was in business with family,

which I DO NOT RECOMMEND, for many reasons.

We rented a location (which we built ourselves;

long story). The business only made money

8-9 months a year because of seasonality. I went

without pay for those months. I was able to do this

because I was good with my money and my family

members always lived hand-to-mouth. Eventually

my partner got another job and sold me his ‘share’

of the business, which was insolvent at the time. It

was my plan all along to build a self-serve car wash,

so I did. I went and got a job part time at a great local

chain called Golden Nozzle so I could learn the

business firsthand. I learned so much from my old

boss, Mike Forgotch. I put a business plan together

and went to banks. I experienced a lot of rejection. I

worked hard to refine the plan and got my little 2/1

SS wash open. Then I lost my lease and was evicted

from my old location for the detail shop. I went

back to the bank, borrowed more $$$ and built a

sweet 4 car detail shop next to my wash. Then I applied

for and got my used car dealer’s license. Now,

all this time later, I operate the business full-time,

along with an 8 plex apartment building I bought at

the urging of 2 good friends. What a great decision

that was for me! It is awesome to be diversified, especially


You’re asking the wrong question. You yourself

know that in your current situation, expansion

will be hard to do.

Here’s what I look at your main question as being,

Do I keep the full-time job and my one car

wash, or do I leave the full-time job in order to


Another question to ask yourself is, Is working

a full-time job allowing me to maximize profits at

my current business? WASH4LIFE

Trust me, I know from experience, it’s hard to

keep a full-time job and run one SS car wash, unless

you have someone to clean up. I did it for seven

years back in the 90s, and I’m doing it again

now. Back then it wasn’t so bad -- I was younger

and I had gotten things where I barely spent 30

minutes at the wash most days. Customers there

respected the place and almost never made a mess.

My current wash doesn’t have that yet, may never

because of the customer base. I spend at least two

hours just cleaning every day, even if it rains. At

least I’m making some decent money, more than

the full-time job pays. MEP001

I own and operate a 5 bay plus an awesome automatic,

and it is my only job. Since I sold my regular

business last year, I needed something to do to get

me out of the house. And trust me on this, if you

spend 24 hours with your wife, things can get uncomfortable

sometimes. There was one time I really

regretted showing my wife how to use a handgun,

but that’s another story. So I spend anywhere from

three to nine hours a day at the wash. The customers

love the fact that someone is there. And I listen

to them when they tell me what they like or don’t,

and what they would like to see added MAC

Started part time in 1992 and became full time

in 2000. I’ve run as many as seven low-moderate

SS only washes at a time. I know people that have

run more. I really don’t want to work full time

anymore so I’m down to just two nice SS/IBA (although

will be starting to rehab a third soon) and

work four-five hours a day most days. I make more

at a part time job than I could make working for

someone else, unless I had MD after my name.

You have to learn the 80/20 rule if you want to

run multiple locations: 80% of your results come

from 20% of your efforts. You can spend all day at

one wash if you want to try multiple profit centers,

lots of vending, etc. and run a spotless wash, or

you can run several pretty good locations in the

same amount of time if you keep things simple

and aren’t as OCD about the cleanliness. I’m in

the latter category.

One piece of advice I give new operators: Never

clean up your own wash if you can afford an employee

-- it will eat up your time and ruin your

attitude. GREG PACK

Thank you for that, Greg.

Really good advice. I had that


conversation with my manager last week after he

had gotten lazy on cleaning. I told him that the

wash will be clean, no matter what. If he does his

job all will be good. If I have to do his job, I’ll be

[mad] about it every single day. KLEANRIDE

I think it depends what type of wash you want

to run.

If you are the maintenance man and the one

calling all the shots, you cannot have a full time

job. If you can find a manager that is handy and

intelligent then, yes, you probably could manage

1-2 washes and still have a full time job.

You really have to weigh the pros and cons

though. For me, when I purchased my 2nd and 3rd

wash I quit my full time job because I could see

the upside of the car washes potentially making

more than my full time job salary. What I mean

by that is if I keep improving, my car washes’ sales

would continue to increase which I felt would ultimately

over time be more than my salary and

then-current car wash profit ever was. I can say

now that my car wash profit the year after I quit

my full time job was more than my previous year’s

car wash profit + the salary at my old job.

People want to see a well-managed car wash, I

feel like I can always tell when an SS wash has an

absentee owner.

It was the right move for me to quit my job. I

currently own 4 washes (18 SS bays & 4 autos)

and have the time to look for new opportunities

and growth. WYATT

I’ve been in [the self serve business] for 31 years.

28 years ago I decided the best way to run my 2nd

wash was to move on site. My 2nd wash was a former

car dealership building I converted to 3,000 sf

of living space. 3rd wash was a muffler shop that I

converted to an SS and 1,800 sf apt. which I currently

live in. I got a car wash mortgage, no house

payments. On site for me was the best way to go.


36 • SPRING 2020

SPRING 2020 • 37


Successful Car Wash

Self-Serve to E





Get in the trenches with Scott Oster as he describes the renovation of this existing

self-serve site that converted successfully to a 110-foot express exterior tunnel. Scott

guides you through the project’s design and permitting, as well as the technology

upgrades and marketing decisions that made this Grand Re-Opening a huge success.



5 Self-Serve Bays & 2 Inbay Automatics





Exterior Detail Hybrid Tunnel System


Per Hour!

Watch Scott Oster, owner of Aqua Blue Car Wash

as he explains his successful conversion


Make CarWashing Easy

www.SonnysDirect.com or Call 1-800-327-8723

38 • SPRING 2020


Format Conversions

xpress Tunnel





Go behind-the-scenes with Marcus Kittrell as he shows us how he converted a

limited, pre-existing self-serve car wash into a 80-foot express exterior tunnel now

known as MARC-1 Car Wash Palisades. Marcus is the owner of seven Marc-1 car wash

locations in the state of Alabama.



3 Self-Serve Bays & 3 Inbay Automatics





Exterior Detail Hybrid Tunnel System


Per Hour!


Watch Marcus Kittrell, owner of marc-1 Car Wash

as he explains his successful conversion


Consulting College Equipment Services Vacuums Controls Marketing Signage Chemistry Parts

SPRING 2020 • 39

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· Dual Locking System

· Only 23 5/8” W X 44 1/2” T X 13” D


Etowah Valley is the largest stocking retailer of

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SPRING 2020 • 41


Scoring with storing

I have excess land at my carwash and for years have thought it would be a

good place for a self storage building. I know just enough about the

self storage business to be dangerous. I am looking for some

advice from veteran operators. I see the ISS (Inside Self Storage)

has a convention. Anyone familiar with it? Is it worth attending?

I’d like to hear from some carwash/self storage operators as

to how the mix of the two works out for them. RIC

Yes, I own both - a self serve carwash 3/2 and a

40K’ mini storage facility. However, they are not

on adjoining properties. The mini storage is about

4 miles away. Been open about 18 months. LOUISE

I’ve been considering the same thing on some

unused and otherwise useless property behind

our wash, but local restrictions would make it

almost impossible to make it profitable unless I

could keep it at least 98% leased. MEP001

Self storage is a great easy business. Steve Wilson

in Tampa used to build self service and self

storage together. As I understand, he has demolished

the car washes, and built more self storage.

We have been in the self storage business for over

20 years. Unlike a car wash, it is very easy to get

into and run. Few employees, and little maintenance.

The problem is that it is so easy to get into,

there is often ‘over building’. They can and often

are built next to each other. ...If you are doing

good, someone will build a self storage right next

door (sounds like the express wash business).

In the past 2 years over 300,000 sq. ft. have

been built surrounding each of the 2 self storages

that we are involved with. Occupancy dropped

15 to 20 %. It is easy to over build, build too

expensively and too much. There is a new 4 story

project that has just recently been built near

one of my washes, great idea, but too crowded. it

will be hard to access the multi-story building…


Self-storage is a good business. Self-Storage facilities

are becoming very popular nowadays. The storage

services are useful for everyone. RAYMONDHALL

We have storage behind our wash. It’s working

well. Once you build it people copycat the heck

out of you.

Since we built, another company put some

right across the street from us. And another just

down the road.. And on the other side of a small

town, and another and another.

Anyone with mon- ey jumps on it

when they see you are successful.

If you build it, build it full out with

maximum units for your

area that

budget allows, so there’s

less room for others to

copy on the business. Actually,

this is one area I would

say go over budget to lock

the occupancy #s..

When other investors see the market saturated

they will shy away.

We should have put up 4 times more than we

started with!! MRFIXIT

I can say a storage facility is a good business, but

you need to market also and invest time and effort

to brand your business. MIDLANDBOATRVSTORAGE

The self-storage business is very beneficial as it

is very easy to use and install. Self-storage businesses

are becoming very popular these days. You

can easily make storage space with the help of

industrial curtains.

Industrial curtains can be the best option if you

want to open a temporary self-storage business.

This will help you to cut down the labor and

maintenance charges annually. I have recently

started with this business and yes I am getting

good revenue out of it. BEN STOKES

I looked into doing this. Very expensive and just

like the car wash business as soon as you put one in

everyone else does the same thing and over builds.

I went the way of storage for RV and campers.

Low cost to start with -- stone lot, no fence. Put

a 3x12 banner up and listed in Craigslist. Boom!

Got lots of calls and filled up the area I started

with and made a second lot. You will find that you

can no longer park your RV in the yard in most

new subdivisions. You need to do some research

first but I found this to be a low cost low overhead

and minimal time employee wise. WASHALLDAY

Watch for




easy business!

Have looked at mobilecontainersales.

com. They ship

flat and you assem- ble them on

site. Can stack 3 high and possibly can be movable

with a basic tow truck. Haven’t gotten quite that

far yet.

I think the problem with this is competing with

Pods and Uhaul for the long haul. Unless we’re

able to make an independent national network to

provide collection and return or trade of containers,

if they decide to move out of your area, you’d

need to charge them for the container. MSAXONII

Just a “heads up” my large facility interior design

neighbor (the balance of the total city block)

had to eventually remove their mobile storage

units because supposedly the city got a bunch

of complaints from a few vocal citizens about

the so-called ‘eyesore’ factor. Not sure if that

even comes close to applying in other localities

though. MJWALSH

42 • SPRING 2020








SPRING 2020 • 43


What’s the proper etiquette

when it comes to criminals?

We have notified police of a break-in. We have good pics of their

truck & the perps ... So, should we post those pics on our Facebook,

or not? Is it legal to do that? If legal, is it a dumb move? Bad PR, or is

that a smart move? SOONERMAJIC

I think the only customers that would be offended

by it are the ones you wouldn’t want on your

property. One of the car washes in my area did a

$20 Facebook ad recently with video of some people

that tried to break into their equipment and

ended up catching them with the help of people

who saw it. OVERACHIEVER

I had a guy breaking into my vacs and I told my

snow cone stand tenants and they posted the pictures

on their Facebook page and even asked for

help identifying them....within an hour someone

responded with the names of the individuals and

they were caught. I would if I was you... RFREEMAN

I think VERY FEW people will think negatively

of you for posting pictures of people breaking

into your equipment. You aren’t the bad guy

here! ERICH

I concur. Post the pictures, we are encouraged to

help our sheriff’s department by posting on Facebook

because there are more eyes and leads that

come from that type of platform. We’ve had people

post on our “People of Des Moines” FB page

of crimes and sometimes hours later a mugshot

would appear with “Apprehended” above from our

police department. DIAMONDWASH

Definitely post on Facebook.

I’d also posted pics outside each bay, all the vacs,

vending and changer. I would even post his pic by

the street entrance with a sign, “DO YOU KNOW


It would make an impression on all your customers.

I wouldn’t care about the few that don’t

like it because the ones that might think about doing

something bad at your wash will know their

face will be planted all over your lot.

Might stop someone from doing “anything” bad

at your place in the future. JMMUSTANG

I used Facebook last fall to catch a paint dumper

at my wash, but when I handed his info over to

the cops they completely blew it off. My manager

suggested we put up a sign board next to the

bill changers and start posting, “A$$#@!? of the

month” photos, but I’m afraid that’ll just motivate

kids to drop by and try to win that title. KLEANRIDE

Instead of posting, “Info Wanted for Committing

X Crime,” which could be libelous, post, “Info

Wanted for Persons of Interest in Connection with


Unfortunately, many operators have discovered

that police today really don’t care about “minor”

crimes such as these. So, I heartily agree to not

only post the pictures, but write what they did. I

think most of your customers will be glad that you

care about your operation. At a wash I used to own

I had a stringer hit my wash four days in a row. So,

I went to the local authorities, explained my loss,

around $2,000, and asked if I could just stake out

the place with my revolver, and capture them. Was

shocked when the cop said I better not or I could

get in trouble. So, be proactive… MAC

I think it would depend on how blatantly the

clearness of the criminal intent is & if 100% proof

existed with no ambiguities. The ability to prove

a non-alterable time date stamp of the pic-video

could be a factor. It seems like almost every criminal

always pleads not guilty at first.

Possibly proportionality could come into the

picture??? ... in terms of the person having his or

her reputation ruined at a much greater cost than

just a more discreet and less publicized remedy

along with restitution from the perp could be at

times the better fit???

If it was a hit & run accident ... the perp could

possibly play dumb & say he or she did not the

object was scraped or hit etc???

Without a license number ... possibly someone

could say their truck was similar & they were damaged

by a mistaken identity guess by whoever posting

back publicly could be an issue??? MJWALSH


do it

Post their



Catching criminals via Facebook is

a great tool for the Florida-based

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

Since 2017 the department has

hosted a live Wheel of Thieves

segment garnering public adoration.

According to the Wheel of Thieves

website, the segment is hosted

by Sergeant Melony Peterson and

Chief Public Information Officer

Amber Southard on Wednesdays.

They spin a wheel to see who will

be the ECSO’s featured Fugitive of

the Week. The episode is loaded

onto social media (Facebook and

YouTube; as well as, edited for time

for Instagram & Twitter). “The lucky

fugitive who wins will be plastered

across the ECSO’s social media and

electronic billboards for the next

week.” Last April, local news station

abc 3 reported that the program

has an 80% success rate and 21

people were still at large after being


44 • SPRING 2020

Reduce Your Maintenance Cost &

Improve Performance with Equipment

That Lasts!


Come in Small Packages

The MINIMAX Carwash System’s compact size will fit

easily into any equipment room. The MINIMAX may

be mini in size but is loaded in features. Its maximum

performance allows you to keep water, electric and

chemical solution cost optimally low.

Standard 1-Bay System includes

• UL Listed Industrial Control Center

• Pre-wired Motor Control Center

• DIN Connectors on all valves

• Capable of Foaming & Non-foaming Applications

• High Pressure functions include Rinse, Soap, & Wax

• Five Low Pressure functions standard

• VFD Standard for Optimal performance & efficiency

• All Stainless-Steel Tanks & Frame

• 3HP, CAT 5CP2120 Pump standard

Additional System Options

• Weep Freeze Protection System

• Low Water Safety Shut-off

• Rinse Tank Immersion Heater

• Spot Free Rinse Delivery

Super Flo - R.O.


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JUNE 8-10




Hotel Bennett

Charleston, South Carolina


JUNE 22-24




Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada


SEP 14-16



Georgia World Congress Center

Atlanta, Georgia


OCT 5-7





Atlantic City Convention Center

Atlantic City, New Jersey


46 • SPRING 2020

Association News

International Carwash Association ® (ICA)

CEO Eric Wulf warns against letter scam

There is a document making the rounds throughout

the carwashing community and, unfortunately, it

is a scam. Eric Wulf, CEO of the ICA wants people

to know he has nothing to do with it and also noted,

it asks readers to contact “Eric Wolf” which is an obvious


In a letter to ICA members, Wulf wrote:

A document entitled “Essential Business” has

recently circulated within the car wash community.

In it, readers are advised to contact “Eric Wolf” from

the “International Car Wash Association” for more

information about whether car washes may operate

during government imposed restrictions related to

According to the official statement from the

ICA: Anthony Analetto, President of Sonny’s Car

Wash Equipment Division, has been chosen as the

winner of the 2020 Distinguished Achievement

Award, presented by International Carwash Association

to recognize unique and exemplary contributions

to the car wash industry.

Anthony has been washing cars for more than

30 years, with decades of industry knowledge that

started in his family’s business. Their site included

a gas station, three self-service bays, and a 70-foot

exterior tunnel. After college, he left the family business

to work as a manager at the Sonny’s car wash

chain in Boston.

At Sonny’s, Anthony managed new projects,

car washes, quick lube builds, and conversions from

touch-free to touch-less to hybrid processes. Between

projects, Anthony traveled the country, installing

washes for Sonny’s Enterprises, LLC. Soon

after, Anthony became Director of Operations at

Wash Depot Holdings, where he was responsible for

onboarding all acquisitions to a chain of 74 washes,

28 quick lubes, and 14 gas stations across 13 states.

the coronavirus crisis.

Please be advised that this document was NOT

authored or approved by the International Carwash

Association. The Association’s position, and other resources,

are to be found at www.carwash.org/sharing.

These are challenging times, and our goal is to

provide you with the best information possible. We

wish safety and good health to you and yours, and

welcome your comments and questions.


Eric Wulf, CEO

Anthony Analetto of Sonny’s recognized for exemplary

contributions to the industry

The ICA hosted the first-ever edition of its

weekly livestream, CAR WASH Magazine Live, took

place March 26, and reached nearly 6,000 people.

Hosted by CAR WASH Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Matt DeWolf, the inaugural episode featured guests

Tom Hoffman, Jr., owner of Hoffman Car Wash, and

Eric Wulf, ICA Chief Executive Officer.

The episode covered a variety of issues related

to the COVID-19 pandemic — including resources

and details shared by ICA, how Hoffman Car Wash

has handled the issue in the virus hot spots in New

York State, and the pandemic’s overall effects on

wash owners, operators, and the industry at large.

You can watch it now on Facebook or on the ICA

YouTube channel.

Another episode aired April 2 and was designed

to help operators and owners navigate the latest

stimulus bills in the United States (CARES and

FFCRA) from both human resources and business

Noting his hard work and talent, Paul Fazio

reached out to Anthony and invited him to work at

Sonny’s Enterprises—a dynamic collaboration that

has now spanned 20 years. At Sonny’s, Anthony has

created state-of-the-art innovations to keep equipment

cutting edge.

“There are few faces more well known in the car

wash industry today than Anthony’s,” said Eric Wulf,

CEO of International Carwash Association. “He is a

recognized expert on car wash operations and equipment,

and has been the face of the extensive Sonny’s

video library. Anthony appears as a regular contributor

to car wash industry magazines and speaks often

at association events. His decades of experience in

both the retailer and supplier sides of the industry, as

well as his commitment to teaching and supporting

others, made Anthony’s selection as the DAA winner

an easy decision.”

In recognizing Anthony Analetto with a Distinguished

Achievement Award, ICA highlights the importance

of innovation, education, and giving back to

the car wash community. Kudos to Anthony for his

decades of leadership!

Association’s first-ever livestream reaches thousands of attendees

perspectives. Guests included Claudia St. John, president

of Affinity HR Group and Joanna Johnson,

president of Johnson Policy Associates. Plus, Andrew

Zamora, president of Racer Classic Car Wash, talked

about how his wash managed COVID-19. The first

episode had more than 300 viewers during the livestream,

and had 5,750 viewed the livestream. The

ICA hopes you’ll be counted among this number

for future episodes which can be found by visiting

the ICA Facebook page at www.facebook.com/carwashorg.

If you cannot make the scheduled stream,

you can watch afterwards on Facebook, or visit our

YouTube channel.

If you have ideas about a feature for an upcoming

episode, the ICA asks you to contact Matt De-

Wolf at mdewolf@carwash.org.

The One and Only Original


The Most Complete Line of Foaming Brushes

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6 Feed Holes for Best Liquid Delivery

The ONLY brush with 6 holes for the most consistent delivery of water & foam.

Fullest & Highest Quality Hogs Hair

The most dense, gentle Hogs Hair in 9 lengths; Nylon & Cloth also available.

Widest Possible Range of Choices

Standard & Round Shape; 3 Fill Materials; Black Plastic or Aluminum Head;

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will make you successful in the car wash business.

This business is all about clean cars and happy customers. It is

not about having the prettiest equipment.

All Turbo Wash

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the Rear Blaster!

High volume car washes that can deliver clean, shiny cars need

to be a “WORK HORSE”, and that is what the TURBO WASH is

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there washing cars. What other manufacturer can make that


Top Reasons to buy a


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Simplicity of operation

Extensive use of Stainless Steel

Highest quality components throughout

High production – you wash more cars

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last payment

UL approved electrical throughout

48 • SPRING 2020

The Total Self-Service Package

1200-1500 psi • 3 hp • 3 phase Available up to 8 Bays.


Includes: Soap • Wax • Rinse • Pre-Soak • Foaming Tire Cleaner and Foaming Brush

Standard Features

• Stainless Steel Frame Construction

• Stainless Steel Holding Tanks

• Stainless Steel 360 o Boom

• Stainless Steel 180 o Brush Boom

• Stainless Steel Coin Box (vault ready)

• Coin Box Heaters

• Electronic Coin Acceptors

• Digital Readout Timers

• Motor Starters with Overload Protectors

• Low Pressure Air Pumps

• Trigger Gun and Hose Assembly

• Hogs Hair Foaming Brush

• Automatic High Pressure Weep

• Roof Trough Manifold

• All High Pressure and Low Pressure

Hoses and fittings

• 100 KVA Transformer Per Bay

• Stainless Steel Pre-Soak Pump

• Sign Package

• Wire from Coin Box to Panel

• U.L. Listed Control Panel

Call us for our Special Pricing on Upgrading your Present Equipment

Check us out on the Web: www.manniwashsystems.com

Manni’s Wash Module


WASH SYSTEMS 724-337-8255 800-552-4492 Fax: 724-337-8554

SPRING 2020 • 49

Association News

Connecticut Carwash Association (CCA)

Scholarship deadline extended to June 1

The Kenneth M. Gustafson Sr. scholarship

deadline has been extended to June 1 due to

COVID-19. The two CCA $1,000 scholarships

are available to CCA-member employees.

To date, the CCA has awarded $25,000 in

Car Wash Operators of

New Jersey (CWONJ)

Scholarship applications extended to June 1

CWONJ Scholarship Chairman Dan Saidel

posted they are also extending the application

deadline for 2020 scholarships to June 1, 2020.

Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded

to CWONJ-member employees in 2020. “It is

important to note that this award can be used

for a two- or four-year education, be it full or

part time. Applicants will be evaluated based

on their high school standing, leadership capabilities,

community involvement, strength

of character, personal achievement, plan of

study and future goals. The scholarship will

be awarded to individuals who, through their

work in the community and at your business,

have demonstrated excellence and a genuine

Australian Car Wash Association (ACWA)

Good news for Sydney car wash operators

In a March 5, 2020, post from ACWA Business

Manager Douglas Cross, he announced that

water restrictions in the greater Sydney area

were dropping from level 2 to level 1. Sydney is

the most populated city in Australia.

Cross wrote:

NSW Water Minister, Melinda Pavey recently

announced that from 1 March 2020 water

restrictions would drop from level 2 to level

1 for greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains and

the Illawarra Water. However, on checking the

Sydney Water website, ACWA discovered that

conditions for commercial car washing remained


It is pleasing to report that as of today,

this situation has been resolved and commercial

car washes in areas under Sydney Water’s

authority will revert to more favourable Level

1 conditions. Indeed, Sydney Water has

approved an additional concession, allowing

operators to average water use per car across

all wash types on the site. This is a condition

ACWA fought for during Level 2 Restrictions.

50 • SPRING 2020

scholarships since the program’s inception in

2003. Gustafson, Sr., who passed away in 2003,

was President of the Kwick Auto Wash, a veteran

of World War II and was the first president

of the CCA.

desire to expand their knowledge.”

To be eligible an applicant must:

• Be an employee or direct family member

of an employee of any CWONJ member

• Have been an employee, full or part time,

for at least 1 year

• Have graduated high school or have the


• Be enrolled or plan to enroll at an accredited

two- or four-year college or university, and

• Not be an owner, or direct family member of

an owner of a carwash facility, manufacturer

or retail supplier to the carwash industry.

• Level 1 Restrictions for commercial

car washing in Sydney, the Blue Mountains

and the Illawarra are:

• All commercial car washes must apply

for a Water Restrictions Exemption.

• Commercial car washes may wash

vehicles using any wash method.

• Commercial car washes must use

an average* of fewer than 125 litres of

drinking water for each car washed*.

• *125L/wash is the efficiency requirement.

• Most car wash sites use multiple car

wash systems (self-serve and auto, for


• Average water use is calculated per

vehicle across each washing method

used on the site.

ACWA encourages all members to ensure

they hold a Water Restrictions Exemption. The

Exemption is an online application process and can

be found at: https://www.sydneywater.com.au.

Members should also be aware that a fine

of $550 (per day) may be applied to businesses

who have not applied for an Exemption.

Car Wash Association

of the United Kingdom


Illegal washes are a national

disgrace, says CWA

Not to be confused by the ICA, the CWA is the association

for car washes throughout the United Kingdom. Back

in February, the CWA helped in the mission to end illegal

car washes. “We are excited that Government, through the

Office for Labour Market Enforcement, is at last proposing

practical measures to combat the fast growing, mostly

illegal, trade of non-compliant hand car washes,” said Brian

Madderson, Chairman of the Petrol Retailers and Car

Wash Associations, according to a press release.

Matthew Taylor, the Interim Director of the Office

for Labour Market Enforcement (OLME) called for

tighter regulations on the UK’s hand car washes, by introducing

a national licensing scheme in order to combat the

prevalence of human trafficking, poor working conditions

and environmental concerns, amongst other issues, the

press release stated.

Research conducted by Experian Catalist for the

CWA confirmed that less than 5% of the 10,000 or more

third party hand car washes are located on operational

forecourts, stated the press release. “This means they are

typically located on brown and greenfield sites, car parks of

major retailers and disused forecourts.”

“It is a national disgrace that the UK has become the ‘go

to’ country in Europe for non-compliant hand car washes

that openly flout tax, labour abuse and environmental regulations,”

added Madderson in the press release. “They are a

serious social blight caused by ineffective enforcement and

contrast starkly with countries like Germany, Austria and

Benelux which have virtually none.”

The sooner this new Government tackles this issue,

Madderson continued, the sooner will our rivers and

countryside be freed from toxic chemical waste and labour

abuse will be eliminated. “We enthusiastically welcome

Mr. Taylor’s call for a licensing scheme.”

Southwest Car Wash

Association (SCWA)

Annual show was a huge success,

included a welcoming from

George W. Bush

According to the SCWA, more than 2,000 car wash

attendees gathered at the Fort Worth Convention Center

in January for the 2020 SCWA Convention & Car

Wash EXPO. According to former Association President

Andrew Zamora, “The event this year was the best ever!

We set a few new records with the largest pre-registration

plus attendees, not including exhibitors, from 45 states

and three foreign countries.”

The EXPO featured 336 booths displaying the latest

in car wash, lube and detail equipment, supplies and

services. The keynote address was given by former U.S.

Vice President Dick Cheney. And, even his former boss,

President George W. Bush was on-hand, via video message,

to welcome the attendees. “Laura and I send our

best wishes to each of you for a successful 2020.”

Also, at the EXPO, Brian Campbell was awarded the

2020 SCWA Lifetime Achievement Award. Brian, states

the SCWA, is a legend in the car wash industry and a

wonderful friend to so many car wash owners and vendors

across the nation.



SPRING 2020 • 51

From startup to ongoing success,

we’ll be a partner you can trust.








Harrell’s Northeast

Littleton, Massachusetts


Washtech - Mid Atlantic

Charlottesville, Virginia


Harrell’s Midwest

Indianapolis, Indiana


Harrell’s Heartland

Johnston, Iowa


52 • SPRING 2020





I succeed because I keep

going, and going, and going!


There is a lot of information, and misinformation

regarding germs and public safety. Public

panic and unconfirmed viral Facebook posts are

causing widespread panic. And, since detailers are

in the business of dealing with sullied surfaces and

are also looking to calm customers’ concerns over

contaminated consoles, crevices and compartments,

it is important to know the health risks if

dealing with an infected vehicle interior and/or

customer. Thankfully, the risks of fake news reports

are lessened thanks to four big authorities

including the Center for Disease Control and

Prevention, and OSHA. All four are continuously

updating their websites, trying to put out timely,

important and accurate information regarding the

recent flu outbreak and the worldwide pandemic

public enemy number one: The Coronavirus. Days

were spent gathering up the truth about germs,

not only for your benefit, but so that you can also

properly inform and educate your customers and

your employees. If a customer is worried their

car is contaminated, a self serve car wash owner

shouldn’t necessarily bank on their paranoia but

should properly inform the customer of the steps

needed to decontaminate the exterior and interior.

There is also ample opportunity to do some good

such as offering free washes to essential workers,

to handing out free masks. State to state, everything

is different. Some governors declared car

washes as an essential business, and others forced

them to close. If you’re up and running, are you at

risk? Yes, germs can live on surfaces, but they do

have an expiration date. If a customer had or has

the virus, is your equipment at risk of cross-contamination?

Staying healthy is nothing to sneeze

at and having an arsenal of concrete knowledge is

paramount during these times of hysteria, which,

unfortunately, is somewhat warranted.




The rules regarding what is essential, what is

not essential, and how and when car washes are

allowed to open are changing every day. The Cybersecurity

and Infrastructure Security Agency

(CISA) has updated its guidelines for determining

what is critical infrastructure multiple times.

According to the Agency’s official statement,

CISA executes the Secretary of Homeland Security’s

authorities to secure critical infrastructure.

Consistent with these authorities, CISA has developed,

in collaboration with other federal agencies,

State and local governments, and the private

sector, an “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce”

advisory list. This list is intended to help

State, local, tribal and territorial officials as they

work to protect their communities, while ensuring

continuity of functions critical to public health

and safety, as well as economic and national security.

Decisions informed by this list should also take

into consideration additional public health considerations

based on the specific COVID-19-related

concerns of particular jurisdictions.

If you’re interested in learning whether car

washes in other states (and counties in cases of

California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri,

New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania,

Tennessee, and Texas) are doing, the International

Carwash Association has a comprehensive listing

of each state and whether or not car washes are

allowed to be open. For that listing, visit carwash.

org/sharing and click the Car Wash Essential Business

Statements link.

54 • SPRING 2020



Designed for the automatic and self-serve markets, Hamilton’s diverse range of loyalty

programs, pay stations, and bay timers can help differentiate your car wash and bring a

truly unique value proposition to your customers.


Styled and named after your car wash brand, users can:

Join a Monthly Wash Club | Buy & Gift Washes | Claim Deals & Discounts

Earn Loyalty Rewards | Pay for Self-Serve Bay Time | Receive a complimentary Birthday Wash


Improve throughput, loyalty, and cashflow by offering a Monthly Wash Club program. Using RFID

technology, a unique windshield tag on the customers vehicle is read before vending their chosen

package. Our flexible system includes custom greetings, multiple pass types, and automated billing.


Customized to your brand, our new Ecommerce site lets customers sign up for RFID plans, update

credit card information, purchase gift cards, check gift card balances, add new balance, and buy

Single Washes & Wash Bundles.


All Hamilton loyalty programs are managed through a single cloud-based system for ease of use.

Hosted Solutions also provides multi-site data reporting, a site status diagnostic tool, and Single

Use Codes for rapid customer service responses.

www.hamiltonmfg.com | sales@hamiltonmfg.com | 888-723-4858

SPRING 2020 • 55

Q &






From the Southeast to the Heartland, to across the oceans

to Australia, we spoke with area Association leaders for advice

and input on how to stay in business and stay positive.


President of the Heartland

Carwash Association:


SSCWN: What advice do you have for self-serve

car wash owners in terms of staying hopeful and

productive during these “uncertain” times?


• Stay positive and keep your messaging positive

and uplifting. If your location has a message

board, post encouraging messages for your

customers. (ex. “We will all get through this”)

• Let customers know that you have implemented

measures to sanitize bays and equipment

as best you can. Signs in the bays let your

customers know what measures you are taking

to sanitize at your location.

• Protect your employees by providing masks,

gloves, and disinfectant.

• Keep to previous employee hours and

schedules, they have families and bills and need

those paychecks. Besides businesses are getting

help with payrolls.

• Apply for the EIDL Advance on the SBA website.

($1,000 per employee, up to $10,000 and is a


• Apply for PPP and if you do not get funded use

the Employee Retention Credit (up to $5,000 per


• If you did get your PPP app funded, come up

with a PPP forgiveness Plan (only what you

spend in the 56 days after you get funded can

count toward forgiveness).

• Remember that the car wash business is

recession proof and we will come back from this.

• Follow the HCA on social media to keep up on

the latest.

• Smile, it takes fewer muscles and customers like it.

56 • SPRING 2020




According to Josh Buckler CD-SV, IDA

Marketing & Communications Committee

Co-chair, there are key things a small business

owner can do to stay afloat, healthy and

vigilant during this time.

Yuck! During studies for the National Institute

of Health, Staphylococcus aureus, the germ most

commonly known for MRSA, was found on most

frequently touched surfaces in a vehicle, such as the

steering wheel, gear shifter, and center console. If

your self serve offers up interior cleaning services

and products, here some ways to advise those on

disinfecting their cars who visit your car wash:

• Hot water extraction: The fibers of the carpet

and fabrics inside a vehicle can embed germs

and facilitate growth. Using an extractor can

allow for embedded germs to be lifted from the

fibers of the carpet.

• Steam: Using steam can kill 99.9% of germs.

Ways to reaching out to your customers during

this pandemic, include:

• Create: Using your email list, send a brief

email newsletter. Stay away from the already

saturated “Coronavirus” headline. Use a 4-7

words that grab their attention immediately such

as “Vehicles get sick too!”, and “Take your car to

the doctor”, etc.

• Follow up: Send

a mass text using

an online platform,

or take it a step

further and find the

customers who you

know have kids that also

ride in the vehicle regularly.

• Share: Reach out to local media

outlets and explain the importance to them. Most

press have a general place online to send a story

too. Write up something educational and email

any you can think of. They’re looking to stay

current with what is popular.

• Collaborate: Link up with a local business

to go live on social media together and offer

tips todetermine a vehicle’s health.’ Consider

holding a day long “free check up” and team up

with a detailer. Create a checklist like an auto

mechanics suggestions. To build rapport, don’t

just write the things you see that need attention,

but those that are positive and complementing

too. Then, customers can also wash their cars in

your bays for a discounted price.

This article was provided courtesy of the International Detailing

Association (IDA) and its entirety was provided to

all IDA members. Only a portion of the article is included

here and was edited to relate to self serve car wash owners.

For more information, visit the IDA at https://the-ida.com/.



There is much more to learn about the transmissibility,

severity, and other features associated with

COVID-19 as the outbreak investigation continues,

according to OSHA. According to the CDC, spread

from person-to-person is most likely among close

contact (about 6 feet). Person-to-person spread

is thought to occur mainly via respiratory droplets

produced when an infected person coughs or

sneezes, similar to how influenza and other respiratory

pathogens spread. These droplets can land

in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby

or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. “It’s currently

unknown if a person can get COVID-19 by touching

a surface or object that has the virus on it and

then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly

their eyes.”

As of March 1, 2020, OSHA released the following

statement: Workers who conduct cleaning tasks

must be protected from exposure to blood, certain

body fluids, and other potentially infectious materials

covered by OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens

standard (29 CFR 1910.1030) and from hazardous

chemicals used in these tasks. In these cases, the PPE

(29 CFR 1910 Subpart I) and Hazard Communication

(29 CFR 1910.1200) standards may also apply.

Also note: Do not use compressed air or water

sprays to clean potentially contaminated surfaces, as


Waterproof LED Lighting | Available at Kleen-Rite

800-285-6780 | www.ggled.net | sales@ggled.net

SSCWN2019.indd 1

SPRING 2020 • 57

4/15/19 9:05 AM

Q &




President of the Southeastern

Car Wash Association

SSCWN: In a few words, how would you describe your

thoughts on this pandemic?

TYREE BROWN: The world is in a particularly scary

place. However, fear is an emotion that does us little

good unless it motivates the right actions with meaningful

outcomes. I believe many of us are working

hard to be responsible with compliance and to be a

part of the solution instead of feeding the problem.

There are so many tough decisions being made. As

many of us are fighting to keep our businesses solvent,

there are so many are fighting for their lives.

These are very tough times.

SSCWN: How has it affected the self serve car washes

in the Southeast?

TYREE BROWN: The pandemic has affected many

in different ways. In many situations, entrepreneurs

handle situations in incredibly innovative and different

ways with the best outcome for each in mind.

Such is the case for many car washes in the Southeast.

Some have been mandated to shut down and

are fighting voraciously, others have made the choice

to temporarily close based on lower volumes, safety

or position in the market. There are others that

have dug in and are fighting to adapt and to stay open

amidst many of the pressures of the new no touch

and social distancing world in which we live.

SSCWN: Do you think self serves will survive this?

TYREE BROWN: I think self-serves are well positioned

to survive. Like other challenges it may force a

bit of innovation and exiting from operational comfort

zones. From my perspective, the table is set for an independent

experience that fits into the distancing elements

prescribed by health care experts. There may be a need

for glove use between the handling of guns and wands

as well as vacuum consoles. But there may be more opportunities

instead of barriers. Gloves can certainly be a

vending machine item so there is a great opportunity.

SSCWN: What is a message you would like to send out

to our readers who are in the Southeast?

TYREE BROWN: I believe the human spirit is resilient,

the human race is intelligent, our ability to

persevere is unmatched. We have spectacular scientists

that are beyond capable of finding a cure to this

dreadful enemy. We will all need to demonstrate a

strong sense of responsible adaptability while together

we search for this global solution.



According to OSHA, contaminated

clothing, tools and equipment should also be

cleaned. It is preferable that soap and clean

water be used when available. If only contaminated

water is available use the following:

• 1/4 cup bleach.

• 1 gallon of water.

• Immerse objects in the solution for 10

minutes; if clothing, gently swirl every few


• If clothing, wring out as much moisture as


Protect Yourself:

Cleaning Chemicals

and Your Health

Working with cleaning chemicals can cause:



Red, Itchy Eyes

Skin Rashes

Skin and Eye Burns

What You Need to Know

Shortness of Breath

Sore Throat

Headaches or Dizziness



If you have health problems that you think are caused by using

cleaning chemicals, tell your supervisor and ask to see a doctor.

Do not mix cleaning products that contain bleach and ammonia. Dangerous gases can be released

and can cause severe lung damage.

Your employer is required to provide a safe workplace that includes:

Protective clothing, gloves, and safety goggles, when needed.

Labels on containers of cleaning chemicals.

Training on the hazards of cleaning chemicals you are using and safe work practices.

Your employer must train you to:

Know the hazards of cleaning chemicals BEFORE using them.

Know how to use and store cleaning chemicals safely.

Know how and when to dilute cleaning chemicals you are using.

Know what to do if there is a spill or other emergency.

Know how to obtain and use hazard information on labels and material safety data sheets

(MSDS). Know how and when to use protective clothing, gloves, and safety goggles.


Wash your hands after using cleaning chemicals and before eating, drinking, or smoking.

What are they?

organizations as safer to use and less

harmful to your health and the environment.

Cleaners with “green” in their name do not mean

Ask your employer.

Green Cleaners

Safety Reminder

• If tools or

equipment, allow

the object to drain

and then transfer

it directly to the

bleach solution

used for hand cleaning.

• Re-immerse the clothing in the household

bleach solution used for hand cleaning for

10 minutes with periodic gentle swirling of

the clothing.

• If clothing, wring out as much moisture as


• Allow clothes to thoroughly dry before

using again.

Many have met performance standards for its

intended use.

Also, many green cleaners are “fragrance-free” but still

This guidance document is not an OSHA standard or regulation but it contains recommendations that are advisory in nature and intended to

assist employers and workers in providing a safe and healthful workplace. The mention of any nongovernmental organization in this document

does not constitute an endorsement by NIOSH or OSHA of that organization, its products or services.

DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 2012-125 OSHA Publication No. 3511-2-12

58 • SPRING 2020



these techniques may aerosolize infectious material.

Surfaces that are heavily contaminated with

mold, feces, or body tissues should be disinfected

using the following household bleach solution:

• 1 1/2 cups bleach.

• 1 gallon of water.

• Place the solution in a spray dispenser.

• Thoroughly douse surfaces that have heavy

deposits of contaminants and allow to stand for

3 minutes.

• Wipe the contaminants from the surface with a

paper towel.

• Discard the towel.

• Douse the surface again but use the bleach

solution that is used for hand washing and wipe

off the residual contamination with a paper


• Discard the towel and allow surface to dry.

• Use gloves and eye protection when

cleaning clothes, tools/equipment, and

surfaces. Use respirator protection (an

N-95 respirator is recommended) when

mold is present.

• All containers should be labeled “Bleachdisinfected

water: DO NOT DRINK.”


President of the Australian

Car Wash Association


Q & A

SSCWN: How is your areas of the world handling this

pandemic and are the self serves in your areas open (as

of March 28, 2020)?

NEIL FOX: No one can be sure where the coronavirus

journey will take our industry and more importantly,

Australia. However, it is these kinds of situations that

make membership in an [organization] like ACWA,

all the more critical. At times like this, ACWA can

play a pivotal role in ensuring that members are informed

and are [galvanized] in a community. Through

the ACWA family, we can find support if we need it

and importantly learn from the experience of others.

Each day the Government’s regulations around the

COVID-19 pandemic are increased. These regulations

are implemented to protect our community and we

all need to play our part in managing our way through

this crisis by complying with the changing conditions.

As I pen this, the impacts on car washing in Australia

from COVID-19 restrictions are starting to bite. While

we haven’t been shut down completely, there are significant

reports of dropping sales. There is no doubt the

Government’s request to stay at home is being taken

seriously by the public and unfortunately for our businesses,

this means fewer cars will be washed.

The question that nobody seems to be able to answer

is, how long the COVID-19 crisis will be with us?

Businesses have been asked to look at their operations

from a hygiene perspective, and most wash operators

have taken up the challenge. Most have invested in

improving their cleaning processes and ensuring social

distancing happens on wash sites. We are told that these

will be the core tools that may allow us to keep operating

our businesses in the short-term.

Our strategy must be to delay a shutdown situation

for as long as we possibly can. The way we do this is

by; abiding by the Government regulations imposed

on us, looking after our communities and staff and

simply doing the best we can. In doing this, we will

be giving the car wash industry the best chance of

continuing to deliver our product.

Of course, we are all business owners with families

we worry about. The unanswered question is; if and

when the time comes that car washing is required to

shut down, how will I manage? In Australia, we can

find consolation in the knowledge that each of us is

experiencing the same doubts and concerns. At times

like this, we need to band together and support each

other as best we can.

SPRING 2020 • 59




Here is a


of the



available for

self serve

car washes.




On Friday, March 27, 2020, President Donald

Trump signed into law the CARES Act, which

contains $376 billion in relief for American workers

and small businesses.

The SBA also resumed accepting Paycheck Protection

Program applications from participating

lenders on Monday, April 27, 2020.

With the additional funding provided by the

new COVID-19 relief package, SBA will resume

processing EIDL Loan and Advance applications

that are already in the queue on a first come, firstserved

basis, and will provide further information

on the availability of the EIDL portal to receive

new applications (including those from agricultural

enterprises) as soon as possible.




The Paycheck Protection Program is a loan designed

to provide a direct incentive for small businesses

to keep their workers on the payroll.

SBA will forgive loans if all employees are kept on

the payroll for eight weeks and the money is used for

payroll, rent, mortgage interest, or utilities.

You can apply through any existing SBA 7(a)

lender or through any federally insured depository

institution, federally insured credit union, and Farm

Credit System institution that is participating. Other

regulated lenders will be available to make these

loans once they are approved and enrolled in the

program. You should consult with your local lender

as to whether it is participating in the program.


Enables small businesses who currently have a

business relationship with an SBA Express Lender

to access up to $25,000 quickly.

Express Bridge Loan Pilot Program: This allows

small businesses who currently have a business relationship

with an SBA Express Lender to access up to

$25,000 quickly. These loans can provide vital economic

support to small businesses to help overcome

the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing

and can be a term loans or used to bridge the gap

while applying for a direct SBA Economic Injury Disaster

loan. If a small business has an urgent need for

cash while waiting for decision and disbursement on

an Economic Injury Disaster Loan, they may qualify

for an SBA Express Disaster Bridge Loan.


• Up to $25,000

• Fast turnaround

• Will be repaid in full or in part by proceeds from

the EIDL loan


The SBA is providing a financial reprieve to

small businesses during the COVID-19

As part of our coronavirus debt relief efforts, the

SBA will pay 6 months of principal, interest, and

any associated fees that borrowers owe for all current

7(a), 504, and Microloans in regular servicing

status as well as new 7(a), 504, and Microloans

disbursed prior to September 27, 2020. This relief

is not available for Paycheck Protection Program

loans or Economic Injury Disaster loans. Borrowers

do not need to apply for this assistance. It will

be automatically provided as follows:

For loans not on deferment, SBA will begin

making payments with the next payment due on

the loan and will make six monthly payments.

For loans currently on deferment, SBA will begin

making payments with the next payment due

after the deferment period has ended and will

make six monthly payments.

• For loans made after March 27, 2020 and fully

disbursed prior to September 27, 2020, SBA will

begin making payments with the first payment

due on the loan and will make six monthly


SBA has notified 7(a), 504 and Microloan Lenders

that it will pay these borrower loan payments.

60 • SPRING 2020




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SPRING 2020 • 61


Lenders have been instructed to refrain from collecting

loan payments from borrowers. If a borrower’s

payment was collected after March 27,

2020, lenders were instructed to inform the borrower

that they have the option of having the loan

payment returned by the lender or applying the

loan payment to further reduce the loan balance

after SBA’s payment.

Borrowers should contact their lender if they

have any questions regarding this payment relief.



For current SBA Serviced Disaster (Home and

Business) Loans: If your disaster loan was in “regular

servicing” status on March 1, 2020, the SBA is

providing automatic deferments through December

31, 2020.

What does an “automatic deferral” mean to borrowers?

• Interest will continue to accrue on the loan.

• 1201 monthly payment notices will continue

to be mailed out which will reflect the loan is

deferred and no payment is due.

• The deferment will NOT cancel any established

Preauthorized Debit (PAD) or recurring

payments on your loan. Borrowers that have

established a PAD through Pay.Gov or an

OnLine Bill Pay Service are responsible for

canceling these recurring payments. Borrowers

that had SBA establish a PAD through Pay.gov

will have to contact their SBA servicing office to

cancel the PAD.

• Borrowers preferring to continue making

regular payments during the deferment period

may continue remitting payments during

the deferment period. SBA will apply those

payments normally as if there was no deferment.

• After this automatic deferment period, borrowers

will be required to resume making regular

principal and interest payments. Borrowers

that cancelled recurring payments will need to

reestablish the recurring payment.



SBA provides a number of loan resources for

small businesses to utilize when operating their

business. For more information on loans or how to

connect with a lender, visit: https://www.sba.gov/


• 7(a) program offers loan amounts up to

$5,000,000 and is an all-inclusive loan program

deployed by lending partners for eligible small

businesses within the U.S. States and its




• Take your


before work.

• Wear a face mask

at all times.

• Practice social

distancing in

the workplace

as work duties






• Stay at work if

you become sick.

• Share headsets

or objects used

near face.

• Congregate in

the break room

or other

crowded places.

• Take employee’s temperature and assess

symptoms prior to their starting work.

• If an employee becomes sick during the day,

send them home immediately.

• Test the use of face masks to ensure they do

not interfere with workflow.

• Increase air exchange in the building.

• Increase the frequency of cleaning

commonly touched surfaces.

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62 • SPRING 2020

territories. The uses of proceeds include: working

capital; expansion/renovation; new construction;

purchase of land or buildings; purchase of

equipment, fixtures; lease-hold improvements;

refinancing debt for compelling reasons; seasonal

line of credit; inventory; or starting a business.

• Express loan program provides loans up to

$350,000 for no more than 7 years with an option

to revolve. There is a turnaround time of 36 hours

for approval or denial of a completed application.

The uses of proceeds are the same as the

standard 7(a) loan.

• Community Advantage loan pilot program allows

mission-based lenders to assist small businesses

in underserved markets with a maximum loan

size of $250,000. The uses of proceeds are the

same as the standard 7(a) loan.

• 504 loan program is designed to foster economic

development and job creation and/or retention.

The eligible use of proceeds is limited to the

acquisition or eligible refinance of fixed assets.

• Microloan program involves making loans

through nonprofit lending organizations to

underserved markets. Authorized use of loan

proceeds includes working capital, supplies,

machinery & equipment, and fixtures (does not

include real estate). The maximum loan amount

is $50,000 with the average loan size of $14,000.




on the incident, there may be access controls or

movement restrictions established which can impede

your customers from reaching your business.

Additionally, there may be public concerns about

public exposure to an incident and they may decide

not to go to your business out of concern of

exposing themselves to greater risk. SBA’s Resources

Partners and District Offices have trained

experts who can help you craft a plan specific to

your situation to help navigate any rapid changes

in demand.

MARKETING: It’s critical to communicate openly

with your customers about the status of your

operations, what protective measures you’ve implemented,

and how they (as customers) will be

protected when they visit your business. Promotions

may also help incentivize customers who

may be reluctant to patronize your business.





Occupational safety and health professionals

use a framework called the “hierarchy of controls”

to select ways of controlling workplace hazards. In

other words, the best way to control a hazard is

to systematically remove it from the workplace,

rather than relying on workers to reduce their exposure.

During a COVID-19 outbreak, when it

may not be possible to eliminate the hazard, the

most effective protection measures are listed from

most effective to least effective. Please note, information

has been omitted that does not pertain to

car wash environments.

• Engineering controls

• Administrative controls


• Safe work practices (a type of administrative

control), and

• PPE.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each

type of control measure when considering the ease

of implementation, effectiveness, and cost. In most



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SPRING 2020 • 63

CryptoPayLaundromatAd_InPocket_SSCWN_FINAL.indd 1

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64 • SPRING 2020

SPRING 2020 • 65


cases, a combination of control measures will be

necessary to protect workers from exposure to

SARS-CoV-2. In addition to the types of workplace

controls discussed below, CDC guidance for

businesses provides employers and workers with

recommended SARS-CoV-2 infection prevention

strategies to implement in workplaces:

• Engineering Controls. These controls involve

isolating employees from work related hazards.

In workplaces where they are appropriate, these

types of controls reduce exposure to hazards

without relying on worker behavior and can be

the most cost-effective solution to implement.

Engineering controls for SARS-CoV-2 include:

• Installing high-efficiency air filters.

• Increasing ventilation rates in the work


• Installing physical barriers, such as clear

plastic sneeze guards.

• Specialized negative pressure ventilation in

some settings, such as for aerosol generating

procedures (e.g., airborne infection isolation

rooms in healthcare settings and specialized

autopsy suites in mortuary settings).

• Administrative Controls Administrative controls

require action by the worker or employer.

Typically, administrative controls are changes in

work policy or procedures to reduce or minimize

exposure to a hazard. Examples of administrative

controls for SARS-CoV-2 include:

• Encouraging sick workers to stay at home.

• Minimizing contact among workers, clients,

and customers by replacing face-to-face

meetings with virtual communications and

implementing telework if feasible.

• Establishing alternating days or extra shifts

that reduce the total number of employees

in a facility at a given time, allowing them to

maintain distance from one another while

maintaining a full onsite work week.

• Discontinuing nonessential travel to locations

with ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks. Regularly

check CDC travel warning levels at: www.


• Developing emergency communications

plans, including a forum for answering

workers’ concerns and internet-based

communications, if feasible.

• Providing workers with up-to-date education

and training on COVID-19 risk factors and

protective behaviors (e.g., cough etiquette

and care of PPE).

• Training workers who need to use protecting

clothing and equipment how to put it on, use/

wear it, and take it off correctly, including

in the context of their current and potential

duties. Training material should be easy to

understand and available in the appropriate

language and literacy level for all workers.



• Providing resources and a work environment

that promotes personal hygiene. For example,

provide tissues, no-touch trash cans, hand soap,

alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60

percent alcohol, disinfectants, and disposable

towels for workers to clean their work surfaces.

• Requiring regular hand washing or using of

alcohol-based hand rubs. Workers should always

wash hands when they are visibly soiled and

after removing any PPE.

• Post handwashing signs in restrooms. Personal

Protective Equipment (PPE) While engineering

and administrative controls are considered more

effective in minimizing exposure to SARS-CoV-2,

PPE may also be needed to prevent certain

exposures. While correctly using PPE can help

prevent some exposures, it should not take the

place of other prevention strategies.


• Gloves

• Goggles

• Face shields

• Face masks, and

• Respiratory protection, when appropriate.


• Selected based upon the hazard to the worker.

• Properly fitted and periodically refitted, as

applicable (e.g., respirators).

• Consistently and properly worn when required.

• Regularly inspected, maintained, and replaced,

as necessary.

• Properly removed, cleaned, and stored

or disposed of, as applicable, to avoid

contamination of self, others, or the environment.

Employers are obligated to provide their workers

with PPE needed to keep them safe while

performing their jobs. The types of PPE required

during a COVID-19 outbreak will be based on

the risk of being infected with SARS-CoV-2 while

working and job tasks that may lead to exposure.

Compliance Assistance Specialists OSHA compliance

assistance specialists can provide information

to employers and workers about OSHA




The following procedures have been collected

from car wash operators across the United States,

as they have implemented safety-enhancing operating

procedures to keep communities, customers

and employees safe. International Carwash Association

provides these for information purposes

only, and advises every car wash operator to evaluate

the operating requirements and health advisories

in their particular market, and confer with

trusted advisors and official authorities prior to

implementing any procedure(s).


• Stationed employees near vacuum areas

to clean nozzles after every use

• Discontinued towel and other customer giveaway


• Closed every other vacuum stall (for customers);

maintain only one vacuum lane (for employees)

• Purchased masks and gloves for employees

• Used a plastic shield at cashier window

• Limited interior vehicle cleaning to only one

employee at a time

• Restricted access to enclosed spaces (e.g.

waiting areas)

• Reduced staffing onsite

• Closed office, lobby and bathroom access to the


• Closed every other wash bay

• Eliminated staff greeters at pay stations

• Closed interior cleaning

• Closed express detaining

• Removed public brush buckets (e.g. bug prep)

• Marked 6 foot spacing in greeter area

• Discontinued hand drying of vehicles

• Cleanliness

• Regularly cleaned payment terminals and wash

selector equipment

• Regularly cleaned bay guns and vending


• Closed free vacuum area

• Installed hands-free, foot-pull doors

• Provided hand sanitizer dispenser for customers

in vacuum area

• Used phone apps and payment solutions (NFC,

QR codes) to prevent need to touch payment


• Offered a sanitizing product for interior cleaning

• Used a bucket for accepting, and then cleaning,


• Added a hand sanitizer dispenser next to the

payment kiosk.

66 • SPRING 2020


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SPRING 2020 • 67


standards, short educational programs on specific

hazards or OSHA rights and responsibilities, and

information on additional compliance assistance

resources. Visit www.osha.gov/complianceassistance/cas

or call 1-800- 321-OSHA (6742) to

contact your local OSHA office.


• Region 1: Boston Regional Office (CT*, ME*, MA,

NH, RI, VT: (617) 565-9860

• Region 2: New York Regional Office (NJ*, NY*,

PR*, VI*) (212) 337-2378

• Region 3: Philadelphia Regional Office (DE, DC,

MD*, PA, VA*, WV) (215) 861-4900

• Region 4: Atlanta Regional Office (AL, FL, GA,

KY*, MS, NC*, SC*, TN*) (678) 237-0400

• Region 5: Chicago Regional Office (IL*, IN*, MI*,

MN*, OH, WI) (312) 353-2220

• Region 6: Dallas Regional Office (AR, LA, NM*,

OK, TX) (972) 850-4145

• Region 7: Kansas City Regional Office (IA*, KS,

MO, NE) (816) 283-8745

• Region 8: Denver Regional Office (CO, MT, ND,

SD, UT*, WY*) (720) 264-6550

• Region 9: San Francisco Regional Office (AZ*,

CA*, HI*, NV*, and American Samoa, Guam and

the Northern Mariana Islands) (415) 625-2547

• Region 10: Seattle Regional Office (AK*, ID, OR*,

WA*) (206) 757-6700






Consider improving the engineering controls

using the building ventilation system. This

may include some or all of the following


• Increase ventilation rates.

• Increase the percentage of outdoor air that

circulates into the system.

Support respiratory etiquette and hand

hygiene for employees, customers, and

worksite visitors:

• Provide tissues and no-touch disposal


• Provide soap and water in the workplace. If soap

and water are not readily available, use alcoholbased

hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol.

If hands are visibly dirty, soap and water should

be chosen over hand sanitizer. Ensure that

adequate supplies are maintained.

• Place hand sanitizers in multiple locations to

encourage hand hygiene.

• Place posters that encourage hand

hygiene to help stop the spread at the entrance

to your workplace and in other workplace areas

where they are likely to be seen.

• Discourage handshaking – encourage the use of

other noncontact methods of greeting.

• Direct employees to visit the coughing and

sneezing etiquette and clean hands webpage for

more information.

Perform routine environmental cleaning and


• Routinely clean and disinfect all frequently

touched surfaces in the workplace, such as

workstations, keyboards, telephones, handrails,

and doorknobs.

• If surfaces are dirty, they should be cleaned

using a detergent or soap and water prior to


• For disinfection, most common EPAregistered

household disinfectants should

be effective. A list of products that are

EPA-approved for use against the virus that

causes COVID-19 is available. Follow the

manufacturer’s instructions for all cleaning

and disinfection products (e.g., concentration,

application method and contact time, etc.).

• Discourage workers from using other workers’

phones, desks, offices, or other work tools and

equipment, when possible. If necessary, clean

and disinfect them before and after use.

• Provide disposable wipes so that commonly

used surfaces (for example, doorknobs,

keyboards, remote controls, desks, other work

tools and equipment) can be wiped down

by employees before each use. To disinfect,

use products that meet EPA’s criteria for use

against SARS-Cov-2external icon, the cause of

COVID-19, and are appropriate for the surface.

Perform enhanced cleaning and disinfection

after persons suspected/confirmed to have

COVID-19 have been in the facility:

• If a sick employee is suspected or confirmed to

have COVID-19, follow the CDC cleaning and

disinfection recommendations.

Implementing Safety Practices for Critical

Infrastructure Workers Who May Have Had

Exposure to a Person with Suspected or

Confirmed COVID-19

To ensure continuity of operations of essential

functions, CDC advises that critical infrastructure

workers may be permitted to continue work following

potential exposure to COVID-19, provided

they remain asymptomatic and additional precautions

are implemented to protect them and the


A potential exposure means being a household

contact or having close contact within 6 feet of an

individual with confirmed or suspected COVID-19.

The timeframe for having contact with an individual

includes the period of time of 48 hours before

the individual became symptomatic.

Critical Infrastructure workers who have had an

exposure but remain asymptomatic should adhere

to the following practices prior to and during their

work shift:

• Pre-Screen: Employers should measure the

employee’s temperature and assess symptoms

prior to them starting work. Ideally, temperature

checks should happen before the individual

enters the facility.

• Regular Monitoring: As long as the employee

doesn’t have a temperature or symptoms, they

should self-monitor under the supervision of their

employer’s occupational health program.

• Wear a Mask: The employee should wear a face

mask at all times while in the workplace for 14

days after last exposure. Employers can issue

facemasks or can approve employees’ supplied

cloth face coverings in the event of shortages.

• Social Distance: The employee should maintain

6 feet and practice social distancing as work

duties permit in the workplace.

• Disinfect and Clean workspaces: Clean and

disinfect all areas such as offices, bathrooms,

common areas, shared electronic equipment


If the employee becomes sick during the day,

they should be sent home immediately. Surfaces

in their workspace should be cleaned and disinfected.

Information on persons who had contact

with the ill employee during the time the employee

had symptoms and 2 days prior to symptoms

should be compiled. Others at the facility with

close contact within 6 feet of the employee during

this time would be considered exposed.

Employers should implement the recommendations

in the Interim Guidance for Businesses and

Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus

Disease 2019 to help prevent and slow the spread

of COVID-19 in the workplace. Additional information

about identifying critical infrastructure

during COVID-19 can be found on the CDC’s

specific First Responder Guidance page.

68 • SPRING 2020






• Follow CDC guidance for cleaning and


Current evidence, though still preliminary,

suggests that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes

COVID-19, may remain viable for hours to days

on surfaces made from a variety of materials. It

may be possible that a person can get COVID-19

by touching a surface or object that has the virus

on it and then touching their own mouth, nose,

or possibly their eyes, but this is not thought to

be the main way the virus spreads.

If the machinery or equipment in question are

not accessible to employees or have not been in

contact with someone infected with COVID-19,

they will not present an exposure hazard.

If machinery or equipment are thought to

be contaminated and can be cleaned, follow

the CDC cleaning and disinfection recommendations.

First clean dirty surfaces with soap and

water. Second, disinfect surfaces using products

that meet EPA’s criteria for use against

SARS-Cov-2external iconexternal icon and

are appropriate for the surface.

If machinery or equipment are thought to be

contaminated and cannot be cleaned, they can

be isolated. Isolate papers or any soft (porous)

surfaces for a minimum of 24 hours before

handling. After 24 hours, remove soft materials

from the area and clean the hard (non-porous)

surfaces per the cleaning and disinfection

recommendations. Isolate hard (non-porous)

surfaces that cannot be cleaned and disinfected

for a minimum of 7 days before handling.

• Wait 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting

to minimize potential for exposure to respiratory

droplets. If 24 hours is not feasible, wait as long

as possible.

• Open outside doors and windows to increase air

circulation in the area.

• Clean dirty surfaces with soap and water prior to


• Next, disinfect surfaces using products that meet

EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-Cov-2external

iconexternal icon, the virus that causes COVID-19,

and that are appropriate for the surface.

• Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for

all cleaning and disinfection products for

concentration, application method, contact time,

and required PPE.

• Operations can resume as soon as the

cleaning and disinfection are completed.

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SPRING 2020 • 69





The investment in security cameras pays off for carwash operators (and the readers of SSCWN)

with these mostly frustrating, sometimes funny -- and always cautionary -- stories of Darwins Caught on

Camera. Images of these criminals and/or their vehicles were given to police and the press. Many have been

caught thanks to the prowess of security cameras.

Let’s start off with some news out of

California. A a man in Porterville

was caught trying to break into

Greg’s Express Car Wash using a fire

extinguisher. According to The Recorder, on March

15, Stephen Eredia was arrested at 9:20 a.m. after

being caught on camera attempting to force open

an office door and a coin acceptor’s faceplate.

“Video surveillance depicted a Hispanic male

adult arriving at the business at 4:07 a.m. Thursday

morning with a red fire extinguisher. The male

used the fire extinguisher to attempt to force open

a secured office door and faceplate to a coin acceptor,

however, he was unsuccessful. These attempts

caused an excess of more than $400 in damages,”

according to the story.

Traditional camouflage really only

works in a wood- and leaf-laden

setting, correct? If you’re going to camouflage

yourself to commit a crime at a car wash,

the garb should be covered in bubbles, or timer

buttons or even try and match it to the colors of

the walls? But it looks like another dumb criminal

thought his duds wouldn’t make him stand out.

Now, if you look at the picture below, a screenshot

from the crime-in-action, taken from Custom

Car Wash surveillance footage, you will see there

is ample opportunity for better concealment. Perhaps

an all-white outfit? Thankfully, the thief in

the picture was caught by police. The car wash

70 • SPRING 2020

owner of Caribou, Maine, John Morrill, released

a screenshot of security camera footage depicting

the alleged thief shortly after the incident on February

18, according to The County. Morrill said

the thief vandalized all four vaults and timers from

the self-serve bays at the car wash and also stole

roughly $1,500 worth of quarters, the story said.

A little after a week later, police arrested Justin

Adams of Caribou in connection with theft and


How much is that puppy at the car

wash? I think the biggest crime of this story is

that I was forced to go to the Lincoln, Nebraska,

humane society website and view all of the dogs

and cats up for adoption. There are some real cuties

that need a good home. If you’re from or around the

Lincoln area, I will personally send you a gift basket

of treats and toys and food if you adopt one of the

animals. Just do it, please! The reason I was on the

Capital Humane Society was because a woman was

caught on camera abandoning an adorable puppy at

a self serve car wash back in March.

Police said in a KOLN report that around 8:45

a.m. on March 9, someone found a puppy abandoned

inside the car wash stall. The puppy was in

blankets but was shaking and cold when Lincoln

Animal Control arrived, the story said.

After reviewing surveillance video, investigators

determined the suspect, let’s call her Cruella

Tra Verse, was driving a gold Chevy Traverse with

expired in-transit plates. The good news is that

the puppy was checked out by a veterinarian and

was put up for adoption and found his forever

home just four days later.

Well, this is a new one and proof

that people are really starting to

lose their minds being locked up

inside. In Kelowna, Canada, at the Xcalibur

In other, “Leave the fire

equipment for real heroes,”

news (see previous), a man

in Liberty Hill, Texas,

was arrested for using fire department

equipment to break into a coin machine

at the Wash Time Car Wash. Back

in January, suspect Casey Marre, a

volunteer firefighter with the Burnet

Volunteer Fire Department, was arrested

and accused of stealing $210 from the

car wash machine, KXAN reported.

Investigators reviewed the car wash’s

security footage from the night of the

incident and recognized the firefighting

equipment. Marre also was also seen

on fire station surveillance taking a

Hurst tool, that is more commonly

known as “the jaws of life,” from the fire

station. The same tool was seen being

used at the Wash Time car wash.

Footage showed Marre removing the

tool, placing it into a large red bag then

loading it into his car around 11:30 p.m.

the night before the robbery, according

to the arrest affidavit.

Police said he admitted to using the

tool to break into the coin operated

machine claiming he was desperate to

get money to buy drugs. Well, at least

he was being honest.




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MAY & JUNE 2020

SPRING 2020 • 71


The Trucks Stop Here

Kimberly Berg, owner of Citrus Heights Car

Wash in California, had received a phone call

from her business’s neighbor on January 29.

He wanted to let her know that something

strange was happening on her property. Berg

checked her surveillance equipment and knew

she had to rush on down to her car wash as

something completely bizarre, and illagal, was

taking place.

“Between [my car wash] and the abandoned

gas station behind me is a 4’ foot height

differential, separated by a concrete retaining

wall. This couple (brother and sister) had

parked a large Penske moving van at the gas

station, and were ATTEMPTING to drive their

pick-up truck up flimsy metal ramps, over

the retaining wall and into the rented moving

van. The brother is in poor health, and unable

to drive his pick-up truck to Colorado to be

with family. So they came up with this idea,

to transport his truck inside a moving van!

Although it might sound like a good idea, it’s

TOTALLY ILLEGAL. When I arrived, I demanded

that they STOP and they REFUSED! Instead

they became defensive and upset with me,

complaining that I was over-reacting and

getting into their business! They honestly saw

nothing wrong with their plan. They reassured

me that no one was going to get hurt, and

the retaining wall was strong enough. I was

overwhelmed and fearful. I walked away, and

quickly called 911! As the police pointed out

when they arrived, there is NO way to properly

secure the truck inside, to prevent it from rolling

forward, possibly crushing the occupants in

the cab of the van, or sliding backwards, into

innocent vehicles on the freeway!”

Kimberly, who possibly saved countless lives

thanks to her intervention and quick thinking,

was kind enought to share the following photo

of the incident: Now, the next question is, how

in the heck did they remove the truck out of

the Penske van without hurting anyone or

damaging the retaining wall?

“I’ll give you a hint,” said Kimberly, “Two

tow 72 trucks!” • SPRING 2020

Car Wash, cameras caught what appears to be a

fireworks battle of some sort. The car wash owner

had thought he had seen everything until he saw

people using his property for some sort of makeshift

fourth of July April festival.

“Well, that is something new,” Xcalibur Car

Wash owner Terry Robinson posted to his Facebook

page, along with video footage.

Robinson admitted to Castanet News that crime

in the area had been on the rise but considered the

fireworks showdown as particularly bizarre. “It was

kind of unbelievable,” he said in the story.

A few days later, Robinson posted a second video

showing a hooded man entering the car wash bays

and attempting to break into the coin boxes. Between

the fireworks showdown and the attempted

break in, Robinson decided he had enough.

“Due to all of these scumbags coming around

and trying to steal and destroy equipment, Xcalibur

Car Wash will no longer be open all night,” he

posted. Robinson changed his hours from 5 a.m. to

11 p.m. as a result.

I don’t understand how people who

steal massive items think they will

get away with it. If you have a party, and

have a huge Pepsi Machine set up in your kitchen,

don’t you think people will ask about it? “If anyone

needs a refreshment, grab one out of the Pepsi Machine.

You will need to pay for it, as it’s a vending

machine…” Maybe criminals don’t have a lot of

house parties? Or maybe their friends aren’t noisy

about their choice of beverage containment? In

Laurel County, Kentucky, a man thought he could

get away with stealing a Pepsi machine from Ron’s

Country Market. According to WYMT News,

Ron had multiple surveillance cameras set up and

caught the incident, as well as the thief’s getaway

truck on tape. Footage was released to the public

to try and identify the culprit. A few days later,

in early April, police tracked down the truck and

were able to recover the machine which was right

there in plain view. Police arrested 41-year-old Michael

R. Cornett and also determined Cornett was

the same person caught on camera damaging vacuum

machines at the nearby Super Car Wash. The

damage amounted to almost $500. When Cornett

was being questioned at police headquarters, he

didn’t think it was funny when they offered him a

Pepsi. I made that last sentence up.

In other Laurel County news, in the

Winter 2020 issue of Self Serve Car Wash News,

we included another Dumb Criminals story which

also took place in the same area. In that case, three

suspects were caught on camera burglarizing the

Ultra Shine car wash. Officials said the three suspects

apparently stole hundreds of dollars’ worth

of hose nozzles. Well, we have an update! According

to local news reports, police are “closing in” on

apprehending the three suspects.

I would like to tip my hat to the

person who wrote this story as it is

pretty darn funny. News Talk KLFD of

Richland, Washington, reported on a thieving duo

who tried to steal from the Elephant Car Wash

back in April. The suspects were caught on camera,

although they didn’t take off with anything.

The writer of the KLFD story said it best when

he or she wrote, “Considering car washes have not

been open for a while due to COVID, not likely

they would have found any cash or coin on site.

Most car wash owners wisely emptied out valuables

prior to COVID shutdowns.”

With a name like Shain Gordon Slick,

you’re either going to become a rodeo cowboy, a

Superman newspaper reporter or a criminal in a

Looney Tunes episode voiced by Mel Blanc. However,

in this instance, Slick is just a plain ‘ol thief.

Slick of Waterloo, Iowa, was arrested for trying to

break into coin boxes at various car washes in the

Cedar Rapids area.

Police say the 28-year-old attempted to drill into

a lock on a safe inside a wash bay at Ultra Spray

February 19.

Later that day, at 3 p.m., Slick was at the Marigold

Car Wash, where he allegedly tried to drill into the

vacuum cleaner machines. When that wasn’t successful,

he allegedly broke into the office area and

took cash from a desk, according to court records.

Slick was arrested just a few days later for second-degree

criminal mischief, two counts of third-degree

burglary, and possession of methamphetamine.

Last fall, some minors stole one of

his cement bollards, and this past February,

a man tried using a hacksaw to break into his

vacuums. Now, the owner of The Spot Free Car

Wash, in Columbus, Ohio, is beefing up his security

by installing multiple security cameras and adding

bars to his pay stations and vending machines.

“It’s a high crime area, a lot of problems,” car

wash owner Ruthiran Savi told abc 6 news. “I am

kind of worried but scared too.”

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SPRING 2020 • 73

Supporting the car wash owner’s

claim in the previous story about

it being a high-crime area, we have

another crime story out of Columbus. This one

involves a man who apparently wanted to leave

behind a scent? Police in Columbus, Ohio, are

using footage to track down a man who robbed

the Mr. Good Car Wash on March 22. He stole a

trash can’s worth of air fresheners, car phone chargers

and snacks. Footage shows the culprit looking

around the lobby of the car wash while holding

a gray trash can. He looks into the cash register,

which seems to have been closed out for the night,

then looks into the display case. With a swift kick,

he knocks down the case and fills the trash can

with the goods. Not sure if he intended to steal

the air fresheners, but if he did, his bandit name

should be: The Odorous Outlaw.

Police said he also caused thousands of dollars’

worth of damages. I bet he smells nice, though!

Some guy who is either obsessed

with Michael Jackson or OJ Simpson,

or both, is wanted for causing

$11,000 in damages to a Doylestown Spa Car

Wash coin box back in February. Patch.com reported

that the Doylestown, Pennsylvania-based

car wash posted footage of the incident which

showed a man, who was wearing dark clothes and

one glove, using a crowbar to break into the coin

box. He also stole an unknown amount of cash.

Not so smooth criminal. Who’s bad? Not this guy!

I am certainly not one to generalize or attempt to

understand the likes and cravings of a criminal. Cigarettes?

Sure. Cigars? Okay. But, a pair of thieves in El

Paso, Texas, which, by the way, was home to one of

Old West’s famous shoot-outs and saw its fair share

of criminal outlaws over 100 years ago, can now list

these guys alongside the city’s notorious bandits.

That is because while robbing a convenience store,

they demanded…. Reese’s Pieces candy bars.

According to KFOX14/CBS4, in late February,

two men walked into a 7-11, approached the store

employee, and one of them pulled out a handgun.

The men demanded money from the business and

forced the employee to open the cash register.

The men fled the scene with a small, undisclosed

amount of money, several boxes of Marlboro cigarettes,

Swisher Sweets cigars, a flashlight and sev-

74 • SPRING 2020

eral Reese’s candy bars, according to the report.

The men exited out the back of the business and

went through the attached car wash.

Nothing is too interesting about this

crime story, other than the fact that it took

place in the little town of Amory, Mississippi, which

is home to the annual Railroad Festival, and also the

birthplace of the song Blue Suede Shoes (after songwriter

Carl Perkins visited the town in 1955), a man

was caught on camera robbing a local car wash.

On April 20, Dustin Jones, 35, apparently broke

into the car wash building, damaging equipment

and burglarizing the office. According to WCBI

news, Amory police said they used surveillance

video to help lead them to Jones.

Some stolen items were also recovered when

Jones was arrested. And it looks like this isn’t

Jones’ first foray into car wash shenanigans as police

said he could face more charges in connection

with another car wash burglary.

Across the way in jolly ‘ol England,

a car wash fire has been deemed

‘suspicious’ and police are relying on CCTV

footage to track down a suspect. According to KentOnline,

two cars were destroyed in what appears

to have been an arson attack at a car wash in Canterbury.

Around 1:30 a.m. on April 20 a car parked

at the car wash caught fire. Three hours later a second

car parked at the car wash also caught on fire.

“Fire crews rushed to the scene and managed

to safely extinguish the blaze, but both cars were

damaged beyond repair. Officers investigating the

case have reviewed CCTV footage, but no suspects

have yet been identified.”

One of the few positives of this

whole pandemic (along with the

kindness of and heroic acts of people

and those working on the frontlines) is that

crime is down. This section is somewhat lighter

than usual, and, yes, that is a plus. However, unfortunately,

we have an update to a murder case

that was included in the Fall issue of Self Serve

Car Wash News. In that issue we reported about

a man with serious mother issues who dumped a

suitcase containing her head, hands and feet into

a car wash’s dumpster last October. Thanks to the

car wash’s surveillance system, footage shows the

man, as well as his vehicle, who turned out to be

the victim’s son, pulling into the Pueblo, Colorado-based

car wash. The footage was released to the

public and leads started to flow in and police were

able to track down Anthony Cuevas. Now, the rest

of the woman’s remains were found in April in a

trash bag near the Arkansas River. Thanks to that

evidence, as well as the car wash footage, Cuevas

was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder.

And, now, according to kktv.com, a second person

has been arrested. Cuevas’s wife, Melanie Cuevas,

36, was arrested for accessory to first-degree murder

on April 16th, 2020, in Monte Vista, Colorado.

And Now for Something

Completely Dumb…

So, not sure where this “security

measure” took place, but we

thought it might warrant a laugh or

two. Homehacks.com offered up a

slideshow entitled: 50 Security Fails

That Are Just Too Funny. One that

was particularly silly was this.

Sure, this lock system looks pretty

solid, but unlocking just one padlock

will foil the entire arrangement:

In second place, is this “gated”




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