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What Makes Israel A Destination for All Travelers?

Israel is blessed with spectacular ancient history and vibrant culture, making it a

unique escape for travelers for all kinds. From the magnificent architecture of Tel

Aviv to the pristine beaches, local food and spice markets and desert oases, there’s

no short of things to do and see in Israel. The capital city Jerusalem is located

between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea.

One of the oldest cities around the world, this city stands out as a hallowed ground

for many faiths including the Judaism, the Islam and Christianity. Despite its deep

history and breadth of sightseeing attractions, the country is much smaller than the

US state of Connecticut. So, there’s a lot to take in and explore the sightings with

Israel tour guide:

If you’re an Outdoor Adventurer:

Do you love outdoor adventure? You will find salt, sand and real-life oasis in Israel.

The famous water body – the Dead Sea is known as the lowest point of elevation on

earth. The Dead has hyper-saline water, mineral-rich mud and beaches to soak up

enormous desert sun. Consider taking a relaxing Dead Sea to make the uplift your

outdoor adventure spirit.

If You are an Art Lover:

Israel is famed for its spectacular ancient landmarks. Most travelers visiting Tel

Aviv – known as the nonstop city or White City often amazed by its chic and modern

aesthetics. While visiting there, you’ll explore more than 4,000 Bauhaus style


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All of them are the part of UNESCO Heritage Site and fascinating to discover on a

walking tour expedition. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art has the highlighting works by

contemporary masters and houses one of the most extensive collections of Israeli art

pieces around the world

If you’re a Foodie:

If you’re a food lover, take a visit to Mahane Yehuda Market – often known as the

“Shuk” or market. You can take a guided tour to find piles of fresh dates, aromatic

spices and rounds of pita bread hot from the oven. Take this opportunity to taste

some of the most delicious foods drawing from the Jewish Diaspora and Middle

Eastern roots.

If you’re a History Buff:

Looking to embark on a historic exploration? Visiting with a professional Israel

private tour guide is handy. Enjoy walking through the UNESCO-listed Old Town

in Jerusalem. The histories of three important religions converge here in Israel.

From the Western Wall of Jerusalem’s Second Temple to the Dome of the Rock and

the Church of the Holy Sepulchre built on the site where Jesus is believed to be

crucified – you’ll find everything to delight your vacation experiences.

Discover the tumultuous story of Israel’s birth in Independence Hall Museum, in Tel

Aviv. It’s a must-see destination for history buffs. The Independence Hall Museum

is the place where Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion signed the Israeli

Declaration of Independence in 1948.

Final Consideration –

Whatever type of traveler you’re, you will find everything to discover in Israel. If you

want to embark on a next trip with a private Israel tour guide, you should look no

further than Holy Land Private Tours.

Our Israel private tour guide allows you truly experience all of the Israeli wonders

and spectacles in the best way as possible. Israel is a country that deserves to be

seen through a local eye.

Our Israel tour guide will help you gain an inside view of country as beautifully as

possible. For more information about tour packages and itineraries, please visit our

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Israel Tours – Top Three Not-to-Miss Awe-inspiring Views

Pretty things fascinate us! Isn’t it? However, every individual has a different

perspective. The same goes with vacationing. The reason behind traveling

thousands of miles is too see the views and sights that we have never seen before. So

is your plan is to explore Israel on your next vacation?

To explore the country in the best possible way you must opt for the best guided

tours in Israel. An Israel tour guide can help you understand the culture, traditions

and everything about the place which will make your vacation experience even more

interesting and knowledgeable.

1. Mount of Olives – Jerusalem

The Mount of Olives located in the East part of the city is 2,654 feet above sea level

and offers a view that will mesmerize you. The sturdy walls of the Old City,

shimmering gold dome of the Temple Mount and the steeples of the Old City

churches will make you fall in love with the place. Also, you will get opportunities to

relish the contemporary beauty of the modern city of Jerusalem where the buildings

have been made out of Jerusalem stone for keeping a uniform look.

Moreover, on the Mount Olives you can take delight in the olive groves, churches,

houses and the largest Jewish cemetery that is set right below the viewing point and

appears like a sea of white headstones. Jews have a belief that if they get buried

there will be the first to be resurrected the day when Messiah will come to the

Mount of Olives and rule over Jerusalem. Similarly the Christians believe that the

Messiah will return as Jesus who prayed on that mountain in the Garden of

Gethsemane before being crucified.

Jerusalem is also known as Jerusalem of Gold as when the light of the setting sun

reflects off its stones the entire city looks golden. However, to relish this spectacular

view you need to head towards the viewing point right before the sun sets.

1. Masada A fortress built into a mountain that towers high above the Dead Sea,

Masada is one of the best things to explore on an Israel tour. You can

discover two palaces of Herod the Great and the place where

thousands of Jews escaped the Roman army and took refuge on the top

of the mountain.

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