Tile Cleaning – Top Mistakes to Avoid

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Tile Cleaning – Top Mistakes to Avoid

Tile flooring, grout, and other identical surfaces

have an excellent level of sturdiness and are

considerably easy to clean & maintain. However,

when any people have the tendency to apply more

sweeping & mopping don’t look to be enough

mdrastic cleaning tactics that, unfortunately, can

cause discoloration and a generally unattractive

look of the surfaces.

And when performed for long span of time, these

wrong cleaning strategies & the use of harsh

cleaning solutions can ultimately damage both the

tile & grout.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that

you should avoid while tile cleaning in Westchester


Wrong mopping:

The right way to clean your tile floor is by damp

mopping & using clean water while mopping. The

most widespread tile cleaning mistake homeowners

make is wet mopping their floorings instead of just

damp mopping. Dirty water leaking into the

absorbent surface of the tile & grout prompts an

unnecessary accumulation of humidity that will

finally cause a string of other issues for your floors

& grout.

Use of colored tile cleaners:

You must steer clear of employing colored cleaners

for your tiles. Obviously, with your tile having a

certain level of porosity, it’ll be able to soak the

color from your colored cleaning agent.

Use of nasty cleaning chemicals:

Muriatic acid, bleach and other nasty chemicals

must be ignored for the routine care & cleaning of

your tiles, grout and surface. Apart from causing

sober health hazards, spills or splashes from these

chemicals can dent appliances or other fixtures in

the nearby regions. Not just that, cleaning solutions

featuring nasty chemicals can bring about untimely

weakening of the tile and grout and ultimate

damage when performed for longer periods.

Use of abrasive materials:

As much as wish to eradicate damaging our tile floor & grout, we must steer clear of

employing metal scouring pads or steel wool when cleaning tile floorings as they

can prompt staining, scratching, and eventually damage the shiny finish of your

ceramic tile.

Use of cleaners based in oil and wax. While wax and other wax-based cleaning

products provide some temporary protection for your tiles against odors and

stains, they pose more harm than good to your valuable flooring investment. Used

long term, they may actually cause too many problems and have you worry about

increased maintenance costs.

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