Issue 14 - The Messenger - 21st June 2020



St James

June 21 st 2020


Issue 14

Enough’s Enough

The ‘E’ Word

Time out

Who said that?

New Wine United

Be careful what you pray for






As you are aware there has

been lot’s of talk about when

our church buildings will reopen

and when services can

be re-established.

Our leadership team met on

the 9 th June and decided that

the church sanctuary would be

open on Sundays from the 5 th

July between 1pm and 3pm for

private prayer.

Anyone wishing to enter the

building will be temperature

screened and asked to comply

with strict social distancing

regulations to ensure that

everyone remains safe.

If you would like someone to

pray for or with you please text

or phone our Prayer line

07379 39 15 18

Don’t forger that on Tuesdays at

9am we meet for prayer and you

can connect with us via Zoom or

by using your normal landline

telephone and it’s a Freephone

telephone number.

To connect via the internet or

smartphone use the following

num. 996-9646-3899

To connect via Telephone call

0800 260 5801 FREEPHONE

0800 031 5717 FREEPHONE

0330 088 5830 Local rate

When prompted enter the

following num. 996-9646-3899#



Wait till

your Father

gets home

For some people that old saying was a dread, something your

mother would say that implies that the you would be in even worse

trouble when your father gets home. But for some of us it was that

wishful anticipation of excitement, knowing that when Dad got

home he would sort it out, or fix it, or make it; that excitement of

being in his presence and learning from him. That’s my experience

of our heavenly Father too, the one that’s always around even

when Looking we forward least expect to Easter it. Unfortunately that realisation took time –

yes News it took about time our Foodbank to realise that he’s always there waiting in the

wings Update to from step-in the when Church our Planting performance Team is not as good as it ought

to be – to step-in when things get difficult – and also to step-in

and test our faith in him. Why not join me on Sunday as I look at

how God is constantly testing and refining us.

Sunday @ 10



Be careful what

you pray for.

A hunter was in the woods one day bear hunting. He spys a bear

and begins to creep up on him, fortunately for the bear he snaps

a twig, the bear looks round and quick as a flash he takes after

the hunter, the hunter throws away his rifle and legs it. The bear

though is too quick for him, grabs the hunter in a mighty bear

hug, opens his mouth wide and is just about to chomp down on

the hapless hunter when the hunter looks heavenward and crys

out to God and says, "God, please make the bear a Christian."

There is a clap of thunder and the bear suddenly stops as a

perplexed looks crosses his face, then a broad smile alights his

face and he looks down at the hunter who smiles weakly back,

Looking forward to Easter

the bear then looks up to heaven and says,"Lord, for all that I am

News about our Foodbank

about to receive may you make me truly thankful."

Update from the Church Planting Team

The old ones are the best!

John M

Please remember to keep connected and

keep praying – but be careful !




Safety in


Have you ever watched a wildlife documentary where lions are

hunting? You will often see how a lion waits for one of the poor

creatures on the fringes to separate itself from the herd. The lion will

single out the one who strays away from the group because the lion

knows that there is safety in numbers – and the devil knows this too.

Looking forward to Easter

The News Bible about says our that Foodbank the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking

for Update someone from to the devour. Church Those Planting who Teamisolate themselves become an

easy meal for Satan. In times of pain and hardship, without the

support of the body, he knows that we can easily fall prey to his

temptations and traps.

So when evaluating your resources, consider your spiritual family.

Take stock of your closest comrades and harness the power of their

presence and voice. Even the experts of physical survival

emphasise this point. They encourage an appraisal of your team's

gifts so everyone can contribute effectively to everyone else's

survival. When we find ourselves in spiritual survival mode, we must

do the same.



Send us your stories...

I bet you’ve got loads of stories to us tell us about what

you’ve been doing to make a difference during this time.

We’d love to hear them. Just email your stories to

Why not join us this Sunday

on-line after the service?

Yes at 11:00 after the service we’ll be meeting again in the Zoom

chatroom where you can ask questions, speak to friends, sign up to

a small group or pray with someone.

Simply download the Zoom cloud meeting App. then connect using

the meeting reference number 846 5580 3045

Looking forward to Easter

News about our Foodbank

Update from the Church Planting Team

If you don’t have a computer, smartphone or tablet you can still join

the meeting on your landline by dialling 0330 088 5830

and entering 846 5580 3045# when prompted

Want to listen to our talks on the go

Download the Soundcloud App. for Apple or Android

Go to our website click on the Soundcloud icon




Fathers Day

10am church


Next Week

28th June

“Stop Complaining”

Follow the link via our website @

If you need help connecting, just give us a call on

01274 830 133 or email



who said that?

A few fathers day quotes: -

There is nothing that moves a loving father's soul quite like his

child's cry. ~ Joni Eareckson Tada

The greatest mark of a father is how he treats his children when no

one is looking. ~ Dan Pearce

When I was twenty-something, I asked my father, “When did you

start feeling like a grownup?” His response: “Never.” ~

Shannon Celebi

It has been said that as goes the family, so goes the world. It can

also be said that as goes the father, so goes the family. ~



T. Baucham,

forward to Easter


News about our Foodbank

When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his

Update from the Church Planting Team

father, both cry. ~ William Shakespeare

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another

person: he believed in me. ~ Jim Valvano

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a

father's protection. ~ Sigmund Freud

I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach

us at odd moments, when they aren't trying to teach us. We are

formed by little scraps of wisdom. ~ Umberto Eco


St James

A sneak preview

Yes this is a sneak

preview of all that

will be on offer at

the New Wine

United event at the

end of July

Hopefully we will be

allowed to gather in

our buildings for

some great

teaching, worship

and Looking fellowship forward as to all Easter

this News great about content our Foodbank is

streamed Update from direct the to Church Planting Team

us from New Wine

So get the dates on

your calender


July 30 th 9



We would

love your


During this pandemic our

funding have taken an

unprecedented fall and we

are asking everyone to

think seriously about


If you give to St James

you’d be fuelling what we

know God is doing in the

midst of this crisis and

safeguarding the future of

St James’.

Many ways

to help



Barclays Bank




300 Thornton Road, Thornton

Bradford BD13 3AB


2FROMME to 70085 to give £2

5FROMME to 70085 to give £5

10FROMME to 70085 to give £10

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