SUMMER 2020 Opening special edition.

As we begin to safely open read about LOCAL LGBT Bars | Lodging | Restaurants | Events | Classifieds | Business Listings | Massage | Maps join us in celebrating our valley. Our Print edition may available by delivery,

As we begin to safely open read about LOCAL LGBT Bars | Lodging | Restaurants | Events | Classifieds | Business Listings | Massage | Maps join us in celebrating our valley. Our Print edition may available by delivery,


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<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2020</strong> LOCAL Bars | Lodging | Restaurants | Events | Classifieds | Business Listings | Massage | Maps<br />

June<br />




Vote 4 Biden, get Jill!<br />

Happy Pride Month!<br />

Juneteenth!<br />

Holocaust Memorial Exhibit!<br />

Remembering Irene Soderberg<br />

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 1

2 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

Welcome Back!<br />

We are open Thurs - Sun 4 pm to 8 pm<br />

for dine-in, patio, online pick-up + delivery!!<br />

We missed you!<br />

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 3

COVER<br />

We remember Irene Soderberg, see page 30'<br />

Cover image official portrait of Vice President<br />

Joe Biden (Official White House Photo by David<br />

Lienemann). Also Second Lady of the United<br />

States, Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President of the<br />

United States Joe Biden Ralph Alswang, Office<br />

of the Vice President of the United States.<br />

Juneteenth (a portmanteau of June and<br />

nineteenth), also known as Freedom Day,<br />

Jubilee Day, and Cel-Liberation Day, is an<br />

American holiday celebrated annually on June<br />

19. It's when Union General Gordon Granger<br />

read federal orders in Galveston, Texas, that all<br />

previously enslaved people in Texas were free.<br />

Covid 19 Update<br />

City, state federal and CDC and cdph.ca.gov<br />

are the main sources for information. While we<br />

begin the process of safe opening, the DDG is<br />

ready to resume print production.<br />

NOTE: Many Businesses are opening. We stand<br />

ready to support them and hope for a safe,<br />

speedy recovery. Some locations may be open<br />

with different hours, so call first. Remember<br />

hearts and prayers are great but brother can<br />

spare some extra change.<br />


The DDG also continues to support our<br />

community by offering 30 days free!<br />

Please us email for details.<br />

4 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 5


Bars & Restaurants<br />


Pinocchio In the Desert<br />

Palm Springs breakfast and<br />

lunch bistro restaurant with a<br />

warm and welcoming, lively<br />

fun European Atmosphere.<br />

134 East Tahquitz Canyon<br />

Way, PS<br />

Rio Azul - Mexican Style Rest.<br />

& Bar<br />

Best authentic Mexican<br />

style restaurant in the valley.<br />

With patio and Bar. Home<br />

of an original and distinct<br />

interpretation of Mexican food<br />

.Longest running Sunday Drag<br />

Brunch.(760) 992-5641 350<br />

South Indian Cyn, PS,<br />

Eagle 501 Bar<br />

LEVI/LEATHER bar in the<br />

heart of Arenas, Palm Springs<br />

301 E Arenas Rd , PS<br />

Runway Restaurant & Bar<br />

The valleys premier arts and<br />

entertainment. Featuring<br />

American Casual Dining<br />

Drinks & Drag at CCBC<br />

Resort Hotel.68300 Gay Resort<br />

Drive, CC<br />

DID you know? Financial donations are what keep “food<br />

on the table.” We exist because of individual donors like<br />

yourself. No donation is too small, nor too big. Our<br />

yearly budget of $450,000.00 provides food and services<br />

to thousands of people. Churches, individuals and<br />

Foundations are what make it possible for us to do our<br />

job of helping others. wellinthedesert.org<br />

Sunshine Cafe<br />

Nearly as perfect as it gets!<br />

Known as a local hole in the<br />

wall with a funky vibe and<br />

fantastic food, frequented by<br />

celebrities, politicians, word<br />

of mouth visitors from around<br />

the world. 36815 Cathedral<br />

Canyon Dr. CC<br />

(760) 328-1415 6:00 am<br />

The Barracks<br />

LEVI/LEATHER No matter<br />

your fetish, if you’re in the<br />

mood for some great cruising<br />

or just listening to some sexy<br />

music while you have a cigar<br />

and conversation at the largest<br />

patio bar in the desert.<br />

67625 E. Palm Canyon Dr. CC<br />

Tool Shed<br />

LEVI/LEATHER In the Warm<br />

Sands District in central Palm<br />

Springs.<br />

600 E Sunny Dunes Rd , PS<br />

(760) 320-3299<br />

10:00 am – 2:00 am<br />

Tryst Bar and Lounge<br />

Eclectic mix of straight and<br />

gays of all ages, AMI Video<br />

Jukebox - Pool -Darts- Air<br />

Hockey - Giant Jenga.<br />

Everyone is Welcome at Tryst<br />

21+ 188 S Indian Canyon Dr<br />

Palm Springs, CA<br />

More Gay & Gay Friendly<br />

Bars and Restaurants.<br />

Cathedral City<br />

AJ Sports<br />

Roost<br />

Trunks<br />

Studio One 11<br />

Desert Hot Springs<br />

Playoffs Sports Bar<br />

Palm Springs<br />

Toucan’s<br />

Streetbar<br />

Oscar’s<br />

Chill bar<br />

Hunters<br />

Stacy’s<br />

BlackBook<br />

QUADZ<br />

RetroRoom Lounge<br />

Phoenix<br />

Charlie's<br />

Dick's Cabaret<br />

Kobalt Bar<br />

Pat O's<br />

Stacy's<br />

Inland Empire<br />

The Menagerie<br />

VIP<br />

Alibi East<br />

Hook-Up<br />

340 Restaurant & Nightclub<br />

continued on page 24<br />

6 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 7

8 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 9


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Adrian Ayala,<br />

Contributing Writers: Will<br />

Paige, Adrian Ayala<br />

Adam’s art, Vic Gerami<br />

Contributing Photographers:<br />

Marko Russell, David Stanfield<br />

National Ad Representatives<br />

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June<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

4 Cover<br />

12 Rent Control<br />

14 VIC GERAMI<br />

16 Cultural Exhibit<br />


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888-743-3349<br />

10 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

In a 6-to-3 decision, the U.S. Supreme<br />

Court ruled that transgender people<br />

are protected from employment<br />

discrimination under Title VII of the Civil<br />

Rights Act of 1964, And a stunning 5-to-4<br />

DACA victory!<br />

A significant win for the LGBT community,<br />

because its not really just jobs we are<br />

protecting. It will bring many of the other<br />

changes necessary for LGBT rights. Not<br />

being fired will allow more people in the<br />

workforce that will stand up against work<br />

place discrimination. For DACA recipient it<br />

means more time to fight. Voting Blue may<br />

be the clue!<br />

Here are some opening business<br />

guidelines but it is always good idea<br />

to call first. **Please note that due to<br />

COVID-19, all events are subject to change<br />

as per Federal, State & County<br />

mandates & recommendations.<br />

Pinocchio in the Desert<br />

SAFETY FIRST! We re-opened<br />

PINOCCHIO'S in the Desert on Memorial<br />

Day. We think our restaurant has gone<br />

'above and beyond' the safety requirements<br />

called for to keep both our customers<br />

and our staff as safe as possible. We take<br />

and check temperatures at the door -<br />

both customers and staff. Face masks are<br />

required to enter - they can be removed to<br />

eat and drink while you are seated, but face<br />

masks must be put on if you are moving<br />

around or standing. Tables are sanitized<br />

after each use, <strong>special</strong> WALL DIVIDER<br />


SNEEZE GUARDS are situated between<br />

tables and a sneeze guard shield is also<br />

around the bar, hand sanitizer stations<br />

are available throughout the restaurant.<br />

We sanitize everywhere on a continual<br />

basis. It’s a lot of work and we appreciate<br />

your cooperation. A HUGE ‘THANK<br />

YOU’ to all of our awesome customers<br />

who are doing their part to help keep the<br />

restaurant safe for everyone to enjoy. And<br />

of course BRAVO to the best staff in the<br />

world! #SafetyFirst #PinocchiosintheDesert<br />

#DineSafely<br />

Tool Shed<br />

We are pleased to announce Tool Shed<br />

will be reopening this Friday June 12th at<br />

10:00AM in accordance with all local, state,<br />

county, and regional guidelines.<br />

Now as always, your enjoyment,<br />

entertainment and safety are most<br />

important to us. In this time off we have<br />

remodeled, refurbished and redesigned<br />

Tool Shed inside and out to meet or exceed<br />

current health standards.<br />

Sanitizer stations, temperatures and<br />

disposable masks are just the beginning.<br />

We have replaced, upgraded and expanded<br />

our ventilation and cooling systems, and<br />

we have installed custom molded clear<br />

plexiglass barriers surrounding the entire<br />

bar. Our occupancy has been adjusted, new<br />

tables and chairs layout, and retrained our<br />

entire staff on how to best serve your needs.<br />

Continued on page 28<br />

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 11


Form a Tenants' Union!<br />

What is a Tenants' Union?<br />

Tenants' unions are building, neighborhood<br />

or city-based organizations made up of and<br />

led by renters themselves to fight for our<br />

collective interests and rights.<br />

for all and tenant and community control<br />

of our housing and land.<br />

Why form a Tenants Union? - Because you<br />

can win!<br />

(Organizing committee with the Concord<br />

Tenants Union)<br />

Building-based tenants unions are generally<br />

made up of tenants who live in the<br />

same building and/or have the same landlord.<br />

Neighborhood and city-based tenant<br />

unions are networks of tenants who often<br />

have similar issues and stand in solidarity<br />

with each other, but may live in different<br />

buildings or have different landlords.<br />

Everyone is talking about passing rent<br />

control and eviction protections, but where<br />

do you start? How do we build enough<br />

power to stay in our homes, communities<br />

and thrive?! We do this by organizing. We<br />

must organize because overcoming fear and<br />

isolation is impossible to do on our own.<br />

We organize because we seek to transform<br />

people's fear and isolation into dignity and<br />

solidarity both in your home, community<br />

and on a statewide level. Organizing isn’t<br />

just sending out an email or creating a social<br />

media page, although those will likely<br />

be steps that you take. The organization of<br />

tenant unions are the building blocks to<br />

our translocal, statewide, and international<br />

movement.<br />

Tenants Together/Homes For All tenant<br />

unions share a common vision and principles<br />

(see bottom), and unite with other<br />

tenant unions across our cities, states and<br />

country to build a movement of millions<br />

that is powerful enough to win rent control<br />

12 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 13





90.7 FM<br />

By Will Paige<br />

I’m work in Progress in a type-A and<br />

workaholic way, persistent, and live with the<br />

philosophy that, ‘you can not think yourself<br />

into right action, you can only act yourself into<br />

right thinking.’<br />

How did your column ’10 Questions with Vic’<br />

come about?<br />

For this <strong>special</strong> issue, we turned the tables on<br />

our columnist and contributor Vic Gerami.<br />

Desert Daily Guide is the exclusive publisher<br />

of Vic’s internationally syndicated celebrity<br />

Q&A column, ’10 Questions with Vic (10Q).’<br />

He is also a regular contributor to DDG his<br />

prime-time national breaking and headline<br />

news show, THE BLUNT POST with VIC on<br />

Independent Radio KPFK, part of Pacifica<br />

Network, reaches over 11 million households<br />

in Southern CA. It airs on Mondays, at 7:00<br />

a.m. (PST) on KPFK 90.7 FM.<br />

We used the same format as Vic’s column and<br />

asked him 10 questions about his celebrity<br />

interviews for 10Q and interviewing members<br />

of Congress weekly on his radio show.<br />

A few years ago, a friend was starting a new<br />

publication in West Hollywood and needed<br />

help. He was a one-man operation and could<br />

use some content. For a long time, I had an<br />

idea to start a celebrity Q&A column, so I<br />

offered to start the column in his publication<br />

which does not own anymore.<br />

How did you go about getting celebrities to<br />

interview?<br />

I started with a few celebs that I knew but ran<br />

out of them quickly. It is a lot of work landing<br />

an interview every week. So, I started to<br />

contact publicists, but a lot of my emails were<br />

unanswered, or my request was declined at<br />

first. The industry is used to being approached<br />

by recognizable names like Variety, Hollywood<br />

Reporter, and Deadline. I had to work threetimes<br />

harder to build credibility and gain the<br />

trust of top publicists.<br />

Modesty aside, how would you describe<br />

yourself?<br />

Continued on next page<br />

14 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

As my column started to get syndicated around<br />

the country and eventually in Great Britain and<br />

Canada, interest started to grow. I started to<br />

receive fewer rejections and more interviews.<br />

Name a celeb who was a great interview.<br />

That is a tough one because so far, I have<br />

thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them.<br />

But Paula Abdul and Kathy Griffin stand<br />

out. Paula stands out because she gave me<br />

an interview at a time when she was busy<br />

rehearsing for her show all day. She called me<br />

from the rehearsals. I expected her to have only<br />

fifteen minutes for which I would have been<br />

grateful. Minutes into the interview, we were<br />

talking as if we had been best friends forever.<br />

We bonded over having grown up in the valley<br />

and next thing I know, we were on the phone<br />

for almost an hour. Paula is very down to earth<br />

and a sweetheart.<br />

I had met Kathy at parties and fundraisers<br />

several times, aside from seeing her live shows.<br />

She was hilarious throughout the interview, but<br />

her answer to my last question had me rolling.<br />

I always ask celebs the same last question,<br />

‘Tell me a secret-make it a good one.’ Kathy’s<br />

answer was about Cher. She said that during<br />

the period when she received backlash over her<br />

Trump photo, she was getting death threats,<br />

and her show was being canceled, she had a<br />

text chat with Cher. At one point, Cher texted<br />

her, ‘Well, you wanted to be famous bitch.’<br />

You have a hit primetime show on<br />

Independent Radio KPFK 90.7 FM. How did the<br />

show come about and what is it about?<br />

I had done <strong>special</strong> programs for KPFK in the<br />

past, including co-producing KPFK’s Pride<br />

marathon for the last two years, so they knew<br />

my work and style. Last December, I landed an<br />

interview with Marianne Williamson while she<br />

was still a Presidential candidate for KPFK’s<br />

Holiday show. That lead me to develop THE<br />

BLUNT POST with VIC (TBPV), which is an<br />

extension of my web magazine, The Blunt Post.<br />

I cover national breaking and headline<br />

news, offer analysis and commentary, and<br />

interview high-profile public figures. A few<br />

of my recent guests include Congressman<br />

Adam Schiff, Congressman Tony Cardenas,<br />

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and<br />

Congresswoman Judy Chu, Congressman Jim<br />

Costa, Congresswoman Norma Torres, and<br />

Congresswoman Grace Napolitano.<br />

I also feature a philanthropic organization,<br />

a cause, or charity on every show, read an<br />

inspiring quote, and do my namesake segment,<br />

‘Let’s Get Blunt.’ I discuss a current issue in a<br />

direct, no-holds-barred, and blunt way.<br />

How is it getting interviews with some of the<br />

most high-profile members of Congress?<br />

Continued on page 24<br />

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 15


The DDG has obtained exclusive rights to reprint Do You Remember, When<br />

from Permissions Team Office of General Counsel<br />

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum<br />

www.ushmm.org<br />


The Campaign for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum<br />

What was it like to live as a young Jew in Berlin during the Nazi deportations? This<br />

exhibition details the life of Manfred Lewin, a young Jew who was active in one of<br />

Berlin’s Zionist youth groups until his deportation to and murder in Auschwitz-Birkenau.<br />

Manfred recorded these turbulent times in a small, hand-made book that he gave to his<br />

Jewish friend and gay companion, Gad Beck. Mr. Beck, a Holocaust survivor who again<br />

lives in Berlin, donated the booklet to the Museum in December 1999. The exhibition<br />

centers around the 17-page artifact, which illustrates the daily life of the two friends, their<br />

youth group, and the culture in which they lived.<br />

To understand why Manfred Lewin, a young Jew in Nazi Berlin, wrote this book in 1941<br />

for his friend Gad Beck—to understand why Gad, 19 and Jewish, risked his life attempting<br />

to save Manfred from deportation—read these words from the play that brought them<br />

together. German writer Friedrich von Schiller’s Don Carlos: No Matter what you plan on<br />

doing, will you promise to undertake no act without your friend? Will you make me this<br />

promise? Friendship, valor, and the fight for freedom were the ideals of this 18th-century<br />

German drama. In 1941, Gad and Manfred played the starring roles in their Jewish youth<br />

group’s reading of the play.<br />

Special thanks to Gad Beck and Jizchak Schwersenz.<br />

Thanks to Carol Brown Janeway for her translation of the German text, and to the Zemer<br />

Chai Choir for the performance of the song “Ba'a menucha layageya.”<br />

Thanks also to:<br />

Beate Kosmala, Zentrum für Antisemitismus-Forschung Berlin<br />

Philipp Reclam jun. Verlag<br />

Friedrich Veitl, Metropol Verlag, Wichern Verlag<br />

Christine Zahn, Jüdisches Museum Berlin<br />

16 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

Manfred Lewin was born on September 8,<br />

1922, in Berlin where he lived with his parents<br />

and four siblings in the predominantly Jewish<br />

section of the city. The family lived in poverty<br />

in three little rooms not far from the Beck<br />

house at Dragoner Strasse 43. Manfred’s<br />

father was a barber and his mother Jenny, a<br />

former secretary, took care of the family. She<br />

often had to find other sources of food to<br />

supplement the family’s insufficient Jewish<br />

food ration cards.<br />

Gad Beck was born on June 30, 1923, together<br />

with his twin sister Miriam. Gad’s mother<br />

Hedwig came from a Protestant family, but<br />

converted to Judaism before the marriage<br />

with Heinrich Beck in 1920. The children<br />

were raised according to Jewish traditions,<br />

supported by the Christian relatives. In<br />

1934 Gad changed to the Jewish school<br />

in the Grosse Hamburger Strasse. In 1939<br />

his parents were forced to move into the<br />

predominantly Jewish section of Berlin. They<br />

could no longer afford the school fees; Gad<br />

started to work as an apprentice.<br />

Book Translation: Do you remember, when<br />

Cover to the small, hand-made book that Manfred<br />

Lewin gave to his Jewish friend and gay companion,<br />

Gad Beck<br />

Exhibit continues on page 29<br />

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 17





CCBC Resort 760 324-1350 See page 2<br />

68-300 Gay Resort Drive<br />

CCBC is the largest clothing optional Gay<br />

men’s resort in Southern California.<br />

Located just a few minutes from downtown<br />

Palm Springs, Our 3.5 acre fantasy<br />

playground is perfect for weekend getaways<br />

and extended stays.<br />

ccbcresorthotel.com<br />

is yours. This award-winning, and historic<br />

Palm Springs Resort is a feast for all your<br />

senses, with a <strong>special</strong> flair for Southern<br />

(California) hospitality. triangle-inn.com<br />

TRIANGLE INN 760-322-7993<br />

555 E. San Lorenzo Rd<br />

CCBC Resort<br />

92264 Palm Springs CA<br />

Romantic and relaxing or fun and frisky. At<br />

the Triangle Inn Palm Springs, the choice<br />

Continued on page 29<br />

18 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options


Juneteenth is a celebration "1862,<br />

President Abraham Lincoln signed the<br />

preliminary draft of the Emancipation<br />

Proclamation, which covered only the<br />

Confederate states. As Union troops retook<br />

territory, they emancipated enslaved people<br />

living there. Orders issued on Juneteenth<br />

applied only to Texas. Slavery didn’t end<br />

in states like Kentucky and Delaware,<br />

which hadn’t seceded and therefore weren’t<br />

covered by Lincoln’s proclamation, until<br />

Dec. 18, 1865, when the 13th Amendment<br />

was adopted."<br />

Announcing Emancipation<br />

freedom to slaves!<br />

This notice was intended to inform Texans<br />

that, in accordance with a proclamation<br />

from the Executive of the United States, “all<br />

slaves are free.” This involves an absolute<br />

equality of personal rights and rights of<br />

property between former masters and<br />

slaves, and the connection heretofore<br />

existing between them becomes that<br />

between employer and hired labor.<br />

Today Celebrating Juneteenth gives Black<br />

Lives Matter an opportunity to reflect<br />

remember the ways freedom has always<br />

been circumscribed for people of color<br />

and it serves as motivation to press for<br />

continual emancipation from all forms of<br />

slavery.<br />

The DDG supports #BlackLivesMatter<br />

founded in 2013 in response to the<br />

acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer.<br />

Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a<br />

global organization in the US, UK, and<br />

Canada, whose mission is to eradicate<br />

white supremacy and build local power<br />

to intervene in violence inflicted on Black<br />

communities by the state and vigilantes. By<br />

combating and countering acts of violence,<br />

creating space for Black imagination and<br />

innovation, and centering Black joy, we are<br />

winning immediate improvements in our<br />

lives.<br />

Visit blacklivesmatter.com for more details.<br />

BLM’s<br />

#WhatMatters<strong>2020</strong> is a campaign<br />

aimed to maximize the impact of the<br />

BLM movement by galvanizing BLM<br />

supporters and allies to the polls in the<br />

<strong>2020</strong> U.S Presidential Election to build<br />

collective power and ensure candidates<br />

are transparent and held accountable<br />

for the issues that systematically and<br />

disproportionately impact Black and<br />

under-served communities across the<br />

nation.<br />

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 19

Irene Soderberg<br />

The DDG was saddened to learn of the passing of a beloved<br />

local performer, Irene Soderberg, on Sunday May 31st, Irene<br />

has often been on the cover of local LGBT guides including<br />

the DDG.<br />

A GoFundMe to help with a Memorial and a musical<br />

CELEBRATION OF IRENE'S LIFE (Irene style!) in West<br />

Hollywood, CA<br />

GoFundMe.com/memorial-fund-for-irene-soderberg<br />

20 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

Next Mass March 22 at 5pm.<br />

Call or 442-282-8333 or visit stgilesaltadena.org for more details.<br />

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 21

AdamsArtExpose’ ART<br />


The conflicting reports coming from<br />

the White House and medical experts<br />

continue to leave us in limbo regarding<br />

reliable information on this Pandemic.<br />

Sheltering in place can get to be<br />

extremely boring but necessary for not<br />

those of us not employed in one of the<br />

essential services. Being exposed to the<br />

virus and exposing others if you may<br />

have it and not realize that you do is<br />

not a risk worth taking.<br />

Finding interesting and productive<br />

activities to occupy shelter in place time<br />

can be tedious. For those interested<br />

in the arts, both local and national<br />

galleries are going online to give<br />

virtual tours of current exhibitions and<br />

background information on the artists.<br />

Regarding specific gay interest, areas<br />

ASK ANY BUDDY is a virtual photo<br />

album that as put together fragments<br />

from over 125 movies creating a wide<br />

variety of rare footage from the 60s,<br />

70s, and 80s. It is a compilation of<br />

film shots of dozens of legendary, but<br />

real cruising areas, and general social<br />

spaces, that have since disappeared. It<br />

is humorous and sexy documentation<br />

of gay life following the Stonewall Riots<br />

at least how it is depicted in the moves.<br />

AdamsArtExpose’<br />

https://www.youtube.com/<br />

watch?v=IWGHcIlulzO&t=12s<br />

An informative and insightful video<br />

about the PEIR KIDS, a group of gay/<br />

black/&trans homeless youth that hang<br />

out at Christopher Street Pier in New<br />

York City. Rated as the best and most<br />

informative about the issues that gay<br />

black and trans youth face.<br />

https://www.youtube.<br />

com/watach?v=5YL1-<br />

Fmy3SA&feature=youtu.be<br />

Considering more contemporary<br />

and international films about gay<br />

life, "Queer Japan" looks at the<br />

LGBTQ community in that country<br />

in Tokyo and other cities in Japan. It<br />

demonstrates that gay liberation has<br />

become more global than what might<br />

be current thinking. This film shows<br />

how everyday people are daring to live<br />

their lives and defy the norms of gender<br />

and sexual identity in unconventional<br />

ways. One of the artists featured is<br />

the most influential manga artist,<br />

Gengoroh Tagame, who has created<br />

numerous explicitly erotic drawings<br />

and paintings of gay life in Japan. This<br />

engrossing documentary is directed by,<br />

22 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

Graham Kolbeins, Produced by HiromiIida<br />

and Co-written by Anne Ishii. has English<br />

subtitles.<br />

This film can be viewed free through IMBd<br />

TV.<br />

These are a few alternative ways to pass<br />

time getting through the pandemic. Enjoy,<br />

stay well and share other ideas you have for<br />

sheltering in place.<br />

Questions, comments, suggestions,<br />

contact - adamsartexpose@gmail.com or<br />

adamsartexpose@desertdailyguide.com<br />

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 23

Believe it or not, it is easier than getting top<br />

celebrities. KPFK, part of Pacifica Network,<br />

is the longest-running public radio in the<br />

country, since 1949. It has the strongest signal<br />

west of the Mississippi and reaches over 11<br />

million households. Politicians know what<br />

that means in terms of reaching voters. KPFK’s<br />

listeners are generally progressive, sociopolitically<br />

astute, and well educated. I only<br />

interview elected officials who I respect and<br />

try to keep the conversation about pressing<br />

matters, their accomplishments, and initiatives,<br />

and offer solutions rather than being stuck in<br />

the problem.<br />

Who are a few people that you would like to<br />

interview that you have not done so yet?<br />

My wish-list is long for both my column<br />

and my show. A few that come to mind<br />

are President Obama, Governor Newsom,<br />

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,<br />

Barbra Streisand, Elton John, Madonna,<br />

Kim Kardashian, and most of all- Olivia de<br />

Havilland.<br />

marathon for the 3 rd year sometime in June. So,<br />

stay tuned for details.<br />

Tell me a secret-make it a good one.<br />

I am very unfiltered and live my life on my<br />

sleeve, so I do not have many secrets, but I<br />

will do my best. I knew that a Presidential<br />

candidate was going to suspend their campaign<br />

long before it was announced, but they asked<br />

me to keep it a secret.<br />

For The Blunt Post, please visit TheBluntPost.<br />

com<br />

For THE BLUNT POST with VIC, please visit<br />

TheBluntPostWithVic.com<br />

For TOP 100 LGBTQ-Friendly Companies,<br />

Businesses, and Organizations, please visit<br />

Top100LGBTQ.com<br />

What are a few of your favorite charities and<br />

other non-profit organizations?<br />

There are so many that I do not know where<br />

to start. Point Foundation, Being Alive, APLA<br />

Health, TransLatin@ Coalition, ACLU, Feeding<br />

America, Journalists without Borders, and<br />

Doctors without Borders.<br />

Do you have any new projects coming up?<br />

I launched the Top100LGBTQ.com to feature<br />

100 LGBTQ-friendly companies, businesses,<br />

and organizations. I am excited about that.<br />

I am also producing KPFK’s <strong>special</strong> Pride<br />

24 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

Continued from page 6<br />

INNdulge 760 327 1408<br />

601 S Grenfall Rd, Palm Springs<br />

Considered one of the best gay hotels<br />

and gay resorts in Palm Springs Located<br />

in the heart of warm sands area and<br />

walking distance to Sunny Dunes gay<br />

bars and shopping and down town.<br />

Amenities include free wifi, daily<br />

continental breakfast, evening social<br />

hour, complimentary local gym access,<br />

air conditioning, on-site guest laundry,<br />

outdoor misters and assistance with<br />

restaurant and activity bookings<br />

inndulge.com<br />


Cabot’s Pueblo Museum 760-329-7610<br />

McCallum Adobe 760-323-8297<br />

Indian Canyons 760-323-6018<br />

Palm Springs Aerial Tram 760-325-1449<br />

Palm Springs Air Museum 760-778-6262<br />

Palm Springs Art Museum 760-325-7186<br />

Sunnylands 760-328-2829<br />

Patton Memorial Museum 760-227-3483<br />

Joshua Tree National park 760-367-5500<br />


*Gear Leather & Fetish 760 322-3363<br />


*Joseph Rhea legal criminal law human<br />

rights 760 322-3001<br />




Patriot Services<br />

LIC General Contactor<br />

Handyman | Flooring | SHOWERS<br />


760-327-9619<br />

Hauling<br />

Red’s Hauling. We remove trash and unwanted<br />

items. Garage clean outs. Call Red<br />

at<br />

760-288-6956<br />



*Gear Leather and Fetish 760-322-3363<br />

gearleather.com 650 E. Sunny Dunes<br />

Leather Repair<br />

Off Ramp Leathers 760-778-2798<br />

www.offrampleathers.com New and used<br />

leather and fetish/BSDM gear. Alterations<br />

and repairs from saddle-patching or get<br />

measured for a new custom leather outfit<br />

handmade by Paul. Great selection of<br />

consignment items. 650 E. Sunny Dunes<br />

Rd., Unit 3, Palm Springs, CA 92264<br />

Continued on page 26<br />

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 25



Continued from page 25<br />

TRAVEL<br />

Idyllwild<br />


Living Free rescues dogs & cats from public<br />

shelters. We're a no-kill nonprofit - with<br />

spay/neuter, pet adoptions, animal welfare.<br />

Tax-deductable Visitors Welcome! OPEN<br />

DAILY 11:00am to 4:00pm CLOSED<br />

WEDNESDAYS. We are NOT licensed to<br />

take animals from the public and rescue<br />

from local shelters only.<br />


CENTER, CA 92561<br />

Mental Health Services.<br />

Cat City Psychotherapy Corp. Mental<br />

Health Services. Individual & Group<br />

therapy. LGBT Affirming. Specializing in<br />

Depression, Anxiety & Trauma. Licensed<br />

Psychologist Mark Charles.<br />

catcitypsc@gmail.com.<br />

www.catcitypsc.com . 760-878-7102.<br />

Idyllwild Guest House<br />

Escape desert temperatures for cool<br />

breezes. Visit Idyllwild Guest House<br />

for spectacular sunsets and beautiful<br />

mornings. Relaxing private location<br />

with hot tub and clothing optional sundecks.<br />

Idyllwildgayguesthouse.com<br />

Mark Lonsbury 760-406-9699<br />


Bloom In the Desert Ministries<br />

760 327-3802<br />

St. Giles 442-282-8333<br />

Idyllwild Nature Center The center provides<br />

an array of environmental education<br />

programs, guided tours, and field study.<br />

trips. 951-659-3850<br />

Continued on next page<br />

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Starland Community Desert retreat<br />

Gas 800-427-2200<br />


Water 760-323-4971<br />

Electric 800-990-7788<br />

Help Verified <strong>2020</strong><br />

Trash 800-973-3873<br />

Recycling 760-327-1351<br />

AMVETS Express free bus service to Loma<br />

Free Trolley Buzz 760 260-8104<br />

Linda VA(909) 735-5065<br />


CDC<br />


If you or someone you know may be<br />

760-416-7790 www.thecenterps.org contemplating suicide, call the National<br />

AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY 800- Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-<br />

227-2345<br />

8255 or text HOME to 741741 to reach the<br />

AMVETS: 760-324-5670<br />

Crisis Text Line. In emergencies, call 911,<br />

BLOOM IN THE DESERT MINISTRIES: or seek care from a local hospital or mental<br />

760-327-3802<br />

health provider.<br />

Coachella Valley Sexual Assault Services Riverside County Department of Public<br />

Rape Crisis Center (760) 568-9071<br />

Social Services: Kinship Warmline<br />

Democrats of the Desert<br />

Phone: (800) 303-0001 For grand parents<br />

desertdemocrats.org<br />

raising grand children<br />

DESERT LEGAL AID: 760-832-9770 ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project 212-549-<br />


www.desert-stonewall.org<br />

Adult Protective Services<br />

DESERT WINDS 760 776-2700<br />

Hotline 800 491-7123<br />

FRONTRUNNERS psfr.org<br />

The (FCC) reserved the 211 dialing code for<br />

GAY ARTISTS - 760 835-0727<br />

community information and services.<br />

Gay Book Club of PS—write to bookclubofps@yahoo.com<br />

800 243-7692<br />

Gay Men’s Health Crisis Hotline<br />

Transgender community transcc.org<br />

American Association of Poison Control<br />

PALM SPRINGS GAY MEN’S CHORUS Centers (800) 222-1222<br />

760-219-2077<br />

Rape, Sexual Assault, Abuse, and Incest<br />


THE DESERT 760 272-5553<br />

(800) 656-HOPE<br />

PALM SPRINGS PRIDE pspride.org<br />

Prime Timers of the Desert 760-424-8014.<br />

Don't blow up your weekend!<br />


BEFORE YOU DIG...Call 811 at least a few<br />

Gay Men CCBC Resort<br />

days before you start any digging project.<br />

Family DeAnza Springs Resort Jacumba,<br />

befor you DIY or hire a professional.<br />

CA, Living Waters, Desert Sun Resort<br />


As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 27<br />

888 743-3349


We hope to see you this Friday but<br />

understand if you want to wait a little while.<br />

You may not be ready to come out yet, and<br />

that's okay.<br />

When you are here, we are here for you and<br />

ready to serve you.<br />

Thank you for all your support and<br />

patronage.<br />

Tool Shed Owner, Manager and Staff<br />

Rio Azul Mexican Bar & Grill<br />

June 8 at 4:12 PM ·<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> HOURS:<br />

Monday & Tuesday: Closed<br />

Wednesday- Sunday: 4-9PM<br />

Eagle 501 Bar & Barracks<br />

Thank you to Randy Carmenaty, Dave<br />

Flint and to all our hardworking staff for<br />

making our first week back a success! I am<br />

so grateful to each of you for your diligence<br />

and tenacity in making sure that Eagle<br />

501 Bar maintains our commitment to<br />

keeping a safe and respectful space for our<br />

employees and patrons.<br />

Continued from page 11<br />

can share their space before entering if you<br />

don't know them. RESPECT...that is key<br />

here. Respect yourself, your friends, our<br />

employees and those you interact with. If<br />

you exhibit any symptoms, stay home and<br />

get well; we will not permit entrance for<br />

the health and safety of our employees and<br />

guests.<br />

At Eagle 501 Bar, we Respect you, we<br />

Love you, and we WILL get through this<br />

together. BE YOU!<br />

Sunshine Cafe<br />

May 27 at 8:38 AM ·<br />

We're so excited to finally say our dine-in<br />

is open again! Come by and have all your<br />

favorites!<br />

The LGBT Community Center of the Desert<br />

Hi folks! To understand some of the<br />

changes and the impact of COVID-19,<br />

HARC, Inc. launched a COVID-19 Needs<br />

Assessment Survey to inform the needs of<br />

the Coachella Valley. Questions will include<br />

the topical areas of basic demographics,<br />

symptoms, shelter-in-place and social<br />

distancing behaviors, employment and<br />

financial needs, mental health, and<br />

resources utilized during the pandemic.<br />

If you still feel it's not time for you to<br />

come out for health safety reasons, we<br />

truly respect your right to do what is best<br />

for you. To everyone who is interested in The survey is online, available in English &<br />

coming out to connect with others again, Spanish, 100% anonymous, takes about 10<br />

please know we are grateful for your minutes, and four lucky winners will get a<br />

patronage and we are committed to doing $100 Visa card<br />

our part to keep you safer by requiring English: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/<br />

masks be worn at all times when you are CV-COVID-19<br />

away from your designated safe zone or Spanish: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/<br />

table or when you are interacting with our CV-COVID-19-Spanish<br />

staff. Maintain your personal space and<br />

respectfully 28 <strong>Opening</strong> ask those please around contact you location if you first. Thank Some You! may have delivery options

PART<br />

Two<br />

Reprint by permission<br />

by Office of<br />

General Counsel<br />

United States Holocaust<br />

Memorial Museum<br />

all right reserved.<br />

www.ushmm.org<br />

Page Translation:<br />

Translation: ... How could anyone bring us someone like this? We<br />

asked ourselves in fits of laughter.<br />

When Gad joined the He-halutz youth group in 1940, its members<br />

immediately thought of the 19-year-old lover of city life and cafes as<br />

too 'bourgeois.' The other members, including Manfred, preferred<br />

typical youth group outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and<br />

sports.<br />

Gad might not have joined such a group if it weren't for the political<br />

situation. Having been excluded from German mainstream life since<br />

the Nuremberg racial laws were passed in 1935. Gad and many other<br />

German Jews turned to their own cultural and religious groups.<br />

Zionist youth groups such as Gad and Manfred's He-halutz group<br />

prepared their members for emigration to Palestine and created a<br />

strong sense of community.<br />


Interview with Gad Beck<br />

“For them I was a boy from outside. Why? I was visiting theaters, I<br />

was dancing, even ballet dancing. For such a group of pioneers it was<br />

impossible to believe this. Just in such a situation, political situation...<br />

I had never been in such a group, if there was not Hitler, this is clear.<br />

But I had no other way, I had to come with other people together,<br />

with these Jewish people together and the Zionist Jewish people<br />

together. ... I was coming from another world, I was coming more<br />

from the world from theater, from culture, from [sigh].”<br />

Photo<br />

A police raid in the Scheunenviertel, the Jewish quarter of Berlin.<br />

The Jewish residents of an apartment house are being searched for<br />

weapons and forced to produce identification papers.<br />

As we open please contact location first. Some delivery options available 29




1<br />

3<br />

2<br />

30 <strong>Opening</strong> please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

#1 Batman Pride <strong>2020</strong><br />

Rainbow Pop!<br />

#2 Hello Kitty Pride <strong>2020</strong><br />

Rainbow Pop!<br />

#3 SpongeBob SquarePants<br />

Pride <strong>2020</strong> Rainbow Pop!<br />

$11.99 (Each)<br />

Entertainmentearth.com<br />

Funko Supports Pride!<br />

Our FUNKO PRIDE POP! collection<br />

is a celebration of inclusivity and<br />

acceptance. Funko supports the<br />

LGBTQ+ community and rejects<br />

intolerance and discrimination. At<br />

Funko, FUN is for EVERYONE! A<br />

donation from Funko has also been<br />

made to the It Gets Better Project, an<br />

organization that uplifts, empowers,<br />

and connects LGBTQ+ youth<br />

around the globe, in support of this<br />

program. The It Gets Better Project<br />

inspires people to share their stories<br />

and remind the next generation of<br />

LGBTQ+ youth that hope is out there,<br />

and it will get better.<br />

IMAGE OF THE WEEK.... Adrian at the Crunchyroll Expo San Jose<br />

Show your support and pride<br />

with these <strong>special</strong> <strong>edition</strong> rainbow<br />

collectibles: Pop! Batman, Pop! Hello<br />

Kitty, Pop! SpongeBob.<br />

We would like to thank our licensing<br />

partners, Nickelodeon-Viacom,<br />

Sanrio, and Warner Bros. Consumer<br />

Products on behalf of DC for their<br />

partnership and support in the<br />

development of the first Funko Pride<br />

collection.<br />

Adrian travels the globe looking for the coolest trends in fashion and toys.<br />

If you would like to have your product featured in this column send a note<br />

to: adrian@desertdailyguide.com<br />

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