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The Ultimate Lovers







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7 Sexmatics: Spice Your Sex Life

With Sexual Naughtiness


3 Fashion : Must-Have Tops Yours

Closet Cannot Be Without

7 Talk Spot : What Some Of Your Favourite

Celebrities Said And We Listened

28 JUNE 2020

8 Instagram Moments



News of the gruesome murder of

Olamide Omajuwa Alli by her

boyfriend alleged to be a serial killer

and who, subsequently, committed

suicide after the act, sent social media

buzzing last week. The truth of that

whole drama lies with the Police to


Once in a while, we get to hear

stories of love gone cold and violent

actions taken by Cupid’s benefactors.

Broken hearts are not new. They are

as old as human nature. However,

when something grave enough to break trust happens in a love

relationship, the fire dims. In some cases, there is a complete


Many today are in relationships where the fire is completely

burnt out. If one could peel back the heart, what you’d find will

be mere ashes; the remains of what used to be flame. When

love grows cold, passion goes out the window, leaving behind a

certain kind of coldness that makes everything else mechanical.

Communication becomes scanty and suspicion sets in until

those dark thoughts are manifested in gruesome ways.

Many couples are suffering from a burnout. In this case, two

things are left to be done—either bend backwards in humility

and forgive an erring partner by remembering the things that

once gave you joy in the relationship or just walk away. Taking

another’s life for any reason is just not acceptable.

For Rosemary Afuwape and Onyekachi Ucheagwu, winners

of the just concluded reality TV show - Ultimate Love, their love

life has only just begun. Gracing our cover today, they talk

about finding love and the future

they plan to share together. J . E

Join them to spread love and

Jemi Ekunkunbor

shun hate.

Have a great week.


“Guys are like stars,

there are millions of

them, but only one

makes your dreams

come true”.

- Melissa

“Marriage is a

relationship in which one

person is always right

and the other is the


- Prady

“Never steal. The

government hates


- Ron Paul

“Doesn’t expecting the

unexpected make the

unexpected expected?”

- Dylan







Josephine Agbonkhese




















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Lace Top

A lace top screams elegance

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Though a really

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Statement top

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Tops Your

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White Tee

This piece of garment

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Down Shirt

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You might have an overflowing

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Tank Top

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June 21, 28, 2020 / 3



The Ultimate Lovers

Words By -Linda Orajekwe

Kachi and Rosie are winners of the recently held first love reality TV show in Nigeria-

Ultimate Love. The pair, slugged it out with other couples in a love nest and came out 5

million Naira richer. They also stand to win a house and an all-expense-paid traditional

marriage if they decide to get married.

For eight weeks fans across Africa were glued to their television and mobile screen, watching

every step of the couples in the house, and being a part of their joy and their pains.

Rosemary Afuwape (Rosie) and Onyekachi Ucheagwu

share their story, the long walk to love.


/ June 28, 2020



Finding Love On Screen

Onyekachi Ucheagwu is a 32-year-old serial

entrepreneur from Imo State who came

into the Ultimate Love reality TV show, more to

find love than to win the money. But the odds

were on his side as he left Aunty’s Love Pad

with both a grand prize and a partner, Rosie.

With his deep love for his culture and

tradition, Kachi, as he is fondly called in the

house, found a woman that complements all

that in the person of Rosie and in their 8

weeks together in Aunty Love Pad, they

uncovered things about themselves and

unlearned things together.

What motivated you to come to a reality TV show in

search of love?

As cliche as it sounds, I was motivated by the idea of

finding true love. I entered the Love Pad with an open

heart as an individual to find genuine and unconditional

love. Someone I could spend the rest of my life with.

As an Igbo man who is highly cultural, did Ultimate

love provide the right environment or you had to align

yourself to its culture?

My culture does not have anything to do with where I

choose to find love. The Igbo nation is liberal and consider

everyone irrespective of your tribe as one. As such, I will

forever remain grateful to MultiChoice for giving me the

platform to find the woman of my dream

What attracted you to Rosie in the house? Would you

say she was your ideal kind of partner before the


She was and still is (Laughs). I knew Rosie was the

one from the onset of the show. During our first speed

date in the Love Pad, I just knew that she was exactly

what I was looking for and then, she shared a secret she

had never discussed with anyone and that really built my

trust for her because it was obvious she was willing to let

go and trust me.

How did your experience in your previous

relationships help your relationship with your partner

in Aunty’s Love Pad?

Before the show, I’d had to deal with a lot of

disappointment and heartbreaks in my relationships. So, I

was also very careful from the start not to make another

mistake. I’m grateful to God that things worked out with

Rosie. I’m at peace knowing that this one is really and

truly mine.

Before Rosie, what was your thought on dating older

women and how has that thought evolved since your

relationship in the house?

Dating older women has never been my thing. But

after the first week of bonding in the Love Pad, coupled

with intelligent conversations we had, and different

lectures we had, the whole narrative and my perspective

changed. I got to realize that age is nothing but numbers.

There and then, I made up my mind not to sacrifice my

happiness at the altar of “age”. I love Rosie so much,

that’s what matters.

On entering the house, what was a strategy you had

to win the game and were you ever able to use it?

So, entering the house, I was more about finding love

than getting a strategy to even win. So, I didn’t really have

any particular strategy and to be honest, winning the show

came to me as a surprise. I wasn’t expecting it. But I’m

grateful to God for making it possible.

How did you feel being in a house with so many

couples? Did that environment help or affect your

relationship negatively?

Hmmm… I don’t think it had any adverse effect on our

relationship. The opposite was actually the case because

while we were focused on working on our relationship, we

were also surrounded by other couples who were

navigating theirs. So and such an environment helped us

learn from one another.

Describe a memorable time you had in the house with

Rosie and why is it special?

wow… they are innumerable. Starting from the games

we both played together in the house, to various

interesting conversations around spending eternity and

building a family together. Also, when I made an Italian

meal (Italian Puttanesca). The interesting thing about it

was she finished the meal and asked for more, and I was

so happy.

Having a public relationship on a reality TV show like

Ultimate Love, what were some of the fears you had

and how did you navigate your emotions and

thoughts to alleviate those fears?


Fear? I don’t think I had any and that’s because I

knew what I was going in for. So that helped me navigate

the challenges that came with falling in love and

navigating a new relationship in front of the cameras.

Going into the house, was the end game to win no

matter what or find love even without the prize and

how do you feel having both?

For me, the end game was to find true love, not

winning. I feel very grateful to God for making all this


If you have to do something all over again in the

house, what’s that one thing you’ll do differently?

Not a thing. I believe everything happes for a reason,

and all my actions in the Love Pad led me to Rosie.

Coming out of the house, what was your first reaction

to the new reality of COVID-19?

It was crazy! But the good thing though was that, the

organisers of the show had briefed us on what to expect,

and they also took great measures to ensure we were

safe upon our exit from the Love Pad.

Cover Photo credit

Rosie’s Dresses by Makioba @makiobaofficial

Kachi’s White Suit Caesarcouture @caesarcouture

Sequined suit & Purple suit Lisk @liskofficial

Styled by Rhoda Ebun @rhodaebun For

RTFCompany @rtfcompany

Photography: Bernard Okulaja

Hairstyling: Jordan Olu

Makeup: Ambassador Gorgeous

June 28, 2020 / 5


trying it out has changed my mind. This unconventional

way led me to find love with a wonderful man in the

person of Kachi. He changed my perspective and now, I

believe that indeed, you can find love through

unconventional ways.

How did your experience in your previous

relationship help your relationship with Kachi?

I think when you’ve had an experience like the one I

had, you kind of learn from the mistakes and try to see

that they are not repeated in your future relationships. I

think that’s what growth is really about; treating your

experiences when things don’t work out as you planned

as lessons instead of failures. I’m applying the lessons I

learned from my past relationship into this one and also

doing some unlearning. It’s all a process and a journey.

Thankfully, I’m going through all of it with the best guy.

Describe a memorable time you had in the house

with Kachi and why is it special?

Hmmm! I would say the most memorable time in the

house with Kachi was when I opened up my heart to

him, and told him my secret and he accepted me all the

same. That is a memory I will never forget in a hurry.

Before Kachi, what was your thought on dating

younger guys and how has that thought evolved

since your relationship with Kachi?

It’s funny because I have never given it a thought,

and that’s because ideally, I am wired to be attracted to

men older than me because I feel they are more

matured in handling situations, feelings and things in

general. But with Kachi, I don’t even remember that he is

younger because of the level of maturity he’s shown over


Having a public relationship in a reality TV show like

Ultimate Love, what were some of the fears you had

and how did you navigate your emotions and

thoughts to alleviate those fears?

I’m not going to lie, the whole idea of having

strangers so invested in your life was really scary, and

having to go through the ups and downs of a relationship

on TV with the whole continent watching isn’t exactly the

easiest thing in the world. But I had to remind myself that

I was in the show for a reason, and I kept my eyes on

the goal.

Going into the Love Pad, was the end game to win

no matter what or find love even without the prize

and how do you feel having both?

I know this probably sounds cheesy but my main

goal going into the show was to find true unconditional

love. That was the ultimate prize for me. That said, a

couple million in the bank doesn’t hurt, you know

(Laughs). I’m just really grateful that I have both.


In Search Of The Ultimate Love

After a failed relationship that lasted for 12

years, Rosemary gave up on love until

she decided to give herself another chance in

the Love Pad at Ultimate love. The teacher

and native of Ogun State, here, reveals how

much she was willing to give people access

into her life just to find love again.

You had a relationship for 12 years that made you

lose your faith in love. What happened?

After my last relationship which lasted for 12 long

years, I lost faith in love because it was an abusive

relationship; abusive in every sense of the word,

physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. But

gradually, I had an understanding that love is beautiful,

and it doesn’t hurt. It’s people that hurt.

With zero faith in love, why then did you go for the

Ultimate Love reality tv show?

Truth is, I really just wanted to give it one more shot

because I mean there wasn’t really any harm in that. I

also knew I didn’t want to leave the Love Pad single, and

thankfully, everything worked out perfectly. I met and fell

crazily in love with the sweetest man. You know, I often

wonder what would have happened if I didn’t grab the

opportunity to be a part of the show. Imagine me missing

out on an opportunity to experience such beautiful love.

What attracted you to Kachi in the house? Was he

your ideal partner?

He was! My attraction to Kachi started out as a crush,

but beyond the crush and his good looks, I also saw how

much a good human being he was and thankfully, still is.

I was also drawn to how kind, patient and calm he was

even in his persistent pursuit of me.

Before Ultimate Love, what was your idea on finding

love in unconventional ways such as this and how

did the Ultimate Love change that perspective for


Well, if you say idea, I had no idea I would be finding

love like this. I didn’t think or believe that I could find love

in unconventional ways but here I am, in love through an

unconventional way from Ultimate Love. You can say my

If you have to do something all over again in the

house, what’s that one thing you’ll do differently?

I would not assume certain responsibilities. I’ll just be

laid back and have any other person take up such

responsibilities which would have given me much more

time with my man. Also, I would have tried to pay more

attention to people’s behaviour.

What has life been like after Ultimate Love and

what’s the plan going forward?

Life after Ultimate Love has been up and down yet

fulfilling. We are now concentrating on understanding

ourselves more, growing our family and empire too.

In what ways would you say being a part of the

Ultimate Love reality show prepared you for the

realities of marriage?

Being cooped up in the Love Pad with nowhere to

go, you’re forced to really learn about the other person.

You see them at their worst and their best. It’s easy to tell

if you’re going to be able to spend the rest of your life

with that person. You also get to see how they handle

situations, thanks to the various tasks we were assigned

by Aunty.

Coming out of the house, what was your first

reaction to the new reality of COVID-19?

It was a reality shock for me but thankfully, we were

properly briefed and prepared for it by the organisers of

the show, MultiChoice. So, we kind of knew what to



/ June 28, 2020

with Adesuwa 07011289316 |

Spice Your Sex Life With

Sexual Naughtiness

From time to time, sexual relationship can hit a lull in

the bedroom. Housewives need to reignite passion if

their sex life has been anything but sizzling. They

have to do this even when they are not feeling the

need to or not in the mood especially, if the men are

game. True, this is the time to heat things up with a

little creativity, and one of the funniest ways to do this,

is to give an element of surprise to your mate with

something he just never saw coming but has always


Ladies should learn to initiate sex because with

some couples, it’s always the man’s job to get things

started. If you belong to this group, then it is time to

switch the tables. You can make this move when

you’re both alone and having some quiet time.

It is really cool to go bottomless at home if you are

alone, or the children have gone to bed, or if they

have gone away for the weekend. Actually, some

guys yearn to see their women go topless. It can be a

turn on for majority of them coupled with the fact that

he knows exactly what is coming next. So ladies, get

sexy and enjoy yourselves.

Try giving a good reason to get up before his

normal time in the morning by waking him with your

mouth-a blow job first thing in the day. A lot of guys if

not all of them, would never turn down this morning

act. If you’ve never startled your spouse with this

treat before, you’ve probably never seen the happiest

man alive on planet earth. But note that oral sex does

not have to be prelude to intercourse. Do not be lazy

about it, as he can just decide to return the favour.

Slowly wake him up in the middle of the night and

then, gradually and affectionately have sex. However,

if he is the type that value his sleep, then don’t do this

for any reason. Instead, you can stimulate areas other

than his manhood. There are lots of other nerve

endings on the male body that needs your attention

too. Your love making should be explorative, let your

hands and mouth also stimulate his other erogenous

zones such as the nipples, ears, throat and the inner

thighs. Every touch is going to feel more arousing and


Introduce sex toys into the other room because

toys are fun. They are there to enhance sex and not

to replace anyone. Pick a simple toy like a cock ring

to prolong his orgasm as well as making it explosive.

A bullet vibrator can help to stimulate those

erogenous zones earlier discussed above. It is

important for you to first get a gauge of his reaction

and only use it with his consent.

It could be fun to wear costumes, dress up as a

slutty maid, flight attendant, nurse, dancer, whatever

you’ve noticed him looking at and lusting after. Wear

something outlandishly provocative to get his reaction

and if he bursts out laughing, you laugh too. Just

make it light, nothing too serious.

Show a preview of your body when you and your guy

are just relaxing in bed watching TV. Startle him by

unexpectedly stripping while he watches. He will be

so excited that before you say Jack, he will probably

pounce on you before you get to finish undressing.

Round this up by gently blindfolding your lover to lie

down and run an ice cube, don’t linger for too long so

that you can let him apply the ice cube on you too

which could lead to a whole new level of arousal for

both parties.

With a bit of creativity, you can turn any boring day

into a sexual adventure by inviting him for a weekend

gate-away. Volunteer to drive, take a wrong turn or

the longest route on a secluded road, pull over and

seduce him in the car. This may be risky because of

the poor security in the country right now but if you

are sure of your security, you can give it a shot.

If your man happens to be the type that likes to

hear dirty talk but you’ve always been a little

uncomfortable about it, this is the perfect time to let go

of your inhibitions by coming out of your comfort zone.

Start by leaving him a note or text message about all

the filthy things you want to do with him. Work your

way up to sexy voicemails to his personal phone that

no other person have access to apart from him and

eventually, start talking or at least whispering dirty

things to him in bed. The end result of dirty

talking is to stimulate the brain, the biggest

organ that keeps things sexy during


Startle your better half with quickie, this

can be fun, playful, and full of passion.

Being a quick does not necessarily mean

it cannot be amazing. You can still get into

your favourite sex positions during quickie.

If your sex life has become a little dull

lately, it’s time to try something new and

make your love life sparkle again. Strike

up a sexual conversation, attentively listen

to your significant other about his sexual

desires/ fantasies and patiently take turns

to talk about yours.

Agree to try something new; new

sexual position, role play, or something

else you’ve never done before. In a

relationship, it is actually easy for partners

to fall into sexual patterns. which can

make copulation feel like the same all the

time. It does not have to be. Keep things

exciting by taking things easy, it is that

simple and all of these could be fun for

you as well.




By - Rita Okoye

What some of your favourite

celebrities said and we listened.

“If my husband cheats, I’ll

forgive him and you say if

your own cheats you won’t

forgive. Okay, it’s fine. It is

not like we are married to

the same man. Why do

you want to force me not

to forgive my own

husband? Am I forcing

you to forgive your own?

Do what works for you. If

you move to the next man

and he cheats, you’ll still

leave him to the next and

keep moving like that,”

Mizwanneka’s stand

on infidelity.

“In life disappointments will

come, friends will stab you in the

back, the people you love will

hate you, some hustle no go pay,

you’ll ask & you’ll not receive, you

may go broke sometimes, but

you must keep believing & keep

going. Life never gets easier.


Yul Edochie’s life nugget.

“The story has gone beyond

rape. You have manipulated the

justice system to fit your selfish

interest. You have broken the

law on multiple counts, and you

deserve to be CANCELLED.

Dbanj should be stripped of his

endorsements, and his awards

should be retracted to send a

message to all bullies that

believe they are above the law”,

Mocheddah’s reaction to

D’banj’s rape saga.

“Foolish people marry

because all their mates are

marrying. Wise people marry

because they are ready for

marriage. Marriage is like

football. Because a person

married before you does not

mean they have defeated

you”, Reno Omokri’s

advice on marriage.

June 28, 2020 / 7



With Yemisi Suleiman

In case you missed, these were the most Interesting

pictures and stories on Instagram last week, as posted by

your favourite celebrities.

The Fix It Conference:

Coping With The Changing Times

With Covid19 on us and its negative effects on businesses,

Olori Ajayi and partners at The Ark Coaching Company, are set

to help business owners make the best use of the season via a

virtual conference, tagged ‘The Fix It Conference.’

Set to take place on Saturday, July 4, 2020, the goal of the

conference is to give attendees a blueprint that will help them

navigate the changing times and season, as well as position

themselves for local and global opportunities, seeing that the

world is now truly without borders.

According to Olori attendees at the Fix It Conference will be

tutored on how to fix their mindset and their businesses in a way

that facilitates exponential results.

For Olori Ajayi “our rise as Africans and as a continent can

no longer be left in the hands of others. With this conference,

we are saying to participants to take ownership of the process of

your rising today”

Silver Queen Wig by Myhair

As the Silver Queen Wig makes a big come back this

season, we can’t help but drool over Nkechi Harry-Ugonadi’s

new hair look as posted by Myhair Limited.

With the Silver Queen Wig sitting pretty on her, no doubt,

Mrs Harry-Ugonadi is a discerning woman who knows how to

stand out.

Olakunle Churchill’s Father’s Day message

... A Father Is A Father Irrespective Of

Marital Challenges

It was Father’s Day last Sunday

and with it came lots of love and

emotional outpour from personalities

to their fathers on social media.

However, one that caught our attention

was that of Tonto Dike’s ex husband

Churchill Olakunle. His was a message

from father to son while at the same

time, encouraging fathers with

marital challenges. Churchill who has

been separated from his son by his

estranged wife for some years now,

posted this photo, tagged with a long

note that reads:

“Happy Fathers’ Day to all the

fathers in the world. A father is a father

irrespective of marital challenges. A

father is not only by way of giving birth

to a child; but by way of taking care

of children around you, and children

around the world who are in need.

I pray for all the fathers in the world,

that your child/children will not be used

as a tool of jealousy because of broken

relationships like it’s done in the old

era. As I celebrate this day, I pray this

won’t be the era when single parenting

ends up affecting a child or children’s

mentality thereby confusing them.

This is a new era and things have

changed. Relax, you’ll reconnect with

your child at the right time.

You Are A father!

We Are Fathers!! I Am A Father!!!

Happy Father’s Day To You!

Tony Elumelu’s

Queen is 50

Awele Elumelu, wife of Chairman

of UBA, Tony Elumelu clocked 50 last

week: and to mark the occasion, Mr

Elumelu took to his Instagram handle

to celebrate his darling wife with these

short but sweet words : “Happy birthday

darling Awele.

My Queen is 50.”

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