Annual Report of Euram Bank 2019


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 9

Significant risks and uncertainties

In 2018, an Austrian bank submitted a third-party notice to Euram Bank, asking the latter to join,

as an intervenor, several proceedings pending against the former. The plaintiffs of the Austrian

bank essentially rest their claims on the unsuitability of a certain investment product to achieve

positive returns, with the plaintiffs alleging that said unsuitability had already existed ex ante, and

on insufficient risk warnings. Euram Bank and the defendant have concluded a consultancy agreement

regarding said investment product. In the event of the defendant losing the pending lawsuits,

it would basically be possible for Euram Bank to become liable to recourse towards the defendant

(whether this is actually the case would have to be clarified in further court proceedings).

3. Research and development

Euram Bank undertakes no research and development activities. Euram Bank does not operate any

branch establishments.

4. Risk reporting

Euram Bank continuously develops its risk management in order to effectively identify, assess and

control risks. Risk management is a component of overall bank management, and takes into account

the nature, extent and complexity of transactions, and the resultant risks, in addition to the legal

and regulatory framework. The Managing Board has defined a risk strategy that is consistent with

the business strategy and the risks resulting therefrom. The risk strategy comprises the aims of

diversification of risk from essential business activities as well as the measures to accomplish those

aims. In particular, risk tolerances have been determined for all essential risks, taking account of

risk concentrations. In this context, risk concentrations have also been accounted for with a view to

the earnings situation of the bank.


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