Annual Report of Euram Bank 2019


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 9

2.) Eligible own funds pursuant to Part 2 CRR: thousand

Subscribed capital EUR 10,045.7

(Appropriated) capital reserve EUR 1,886.8

(Free) capital reserve EUR 6,438.5

Revenue reserve EUR 11,093.9

Liability reserve as per section 57 (5) BWG EUR 1,308.0

Retained earnings EUR 302.4

Adjustments to CET 1 capital to be

effected due to deduction and

correction EUR -340.4

CET 1 capital EUR 30,734.9

Supplementary capital EUR 3,000.0

Other components or deductions

regarding supplementary capital EUR -950.7

Supplementary capital (T2) EUR 2,049.3

Own funds EUR 32,784.2

3.) The parent company Euram Holding AG has effected an allocation in the amount of

EUR 3,960.0 thousand (EUR 195.0 thousand as at 31/12/2018) and this allocation was included

in the (free) capital reserve.

4.) Euram Bank allocated an amount of EUR 3,780.0 thousand to the revenue reserve in the fiscal

year 2019 (EUR 2,325.0 as at 31/12/2018).

5.) Euram Bank did not effect any allocations to the liability reserve in the fiscal year 2019 (none

as at 31/12/2018).

6.) The net profit for the fiscal year 2019 amounts to EUR 302.4 thousand

(EUR 294.9 thousand as at 31/12/2018).

M. Capital adequacy requirements

Euram Bank uses the following methods to calculate its capital adequacy requirements:

– Credit risk: Standard approach

– Operational risk: Basic indicator approach

– Risk of adjustment to credit valuation (CVA risk): Standard method


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