Annual Report of Euram Bank 2019


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 9

N. Supplementary information

1.) Total amount of assets and liabilities in foreign currency:


Assets in foreign currency EUR 194.4

Liabilities in foreign currency EUR 195.0

The foreign currency assets and liabilities essentially concern USD.

2.) In the fiscal year 2019, Euram Bank had a restraint on disposal for an asset amounting to

EUR 0.1 million (EUR 0.1 million as at 31/12/2018).

3.) Amounts due from affiliated companies amount to EUR 0.0 million (EUR 0.0 million as at


4.) Amounts payable to affiliated companies amount to EUR 1.3 million (EUR 0.8 million as at


5.) In the fiscal year 2019, Euram Bank had material transactions with other “related parties” in the

amount of EUR 20.2 million (EUR 8.1 million as at 31/12/2018).

6.) Other provisions in the amount of EUR 3.4 million (EUR 2.1 million as at 31/12/2018) include:


Legal, auditing and consultancy costs EUR 2,068.4

Vacation entitlements not consumed yet EUR 233.4

Bonuses EUR 1,129.1

The other provisions “Legal, auditing and consultancy costs” essentially concern expenses for

absorption interest in the amount of EUR 1,325.0 thousand (EUR 1,325.0 thousand as at

31/12/2018), as well as expenses for potential legal costs in the amount of EUR 593.6 thousand

(EUR 0.0 thousand as at 31/12/2018).

7.) From a present-day perspective, obligations arising from the use of fixed assets not reported in

the balance sheet amount to EUR 780.4 thousand for the next year (EUR 430.9 thousand as at

31/12/2018), to EUR 5.0 million for the following five years, and exclusively relate to rent for the

use of the office premises.


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