JHB West - July 2020

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Take a wellness

road trip

Win a fashionable

non-alcoholic spirit

Speech therapist

Marisia van Wyk

on the final rose,

the man & the ring




July 2020

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04 Paint. Cook. Sing. Without leaving your home. Stay safe and have fun

08 Books ... From the yoga dog to using cannabis at home, this month

we’re going the good-for-you route



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10 From guilt free chocolate to wine tasting, it’s

promising to be a really delicious July


12 We caught up with the gorgeous Marisia van Wyk who won the

heart of The Bachelor SA season 2’s Marc Buckner


14 Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The three new Rs

24 Ways to teach mindfulness to kids


18 Choose carefully when it comes to beauty ...

we’re embracing mindful choices

20 Essential oils for common ailments


26 Low alcohol, no alcohol, or exceptional wines ...

your choice, but make it a thoughtful one

28 If you love the heat ... get straight into the kitchen

with an apron, a wooden spoon and these fab new cookbooks

30 The deep ruby-red beetroot is our winter veg of choice

32 Knead something to do? Bake bread!


36 Grow your own veggies ... it’s easier than you think


40 Take a road trip from Paarl up the South Coast ...

a Wellness Special to treat yourselves after the lockdown


42 Win a bottle of Seedlip ... the most exciting new

non-alcoholic option on the market

JULY 2020








It Joburg


West 3

A hot date!

We’re still indoors ... but we’re having FUN!

Paint. Cook. Sing. So much

fun to be had at home.

If you’re artistic and a keen traveller,

why not explore the world with a

paintbrush? Gather the fam and

‘Zoom’ in for a virtual paint night. Head

over to Yaymaker South Africa on

Facebook and find out how you can

join in on a colourful journey around

the world. It’s on every Wednesday

and Friday from 6pm and on Sundays

from 2pm. All art supplies needed

can be ordered and delivered to your

door. Details: Deon on 083-653-7185 or


Remember when tea was just ... well,

tea? Then, hello rooibos. Supertea! It’s

not just for sipping ... it’s great to cook

with and makes wonderful cocktails.

To show how antioxidant-rich rooibos

can enhance dishes, as well as how

versatile it is, celeb foodies Kamini

Pather (MasterChef SA winner) and

well-known pastry chef Sebastian

‘Bas’ Newman will be experimenting

with the tea over the next few weeks

in a series of videos that will be

posted on the SA Rooibos Council

Facebook page. Details: facebook.com/


Sing the blues, rock around the clock,

take centre stage. It’s karaoke time!

Simply download the AirConsole App,

which turns your smartphone into a

mic – and you’re all set to sing your

favourite hits. Great, great fun! Details:


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4 Get It Joburg West July 2020

Just write the book

‘I’d love to write a book, but I don’t

have time.’ Well, now we’re spending

more time at home, that excuse no

longer works. Whether you’re a rookie

or experienced writer, a storyteller,

influencer, company leader, speaker,

an expert with insight to share, or just

someone who loves putting words on

paper, Sarah Bullen, Kate Emmerson

and Tessa Graham’s Write Your Book in

100 Days is going to show you how to

write your story. Its practical, step-bystep

process includes technical writing

tasks alongside heart ‘n soul exercises.

Expect easy-to-follow, practical tips and

guidance. R340 (includes courier to

your door).

Details: thewritingroom.co.za

Sebastian Newman

Shows we’re watching on Netflix this month

If you love your murder mystery

docs, Unsolved Mysteries (S1) will

be up your (dark and deserted) alley.

This 12-part docu-series show uses

re-enactments in a documentary

format to profile real-life mysteries

and unsolved crimes, lost love,

cases involving missing persons and

unexplained paranormal events.

The Old Guard follows a group of

soldiers led by Andy (aka our very own

Charlize Theron). Pack members are

immortal mercenaries who’ve seen a

lot over the centuries, and now they’re

pretty bored with life in general. But

things start to get interesting when

they discover a new immortal is

serving in the US Marines ... and when

their undying existence is captured

on camera by a murky organisation,

events start to spiral out of control.

Reunited by their father’s death,

estranged siblings with extraordinary

powers uncover shocking family

secrets – and a looming threat to

humanity. The White Violin, Spaceboy,

The Kraken, The Rumor, The Seance

and The Boy are all coming back for

the second season of The Umbrella

Academy. This quirky superhero

show follows the dysfunctional,

superpowered Hargreeves children

who reunite to solve the mystery of

how their father died.

Cable Girls is returning for a fifth

and final season. The series revolves

around how four young women’s lives

change when they start working in the

modern telecommunication company

in Madrid. Every one of them has

distinct difficulties but also has a close

friendship with one of the group.

Based on real incidents – a woman

escaping a cult, a refugee fleeing

with his family, a father trapped in

a dead-end job and a bureaucrat

on the verge of a national scandal.

Inspired by true events, these people

find their lives intertwined in an

immigration detention centre. A

gripping six-part series, Stateless is



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July 2020 Get It Joburg West 5

Sensational choices on Showmax

Our pick of what to watch this month kicks off with the brilliant Little Fires Everywhere.

Based on Celeste Ng’s bestselling book, it stars the amazing Reese Witherspoon and

Kerry Washington and follows the intertwined fates of the picture-perfect Richardson

family and an enigmatic mother and daughter who disrupt their lives. The story explores

the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, the ferocious pull of motherhood,

and the danger in believing that following the rules can avert disaster.

I Know This Much Is True (S1) follows a mentally ill man, Thomas, and his identical

twin brother, Dominick (both played by Mark Ruffalo), who protects and cares for him

no matter the sacrifice. As the story feels so real and handles matters like paranoid

schizophrenia and unconditional, painful love with such nuance, it might make viewers

think it’s based on a true story, but it’s actually a work of fiction.

In Little, businesswoman Jordan Sanders has become a bully ... she runs her own tech

company like a dictator and treats her employees very poorly. Then a child, to whom

Jordan’s been unspeakably rude, uses a toy magic wand and wishes for Jordan to be a

kid again to take her down a peg… The wish comes true ¬– and next morning Jordan

wakes up as her 13-year-old self!

Everyone is guilty of something. Based on characters created by Erle Stanley Gardner,

this drama series follows the origins of American fiction’s most legendary criminal

defence lawyer, Perry Mason (S1). When the case of the decade breaks down his door,

Mason’s relentless pursuit of the truth reveals a fractured city and, just maybe, a pathway

to redemption for himself.

In crowded, expensive London, a couple decides to take in a housemate to help pay the

bills ... and finds the perfect match they never knew they needed. Trigonometry is an

unconventional love story about three people who are made for each other.

Burden of Proof’s (S3) Joanna Chang and Billy Crawford are working together in their

new boutique law firm, Crawford Chang, when an old friend abruptly re-enters Joanna’s

life in desperate need of help. After this case, nothing will be the same again.

In Das Boot (S1), a German TV series, we go back to the autumn of 1942, when the

U-boat U-612 is ready for its maiden voyage, preparing to head into the increasingly

brutal warfare with its young crewmen, including the new captain, Klaus Hoffmann, on

board. As the 40 young men take on their first mission, they struggle with the cramped

and claustrophobic conditions of life under water. Their personalities are pushed to the

limit as tensions rise and loyalties begin to shatter.

Robot Chicken (S10), Adult Swim’s legendary stop motion sketch comedy, is back with

more black comedy, pop culture parody and surreal humour.

Based on the real life of WWE superstar wrestler Paige Knight, the British comedy

Fighting With My Family really is one for everyone. When Paige and her brother Zak are

invited to try out for WWE, she’s ecstatic – until she’s accepted into the gruelling training

programme, forced to leave her tight-knit family behind and make her own way in the

sport and the world.

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6 Get It Joburg West July 2020

In 43 AD, the Roman army – determined

and terrified in equal measure

– returns to crush the Celtic heart of

Britannia, a mysterious land ruled by

warrior women and powerful druids

who can channel the powerful forces

of the underworld. Or so they say.

Britannia (S1 & S2) may well be

the new drama Game of Thrones fans

have been waiting for.

[MONTH] [YEAR] Get It Joburg West [PAGENO]

July 2020 Get It Joburg West 7

Book club

We’re going the ‘good-for-you’ route this July

All the sparkle ...

none of the alcohol.

This mindful month

we’re drinking the

just-launched De Krans

Muscat Nectar Alcohol-Free

Sparkling. With a slight fizz, tropical

flavours and a touch of sweetness,

it’s a lovely choice for those who’re going

the no-alcohol route. R58.

Reduce, reuse and reconnect in the zero-waste drive to help our planet survive the

onslaught of humankind. Erin Rhoads suggests 365 commonsense ways to contribute

in Waste Not Everyday. Redesign, rethink, refuse (say no), share, repair, compost,

recycle, are among the other steps you can take to cut down wasteful consumption.

From making your own pet food to using cloth nappies, this is essential reading for

anyone serious about the importance of

‘going green’. Hardie Grant, R190 • Fans of Marie

Kondo (who’ve decluttered their homes to

within an inch of their lives) will love this ... an

enjoyable, quirky graphic novel about Chiaki,

a young woman who, using Kondo’s advice

and inspiration, transforms her Tokyo home,

work and love life. The Life-changing Manga

of Tidying Up – A Magical Story by Marie

Kondo is a great, entertaining way of learning

(give it to your teenage daughter!). Bluebird

Books For Life, R216 • In today’s frenetic, techdriven

world, we’ve forgotten how to listen

– and no one is listening to us. In You’re Not

Listening, Kate Murphy shows how only by

listening properly can we truly connect with

others. It’s about curiosity and patience, asking

the right questions the right way. Listening

can transform relationships and working lives,

increase creativity and happiness. It’s a skill

that can be learned and perfected. It helps us

to understand and be understood. Penguin

Random House, R320.

[PAGENO] 8 Get It Joburg Get It West Joburg July West 2020 [MONTH] [YEAR]

Quiet Journal is a guided journal

companion to Susan Cain’s bestselling

Quiet, a book that changed the

way we see introverts and how

introverts see themselves. This

companion journal will help you

harness your secret strengths, improve

communication at home and at

work, and nurture your best self. It

takes you on the Quiet journey to

becoming a stronger, more confident

person. You’ll learn more about

your own temperament through

a self-assessment quiz, which will

teach you to make progress towards

self-awareness, and realise your own

authentic qualities and worth, then

learn how to put that knowledge into

practice. Penguin, Random House, R320.

In At Home With Cannabis, Kelly

McQue gives you everything you need

to know to make and use cannabis

products safely and effectively at home.

She shares her experience in helping

others successfully heal or manage their

conditions, provides tried-and-tested

recipes and includes a basic dosage

guide for treating different health issues.

Penguin Random House, R200.

Meet Om the Yoga Dog, your guide

to all things yoga. With wonderful

illustrations and brilliantly clear stepby-step

instructions, this book by Ira

Trivedi is an enjoyable, simple intro to

yoga and mindfulness for kids (and

their grown-ups). Just lovely! Penguin

Random House, R215.

Also worth reading ...

The magnificent Bill Bryson (if you

haven’t read all his books, you’re missing

out) has turned his attention away

from the laugh-out-loud exploration

of places he’s lived and travelled (our

favourite is Notes from a Small Island)

and from achieving the seemingly

impossible task of making the science

of our world both understandable

and entertaining in A Short History of

Nearly Everything. Now he’s exploring

the human body – how it functions

and its remarkable ability to heal

itself. Full of extraordinary facts and

astonishing stories, The Body: a Guide

for Occupants is now out in paperback,

and is a brilliant, often very funny

attempt to understand the miracle of

our physical and neurological make-up.

Penguin, R180.

[MONTH] [YEAR] Get It Joburg West [PAGENO]

July 2020 Get It Joburg West 9

Wish list

Great food and wine. Close family and friends.

Let’s keep things real (and tasty) this July.

Kitchen Queen ... this is me!

‘This is me. Not just the curry, maize or seven

colours queen, but the Kitchen Queen.’

From teacher to actress, singer and TV

personality, then on to foodie and social

media influencer, Lucia Mthiyane has had a

colourful life. Now she shares her favourite and

most re-posted recipes – food, she says, that’s

‘infused with flavour and flair, enthused with

love and light and grace’. Expect dishes ranging

from Zulu chicken to spinach with chorizo to

chocolate brownies with a maize meal twist.

Human & Rousseau, R375.

Guilt-free chocolate

This month we’re indulging with a clear

conscience. GD Chocolate is made from natural

ingredients, is free of dairy, preservatives, refined

sugars and high-fructose corn syrup. Sweetened

with raw, unadulterated honey, it comes in softcentred

chocolates (called Buttercups) and slabs,

in flavours like ginger, orange and mint. You’ll

find them at Wellness Warehouse (including the

online store), selected Spars and health stores

and delis, for around R53 for the slabs,

R20 for the Buttercups.

[PAGENO] 10 Get It Joburg Get It Joburg West July West 2020 [MONTH] [YEAR]

Organic Pinot Noir

Grounded humans and enlightened

grapes equal honest wines. Which is

what Elgin Ridge Wines is all about.

Known for producing outstanding

certified biodynamic and organic

wines, the latest release – Elgin

CRUNCH! Pinot Noir 2019 –

doesn’t disappoint. It’s young and

fresh – perfect for all year round

enjoyment. This winter we’ll be

drinking it with pasta and rice-based

dishes ... it also goes well (believe it

or not) with goats’ cheeses. R125 a

bottle. Details: elginridge.com

Compiled by KYM ARGO

Eco-friendly wine in a can

There are a few reasons why we’re raving about the new

Robertson Single Serve wines. Firstly, they’re 200ml, so

they’re the perfect serve ... exactly what you want if you’re

just after one glass. Secondly, they’re packaged in a can,

which makes them very convenient to carry for hiking,

camping, and alfresco get-togethers. Thirdly ... there’s a red

and white option. Robertson Winery Sauvignon Blanc

2019 (fresh and dry with generous notes of green apples

and melons) and Merlot 2019 (rich and smooth with

ripe, punchy plum and sweet black cherry flavours and a

velvet finish). Lastly, they tick the eco-friendly box ... the

lightweight packaging significantly reduces the carbon

footprint, they’re 100 per cent recyclable (more recyclable

than glass) and can be recycled over and over again. You’ll

find them for around R25 each, and can buy them online

at shop.robertsonwinery.co.za.

If you can’t go to the wine

farm tasting room...

Let the tasting room come to you.

How genius is this? A full wine tasting room

experience in the comfort of your own

home. Yes, please! The Steenberg @ Home

experience includes a variety of wines in

mixed-case selections and to guide you

through your tasting, brings Cellarmaster

Elunda Basson into your home through video

clips ... clips featuring the cellarmaster and

tasting room ambassadors who’ll captivate

you with interesting wine stories and guide

you through the tasting as if you were sitting

in Steenberg’s plush tasting lounge or on the

outstretched terrace. Each tasting pack also

includes a luxurious brochure guiding you

through the full Steenberg wine experience

complete with tasting notes, winemaking

information and food pairing suggestions.

There are three different tastings selections.

With a Méthode Cap Classique, a Sauvignon

Blanc, a Rosé and three red wines, the Classic

Tasting Selection is ideal for aspiring wine

enthusiasts and a great snapshot of what

Steenberg has to offer. If bubbles are your

thing, then raise your glass to the Bubbly

Tasting Selection ... this starts with the fresh

and youthful Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

followed by Steenberg’s acclaimed and elegant

Méthode Cap Classique range, including the

flagship prestige cuvée, Lady R. And if you’re

looking to splurge, then try the

Flagship Tasting Selection with the blueblooded

Italian Nebbiolo, the Natural Sweet

Semillon and the iconic and intense Catharina

Red Blend being some of the signature

wines representing the best of Steenberg

in this flight. For details and to order, visit

steenbergfarm.com and follow

@SteenbergFarm on Facebook and Instagram.

Stir it up in your kitchen ...

with two of our favourite foodies

If you’re a true foodie like us, then food guru Karen Short of By Word of

Mouth’s cooking classes will be one of your highlights this month. Karen

will share delicious (and very easy to follow!) recipes, straight from her

farm kitchen to your home. If her veggie cooking class was anything to

go by, then we simply cannot wait for what comes next. Stay tuned for

info regarding the next class by following By Word of Mouth on Facebook.

You’ll thank us later! Details: facebook.com/Bywordofmouth.sa

Do you have basic food knowledge, want to hone your skills, extend

your repertoire and learn how easy it is to make simple, delicious food?

Sure you do! So DO NOT miss any of the online cooking courses by stylish

chef Susan Greig. These Zoom courses are not only hugely informative,

but Susan is massively entertaining, too. For July you’re going to

cruise the Greek Islands, escape to exotic Morocco, have a Lebanese

feast and get a taste of Thailand. Delicious! Pencil July 5, 12, 19 and 26

into your diary! Details and tickets: susangreig.co.za

[MONTH] [YEAR] Get It Joburg West [PAGENO]

July 2020 Get It Joburg West 11


L eap ove for

A sweet shy smile, cute dimples, adventurous personality and one

final rose … We caught up with the gorgeous Marisia van Wyk

who won the heart of The Bachelor SA season 2’s Marc Buckner.

[PAGENO] 12 Get It Joburg Get It Joburg West July West 2020 [MONTH] [YEAR]

Her journey started

with 22 other

women who

competed for

one man’s heart.

In the end, the

youngest, shy and

conservative blueeyed

Marisia did

not only receive the final rose but beau

Marc’s heart as he slipped the stunning

pear-shaped one-carat diamond ring

from Jack Friedman on her finger (not

that finger yet!), asking her if she would

please continue building on their

relationship with him.

There was a lot of gazing deep into

each other’s eyes, romantic dates and

lips locking … sigh … and we cannot

be happier!

Marisia grew up on the West Rand

but nowadays she finds herself in

the Mother City working as a speech

therapist and audiologist, all while

completing her master’s degree in

speech therapy. This brainy beaut is

also fluent in five languages …

English, Afrikaans, French, Tswana

and sign language.

We chatted to her about the show,

being a redhead, and mindful living.

Though I haven’t been all that lucky

with love, I took the opportunity to

compete in The Bachelor SA … I had

this feeling in my heart. I did do my

‘homework’ on Marc and found out

he is adventurous, loves the outdoors

and is passionate about people … all

characteristics we have in common.

They say beautiful things happen

outside your comfort zone, and I

enjoyed stepping out of mine. I didn’t

know what to expect and enjoyed

getting to know the women and Marc.

I never thought I would come out a

stronger person, but there were so

many life lessons to learn.

The biggest misconception about

The Bachelor SA is viewers believing

that what they see on television is how

a particular person is in real life. But

what they don’t realise is that they are

only seeing a version of that person.

I don’t believe in labels or boxes …

watching the show has confirmed to

me that people are limitless, bigger

than boxes and labels, and there is

beauty in diversity.

My favourite (and most memorable)

date with Marc has to be when we

went horse riding. The moment I fell

Marisia & Marc’s 5 tips for mindful living:

1. Spread love and gratitude: Become mindful of giving and accepting love

and gratitude

2. Develop a healthy lifestyle: Make time to create healthy and nutritious

meals and create an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle

3. Get in touch with nature: Spend time outdoors and with animals. We

enjoy hiking with our fur babies, Luna and Siobhan

4. Be productive: Set daily and long term goals and reward yourself for

achieving them

5. Be positive: Surround yourself with positive people and feed your mind

with positive thoughts

off the horse our relationship reached

the next level. It can be regarded as

the worst moment … who would

want to go crashing to the ground

on a romantic date? However, it was

the moment I was most vulnerable

and fragile, and experiencing Marc’s

concern and care made me realise

how deep my feelings for him have


We’re taking the relationship day

by day as it is still young. This journey

has been challenging, but because of

it, we’re stronger today. My proposal

ring has the words ‘stronger together

babygirl’ engraved on the inside.

It’s so good to look back and see

where it all started and how far we’ve

come. For now, we just enjoy being

a couple publicly (after keeping our

relationship a secret for so long!) and

dreaming about the future.

I strongly believe couples should

set aside a special time without

electronics and distractions. Every day

I look forward to our coffee time …

just us, a warm cuppa, healthy snack

and love.

I’m still shy, but not afraid to voice

my opinion. When there is a song in

my heart, my mouth will testify to it.

Many people do not know that I’m

a redhead. I think blondes may have

more fun, but gingers are beautiful

and unique. My mother always told

me that because I had red hair, I had

iron in my blood and that makes me

emotionally and mentally stronger

than most. My roots are still red and I

do believe it is true.

My best characteristic is that I’m

an emotional being. For many years

I thought that it was my downfall.

But I’ve learnt that being emotional

means that you are strong enough

to acknowledge your feelings and

emotions, instead of shaming them.

Life is about grabbing opportunities

and not waiting for things to happen.

Make it happen yourself. I put myself

out there, and it turns out that

challenging yourself can bring a lot of

personal growth.

We cannot wait to hear what is next

for this darling couple! But for now,

they’re looking forward to hiking with

their dogs and taking a road trip as

soon as it’s possible again.

[MONTH] [YEAR] July Get 2020 It Joburg Get It West Joburg [PAGENO] West 13

Rethinking a sustainable


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The new Three Rs. But how seriously

do we really take this? And how can we encourage more people

to instil these rules as a simple habit, rather than a chore?

We got some really useful, practical tips for zero waste that are easy to incorporate into our daily lives from Karen Heron,

founder of Earth Probiotic, who says by thinking about waste before we generate it, we can collectively have a huge impact

on the war on waste. She adds that being conscious of our environmental impact helps with the choices we make, and

therefore the consequences of our actions. Easier said than done? Nope. Not if you start off with these basic tips...

Compiled by KYM ARGO


[PAGENO] Get It Joburg West [MONTH] [YEAR]

14 Get It Joburg West July 2020

Refuse (say ‘no’)

This sounds easy but often we’re bombarded with packaging we don’t want or can’t get away from.

However, if we’re prepared, this is very much easier. For example, choosing loose fruit and veg which

come almost package-free. Get yourself a mesh bag for this purpose and remember to take it with you

when you head to the shops. Also, always keep a fabric bag in your car to hold your shopping, then

refuse the plastic version offered at the store.


Large bags of food produce seem like a bargain and often are ... but only if all the contents are used. Otherwise,

you’re throwing away good food and money because there was too much of it. Buy only what

you need. A planned weekly menu is a great way to help you buy only the items required (and makes for

a quick shop). This reduces impulse spending which is often wasteful, especially if produce is forgotten

or goes bad before being used.


Most food packaging containers can be used many times over. Use the large yoghurt tubs to freeze

stock, home-made dog food and leftovers. Stick a piece of masking tape on the lid for easy labelling.

They’re great for storing beads, buttons and for planting seedlings too.


Restyle clothes you no longer wear and update them to create new items. A baggy shirt that was once

fashionable can be taken in to begin a new life as a fitted shirt. Long skirts or dresses that were an awkward

length can be shortened; jeans that mysteriously shrank in length, when lopped off at the hem

will now be very fashionable with the ends unravelling. And the cut-off fabric? Use it to patch up dog

cushions or old toys. A chipped salad bowl can be given drainage holes and become a useful pot plant

holder and old wool or thick string can be knotted, macramé-style, into holding the pot plant.


Much, but not all, the packaging we face today can be recycled into another life. Paper waste needs be

kept clean (from food waste), food waste composted, then all the other dry waste (glass, cans and plastic,

once cleaned,) can be added together. Recyclable waste is either picked out of your kerbside bins by

informal waste collectors, or separated at a Waste Recycling Facility. Clothes and household items can be

recycled easily through friends, family and even at the office as there’s always someone who can make

use of these items. Hospice gladly takes almost anything and there are many centres and charities that

collect these items, which are sold to raise funds.


You alone are not going to save the world (even though you want to!). But by your actions you’re changing

the people around you. They see you and your passion and it’s hard not to want to be you, the

queen of recycling. Share your knowledge, money-saving tips (recycling definitely saves cash) and stay

brave in your convictions

Whip up a feast with Karen Short

Taking recycling seriously

Earth Probiotic was started by Karen and Gavin Heron in 2010 with the express purpose of diverting food waste from

landfill. One hundred per cent of their products are sourced and manufactured in South Africa. All their products are

made from either recycled or upcycled material. Their packaging is recyclable and they’re aiming to make it compostable

in the near future. They believe diversity is key to thriving systems, whether they’re a business, a garden, a compost heap,

a farm or even a small pond. Everything they sell in their store they use in their home. Earth Probiotic is officially Proudly

South African and helps champion the recycling of all organics through different mechanisms in South Africa.

Details: earthprobiotic.compond.

[MONTH] [YEAR] Get It Joburg West [PAGENO]

July 2020 Get It Joburg West 15




for a


to a second-hand bookstore, the library or a local


Sam and Dom Moleta, owners of one of SA’s first

zero-waste grocers, The Refillery, spent six years

working in the yacht industry, and saw first-hand

the impact plastic waste has on the oceans. Vowing

to make a difference, they share their tips for a

zero-waste lifestyle.

First and foremost, be realistic. ‘As the inspiring Bea

Johnson says, we may never reach the zero in Zero

Waste but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.’

Be a conscious consumer. By simply being aware

that what you buy adds to the world’s consumerism

problem, you can have a positive effect.

Ban single-use. Choose to reuse what you have,

reinvent it, repurpose it, refill it and recycle it when

it finally comes to the end of its life. Buy unpackaged

fruit and veg. Only ever use reusable shopping


Support small businesses that empower people

and grow our economy.

Shop local. Or second-hand. Every single item we

own has a carbon footprint. Reduce that by not

adding shipping. It’s even better if it’s been used

before and is now finding new life instead of going

to a landfill. Mend things and donate or sell what

you no longer use. You don’t have to search far to

find charities looking for donations. Sell stuff on

Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or at Cash Crusaders

and give someone the opportunity to buy

second-hand. Donate old books and textbooks

KURO-Bo (meaning ‘black stick’ in Japanese) is the

first 100 per cent plastic-free, scientifically-proven,

natural and biodegradable water filter in Africa. Usable

in any jug or water dispenser you already have,

the activated charcoal attracts positively-charged

toxins and heavy metals, drawing them out of the

water, and depositing beneficial minerals into the

water. It also balances the pH of acidic water. A stick

gives you three-plus months of cleaner, healthier,

better-tasting water with zero waste! R195 for the

sticks, R165 for the coins. Details: kuro-bo.com


16 Get It Joburg

Get It Joburg

West July




Watch what you eat. The commercial food industry

is not environmentally friendly so go Flexitarian.

Take part in Meat-Free Mondays, add one

vegan day into your week, or simply cut out beef.

Another eco-tip is to make enough food for leftovers,

which means you don’t have to cook a new

meal from scratch every day – hooray to that!

Zero-tox. Chemicals make things expensive, are

packaged in plastic and negatively affect our

health, water supply and the planet. They’re also

not necessary. Opt for chemical-free cosmetics

and cleaning products, or make your own out of

common, non-toxic household ingredients.

Be water-wise. Share baths, take shorter showers,

invest in a water-saving showerhead and flush like

a Capetonian. Use a dishwasher instead of handwashing

– but only run it when it’s fully packed.

Rinse vegetables in a bowl of water, then use it to

water the garden.

Switch off your lights and unplug all your unused

appliances. The substantial reduction in your

monthly electricity bill will be an added bonus.

Compost. This significantly cuts waste while also

creating a positive product for your garden.

For further inspiration, tips and advice in living a

low-impact life, and to order from the store, click

on therefillery.co.za

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Inner-peace. Hurt-less. Energize-me. We love the names

as much as the product. This Bellabaci Soul Food range

of aromatherapy creams is wonderful. So’s the Cape Town

brand ... ‘In our Utopia, we’d want a world that smells divine,

silky soft skin for those who want it, healthy happy bodies

for everyone, no exception, and products that simply do

what they promise to do’. Love! R790 from bellabaci.com

Mood enhancers? Yes,

please. Biomedcan has three

products we’re stocking up

on. MOOD promises to assist

in improving one’s mood,

decreasing anxiety, stress,

depression, mood swings and

PMS, without having a sedative

effect. MIND can assist in

improving memory and

concentration, increasing brain

clarity and energy levels and

gives a feeling of upliftment.

There’s SLEEP CBD Capsules

... and who doesn’t need a

good night’s sleep? R459 each.

Details: biomedcan.co.za

Diego dalla Palma Professional, a paraben-free,

dermo-cosmeceutical skincare brand, is new on our beauty

radar. This Dandelion Orange Blossom Jelly Scrub, with a soft

gel-texture, creates a heat sensation when applied to the skin,

has sugar crystals which gently remove keratinized cells and

impurities, improving the transport of oxygen to the cells,

leaving your skin hydrated, radiant and smooth. R520.

Details: 021-701-2900 for your closest stockist.

Real treats at reasonable prices ...

we’re devotees of the Morlage

& Yorke range and love this

Lemongrass & Verbena scented

Hand & Body Lotion and Hand

Wash, R84.95 each from @Home.

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18 Get It Joburg West July 2020

A long soak

in a hot tub

(not too full,

though!) ...

bliss. New in

the Earthsap

range, Wild

Rose &

Lavender Bath

Salts, R79.95

from wellness


And ... RELAX

Live mindfully. Go for a walk. Practise yoga. Meditate.

And enjoy some me-time with carefully selected products.

All lychee and bergamot,

redcurrant and rose,

freesia and vanilla

(swooningly lovely

scents here), I am Sassy

is a great range for a

spoil-yourself session at

home. Priced from R29.

Details: dealz.co.za

Aah, spa! This Clarins Relax Body

Treatment Oil - with 100 per

cent plant extracts - soothes,

replenishes and relaxes, relieving

stress and fatigue. R615 from your

Clarins stockist.

TheraNaka has a range of hydrating,

silky-textured body oils which can be used neat

on the skin, or added to running water into

your bath. Local and lovely, there’s this African

Earth Body Oil (safe to use while pregnant)

as well as Peace, Recharge, and Vigour

options. R226 each from theranaka.co.za

We’re completely enamoured with the William Dabs range at Checkers, and the new Spa range is heavenly. Great

packaging, brilliant ingredients and products, exceptionally well priced. What’s not to love? A body scrub and butter, foaming

handwash and dry oil spray, bath oil and soak ... the full home spa treatment. From R44.99 to R69.99, exclusive to Checkers.

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July 2020 Get It Joburg West 19

Compiled by: KYM ARGO.



If, like us, you’re a fan of essentials oils,

you’ll love these must-have oils for

common ailments. Stay healthy!



What it’s good for:

• Anti-inflammatory • Antioxidant • Increased blood flow • Reduced tension headaches • Cold sores • Easing arthritis

pain • Clearing sinuses

How to use it:

• To alleviate a headache simply roll up a damp, clean cloth and sprinkle with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Apply to

forehead, focusing on your temples and the back of your neck.

• Added to warm baths, eucalyptus oil’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties help to rejuvenate stiff and sore


• Diffuse five drops for an immune system booster.

• Apply two to three drops to your chest and back of your neck as a cough reliever.


20 Get It Joburg

Get It Joburg

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Soil tea tree organic essential

oil, R45 • Ceramic burner

perfect for your favourite

essential oils or soy wax melts,

R130. Both from soil.co.za

Aura Zen Ultrasonic

Diffuser. R1 249 from



What it’s good for:

• Headache & migraine relief • Upset stomach

• Reducing fevers • Flavouring hot drinks

• Suppressing appetite • Energy boost

• Get rid of bad breath

How to use it:

• Dilute and apply to temples, above ears and/ or

back of the neck for headache or migraine relief

• Apply topically to the abdomen or place one drop

under tongue for upset stomach

• Apply along the spine to bring down a fever

• Use a drop of peppermint and a drop of lemon in

water for a mouth rinse

• Use on the bottom of your feet and on your chest

to improve breathing and fight flu infections.

Cinnamon, orange & clove

These three oils are amazing when diffused

together. They make your home smell inviting and

warm and at the same time, they’re invigorating

and energising. We all know that the longer winter

lasts, the harder it can be to be positive and upbeat.

What it’s good for:

• Energising and uplifting • Baking • Emotional

balance • Dental discomfort

How to use it:

• Diffuse them together to uplift the mood

• Add a few drops, to baking (muffins, cookies,

frosting, etc) to add flavour

• Use clove to relieve tooth pain

Tea tree

What it’s good for:

• Itchy skin • Inflammation • Dry skin •

Sore throat • Cold sores • Congestion •

Ear infections

How to use it:

• Breathe easier when you have a cold

with the help of tea tree oil. Place a few

drops of tea tree in a carrier oil (olive,

coconut, almond oil or any other) into

the tub or shower before you get in to

release the oils into the steam.

• Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with

two teaspoons of raw, organic honey

and apply to the pimple using

a cotton pad, then rinse with


• Relieves earaches: Mix 1 drop of

tea tree oil with 1 tsp.

olive oil, drop mixture

into the ear, then

remove by tilting head.

• Relieves asthma when

a few drops are added

to a humidifier.

[MONTH] [YEAR] Get It Joburg West [PAGENO]

July 2020 Get It Joburg West 21

Give these oils a try


Lemon oil is great for helping relieve symptoms of

menopause and is known to improve clarity, increase

concentration and boost the immune system. Lemon

oil is also useful for soothing a sore throat when added

to hot water.


A powerful antioxidant, myrrh is often added to beauty

products to help maintain healthy skin. It’s also useful

for preventing infections and is recognised for its antiparasitic,

antifungal and even anti-cancer benefits.


A must for the first-aid box! A versatile oil, lavender is

renowned for its relaxing and calming properties and its

ability to relieve headaches and insomnia. Excellent for all

skin types, it’s also very effective in the treatment of burns

and prevention of scarring.

Our fave to

keep the cold away


• Add one or two drops to a

hot bath when you have a

cold. The diffuser-like effect

will help relieve a congested

nose and chest.

• Make your very own vapour

rub at home using this oil.

Combine a few drops of basil

essential oil with eucalyptus

essential oil and mix the oils

in with a carrier oil, such as

coconut. You can use the

combined oil for topical

application by massaging

onto your chest.

Young Living Basil Essential

Oil (15ml), R470 from


Take note! Buy pure oils. To test whether oils have been diluted

with vegetable oil, place a couple of drops on a piece of paper.

If they leave an oily ring, they may contain vegetable oil. Before

purchasing an oil, ask if you can try a small amount on your skin

and watch for a reaction such as a rash or irritation.

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Meltdowns, temper tantrums or hissy fits … Sounds familiar? Well, what if you can

avoid it in the first place by teaching your kids to be mindful?


Pure Health Centre’s Dr Bianca De Canha and mom of

two boys shares her 5 tips:

1. Even parents make mistakes and children can learn

from this

In a world where the emphasis is placed on perfection

and ‘getting it right’ it’s important for children to be aware

of the fact that even parents make mistakes. Whether it

is a recent one or a time in your life that you can reflect

on where a mistake was made and a lesson learnt, this is

a wonderful opportunity to teach children that we learn

from these mistakes. It’s important to share these mistakes

with your children, explain how you navigated the problem

and ultimately how a resolution came about. Most

importantly, share with them what you learned as a

result and how you carry that lesson with you through

your life today.

2. Feelings are there to be felt and shared

No one feels as intensely, as suddenly and as fully as a

child. Children experience emotions fully and as they grow

and learn, are then taught to control these emotions. I

have, on many occasions wondered whether this learned

control is a good or a bad thing. Feelings are meant to be

felt. When we teach children that certain emotions are bad,

‘boys don’t cry’, being angry is bad etc. we warp their perception

of how one should or should not experience these

emotions. It’s important to remember that they are neither

good nor bad, and rather that they form part of the human

experience. As a parent, I have found much value in sharing

my laughter, my happiness and my sadness with my

children. In so doing they have seen me laugh, cry and fly

off the handle. All these emotions have been made normal

and neither one nor the other makes me a good or a bad

person. It’s just how I feel at that moment in time before

the next emotion takes over.

3. Always keep your word – even if it’s inconvenient

Nothing is more important, in my family legacy than the

importance of keeping your word. And no one can find

a more inopportune time to call you out on it than your

child. I have shared wonderful moments of connection

with my son when I kept my word with him and as a result,

I could clearly see him grow to trust me. His reassurance

that the next time would be no different has solidified his

understanding of our verbal agreements. The tricky part

comes when you are held to this at an inconvenient time.

This is when it counts the most! At these times when you

are overworked, pressed for time, about to sit down to

your first meal of the day at 7pm, exhausted or in a crowd

... keep your word! Teach them the meaning of trust, show

[PAGENO] 24 Get It Joburg Get It Joburg West July West 2020 [MONTH] [YEAR]

them what reliability looks like and sit back and smile when

they turn to you and say ‘I keep my word, like you do mom!’

4. Take time to explain

You will be surprised at how they get it! Taking the time to

explain their questions to them, at a level that is appropriate

for their age, maturity and development help them to piece

together the world that they live in. Finding the balance between

offering more information than what they are ready

for is the next challenge we face, which is why I try to answer

exactly what my son asks at that time. Should he need more

information following my explanation, after a pensive pause,

I know he will be sure to follow it up with a ‘but mom …?’.

5. Be aware

Be aware of their needs. These may be in the form of physical

contact or time together, words of encouragement and

affirmation or simply a gesture of kindness or comfort. The

simplest way to meet this need, or at least to figure out what

it is that they need, is to ask them. A simple question of ‘how

can I make this better’, ‘what can I do to fix my mistake’, ‘what

would make your heart feel better’, ‘how can I make this up

to you?’. A simple question with the potential to help them

through a difficult moment or experience, by simply being

aware of their needs, what they need for fulfilment and you,

their parent, not being afraid to fill their love tank.

Details: Pure Health Centre, 218 Voortrekker Road, Krugersdorp

on 011 954 6091/ 6981 or email purehealthcentre@gmail.com.

Create a calm down jar

Glitter jars are one way to help

relax any stressed-out children

(or adults!).

It is a great idea to use

whenever a child feels stressed,

overwhelmed or upset.

Imagine the glitter as your

thoughts. When you shake the

jar, imagine your head full of

whirling thoughts, then watch

them slowly settle while you

calm down. So, fill a clear jar

almost all the way with water.

Next, add a big spoonful of

glitter glue or glue and dry

glitter to the jar. Put the lid back

on the jar and shake it to make

the glitter swirl.

It can also be used as a ‘time

out’ timer. Simply tell your child

to watch the jar until the flakes

have all fallen – it’s only at this

point that they’ll be allowed

to leave the time out area.

Using extra glue will mean that

the glitter floats for longer, so

you can adjust the length of

the time out according to the

child’s age.

Dr Bianca De Canha

Read this! Calm: Mindfulness for Kids by

Wynne Kinder

Teach your kids how to focus their thoughts

and notice the world around them with this

fun mindfulness kids’ activity book. Mindfulness

activities are a great way to teach

children about their thoughts and feelings

and how to understand them – while having

fun at the same time. R241, Exclusive


Worth the try!

When kids are seeing red,

help steer them back into their

green zone by placing one

hand on their chest and one

hand on their stomach, then

simply breathing. Kids can

practice this calming technique

before bed when they’re getting

relaxed and sleepy.

Each time the exercise is repeated,

its calming effect

is reinforced.

Mindful eating tips:

• Plan recipes and make food choices

together whenever possible. This

exposes children to the ingredients

and may help avoid pickiness.

• Include children in making food.

This teaches children valuable

cooking skills.

• At mealtime, make food the main

attraction. No phones, computers, or

TV at breakfast or dinner.

• Slow the meal down. Try serving

some foods at each meal that take

longer to eat, like soups, salads, and

cut-up fresh fruit and vegetables.

Encourage kids to savour food by

asking them to describe shape,

colour, smell, texture, and taste.

• Skip the lectures. Meals should

nourish your child’s mind and soul.

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Thoughtful wine options

From the organic, biodynamic winery Waterkloof, Circle of Life White 2016 is a blend of mostly Sauvignon Blanc,

Chenin Blanc and a touch of Sémillon. Beautiful aromatics of lime and gooseberry. From around R160 a bottle. Details:

waterkloofwines.co.za. • Award-winning Flagstone Free Run Reserve Sauvignon Blanc is all layers of fruit complexity with

aromas of asparagus, green fig, citrus, passion fruit as well as a hint of guava. It’s full-bodied, complex and classy ... and best

of all, it’s vegan! With a limited release of 2100 bottles, you can get if for R220 a bottle from the flagstonewines.com • For

an Almost Zero alcohol wine (0.3 per cent, to be exact), we suggest you stock up on this Van Loveren Family Vineyards

Radiant Red (there’s a Wonderful White and Ravishing Rosé, too.) It’s made using traditional winemaking methods,

combined with modern de-alcoholisation methods, and you’ll find it at your local stores for around R69. • Two exceptional

vegan-friendly options from Bouchard Finlayson are the Missionvale Chardonnay 2017 (with flavours of pineapple and

white pear and a mere hint of toasted hazelnut) and Hannibal 2017, (originally prompted by the classic taste and palate

of Italian varieties, Sangiovese and Nebbiolo. R276 and R331 respectively, from bouchardfinlayson.co.za

[PAGENO] 26 Get It Joburg Get It Joburg West July West 2020 [MONTH] [YEAR]

Drinking responsibly is nothing new. Living mindfully means

you should take a good look at the estates and the wines

you’re choosing ... with conservation, organic,

vegan-friendly and low alcohol being

part of your buying decisions.

Delheim is an industry leader in its commitment to conservation and responsible production practices. The farm uses

a bio-natural water management plant that recycles all cellar waste water, takes care to preserve substantial tracts of

mountain fynbos, and promotes bio-diversity. The Delheim Chenin Blanc Wild Ferment is made in one of the most

natural processes – by allowing spontaneous fermentation by indigenous yeast. Around R145 a bottle. Details: delheim.

com • Demonstrating their commitment to a greener, animal-friendly future, Spier was the first winery in the world to

receive Control Union Vegan Standard certification by the accredited certifying body, Control Union. So an excellent

choice for vegans is the Spier Creative Block 2 (a Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon blend) and the Seaward Chardonnay, two

of the four vegan wines from Spier’s vegan range. R110 each from spier.co.za • Mensa winemaker Ben Snyman crafts only

vegan-friendly wines, eschewing the use of any animal products in the cellar. There are two fabulous vegan-friendly wines

– Sauvignon Blanc 2019 is a beautifully balanced wine brimming with citrus and tropical fruit, and Cabernet Sauvignon

2018 has all intense flavours of dark chocolate and blackberry. R80 and R90 from mensawines.com

Compiled by: KYM ARGO. Photographer: MEGAN BRETT.

[MONTH] [YEAR] July Get 2020 It Joburg Get It Joburg West [PAGENO] West 27

Tucking into a delicious meal is one thing, but eating food that’s also good for you is not always a given. One way to cook

your way to better health is to grab a copy of Mindful Eating. In it, Izelle Hoffman not only lists the ingredients that are

your best nutritional friends (did you know that mustard helps build strong bones and sweet potato is an anti-inflammatory

immune booster?), but gets down to the nitty-gritty with 78 recipes. Find yummy rosemary almond bread; honey-mustard

and rosemary chicken tray bake; farm-style beef and veggie soup, as well as lamb and fig skewers with minty apricot glaze

among the collection. Chocoholics please note – you’ll definitely want to try the fillet medallions with chilli-chocolate sauce,

the sweet potato chocolate brownies and the guilt-free chocolate cake (yay!) Struik Lifestyle, R350.

[PAGENO] 28 Get It Joburg Get It Joburg West July West 2020 [MONTH] [YEAR]



Indulgent and show-stopping, Vegan Cakes is the place where traditional

baking rules are thrown out of the window, proving you don’t need dairy

and eggs to create baked wonders. In Sarah Hardy’s book, you’ll find recipes

for a pink vanilla dream cake and sherry berry trifle, a rose and ginger

cheesecake and black sesame banana bread. Step-by-step recipes, yummy

photos and tips about vegan icing and decorations, this is one all vegans –

actual or aspiring – will love. Hardie Grant Books, R340.

Yes, you’d love to lose weight, but

where to start? Consulting dietitian

Regine du Plessis gives all the info

you need plus recipes for 1000 kJ

meals, in A Slimmer You Cookbook.

The introduction includes topics

such as BMI (body mass index) and

cholesterol, how to balance daily

food intake with physical activity as

well as the role of carbohydrates,

proteins and fats in our diet. Don’t

despair ... it’s not all lettuce and

lemon juice. Yes, you can have fried

egg and bacon for brekkie, or tuck

into a burger or yummy savoury beef

mince. You can even splash out and

enjoy chicken in red wine or ostrich

fillet steak with a baked potato. Got

a sweet tooth? Sorry, no luck, as this

book sticks firmly to breakfasts, salads,

soups, chicken, meat, fish and pasta.

Struik Lifestyle, R300.

Local foodie darling Sarah Graham has just released another of her brilliant

cookbooks, this one featuring plant-based recipes. Super Natural is, Sarah says,

‘a celebration of vegetables (and their humble friends ... fruit, whole grains,

nuts, seeds, legumes and pulses)’. Great, seasonal, plant-based food. We will, this

month, be making her whole roasted tandoori cauliflower flatbreads and her

salted peanut butter oak cookies. Then so much more. As you’d expect from

Sarah – amazing! Penguin Random House, R320.

[MONTH] [YEAR] July Get 2020 It Joburg Get It Joburg West [PAGENO] West 29

A lovely spicy Shiraz is a slam

dunk for winter beets

Cooler weather calls for hearty root vegetables

and succulent meat dishes. And those, in turn,

call for a spicy Shiraz. Tokara Chef Carolize

Coetzee has shared the recipe for her flavourful

salt-baked beetroot, which is perfectly paired

with the estate’s full-bodied premium Tokara


Salt-baked beetroot

You’ll need:

4 medium-sized whole beetroot; 800g coarse

salt; 3 egg whites from extra-large eggs; 500g

cake flour; 250ml water

For the garnish: Raspberries, fennel, toasted

walnuts and celery.


Preheat the oven to 180°C

Blend the salt and flour together in a food

processor until fine. In a mixer with a dough

hook, mix the flour mixture with the egg whites

and water until a dough is formed.

Wash and dry the unpeeled beetroot.

Roll out the dough until 5mm in thickness. Cut

into big enough pieces and wrap around each

entire beetroot.

Bake for 1 hour, then remove from oven and

cool slightly. Break open the dough and remove

the beetroot. Discard the baked dough.

Peel the beetroot, then rinse and dry with a

paper towel. Cool and slice the beetroot thinly.

Garnish with raspberry, fennel, toasted walnuts

and celery.



Beetroot & Garlic

Salt Flakes add extra

flavour and a pop of

colour to even the

most simple dish.

The beetroot stains

the salt a beautiful

pink colour and

gives it a delicate,

earthy flavour, while

the garlic gives

the mixture some

punch. R70 from


A glass of red. A platter

of cheeses – including a

creamy blue. A bottle of

Woolworths’ Beetroot

& Fig Preserve. Life

is good. R52.99 from


This fullbodied

Tokara Shiraz

is available at

a cellar door

price of R125,

for online


and delivery.

Details: tokara.


Compiled by KYM ARGO

[PAGENO] 30 Get It Joburg Get It Joburg West July West 2020 [MONTH] [YEAR]



Warm beetroot and

butternut winter salad

Butternut. Beet. Goat’s cheese. A

marriage made in foodie heaven.

This recipe was generously

shared by a chef at the De Hoop

Collection in the De Hoop

Reserve, just east of Cape Agulhas,

on a visit a year or two ago, and

we’ve made it again and again

and again. It’s a method, more

than a recipe, so we’ve given no

quantities ... jiggle depending on

how many you’re feeding. The

dressing is enough for a salad for

four to six people.

Peel butternut and beets, cut

into large, similar size chunks, toss

lightly in olive oil and roast until

cooked. While roasting, make the

dressing. Into a small bowl, put half

a cup of Mrs Ball’s chutney, add a

good shake of chilli flakes, three

generous tablespoons of honey, a

handful of chopped spring onions,

salt and freshly ground black

pepper and enough olive oil to

blend (about quarter of a cup).

Pile some fresh rocket on a plate,

then scatter the warm, baked

butternut and beets over the top.

Pour over the dressing, then top

with dollops of goat’s cheese.

Sprinkle with toasted pine nuts.

Top tip: Ring the changes to suit

your taste. Feta works as well as

goat’s cheese, roasted walnuts

can replace pine nuts, leave off

the rocket if you want to serve it

as a vegetable side dish instead

of a salad.

Good for you granola. This Raw Goji Berry

& Beetroot Granola has no preservatives

or added sugar, is a great source of

fibre and is made from certified organic

ingredients. R49.99 from Woolworths.

Oh my! The range of fabrics from The Whimsical Duchess is just glorious. Custom

made, printed fabrics in tablecloths, cushion covers, tea towels or sold by the metre

... brilliant for a statement sofa, a bed throw, a picnic blanket. There’s natural linen and

cotton canvas, bull denim and mock linen and plush velvet too, with prices per metre

from around R650. This Roots of Magenta is one of our favourites.

Details: thewhimsicalduchess.co.za

[MONTH] [YEAR] July Get 2020 It Joburg Get It Joburg West [PAGENO] West 31


to the occasion

There’s something about a slice of freshly baked,

home-made bread, served with a thick pat of

butter, that creates a feeling of comfort and

cosiness. And the very act of making something

with your hands can improve your mental health!

So get baking. We’ve found some easy recipes

to get you started.


Fancy a

delicious sweet pot

bread? We have got just

the right recipe


[PAGENO] 32 Get It Joburg Get It Joburg West July West 2020 [MONTH] [YEAR]

Sarah Graham’s seed bread

A lovely loaf that’s gluten-free and


You’ll need:

1 cup mixed seeds/ nuts; 1 cup

almond flour; 1 cup coconut flour; 2

cups water (start with 1½ cups and

add more as necessary); 3 Tblsps

psyllium husks (available at Clicks and

health stores); 1 tsp bicarb of soda; ½

cup coconut oil (warmed until liquid);

¼ cup natural yoghurt (or coconut

milk/ extra water); 2 tsp honey (or

alternative healthy natural sweetener);

½ tsp salt


Preheat oven to 180°C and grease and

line a small/medium-sized loaf tin.

Mix all ingredients together – if it

seems very dry add another ¼ cup

water. It will not be like usual bread, it

will seem quite crumbly and have the

texture of beach sand, which is fine.

Transfer mixture to loaf tin, gently

smooth out the surface using the

back of a spoon and bake for about 30

minutes or until golden.

A great tip is to leave the loaf to cool

to room temperature, remove from

the tin, slice, then freeze in slices and

remove a slice at a time to thaw or

toast just before eating. It’s a great

snack with mashed avo or

scrambled egg.

Garlic, cheddar, bacon &

beer bread

Garlic. Cheddar. Bacon. Beer. What more

could you possibly want? Great to serve

at your next braai.

You’ll need:

3 cups self-raising flour; ½ cup sugar;

340ml beer; 1 cup grated Cheddar

cheese; ½ cup bacon (chopped); 1

Tblsp garlic powder; 1 tsp parsley; ¼

cup melted butter


Preheat the oven to 190°C. In a large

bowl, gently stir together the flour,

sugar and beer until combined. Then

gently stir in the cheese, bacon, garlic

powder and parsley. Pour the resulting

batter into a greased loaf tin, then pour

the melted butter on top of the batter.

Cook for 50 minutes to one hour, or

until a skewer inserted into the bread

comes out clean. Let the bread cool for

at least five minutes before serving.

TIP: If you don’t allow

your bread enough time

to rise, it will be dense and

chewy after you bake it. Just

be sure to give it plenty of

time to get the lift it needs.

You can tell if the bread has

risen enough when you poke

a knuckle into the dough

and the indentation slowly

springs back.

No-knead bread

No muscles? No problem. Here’s a no-knead bread that’s easy and delicious.

You’ll need:

1 ½ tsp honey; 1 ½ tsp active dry yeast; 1 ¾ cups warm water, divided; 3 ½ cups allpurpose

flour, divided; 1 ½ tsp kosher salt


Combine honey, yeast, and a ½ cup of the water in a small bowl and stir lightly. Let

stand for 5 minutes. Keep 1½ Tblsps of the flour for later. Place remaining flour in a

large bowl – add salt, whisk to combine, then form a well in the centre. Add yeast

mixture and remaining 1¼ cups water into well and stir until combined. Remove

dough from sides of the bowl and form a ball in the bottom centre of the bowl

(dough will be very sticky and wet). Sprinkle top with reserved flour. Cover bowl

with plastic wrap and place in a warm area. Let rise for two hours.

Preheat oven to 220°C. Remove half the dough and place in a loaf shape on a

lightly greased baking sheet. Repeat with remaining dough, and place five to

seven centimetres apart on the same prepared baking sheet. Bake until golden

and toasted and a hollow sound is heard when tapped – about 22 to 25 minutes.

Let stand for five minutes before serving.

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Farmhouse white bread

(Makes two loaves)

You’ll need:

5 cups bread flour; 10g instant yeast; 2 tsp

salt; 3 tsp sugar; 1 Tblsp extra virgin olive oil; 2

cups lukewarm water


Place all the dry ingredients in the bowl of an

electric mixer fitted with a dough hook and

begin mixing on low speed.

Add the oil to the warm water and slowly

add to the flour mixture until well combined.

Knead the dough for about 10 minutes on

low speed until the dough is smooth, elastic

and not sticky to the touch. Place dough in a

clean, lightly oiled bowl, loosely covered with

a kitchen towel and leave in a warm place

for about an hour or until the dough has

doubled in size.

Using your fist, punch down the dough to

expel the air. Lightly knead by hand for a

minute or two until the dough is smooth

again. Divide the dough equally in two.

Shape each half into a log and place into two

lightly greased loaf tins. Once again, cover

with a towel and leave in a warm place for 30

– 40 minutes until doubled in size.

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Lightly brush loaves with egg wash (one egg

whisked with a dash of milk and a pinch of

salt) and place in preheated oven for 40-50

minutes or until beautifully risen, golden

and sounds hollow when gently tapped

underneath. Remove from tin and allow to

cool on a wire rack.

A great addition to your kitchen library…

In 100 Great Breads by Paul Hollywood, you can discover the nostalgic

smell of milk loaf and rye bread, how to master baguettes and

croissants, and try your hand at some inspiring bakes, including Pane

Toscano with Dolcelatte and Cypriot Easter Bread, as well as sweet

treats such as Honey & Saffron Loaf and Chocolate & Sour Cherry Bread.

R389, Yuppiechef.com

Invest in this:

The Pa Casola has 13 preset

functions and a 13-hour

programmable timer. Simply add

your bread batter before you go to

bed and tuck into delicious, warm

home-made bread when you wake

up. It even allows you to select

your crust setting from light to

medium or dark. Taurus Pa Casola

bread maker, 850W,

R2 999, @Home.

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Baking tips

from the pro

Amori Burger, chef at the Van Der

Linde restaurant, tells us what to

watch out for...

1. Adding too much flour to the bread –

some bread doughs call for a ‘gloopy’ dough

but you feel it might be too sticky and add

more flour. Trust the fermentation magic to

do what it needs to do.

2. Using a stand mixer – if you’re just baking

at home, use your hands. When you touch

the dough you’ll understand when the

recipe talks about ‘the feel’ and this is how

you learn and get better. You’ll know after

baking what different doughs feel like and

you can tweak them into getting the desired

crumb and crust etc.

3. Too hot or too cold when fermenting

– the temperature of the fermentation is

very important. Too hot and it will proof too

quickly and the gluten will not develop the

way it’s supposed to. Too cold and you’ll get

a different kind of loaf. Optimal temperature

is 25°C to 28°C.

4. Being impatient – when the recipe asks

for 12 - 18 hours of fermentation, do 18

hours. You will be rewarded.

5. Not baking the bread enough – there’s

a fine line between baked perfectly and

burnt. This is a skill that comes with practice

and there’s no easy way, unfortunately. The

French call it ‘bien cuit pas trop cuff’ – ‘well

baked, but not overdone’. When perfectly

baked, the crust will have layers of flavours

that are complex and make the difference

between good bread and great bread.

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Compiled by KYM ARGO



your own veggies

Growing your own veggies has always been

a great idea, and now more than ever.

Covid-19 has given new impetus to growing our own food. Eating fresh

greens naturally strengthens the immune system and means fewer visits to

the supermarket (reducing the risk of exposure). Plus, it puts food on the

table for minimal cost ... you can satisfy a family’s need for vegetables with

a veggie garden the size of a door (1m wide by 3m long). Starting small

makes veggie growing more manageable. Grow veggies in pots or plant

boxes on the balcony, patio or kitchen courtyard. Plant them among flowers

in the garden or make your own veggie patch in a sunny space.

What veggies want ...

• At least six hours of sunshine,

especially in winter. In summer,

morning sun and afternoon

shade are best.

• Fertile, well-composted

soil that drains well, or good

quality potting mix with

added compost and controlled

release organic fertilizer for

pot-grown veggies.

• Shelter from draughts or

wind, which dry out or chill


• A level site, although a slight

slope helps with drainage.

What you need ...

• Buy-in from the family. Ask them what

they’d like to eat. That’s what you need

to grow!

• Enough time … to give daily attention

to the food garden, preferably five

minutes a day rather than 15 minutes

once a week. There’s a saying: ‘In order

to live off a garden you practically have

to live in it’.

• Money to buy seed or seedlings,

compost, (if you don’t make your

own), fertilizer, pesticides (organic or

chemical), and tools.

• Basic tools: a spade, fork, rake,

watering can and hose.


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Healthy soil grows healthy veggies

Most garden soils lack the balance of nutrients

required for good growth. For a productive

veggie garden, make healthy soil a priority.

Regularly enrich it by digging in compost

and organic fertilizer, grow green manures

and practice companion planting by pairing

beneficial herbs and veggies, like basil and

tomatoes, thyme and cabbage, oregano and


Seed or seedlings?

Sowing from seed is the most affordable way

to garden. A single packet can yield two or

three successive crops, possibly even for the

following year. Most seeds germinate within

seven to 14 days and are ready for thinning

out and transplanting within another three

to four weeks. Root veggies are best sown

directly into the soil, leafy and fruiting veggies

into seed trays.

Seedling packs are for gardeners in a hurry

(like most of us). They’re more expensive but if

you miss the sowing window, seedlings allow

you to play catch-up. With seedlings there isn’t

the hassle of germination failure, thinning out

or wondering when to transplant. There’s also

less chance of overplanting. However, there’s

less variety than you’ll find in seed packets,

although many heirloom varieties are now

available as seedlings.

Patio veggies ... these are compact varieties

bred for growing in pots, or small spaces,

allowing more plants to fit into less space. The

winter range includes Simply Salad mixes of

leaf lettuce and Asian greens, as well as Kale

Storm, a compact curly-leaved variety and

Wonder Wok, a mix of Asian greens.

For summer there’s a wide range of tomatoes,

zucchini Easy Pick, butternut Honeynut,

jalapeno chilli La Bomba, hot and sweet pot

peppers, eggplant Patio Baby and cucumber

Patio Snacker, as well as Simply Herbs

rosemary, oregano and thyme.

Plants are available in pots from garden

centres or seed can be ordered online.

Details: gropak.co.za

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Tips for container veggies

• Use containers with drainage holes,

and are also deep and wide enough to

accommodate the roots and growth of

the mature vegetable.

• Use the best possible potting soil,

enriched with compost and topped

with mulch.

• Foliar feed or drench the soil with a

liquid fertilizer at least once a month

because vegetables are heavy feeders.

• Replace the soil every two years.

• Water pots two to three times a week

in winter and every day in summer.

Ready, steady … plant

Winter veggies that can be planted out

as seedlings are kale, tatsoi, mizuna,

pak choi, giant red mustard, Red Frills

mustard, Green in Snow mustard,

cabbage, garden peas, rocket, Swiss

chard and spinach. Protect seedlings

with frost cloth overnight.

Sow summer fruiting crops like

tomatoes, brinjals, sweet peppers,

squash and beans indoors in seed

trays or pots, under warm, controlled

conditions. By the end of September

seedlings will be ready for planting out.

Sowing calendar at a glance

Spring vegetables (August – Sept sowing)

Bush beans, beetroot, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, garden peas, Swiss chard.

Summer vegetables (end Sept – Nov sowing)

Tomatoes, brinjals, bush and runner beans, cucumber, baby marrow, sweet pepper,

chillies, summer squash, sweet corn, pumpkin.

Autumn vegetables (Dec/Jan – March sowing)

Bush and runner beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery,

carrots, beetroot, lettuce, Swiss chard.

Winter vegetables (end Feb – May sowing)

Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broad beans, kale,

lettuce, radish, Swiss chard and spinach.

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Take a


road trip in the Cape

Watching whales, relaxing beach walks

and an outdoor massage. Book us in!

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Living mindfully is all about making well-thought-out decisions about everything ...

including – and perhaps most importantly – about your well-being. And after the last

few months of stress, tension and uncertainty, we think taking some time out to restore

mind, body and soul is well worth it.

This Wellness Road Trip with Cape Country Routes, which goes from Paarl up the

South Coast to the De Hoop Nature Reserve, sounds perfect.

It starts in Paarl, with its range of cultural and historical attractions, then continues along

the exceptionally scenic Cape South Coast, where the indigenous Cape fynbos meets

the cold seas at the southernmost tip of Africa, and on to the De Hoop Nature Reserve.

This is a natural wonder of unsurpassed beauty and a favourite destination for hikers,

cyclists, bird watchers, whale watchers and seekers of natural beauty.

For enhancing wellness, peace of mind, calm and tranquillity, spend one night at the

Cascade Country Manor in Paarl with its beautiful views of the olive orchards, vineyards

and mountains and indulge in a variety of treatments at the in-house spa or relax in the

pool area, or take a walk to the waterfall. Other activities include wine tastings, wine

tours and hiking.

The next night is spent at The Arniston Spa Hotel, set in one of the Cape’s most exquisite

locations next to an old fishing village, surrounded by pristine beaches and nature

reserves. Here you can enjoy panoramic views of the unspoilt ocean and endless

beaches, take long, relaxing beach walks, visit local wineries, indulge in soothing inhouse

spa treatments, and much more.

Your final two nights will be at the De Hoop Collection. The De Hoop Spa is an oasis of

calm – one that offers the ultimate escape with a variety of revitalising beauty and body

treatments ... think a range of relaxing massages to soothe the body and mind, as well

as a selection of facials, manicures, pedicures and grooming services. Other activities

include an eco river cruise, walks through herds of eland and bontebok to the ocean, a

visit the Cape vulture colony and whale-watching (in season).

The Wellness Road Trip Tour costs R4 390 a person sharing, on a bed and breakfast

basis. The rate excludes all other meals, entrance fees and activities. Valid until

September 30, 2020. Booking is essential, and you’ll need to use the reference CCR 6

Day when booking. Details: CCR Central Reservations on 076-203-8929 (also WhatsApp) or


Compiled by KYM ARGO

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A fresh non-alcoholic spirit

Fancy a drink? Thinking something fresh? But you’re not

wanting anything alcoholic. Hello, Seedlip Garden

108. This aromatic, non-alcoholic drink captures the

essence of the English countryside, all handpicked peas

and hay, rosemary, spearmint and thyme. Boasting to

be the world’s first non-alcoholic beverage spirit, it was

developed in a farm kitchen in the English woods, with a

small copper still and a copy of The Art of Distillation ... a

publication written in 1651 which documents remedies

used by apothecaries. Sister to Seedlip Spice 94 (think

spicy berries and cardamom, alongside lemon and

grapefruit peel) and the just-released Seedlip Grove

42 (a mouthful of citrus deliciousness) here’s another

bonus ... the spirit has zero calories, is sugar- and

sweetener-free and has no artificial flavours (perfect for

those embracing the spirit of mindful drinking). You’ll

find Seedlip in your local bottle store for R229. We’re

giving away a bottle ... to stand in line to win, simply

visit our Facebook page (@GetItJoburgWest), like our

post and tag a spice-loving friend and you’ll be in the

draw. Entries close July 31.

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