Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens 2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report


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S T A N H Y W E T H A L L & G A R D E N S

The Carriage House

The Season

“Redbud Blooms” at the Coal Mines

One of Akron’s most visible, influential and cultural champions in the early 20th

century, Stan Hywet matriarch Gertrude Seiberling also left a beautiful and very

personal legacy in the works of art she created.

Influenced by this legacy, the

2019 theme, Lasting Impressions,

celebrated Gertrude’s passion for

painting, which she discovered

late in life and continued to pursue

until she could no longer hold a


Stan Hywet’s curator reached

deep into the archives to identify a

select collection of Gertrude’s most

enduring canvases of the estate’s

iconic gardens. Fifteen paintings

inspired Fused, a lush summer

garden gallery created by 4 artists

exhibited throughout the gardens.

The Art of Gertrude Seiberling, the

fifth book in a series on the estate,

was also released to coincide with

the exhibit.

S T A N H Y W E T H A L L & G A R D E N S

Throughout the season, art played

a prominent role. The annual

Father’s Day Car Show, the annual

Gala presented as A Chef’s Canvas,

and Deck the Hall’s a Classic Comic

Hero Christmas were among the events

that were approached from an artist’s perspective.



Our mission is to preserve

and share our historic estate

and serve as a resource for

educational, cultural and

recreational enrichment.

Dear Friends

In 2019, we shared the passion of Gertrude Seiberling for the arts along with her many talents as an artist herself with the season’s theme

Art: Lasting Impressions. Gertrude used her artistic vision to lead the design of the estate of Stan Hywet and later in life used the very same

design elements of the estate as a basis for her own art. The programs, exhibits, tours and activities of the season spotlighted her work

drawing over 126,000 visitors from near and far.

As part of the season, Stan Hywet sought out the talents of local artist to create Fused, a garden exhibit utilizing Gertrude’s paintings

as inspiration melding modern art with the old showcasing 15 sculptures throughout the gardens for all to enjoy. In the manor house,

Gertrude’s paintings were displayed as an art gallery throughout its halls providing a deeper look into her skills as an artist.

Stan Hywet continued to engage new community partners working with Akron Marathon organizers and partners throughout the city to

host the starting line of the newly designed Akron Marathon course. Thousands of runners gathered on the grounds of Stan Hywet on that

September morning to begin their journey throughout Akron in support of Akron Children’s Hospital and many other individual causes. Stan

Hywet also continued its work to remove financial barriers of access to those in need through its partnership with Akron Public Schools to

provide 2,000 memberships to APS families free of charge along with continuing the “Museums for All” program in collaboration with four

other peer organizations (Akron Zoo, Akron Art Museum, Akron Children’s Museum and Summit County Historical Society).

Stan Hywet once again presented fun filled public events including the Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast, Father’s Day Car Show featuring

art cars, the first annual “Off the Vine” wine tasting and culinary event, Shakespeare showcasing “Hamlet” and “Measure for Measure”,

the second year of the Molto Bella Auto Show welcoming over 4,500 car enthusiasts in partnership with the Summit County Kidney

Foundation, another record setting Ohio Mart and Deck the Hall celebrating “Class Comic Hero Christmas”. Deck the Hall, using the

superpowers of its staff and volunteers, saw over 36,000 guests and for the third straight year was recognized as one of the top five

“Historic Holiday Tours” by USA Today.

The grounds and gardens throughout the estate reflected the beauty of a painting as a result of the artistry of our dedicated horticulture

team and volunteers. In addition to providing a place of respite and inspiration to all of our visitors, the gardens provided a backdrop for

over 48 wedding ceremonies with couples celebrating their special day and over 21 Corporate events planned and executed by Stan

Hywet’s committed Rentals team.

Stan Hywet’s restoration efforts continued in 2019. More restored rooms were revealed including the Billiard Room and F.A.’s Office.

We were extremely excited to complete restoration of the trim work and balconies of the Manor House while planning for the Lagoon

Restoration project. These projects continue our initiatives developed as part of the 2015 2nd Century restoration campaign and could not

have been accomplished without the generous support provided by our donors ensuring this amazing place of rich history will be around

for many years to come.

As we make are way through the challenges of 2020, we are so thankful for the continued support of all of our visitors, donors and

volunteers standing with Stan Hywet has they have throughout its over sixty year history. We look forward to the bright future of Stan

Hywet sharing its legacy and resources with all of you.

With continued gratitude,

R. Mark Wernig Sean M. Joyce

Chairman of the Board

President & Executive Director

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens • 2

The Art of

Gertrude Seiberling

In 2019, Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

celebrated the artistic career of Gertrude

Seiberling with an exhibition of 30 of her

works of art in the Manor House, and a

companion catalog available for sale in

Molly’s Shop. In the gardens, a display of

sculpture by local artists was inspired by

Gertrude’s paintings.

Gertrude Seiberling was a national figure

in music appreciation and education, and

a founding member of the Tuesday Musical

Club in Akron and the St. Cecilia Society.

She served as president of the National

Federation of Music Clubs from 1919 to

1921, and was heavily involved as a board

member for almost a decade afterwards.

At the age of 64, after decades of service

to her family and community, Gertrude

Seiberling quietly returned to her childhood love of painting. While it had been more than forty

years since she had picked up a paintbrush, Gertrude had never stopped thinking like an artist.

In an interview with the Akron Times-Press in February 1931, she said, “I was constantly seeing

pictures around me. This contrast, that arrangement of trees, the colors of a flower garden,

always presented themselves to me in terms of pictures and in my mind I would work out a


Gertrude devoted herself to painting from this point forward. She regularly took art classes and

was a founding member of the Women’s Art League in Akron. She was also a board member of

the Akron Art Institute from 1935 to 1937. Her work was exhibited at Northeast Ohio museums,

and she also garnered two solo exhibitions at the Akron Art Institute in 1938 and 1946 as well

three solo exhibitions with the National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors in New York

City. Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens documented over 140 paintings by Gertrude Seiberling, most of

which are in the museum’s collection.

2 • Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Garden Exhibit

Four Northeast Ohio artists led by Stan Hywet’s Joe Ott created the exhibit, FUSED.

Each artist created original sculptures for display in the historic gardens inspired by

Gertrude Seiberling. The artists created sculptures in metal and wood fusing modern

methods to complement the painting techniques of Gertrude’s art.

My participation in the FUSED

exhibit was an amazing

experience, and a wonderful

opportunity to connect with

other artists who share

similar vision. Stan Hywet is

a magical place!

- Mike Ensminger

I was absolutely thrilled to

showcase my artwork in

the beautiful gardens of

such a well know historical

landmark. I’m grateful

Stan Hywet asked me and

some incredibly talented

colleagues to be part of a

tremendous celebration of art

within my own community.

- Megan L. Shane

As a blacksmith accustomed

to working in classical

architectural forms, the FUSED

exhibit allowed me to explore

and expand the boundaries of

conceptual work.

- Kim Thomas

“After working as a staff member for 6 years and

getting to put my artistic talents and creativity to

use in various projects around the estate it was

such a pleasure and honor to get to display my own

personal artwork as well as be given

the opportunity to curate and lead

the other artists in the FUSED

exhibit. Knowing the property and

estate as well as I do, it was so fun

to fabricate pieces that really fit in

to the gardens and honor Gertrude

Seiberling’s work. I look forward

to getting to lend my talents

throughout the estate for

years to come.”

- Joe Ott

Director of Facilities

and Maintenance

Food & Wine

Fir Trees Along Lake Shore

Off the Vine

With flowers in full bloom, Stan Hywet’s natural beauty and landscape created the perfect palate

to enjoy an evening of food, wine, music and art at Off the Vine. Presented in late July, more

than 900 guests spent a leisurely evening exploring the estate’s gardens and grounds, while

sampling from more than 60 fine wines matched with elegantly designed and crafted small

plates, desserts and cheeses.

The delicate sounds of a harp and the resonant beat

of a jazz ensemble and othersc created the perfect

atmosphere for the evening. Along the wine path,

guests were drawn in to 15 original works of art

created by local artists inspired by the paintings of

Gertrude Seiberling.

4 • Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Vintage & Exotic Cars

Father’s Day Car Show

Molto Bella Auto Show

A more recent addition to the Stan Hywet event landscape was the 6th annual

Molto Bella Auto Show, held at the estate for the 2nd time in September 2019.

The show field featured more than 400 exotic sports cars, rare classics, vintage

Ferraris and custom cars – a vast artistic spectacle of automotive exuberance.

Created in memory of Camillo “Mel” Todaro to benefit the Kidney Foundation,

car owners went above and beyond to make the show a robust expression of

design and power, attracting more than 4,500 guests. The successful event has

attracted the attention of exotic car owners from around the country, leading to

an expanded event that will include the traditional preview dinner and new in

2020, an auto auction to take place in front of the Manor House.

For 62 years, Stan Hywet has been the site of

a favorite family tradition, the Father’s Day Car

Show. Presented in partnership with the Ohio

Region Classic Car Club of America, the event has

attracted as many as 8,000 guests in prior years.

In 2019, a day long deluge of rain overshadowed

the show, but it didn’t stop more than 2,000 guests

from venturing to the estate.

Considered by many to be an art form, the show

cars’ early 20th century styling and amenities;

now considered classic, antique and collector

quality; were designed for aesthetics, and to elicit

an emotional response. In 2019 especially, these

unique cars were a natural fit for the season’s

artistic theme.

Columbia Chemical Company, Barberton

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens • 5

The Artisan Festival

Working Title, Fishing Boats at Wharf

Ohio Mart

Presented by the Auxiliary Board of Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, the 53rd annual

Ohio Mart featured more than 125 artists working in a variety of media including

photography, ceramics, jewelry, and wearable art on a beautiful weekend in

October. Guests also had the opportunity to enjoy Inspiration in Bloom in the

Manor House, and the Textile Arts and Artisan Show, presented by the Stan

Hywet Needlework Guild, in the Manor House Reception Hall. More than 6,000

guests attended Ohio Mart, exceeding the prior record set in 2016 by 17.6%, and

achieving revenue in excess of $300,000 for the first time.

6 • Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens


Snow Patterns

Deck the Hall

Classic Comic Hero Christmas

Artistic expression took on an entirely new meaning at the holidays. Those who are

young (and young at heart) found special joy in igniting their inner super hero at

Christmas when comic book characters overtook 16 rooms of the Manor House.

Batman, Spiderman, Thor, Wonder Woman and others filled the Christmas trees,

lurked in unexpected corners, and surprised unsuspecting guests with their largerthan-life


Further powering the excitement was a local group of certified Lego artists who

demonstrated their unique talents in the Great Hall with a gallery of super hero

portraits made from Lego bricks. The theme was instrumental in attracting new

audiences, (including more youth than ever before), and exceeding the overall

budget for both attendance and revenue.

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens • 7


Back Door of the Kent Mansion

Essential Experiences

Fifth-graders in the Akron Public Schools participated

in Essential Experiences, funded for three years by GAR

Foundation. One of six local organizations, the goal of the

program is to connect classroom learning to local culture

and history, complementing to the classroom curriculum.

This new educational approach gave Stan Hywet the

opportunity to not only expand access to Meet the Staff, a curriculum that had served

approximately one-third of Akron’s 5th grade students over the previous six years,

but to take it to a new level with specific pre- and post-activities, college and

career targets, and advanced technology elements built into the initiative.


Number of Essential Experience

students hosted by Stan Hywet

between September and March,


8 • Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Community Engagement

Double Harbor – Gloucester

Akron Children’s Hospital

40th Anniversary Celebration for retired CEO Bill Considine

In October, Stan Hywet was privileged to be the location for the retirement party of William H.

Considine, CEO of Akron Children’s Hospital. Guests gathered under a giant tent on the Great

Meadow to celebrate this community leader’s dedication and accomplishments that have

benefitted so many in Akron and throughout the region. It was an honor to play a role in Bill’s

retirement celebration, and we send our best wishes to Bill and his wife, Becky.

Akron Marathon

Bringing the entire community together has always been a cornerstone

of the Akron Marathon. When the course was redesigned for the 2019

series, race officials reached out to Stan Hywet with a request to begin

the event at the estate’s iconic front gate. It presented an opportunity

to be part of a well-designed effort for race participants to touch major

points of interest throughout Akron, and to apply the art of negotiation

to a myriad of logistics that met the Marathon’s complicated needs

while also respecting the historic landscape.

A small but mighty contingent of staff took special pride in representing

Stan Hywet as they participated in the Relay, joining the more than

20,000 race participants on the beautiful September morning.

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens • 9


Telegraph Poles - Kent

Manor House Restoration

Restoration of the Manor House interiors continued, part of the $1M Room-by-Room

Restoration, funded by donors to the 2nd Century Campaign in 2015.

In 2019, the Billiard Room and F.A.’s Office were refurbished. Custom-made fabric was created

for curtains in the Billiard Room, and gold velvet fabric was purchased to construct the new

curtains in F.A.’s Office. The seat cushions were re-upholstered in brown mohair fabric,

replacing cushions from the 1970s, and matching the original color and design. Lamp shades

were re-covered by ICA Art Conservation, and new metal and mica shades were custom-made

at Whitney Stained Glass for a floor lamp in F.A.’s Office.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kramer funded the restoration of F.A.’s Office. The Billiard Room

restoration was funded by Manor House Interior gifts contributed to the 2nd Century Campaign.

The Stan Hywet Needlework Guild funded the re-creation of the five tassels for the bell pulls in

the Great Hall, Round Room, Music Room, Cromwell Bedroom and Solarium.

ICA Cleveland restored two torchieres outside the entrance to the Great Hall near the Linenfold

Hallway. The Chinese Collar was returned and re-installed over the fire place in the Solarium.

10 • Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Chicken Pie Dinner, Atwater Church

ARRC Projects

In 2019, ARRC began the restoration of the Gate

Lodge Kitchen in preparation for the new Gate

Lodge exhibit. The kitchen, when restored to its

1930s appearance, will provide additional space

to tell the story of the beginnings of Alcoholics

Anonymous in the Gate Lodge.

In Cuyahoga Falls, ARRC was the construction

manager for the redevelopment of the Westfield

Bank building into a new branch of Portage

Community Bank. The façade was redesigned

in a neo-Classical look that takes architectural

cues from the nearby post office, while matching

the colors of the historic buildings in the

neighborhood. It is Portage Community Bank’s

first location in Summit County.

Nearby, on Merriman Road, ARRC worked on

a customized kitchen addition that matches

seamlessly with the 1920s residence, designed

by architect Roy Firestone. In Richfield, Ohio,

ARRC provided preservation consulting services

to Braun & Steidl, the primary architect of the

restoration of Kirby’s Mill, a historic mill at local

community park Richfield Heritage Preserve

(formerly Girl Scout Camp Crowell Hilaka).

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens • 11

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Working title, Cabin with totem pole

Back of Manor House

signed GFP Seiberling 1930

Property of Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, SHH 91.236

Fountain Figure – Stan Hywet

Property of Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, SHH 1.76

Exhibited at the Akron Art Institute in 1946

Spruces and Oaks in Winter

Signed, GFP Seiberling, 1930

Property of Deborah Fulton Barr

Tower and Chimneys from Forsythia Drive

Signed, GFP Seiberling 1933

Property of a Seiberling Descendent

Exhibited at the Akron Art Institute in 1938

12 • Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Working title, Italian Lanscape

Working Title, English Garden

Property of Deborah Fulton Barr

Working Title, Through Dressing Room Doors

Property of Mary Seiberling Huhn

Working Title,

Plane Tree Allée

Property of Stan Hywet Hall

& Gardens, SHH 1.85

October Winds

Signed, GFP Seiberling, 10-32

Property of a Seiberling Descendent

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens • 13

Girl with a Fruit Bowl



Financial Gifts Received in 2019

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens is fortunate to have the enduring support

of a generous and passionate philanthropic community. Donors have

committed financial resources to support operations and to also

fund capital projects, memorials and tributes, memberships, and

sponsorships, representing 20% of the estate’s annual budget. The

Akron community’s investment in Stan Hywet reflects its appreciation

for the value of our National Historic Treasure and its impact on the

health and vitality of the people who live and work here. We are

grateful for the choices they make to ensure that Stan Hywet will

remain standing to benefit future generations.

Conservators’ Circle

$10,000 and above

Akron Community Foundation

Jeanne Bannerman

Georgene Bayer

GAR Foundation

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Betty V. and John M. Jacobson Foundation

The Lehner Family Foundation

Willard E. Smucker Foundation

Susan Smucker and Reid Wagstaff

Founders’ Circle

$5,000 to $9,999

Drs. Ray and Andrea Bologna

Mary and Dr. George L. Demetros Charitable


The M. G. O’Neil Foundation

Gertrude F. Orr Trust Advised Fund

The Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial


Lloyd L. & Louise K. Smith Memorial


The Vogel Family Charitable Fund

The Welty Family Foundation

Presidents’ Circle

$2,500 to $4,999


Bill and Becky Considine

Ethel Seiberling Fox

Lynda Grieves

Tom J. Hutchison

Tom and Ginny Knoll

James and Maureen Kovach

Wayne and Susan Minich

Sandra and Richey Smith

James and Linda Venner

Woodbine Products Co., Inc.

Mrs. Janet A. Wright

Great Hall Circle

$1,000 to $2,499

Acro Tool & Die Co., Inc.

Akrochem Corporation

Anonymous (2)

The Howard Atwood Family Fund of Akron

Community Foundation

John and Karen Bader

Scott & Patsy Biddinger

Grace E. Blower

Alane Boffa

Doug and Kyra Bosnik

Tom and Alice Bouton

Broadleaf Partners, LLC

Ken and Karen Brott

Dr. Todd Brown MD and Mickey Shah, Ph.D.

Lisle M. Buckingham Endowment Fund

Richard W. Burke

Joseph and Esther Campanella

Mary Kay and John Chlebina

Thomas and Karen Clark

Nancy J. Daniels

Michael D. Davis

Matthew C. and Amy L. Dawley

Richard C. and Cecilia B. Distad

Jim and Ann Durr

C. Gordon Ewers

Tim and Pam Fitzwater

Jon A. Fiume

Gailmarie K. Fort

Joy M. Freda

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gibbs

Richard and Kristine Gill

Mark and Laurie Gilles

The Bruce & Erica Greer Family Foundation

Joe and Sue Henninger

Sharon Hershey

John L. Hinds

Dr. Bob M. Hutchison

Duane L. Isham

Beth A. Kartarius

Dianne K. Kauffman

Bryan and Susan Kinnamon

The Richard J. and Christine M. Kramer

Family Foundation

Paul J. and Susan B. Kruder Family Fund of

Akron Community Foundation

Donna and Allen Loomis

The Maynard Family Foundation

W. Paul Mills and Thora J. Mills Memorial


Dr. and Mrs. Anton G.C. Milo

Laura R. & Lucian Q. Moffitt Foundation

Edward and Nadine Pflueger

Brian and Amanda Pollak

Tom and Judy Polomsky

James and Julie Pulk

Michael and Alexis Robinson

Arthur and Jean Schooley

Chas and Kim Schreckenberger

Ed and Roberta Searle

Deborah and Thomas Selden

Marsha Sergi

Sally and William Sharp

Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Cherie Shechter

Katie and Mark Smucker

Mr. and Mrs. F. William Steere

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Steinhauer

Valarie and Jeff Still

Steve and Barb Strayer

John and Rebecca Susany

Elizabeth and Michael Taipale

Marguerite and Scott Tremelin

Donna M. Valentine

John Vander Kooi

Susan Gaebel Wallace

April and Charles Walton

Jerry Welty

R. Mark and Colleen O. Wernig

John E. Wilkinson

Richard and Dianne Wright

Directors’ Circle

$500 to $999

Scott and Susan Abell


Friedemann Arnold

Edward C. and Jennifer L. Banker

David and Susan Banks

Tom Barrett

Jean-Anne Belfonti

Charles W. and Retta Billow

The Walter K. and Wilda E. Bortz Fund

The Henry V. and Frances W. Christenson


John Dalton

Feth Family Foundation

Jim and Linda Francis

Bob and Jayne Gaebel

Jenifer Penfield Handy

David and Margaret Hunter

Jack Jeter

Sean Joyce

Fred and Joanne Karm

Ray and Sherrie Kimberly

Susan and Jim Kotapish

Melanie Kunsch

Jeanne and Tony Locastro

Harry and Sue Manolopoulos

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Marks

Dr. and Mrs. R. William McCue, Jr.

Mary Mertic

Gary and Georgia Nix Miller

Pat and Ken Nilsestuen

Nancy and Sean O’Connor

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander P. Ormond, Jr.

W. Stuver Parry

Kyle S. Passmore

James and Melissa Rainear

Richard and Alita Rogers Family Foundation

John and Joanne Rohrer

Todd and Diane Rosenberg

S. A. Comunale Co. Inc.

Julia Sabin and Darryl Stephens

Mike and Jennifer Saxon

Dale and Sally Seiberling

Dr. C. M. and Barbara Shearer

Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Carolyn Silver

Pat and Walt Silver

The Slanta-Murray Family Fund

Chris and Joe Smerick

Francine Sylvis

John F. Tedesco

Bob Ulm

Lois Wolf

Museum Friends

$250 to $499

Sally Jo Alkire

Paul and Elizabeth Anacki

Anonymous (3)

Eleanor R. and Richard M. Aron

Drs. Mark and Sandy Auburn

Debby and Bill Bauman

Dick and Judie Bigelow

Dan and Maria Blakemore

Rob and Alyssa Briggs

Wendy J. Brott

Frances Buchholzer

Francess and Thomas Cheek

Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Yvonne Cherkala

Tom and Chris Clevenger

Oscar F. Comstock

Kay and Douglas Cooper

Dean E. Davis

Bruce and Kathy DeBarr

John and Betty Derrer

Duke Energy Foundation

George and Ginger Emershaw

John and Susan Fassoles

Bob and Barbara Foster

Paul A. Frank, Jr.

Julie Frey

Edward S. Gaffney, Sr. Family Fund of Akron

Community Foundation

Alan and Carol Garren

John and Lois Gerstenmaier

Sam and Salma Gibara

Ralph and Natalie Giffels

14 • Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Working Title, Haystacks in a Field

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Giller

Bill and Marie Ginter

Scott and Paula Gross

Frank and Patricia Harrah

Bruce and Patricia Henson

Judy Hirschman

Glenn D. and Michell Seiberling Hughes

Elizabeth Ann Irwin

David Jesse and Steven Williams

David and Kathy Keller

Larry and Diane Kelley

Larry and Donna Klettlinger

Dale and Peggy Koblenzer

Pam and Don Kotsalieff

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Kukk

Dave and Carol Landis

Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Lloyd

George M. Logan

Bill and Cindy Lyzenga

David Mann & Bernadette Pudis

Ed Marshall

Arthur and Kay McIntyre

Mark J. Milan

Keith Morgan

William and Caroline Parry

Judy Payne

Phillips Phlyers Running Group

Dana Pulk Dickinson

Larry and Janet Robertson

Judy Ruehling

Bob and Mary Rywalski

Pam Saganich

Dan and Carol Seiberling

Drew and Wanda Shippy

Duane and Paula Smith

Robert and Katherine Smith

Terry and Judy Swearingen

Millie Telford

Ann M. Towell

Mrs. John Tuccillo

Chuck Wilson

Barbara Kay Wulff

James E. Zwisler and Gary J. Zeller

Garden Friends

$1 to $249

Alan and Debbie Abbey

E. Reginald Adam and Rhea H. Adam Trust

Janice Alpeter

Richard and Rita Amstadt

Anonymous (6)

Lynn and Charles Asente

Dr. and Mrs. W. Gerald Austen

Mark Austin

Tom and Annette Bader

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bailey

Jean Baliga

Barbara E. Barden

Patricia Barkey

James and Anna Barnett

Ruth L. Bazzel

Marilyn Bednar Kasarda

Mike and Mary Anne Beiting

Deborah Biondi

Char and Rob Bolek

Charles and Julia Bolton

Margarete Boschert

Jack and Lois Bradford

Ann C. Briechle

Kathleen and Karl Brown

Marjorie Burkley

Neil and Mary Carpenter

Cheri and Ralph Christ

Ken and Peggy Contrera

Virg and Karen Cotner

Stephen and Karen Crandall

John P. Crow

Marlene and Eric Czetli

Arlene Darrow

Jane Delcamp

Vincent and Nancy DiGirolamo

Fran Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B. Drennon

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Drickhamer

Constance Dubick

James D. Edwards

Helen Elefritz

James and Karen Embrescia

Eugene Eyler

Beryl Fisk

Emily Audra Fleisher

Jean Gadd

Amy B. Garrett

Mary Lou Gault

Jean Gent

Sue Jeppesen Gillman

David A. Given

Sharon A. Glaser

Frances O. Goldman

Sara Grenus

Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Halliwill

Tatiana and Richard Harris

Kara and Jon Hauerwas

Anne and Donald Heckerman

Barbara and Paul Heinzerling

Raymond and Debbie Hendricks

Cathy Herald

Nina L. Hillery

Rozelle Hirschfelt

Barry Hollis

Melinda Holmes

Richard and Ada Honeck

Tom Hrivnak

Robert Huddleston

Lis Hugh

Bonnie Johnson

Helen and Vance Joyce

Ruth P. Juve

Dr. and Mrs. C. William Keck

Kenneth R. Kessler

Linda and Leo Kipfstuhl

Gretchen and Thomas Kirk

Jim Koerner

William and Kathy Koran

Richard and Judy Kotick

Charles and Susan Laskin

Patricia A. Laube

Anne Lederman

Gary and Marla Leidich

Al Lewandowski

Jim and Sally Little

Thomas and June Logan

Dr. Larry and Mary Lohman

Harold and Cathy Lundstrom

Sally and Bill Manby

John and Meg Matejkovic

Patricia Mayer

John and Margaret McBride

Joyce McClintick

Andrew and Jennifer McDowell

Margaret McKinney

Medina Commandery #84 Ladies Auxiliary

Ann Seiberling Mell

David W. Merzweiler

Mrs. Andrew D. Miller

John and Kristine Mogen

John and Susan Moorehead

Teri Moran

William H. and Elizabeth A. Muir

Richard and Pam Musel

Al and Judy Nicely

William and Rebecca Nicewarner

Marie G. Nolf

Matthew C. O’Hearn III

Ken and Patty Orihel

Janet and Larry Paige

Janise B. Parry

Michael and Janet Pera

Ann J. Peterson

Cindy and John T. Petures, Jr.

Guy and Renée Pipitone

Albert L. Ploenes

Loren and Rebecca Pool

Joyce Powell

Nicole Pozzuto

John Quackenbush

Connie Querry

Tom Rataski

Janet and William Reeves

Thomas and Connie Repko

Nancy S. Rhinehart

Josephine M. Rini Rose

Bill and Ann Rittman

Al and Cindi Roke

Michelle Ross

Gregory and Sarah Rossi

Jana Rugs

Pamela Rupert

Nancy and Robert Schneider

Grace Seiberling

Betsy Sell

Linda Serafin

Harry and Ilene Shapiro

Sarah Shirk

Herb and Jackie Shreiner

Charles and Pat Simons

Judith Singer

Sam and Sandy Smith

James and Diana Snider

Janet Sours

Fred Strickland

Leigh Summers

Bert L. Szabo

Kenneth and Christine Tabellion

Margaret Terry and Lloyd Snyder

Steven and Elizabeth Testa

Marjorie Thiell

Christine F. Thomas

Louis and Mary Joan Trenta

Frank and Helen Vari

Margery and Tom Walcott

Marcene Webster

Sig and Karin Weinhold

Barb Welch

Shirley Werner

Jim and Kris Wieter

Linda J. Williams

Marilyn A. Wilson

Nikki Wingerson

Beth A. Wunderlich

Martha Zalka

John and Kathleen Zizka

We work diligently to ensure that the following list

is accurate. Should you identify an error, please

contact us at 330.836.5533.

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens • 15


Working Title, Yellow Farm House


Matching gift programs increase the impact

of employee, retiree or board member

gifts by doubling or even tripling their

tax-deductible donations. The following

organizations have provided support for

the philanthropic giving of their employees,

retirees or board members to Stan Hywet

Hall & Gardens.

Dominion Foundation

GAR Foundation

IBM Matching Grants Program

The Lehner Family Foundation

The Lubrizol Foundation

Nordson Corporation

PNC Foundation



The following institutional funders and

individual donors have provided meaningful

support for public programs, exhibits and

special events, as well as restoration and

capital projects.

Acme Fresh Market

Akron/Summit Convention & Visitors Bureau


BMW of Akron/Volkswagen of Akron

Kenneth L. Calhoun Charitable Trust,

KeyBank, Trustee

Cornwell Quality Tools

Laurie A. Curfman

The Harry K. Fox and Emma R. Fox

Charitable Foundation

GAR Foundation

Dave and Rita George

Huntington-Akron Foundation

Dianne K. Kauffman

Cynthia Knight

The Lehner Family Foundation

Erica L. Liebelt, M.D.

Maserati of Akron

H. S. Miller Trust

Joseph G. and Sally A. Miller Family


Montrose Auto Group

R. C. Musson and Katharine M. Musson

Charitable Foundation

Ohio Humanities Council

OMNOVA Solutions Foundation

The Robert O. & Annamae Orr Family


Peg’s Foundation

Dr. C. M. and Barbara Shearer

Sikich LLP

The Sisler McFawn Foundation

Stan Hywet Gilde

State of Ohio

Mark & Amy Tercek Foundation

Seiberling Society

The Seiberling Society is a distinguished

group of individuals who have remembered

Stan Hywet in their wills or estate plans

through a bequest, charitable gift annuity,

charitable trust, life insurance or retirement


Sandy & Bruce Bailey

Robert and Jeanne Bannerman

Kathy M. Barnhart

Ed and Georgene Bayer

Margaret Belcastro

Ron and Elise Bennett

Charles W. and Retta Billow

Phyllis E. Bonin

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bradley

Margaret Brewster

Dr. Todd A. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Buchholzer

Harriet D. Chapman

Mary Seiberling Chapman

Anne Cherney

Mr. & Mrs. F. Michael Clancy, III

Thomas and Karen Clark

Betty E. Comstock

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Conrad, III

Douglas and Kay Cooper

John and Betty Dalton

Paul A. Daum

Dr. and Mrs. James D’Ianni

Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards

James D. Edwards

Kathleen and Gordon Ewers

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Fisher, III

Judith Ann Fisher

Jon A. Fiume

Emily Audra Fleisher

S. Margaret Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Samir G. Gibara

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Glosser

Mr. and Mrs. George William Grieves

Keith and Eleanor Haag

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin C. Harrah

Marjorie B. Hartz

Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Henninger

Bruce E. and Patricia J. Henson

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Hoot

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Hughes

Richard and Elisabeth Hurley

Bob M. Hutchison

Herb and Cheryl Hutchison

Tom J. Hutchison

Joseph F. Jadick

Beth A. Kartarius

Dr. Dianne K. Kauffman

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan L. Kinnamon

Mrs. C. Landon Knight

James and Maureen Kovach

Dave and Carol Landis

Laurie Appel-Linger

Pamela J. (Williams) Maddern

Ruth A. Marrone

Margaret E. Andreeff Matejkovic

Madeline F. Milford

Vivian B. Mills

Ginger Moline

Marie L. Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. David Murray

Kenneth R. and Patricia D. Nilsestuen

Marie G. Nolf

Charles and Ilene Parke

George and Janise Parry

Mr. and Mrs. W. Stuver Parry

Robert S. Pflueger

Ruth S. Pflueger

Mr. & Mrs. James & Leslie Pickard

Roger and Judy Read

Mrs. Barbara J. Shearer and Dr. C. M.


Steve and Cherie Shechter

Sarah Shirk

Mark Straffen

Fred and Shirley Strickland

Francine A. Sylvis

Bob Ulm and John Tedesco

Mr. and Mrs. Gale R. Urda

Hugh B. and Phyllis West

Linda R. Wilcox

John E. Wilkinson


The Landmark Society recognizes those

individuals, foundation, corporations,

and organizations, who through their

philanthropic support and leadership share a

commitment to the continuing excellence of

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens with cumulative

giving of $25,000 and above.

West Terrace Circle

$1 million and above

Auxiliary Board of Stan Hywet Hall &


State of Ohio

The Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation

GAR Foundation

Robert S. Pflueger

Cynthia Knight

The Lehner Family Foundation

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

The J.M. Smucker Company

Rose Garden Circle

$500,000 - $999,999

The Reinberger Foundation

John S. & James L. Knight Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. LaRose

Summit County Executive Office

The Tom, Mary and Becky Babcox Family


The Robert O. and Annamae Orr Family


The Sisler McFawn Foundation

Great Garden Circle

$250,000 - $499,999

Barbara E. Kuhlke

Paul A. Daum

Marjorie B. Hartz

Christopher Thomas

FirstEnergy Foundation

H.S. Miller Trust

U.S. Department of Justice

The Howland Memorial Fund

PNC Bank

National Trust for Historic Preservation –

Save America’s Treasures

Akron Community Foundation

The Akron Garden Club

Akron Public Schools

16 • Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Working Title, Woman in Red Dress

English Garden Circle

$100,000 - $249,999

Richard and Elisabeth Hurley

U.S. Department of Transportation

John A. McAlonan Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Glosser

Keith and Eleanor Haag

Glenbeigh Hospital & Outpatient Centers

FirstMerit Bank, N.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Read

Mr. & Mrs. F. William Steere

Ray and Marty Wernig

Buckeye Corrugated, Inc.

Betty E. Comstock

Mr. and Mrs. Samir G. Gibara

Tom J. Hutchison

Dr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Peterjohn

Timken Foundation of Canton

OMNOVA Solutions Foundation

Kenneth L. Calhoun Charitable Trust,

KeyBank, Trustee

Guy and Renée Pipitone

Ed and Georgene Bayer

The Harry K. Fox and Emma R. Fox

Charitable Foundation

Japanese Garden Circle

$50,000 - $99,999

U.S. Department of Education

KeyBank Foundation

The Bonnot Company

Caroline A. Affleck


John P. Murphy Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Corns

The R.C. & Katharine Musson Foundation

JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.

Acro Tool & Die Co., Inc.

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs

Lloyd L. & Louise K. Smith Memorial


Mr. and Mrs. James L. Fisher, III

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Freed

Cambridge Home Health Care

Janise B. Parry

The Charles E. and Mabel M. Ritchie

Memorial Foundation

FirstEnergy Corporation

Ernst & Young LLP

Merrill Lynch

The M.G. O’Neil Foundation

Drs. Ray and Andrea Bologna

FirstMerit Corporation

Rennick & Dee Andreoli

Bob M. Hutchison

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Katanic

Richard J. and Christine Kramer

Medical Mutual of Ohio

The Burton D. Morgan Foundation

Peg’s Foundation

Roetzel & Andress LPA

Deborah and Thomas Selden

The F.W. Albrecht Family Foundation

Cleveland Clinic Akron General

Matthew C. and Amy L. Dawley

Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

James and Julie Pulk

Scott A. Abell

Mr. and Mrs. William Grieves

Sandra and Richey Smith

Susan Smucker and Reid Wagstaff

Perennial Garden Circle

$25,000 - $49,999

Lawrence A. Appley Foundation, Inc.

Telxon Corporation

Bernard Petrilla

The Welty Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Giller

A. Schulman, Inc.

Steven D. Wise

Bill and Patty Babcox

Nancy and W. Stuver Parry

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Craine

Northern Ohio Golf Charities Foundation, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. W. Gerald Austen

Charlotte E. Staiger

Douglas E. Mitchell Charitable Foundation

John D. and Mary Seiberling Chapman

Garden Forum of Greater Akron, Inc.

City of Akron

Carl and Barbara Smeller

Evans Insurance Agency

Virginia Moline

Frank W. and Ruth Steere

WMJI 105.7 FM

Lisle M. Buckingham Endowment Fund

Akron Plastic Surgeons, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan L. Kinnamon

Charles W. and Retta H. Billow

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mercer

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Brennan

AT&T Ohio

Dr. and Mrs. James D’Ianni

Kulas Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. James & Leslie Pickard

The Bruce & Erica Greer Family Foundation

Brockman, Coats, Gedelian & Co.

Mr. & Mrs. Lee S. Giller

Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Giller

Gertrude F. Orr Trust Advised Fund of Akron

Community Foundation

Mary and Dr. George L. Demetros Charitable


Southwest General Health Center

John E. Wilkinson

The Patricia and J. Harvey Graves Family


Mr. & Mrs. Edward Conrad, III

Swagelok Company

Bruce and Sandra Bailey

Stephen A. Comunale

Tim and Pam Fitzwater

Jim and Linda Francis

Tom and Ginny Knoll

Steve and Barb Strayer

R. Mark and Colleen Wernig

Mike and Jan Wojno

Elizabeth and Mark Hamlin

The Marchetta Family

PNC Foundation

Doug and Kyra Bosnik

Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hager

Institute of Museum and Library Services

Betty V. and John M. Jacobson Foundation


The Silver Family & Akrochem Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Brewster, III

Frances Seiberling Buchholzer

Cohen & Company

Dianne K. Kauffman

Janine G. and Robert W. Obee

Summa Health System

The Vogel Family Charitable Fund

Ethel Seiberling Fox

Donna M. Valentine


We are grateful to the following individuals

and organizations who have supported

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens with goods and


Countryside Florist

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Pat and Bruce Henson

The Progressive Insurance Foundation

Tom Hrivnak

I of the Needle

Mary Kay Roediger

Kevin Waller

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens • 17

October Winds



In Memory of Peter J. Allcorn

Natalie Allcorn

In Honor of Grace Blower’s Birthday

Martha Fitzgibbons

In Memory of Loretta Keating

Mary M. Jones

In Honor of Robert Liebelt

Erica Liebelt

In Memory of Evelyn Fahs Burkins

Laurie Arnold and Alan Hlad

The Benic Family

Ken and Kim Burkins

Lucy Chamberlain

Alfred V. Ciraldo

The Cosetti Family

Diane and Mike Dunphy

George and Laura Kappos

Nancy Rhinehart

Tom and Diane Vukovich

Mark M. Waickman

In Memory of Dale Carson

Donna M. Valentine

In Memory of Pauline “Polly” Carson

David and Martha Bremer

Helen S. Killacky

Erin S. Myers

J. David and Alice C. Scott

Stan Hywet Garden Committee

In Memory of Carol Ann Chlosta

John and Sheila Hutzler

In Memory of Diane Conley

John Wilkinson

In Honor of Steve Cox, Jim Pickard, and

Steve Strayer

Akron Community Foundation

In Memory of Mitchell Demrovsky

Jeanne Lance

In Honor of Michael Gintert’s Birthday

Maria Dal Pra

Cheryl Feinman

In Memory of William Grieves

Bill and Mary Bahr

DuWayne and Dorothy Hansen

Ruth Hoffman

Marilyn Bednar Kasarda

Nancy Mannion

Peter and Laurel Markovich

Glenn and Shirley Smith

Richard L. and Donna K. Young

In Honor of Bob Hutchison

John Wilkinson

In Honor of Tom Hutchison

John Wilkinson

In Memory of Terry Irish

Barberton Tree Service, Inc.

In Memory of Elizabeth J. “Betty”


George M. Logan

In Honor of Sylvia M. Martin

George W. Reed

In Honor of Barbara McMahon

Nancy C. Archer

Bruce and Kathy DeBarr

Judy Griffin

Steven and Debbie Hoot

Cheryl Miller

Mary and Joe Natko

Carol A. Utrup

Dave Woloch

The Woloch Family

In Memory of Janice O’Connor

Barbara Shearer

In Memory of Charles D. Parke

Elizabeth Eastman

Patricia Saks

Cecily Sesler

Nicole Martin

In Memory of Nancy Tunnell Parker

Marilyn Bednar Kasarda

In Memory of Dorothy Seiberling

Grace Seiberling

In Memory of Karen Jean Thomas

Barbara Foster

Francine Sylvis

Donna M. Valentine

In Honor of Ann Towell’s Birthday

Ruth Anne King

Donna Smith

Pat Towell

In Memory of LeRoy Tunnell

Dianne K. Kauffman

Lawrence and Harriet Richman

In Memory of William B. Urban

Jim Urban

Donna M. Valentine

In Memory of Mary Verhoeven

Francine Sylvis

In Honor of John Wilkinson’s Birthday

Donna M. Valentine

18 • Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens



Wet and Shining

Gala Chairs

Jennifer and

Timothy DelMedico

Sponsors, Individuals, Contributors

A Taste of Excellence

Acme Fresh Market

Carl and Cheryl Adler

Flory Aldea

Americhem Inc.

Megan and Kenneth Azar

Dr. and Mrs. David Bacha

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Becker

Julia Bianchi

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bloom

Lyn and Mark Bober

Drs. Andrea and Ray Bologna

Tamara Boyazis

Tye and Eileen Brown

Roger Bryan

Marilyn Buckey

Buckeye Corrugated, Inc.

Christine and Larry Callahan

Marian Calvin

Bill and Diane Caplan

CBIZ & Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.

Chez-Del Interiors

Mary Kay and John Chlebina

Bob and Carrie Clark

Shannon Clemente

Cohen & Company

Laura and Robert Culp, Jr.

Joann DeLapa

Timothy and Jennifer DelMedico

Chris and Chrissy Denholm

Mr. and Mrs. Maximiliano Devia

Jim and Marian DeVoe

Jeananne DiFrangia

Steve and Tina Dimengo

Barry Dunaway

Ann Marie and Justin Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Durr

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Easton

Ann and John Fairweather

Tia and Tom Farmakidis

Lisa and Rick Fedorovich

FirstEnergy Foundation

Pam and Tim Fitzwater

Jon Fiume and Mark Munoz

Dr. Maria Papich Forsyth

Brian Fortney

Ethel Seiberling Fox

Tom and Anita Gedelian

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Geiger

Phillip George

Erica and John Gerstenmaier

Krista Gesaman

Bill and Marie Ginter

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Carolyn Gronowski

Earl Hamlin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harris

Jarod Hartzler

Beth and Marty Hauser

Hummel Funeral Home

Mr. and Mrs. David Hunter

The Huntington National Bank

The J. M. Smucker Company

Tiffany and Andrew Jamison

Eric Jones and Bob Kish

Margaret and John Jordan

Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Junko

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Juve

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Karder


Ray and Sherrie Kimberly

Dr. and Mrs. David Kimberly

Danielle Kimmell

Bryan and Susan Kinnamon

Roberta Kleinman

Andy and Kari Knoll

Dale and Peggy Koblenzer

Rick Krochka and Stephen Schmidt

Charles and Elinore Kuder

Mr. and Mrs. James LaRose

Douglas and Karen Lefton

The Lehner Family Foundation

Tom and Lori Leonardi

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lobalzo

Donna and Allen Loomis

Ginger and Dan Marchetta

Bryce and Elizabeth Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. John Mayer

Rob and Sharon McGregor

The McMillen Family Companies

Shade and Amanda McMillen

Meaden & Moore, LTD

Bob and Babette Medcalf

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Mercer

John and Vicki Mercer

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Merryweather

JJ Mesko-Kimmich

Mr. and Mrs. Marco Meyo

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Millisor

Wayne and Sue Minich

Chris Minor

Mr. and Mrs. William Mosholder

June and Robert Netzley

Leslie and Bradon Nordmeyer

The O’Neill Group

Katie and Harrison Orendorf

Dave Peloquin

Patty Picard

Leslie and Jim Pickard


Laura and Chip Preston

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Prime Vine Winery

Frank Rangone

Mr. and Mrs. Orville Reed, III

Angela and Michael Remen

Mike and Alexis Robinson

Roetzel & Andress

Mike Ruth

Jeff and Diane Salamon

Tesa Salopek

Thomas Salopek

Chas and Kim Schreckenberger

Brad and Renee Schroeder

Alex Shannon

Matt Shannon

Sierra Shannon

Amy and Bob Sheehy

Bill Silver

Colleen Smith

Wayne H. Stair

Courtney and Brock Steere

Trish and Bill Steere

Stacie Switzer-Ruth

Colleen and Dan Tate

United Way of Summit County

Susie Gabel Wallace

Barb and Ted Walter

Anna Warren

Bob and Fleur Warther

Mr. and Mrs. R. Mark Wernig

Phyllis and Hugh West

Brian Wilson

Holly and Steve Wilt

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Woodruff

Amanda Zazo

Janet Zazo


A&B Tent

Driftwood Catering


Milan Inn-Tiques

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens • 19


Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, Inc., Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens Foundation and Architectural Restoration & Renovation Consultants, Inc.

Consolidated Schedule of Support and Revenue and Expenses

For The Years Ending December 31

Support and Revenue


2019 2018

Donations $ 565,666 $ 978,871

Foundation grants 192,500 802,994

Total contributions $ 758,166 $ 1,781,865

Public program sponsorship 220,950 202,647

Memberships 324,003 310,977

Tour operations 374,669 392,856

Museum Store and Carriage House Café 439,902 513,204

Public programs 1,194,324 1,298,750

Rentals and food service income 729,579 686,307

Oil and gas income 115,035 89,903

Investment and interest income 576,215 688,063

Net sales 97,022 100,928

Total support and revenue $ 4,829,865 $ 6,065,500

Oil and Gas



Rentals and Food

Service Income


Investment and

Interest Income

12% Net Sales


Public Programs


Museum Store and

Carriage House Café





Tour Operations


Public Programs






Tour operations $ 201,503 $ 215,257

Public programs 483,268 411,714

Educational programs 156,025 106,315

Volunteer management 75,796 68,342

Facilities, maintenance and security:

General facilities, maintenance and security 730,619 757,312

Manor House Exterior Wood Trim 152,652 115,765

Interior Manor House Restoration 58,722 279,115

Campus Improvement 215,451 138,929

Tea House / Cliff Face Restoration 11,460 309,022

Other projects, Gate Lodge Restoration 24,967 98,677

Total facilities, maintenance and security $ 1,193,871 $ 1,698,820

Guest services 224,350 204,439

Horticulture and greenhouse 602,494 601,773

Curatorial 216,069 240,028

Membership 44,013 41,479

Management and general 2,263,745 2,103,702

Rentals and food service 275,511 266,824

Museum Store and Carriage House Café 196,247 214,586

Marketing 57,609 61,856

Fundraising 498,101 474,819

Total expenses 6,488,602 6,709,954

Increase / (Decrease) in net assets before gains (losses)

$ (1,658,737) $ (644,454)

Net appreciation (depreciation) on investments $ 4,023,897 $ (2,537,757)

Increase / (Decrease) in net assets $ 2,365,160 $ (3,182,211)




Horticulture and



Guest Services





Total Facilities,

Maintenance and

Security 18%













Management and





An independent certified public accounting firm audited the financial statements of Stan

Hywet Hall & Gardens, Inc. (Stan Hywet), Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens Foundation (the Foundation),

and Architectural Restoration & Renovation Consultants, Inc. (ARRC) for the years ended

December 31, 2019 and 2018. An audit in accordance with generally accepted accounting

standards includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures

in the financial statements. It also includes assessing the accounting principles used

and significant estimates made by management.

Stan Hywet is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue

Code (IRC) except for net revenues generated from oil and gas operations, Carriage House

café, and catering services, which are subject to income tax under Section 511(a) of the IRC.

Stan Hywet is supported by the following Friends groups:

Rentals and Food



Museum Store

and Cafe


Stan Hywet Needlework Guild • Stan Hywet Gilde • Stan Hywet Flower Arrangers

Stan Hywet Garden Committee • Stan Hywet Collections Committee

Auxiliary Board • Stan Hywet Historic Players • Garden Forum of Greater Akron

Akron Garden Club

Increase (decrease) in unrestricted net assets from

operations $ 16,231 $ 35,611

20 • Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens


Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, Inc., Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens Foundation and Architectural Restoration & Renovation Consultants, Inc.

Consolidated Schedule of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Assets/Stockholder’s Deficit

For The Years Ending December 31

2019 2018


Cash and cash equivalents $ 602,770 $ 694,155

Accounts receivable 415,442 61,621

Inventories 89,979 84,866

Prepaid expenses 225,882 171,892

Property and equipment, net 3,991,009 4,024,012

Unconditional promises to give 927,890 1,553,861

Investments 22,968,111 20,307,847

Beneficial interest in perpetual trust 3,498,562 3,095,402

Deferred tax asset, net 35,985 23,561




Total Assets vs. Total Liabilities

TOTAL ASSETS $32,755,630 $30,017,217



Line of credit $ 450,000 $ 200,000

Long-Term Debt - -

Capital lease obligations - -

Accounts payable 290,099 212,490

Accrued liabilities 240,438 228,911

Taxes payable 23,591 20,434

Deferred revenue 262,021 238,510

Deferred compensation 37,580 35,847

Charitable annuity obligations 4,200 4,940

TOTAL LIABILITIES $ 1,307,929 $ 941,132






Net assets:

Without donor restriction 18,537,093 17,518,517

With donor restriction 12,910,608 11,557,568

31,447,701 29,076,085






DEFICIT $31,447,701 $29,076,085


STOCKHOLDER’S DEFICIT $32,755,630 $30,017,217

Skip Hoists and Lime Kilns – Columbia Chemical, Barberton

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, the nation’s 6th largest historic home open to the public, is

accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, a distinction that is held by only 1,057 of

the estimated 35,000 museums in the United States. This national recognition affirms our

continuing “commitment to excellence, accountability, high professional standards and

continued institutional improvement…exceeding the highest standards for U.S. museums.”

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens is also:

Summit County’s largest National Historic Landmark

Listed on the National Trust for Historic Preservation

714 North Portage Path

Akron, OH 44303



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