Lethbridge Visitor's Guide 2020


Find more things to do in Lethbridge. The 2020 Lethbridge Visitor's Guide features itineraries, attraction information and more. Make your visit to Lethbridge memorable.











1 1st Choice Savings Centre

2 Alberta Birds of Prey Centre

3 ATB Centre

4 Bully’s Casino & Racetrack


6 Centre Village Mall

7 ENMAX Centre

8 Exhibition Park

9 Fort Whoop-Up

10 Galt Museum & Archives

11 Helen Schuler Nature Cen

12 Lethbridge Military Muse

13 Nikka Yuko Japanese Ga

14 Oldman River Observato

15 Park Place Mall

16 Pure Casino Lethbridge


Welcome to Lethbridge


Map Legend

1 Attraction


Lethbridge Events


Fire Station

Green Space


RCMP Detachment


3 Road - Highway

Indigenous Culture

Road - Primary

Road - Secondary

Visitor Info Centre &

RV Sanitation Dump



Wilderness Park

Pavan Park

Family Fun

13 St N



Blackwolf Blvd N

Legacy Par





Active Adventure

Fort Whoop-Up

Scenic Dr S



2 Ave S



Southern Alberta


15 Art Gallery

17 Exhibition Park

20 Golfing



Elizabeth Hall



Art Gallery




Walsh Dr W

1 4

Galt Gardens

3 St S

3 Ave S

4 Ave S

Helen Schuler Nature

21 Centre & Lethbridge Parks 22 Downtown Lethbridge 23 Downtown Lethbridge Map 24 Culinary



The Bay / Melcor Centre



Galt Museum

& Archives

Day Trippin' from

26 Lethbridge

30 Travel Info

2 TourismLethbridge.com

Fort Macleod 42 km / 26 mi

Crowsnest Pass 142 km / 88 mi

Calgary 205 km / 127 mi



Westside Dr W

Metis Trail

Garry Dr W

Metis Trail

5 Ave S

4 St S

25Park Place Mall

University Dr W

Whoop Up Dr W

5 St S

1 Ave S

Galt Gardens

Bridge Dr W

Indian Battle Park

Southern Alberta City of Lethbridge Map

Ethnic Association


University Dr W



C olum bia Blvd W

McMaster Blvd W

6 St S

Whoop Up Dr

Nicholas Sheran Park

McGill Blvd W

University Dr


Peenaquim Park



7 St S

3 Ave S




6 Ave S

Nikka Yuko

Japanese Garden

Scenic Dr N

8 St S



Stafford Dr N

6 Ave S

Scenic Dr S



Scenic Dr N

Stafford Dr S



13 St N 13 St S



26 Ave N

9 Ave N

5 Ave N

3 Ave S

6 Ave S

9 Ave S

10 Ave S

10 St S


16 Ave S





Welcome to Lethbridge

Travel Alberta / Roth and Ramberg Photography

Endless skies, wide-open

spaces, big fun!

No one expected 2020 to unfold as it

has. However, while we have all been

challenged, Lethbridge, the commercial

centre of Southern Alberta, is open for


Lethbridge sits where the open prairies

meet rugged coulees, with the Rocky

Mountains sparkling on the horizon.

We're here ready to welcome you with

a friendly smile. Visit us and experience

accommodation and dining options to

suit every taste and cultural attractions

you won't find anywhere else.

So whether you're visiting family, here

to discover our welcoming art scene, or

looking to daytrip out to stunning Southern

Alberta scenery, get ready to make

some friends.

There’s no better way to enjoy our sunny

summer days than on one of the more

than 200 km of trails that cross the city.

The winter may have shorter days, but

events like the Winter Light Festival at

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden light up

the nights in spectacular fashion.

Local spirit, unique attractions and

convenient access to incredible scenery

— welcome to Lethbridge!

Stay up to date. See what's open in Lethbridge

at TourismLethbridge.com.

This guide is produced by Tourism

Lethbridge. For sales or distribution

inquiries, please email us at:


Editor Stephen Braund

Writers Stephen Braund, Emma Burnard,

Graham Ruttan

Advertising Sales Rep William Slenders

Designer Jarom Scott

Printer Warwick Printing

Cover Photography

Downtown Lethbridge - AVN Aerials /

Jonathan Blackwood

Helen Schuler Nature Centre -

Travel Alberta / Katie Goldie

International Peace Pow-Wow & Street Machine

Weekend - Tourism Lethbridge / Jarom Scott

Printed in Canada for Free Distribution

Oki is a traditional Blackfoot greeting meaning "hello" or "welcome"

2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 3


January Alberta Food &

Beverage Expo

February International

Peace Pow-Wow


Ag Expo & Seed Fair


Home & Garden Show


Lethbridge Bike Fest


Jazz & Blues Festival


Pride Fest

June Paradise Canyon

Lethbridge Open


Centric MusicFest


Dragon Boat Festival


Latin Fest

July Street Machine


July Wide Skies Music

& Art Festival


Caribridge Festival

August Lethbridge

Electronic Music Festival


Whoop-Up Days


Word on the Street




Lethbridge Art Days

December Nikka Yuko

Winter Light Festival

4 TourismLethbridge.com

THIS is the SPIRIT of


Long before the settlers arrived, the

Siksikaitsitapi, or Blackfoot Confederacy,

lived where Lethbridge stands. Come

visit the Blackfoot heartland.

Travel means meeting cultures new to

you. The Blackfoot culture is anything

but new, and it greatly informs what

Lethbridge is and can be.

Indian Relay Races

Adrenaline meets tradition as riders fearlessly

jump from one horse to another in

a fast pace, high adrenaline traditional

horse race. Racers work together to

stay safe and cross the line first. During

the season, you can watch races at the

Rocky Mountain Turf Club.

Pow Wow

A Pow-wow is a living celebration of a

thriving culture. The first time you attend,

it is impossible not to be moved by

the power of the drums and the dancer’s


Vibrant regalia and culture

The International Peace Pow-wow is an

annual event at ENMAX Centre. The Galt

Museum & Archives and Fort Whoop-

Up also host special events Pow-wows.

Learn more at galtmuseum.com.

A Pow-wow is not an event staged for

an audience; it is a genuine gathering

for families and the community. While

guests are welcome, consider, you

wouldn't show up to a neighbour's party

uninvited, so be prepared to honour the

experience. Read our Pow-wow protocol


Indian Relay Races at Rocky Mountain Turf Club

The next generation awaits at the International

Peace Pow-Wow at the ENMAX Centre

2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 5

Family Fun

Listening like an owl at Helen Schuler Nature


Indian Battle Park is a great place to explore and get some fresh air

Hey kids, this page is just for you. Find

fresh and fun things to do in Lethbridge.

Remember, just like the seasons, things

change. Find out what's open and when

at TourismLethbridge.com/family.

Family Fun at a Glance

Beasts and Bridges!

Y-M-C-YAY at the ATB Centre!

Climbing Critters, Leaping and


Downtown Lethbridge Delights

Henderson Lake is H-2-Oh-so-much-fun!

Playground time at Henderson Lake Park

6 TourismLethbridge.com

Fun Fact for Kids: Although our city has

a REALLY BIG bridge, Lethbridge gets

its name from William Lethbridge, a coal

mine owner.

1. Beasts and Bridges!

Meet the critters who call the coulees

home at the Helen Schuler Nature

Centre (page 21). Climb to the rooftop

garden for a high-level introduction to

native plants and the prettiest place to

see the High Level Bridge! Then take

what you’ve learned about nature and

explore the trails.

Keep walking, and you’ll be in Indian Battle

Park. You will love the playgrounds,

skipping river rocks on the Oldman River

and finding a place to picnic. Book yours

at leisure.lethbridge.ca.

This area is also home to Fort Whoop-Up

(page 14). Cannons, costumes, a blacksmith—this

replica of a traditional trading

fort is where history comes to life. Take a

horse-drawn carriage ride!

Local Tip: The Oldman River Observatory

at Popson Park runs a public observatory

and solar viewing at certain times

of the year. Talk about exploring further


2. Y-M-C-YAY at the

ATB Centre!

Nature is great, but when it gets messy

outside, you need some indoor fun.

Check out the Cor Van Raay YMCA. The

aquatic centre has a wave pool, waterslide,

and surf station! Skating superstars

will even find 2 ice rinks at ATB Centre.

3. Climbing Critters,

Leaping and Laughing!

When you grow up, do you want to be a

marvellous mountain goat, a rascally raccoon,

or even a super-slow-motion sloth?

Then you probably need to be hanging

out on the climbing walls of Coulee

Climb! Perfect for an orangutan-intraining!

For even BIGGER climbing challenges,

check out Ascent Climbing Centre at the

University of Lethbridge.

Once you’ve scaled walls, why not really

defy gravity? Hop over to Jump LA


(Grown-ups, remember that most of

these places need you to sign a waiver

and accompany younger ones.)

Cool off at Galt Gardens

Zen Seekers / Paula Worthington

Bring your canoe to Henderson Lake Park!

4. Downtown Lethbridge


After bouncing around, cool down downtown

in the spray park at Galt Gardens.

Splash parks are cool, and so is art! Great

news, you’re beside two local art centres!

Cross the street east to Casa for pottery,

printmaking and other art classes! These

are perfect for kids staying in town a

little longer.

Walk west, and you’ll see the Southern

Alberta Art Gallery, that’s SAAG to us

locals, (page 15). You’ll find summer art

camps and other fun programs here.

Even further west, right on the edge of

the river valley, is the Galt Museum &

Archives. Learn about Lethbridge’s past

with fun programming. Check out their

event calendar for details.

Create something great at Casa

Zen Seekers / Paula Worthington

5. Henderson Lake is


Henderson Lake Park is one of the

biggest parks in the city. Bike along the

trails, discover playgrounds and maybe

even do some fishing. This is also where

you can cheer on dragon boats and

catch special event fireworks! Find more

parks on page 21.

On those super sunny Southern Alberta

days, Henderson Pool is H-2-Oh-somuch-fun!

This BIG outdoor pool also has

a climbing wall, waterslides, and a spray


Slide across the street to Spitz Stadium,

home of the Lethbridge Bulls baseball

team — they’re a home run!

The gem of the park, and Lethbridge, is

the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden (page

13). Discover Japanese culture through

inventive daily programming the whole

family will love. Book your visit at


Safe on first base - Lethbridge Bulls

The colours of Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 7

Active Adventure

Lethbridge is full of wide-open spaces

and plenty of fresh air! The river valley in

the centre of the city brings everyone together,

outside! Whether you’re cycling,

hiking or enjoying a picnic, breathe deep!

Fun Fact: Lethbridge has more than 200

km of trails. Even more impressive is the

annual Lost Soul Ultra, where competitors

tackle distances of up to 100 miles!

For more details, visit lostsoulultra.com.

Wide open spaces are always open for

wildlife but access can change. Learn

more at TourismLethbridge.com/active.

Active Adventure at a Glance

Helen Schuler Nature Centre

Captivating Coulees and City Parks

3. Mountain Bike Botterill

Bottom Park

Get your heart pounding as you triumph

over the jumps, moguls and stunt

zones at this bike park in the river valley.

Perfect for those whose idea of the

outdoors is more gear grinding than bird

watching. Accessed via 3 Ave. S. and

Indian Battle Park.

Grab your lid and pick your line at Mountain Bike

Botterill Bottom Park

Zen Seekers / Matt Bailey

Mountain Bike Botterill Bottom Park

4. Dog Gone Fun!

5. Rainy Day Retreat

Dog Gone Fun!

Rainy Day Retreat

1. Helen Schuler Nature Centre

Begin your active adventure at the Helen

Schuler Nature Centre. With nature information

inside and on the trails, you’ll discover

how to explore with a light touch.

The rooftop garden is perfect for a High

Level Bridge selfie! For more about the

Centre, see page 21.

Do your travelling companions prefer to

play fetch? The Scenic Drive Dog Run

loop (1107 6th St S) takes you into the

coulees for nature and great views. Find

more fido-friendly walks at


Surfing, waterslides, a wave pool — just

because it’s wet outside, doesn’t mean

you want to stay dry inside! No matter

the weather, the aquatic centre at the

Cor Van Raay YMCA at the ATB Centre

is a highlight.

2. Captivating Coulees and

City Parks

Our coulees are naturally incredible. The

coulee parks, with their trails, picnic shelters,

and viewpoints, are the best way

to experience them. Share the birdsong

and the breeze with wildlife like deer,

beavers, and red-winged blackbirds. For

more about parks, see page 21.

Local Tip: You can book one of the many

picnic shelters available here (or at other

city parks) online! Visit


Things are looking up going downhill

8 TourismLethbridge.com


Sure, Lethbridge has plenty of things to

do with a little one in tow, but it’s also

the centre for Southern Alberta grownup

getaways! Gal-pal spa day, a guysnight

out, romantic dinner — here are 5

ways you can cut-loose creatively!

Times and openings may change, but

our website is up to date—


Grown-Up Getaways at a Glance

Spa Afternoon

Craft Beer Crawl

Cut-loose Creatively

Dinner and a Show

Relax, it's a Garden Party

1. Spa Afternoon

From mani-pedis to traditional spa

massage, a day devoted to numero uno

needs TLC. Pure Spa and Tranquility

Float Centre offer flotation tanks where

all you’ll hear in the calm rhythm of your

heart. Prefer a more traditional timeout?

Get a cut, massage, facial, or nails done

at a pampering palace like Catwalk, Brio,

and Three Six Zero. For more suggestions,

visit TourismLethbridge.com.

2. Craft Beer Crawl

Discover our city's impressive brewing

heritage with a History and Beer Tour in

Downtown Lethbridge. Then, get up to

date with visits to Theoretically Brewing,

Spectrum Ale Works, and Coulee Brewing.

Or, sample the international selection

at Telegraph Taphouse. We know that

beer isn’t everyone's choice, so also consider

a cocktail at Plum restaurant.

3. Cut-loose Creatively

The Southern Alberta Art Gallery also

stages dynamic exhibitions featuring

renowned contemporary artists. With

plenty of programming for the artistic

adult, it’s time you cut-loose creatively.


Get inspired with the University of Lethbridge

Art Gallery. Not only do they

offer inventive content online—perfect

for a creative night in—they have also

run plenty of interactive programming to

keep visitors engaged with their rotating

collection of 15,000 piece. For details,

visit ulag.ca.

4. Dinner and a Show

Just like the music charts, the live music

scene is always changing. Find out

what's open and who's playing where at


Local live music favourites include the

Owl Acoustic Lounge, Geomatic Attic,

and the Slice Bar and Grill.

Cirque de Soleil, rock legends, country

stars — Enmax Centre has hosted them

all!. Prefer blue lines to bass lines? You're

still in the right place. This is also home

to the Lethbridge Hurricanes.

Find the biggest acts coming to Lethbridge’s

largest venue at

enmaxcentre.ca. Or call 403-329-SEAT.

Zen Seekers / Paula Worthington

Big names, intimate venues — Lethbridge is the

perfect place to rock out with friends

5. Relax, it's a Garden Party

From spring blossoms to autumn leaves

and spectacular winter lights, enter a

world bursting with colours and culture

at the Nikki Yuko Japanese Garden!

Yes, this is the perfect place to take a

romantic stroll or salute the sun doing

some yoga in a spectacular setting. But

those looking for a more energetic outing

will also find fun daily programming

to make you smile. How about a licensed

Happy Hour with waterfall views? It's a

garden party!

Take a perch at live music hot spot Owl Acoustic


Wet your whistle at the Telegraph Taphouse

2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 9

Calling all culture vultures! With numerous

galleries and cultural centres, Lethbridge

is home to a “crazily rich visual

art community.” That’s straight from the

mouth of Josephine Mills, the curator of

the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery’s

15,000 piece collection! Keep reading

and discover how you can enjoy our seriously

vibrant culture scene!

Find out what's open and when at TourismLethbridge.com/culture.

1. Southern Alberta Art

Gallery (SAAG)

Housed in a historic building, the Southern

Alberta Art Gallery exhibits dynamic

work by renowned contemporary artists.

While you might see paintings on the

walls, these exhibits aren’t wallflowers.

Artist-led discussions, Art NOW (one of

the longest-running art programs in Canada!),

and other creative programming

keep SAAG vibrant and relevant.

Galt Museum & Archives

Travel Alberta / Katie Goldie

Culture at a Glance

Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Galt Museum & Archives

Fort Whoop-Up

University of Lethbridge Art Gallery

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

New West Theatre

2. Galt Museum & Archives

This one’s for the history buffs! Get lost

in time as you wander through the Galt

Museum's rotating world-class (and really

entertaining) exhibits. This is home to

more than 1 million archival documents

and photographs. Speaking of stellar

snaps, the coulee-top view of the river

valley and High Level Bridge from their

atrium is picture perfect!

Artworks from the Dr. Margaret (Marmie) Perkins Hess Collection on display at the U of L Art Gallery

10 TourismLethbridge.com

3. Fort Whoop-Up

In the river valley, right below the museum,

is Fort Whoop-Up. Step back in time

and discover the stories of the Niitsitapi

(Blackfoot), the fur trade, and whiskey

runs at this interactive replica of notorious

Fort Whoop-Up. For more about the

Fort, see page 14.

4. University of Lethbridge

Art Gallery

From knitting noon hours and a drawing

bar, the University of Lethbridge

(U of L) Art Gallery offers fun ways to

connect with their 15,000-piece collection.

The gallery hosts rotating exhibitions

throughout the year and a special

summer exhibition to ensure all are


5. Nikka Yuko

Japanese Garden

Experience traditional Japanese culture

in Lethbridge. From the first spring

blossom to autumn colours and bright

winter lights, the Garden offers you a

world apart. As you step through the

gates, you’ll discover the vital role Japanese-Canadians

have played in Southern

Alberta while being in a place of pure

tranquillity. For more about the Garden,

see page 13.

6. New West Theatre

Get ready to laugh out loud… a lot! New

West Theatre brings its unique mix of

hilarious comedy and encore-inspiring

musical numbers to the (newly renovated!)

Yates Memorial Theatre. Plus, a

season of varied theatrical productions

means you’re sure to be entertained any

time of the year.

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden merges Japanese

and Canadian culture to stunning effect

Experiencing Blackfoot history Fort Whoop-Up

Zen Seekers / Matt Bailey

New West Theatre

2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 11

Experience the


Experience culture like never before

as we showcase the friendship of

Japan & Canada at Nikka Yuko

Japanese Garden. Let the garden

fill you with a sense of peace and

serenity as you immerse yourself in

our oasis on the prairies.

Lethbridge, AB

www.NikkaYuko.com Gates open in May

12 TourismLethbridge.com





Established in 1967 for Canada’s Centennial,

Nikki Yuko celebrates those of

Japanese ancestry in Southern Alberta.

Designed by master garden architect

Tadashi Kubo, and featuring components

built by artisans in Kyoto, the garden

showcases the friendship between Japan

and Canada. The name Nikka Yuko is itself

harmonious — Nihon (Japan), Kanada

(or Canada), and Yuko (friendship).

As you walk along the paths, you’ll see

Southern Alberta landscapes — magnificent

mountains, tumbling rivers, and

placid lakeshores — as well as Japanese

traditions. Each aspect maintains the

balance of the garden.

Traditional yukatas

Konnichiwa and welcome to Nikki Yuko

Japanese Garden, a taste of authentic

Japanese culture in the very heart of

Lethbridge. Tea ceremonies, meditation

activities and a traditional rock garden

promise tranquillity in the city. While

special daily programming —yoga, happy

hour, anime— buzzes with energy!

Each season offers new reasons to visit.

The garden opens its season with vibrant

flowers and colours. Warm summer days

are the perfect time to contemplate the

waterfall from the veranda. Fall brings

warm colours as nature prepares for the

coming cold. In winter, the garden makes

up for missing blossoms with a vibrant

Winter Light Festival. And no matter the

season, the impressive friendship bell

beckons. Ring it for good luck!

Inside the garden's traditional pavilion

Now, work begins on a year-round facility

that will benefit both the Garden and

Henderson Lake users. Immerse yourself

in our oasis on the prairies, visit Nikka

Yuko Japanese Garden. Buy your tickets

now at nikkayuko.com.

2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 13





2020 is the 150th Anniversary

of the Construction of Fort


What is now known as southern Alberta

has long been the homelands of the

Niitsitapi or Blackfoot people. Their traditional

ways of living included hunting

buffalo. In 1870, Alfred B. Hamilton and

John J. Healy set up a trading post at the

meeting of the St. Mary and Belly (now

Oldman) Rivers that became known as

Fort Whoop-Up. This spot was a traditional

wintering site for the Siksikaitsitapi

(Blackfoot Confederacy). The buffalo

robe and whisky trade brought tremendous

change to Niitsitapi social and

cultural life.

While the buffalo roamed the prairies

in awesome herds, the European demand

for buffalo robes brought the

animal close to extinction. Traders made

fortunes from trading buffalo robes for

firearms, blankets, and whisky. As it

might contain anything from chewing tobacco

to burnt sugar, it was often called

“firewater.” One to two litres of it traded

for one robe.

In 1873, Prime Minister Macdonald

announced the formation of the North-

West Mounted Police (NWMP) to

enforce Canadian laws in the west and

to close down the whisky trade. As the

NWMP approached, some traders fled

to Montana; others rebranded as legitimate

traders, later becoming politicians

or legal businessmen. When the NWMP

arrived at Fort Whoop-Up on October 9,

1874, they found a nearly abandoned fort

with no whisky in sight.

However, the buffalo robe trade continued

until the near extinction of the

buffalo around 1880–81. Already struggling

with epidemics like smallpox and

tuberculosis, the Blackfoot people were

devastated by the loss of the buffalo

and the effects of alcohol. The Tsuu

T’ina, Stoney/Nakoda and Siksikaitsitapi

nations signed Treaty 7 in 1877. Despite

ongoing challenges, the Blackfoot people

were resilient, with a strong traditional


A view of the teepee and coulees from inside Fort Whoop-Up

The southern Alberta landscape was

transformed in the 1890s by railways,

farms, irrigation and permanent settlements.

Furthermore, the changing flow

of the Oldman River has eroded the

original site of Fort Whoop-Up.

On October 28, 1963, the original site

of the fort was declared a National

Historic Site of Canada. Then, in 1967, a

reconstruction of the fort was created

in Indian Battle Park. Today, the Fort

Whoop-Up facility and staff continue to

tell the challenging story of the brief but

formative period of the buffalo robe and

whisky trade in southern Alberta, and its

impact on Niitsitapi social and cultural


To learn more about the Fort and visitor

information, go to fort.galtmuseum.com.

Zen Seekers / Matt Bailey

14 TourismLethbridge.com





You'll find the Southern Alberta Art Gallery

(SAAG) in the heart of downtown,

on the southern edge of Galt Gardens.

Originally the site of the Carnegie library,

this historic building has more than kept

with the times through extensive renovations

allowing SAAG to push boundaries

by featuring contemporary artists. SAAG

encourages broad public engagement,

promotes awareness and exploration of

artistic expression.

Exhibitions at SAAG regularly features

art by renowned local, regional, national,

and international artists. With a tempting

gift shop carrying unique, handcrafted

items produced by local and area

artisans, a visit is a must. Because the

Gallery is in the centre of town, you're

close to great cafes and bars where you

and your friends can discuss what you've

just experienced.

Zen Seekers / Paula Worthington

For the Younger Crowd

Cultivate creative kids ! One of the

Gallery's most popular programs is

miniSAAG. The Gallery hosts imagination-inducing

camps, both virtual and

in-person. You don't need to wait for

special programming. A visit to SAAG

will enhance your young one’s artistic appreciation

any time of year!

Find out more at saag.ca.

Discussion is the name of the game as

SAAG looks to promote community

engagement and increase connections

between programming, exhibitions and

the public.

For the Adults

Virtual events, Bletcher hour reading

group, SAAG Cinema—the Gallery is

always innovating, always challenging so

you can better engage with art!

Past exhibition by Jennifer Rose Sciarrino

See things from a new perspective at SAAG

2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 15



16 TourismLethbridge.com

Exhibition Park


If you’d come to Lethbridge in 1912 for

the International Dry-Farming Congress,

you’d have ended up at Exhibition Park.

More than 100 years later, the Ex is still

where Southern Alberta agriculture intersects

with the city. Founded in 1897, this

organization is the fourth oldest Agricultural

Society in Alberta!

While 2020 brought challenges affecting

their signature events, keep your eye on

the EX's calendar (exhibitionpark.ca) for

their six big highlights and the 1000s of

rental events throughout the year.

Agricultural Events

The agricultural year doesn't really begin

until AG-EXPO arrives at Exhibition Park.

Farmers and other Ag professionals seek

out the latest tech, while families have

a blast discovering farming fun! Watch

your children's eyes go wide with wonder

as they look up (waaaay up!) at the

combines and modern farming machines.

This is one of Western Canada’s largest

AG shows and one of the last Seed Fairs

in Canada. With over 350 indoor and

outdoor exhibitors from across North

America, this event is BIG fun for farmers

and family!

Aggie Days is a 2-day educational,

agricultural event you can attend for

free. This agriculture trade show aims

to educate the public on all aspects of

agriculture. Go behind the scenes. Enjoy

show ring demonstrations, a petting zoo

and a lot of interactive booths! This is

one event ewe definitely don’t want to

miss — it’s out-standing in its field!

Alberta Open Farm Days connects the

city to the farms that feed the world. All

throughout the province, farms welcome

the public. See how farms work and learn

about the importance of the agricultural

industry in Alberta. Exhibition Park typically

collaborates with area farms for a

farm to table tour you won't soon forget!

Home and Garden

The Home and Garden Show at the Ex

is one great thyme! Bad puns aside,

this event is your chance to dig into the

newest trends in and outside the home.

Flooring, hot tubs, landscapers—talk to

experts on the latest trends in gardening,

discover the latest and greatest products

and start planning your renos. With so

much to love, you definitely won’t take it

for granite!


The tastiest, freshest, healthiest way to

connect with local Alberta produce is at

Exhibition Park's Farmers’ Market. The

Saturday market at the EX is a way for

you to source farm-fresh ingredients.

Every Saturday during the season, you’ll

find local farmers selling their just-picked

produce and artisans offering hand-crafted

wares. Plus, most years an Outdoors

Farmers’ Market takes over downtown

Lethbridge every Wednesday. It's almost

impossible to romaine calm over the

Farmers’ Markets in Lethbridge!

Finish the year with the BIG Christmas

Market & Tradeshow. This event wraps

up the best holiday treats and gift ideas

in one place! With over 150 Vendors at

the EX, there will be something for everyone

on your gift list!

Whoop-Up Days

End the summer with fun! Most years,

Whoop-Up Days is at the end of August.

A parade kicks off the festivities downtown.

Then fun-lovers head straight to

the EX for crazy food, live entertainment,

and a massive midway that has rides for

both the little ones and older daredevils.

And we haven't even mentioned the authentic

rodeo! Fun for the whole family,

Whoop-up Days is the perfect way to

end the summer!

Find updates, schedules and more at


2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 17

www.galtmuseum.com 18 TourismLethbridge.com




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Golf in Lethbridge

Where birds and beasts meet bogies and birdies

Lethbridge is a paradise for golfers. You’ll

find a range of golf options that fit every

budget and scoreboard. Like views with

your game? Golfing in the coulees, the

stunning, steep-sided river valley at the

centre of the city, is an incredible place

to play at your own pace or challenge

your game.

Paradise Canyon Golf Resort

Nestled in the hills and cliff of the Old

Man River, Paradise Canyon Golf Resort

is waiting to challenge your game and

expectations of what a golf resort can

be. There’s a reason it’s Southern Alberta’s

#1 rated golf course! This is the home

of the Lethbridge Paradise Canyon

Open, a PGA event. A clubhouse, driving

range, and on-site accommodations

complete the experience.

Henderson Lake Golf Course

Test your accuracy as you navigate

fairways, water hazards and sandtraps

at this classic course! This welcoming

18-hole par 70 golf course is excellent for

all skill levels. Wind down at the on-site

Henderson Grill or head next door for a

relaxing stroll through Nikka Yuko Japanese


Evergreen Golf Centre

The 9-hole, par-3 course is a fun two

hours of play. Practice your swing all year

long at this golf facility’s award-winning

driving range! Or indulge your inner child

with a round of mini-golf and go-kart


Bridge Valley Golf Course

Nestled in the coulees, north of the High

Level Bridge, this 9-hole par 3 course

tees up a relaxed, family-friendly game.

Experienced golfers love the driving

range and chance to improve their shorthand.

The 18 hole mini putt offers views

that are anything but mini!

Paradise Canyon Golf Resort

Zen Seekers / Kenton DeJong

urban escape 5 minut es from downtown

200 km of discovery t rails

403.320.3064 lethbridge.ca/Nature

20 TourismLethbridge.com







The conservation area of Helen Schuler

Nature Centre is the ideal spot for learning

about the river valley and meeting

some of the animals that live there.

Even better, this urban escape is only 5

minutes from downtown! Stop by for superb

programming, or just pop into the

centre for displays and advice on how to

explore naturally. Their rooftop garden

provides a riot of colours, scents and

views of the High Level Bridge.


Why is Lethbridge such a healthy, livable

city—and such a breath of fresh air for

visitors? It's all the parks! Whether you’re

exploring the coulees or wandering some

of the 200 km of trails connecting the

city to nature, it’s time to get outside.

To book a picnic shelter, visit


Indian Battle Park South

Indian Battle Park commemorates the

last battle fought between the Blackfoot

and Cree Nations in October of

1870. Access is easy thanks to the park's

proximity to downtown and major roads.

Enjoy 5.0 km of river-bottom trails, a

natural playground, and several picnic

areas — both booked and drop-in options

are available. The park is also home to the

Fort Whoop-Up Interpretive Centre.

Henderson Lake Park South

With its 24-hectare constructed lake,

Henderson Lake is one of Lethbridge’s

oldest and grandest outdoor spaces.

Groves of mature trees offer shade, while

Henderson Pool is sunny, outdoor fun.

Picnic shelters, playgrounds and over

7 km of pathways keep families entertained.

And Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

dazzles. The park is also close to Spitz

Stadium, and Exhibition Park.

Pavan Park North

Pavan Park delivers 125 hectares of birdsong,

river paths, and magnificent nature

at the northern edge of the city. You’ll

find 10 km of walking and hiking trails,

plus playgrounds, horseshoe pits, picnic

areas, volleyball and equestrian trails.

Pavan Park is a natural escape without

travelling far!

Legacy Park North

You’ll find Lethbridge’s newest park on

the north side of the city as well. Burn

off steam in the playgrounds, challenge

course and over 6 km of paved and natural

trails. Get competitive on the many

pickleball courts, enjoy a game of basketball

or challenge the skateboard park. Or

relax at one of the picnic shelters.

Nicholas Sheran Park West

This is one of Lethbridge’s largest parks.

Enjoy a beautiful constructed lake, a great

pathway system, and Canada’s longest

disk golf course. Families will appreciate

the large playground, fitness equipment,

an edible ​orchard, and a small picnic

shelter. The park is also home to a leisure

centre with its ice rinks and pool.

Popson Park West

The Oldman River, flat prairies, views of

the stunning coulees — Popson Park is

bursting with nature in every corner. This

epic, wild park offers a boat launch, covered

picnic shelters, and the only off-leash

dog park on the West Side. This is also

home to the Oldman River Observatory.

Cottonwood Park West

Named for its extensive cottonwood

forest, Cottonwood Park is one of Lethbridge’s

City Preservation Areas. Visitors

will appreciate the natural grasslands,

coulees, and forests. It’s also a natural

habitat for prairie wildlife species, including

the Prairie Rattlesnake. Like Pavan and

Popson parks, this is nature in its purest!

2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 21

Travel Alberta / Katie Goldie



Rich culture, original nightlife, delicious

food — enjoy it all in Downtown Lethbridge!

So grab a handcrafted latte at

one of the independent cafes downtown

and explore!

Downtown is where you’ll find great local

shopping. Drunken Sailor, Purple Hippo,

Meadow Lane — the names of these boutiques

are as unique as what you’ll find

inside! Is all that shopping working up

an appetite? From lip-smacking Dylan’s

Burgers and Piggyback Poutinery to

cocktail-fabulous Plum, from the farmto-fork

fare at Mocha Cabana to slippery

noodles at Taro Noodle House, the menu

downtown has something for everyone.

These are historic streets, so history

buffs strolling from the Galt Museum &

Archives past the well-preserved buildings

of Lethbridge’s core can simply walk

through history. For a refreshing take on

the past, downtownlethbridge.com runs

a Downtown History & Beer Tour.

Looking for nightlife? Grab some exceptional

ales at the Telegraph Taphouse

— another vintage setting — or

hunker down at the Round Table Board

Gamerie with friends. Like your entertainment

live? You'll find music spaces,

comedy clubs and other live venues

hosting great entertainers. Plus, Galt

Gardens hosts multiple outdoor events

throughout the year. And, of course, Lethbridge’s

newly renovated performance

space, the Yates Memorial Theatre, hosts

theatre and visiting shows year-round.

As elsewhere, plans and openings

change. Stay up to date with the best information

at downtownlethbridge.com.

Diverse dining, shops, entertainment — discover downtown Lethbridge

Baby Laurel & Co

22 TourismLethbridge.com

Downtown Lethbridge Map

Park Place Mall

Performing Arts

2 Ave S


1 Ave S

Galt Gardens



Art Gallery








Good Times Comedy Club

Owl Acoustic Lounge

Southminster United Church

The Slice

Theatre Outré

Yates Memorial Centre

3 Ave S



11 St S

10 St S

5 St S


Stafford Dr S

8 St S

7 St S

Scenic Dr S

6 St S

4 St S

3 St S


4 Ave S

The Bay / Melcor Centre








5 Ave S

Galt Museum

& Archives



Southern Alberta

Ethnic Association

6 Ave S

Parking Zones Zone 02 2 hour maximum Zone 03 3 hour maximum Zone 10 10 hour maximum

Map Legend

Bus Terminal


Movie Theatre

Post Office

Road - Secondary

Fire Station

Ice Arena

Performing Arts

RCMP Detachment

Swimming Pool

Green Space



Road - Primary

Trailheads for the Coulees

(visit Lethbridge Parks App for City Trails)

2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 23





Side of




Travel Alberta / Katie Goldie


Start your morning off with relaxation,

great food and a coffee!

Here's a selection of the great

cafes in Lethbridge.


Bread Milk and Honey

427 5 St S Lethbridge, AB

Carefully sourced coffee and baked

goods to make you drool—Bread Milk

and Honey is, In a word, delicious! Stop

by when you're downtown and fuel up

for a day of exploring!

Java the Hut

411 2 Ave S Lethbridge AB

Travelling with Star Wars fans? This is the

cafe you're looking for. You'll find movie

memorabilia, great coffee and a cozy

atmosphere at Java the Hut.

Jonny Bean Coffee

418 13 St N Lethbridge AB

Start your day off with great coffee and

a healthy, hearty breakfast! Located in a

beautifully restored building, Jonny Bean

Coffee serves a variety of barista-crafted

beverages and inventive food options.

Stop by for a quick snack or hang out a

while with friends!

Penny Coffee House

331 5 St S Lethbridge, AB

For decades, Penny Coffee House has

been a Lethbridge favourite! Come eat

like a local — try their French press coffee,

homemade lunches and fresh baked

goods. Their walls are decorated by local


Sonders Coffee Bar

119 3 Ave S Lethbridge AB

Don't waffle around, get yourself to

Sonders Coffee Bar! This small cafe on

the edge of downtown serves sweet or

savoury waffles that are to die for. Wash

it down with coffee made from locally

roasted coffee beans!

The Jasmine Room

1112 6 Ave S Lethbridge, AB

For all of the tea lovers, Lethbridge has

something for you too! This quaint, relaxing

hidden gem in downtown Lethbridge

is the perfect place to go for a cup of

tea, a tasty meal and a delicious dessert!


Lethbridge loves local! You'll find

unique restaurants, and your

favourite names, serving local

flavours throughout the city.


Italian Table

320 Scenic Dr S Lethbridge, AB

Pasta, paninis, and flatbread—the Italian

Table has customers saying buon appetito!

With a focus on sourcing from local

Alberta producers, you know you’ll be

feeding your family great food with fresh


Mocha Cabana

317 4St S Lethbridge, AB

Experience the local community at

Mocha Cabana. How fresh is fresh? From

pasta to their beer, they source locally! A

large, protected patio at the back makes

Mocha Cabana the perfect place to hang

out with the locals.

24 TourismLethbridge.com

Miro Bistro 313 5 St S Lethbridge, AB

Fine dining in a casual space paired with

exceptional wines. Miro Bistro is located

in the heart of downtown Lethbridge.

Serving both lunch and dinner, this is

a great option when you're looking for

something unique.

Plum 330 6 St S Lethbridge, AB

Intimate, unique, fine dining—Plum is the

place to be. With a friendly atmosphere,

fantastic food and cocktails that set taste

buds tingling, Plum brings sophisticated

flavours to the heart of Lethbridge.

Two Guys and a Pizza Place

316 11 St S Lethbridge, AB

Two Guys and a Pizza Place has all of

your favourites. With over 40 utterly

creative flavours that dazzle, there is a

pie here to make everyone at the table



Grab your friends and head out

for an adult treat! Lethbridge has

multiple craft breweries and date

night spots perfect for you and

that special someone!


Theoretically Brewing

1263 2 Ave S Lethbridge, AB

Lethbridge has a rich brewing history,

and Theoretically Brewing pushes it into

the future. They brew small-batch beers

Created with the science in mind. Try

cores brews, seasonal favourites and single-batch

experiments. In season, enjoy

sunshine and live music on their large


Coulee Taproom

4085 2 Ave Lethbridge, AB

Committed to crafting a family experience,

their big patio is the perfect place

to pair award-winning ales with delicious

burgers and more. Hoodoo Hops, Red

Coat Trail Amber—even the names capture

Lethbridge's brewing history.

Spectrum Ale Works

3500 9 Ave N Lethbridge, AB

Lethbridge's newest brewer is bringing

people together with a diverse range of

beers. From English Pub Ales to hoppier

concoctions, get a taste of the prairies

with a flight, glass or growler.

Telegraph Taphouse

310 6 St S Lethbridge, AB

Enjoy tasty food, excellent craft beers

and spirits in the historic building that

housed Lethbridge's original telegraph


Water Tower Grill

103 Mayor Magrath Dr S Lethbridge, AB

Looking for more of a high dining Experience?

Water Tower Grill is the place for

you! Indulge in the amazing food while

taking in the amazing views 102' above

the ground from Lethbridge’s old water



Curve that sweet tooth craving

at some of Lethbridge’s favourite

ice cream and sweet treats spots.


Swirls Ice Cream

1701 Mayor Magrath Dr S Lethbridge, AB

For a cool treat on a hot summer day,

look no further than Swirls Ice Cream!

From soft serve to sundaes, they can

satisfy your craving!

Street Side Eatery -

Cheesecake 317 8 St S

Lethbridge, AB

Street Side Eatery is a full-service restaurant

but we're including it here because

of their decadent cheesecakes and pies!

With flavours like Skor, peanut butter

chocolate and salted caramel, this is

heaven for your sweet tooth!


Possibly the most fun you can have

with a straw, bubble tea is a sweet treat

perfect for summer or anytime you're

looking for a pick-me-up. Many of Lethbridge’s

Vietnamese restaurants serve

creative flavours with different bubble



404 E Mayor Magrath Dr N

Lethbridge, AB

North Lethbridge also gets its bubble tea

fix. They also serve noodles, soups and

other Vietnamese favourites. Take-out or

dine in.

Mama La

8 Aquitania Blvd W #50 Lethbridge, AB

Along with a range of fun Bubble Tea,

Mama La serves delicious Vietnamese

favourites on the West Side. Take-out or

dine in.

Thuan Hoa

1354 Mayor Magrath Dr S

Lethbridge, AB Looking

Bún, pho, bubble tea and more really

yummy Vietnamese dishes prepared with

love in south Lethbridge. Take-out or

dine in.

Umami 814 4 Ave S Lethbridge, AB

Boutique grocer delights are just the beginning.

You'll love Umami for its bubble

tea, bánh mì, cooking classes and more.

2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 25


Travel Alberta/Sabrina Hill

Lethbridge is a great place to

hang your hat when exploring



Hotels, restaurants and

amenities — Lethbridge is

the perfect place to discover

the amazing outdoors of

Southern Alberta.

After you’ve experienced

our unique shops and attractions,

hop in your car

and start day trippin’.

After a day of incredible

landscapes, you'll return to

a comfortable hotel, ready

to enjoy dining and entertainment

options you won’t

find anywhere else!

26 TourismLethbridge.com

See why Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park is an

UNESCO World Heritage Site


Birds & Badlands

Hwy 3 & 4 Full Day

From dinosaur fossils to landscapes left

from prehistoric lakes, here’s an easy

outing that introduces the otherworldly

Canadian Badlands! Highway 4 takes you

from Lethbridge back in time to Devil's

Coulee Dinosaur & Heritage Museum

in Warner. Keep going to the UNESCO

World Heritage Site of Writing-on-Stone

Provincial Park. You’ll learn about Blackfoot

culture as you witness petroglyphs

and pictographs thousands of years old.

Return to Lethbridge for a meal with a

view at the Water Tower Grill & Bar.

On the way back, get closer than you

ever imagined to Alberta’s birds of prey.

The Alberta Birds of Prey Centre in

Coaldale lets you get up-close to these

awe-inspiring creatures while protecting

them for all. It's a quick 15-minute drive

from Pure Casino in Lethbridge, east on

Highway 3.

Travel Alberta / Sabrina Hill

Get close to incredible creatures at the Alberta

Birds of Prey Centre

Itinerary 1 Suggested Stops

Devil's Coulee Dinosaur &

Heritage Museum

300A county road, Warner, AB

64 km (40 mi) from Lethbridge


Provincial Park

NW 36 TW1 range 13, Milk River, AB

123 km (76 mi) from Lethbridge

Alberta Birds of Prey Centre

2124 16 Ave, Coaldale, AB

18 km (11 mi) from Lethbridge

Need Accommodations in Lethbridge?



2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 27


See why Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is a

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Travel Alberta / Jeremy Fokkens

Witness the riding of the redcoats at The Fort

Museum in Fort Macleod


Plains People & NWMP

Itinerary 2 Suggested Stops 03

Mining for Memories

Hwy 3, 2 & 785 Full Day

Hwy 3 Full Day

Travel Alberta / Katie Goldie

Get a deeper experience of Western Canada's

only underground coal mine at Bellevue Mine

Travel Alberta / Katie Goldie

History buffs will love this tour — head

west on Highway 3 to Fort Macleod and

the Fort Museum. There, spend a couple

of hours learning about the Northwest

Mounted Police and First Nations of

Southern Alberta in the re-creation of

the Fort that was built in 1974. Next,

it’s a short drive to Head-Smashed-In

Buffalo Jump. One of the world's oldest

and best-preserved buffalo jumps, this

UNESCO World Heritage Site is simply

incredible! Learn about Blackfoot culture

and history and walk the trails for great

views! Finish the day in Downtown Lethbridge

with farm to fork restaurant fare.

Travel Tip

The Fort Museum of the

NWMP & First Nations

Interpretive Centre

219 25 St, Fort MacLeod, AB

54 km (34 mi) from Lethbridge

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo

Jump World Heritage Site

Secondary Highway #785,

Fort MacLeod, AB

75 km (47 mi) from Lethbridge

Head west on Highway 3 (Crowsnest

Trail) for a full day of history and natural

splendour in the Crowsnest Pass. One

option takes it slow with a stop at Kootenai

Brown Pioneer Village in Pincher

Creek before carrying on to gorgeous

Lundbreck Falls just off of Highway 3.

Next up, historic Bellevue Underground

Mine for an underground mine tour.

Then be awestruck at the Frank Slide

Interpretive Centre, marking the site

of Canada’s deadliest rockslide. Finally,

head out for a pleasant stroll along the

old miners’ trail — look up to see where

the miners’ used to hang their lanterns in

the treetops.

Discover a backcountry paradise at Castle

Provincial Park and Castle Wildland

Provincial Park. Accessible from Lethbridge

via HWY 3, these parks are home to 1,000 km

of foothills, mountains, and unique wildlife.

In winter, Castle Mountain Resort lifts skiers

spirits with plenty of powdery snow.

Travel Alberta / John Price

28 TourismLethbridge.com

Travel Alberta / Katie Goldie

Looking for an adventure in “the

Pass”? Challenge yourself with the

incredible hike to the summit of

Turtle Mountain. You’ll get a new

perspective on the tragic Frank rock

slide and inspiring views. With an

almost 1 km vertical gain, good

hiking boots and experience are a


Travel Tip

Itinerary 3 Suggested Stops

Waterton isn't just a hikers haven, venture out on

the water with a board or in a boat


Waterton & Wagons

Hwy 5 Full Day

Blakiston & Co.

Step back into the past at the Remington Carriage


Itinerary 4 Suggested Stops

Uppercase Creative

Kootenai Brown

Pioneer Village

1037 Bev McLachlin Dr,

Pincher Creek, AB

105 km (65 mi) from Lethbridge

Bellevue Underground Mine

2531 213 St, Bellevue, AB

138 km (86 mi) from Lethbridge

Frank Slide

Interpretive Centre

AB-3, Crowsnest Pass, AB

141km (88 mi) from Lethbridge

Leave the hordes of tourists behind and

experience the Alberta Rockies the right

way at Waterton Lakes National Park.

Grab some picnic fixin’s before you head

out, then drive Highway 5 to Waterton.

Your day could include a scenic boat

cruise, scrumptious high tea with an

Alpine view or a hike through mountain

splendour. Plus, there’s plenty of beach in

town for your picnic. Head back to Lethbridge

and relax in your hotel’s hot tub.

Optional: On your way there, stop at

the utterly unique Remington Carriage

Museum in Cardston!

Waterton Lakes National Park

AB-5, Waterton Park, AB

114 km (71 mi) from Lethbridge

Remington Carriage Museum

623 Main St, Cardston, AB

75 km (47 mi) from Lethbridge

Travel Tip

Hikers rejoice! National Geographic named

the trail to Crypt Lake in Waterton, one of the

world’s most thrilling hikes. Get ready for a

natural mountain tunnel, skinny rock ledges

and views all day long. This challenging

hike will take the day but give you serious

bragging rights!

Andy Best @andy_best

2020 Lethbridge Visitor’s Guide 29

Travel Info

Coalbanks Creative Inc. / Michael Warf


Population 101,482 (2019 City Census)

Time Zone MST (Mountain Standard Time; MDT in Summer)

Blackfoot Confederacy traditional territory

City Information Lethbridge.ca / Call: 311


The currency in Canada is the Canadian dollar (CA$).

Coins 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1 (“loonie”), $2 (“toonie”)

Bills $5, $10, $20, $50, $100


In Alberta, you will pay a 5% federal GST on most goods and

services. While Alberta does not charge a provincial GST, other

provinces do, and the total sales tax rate varies when shopping

in Canada.


(from West to East)

Chief Mountain Seasonal

Carway / Piegan Year Round

Del Bonita Year Round

Coutts / Sweetgrass Year Round

Aden / Whitlash Year Round

Wild Horse Year Round



Fort Macleod 54 km (34 mi) / 38 min

Frank Slide Interpretive Centre 141 km (88 mi) / 1 hr 31 min

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump 76 km (47 mi) / 52 min

Medicine Hat 168 km (104 mi) / 1 hr 51 min

Saskatchewan Border (via Hwy 1) 231 km (143 mi) /

2 hr 32 min

Waterton (townsite) 127 km (79 mi) / 1 hr 29 min

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park 123 km (76 mi) / 1 hr 15min


(1 mile = 1.609344 km)

30 km/hr 18.6 mph

50 km/hr 31.1 mph

60 km/hr 37.3 mph

70 km/hr 43.5 mph

100 km/hr 62.1 mph

110 km/hr 68.4 mph


The Lethbridge Airport (YQL) is conveniently

located a few kilometers south of Lethbridge.

It connects Lethbridge to the hub of Calgary

and onwards to the world. #FLYQL on your next

visit to Lethbridge or away connection.


Download City of Lethbridge apps on your iPhone / iPad or

Android device.

Find bus times, maps and more.


(from Lethbridge Visitor Information Centre)

Get out and explore paths and parks.

Banff 340 km (211 mi) / 3 hr 35 min

British Columbia Border (via Hwy 3) 163 km (101 mi) /

1 hr 47 min

Dial 311 for information on City programs and services.

Calgary 218 km (136 mi) / 2 hr 16 min

Coutts (USA / Montana Border) 101 km (63 mi) / 1 hr 1 min

*These are City of Lethbridge services. Please report any issues directly to them.

30 TourismLethbridge.com




1 1st Choice Savings Centre

2 Alberta Birds of Prey Centre

3 ATB Centre

4 Bully’s Casino & Racetrack


6 Centre Village Mall

7 ENMAX Centre

8 Exhibition Park

9 Fort Whoop-Up

10 Galt Museum & Archives

11 Helen Schuler Nature Centre

12 Lethbridge Military Museum

13 Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

14 Oldman River Observatory

15 Park Place Mall

16 Pure Casino Lethbridge


18 Servus Sports Centre

19 Softball Valley

20 Spitz Stadium

21 U of L Art Gallery

22 U of L Community Stadium

23 Val Matteotti Gym

24 Yates Memorial Centre

Map Legend

1 Attraction



Fire Station

Green Space


RCMP Detachment

3 Road - Highway

Road - Primary

Road - Secondary

Visitor Info Centre &

RV Sanitation Dump


Wilderness Park

Pavan Park

13 St N



Blackwolf Blvd N

Legacy Park



Fort Macleod 42 km / 26 mi

Crowsnest Pass 142 km / 88 mi

Calgary 205 km / 127 mi

Peenaquim Park

Scenic Dr N

26 Ave N 26 Ave N




Westside Dr W

Walsh Dr W

Metis Trail

Garry Dr W

University Dr W

University Dr W

Bridge Dr W

Elizabeth Hall


Indian Battle Park

Whoop Up Dr


3 Ave S

9 10

Scenic Dr N




Galt Gardens


Stafford Dr N

6 Ave S

Scenic Dr S



13 St N 13 St S

9 Ave N

5 Ave N

3 Ave S

6 Ave S

23 St N


28 St N

9 Ave S

Henderson Lake Park


10 Ave S S Parkside Dr

Coaldale 11 km / 7 mi

Taber 47 km / 29 mi

Medicine Hat 163 km / 101 mi





43 St N

43 St S



Metis Trail

Whoop Up Dr W

C olum bia Blvd W

McMaster Blvd W



Nicholas Sheran Park

McGill Blvd W

University Dr W


16 Ave S

Mayor Magrath Dr S

Scenic Dr S




24 Ave S

43 St S


Milk River 79 km / 49 mi

Coutts (USA Border) 98 km / 61 mi

Great Falls, USA 290 km / 180 mi



Canyon Pkwy W

Canyo n Blvd W



0 .5 1 2 3


Cottonwood Park


Popson Park

Cardston 70 km / 44 mi

Carway (USA Border) 94 km / 58 mi

Waterton (townsite) 124 km / 77 mi



©2020 Tourism Lethbridge



Discover Your Destination For


Attractions & Events


2805 Scenic Dr S, Lethbridge, AB

or call us 1-888-384-8687

Visit our Information Centre and our travel experts will help

you plan your perfect stay. Driving an RV? You’ll find a free

sani dump station in the ample parking lot.

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