Annual Report StreetwiZe • Mobile School 2019

Enjoy our annual report and read about our realisations with StreetwiZe, Mobile School and StreetSmart.

Enjoy our annual report and read about our realisations with StreetwiZe, Mobile School and StreetSmart.


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Dear Sas,

You joined Mobile School in 2008 as an intern as part of your social work studies and

you immediately stood out through your warm commitment and impressive verve and

vigour. Logically, we never let you go.

You worked in the back office, made sure that tens of thousands of children here in

Belgium got to know the mobile school. You trained street workers in Bolivia, Greece,

Albania, Georgia and guided young people in the StreetwiZe projects in De Zande.

Under your leadership, our volunteer work was exceptionally focused. And above all, you

made sure that every volunteer, intern, freelancer and colleague felt at home. You were

the glue that kept everything together and thus you became one of the pillars of our


And now we have a big problem, because you are simply irreplaceable.

You are missed in every part of the organisation. When important decisions need to be

made, there is often the reflection,… what would Sas say or do? You still help us to make

the right choices. We will not let you go! You still inspire us as much as StreetwiZe •

Mobile School has inspired you. You will stay with us, one of us, ... forever.

2019 was a particularly difficult year. But your colleagues don’t give up and keep going,

for 150 million children on the street, for our customers and for you. And take it from

me… we will continue to dream of and build a world in balance where every talent will

have the opportunity to grow and flourish.

You can count on us.

Thanks for everything,


† 19 July 2019 1















For any corrigenda found subsequent to printing, please visit our website at www.mobileschool.org/annualreport

Mobile School partner Pal. J. Matulaičio socialinis centras, Vilnius, Lithuania

© StreetwiZe • Mobile School May 2019

FRONT COVER: StreetwiZe • Mobile School team on their annual teambuilding day in Bocholt, Belgium.

BACK COVER: Mobile School team of Virlanie Foundation in the Philippines, Manila. 3


Mission and values Mobile School Group

mobile school group undertakes actions, starting from the strengths of street-connected children, to improve the

sustainable development of individuals, organisations and society.

Mobile School NPO is a Belgian organisation

dedicated to empowering autonomous organisations

working with street-connected children

throughout the world. We develop mobile school

carts and educational materials and train local

street workers to increase their efficiency and impact.

The main objective of the Mobile School methodology

is to discover and unlock the talents of

street-connected children so they can regain a positive

self-image and can start to make conscious

decisions about their own future. Presently there

are 57 mobile schools in 30 countries, spread

across four continents: Latin America, Asia, Africa

and Europe.

StreetwiZe is a talent development company. Inspired

by the many extraordinary youngsters Mobile

School works with, StreetwiZe has developed its

impact-driven approach to talent and leadership

growth. We have decoded street savviness to answer

learning demands in a business context. With an

authentic story and our unique approach, we inspire

people to look differently at themselves and the

world. We invite them to reimagine their personal

role in their organisation and their chances and opportunities

to make a difference. StreetwiZe invests

100% of its profit in Mobile School, co-creates the

educational materials and relentlessly supports

Mobile School to increase its social impact.

StreetSmart is the new TECH4GOOD start-up of

the social enterprise StreetwiZe • Mobile School.

StreetSmart Impact, a mobile application designed

to facilitate case management, reporting and

impact measurement, helps outreach and youth

work organisations to raise the efficiency and the

impact of their work. The use of the app will enable

these organisations to increase the quality of

their data reporting. Consequently it will be easier

to make their voices heard and to convince society

to gear up investments in youth.

StreetSmart Play is the second part of the Street-

Smart branch. This educational content platform

inspires youth workers with game ideas.


In all our initiatives we want to at least inspire people,

but strive to activate and even engage people. We

work on the development of competences as a

means and opportunity to increase sustainable development.





We believe in the potential of each child and strive

to develop their strengths and talents through social






In everything we do, we facilitate the (self)-discovery

and strengthening of identity,

aspirations and talents, and make a difference

based on common values




Hybrid Organisation

















StreetwiZe invests 100% of its profits in Mobile School, co-creates educational materials used on the streets,

and relentlessly focuses on creating social impact.

4 5


2019 was a busy year! In this annual report, we are happy to highlight some of our realisations.

Our business venture StreetwiZe sold services to 121 clients and made them all StreetwiZe companies.

Our social venture Mobile School realised 17 field visits in 13 countries with over 68 training days and 25 days of street coaching impacting 239 street educators.

Our volunteers were active, as usual, organising two big campaigns this year: the International Day for Street Children and #DuwMee.

Finally, 2019 was also the year our Tech4Good venture, StreetSmart, took some next steps.

Want to know more? Check out a selection of our projects in 2019 and see what we’ve been up to last year!


StreetwiZe realisations

Mobile School realisations

Volunteers & Campaigns realisations

StreetSmart realisations

StreetwiZe trainer Bram in action 7

Redesign manual for mobile school partners 12

Road of Change 16

Amadeus • Towards a Life Travel Space 18

SD Worx Staffing Solutions • Cultural change 22

Code of Conduct StreetwiZe • Mobile School 26

Workshops & Stories for 121 clients 30

Ashoka Changemaker Day 34

City Ghent & Ostend • City counsil 38

Exploration Tanzania • IDYDC

Volunteer weekend 46

Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen • Leadership Program 50

Screening Capharnaüm Afrika Filmfestival 54

SD Worx • Cultural change: the sequel 58

Exploration Sri Lanka • Child Action Lanka

Update StreetwiZe workshop ‘Connect’

Exploration Turkey • Her Yerde Sanat 72

New websites StreetwiZe & Mobile School 78

Train the Mobile School trainer 86

New mobile school Kenya • Joy Divine 90

StreetSmart Play • Transnational meetings 98

B Corp Summit 2019 • Lead the Beat 102

StreetSmart Play • Official launch 106

Exploration Uganda • Dwelling Places 110

Follow-up • Fundacja Ukryte Skrzydla 114

Follow-Up Tanzania • Mwema Children Centre 118



























Exellys • Grow Smart

Glorieux Secundair • Alignment programme

Barco • Emerging Leaders Program

Expanded digital offer for street educators

Translations educational material 2019

Familiehulp • Inspiration

B Welcome • How to join the B Corp movement

Rabobank • Storytelling

Follow-up Kenya • Child Rescue Kenya

Follow-up Greece • ARSIS & PRAKSIS Thessaloniki

A new Salesforce environment is born

International Day for Street Children

Street Deep Dive • Onboarding

Team expedition

Implementation Lithuania • PJM Soc. Centras

The Belgian • Leadership training

Mobile School Nica Café

European Central Bank • Teambuilding

Follow-up Poland • GTW Gliwice

Follow-up Romania • Save the Children Iasi

Collaboration with Tomorrowland Foundation

Exploration partnership City Pirates

Office of notaries • Tradition in Motion

Exploration Cape Verde• Aldeias Infantis SOS

AG Insurance • IT Young Pros Program

Exploration Uganda • Streetways Uganda

New mobile school Togo • Agopode

Follow-up & exploration Malawi • STEKA

#DuwMee • Music for Life Campaign






AGFA • Trainee programme 82

Volunteer fun activity • The Outsider 84




exellys • Grow SMart

01/01/2017 • 31/12/2019

Hans Lamberts

Saskia Dieleman

Bram Van de Putte


De Zande

Exellys is a tech talent incubator. Their mission

is to attract, develop and retain the finest tech

talent in large and medium-sized companies

and major tech start-ups. They incubate IT,

science and engineering talent into their customers’

operations and they prepare them

for the innovations of tomorrow. This requires

Exellys consultants to be connected with different

clients in their daily work environment,

whereas their homebase for training, personal

development, coaching and support remains



StreetwiZe takes the participants to the

community institution “De Zande” for a socalled

Belgian Expedition. This is an experience-based

programme in which participants

learn and experience the essentials of servant

leadership, by getting connected to and coop-


erating with youngsters who find themselves in

a challenging situation. In a unique win-winwin,

consultants and youngsters co-create new

Mobile School panel prototypes that are posted

on StreetSmart Play and that become available

as inspiration for streetworkers worldwide.

Exellys has been repeating this program for three

years in a row and a fourth edition has already

been planned for 2020.

Wingene / Belgium

One important differentiator for Exellys is to

offer their young tech talents an intensive

training programme. For the first two years of

their Exellys-career, consultants pass through a

programme called Start Smart. After those first

two years, another two year training cycle kicks

off, called Grow Smart. Within Grow Smart,

OutwardBound, StreetwiZe and Board of

Innovation work together to offer a training

programme touching upon different aspects

related to leadership.


Exellys consultants have a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Consultants learn about servant leadership early in their career

Youngsters in De Zande enjoy an empowering weekend

New valuable, creative material is added to StreetSmart Play

redesign manual for mobile school partners

01/07/2018 • 28/02/2019

Mobile School team

Julie Bernaerd

Saskia Dieleman

Joyce van Eijndt

Mobile School partners

Last year, the Mobile School team conducted

a profound analysis of the more than 300

educational materials our local street work partners

use on the streets. After the redesign of

the panels on mathematics, the team decided

to make an analysis of all the panels and

restructure the educational package to get rid

of some inconsistencies that arose over the

years. In order to avoid any misconceptions

with the previous structure, a brand new coding

system was created, based on the topic of the


After finalising more than 270 activity forms for

the English version, everything was translated

to French. The brand new manual will be tested

for the first time with our local partner in Haiti. A

translation of the entire document - about 300

pages in total - to Spanish is currently ongoing

and will be completed in the coming months.

Leuven / Belgium

The above mentioned process resulted in a

revised educational package of about 270

educational games, shipped for the very first

time to the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince for

the first new mobile school of 2019. Together

with the new structure of the coding system,

it was essential to fully redesign the mobile

school manual in which all the games are

explained to the street educators of our partner

organisations. With the help of former intern

Julie Bernaerd, all existing manual files were

rewritten and were uploaded in Airtable, an

online database which helped us to properly

structure the new manual.


Brand new Mobile School manual available in English

Brand new Mobile School manual available in French

Renewed structure and coding of the educational panels

Translation to Spanish in progress

12 13

Glorieux secundair • alignment programme

08/2018 • 02/2019

Tessa Goossens

Eric Vanbiervliet

Hans Lamberts

Bart Vanbellinghen

Sofie Vandenberghe

Glorieux Secundair

Ronse / Belgium

Glorieux Secundair is a highschool in the town

of Ronse that was looking for a way to bridge the

gap between the vision of a new generation of

teachers and the old guard.

We guided them in an alignment programme

where a group of volunteer representatives

(teachers, board of directors and staff) created

a mission, vision, value and strategic plan that

prepped them for a clear vision of the future.

After an inspiring keynote by Arnoud, the

group of representatives came together for

the first time in octobre 2018 to start off with

a SWOT analysis. This analysis was inspired

by the Street Skill Positive Focus and based

on the new ROK framework from the Flemish

government. With this framework in our mind

we crafted a powerful mission, vision and value

statement that translates the ambition and the

‘why’ of an ambitious school. Crucial in this

trajectory was the constant feedback and input

from the entire staff, parents and students.

That is why we trained the representatives for

guiding feedback sessions to stay in touch with

the needs of all the different stakeholders. The

input from those feedback sessions led to 2

additional sessions to rewrite and refine the


After this thourough preparation and creation

phase, concreteness and action were needed.

StreetwiZe coached the team from a distance for

the final alignment. When all the tough choices

were made, it was time to create inspiring formats

to communicate the final results to all stakeholders.

StreetwiZe inspired with a pitching session

and the enthousiastic team transformed the

input in a series of videos and animations that

translated the mission in inspiring and fun material.

This presentation was the foundation for the

last anchoring session.

5 StreetwiZe trainers conducted a brainstorm

which translated the strategic plan in tangible

and actionable projects on the short and long

term. The coming months, the schoolteam will

roll out several of these projects.

The trajectory with Glorieux Secundair was

intense. Where process and result constantly

wrestled with each other and where team

dynamics needed to be adressed to generate a

powerful outcome. And that is definetely where

we landed; inspiring alignment for an impactful



Renewed vision, mission, values and strategic plan

Support of the different stakeholders

Co-creation of communication tools

Strenghtened school team

14 15

road of change

09/2018 • 06/2019

StreetwiZe • Mobile School

Saskia Dieleman

Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen

Uit De Marge


Experience-based learning

programme for students

Belgium / France / Croatia /

Bosnia / Serbia / Hungary

Road of Change is an experience-oriented

learning trajectory on asylum and migration

along the borders of Europe. Vluchtelingenwerk

Vlaanderen has set up this journey for the

second time in a row, this year collaborating

with StreetwiZe • Mobile School and Uit De

Marge (network for youth work with socially

vulnerable young people).

StreetwiZe • Mobile School joined the Road of

Change as a substantive partner. We made that

choice consciously because we believe that

there is a need for projects that help depolarise

the discourse on refugee issues. Projects of this

type work in a society-wide, constructive and

supportive way to find a human and realistic

solution to a complex problem.

We want to challenge young people to experience

this project from a non-judgemental understanding

of all parties involved, because

only that can lead to depolarisation. We hope

to inspire the youth of today to approach all

situations and all people from the same

empathic attitude; to depolarise by trying

to understand both the causes of migration

and the fear and resistance it evokes in some.

We believe that solutions will result from the

capacity to bring together the different, conflicting

positions in one story.

During one week, 14 young people traveled

with their teacher or youth counsellor through

Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Hungary. The Flemish

youngsters wanted to investigate themselves

what the situation is like for people who are

asylum seekers. What are the challenges? What

have these people experienced? What gives

them hope or makes them despondent? Alongside

this, the group learned from contact with

change-makers and volunteers who try to make

a difference for people on the run every day and

who start conversations with policy makers and

the local population.

Participation in Road of Change is an intensive

project for these young people and their supervisors

that was preceded by two weekends of

preparation and some training days. But even

after this journey, the project is not over. There

will be a processing session, presentations for

peers, a public event and a visit to the European

Parliament, where the group will make their

recommendations based on the experiences

they have gained during the trip.


Social impact

Press & media attention


Second phase:

Artwork S.M.A.K. (Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent)

Prototypes educational material

16 17

AmaDEUS • Towards a Life Travel Space

01/09/2018 • 30/06/2019

Bart Vanbellinghen

Hans Lamberts

Arnoud Raskin

Amadeus Benelux


Amadeus is a successful international player in

the ‘travel industry technology’, and is as such

confronted with a lot of disruption.

New technology start-ups are more frequently

competing in their market. By evolving towards

a ‘life travel space’, Amadeus wants to remain

on top of the competition. This evolution

meant the company faced its biggest change

in 30 years.

StreetwiZe has been working with the Benelux

division of Amadeus, with offices in Vilvoorde,

Eindhoven (NL) and Hoofddorp (NL). One

tangible impact of the ongoing evolution is

the fact that the connection between the local

Benelux-operations and the international

management of the Amadeus-Group has been

strengthened, causing the old Benelux culture

and identity to be under pressure.

Several initiatives to support this change

had already been taken when StreetwiZe was

called in. Amadeus was convinced that the 4

streetskills and the StreetwiZe approach could

add value by preparing the company and employees

with the key mindset, attitudes and

behaviours to cope with the uncertainty ahead.

After an opening keynote for everyone involved,

StreetwiZe intervened on three different levels in

the Benelux-organisation. First of all, a group of

ambassadors called “the Amigos” was built. The

Amigos were employees, spread over the different

locations, that took up the responsibility to

keep the StreetwiZe-vibe alive in between sessions.

In a 2-day preparatory offsite streetskills were introduced,

plans were made and the action-radius

for the Amigos was defined. Next, all employees

were invited to join StreetwiZe sessions. All 4

streetskills as well as Storytelling were covered

in separate half-day sessions, spread over the

different locations. In a joint closing session,

participants were asked to make their learnings

explicit and to share powerful stories on how to

apply StreetwiZe-insights in the daily professional

context with their peers and managers.

Last, the 8 Benelux-leaders participated in a

StreetwiZe-alignment session, in which clarity

and common ground was sought for both the

uncertainty at the Benelux level as a whole and

the role of the leadership team therein.


Employees dealt with uncertainty by applying the 4 streetskills

Ambassadors reinforced the workshop-impact through follow-up

The leadership aligned on the way forward & the role they play

18 19

BARCO • Emerging Leaders Program

01/09/2018 • 30/06/2019

Saskia Dieleman

Bart Vanbellinghen

Bram Van de Putte

Hans Lamberts



The BARCO Emerging Leaders Program is a 1

year development programme for BARCO high

potentials. In this 1 year programme, promising

middle managers are given the opportunity

to develop both soft and hard skills, in a

cooperation with StreetwiZe and Vlerick

Business School.

Participants fly in from all continents. For this

reason offline modules are limited to the kickoff

and the closing (hosted by StreetwiZe),

whereas all learning bricks in between are online

modules hosted by Vlerick.

The programme kicked off with an offline

module in September 2018, hosted by StreetwiZe.

This first week focussed fully on leadership

development. Two parallel groups (30

participants in total) were taken to De Zande,

where they participated in a Belgian StreetwiZe

Expedition. The competencies needed

to co-create new Mobile School material, with

a very different target group in this unique

experience-based programme, are very similar

to those put forward by BARCO as crucial to

thrive as a leader in today’s BARCO environment.

The groups (one in campus Wingene,

another one in campus Beernem) had a parallel

experience and at the common closing

reflection day shared experiences, made links

with the BARCO leadership framework and

built personal action plans to translate the insights

towards their individual leadership challenges.

The leadership track ended with an offline

follow-up day 9 months later in Ghent, where we

challenged participants on how they had applied

the insights, what they came across and what

they have learned from these experiences that

could also be of interest for peers.

All the in-between learning bricks were hosted

by Vlerick and were organised online. The topics

Vlerick covered were related to business acumen

such as Finance, Strategy, Marketing and Business

Process Management.

The full program ended with a report-out to a

management delegation and an official degree

ceremony at the BARCO head offices in Kortrijk



Tangible, impactful experience

Opportunity to practice crucial leadership competencies

Transfer of insights to each individual’s professional reality

20 21

sd worx staffing solutions • cultural change

15/11/2018 • 30/06/2019

Eric Vanbiervliet

Tessa Goossens

Kim Swyngedouw

Ine Stessens

Innate Motion (partner)

SD Worx

Belgium / The Netherlands

Recently SD Worx decided to develop a fullyfledged

staffing pillar in addition to its HR and

payroll activities. To this end, the organisation

integrates various organisations in Belgium

and the Netherlands. This naturally causes

challenges for the corporate culture of the new

entity. StreetwiZe was asked to facilitate the

process to shape, sharpen and bring to life the

desired identity of the newly composed organisation

in the daily work of all employees. To

this end, we decided to enter into a partnership

with B Corp certified Innate Motion.

In order to find meaningful anchor points

for the new culture, Innate Motion started by

gathering individual stories of success and

failure in the different entities. Based on these

narratives, they set to work with 30 cultural

ambassadors to shape a shared identity and to

identify essential behaviour linked to the newly

defined organisation values.

After this exploration phase, StreetwiZe took

over again. During a 2-day meeting with the

executive committee in February, we analysed

all input and made a first attempt to fill out the

value framework. We defined concrete expectations

regarding the role of the company’s

managers in implementing the desired culture,

while focusing on the leadership role of

the exco team in creating the context to make

this possible. For this reason, we emphasised on

leading change capacities as well as on the ability

to bring meaning and to transmit passion.

In the next phase we did a similar exercise with

both country- and middle management. 2 Kickoffs

were organised for all employees in Belgium

and in the Netherlands, reporting on the progress

of the culture programme and of the projects

concerning the organisational objectives. During

these kick-off sessions, Arnoud Raskin brought a

very appreciated inspirational speech on change

and the importance of identity and purpose.

From April 2019 we start working at employee

level. ‘Why’ and ‘what’ about this important

change are clear so the time has come to invite

all employees to reflect on how they can bring

the desired culture to life in their daily work. This

roll-out is combined with intervisions with the

branch managers, since they have to keep the

story on the agenda within the teams.

To be continued…


Build a shared aspired identity for the new organisation

Empower leaders in embedding the desired culture

Build a strong guiding coalition for cultural change

Engage all levels to translate values to everyday work

Support the creation of a strong brand that ‘walks the talk’

Build employee engagement

22 23

expanded digital offer for street educators

01/01/2019 • 15/03/2019

Rob Sweldens

Joke Verreth

Lies De Vocht

Sander Degeling

Prepare for MS Playground

Leuven / Belgium

In the first months of 2019, the Mobile School

team developed new digital content to offer

to our partner organisations. While the new

digital initiatives such as StreetSmart and the

Mobile School Playground 2.0 are being developed

through ERASMUS+ programmes,

the team is already preparing the street work

partners in the best way possible for this digital


Therefore, the existing Mobile School Playground

got a makeover in order to make it

easier for our partners to find all the information

concerning the mobile school and the educational

materials on one platform. Beside new

inspiration and DIY games, local street educators

can now also find how-to-videos on the

existing Mobile School panels. In the first

months of 2019, 16 videos were recorded in

our in-house studio during 3 recording sessions.

To highlight the makeover of the Playground

and to spread the new digital content, a newsletter

was sent to all partners on March 18.

In the coming months, the Mobile School team

will keep updating the Mobile School Playground

to ensure that our partner organisations

already have a preliminary content platform at

their disposal.


New integrated logical structure for Mobile School Playground

New training video: technical & maintenance of mobile school

Recently, a ‘Training’-tab was added to the

website as well, to give our partners access

to refresher videos and newly designed onepagers,

containing the key learnings of the

most important workshops offered by Mobile


3 new training one-pagers for street educators

16 new videos on existing educational panels

24 25

Code of Conduct StreetwiZe • Mobile School

01/01/2019 • 26/03/2019

Rob Sweldens

Tom Vanraes (Sherpa Law)

StreetwiZe • Mobile School

Leuven / Belgium

The last 10 years our organisation has been

changing and expanding really fast. StreetwiZe

keeps growing and gives the possibility to

Mobile School to scale up as well. Therefore, we

keep on professionalising our organisation.

This year our goal was to develop our own Code

of Conduct and have it signed by all our staff

and freelancers. After a participatory session

with the whole team last year and a thorough

investigation of code of conducts of other

organisations, we developed a first draft version

of the StreetwiZe • Mobile School Code of

Conduct. This draft was then revised and edited

by Tom Vanraes, a Mobile School volunteer,

who works as a lawyer with Sherpa Law. After

completion, the Code of Conduct was presented

to the staff and freelance trainers and was

signed during the first Quarterly meeting of

the year.

The rules and guidelines that are set out in the

Code of Conduct, together with the StreetwiZe

• Mobile School mission statement, provide a

framework for all employees, volunteers and

independents, regardless of their location, in

fulfilling their duties. This framework also supports

StreetwiZe • Mobile School to monitor

these standards.

In the Code of Conduct we address the following


1. Integrity and reputation of StreetwiZe •

Mobile School

2. Respect for the autonomy, privacy and dignity

of individuals and communities

3. Balance between professional and private


4. The use of information, money and resources

from StreetwiZe • Mobile School

5. Health, safety, security and welfare of the

StreetwiZe • Mobile School, employees and


6. Human rights, environment and criminal or

unethical activities

7. Raising concerns, reporting concerns and

the corrective action and discipline

For all these topics, specific instructions are written

out which apply to all staff and freelancers

both within StreetwiZe as Mobile School when

working with children and local street educators.

In case a violation of the Code of Conduct is noted

by someone, he/she can raise a confidential

concern with Saskia Dieleman (Hybrid Culture

manager) or with Ann Van Hellemont, designated

member of the Board of Directors.


Code of Conduct developed and edited by lawyer

Code of Conduct signed by StreetwiZe • Mobile School team

26 27

translations educational material 2019

01/1/2019 • 06/9/2019

Joke Verreth

Sander Degeling

2 new translations

Leuven / Belgium

Every year, Mobile School has the objective

to implement 4 to 5 new mobile schools with

partners organisations worldwide. This year,

new schools were launched with partner projects

in Haiti, Lithuania, Kenya and Togo. Since

it’s essential that children on the street an

relate to the content and the language of the

educational materials, Mobile School invests

in the translation and cultural adaptation of its

educational package.

In 2019, our new partner in Lithuania helped

us out to translate our full package into Lithuanian.

Thanks to illustrator Gijs Vanhee, new

drawings were made specifically for the Lithuanian

context. In summer, the team finalised

the French package to be implemented in

West-Africa, new drawings included. Since a

new mobile school will be launched in Togo

in October, the educational materials are now

ready to use in French-speaking countries in

the region.

In the third trimester of the year, local projects

in Sri Lanka, Georgia and Turkey will start their

translation process to make sure new mobile

schools can be implemented in new target

countries in 2020. To be continued!


Educational materials available in Lithuanian

Educational materials available in French (W-Africa)

New cultural drawings available for educational material

Start-up of new translations to Sinhala, Georgian and Turkish

28 29

Workshops & Stories for 121 clients

01/01/2019 • 31/12/2019

StreetwiZe crew

Arnoud Raskin

StreetwiZe clients

Belgium & the Netherlands

In addition to the various long term training

programmes (more details on these elsewhere

in this annual report), there is a significant

number of clients who sign up for a ‘standard’

half day or full day workshop.

A StreetwiZe workshop’s main goal is to

inspire and put people in action. We use our

experience from Mobile School - working with

youngsters in hard, competitive, disruptive

circumstances - as a metaphor for the many

company challenges at hand. We inspire

people with our story but take it also one step

further. Departing from a specific business or

organisational challenge we bring participants

into a learning mode and we let them apply

one of our Street Skills in their own work environment.

We reflect on this challenge, we

change perception and eventually guide participants

towards action plans and results.

Overall we welcomed 16,460 participants and

drove 62.72 kilometers to connect with them.

Most training is delivered in Belgium, but for 1

out of 10 we travel abroad. We frequently deliver

in The Netherlands but also in the UK, Germany

and other European countries.


121 boosted clients

Overall results:

In 2019 we worked with 121 different clients

in industries ranging from government, financial

institutions, non-profit organisations, communication,

education, IT to healthcare.

We finished 214 projects and delivered 552

training days; 103 inspirational sessions and

451 workshops, of which 1/3 were full days.

16,460 inspired people

103 inspirational Sessions, Key Notes & StreetwiZe Stories.

30 31

Familiehulp • inspiration

01/1/2019 • 31/1/2020

Hans Lamberts

Sofie Vandenberghe

Eric Vanbiervliet

Bart Vanbellinghen


Brussels & Flanders/ Belgium

Familiehulp is an organisation offering care

and household support for everyone in Flanders

and Brussels. 13000 employees reach out

every day to people and offer domestic care

and support. Familiehulp is organised regionally,

with regional teams taking responsibility

for a specific part of Flanders or Brussels.

In order to be more efficient and adapt to the

changing context Familihulp is working in,

they decided in 2017 to embrace the principles

of the Innovative Labor Organisation.

This is quite an impactful decision for the regional

teams. Whereas the more conservative

approach was top-down, the new structure and

way of working gives far more freedom to regional

teams to self-organise and to adapt to

the specific context of their region.

This evolution has been ongoing for a while,

with some successes and failures.

To support all the teams to persevere in this

change, to create space for inspiration and a

platform to share best practices, inspiration

Create inspiration, energy and opennes to exchange

Use best practices to challenge the status quo

sessions were organised per region over the

course of 2019. The concept was to bring together

people from different care teams in

one region in a round-table format, where

best practices could be shared. In order to create

the right vibe and the openness to share,


StreetwiZe was asked to open these inspira-


tional sessions with a tailored StreetwiZe Story.

In this story, the inspiration from the streets was

used to inspire people to, amongst others, keep

a positive focus, embrace the shit and learn from

failures, use positive examples as a stepping

stone for progress and to consider frustrations

as a source for creative alternatives. About 15

regions called upon StreetwiZe to kick off with

a bang in this respect and the overall feedback

was that people were fired up after our speech,

making it a valuable exchange of benefit to the

whole organisation.


Use the streets as a metaphor on dealing with complex change

ashoka changemaker day


Arnoud Raskin

Sander Degeling

Bart Weetjens

European Commission

Leuven / Belgium

Late January, for the second time in 3 months

Ashoka took a delegation of the European

Commissions’ DG DEVCO, on a Changemaker


A Changemaker Day is a unique experience in

which Ashoka takes the participants on a day

out of the ordinary to meet inspiring social

entrepreneurs. Ashoka believes that tomorrow’s

best solutions are already here today

and they invite the participants through this

one day journey to experience this world for

themselves, first-hand. This day is an inspiring

glimpse into Ashoka’s vision of an “Everyone a

Changemaker” world.

This edition kicked off at the European

Commission’s offices with a contribution from

French Ashoka Fellow Sonia Ben Ali, who

presented her organisation ‘Urban Refugees’.

After further insights into Impact Investing

and a Multistakeholder Partnership with the

Flemish government they visited our office, as

Arnoud Raskin is a Belgian Ashoka Fellow.

We were honoured by the presence of Ashoka

Fellow Bart Weetjens, who spoke about

APOPO and its HeroRats - the organisation that

he founded and lead for a long time.

It was great to see two Ashoka Fellows interact

with each other and share their knowledge and

impact with an enthusiastic crowd.


Expand the Ashoka network

Present StreetwiZe, Mobile School & StreetSmart to European Com.

34 35

b welcome • How to join the B corp movement


Kim Swyngedouw

Arnoud Raskin

B Lab Europe

StreetwiZe joined the B Corp movement in

2016. B Corp is a global movement that unites

companies balancing purpose and profit. The

B Corp community is a community of leaders,

driving a global movement of people using

business as a force for good. At the moment

2778 companies spread over 60 countries and

150 industries carry the B Corp label. Examples

are Ben & Jerry’s, Ecover, Triodos, Tony Chocolonely,

StreetwiZe & many more.

societal value first. After this short introduction

the colleageus of B Lab Europe inspired the audience

with a bit of history about the movement

and the necessary steps and conditions to join. 3

B Corps gave a short testimonial and we wrapped

up the day with a small reception to further connect

and share practices.

Leuven / Belgium

To strengthen the B Corp movement in Belgium,

the Benelux community organises

B Welcome events throughout the year. The

goal of these B Welcome events is to inspire

potential B Corps and regular companies with

the B Corp filosophy and to provide information

on the assessement process. Today there

are 7 Belgian B Corps and we are convinced

that there is a huge potential in the Belgian

market, so spreading the word is key!


Inspire potential B Corps to join the movement!

Motivate potential B Corps to start up the assessement

The first B Welcome of 2019 was organised at

the StreetwiZe offices in Leuven. We welcomed

over 50 participants representing more then

Practice sharing


25 different companies and organisations. We

started the event with an introduction on why

StreetwiZe became a B Corp and how we contribute

to shifting regular economic models on

a daily basis. In doing that we step away from


shareholder value and we put stakeholder and


city ghent & ostend • city counsil

1/02/2019 • 31/03/2019

Hans Lamberts

Bram Doolaege

City of Ghent & Ostend

Ghent & Ostend / Belgium

In October 2018, local elections were organised

in Belgium. As a result, new city councils

were elected all over the country, consisting

of new members aligning on new ambitions.

Coalition parties made agreements that were

written into conceptual policy-papers. The challenge,

of course, for all these city councils is to

turn these policy ideas and ambitions into daily

reality within the years ahead.

One first and important step in that respect, is

to translate the policy ambitions into strategic

goals for the policy period. StreetwiZe supported

the city council of Ghent in this process, by facilitating

a two-day offsite in which the conceptual

policy-paper was translated into 25 strategic

goals, spread over 4 strategic domains.

As a follow-up to these two days, StreetwiZe

also facilitated a one-day offsite with the city’s

management team in which a reflection on the

high-level impact of these strategic goals on

the city administration was carried out.

Additionally, StreetwiZe also provided the

methodology for facilitating workshops in

which the defined strategic goals were translated

into operational objectives by the city’s

public servants.

In the slipstream of this facilitation for the city

of Ghent, we were asked by the city of Ostend

to perform a similar exercise. As in Ghent, we

helped the city council of Ostend in translating

the high-level policy agreements made right

after the elections into strategic goals that will

act as the policy backbone for all decisions made

in the coming six policy years.


Turned high-level policy agreements into strategic goals

Linked strategic goals with operational objectives

Incorporate new policy into the city administration

Shape the city council team

38 39

rabobank • storytelling

01/02/2019 • 31/12/2019

Bram Doolaege

Eric Vanbiervliet

Hans Lamberts

Caroline Coppens

Rabobank The Netherlands

During the past year, the StreetwiZe crew delivered

several trainings on how to touch the

heart of financial profiles using storytelling.

Especially in times of change it’s important

to touch the heart of those who aren’t willing

to listen anymore. Therefore storytelling

is a proven technique to create an emotional

connection between the messenger and the

recipient. Even more important is that the

World Economic Forum defined storytelling as

one of the key leadership skills for the future.

the workshop enable everybody to deliver a

compelling story in 180 minutes, but StreetwiZe

also inspires and motivates people to use the

Storytelling technique, and that’s seldomly seen

after one training according to the Rabobank

Management and the L&D staff.

Utrecht / the Netherlands

Hence, it will come as no surprise that storytelling

is one of the core competencies for leadership

at Rabobank. Why? Because Rabobank’s

ambition is not only to be a top bank. They also

want to have social impact. Their social projects

are combined in the ‘Growing a Better World

Together’ project. They want to support sustainable

development in agricultural industries.

Therefore the StreetwiZe • Mobile School story

resonates with this ambition.


Increasing the belief that being a storyteller is a skill

Relating storytelling to the bank’s values

Enabling everybody to delivere a compelling story

But that’s not the only reason why Rabobank

collaborates with StreetwiZe. Like all big companies

Motivating people to use storytelling from day one

Rabobank uses a lot of suppliers when

it comes to training & development and they

can pick whoever they want. However, based

on the feedback of all the participants so far,

the pragmatic StreetwiZe approach on Storytelling

40 is highly appreciated. Not only does


exploration tanzania • IDYDC

04/02/2019 • 08/02/2019

Bram Van De Putte


Iringa / Tanzania

The very first Mobile School expedition of

2019 was conducted by Master Trainer Bram

Van De Putte in Iringa, a town in central Tanzania.

The local organisation Iringa Development

of Youth, Disabled and Children Care (IDYDC)

learned about the mobile school during a

visit to Mwanza, where our partner Railway

Children Africa is already conducting interventions

with the mobile school since many years.

The contact with the street workers in Mwanza

convinced IDYDC to apply for a partnership

with Mobile School. Already during the launch

of the new Tanzanian mobile school in Karatu

in november 2018, a staff member of IDYDC

was present in the training to gain more insight

in our methodology.

Since 1991 the organisation runs several

programmes for street-connected youth and

families in the Iringa region: health oriented

programs, vocational training, microfinance

programs and one of the few FIFA Football for

Hope centres, established right after the FIFA

World Cup in South Africa in 2010. Beside

the above mentioned programs, IDYDC also

conducts regular outreach sessions for streetconnected

children in different areas in Iringa.

With the mobile school, the organisation wants to

strengthen the outreach programme by making

it more attractive and creative for the youngsters

on the street.

During the exploratory week, 13 people were

trained on the basic principles of the mobile

school methodology, and several strategical

places were visited in order to make an assessment

on the viability of a mobile school in Iringa.

At the end of the week, both our Master Trainer

and the coordinator of IDYDC were very

positive about a future collaboration between

both organisations. In the coming months, the

organisation will stay in close contact with

Mobile School to make all the necessary preparations

for the arrival of the mobile school. After

the launch of mobile schools in Arusha, Mwanza

and Karatu, there is now a high chance a fourth

Tanzanian mobile school will be launched in the

first half of 2020 with the team of IDYDC. To be



13 street educators received mobile school training

Potential for a fourth Tanzanian mobile school

Stronger network with Railway Children Africa in East-Africa

42 43

follow-up kenya • child rescue kenya

11/02/2019 • 15/02/2019

Bram Van De Putte

Child Rescue Kenya

Kitale / Kenya

72 mobile school sessions and over 4000

contacts with street-connected youth. That’s

the impact our newest Kenyan partner Child

Rescue Kenya realised in the town of Kitale

during their first year on the streets with the

mobile school. In order to sustain and even

increase the quality of the interventions,

Mobile School organised a one-week follow-up

training to boost the energy of the local street

educators and to coach the team in how to take

the next steps in their mobile school project.

Historically, the town of Kitale is an important

crossroad between the fertile southern

and the arid northern parts of Kenya. Moreover,

the town is located close to the border

with Uganda near the Mount Elgon National

Reserve. This strategical location results in a

high concentration of street-connected youth

in this relatively small town. A lot of street boys

leave the northern regions of Turkana and

Pokot for Kitale due to the harsh living circumstances

over there. There is also a high percentage

of youngsters who come from major cities

such as Eldoret, since the notorious police

repression against street-connected children in

this city.

All these circumstances make the work of our

partner Child Rescue Kenya on the streets of

Kitale even more important. Nowadays, the

organisation mostly focusses on non-formal

education on the streets through a combination

of a StreetSmart program (catch up classes

for street-connected youngsters in a small

classroom) with the mobile school. During the

follow-up training week, Master Trainer Bram Van

De Putte conducted two coaching sessions, three

advanced workshops and two street-coachings to

reenergise the team of street workers. The team

of CRK is now ready to explore the full potential

of the mobile school educational materials,

and will also be able to use the more advanced

panels - such as the Street Business Toolkit -

during their work on the streets.


8 staff members trained on advanced Mobile School topics

New team members trained on basic Mobile School principles

Exchange on successes and challenges during two coachings

Street Business Toolkit panels ready for use on the streets

44 45

volunteer weekend

22/02/2019 • 24/02/2019

SWZ • MS team


Update volunteers on

organisation and have fun!

Rotselaar / Belgium

Twice a year the StreetwiZe • Mobile School

team organises weekends for its volunteers.

We can count on +/- 70 volunteers who roll up

their sleeves every year to support the organisation

in achieving its core objectives and daily

activities. This can range from translation work

to administrative and logistical support as well

as creative and practical help in devising and

setting up campaigns or developing methodologies

for new educational materials.

On these weekends we bring volunteers

together to thank them but also to make even

stronger the connection they feel with the

organisation and the story we convey.

Volunteers have indicated that being interconnected

and having a strong bond with the

organisation significantly adds value to them

in their support role. From the organisation’s

perspective, these weekends are the ideal time

to listen to the volunteers and to hear their

opinions and insights about the growth of

StreetwiZe • Mobile School. They are a sounding

board for the organisation, a critical voice

that must be heard.

On Friday evening we presented the annual

results for 2018 and took the time to introduce the

entire team to the volunteers and the volunteers

to each other. The group split into two working

groups on Saturday morning. One focused on

‘Which campaign do we set up for the International

Day of Street Children?’ and the other

on ‘What new materials can we design for the

playground?’ After feedback to each group and

a reviving lunch, everyone was ready for a forest

game. 15 children of volunteers joined us for the

afternoon and brought a healthy dose of fighting

spirit, energy and playfulness. We all processed

the annual results during the forest game which

was a playful way to pass on information to the

volunteers and to make the various aspects of

the organisation discussable.

The programme also included a recreational

laser shoot activity and a walk. The volunteer

weekend was again successful! New ideas bubbled,

people felt more involved, their commitment

has been confirmed.



40+ volunteers

Presenting results 2018

Kick-off work groups

46 47

follow-up greece • arsis & praksis thessaloniki

04/03/2019 • 08/03/2019

Joke Verreth

ARSIS & PRAKSIS Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki / Greece

In 2009, a mobile school project was started

up in Thessaloniki. The local project was run by

two organisations: ARSIS and PRAKSIS. They

shared one mobile school to do joint street sessions

in Roma communities. In the following

years, both teams used the mobile school to

work with different target groups.

In 2017, ARSIS and PRAKSIS applied for a

second mobile school, so both organisations

could increase their impact on the street even

more by doing more sessions and by reaching

out to more street-connected children and

youngsters. The implementation training took

place in July 2017.

In March 2019, a follow-up training was

organised, to coach and reenergise the two

local street work teams. Two street educators

from another Greek partner organisation,

Ladies Union of Drama, joined the training as

well, which was a big added value. The three

teams exchanged best practises of the work

with the mobile school in Greece, they talked

about common challenges and looked for

possible solutions. Both ARSIS and PRAKSIS

organised a street session during the

follow-up, joined by street workers from the

other partners.

During a coaching session on the educational

materials, the street workers actively worked with

the panels they had not used a lot yet, adapting

them to their target groups and to the local context.

In addition, the street workers came up

with many creative games to play on the streets,

ensuring the optimal use of the Mobile School

educational materials in the future.

The training came at the right time, since ARSIS

recently appointed a new mobile school coordinator

and a lot of new volunteers joined the local

teams. During the training, all street educators

got to know each other, laying the ground for

a strengthened cooperation between the local

teams in the future.


21 people trained

Close-knit street work teams

Strengthened cooperation between 3 local teams

Development of new creative activities

48 49

Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen • Leadership Program

13/03/2019 • 15/03/2019

Eric Vanbiervliet

Arnoud Raskin

Auxiliary Prison Leuven

De Rode Antraciet vzw

CAW Oost-Brabant

Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen

Leuven / Belgium

For Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen (‘Care Company

Antwerp’) we developed a three-day leadership

programme. During the first day the

central theme was personal leadership (ME).

Inspired by the agility and resilience of

street-connected children, we asked ourselves

questions such as ‘Who am I really?’ and

‘Where and how do I want to make a difference?’.

We combined that reflection with the

sharpening of our individual positive focus, a

necessary basis for (self-)leadership and the

most beautiful gift for the people surrounding


Day 2 was the cherry on the cake of this programme.

We visited the auxiliary prison of

Leuven for a unique experience: the group

met a number of inmates, with whom they

had to accomplish a mission during the visit.

Throughout the day and the activities, the participants

discovered the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’

of an authentic connection with the ‘other’

(YOU) and thus interpersonal leadership. An

unforgettable encounter and cooperation and

a win-win-win for all participants, exactly the

way we like it.

Day 3 started with ‘WE’; a Cooperative Competition

workshop, as a basis for further development

of team leadership for the participants. In

the afternoon we worked on a Personal Development

Plan (PDP).

For this residential programme, we opted for

a cosy holiday home in a green environment,

where the participants cooked their own meal

on the first night. And you bet that the subject

of conversation ‘leadership’ never left the dinner



Developing personal, interpersonal and team leadership

Experience-based learning on ‘connection’

Writing a Personal Development Plan based on the Street Skills

Shifting the paradigm on detention and inmates

Inclusion of inmates

50 51


01/04/2019 • 30/06/2019

Ine Stessens

Kim Swyngedouw

Joyce van Eijndt

Wim Depickere

StreetwiZe clients

Leuven / Belgium

In 2018 the plan came into being of creating a

new StreetwiZe Salesforce (CRM) environment,

separate from Mobile School.

There were multiple driving forces behind this

decision: GDPR but also the need for (read:

advantages of) a clean, functionally designed


However, the search for a partner to help and

support this project deemed more difficult

than we thought. But in April, nGage (through

Sven Leën, a long time volunteer) offered us

free consultancy and partnered us with asUgo.

And so we set off immeditately.

Together with Paola Salvo (nGage) we wrote

storyboards of all data fields and process lines,

a complete tell tale of our Salesforce enigma.

Soon after, Michel Donck (asUgo) moved into

our offices for Easter holiday. Michel started

building our new environment and tweaked

it to our wishes. We created, tested and polished

and less than two weeks later the new

Salesforce set-up was ready to be populated

with data. David Ooms, Senior Manager

asUgo, spend labour day (what’s in a name)

and the following weekend migrating. By

Monday, Salesforce was ready to be used. We

were set to go, on our own.

Little did we know, this was the real testphase.

In essence the system was the same, but we had

to change some of our routine, comply with new

processes and test the automations. On top of

that more data needed to be migrated, this time

manually. But by end of May we set a milestone:

all 2019 data was transferred and cleaned, we

stopped using the old environment and moved

all activity to the new. We were ready for the final

testphase: reports and dashboards and we

nailed it!

This was an expedited, lightninglike project

with immediate impact and advantages for the

back-office (clean, lean data and automations).

With the ongoing support of asUgo, far beyond

their normal service scope, we keep tweaking

and improving. There’s no end to this, just a new



Clean database and separate environment from Mobile School

Instant, detailed and accurate data output

Automatisation of Purchase Orders

52 53

Screening Capharnaüm Afrika Filmfestival


Sander Degeling

Lies De Vocht

Saskia Dieleman

Rob Sweldens

For the second year in a row, Mobile School

hosted - in close collaboration with the Africa

Filmfestival Leuven - a free screening of a

recent African movie in the office. Every year,

multiple screenings are organised all over

Flanders in the run up to the Africa Filmfestival

to give people the opportunity to learn a bit

more about contemporary African cinema.

The screening was a great success with around

90 people attending the event. After the movie,

the audience had the opportunity to learn more

about the Mobile School methodology and our

partnerships worldwide.

Afrika Filmfestival

Leuven / Belgium

This year, we chose to show ‘Capharnaüm’, a

movie released in 2018 and directed by Lebanese

director Nadine Labaki. The film won the

North Sea Port Audience award during Film

Fest Ghent and the Jury Prize in Cannes.

Capharnaüm tells the story of Zain, a Lebanese

boy who sues his parents for the “crime” of

giving him life. The film follows Zain as he

journeys from gutsy, streetwise child to hardened

12-year-old “adult” fleeing his negligent

parents, surviving through his wits on the

streets, where he meets Ethiopian migrant

worker Rahil. Rahil provides him with shelter

and food, as Zain takes care of her baby son

Yonas in return. Later, Zain gets jailed for

committing a violent crime, and finally seeks

justice in a courtroom.


90 people outside of the network reached

Stronger network with Afrika Filmfestival Leuven

54 55

International Day for street children


StreetwiZe • Mobile School team

Mobile School volunteers

Mobile School partners

StreetwiZe • Mobile School


Bar Vital, Veltem / Belgium

For the 9th year StreetwiZe • Mobile School

celebrated the International Day for Street

Children on 12 April. After successful street

chalk graffiti actions, #nostreetkidding, street

sleeps and #Streetwork, we once again put

street children across the world in the spotlight.

The Consortium for Street Children, a worldwide

network of 90 organisations, is the initiator

of the International Day for Street Children.

In recent years they have lobbied to make

April 12th an officially recognised day. They

also worked together with the United Nations

Children’s Rights Commission to draw up a

policy document on children growing up on

the street. This document is used as an addendum

to the Convention on the Rights of the


On April 12th, volunteers from StreetwiZe •

Mobile School also put street children in the

spotlight in a fun and positive way by organising

an event in Belgium, and of course, we

encouraged our Mobile School partner organisations

to do the same worldwide. For example

partners initiated actions in Kenya, Malawi,

Ethiopia, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Philippines,

India, Afghanistan, Spain, Albania, Greece, Poland,

Georgia and Mexico.

In Belgium we threw a party to put the street

children in the spotlight. Originality and creativity

is the trademark of our volunteers and that is

why they organised a dance party in an old milk

factory. The factory was transformed into a cosy

dance hall and was spacious enough to bring

out the best dance moves from 300 party-people

dancing to a mix of live music and DJ sets. Playlists

included the favourite dance numbers of

street children. There was an exhibition about

the work of the mobile school and the importance

of the International Day for Street Children.

It was a positive party where the work of Mobile

School and street children were clearly visible. It

was an evening of meeting and connecting - an

ideal way to bring our supporters together and

expand further. We are already looking forward

to the 10th edition of the International Day for

Street Children which we will be celebrating on

12 April 2020.


Worldwide attention for street children

Confirmation and expansion of our supporters

Putting street children in the spotlight in a positive way

56 57

SD worx • cultural change: the sequel

15/04/2019 • 31/05/2019

Eric Vanbiervliet

Tessa Goossens

Kim Swyngedouw

Ine Stessens

SD Worx Staffing Solutions

Belgium / The Netherlands

Recent besliste SD Worx om een volwaardige

staffingpijler uit te bouwen. De organisatie

integreert daartoe verschillende organisaties

in België en Nederland. Wat ook voor de gezamenlijke

cultuur van deze nieuwe entiteit de

nodige uitdagingen met zich meebrengt. Eerder

gingen we met leidinggevenden en cultuurambassadeurs

op zoek naar de invulling van

de waarden van SD Worx Staffing Solutions. In

april en mei 2019 trokken we met de outcome

van deze sessies naar de medewerkers. Doelstelling

was om hen te laten reflecteren over

hoe ze de gewenste cultuur tot leven kunnen

en willen brengen in hun dagelijkse werk.

We ontwikkelden daartoe een workshop op

maat van 1 dag. Die ging van start met een

toelichting, door een leidinggevende, bij het

cultuurtraject en de betekenis die de verschillende

waarden gaandeweg meegekregen hebben.

Aansluitend keken we met de deelnemers

naar opportuniteiten en bedreigingen binnen

de realiteit van elke dag.

Vanuit onze overtuiging dat medewerkersengagement

inherent verbonden is met de alignering

van eigen waarden en aspiraties met die

van de organisatie begeleidden we de deelnemers

in de namiddag in het scherpstellen van

wat zij, vanuit hun persoonlijkheid, naast het

verhaal van de organisatie willen plaatsen. De

individuele reflecties werden gestimuleerd door

mensen in duo aan de slag te laten gaan met de

principes van het connectiegesprek. Meteen ook

een mooie opportuniteit om diepgaand kennis

te maken met de andere collega’s en activiteiten

van de nieuwe organisatie.

Op basis van beide oefeningen werden de deelnemers

als afsluiter van de dag uitgenodigd een

persoonlijk experiment te formuleren, aansluitend

bij een of meerdere organisatiewaarden,

waarmee zij, op basis van eigen waarden en

behoeften, in de komende weken en maanden

zelf in actie zouden gaan, om op die manier de

gewenste cultuur mee tot leven te brengen in de


Als afsluiter werden de teamverantwoordelijken

uitgenodigd nog voor de zomer de verschillende

experimenten van hun medewerkers bij elkaar

te brengen, met de bedoeling rode draden te

detecteren in organisatiewaarden waarrond

de teamleden willen werken en de acties die

ze daarmee verbinden. Dat laat toe de krachten

te bundelen én het maakt organisatiebreed

duidelijk wat de prioriteiten zijn, op het terrein,

in het neerzetten van de cultuur waarmee SD

Worx Staffing Solutions zich gaat onderscheiden.


Build a shared aspired identity for new organization

Engage all levels to translate values to everyday work

Build employee engagement

Stimulate organization-wide connection

Detect priorities in implementing culture in the field

Support the creation of a strong brand that ‘walks the talk’

58 59

Street Deep Dive • onboaRding

22/04/2019 • 25/04/2019

Lore De Muynck

Pieter Crabbé

Caroline Coppens

Arnoud Raskin


Thessaloniki / Greece

StreetwiZe and Mobile School want their

employees to truely live the company’s mission.

Using street skills as a metaphor for business

situations or talking about the social impact of

your job, should never come from simply reading

about it. It should come from an authentic

interaction with street-connected people and

the outreach workers themselves.

Early 2019, StreetwiZe hired a content developer,

a trainer and a business development

officer. As none of them had ever worked with

street-connected children, the company organised

a deep dive in Greece. Thessaloniki is

currently hosting thousands of refugees and a

large Roma population which makes it an ideal

domain for Mobile School projects. So in April,

Lore, Caroline and Pieter flew to Thessaloniki

under the guidance of Arnoud Raskin. They

were welcomed by the local partner organisations


The first Mobile School intervention took place

in a suburb called ‘Pereia’. Close to the city but

well hidden, a small Roma community is living

isolated from the local society. Circumstances

are rough as they literally live in an area full

of trash without electricity or running water.

Upon the arrival of the school, the kids were

immediately eager to start playing with the

educational panels.

The interaction with the Roma kids was a real

eye-opener to Lore, Caroline and Pieter. They

could highly appreciate the trust and confidence

between the outreach workers and the children

and all felt priviliged to be there.

The next day, the team visited another but yet

completely different Roma camp close to the

refugee camp of Diavatta, just outside the city.

In this camp, some of the houses look rather big

from the outside but are often completely empty

inside. Like in Pereia, the kids were very delighted

when they saw the van from PRAKSIS arriving. A

playful session with a lot of interaction with kids

from different ages made it another great learning

experience for the team.

The last intervention took place in Ksirokrini. The

purpose here is to connect children from refugees

with local children. Mobile School aims to

faciliate the integration of immigrants and to

teach Greek children about inclusion and respect

towards other cultures. A win-win we can all learn


Thanks to this deep-dive Lore, Caroline and Pieter

experienced some great street skills and felt

some of the social impact of their daily work.


Authentic connection with the street-connected kids

Creation of purpose


Connection with the partner organisations of Mobile School

Impact on professional motivation

60 61

Team expedition

02/05/2019 • 03/05/2019

StreetwiZe • Mobile School team

MS Partner Düsseldorf

Connection with the street


Düsseldorf (Ge) / Bocholt (Be)

Every year we make a trip with our team. This

time we had 2 major goals in mind: First and

foremost, we wanted the Streetwize • Mobile

School team to connect with the street context

of the mobile school at our partner organisation

in Düsseldorf, Germany. The connection

and bonding within our own team was the second

goal of the trip.

In two vans we drove to Düsseldorf with the

entire team. We spent the day there with the

street workers who work with the local mobile

school - the closest to Leuven at just 180 km

away from our office. Mobile School has been

working here for 10 years although the team

and the context have changed over time. How

does our partner approach the project? Which

structure is used to schedule the mobile school

sessions? Which are their target groups and

where do they work? We got a better view of

the operation of this mobile school and the

street workers, who recognise the need to work

with the mobile school. They go out several

times a week, pulling the school to the children

and young people who do not always get the

opportunities they deserve. Street workers connect

with the children and their families. They

organise activities in the neighbourhood and

are actively present in different areas of the


After breakfast the next day we all headed to

Bocholt. The second day of our trip was entirely

devoted to team connection. We were welcomed

to a dairy farm by FarmFun. Before starting the

afternoon’s activities, we reserved some time

to “gossip positively” about each other. This is a

methodology that we have regularly used in our

team this year with the aim of affirming each

other positively and emphasising the power of

each individual team member.

After lunch it was time for action! Guess what

happens if you let 18 enthusiastic colleagues

compete against each other in a farm challenge?

Wet sponges are catapulted, straw bags

fly around the cowshed... It was fantastic to see

the positive competition, drive, team spirit and

co-operation skills of the StreetwiZe • Mobile

School team in action.

This unique teambuilding was not only a confirmation

of our strong team that knows what it

stands for and goes for it for 100%, but also it

brought our team even closer together. We ended

these two days full of positive energy with recharged



Connection with MS partner in Düsseldorf

Connection with street kids in Düsseldorf

Connection within the team

Teambuilding activity

62 63

Exploration Sri Lanka • Child Action Lanka

06/05/2019 • 10/05/2019

Sander Degeling

Child Action Lanka

In the beginning of May, Sri Lanka was all over

the news. The terror attacks that struck the

island nation on Easter Sunday left the entire

world shocked and speechless. Despite schools

being shut in the aftermath of the attack,

Mobile School decided in close collaboration

with its partner Child Action Lanka (CAL) to

stick to the plan and to conduct a one-week

exploration with the organisation in Kelaniya, a

suburb of the capital Colombo.

In Kelaniya, a suburb just outside of Sri Lanka’s

capital Colombo, the organisation is running

one of their educational centres. CAL runs

several educational centres for disadvantaged

youth in 8 districts across the island. In these

centres, CAL offers day care and creative preand

after school activities to children of different

age groups. Moreover, families of the children

are supported with vocational training,

microloans and housing assistance. In general,

CAL builds a holistic approach with the objective

to educate, care for and provide life opportunities

for children who – due to various circumstances

– have suffered neglect, abuse and lack

of access to adequate education. In Kelaniya,

the organisation aims to conduct mobile school

activities in different areas near a famous

buddhist temple. This way CAL hopes to reach a

high number of children who can’t attend the

activities in the centre due to transport issues or

the limited capacity of the centre.

Kelaniya / Sri Lanka

It was in 2016 that Mobile School got in contact

for the first time with Debbie Edirisinghe

– founding manager of the organisation

Child Action Lanka (CAL). Three years later and

after setting up a partnership with the UC Leuven

-Limburg, CAL made the decision to explore a

potential partnership in order to check if the

mobile school could add value to their projects.

Although some places visited during the prospective

visit were less bustling as usual, it’s

crystal clear that CAL could be a great potential

mobile school partner if all logistical requirements

can be put in place. In the coming months,

both parties will co-define a long-term strategy

in order to make a final decision regarding the

implementation of the very first mobile school in

Sri Lanka. To be continued!


Team of 13 social workers trained on Mobile School methodology

Potential for multiple new mobile schools in long-term

Strengthened network with UC Leuven-Limburg

64 65

Implementation lithuania • PJM Soc. Centras

06/05/2019 • 17/05/2019

Joke Verreth

Robert Cieślar

PJM Socialinis Centras

In September 2017, we conducted an exploration

training in Vilnius with potential future

partner Pal. J. Matulaičio Socialinis Centras.

After the one-week training, a couple of to do’s

remained for the local organisation, that needed

to be realised before Mobile School could make

a final decision regarding the implementation,

such as elaborating a clear intervention plan

for all outreach activities, defining clear roles

and responsibilities for the team, etc.

Next to the workshops, four street sessions were

conducted with the mobile school during the

two-week training. Pal. J. Matulaičio Socialinis

Centras’ goal is to reach out to children and

youngsters they are not reaching yet with their

other programmes, in the district of Šeškinė.

The first mobile school sessions were already a

big success and after the training, the local team

is now fully prepared to run their local mobile

school project autonomously.

Vilnius / Lithuania

The team went to work immedately to find

solutions for the remaining challenges and

even visited the mobile school team in Bytom,

Poland to gain experience and to see the tool

in action. In collaboration with the team, all

materials were then translated to Lithuanian

and the implementation training was planned

in May.

During the introduction workshop on StreetwiZe

• Mobile School, in addition to the local

team, 21 people from their local network (the

local police force, other local NGO’s,…) participated,

raising awareness of street work in general

and the newly started up mobile school

project specifically.


9 people trained: 6 staff members & 3 volunteers

Network of local partner strenghtened

Educational materials translated to Lithuanian

66 67

update streetwize workshop ‘connect’

15/05/2019 • 15/12/2019

Lore De Muynck

Bram Doolaege

Kim Swyngedouw

Arnoud Raskin

(future) StreetwiZe clients

Leuven / Belgium

The ‘Connect’ workshop has been substantively

and structurally adjusted because there was

too little knowledge transfer in the previous

version and the definition of connecting was

not clearly coordinated.

Connecting is a crucial technique in street

work, but connecting is also essential in the

professional world. With some colleagues it

clicks in place faster than with others, making

an easy connection. Even if there is no click, it

is important to look for points of connection

with colleagues and customers with whom you

need to work together in order to do your job


By investing in connecting you discover and

get to know each other’s skills as well as influence

your well-being and efficiency in a positive


Empathy is a necessary factor for a good connection.

It is the sincerity and willingness to learn

from your conversation partner and to try to understand

him / her by discarding your own feelings

and experiences.

In the full day workshop we also pay sufficient

attention to the importance of trust, which also

counts as an important building block in a

connected relationship. The workshop offers a

number of techniques with which you can work

towards this connected relationship by focusing

on communication, in particular active listening

and body language, by making time to engage

in conversation with respect for each other’s

frame of reference and also by connecting creatively,

where you renew the contact with your

colleagues by introducing a number of new habits.


Promote well-being at work

The common thread in the workshop is learning

how to gradually promote your relationships

with team members with whom you work

closely from a functional relationship to a

connected relationship.

Optimize results

Get to know each other’s competences

Detailed Trainer’s manuals with literature and assignment

68 69

the belgian • leadership training

18/05/2019 • 13/12/2019

Lore De Muynck

The Belgian

The Belgian, a family company that distributes

and installs security systems such as fire

protection, access control, burglary protection,

camera and building management systems,

organized a leadership training for all managers

in 2018.

It was there that the idea arose to allow managers

to follow regular training courses so that

they could become better coaches and managers.

In recent months a number of colleagues have

left, in particular technicians. The general objective

of the managers is, therefore, to better

Meise / Belgium

coach their team and continue to motivate

them to get both the best out of themselves

and to optimize the atmosphere within the


team. These were the reasons they chose the

workshops Proactive Creativity, Resilience and

Agility, Positive Focus, Connect and Leading


8 managers were trained

Optimise communication by e-mail

Maintain the focus during meetings

The main outcome of these sessions was: learning

how to react in a positive and constructive

Recognize the importance of focusing on one’s strengths

way; knowing why you’re doing the things

you’re doing; learning to think differently by

focusing on opportunities; dealing with techniques

on how to connect in a different way

with a diverse team; finding more participative

70 and creative ways of organising meetings.


Exploration Turkey • Her Yerde Sanat

27/05/2019 • 31/05/2019

Sander Degeling

Her Yerde Sanat

Mardin / Turkey

In the last week of May, Mobile School

explored a potential partnership with an

organisation, for the very first time in Turkey.

In the southeastern, predominantely Kurdish

region of the country, the organisation Her

Yerde Sanat (Art Everywhere Association) offers

social circus and musical programs to vulnerable

children. To fulfill its mission, the organisation

runs three circus centres (Sirkhane), one

music school (Müzikhane) a Flying Library and

a so-called Galaxi-program, in which a mobile

van brings the joy of social circus to children

who don’t have access to the circus centres.

Many of the children the organisation works

with are refugees who fled the ongoing conflicts

in neighbouring Syria and Iraq. Moreover,

the organisation also reaches a lot of Turkish

and Kurdish young people who don’t have

access to creative activities after school hours.

In August, Her Yerde Sanat organises a famous

festival, The Flying Carpet Festival, to bring the

magic of music and social circus to the wider


tion areas is the city of Nusaybin, located on the

Turkish-Syrian border. In 2016, parts of the city

were destroyed during a conflict between the

Turkish government and Kurdish PKK militants.

In the city, scars of the conflict are still visible.

The creative nature of Her Yerde Sanat and the

need and willingness to develop mobile solutions

to bring their creative interventions to the

kids in the region offers a huge opportunity to

set up a partnership with Mobile School in the

future. In the coming months, both organisations

will discuss the logistical needs and the

next steps in order to make a final decision

regarding the implementation of a first mobile

school in Turkey.


Team of 14 street educators trained

Potential to implement MS in new region

More knowledge on children in conflict situations


During the exploration in the city of Mardin,

a team of 14 participants was trained. Beside

the basic exploratory workshops, the team conducted

multiple field visits in Mardin Province

to identify potential areas for sessions with the

mobile school. One of these potential interven-


Mobile School Nica Café


Joke Verreth

Saskia Dieleman

Lore De Muynck

(potential) volunteers

Leuven / Belgium

Every year, StreetwiZe • Mobile School organises

at least one Mobile School Café, an evening

during which our current and potential new

volunteers are welcomed at the office to ask

questions about recent projects and to catch

up with the team and with each other.

This Mobile School Café had a twist, since it

was specifically focused on the mobile schools

in Nicaragua. The reason for this specific focus

was the documentary “Striving for Tomorrow”,

made by Tom Exelmans - who did a six-month

internship at Mobile School partner organisation

Niñas y Niños del Fortín in León in 2017

- and Laurens Vanlandschoote for “Vranckx &

de Nomaden”. One of the people interviewed

in the documentary is Alexis López Muñoz,

who has been working with the mobile school

for 11 years at partner Las Hormiguitas in

Matagalpa. In the documentary, Alexis talks

about the local mobile school project during

an outreach session.

The evening started with a short presentation

on StreetwiZe • Mobile School and some specific

information about the current situation in

Nicaragua and our partner organisations there.

After that, Tom and Laurens introduced their documentary.

After the documentary, the public had

the opportunity to learn more about StreetwiZe •

Mobile School, the mobile school tool, our partners

worldwide, the documentary, etc.


24 people updated on the Mobile School partners in Nicaragua

15 people outside of the network reached

Relationship with current volunteers strengthened

74 75

European central bank • TeamBuilding

12/06/2019 • 14/11/2019

Eric Vanbiervliet

Bart Vanbellingen

Sofie Martens

Lore De Muynck

Caroline Coppens

European Central Bank

Frankfurt / Germany

Inspired by our story, the European Central

Bank management wanted some of their key

divisions to experience our streetskills. The aim

was to tackle some business challenges linked

to team identity and the multiple changes

they went through in the last couple of years.

With both aspects in mind, ECB partnered

with StreetwiZe to deliver impactful workshops

during a two day offsite.

Combining ‘Positive Focus and ‘Cooperative

Competition’, StreetwiZe answered the professional

challenges mentioned.

In 2019, three ECB teams were invited on this


• the Directorate Finance team in June

• the Budgeting-Controlling and Accounting

divisions in September

• the Facility Management Business Support

Section and the Security team in November

In the workshop on ‘Positive Focus’, teams were

mingled and got the chance to get to know

each other better. Together they rephrased

common challenges into opportunities. We

asked them to formulate concrete action points

for the week, month and quarter ahead.

For the ‘Cooperative Competition’ session, we

worked with functional teams collaborating on

a daily basis. They discussed some obstacles to

collaboration and came up with approaches to

handle them differently in the future. Each team

also focused on its mission and on the unique

contribution of all team members. The interaction

between the teams and the personal reflection

of each participant enhanced concrete

actions and positive energy.

The European Central Bank emphasized its appreciation

for the social impact that StreetwiZe

has on the life of street children worldwide.

Working with a hybrid company in which profit

and non-profit are in balance is in line with their



Explored relevant & applicable content for professional lives

Clearer view on the unique contributions of each team member

Sharpened team missions

Improved collaboration between different teams

Focused on opportunities within the challenging context of change

Enhanced collaboration temporary and permanent employees

76 77

New websites StreetwiZe & Mobile School

13/06/2019 • 18/07/2019

Hans Dreesen

Arnoud Raskin

Lies De Vocht

Jens Brehmen

Kim Swyngedouw

Rob Sweldens

StreetwiZe • Mobile School

Leuven / Belgium

In June and July we launched the refreshed

websites of StreetwiZe and Mobile School to

the public. Both StreetwiZe and Mobile School

sites needed a make-over with updated information

and a new look and feel.

For the development of the StreetwiZe website

we took into account feedback from our clients.

The old website had an unclear structure; it was

difficult to understand our offer or to find an

answer for client needs. They were also looking

for more success stories from other companies

working with StreetwiZe.

In order to get more traction and convince

a greater number of people to contact us

through mail or phone, we worked together

with different experts on the development of

the website. Hans Dreesen worked with the

StreetwiZe team on the structure and goals

of the website. A specialised design agency,

Eskader, took care of the look and feel and

Hans Housen took on the content copy written

by the StreetwiZe team.

The Mobile School website hadn’t been renewed

since 2012 so there were many things to improve.

Youth workers and street educators couldn’t

understand what our offer was or how we worked,

due to the unclear structure of the website and

the outdated information there. Based on the

design and structure developed for the

StreetwiZe website, the Mobile School team

wrote the necessary content for their site. The goal

was to reach more projects and youth workers

who could benefit from our methodologies.

Therefore we also expanded our StreetSmart

offer on the website, making it completely available

in 5 languages: English, Dutch, French,

Spanish and Portuguese.


2 new multilingual websites

Reach more clients and potential partners

The StreetwiZe website gives a clearer overview

of our current offer and the team working for

StreetwiZe. Also the stories and cases better

highlight what StreetwiZe does with its clients.

The website is available in English and Dutch.

78 79

follow-up poland • gtw gliwice

17/06/2019 • 22/06/2019

Rob Sweldens

Robert Cieslar

GTW Gliwice

Gliwice / Poland

GTW Gliwice is working with the mobile school

since 2018 in the city of Gliwice. Gliwice was

known for its thriving steel industry, but after

the industry collapsed, a lot of poverty surged

in the region. GTW Gliwice was founded in

2004 to reach out to children and youngsters

from families with socio-economical problems.

Initially their focus was mainly on football activities,

but over the yearse they rolled out an

extensive street work programme and runs two

daily centres where various educational activities

are organised.

GTW Gliwice has been working for more than

a year now with the mobile school as a very

active partner, using the mobile school almost

every day in different areas around the city. The

activities are funded by the city and by a European


During the follow up training, we participated

in various street activities. We noticed the children

are very connected with the local team.

They know exactly when the school will arrive

and are very motivated to participate in the activities.

Also, the street educators know almost

all the children by name.

During the training we noticed some crucial

challenges which needed to be addressed. Due

to the high demands of the funding programme,

almost no time was available for a good preparation

and evaluation of the interventions. Although

the funding is there, they find it challenging

to attract new staff to strengthen the

team. During the coaching sessions we tried to

find creative solutions for these problems, encouraging

them to use our digital platform to

find create activities and to plan regular evaluation

meetings. We worked on counselings skills

and the use of the educational materials they

had challenges with.

It was a great asset to have people from our projects

from Krakow and Warsaw between the participants

to spice up the discussions. Also, Robert

Cieslar, coordinator of the team in Bytom gave

some of the workshops in Polish and shared his

own experiences with the team.


9 people trained

Better use of educational panels

During the follow-up training we participated

Improved preparation and evaluation of interventions

in a conference organised by GTW Gliwice. 65

persons from different Polish street work organisations

Strengthened Polish Mobile School network

were present and attended an introduc-

tion workshop on Mobile School, StreetwiZe and

Increased interest in our methodology in Poland

StreetSmart, and some of them participated in

a mobile school session in Gliwice. Some organisations

showed their interest in the mobile


school and our digital innovations.


agfa • trainee programme

18/06/2019 • 10/03/2020

Lore De Muynck

employees from AGFA

Mortsel & Ghent / Belgium

In recent months, through CEVORA, AGFA has

offered its employees all the standard StreetwiZe

workshops, both at the Mortsel site and

in Ghent.

A branch of AGFA was in a takeover process

(which has since been completed) and through

workshops such as Positive Focus, Resilience &

Agility, Connect and Proactive Creativity, the

company wanted to give their employees the

opportunity to prepare for this.

All employees were given the opportunity to

get to know our programs through a monthly

workshop. The learning and development

manager also attended all sessions in order to

gain insight into what we have to offer and to

decide how we can further expand our cooperation.

Even though the site in Mortsel has

many more employees, the number of participants

was lower than in Ghent, where a workshop

had an average of twelve participants.

personal questions; how they have to, and can,

align themselves more with their audience and

target group; Positive Focus is a mindset they

can learn and how surprising it is that there can

actually be a balance between cooperation and

competition. At the end of 2019, the Ghent department

decided to support our organisation

in the context of the Warmest Week with no less

than 570 euros.


Stimulate connection

Different teams participated at Cooperative Competition workshop

Since the learning & development manager

9 employees participated in at least 5 of the 8 workshops

was enthusiastic about our interventions, we

looked together at how we could continue

Stimulate self leadership: what can I do?

to work in the future. A number of lessons

learned from the participants are: through

Strengthen business with both streetskills and techniques

Pitching they can vigorously defend / transfer

their case in a limited time; from the Connect

workshop how to get into deeper contact with

82 a colleague more quickly by daring to ask


Volunteer fun activity • The Outsider


MSG Volunteers & family

Saskia Dieleman

MSG volunteers & family

Oudenaarde / Belgium

Sporty clothing, sun cream on and full of energy,

we left with our volunteers to The Outsider

in Oudenaarde. We split up in three groups.

While one group was going up in the climbing

tower, the other group could only hope not

to fall deep into the swamp. The final group

walked on a barefoot path through the forest.

Then it was time for lunch and we had a big

BBQ. In the afternoon, we dove into the water.

Some people found a challenge in the cable

park, where others had a more relaxing afternoon

on the water in some kayaks and pedalos.

Being together, doing a fun activity, introducing

your family to other volunteers, that’s why

we find it important to organise each year an

event like this. We believe this helps to bring

the volunteers and the volunteer network closer

together. It is also the ideal way to thank our

volunteers for the work they do for our organisation.

On this day, they should only enjoy the



(Re)connect with our volunteers

Volunteers and family get to know each other

Volunteers and family get to know our organisation

84 85

train the mobile school trainer


Sander Degeling

Wim Depickere

Saskia Dieleman

Hans Lamberts

Rob Sweldens

Eric Vanbiervliet

Bram Van de Putte

Joke Verreth

Leuven / Belgium

Each year, we organise at least one Train the

Trainer for our Belgian Master Trainers, to guarantee

the quality of our trainings for partner

organisations, to exchange experiences and to

strenghten the ties between the trainers.

We kicked off the Train the Trainer with a debrief

about the trainings that were already organised

this year. Next, an update was given

on the upcoming trainings and novelties in the

organisation. Afterwards, all trainers evaluated

the Mobile School Master Trainer network together

and concrete actions were drawn up to

improve the quality of the network even more.

Since the different StreetSmart technology

components will be included in future trainings

as well, it is key that all trainers are up

to date on the most recent developments, so

an update was given on StreetSmart Impact,

StreetSmart Play and StreetSmart Learn. Each

trainer also came up with a new energiser,

which were played throughout the Train the

Trainer. In the evening, all trainers were able to

share experiences during an informal get-together.

In November, we will organise a second Train

the Trainer. During an intervision, trainers will

be able to share specific cases or challenges they

came across during one of their past trainings


We are also investigating the possibility of organising

a Train the Trainer for all Mobile School

Master Trainers next year, including our European,

Latin American and African trainers.


Experiences exchanged

Trainers updated about recent developments

Feedback on Mobile School Master Trainer network gathered

New ideas for energizers collected

Ties between Belgian Mobile School trainers strengthened

86 87

follow-up romania • save the children iasi

08/07/2019 • 12/7/2019

Joke Verreth

Save the Children Iasi

Iasi / Romania

Save the Children Iasi was our very first European

Mobile School partner organisation. They

started up their mobile school project in 2006

and have been reaching out to children and

families in Iasi’ disadvantaged communities

ever since. Because of all their experience with

street work, Save the Children was the most

suited partner to coorganise the StreetwiZe

Leadership Expedition.

Because of the active cooperation with StreetwiZe,

no Mobile School trainings were organised

since the start-up, so a follow-up training

was long overdue. The training came at a

good time, since recently a lot of new people

joined the team. To make sure all team members

could participate in the training, the social

center was closed for the training week.

A special programme was put together, tailored

to the specific needs and interests of the

local team. They evaluated their mobile school

project during a coaching session and came

up with a concrete action plan to increase their

impact with the mobile school even more. They

refreshed their knowledge of the Mobile School

self-esteem model and put it in practise by applying

it to specific cases.

During the workshop on creative therapy and educational

games, the team learned new creative

ways of working with and around the mobile

school. They came up with a lot of new game

ideas themselves as well with the Street Business

Toolkit panels and with other educational panels

that were hardly ever used before.

We also accompanied the local street educators

during two street sessions, during which they

already tried out some of their newly created

games and with success! After the follow-up

training, the team was reenergised and ready to

hit the streets with more new games!


9 people trained

Local team strengthened and reenergised

Concrete action plan drawn up

New game ideas developed and tested out

88 89

new mobile school kenya • joy divine

15/07/2019 • 26/7/2019

Koen Verrecht

Janet Otieno

The Joy Divine Children

Nairobi / Kenya

After the exploratory expedition with the team

of Joy Divine in Nairobi in November 2018,

Mobile School has been eager to start up a new

mobile school project with the Kenyan organisation.

In 2005, the first African Mobile School

was implemented in the Kenyan capital, and

14 years later, there is still a growing number

of children and adults who end up living the

streets of this African metropolis. The new mobile

school in Nairobi is already the fourth one

in Kenya, after other schools were launched in

Nairobi, Mombasa and Kitale.

The Joy Divine Children works mainly in the

slum of Mathare to build a positive relation

with the youngsters. Before the arrival of the

mobile school, the organisation was already

doing their Shule Mtaani (‘school in the street’)

program for street-connected youth in Mlango

Kubwa, one of the areas where a huge number

of homeless people gather because of the

proximity to the city centre.


Although getting the box out of customs and

having a solid core team in training caused the

trainers a lot of issues, the first interventions

on the street with the mobile school were really

promising. Since the shipment was only

cleared from customs in the second week of

the training, the team was obliged to ask to

team of long-term partner Kenya Good Neigh-


bors to use their materials. One a positive note,

this gave the new educators from the Joy Divine

the opportunity to see the more experienced

street workers from KGN in action. Moreover,

Master Trainer Koen Verrecht was assisted by regional

co-facilitator Janet Otieno, who is also coordinating

the mobile school in Mombasa. This

way, 3 Kenyan partners were able to informally

share ideas about the use of the mobile school

on the Kenyan streets.

A lot of work is still to be done by The Joy Divine

on different levels, but the implementation

proved that there is still a very high need for

street work with the mobile school on the Kenyan

streets. In the coming months, the partnership

coordinator will sit together with the coordinator

and the team in Nairobi to see how the educators

can maximize their impact on street-connected



Fourth mobile school in Kenya implemented

30 volunteers trained on the use of mobile school

Exchange of knowledge between 3 Kenyan partner organisations

Collaboration with Tomorrowland Foundation

18/07/2019 • ...

Arnoud Raskin

StreetwiZe • Mobile School

Tomorrowland Foundation

Polle Van Rooy

Tomorrowland Foundation

Boom / Belgium

Querétaro / Mexico

We were absolutely thrilled to announce the Tomorrowland

Foundation decided to collaborate

with Mobile School in 2019. The Foundation,

linked to one of the world’s largest and most notable

music festivals, supports projects boosting

the self-esteem of children through creative

expression. Their mission statement is the following:

“The People of Tomorrow are the ambassadors

for our belief in a better world. Their

positive energy and love inspired Tomorrowland

to start working on a commitment to

make this world a better place. Children and

youngsters are the future and shape the world

of tomorrow. Let’s cherish them and help them

to develop themselves as much as possible.

Education is the key to a better future. It is necessary

for individual, social and sustainable

development. But education is not only about

knowledge and being able to read and write.

Being able to express yourself creatively is just

as important for the personal development

of children and youngsters. Music, dance and

arts are key in this personal development. The

Tomorrowland Foundation helps to achieve

this dream.”

In 2018 the Foundation assisted in the construction

of a music and arts school in the village

of Sekha in Nepal.

Then the Tomorrowland Foundation decided to

select a second project with a similar vision: Mobile

School! Thanks to the support of the Foundation,

we were able to continue to expand and

open up five new mobile schools, one each in

Haïti, Kenya, Poland, Togo and Lithuania.

To celebrate the start of this collaboration, the

Mobile School team showcased the mobile

school on the Tomorrowland campsite Dream-

Ville. During the festival, visitors had the opportunity

to donate 2 ‘pearls’ – the official Tomorrowland

cashless currency – to the Foundation.

Moreover, the People of Tomorrow could similiarly

contribute by buying the official Tomorrowland


Next to the visibility we gained from the the festival,

the Tomorrowland Foundation visited one

of our mobile school projects in Mexico this fall.

They brought along Felix De Laet (Lost Frequencies)

and taped a mini documentary about the

street-connected children coming and learning

at the mobile school. The Tomorrowland Foundation

shares our vision that street children are

an untapped potential for society. We should not

approach them as a problem but as the amazing

People of Tomorrow.


Documentary about the work of Mobile School in Mexico (+50000)

Potential long term partnership with Tomorrowland Foundation


92 93


† 19 July 2019

Sas, you are one of us! Forever!

94 95

Exploration partnership City Pirates

13/08/2019 • 20/8/2019

Sander Degeling

Lies De Vocht

Arnoud Raskin

Joke Verreth

City Pirates

Antwerp / Belgium

“Football the motor, social commitment the

fuel, diversity the strength”, that’s the catchphrase

of City Pirates. Through football, this

Belgian organisation wants to give youngsters

from Antwerp opportunities and teach them

new competences, to increase social cohesion.

Currently, there are more than 1100 youth

players from more than 80 different nationalities

at the club.

It’s about much more than football, though.

The team of City Pirates also offers homework

support and organises home visits and meetings

with the children’s schools. Since the team

wants to increase their impact even more, by

reaching out to more children and youngsters,

they are always looking for new tools.

After an initial meeting, City Pirates submitted

their application for a mobile school. Since the

team organises street sessions during summer

in five different districts and since Antwerp is

nearby, we decided to already organise a test

session with the mobile school in August. To

prepare the team, we organised a short workshop


it safely. We then hit the streets of the Luchtbal

district. During their street sessions, the team of

City Pirates organises football competitions. This

time, the mobile school was set up next to the

football field. There clearly was a lot of interest,

especially from the younger children that could

not participate in the football competitions.

When the local educators were at the mobile

school, older youngsters showed an interest as

well, though. The key will be to figure out how to

integrate the mobile school into the current outreach

work sessions, so it is not merely a fringe

activity for those not playing football. Will there

be a Belgian mobile school project in the future?

We will keep you posted!


Basic training given to 5 educators

Successful mobile school test session organised

Belgian network strengthened


After a general presentation about StreetwiZe •

Mobile School, the educators discovered a variety

of creative games that can be played with

the mobile school and learned how to drive


streetsmart play • transnational meetings

22/08/2019 • 23/08/2019

11/09/2019 • 12/09/2019

Rob Sweldens

Lies De Vocht

Arnoud Raskin

Sander Degeling

Erasmus+ KA2

Belgium / Greece

Since the end of last year, we started a new

Erasmus+ programma through which we cooperated

with two Mobile School partners:

Ladies Union of Drama (Greece) and Salvati

Copiii (Romania). To improve the preparations

of outreach sessions, we decided to develop an

online content sharing platform for non-formal

education, StreetSmart Play.

After the first transnational project meeting in

November of 2018, we started looking for developers

who are able to create this platform.

We found our partner in Kunstmaan. From

April until July they worked on the platform,

in short feedback loops with us. In August, we

came together with the Erasmus+ partners

in our office, Andrei Craciun and Vicky Konstantinidou.

This time we discussed the final

version of our platform. We also started inputting

game content in multiple languages and

tested the automatic translations. During the

meeting we also worked together on the tutorial

section of StreetSmart Play. This will serve

as a helpdesk on the platform, for people who

need more information. Finally we did also a

brainstorm on marketing opportunities for the

platform. Who would be our target group and

how can we reach them.

As the launch of StreetSmart Play was approaching

soon (25 September), we did our final transnational

project meeting soon after the second

one. This time we met up in Drama, Greece. We

invited Master Trainer Robert Cieslar (Mobile

School coordinator of CME GPU UNO, Bytom)

and Eleni Poda (Mobile School coordinator of

PRAKSIS Thessaloniki) to join us, as the main focus

of the meeting would be the dissemination

of StreetSmart Play. We discussed what content

needed to be online before the launch, how the

launch event would look like and what the next

steps were after finishing the Erasmus+ programme.

To have those two meetings so quickly

one after the other, it really helped the team to

bound and work as one team.


Design and development of StreetSmart Play

Close cooperation with two Mobile School partners

Multilanguage platform

98 99

office of notaries • Tradition in Motion

19/09/2019 • 20/09/2019

Bram Doolaege

Office of Notaries

Antwerp / Belgium

Just like many other professional groups, the

Office of Notaries is not spared from the need

to change. More flexibility, installing a feedback

culture and responding to diversity and

diversification are just a few challenges that

the notary must face. This requires agility and

resilience from all involved.

In order to transfer this message, a national

convention was organized on september 19th

and 20th in Antwerp (https://nca2019.be).

During this conference more than 8,000 people,

working in the Office of Notaries were reached

under the theme of ‘Tradition in Motion”. One

of the sessions was designed to transfer information

and inspiration on how professionals

can deal with difficulties when it comes to

change and change management.


Therefore Streetwize delivered a custom made

story on agility and resilience for all involved

in notary work. The message about the importance

Inspiring more than 200 notary professionals

For the first time a StreetwiZe Story on a 360 degrees stage

of attention management, immersive

Article: Notary, about agility and resilience published

activities, empathy and connection received

great reviews. And even more, the decision

Reviewed by Larcier Legal

was made to publish the expanded content of

the story by means of a chapter in a book. The

latter was reviewed and published by Larcier

Legal in the NCA book ‘Tradition in Motion’


100 101

B corp summit 2019 • lead the beat

23/09/2019 • 24/09/2019

Kim Swyngedouw

This year the B Corp summit was organised in

September. The summit is a unique experience

for Certified B Corps from around the world

and companies considering of applying for a

B Corp certification to connect, share, learn, be

inspired and build a global network.

In the B Economy, businesses compete to be

best FOR the world, the people living in it, and

the natural ecosystems on which our quality of

life depends. This shift in worldview and type

of systemic change requires leadership from all

sectors of society.

B Corporations

Amsterdam / The Netherlands

The B Corp community is evolving rapidly and

the summit created an opportunity to share

important milestones. The B Corp community

is looking for ways to engage with stakeholders

beyond certified companies, who play an

important role in the change we seek, such

as local governments, academic institutions,

journalists, and non-profit organisations. With

over 650 participants, and 45% not working for

a B Corp, we got an important group of people

in the room. Together, we co-created in 14

workshops, gathering over 36 main ideas to

strengthen the B Corp movement in Europe.

During the 2019 B Corp summit we lead the

beat towards the change we need to see. We discussed

on our vital role, on how we can lead our

industry and help other companies follow the

beat we are creating and on how our business

impacts the community and natural ecosystems

which surround us.


666 attendees

The theme this year was ‘Lead the Beat’. Lead

the Beat is about a cutting-edge approach to

leading for positive change. If the economic

system is broken, then it’s time to build a B

Economy, comprised of many organisations,

movements, academics, policy makers and

businesses that works for everyone for the


Declaring a Climate Emergency

Launching the SDG Action managers

23 countries present

25,5 hours of interaction

102 103

exploration cape verde• aldeias infantis sos

23/09/2019 • 27/09/2019

Aldeias Infantis SOS has departments on three

different islands. One of those departments,

Centro Social Mindelo Aldeais Infantis SOS,

applied for the mobile school. The team heard

locations where the work with the mobile school

would be useful, which is a big added value for

the potential future mobile school project.

Centro Social Aldeais Infantis SOS collaborates

Joke Verreth

about the mobile school through the Belgian with many international organisations and has a

consul of Cape Verde, who attended one of our big network on a local level as well. During the

information sessions, and immediately saw

the added value the mobile school would offer

during their work.

training, many other partner organisations were

invited: other street work organisations, the ministry

of education, the ministry of social work, the

Aldeias Infantis SOS

Currently, no street work sessions are organised

in Mindelo, the focus of the team is on esting discussions were held and experiences

police, the military,… During the training, inter-

prevention. Two social workers organise regular

house visits to follow up on specific at-risk

children, youngsters and on their families. The

were exchanged. The organisations were already

cooperating during some projects, but it became

clear that a better cooperation would benefit

children. The team used to organise sessions

last year they ran a center for street-connected

consequently, need to actively look for funds.

struggles to find long-term funding. The Belgian

on the streets as well, though, and up until

children. The team plans on organising mobile

Currently that is still a big issue. The organisation

consul of Cape Verde is a strong advocate for the

Mindelo / Cape Verde

team’s psychologist is in charge of the “Escola

da Familia” programme, which consists of

organising workshops for the families so they

can develop tools to take better care of their

their work even more and increase their impact

on the children they work with.

Although the social center is a branch of Aldeais

Infantis SOS, they need to be self-sufficient and,


19 people trained

Local network strengthened

school sessions in different local communities, mobile school project in his country, though, so

Organisations informed about Mobile School and StreetSmart Play

where a lot of socially vulnerable families live, he will support the team in looking for funds.

with the aim of preventing more children and During our training, a presentation was already

Local rotary club informed and interested


youngsters from opting to run away to the

streets. They would also organise one session

per week in the city center, to work with the

street-connected children there. The team has

a lot of knowledge about the children, their families,

the communities in general and about

given to the local rotary club, who might support

the project in the future. If the team manages to

find sustainable funding, allowing for the wages

of an extra team member and the purchase of a

new van, we believe they might be a good future

partner. To be continued!


StreetSmart Play • Official launch


Rob Sweldens

Lies De Vocht

Sander Degeling

Arnoud Raskin

Erasmus+ KA2

Belgium / Greece / Romania

At the end of September, Mobile School presented

StreetSmart Play, in a multiplier event

for 30 different organisations (45 people).

The event was organised to share results and

demonstrate the game platform. We kicked

off with a welcome speech and a keynote from

Arnoud on why Mobile School is investing in


To give the event some extra punch, we invited

Pedro De Bruyckere, an educational scientist

and keynote speaker, to talk about the importance

of play and about measuring play.

To close the event, Rob gave a demo of

StreetSmart Play. Afterwards, there was the

possibility to ask some questions and to share

your thoughts on a small network moment

with a coffee and some cake.

At the same time, our Greek and Romanian

partners (Ladies Union of Drama and Salvati

Copiii Iasi) organised a similar launch event.

They reached 38 and 53 people respectively.


45 participants from 30 different organisations

Simultanous events in Greece and Romania

Ready to use free platform

Positioning Mobile School as a valuable partner in Belgium

106 107

AG Insurance • IT Young Pros Program

27/09/2019 • 13/12/2019

Eric Vanbiervliet

Bram Doolaege

Learning & Development

AG Insurance

Brussels / Belgium

The goal of AG Insurance’s Trainee Program is

to enable its trainees to further develop some

essential skills, as part of an onboarding process.

Working on ‘self-awareness’ is a first important

theme. Trainees are expected to quickly and

autonomously generate added value within

diverse environments, which requires a solid

knowledge of their own function and that of

others. AG Insurance wants to offer its trainees

a basic knowledge of project management and

empower them in the fields of presenting, convincing

and influencing. A parallel objective of

the project is to stimulate connection between

trainees and to create a community in which

people continuously learn from each other in

an informal setting.

Throughout the programme, participants are

asked to work on a concrete project. That creates

both tangible learning environments, and

added vaue for the organisation in being challenged

by the next generation.

After a starter session featuring a StreetwiZe

Story, a two-day seminar was organised on Agility

& Resilience. Inspired by these reflections

and based on Positive Focus and Proactive Creativity

useful projects were identified, started

up and shaped throughout the programme.

The second session on Project Management

focused on the different phases and key elements

of a succesful project. With the help of a

professional actor we specifically practiced typical

challenges for project leaders.

During the ‘Pitching’ session, the participants

learned how to present their project in an efficient

and enthusiastic manner. They also defined

which resources they have to direct their audience

towards the right (re)action. ‘Storytelling’

helped the trainees to discover the added value

of a strong story in such a context.

Finally, 2 half-day project labs were set-up, where

the trainees further shaped and managed their

projects. During the final session they summarised

their own learnings in a personal story

and communicated the status of their projects to

coaches and managers.


Self-awareness through reflection

Developing Project Management skills

Developing communication skills

Reflection and project development on challenging issues

Community building within the group

Positioning & networking within the company

108 109

exploration uganda • dwelling places

07/10/2019 • 11/10/2019

Sander Degeling

Dwelling Places

Kampala / Uganda

With recently implemented mobile schools in

Togo, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi, the African

Mobile School network is growing rapidly, and

this regional expansion might just continue

in the near future. In early October, Sander

Degeling visited two interesting organisations

that are motivated to bring the Mobile School

methodology to the streets of Uganda for the

first time: Dwelling Places and StreetWays


The main office of the organisation Dwelling

Places is located in Mutundwe, a suburb southwest

of the Ugandan capital Kampala. From

here, the organisation coordinates not only the

street work done in Kampala and the nearby

slums, but also the reintegration of children

with their families from two of their transitional

centres. The organisation organises all of its

interventions around the 4R-model: rescue,

rehabilitation, reconciliation and resettlement.

Dwelling Places is a Christian NGO, which

was founded in 1995 by Ritah and William

Nkemba and has been offering services to the

street-connected children of the Ugandan capital

ever since. A walk in the centre with the outreach

team of Dwelling Places leads us from

the taxi and bus stand to Jinja Road, the heart

of the capital where heavily guarded government

buildings line the street.

Before, this used to be the daily working ground

for many of the Karamoja children who are of

the streets to beg in order to contribute to the

family income. Many of the kids on the streets of

Kampala come from different regions in Uganda

in order to escape poverty and to look for more

opportunities in the big city. Today, however,

almost no kids can be found on Jinja Road. In

an attempt to diminish the growing number of

street kids, the Ugandan government is looking

for solutions to tackle the problem, mostly with

repressive measures. Recently, Ugandan officials

have even passed a law making it an offence to

offer money, food or clothing to children living

on the streets of Kampala, in an attempt to stop


These challenging circumstances make the need

for a positive alternative to interact and build

trust with the street-connected children even

more relevant. Therefore, Mobile School will

keep on communicating with Dwelling Places in

the coming months to see if it’s possible to overcome

the repressive government regulations in

order to set up the very first mobile school in

Uganda in early 2021.


Team of 22 street educators trained

Network building with street workers network in Kampala

Potential for first mobile school in Uganda

Extra demo of StreetSmart Play for street educators

110 111

exploration uganda • streetways uganda

14/10/2019 • 18/10/2019

Sander Degeling

StreetWays Uganda

Tororo / Uganda

Last October, there were not one, but two explorations

in Uganda. The first one was organised

with Dwelling Places in the capital Kampala

(see previous page), while the second one was

conducted in the eastern part of the country, in

the city of Tororo with potential partner Street-

Ways Uganda. Although the highest number

of street-connected children can be found on

the streets of Kampala, it’s not the only city

where valuable work can be done with the mobile

school. In Tororo, the organisation Street-

Ways Uganda E.V. works with young people on

the street to ensure they have access to quality

education. StreetWays was founded in 2015

by young Ugandans and Germans to provide

new and former street children with different

services such as bakery, ICT and life skills.

Besides conducting workshops with the team

and other stakeholders, a lot of potential outreach

locations were identified in Tororo and

Malaba. In this region of Uganda, there is a lot

of migration of children from the villages to

the urban centres. The mayor of Tororo – who

attended the closing ceremony of the Mobile

School training – welcomed the positive approach

of the mobile school to build positive

trust relationships with children living and/or

working on the streets for a solid foundation to

build sustainable change. Moreover, representatives

of the police were present during part

of the workshops to learn more about how to

interact in a positive way with street-connected

youngsters, since the general policy in Uganda is

still very much focused on repression.

Despite the fact StreetWays is still a very young

organisation that counts mostly on volunteers

to realise its objectives, the prospective visit

was perceived as very interesting. In the coming

months, the Mobile School team will work together

with StreetWays to see how to reinforce

the street work done in Tororo, and eventually

to come to a final decision if the organisation

can find an external partner to fund the potential

street work with a mobile school in eastern



Team of 18 street educators trained from multiple stakeholders

Network building with street work organisations in Uganda

Extra target group for StreetSmart Play

112 113

Follow-up • Fundacja Ukryte Skrzydla

25/10/2019 • 27/10/2019

Robert Cieślar

Fundacja Ukryte Skrzydla

The mobile school project in Krakow, Poland

was started up in 2008. The team organises

five street sessions per week in five different

sectors. In Krakow, low-income families (Polish

and Roma families) are housed in apartment

blocks built in the communist era, which are

referred to as “social ghettos”. Many families

struggle with drug and alcohol abuse and unwanted

pregnancies. The mobile school team

works with the children living in these “ghettos”.

Krakow / Poland

Every year, the team organises a training for

their new volunteers. In the past, these trainings

were organised by the team itself. Since

last year, though, Fundacja Ukryte Skrzydla has

a training budget. That is why they applied for

a Mobile School training for the second year in

a row.


8 people trained: 1 member of staff & 7 volunteers

During the three-day follow-up, the new volunteers

participated in the general presentation

Knowledge of Mobile School self-esteem model

of the Mobile School vision and methodology

Knowledge of educational materials & methodologies

and learned, in the technical workshop, how to

drive and maintain the mobile school. In addition,

they played and invented games with the

Increased motivation to work with the mobile school

educational materials and followed the workshop

on self-esteem. All new volunteers were

Polish Mobile School network strengthened

extremely motivated to start up the work with

the mobile school.

114 115

new mobile school togo • agopode

28/10/2019 • 8/11/2019

Bram Van de Putte

Eric Vanbiervliet

While the launch of every new mobile school

is always a big celebration, some implementations

are true milestones in the history of our

organisation. In early November 2019, a team

of Mobile School trainers launched not only the

very first mobile school in a French speaking

country, but also the very first Mobile School in

West-Africa in the Togolese capital Lomé.

However, the major challenge for local partner

AGOPODE will be to build consistency without

the presence of the coordinator, who moved to

France recently. Therefore, still a lot of work has

to be done, but it’s crystal clear that all the ingredients

to turn this first West-African mobile

school into a role model for the region, are surely



Lomé / Togo

After a succesful exploration in april 2018,

the small but very street-based organisation

AGOPODE was ready for their two weeks of

implementation trainings. Since most of the

NGO’s working with street-connected children

in Lomé are linked to each other, various other

stakeholders were invited to participate in the

mobile school implementation trainings in

order to be able to realize more impact in the

near future.

Estimations about the number of streetconnected

children state there are about 3000

children living on the streets of Togo’s capital,

while many more are spending a lot of time

on the streets during the day to work on the

streets or in the markets in order to contribute

to the family income. The first street sessions

were without doubt a great success, with a lot

of positive reactions from both the children

and the team of street workers.


First mobile school in West-Africa

First mobile school in a French speaking country

Team of 21 street workers from various stakeholders trained

Strong network with multiple street work organisations in Togo

116 117

Follow-Up Tanzania • Mwema Children Centre

31/11/2019 • 7/12/2019

Joke Verreth

Mwema Children Centre

Karatu / Tanzania

Karatu is a town located close to the Serengeti

and the Ngorongoro, two major national

parks attracting a high number of tourists. The

tourism industry leads to many opportunities,

which is why children and youngsters from the

poor rural areas surrounding Karatu choose to

flee to the city, ending up on the streets. Since

2006 Mwema Children Centre has been reaching

out to these street-connected children and

youngsters. Last year the team started up their

very own mobile school project to diversify

their outreach work even more. After one year,

it was time for a follow-up visit!

Since the start-up of our collaboration, Mwema

Children Centre has attached a great deal of

importance to involving all team members in

the entire training process, to ensure the entire

Mwema team has mobile school knowhow and

everyone feels involved, a big added value!

An educator from Mwema’s partner, Falcon’s

Children Village, also took part in the entire

training week, strengthening the collaboration

between the two organisations.

timetable. All team members have many responsibilities,

which impacts their commitment to the

mobile school project and their motivation. We

therefore took the time to draw up a new intervention

schedule for the mobile school sessions

in 2020 together. The team will also assign clear

roles and responsibilities to all staff members involved,

so everbody knows what is expected of


During the training week, we also looked into

counseling skills that can be applied on the

streets. The team came up with many creative

games with the Mobile School panels and designed

three new games themselves, adapted

to their local context and target groups. After the

follow-up training, the team was reenergised

and ready to hit the streets!


12 trained street educators

Local team strengthened and reenergised

New intervention schedule drawn up

New game ideas developed and tested out


In general, the Mwema team is very positive

about their mobile school project and the impact

it has had so far, but it quickly became

clear that there are still some challenges.

During a coaching session, the team indicated

most of those challenges are linked to the


Follow-up & exploration Malawi • STEKA

02/12/2019 • 06/12/2019

Sander Degeling

STEKA Malawi

Blantyre / Malawi

In the summer of 2018, Mobile School

launched the very first mobile school on the

streets of the Malawian capital Lilongwe. Due

to some organisational challenges, there is still

a lot of growth potential for the social impact

of this mobile school. Therefore, Mobile School

organized a 10-day visit to Malawi to enlarge

the network and to look for new partnership


After a quick visit to current partner Chisomo

Children’s Club and a couple of network meetings

with other interesting organisations in

Lilongwe, most of the time was spent on the

streets of Blantyre. Blantyre is a city located in

the south of the country and is considered the

economical capital of this land-locked country.

In this city, the organisation Step Kids Awareness

(STEKA) is running a home for about 74

vulnerable children.

in the world and where girls are more likely to be

illiterate than boys.

Godknows - having lived a life on the streets

himself - understands how to transform things

for these children. He wants to offer these kids

more sustainable futures by developing a

STEKA Village consisting of workshops to teach

life-changing vocational skills and facilities to

provide psychosocial support. It will also focus

on empowering young people to get their voices

heard in a youth forum aimed at lobbying for

marginalized children’s rights in line with the

Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). In

the coming months, Mobile School will stay in

touch with STEKA and our other Malawian contacts

to make sure the mobile school can hit the

streets again more often to impact the lives of

street-connected children.


Team of 8 social workers of STEKA trained

STEKA was founded in 2007 by Godknows

Maseko and his wife Helen with the goal of removing

children from the streets and protecting

New contacts with Malawian street work organisations

Meeting with partner Chisomo Children’s Club on next steps

them from the abuse faced by many living

in poverty and on the streets. All of STEKA’s

children receive an education and Godknows

and Helen are determined to ensure that the

girls receive the same education and opportunities

as the boys, which is vital in a country

120 with one of the highest rates of child marriage


#DuwMee • Music for Life Campaign


Ine Stessens

Lies De Vocht

Many volunteers

SWZ • MS team

Music for Life Campaign

Kortrijk / Belgium

On 21 December 2019, the StreetwiZe • Mobile

School volunteers organised, for the seventh

time, their fantastic sponsored walk: #DuwMee.

More than 600 people came together

and walked from Deinze to Kortrijk (35 km). By

walking together, they raised funds for Mobile


Over the last years, it has become a tradition

to mobilise everyone in the context of Music

for Life to participate in the ‘hottest’ walk of

the year. This year Studio Brussel changed the

location of their radio station to Kortrijk, so we

had to change our route as well. People had

several options. They could start from Deinze

(35 km), Lille (55 km) or they could come by

bike from Brussels (100 km). Along the way

the hikers were kept warm by surprise animations,

the unique atmosphere, hot drinks and

heart-warming chats with the other walkers.

well, to ask if they could volunteer. With some

brainstorming and crafting sessions, the detainees

created a 10 metres long quetzalcoatl, that

made light in the dark. This is a Mexican feathered

serpent, that they linked to the support we

get from the Tomorrowland Foundation.

It was an amazing edition of DuwMee that has

left us with very warm memories.


Over 600 people participated in DuwMee 2019

The Warmest Week, organised by Studio

Live radio moment

Brussel (Flemish radio station), activated over

€47,015.62 was raised

230,000 people this year. They organised over

thirteen thousand fundraising campaigns for

+120 volunteers helped during the event

different charities. New this year was the focus

on volunteering. Every registered charity could

ask for some help from volunteers. 2,671 people

were activated to do so. Also in our DuwMee

campaign we welcomed 13 new volunteers.


The Auxiliary Prison of Leuven reached out as



These clients bought workshops, experience-based programmes, inspirational talks or other services at StreetwiZe:

124 125


Kenya Good Neighbors (Kenya, Nairobi) • since 2005

Childhope (Philippines, Manila) • since 2006

Kivuko / Railway Children (Tanzania, Mwanza) • since 2011

Virlanie Foundation Inc. (Philippines, Manila) • since 2006

Hope for Justice (Ethiopia, Hosanna) • since 2012

LEEDO (Bangladesh, Dhaka) • since 2015

Yenege Tesfa (Ethiopia, Gondar) • since 2012

EkTara (India, Kolkata) • since 2017

Yenege Tesfa (Ethiopia, Debark) • since 2016

Glad’s House (Kenya, Mombasa) • since 2016

Child Rescue Kenya (Kenya, Kitale) • since 2018

Chisomo Children’s Club (Malawi, Lilongwe) • since 2018

IPTK (Boliva, Sucre) • since 2005

Mwema Children Centre (Tanzania, Karatu) • since 2018

COMPA Teatro Trono (Bolivia, Cochabamba) • since 2007

Joy Divine (Kenya, Nairobi) • since 2019

Las Hormiguitas (Nicaragua, Matagalpa) • since 2008

AGOPODE (Togo, Lomé) • since 2019

Fe y Alegría (Ecuador, Quito) • since 2010

Fe y Alegría (Ecuador, Ibarra) • since 2011

ANNF / Proyecto Chavaladas (Nicaragua, León) • since 2012

Save the Children (Romania, Iasi) • since 2006

Alimentos para la Vida (Mexico, Querétaro) • since 2013

GPAS (Poland, Warsaw) • since 2006

ANNF / Proyecto Niños del Fortin (Nicaragua, León) • since 2014

Fundacja Ukryte Skrzydla (Poland, Krakau) • since 2008

Diamanta (Peru, Ayacucho) • since 2015

Jugendamt Stadt Düsseldorf (Germany, Düsseldorf) • since 2009

Fundación Los Cachorros (Peru, Ayacucho) • since 2016

ARSIS (Greece, Thessaloniki) • since 2009

Yolia Niñas de la Calle AC (Mexico, Mexico City) • since 2016

PRAKSIS (Greece, Thessaloniki) • since 2009

Generando Vida (Nicaragua, Managua) • since 2017

Center for Mission & Evangelism GPU UNO (Poland, Bytom) • since 2013

Fundación Abriendo Puertas Paz y Bien (Bolivia, Cochabamba) • since 2018

ARSIS (Greece, Athens) • since 2015

Asociación Navarra Nuevo Futuro (Spain, Navarra) • since 2015

PRAKSIS (Greece, Patras) • since 2016

Ladies Union of Drama (Greece, Drama) • since 2017

GTW Gliwice (Poland, Gliwice) • since 2018

Initiative for Social Change ARSIS (Albania, Tirana) • since 2019

*Some partners stopped the mobile school project or are currently not working



Pal. J. Matulaicio socialinis centras (Lithuania, Vilnius) • since 2019

due to policital instability or other reasons. 127






...to our donors, for their valuable gifts, big

or small, that allow us to support educational

projects working with street-connected

children and youth.

...to the children, schools and organisations

who raised funds for us and in doing so,

inspired a lot of other people.

...to the owners of our building for allowing

us to grow as an organisation.

...to our board of directors and investors

for their advice, trust and support every year.

...to our volunteers for their endless energy,

creativity, warm comforting hugs in hard

times and trust in the organisation.

...to our StreetwiZe clients for believing in

our approach.

...to our partners PSSB, Limeparts-

Drooghmans, Ijzerwaar and DHL Global

Forwarding. The mobile school is produced

at Munsterbilzen Provincial Secondary

School (PSSB). Mobile School and PSSB

have made the clear and deliberate choice

to have the schools produced by Flemish

youth in a cross-border project that involves

aspects of social global education, technical

education and entrepreneurship.

DHL Global Forwarding has been a partner

and sponsor of Mobile School for more than

15 years. Over the years they have shipped

95% of all mobile schools.

...to the worldwide networks we are very

honoured to be part of.

...to community institution De Zande, Auxiliary

Prison Leuven & Rode Antraciet for

partnering with us in our experience-based

learning programmes.


De Zande


Bijzondere Jeugdbijstand

...to the organisations who give us strategic,

legal and digital transformation support.

...to the Tomorrowland Foundation, Google.

org and Synergie for the financial support.

...to the EU and the province of Vlaams-

Brabant for the subsidies involving

the TECH4GOOD story and the capacity

building of our Togolese Mobile School


128 129

With the support of the

Erasmus+ Programme

of the European Union

Tomorrowland Foundation visits mobile school in Mexico

Want to know more? Check out p. 92


€ 114.787

investment subsidies for StreetSmart

€ 221.294


€ 758.901

revenue from StreetwiZe clients

€ 1,3 million

€ 24.071


€ 588.802


€ 1,3 million

€ 4.800


€ 397.860

gifts and campaigns

€ 497.486

Mobile School



2019: 838.744 euro was invested to improve the sustainable development of individuals, organisations and society, starting from the strengths of street-connected children.


Since the launch

of StreetwiZe in 2010,

we realise an average annual

growth of +20%.

StreetwiZe covers 58% of the total cost of the

Mobile School Group cvba-vso.

Our goal is to raise this percentage to 83% in


€341.258,- of the total cost of StreetwiZe

is directly invested in personal, team and

organisation development programmes for

the clients.

In 2019 StreetwiZe transferred 100% of its

profits €74.361,- to Mobile School.




Mobile School Group set the objective to double its social impact by 2021 (year of reference is 2014).

By implementing StreetSmart (our digital strategy), we suspect a boost in

our social impact in the coming years.

This was the last year we organised the Sidewalk Chalk

Campaign in primary schools. The campaign was stopped

to focus on growing the impact of Mobile School and the

start-up of StreetSmart.


educational contacts with

street-connected children


people reached by

our awareness campaigns


StreetwiZe participants

Our impact decreased in 2019 as many of

the Mobile School partners realised less

activities and contacts than the years before

due to a combination of local political reasons,

safety issues and financial restraints.

The average quality of contacts of the

Mo bile School partners increased with 7%

in comparison with 2014.

This calculation is based on an assessment of the

Mobile School partners.









www.mobileschool.org • wwww.streetwiZe.be • www.streetsmarttech.eu


StreetwiZe impact

Mobile School impact

Volunteers & Campaigns impact

StreetwiZe • Mobile School @streetwizemobileschool StreetwiZe • Mobile School @mobileschool

StreetwiZe • Mobile School

132 @bestreetwiZe




info@mobileschool.org • info@streetwize.be

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