Happiful July 2020

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your story

What was your favourite book

growing up? Or the pinacle moment

when you felt completely swept away

by a great story?

Books have a special power – whether

it’s pouring your heart out in a journal,

escaping from reality with captivating

fiction, or finally feeling understood

when you see yourself in someone

else’s words.

Reading has the potential to connect

us not only with people throughout

history, and from all around the world,

but also with ourselves.

They say ‘the cover is not the book’,

and it’s a sentiment that certainly

rings true. When we find the courage

to open up and look inside, we

give ourselves permission to be

authentically ‘us’.

In this issue, we’re focused on helping

you to truly understand yourself. From

getting to the root of your emotions, to

embracing the silence, and learning to

love yourself.

But we also want to celebrate the power

that turning a new page can have on

bringing you that clarity. That’s why we’re

exploring the imaginative therapy that

focuses on prescribing the perfect read at

just the right time.

Michelle Obama wrote in her biography:

“Your story is what you have, what you

will always have. It is something to own.”

We shouldn’t be afraid to start a new

chapter, but know that all those

moments that brought us here have

helped shape us, too. And the rest, well

that’s ours to write.

Own it.


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