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At First Jenks We Believe:

Jesus Chris

as Lord and Savior of all.

Engaging as Disciples

to reach others

Neighborly love being

lived out by serving others

Knowledge of Scripture as

the foundation of our faith

Small Groups as vital

to our spiritual health.

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Monthly Statistics

Tithes & Offerings: June 2020

(Only online services were held in June)

Monthly Anticipated Giving.......$25,893


Sunday School.......$0

“Each of you should give what you have decided in

your heart to give, not reluctantly or under

compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

2 Corinthians 9:7

Attendance: June 2020

(Only online services were held in June)

“Not giving up meeting together,

as some are in the habit of doing,

but encouraging one another - and all the more

as you see the day approaching.”

Hebrews 10:25

Hello Everyone,

It’s been many months in the making, but we are finally

here. The moving truck has come and gone. We’ve explored

our new community just a bit by visiting some Main Street

shops and walking across the 96th Street Bridge. (Is there

an interesting local name for that? Or is calling them 96th

Street and 71st Street Bridge correct?) We’ve even started

meeting some people around town and a few church


Carter, the girls and I are so thankful to have received

a truly warm welcome as we settle in and start to unpack.

As I said on my first Sunday, it takes some courage to load

all you own into a truck and move our entire lives to a new

town, new school, new church, new house, new routines,

new people. It feels a huge gamble, except… Except God.

American poet and author Maya Angelou once said,

“You develop courage by doing courageous things, small

things, but things that cost you some exertion—mental,

and I suppose, spiritual exertion.”

I wasn’t raised in a church-going or Jesus-following

family, so it took some courage to go against our norms

and respond to God’s prevenient grace wooing me and

working in my life by saying Yes to Jesus’ offer of forgiveness,

salvation and relationship when I was 14 years old. It

took courage to walk down to the front of the church when

a missionary invited everyone who felt God’s call on their

lives to come forward—and to be the only one to do it and

stand there, in my Yes, all alone, when I was 17.

It took courage to say Yes when I was invited to go

out-of-state for college on a military scholarship, to say

Yes to a first date and eventually a marriage proposal. It

took courage to say Yes and follow the Lord’s leading to a

Master’s program at OSU and then to seminary. It took

courage to say Yes, or rather, “I will, with the help of God”

when I was asked if I would live and work out my calling

as an Elder in the UMC.

In big ways, and a thousand small ways, I have been

working and strengthening my courage muscle. So have


It takes courage to let your parents take the training

wheels off your bike; to get on a big, loud school bus for the

first time; to try out for a new team and walk into a crowded

cafeteria day after day after day. It takes courage to study

and practice and take that driver’s test. It takes courage to

click submit on a college application or walk into a job interview

when there are 20 other candidates sitting outside the

door. It takes courage to put on a military uniform, to walk

down the aisle, to take a new baby home from the hospital,

to agree to let some of that paycheck go toward retirement

in your 20s and money is tight, and it takes courage to tithe

that full 10% even when paying for prom dresses, car insurance

for teenage boys, braces and tuition. It takes courage

to walk into a counselor’s office to fight for a struggling

marriage, to get help when needed. It takes courage to

retire, to step away from a career that has brought a sense of

identity and purpose for a lifetime. It takes courage to arrive

at the hospital in the wee hours of the morning for testing

when you’re terrified of the results or allow yourself to be

rolled into surgery when you’re just not sure how it will turn


Life takes courage. You all have also been strengthening

your courage muscles with small and large steps your

whole lives. We speak often of big steps of faith, and I, like

you, have taken many. However, I believe Maya Angelou

was correct in observing that it’s all the small steps add up

over time that make the biggest difference. Baby steps of

bravery. That’s really how we move forward in life.

You may not feel brave. You may not look back and think

of your life as one courageous adventure after another.

You may not realize just how far the Lord has brought you

and just how far you have come. The Goodness of God,

a popular worship song, says: All my life you have been

faithful / All my life you have been so so good / With every

breath that I am able / I will sing of the goodness of God.

My invitation for you this month is to spend time considering

your journey thus far and taking the time to list the

ways that God has been faithful and good, the moments

God has provided courage to take steps forward in obedience

and faith. We will be referring to these lists in the

coming weeks, and we will want the reminders of God’s

faithfulness because they will provide assurance when God

again calls on us to move forward in obedience and faith,

when God again looks for a passionate Yes from us. We will

want to constantly sing of the goodness of God and tell of

His good works to remind ourselves, one another and the

world around us that God is mighty and sovereign.

Give thanks to the Lord; call upon His name; make his

deeds known to all people! Sing to God; sing praises to the

Lord; dwell on all his wondrous works! Give praise to God’s

holy name! Let the hearts rejoice of all those seeking the

Lord! Pursue the Lord and his strength; seek his face always!

Remember the wondrous works he has done, all his marvelous

works, and the justice he declared. --Psalm 105:1-5

I look forward to getting to know all of you in the weeks to

come, and I look forward to hearing your stories of courage.

If you’d like to share some meaningful things from your lists,

please send me an email at:


Rev. Glorida Denton

Senior Pastor




Well church family, it’s been quite a month at

First Jenks, hasn’t it? To be honest, I’ve felt pretty

overwhelmed at times. I mean there’s preparations

being made almost daily for our return to the sanctuary,

there’s the constant video production so we

can continue to worship together while we are apart,

figuring out ways to keep on top of office administrative

duties, and let’s not forget a new staff member

arriving the same week as a new pastor.

But last week I was reminded what the goal truly is

and why the work is so rewarding. The youth has continued

to meet weekly for our Zoom. I had set a big

goal for this year to talk about the whole Bible from

cover to cover with the youth. They were excited

about it, it’s importance goes without saying, and I

determined that no pandemic from hell would keep us

from accomplishing this idea that God had placed in

my heart.

The past few weeks, instead of having lessons and

survey over a particular book, I have given them study

assignments for the week to come back and talk about

- something they could read on and study out every

day of the week. Before we left, they all had notebooks,

Bible highlighters and their Bibles. The first

book we did this with was Daniel. Friends, we have

14 year olds talking about the stories and prophecies

in Daniel in depth, remarking on where they see Jesus

and what these things mean to them. The next week

was the book of proverbs, and they were tasked with

reading a chapter of proverbs every day and selecting

one proverb from each chapter they read, then

coming back to discuss the ones they picked and why.

And again, I wish you could have listened to these kids

talk about the ways of righteousness, the words that

jumped out to them, the importance of guarding your

life from sin, or just guarding your mouth at all times.

We are preparing to do the same thing for the book

of Psalms. But I’m already seeing that this daily devotional

study time is taking root in the kids as my own

kid takes her Bible, her highlighters and a notebook

with her as she comes and goes from the house.

Upon reflecting on this, Galatians 6:9 came to me

which says, “Let us not be weary in well doing, for

in due season we shall reap if we faint not.” This

describes this month at First Jenks, and sure tells what

is to come (and what is already starting to happen).

Sure there’s been a lot of work lately, and the tireless

efforts of the leadership team have shown that true.

But there is a harvest to reap on the horizon when

the season gets here. The key is to not give up, to not

grow weary.

So, on behalf of the youth ministry, hang in there.

Don’t grow weary. It’s been so long since we’ve been

together for worship. Let’s not get impatient or weary.

The season for harvest is on the wayy

Hi everyone!

I am Anya

Schneider. I want to

first welcome and invite all of you into a

new journey of seeing children, families,

volunteers, congregation members, and all

connected to us, encounter JESUS through

the work He does at First Jenks UMC with

our children’s ministry.

As the new children’s director, I want to

serve you, whether you are a child, a parent,

an individual blessed with grandbabies, a

congregation member, or even if you fit

into none of those categories. How can I

show the care of Christ to you this month?

We are in an interesting time in history, and

I am sensitive to the fact that you, or some

children in your family, are possibly feeling

some of the pains it has brought, plus, in

general life can be a lot can be a lot. It can

also be great. All considered...

Can I pray for you? Can I help you in a

practical way through an act of service? Can

I connect you to someone who can help with

something specific? We will be coming back

to church soon, and my email is available,

please do not hesitate to reach out for a way

I can serve you.

My desire is that we all link arms as a church

and raise this next generation together for

the glory of Jesus. I have a task for you! Jesus

cares very much for children, and He longs

to show His glory to them, so will you join

me in praying for the infants – 6 graders

here at First Jenks UMC, as well as those

connected to them? Pray that Jesus would

release His kingdom in and through them.

Pray also that Holy Spirit would reveal His

glory to them each day, including when

they set foot on the grounds of our church.

Pray for the staff and volunteers who will be

working with them. If you are interested in

volunteering, please email me your phone

number and I will give you a call when I am

in the office during the week.

As you pray for our children and think of

how to invite others in on this journey that

I mentioned at the beginning, consider this

simple phrase: “I am with Jesus and I know

Him, so therefore I obey Him by His Holy

Scriptures, and I am called by name to let

the world know Him and obey Him.” Our

Heavenly Father longs for His children to

know Him, and to obey Him; obedience

is one of His favorite expressions of love

to Him. He is moving in hearts mightily,

and there is no limit for Jesus when it comes

to His children. No matter your age, you

are His child too and were created in His

image. While on earth, we were all born to

engage His kingdom. I am ready to pursue

JESUS together. I look forward to meeting


If you have an infant – 6 grader in the

children’s ministry, or even if you know a

child, and engage in discussion with them

about the Lord regularly, I encourage

you to read this verse to them, ask

them what they think, then

encourage them to memorize it:

John 14:23

Jesus answered, “If anyone loves

me, then he will obey my teaching.

My Father will love him, and we will

come to him and make our home with him.

Want to know about me?

Feel free to ask me a question

when you see me, maybe even

let me know how the memory

verse went for that child you

know! Let me help you get to

know me as I share a few of

my hobbies, tell you what I am

up to, and brief you on what

will be of our children’s ministries.

I enjoy the beach, writing

song lyrics, watching football

(Roll Tide), and being with

family and close friends.

These days, in addition to

working together to serve

our children and each other,

you will find me working on

my MDIV at Oral Roberts

University, pursuing my

chaplaincy credentials, and

continuing ministry in Oklahoma’s

juvenile detention


Fun Fact:

Did you know that the

book of 1 John was written

directly to children?


Anya Schneider

Children’s Minister


The choir is continuing to meet every

Wednesday for Zoom sessions. Each week we

hope to encourage one another with our talks,

times of laughter, and times of prayer. And yes,

we are singing sometimes as well! Each week

we usually have a particular topic to discuss.

On May 20 our topic for discussion was "If My

Heart Could Talk....What Would It Share." On

May 27 we shared ways that we have deepened

our relationship with God during this time of

the pandemic. On June 3 we had four topics

to choose from: 1. An encouraging word, 2. An

encouraging scripture, 3. An encouraging song,

and 4. A good joke. On June 10, our topic for

discussion was "The Why Behind Choir."

Different members of the choir have continued

to share on our email loop encouraging words of

Scripture and songs.

On June 14, Rachel and Kathryne did an

outreach to the choir by delivering homemade

"Cookies for Choir." This was a special way

Rachel Hall

Music Minister


to stay con- nected to our wonderful

choir members while we are still apart. We

wanted to bless the choir with the sweet treats

to let them know that we loved them and missed

them. We are looking forward to the day when

we can be together again!

Kathryne Hall

Associate Music Minister

Not the Prince of Panic

Flatten the curve, wear your mask, rioting, protests,

dust storms. And that is just the first half of 2020. Let’s

face it, regardless of which news story we are talking

about, the word of the year is “anxiety”. Some of us

have seen everything from a TV screen or on Facebook

feeds. Some have experienced illnesses close to us.

Others have seen layoffs, furloughs and financial struggle

that just won’t go away. And our news outlets have long

ago learned that if they can feed our anxiety, the greater

their viewership will be. Even advertisers have taken this

idea and used it nearly all of my adult life. I remember

after September 11th the idea was to go out and buy a

new car and a diamond necklace, otherwise the terrorists

win. And now it’s the same, although more subtle.

We don’t buy cars because they are fun to drive. We buy

them because there’s 27 airbags for when we are in that

“inevitable” major crash. It’s as though we are force-fed

anxiety and then we go out and buy things we don’t particularly

want or need.

The Message version of Philippians 4:6-9 reads this

way: “Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let

petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers,

letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a

sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together

for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful

what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center

of your life. Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do

best by filling your minds and meditating on things true,

noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the

best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to

praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you

learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized.

Do that, and God, who makes everything work together,

will work you into his most excellent harmonies.”

Anxiety is not good. Jesus himself said that there was

coming a time where men’s hearts would fail them for

the fear of what’s to come. You know we are in that time

right now? Anxiety will kill you. Worry and stress will not

only shorten your life, but will take away the joy there is to

be found in it. Jesus said the thief comes to steal, kill and

destroy… Anxiety, worry, stress steals from you, kills you,

destroys everything. Anxiety is not from God. How many

times did God tell us, Peace I give to you…? Every time

an angel appeared to a man and the man was frightened,

the angel told him, Peace… Even when the weather was

storming and about to sink the boat, and Jesus got up

out of bed to speak to the storm, the first word out of his

mouth was PEACE… It’s the same with the storms in our

lives today.

God knows our futures better than we know the past. Did

you ever stop and think about that God knew exactly the

situations you were going to be in the time he said “Don’t

worry”? He knew what kind of dire straits your situation

may appear to be, and still today He’s telling you, “don’t

worry.” Why would you tell someone not to worry in the

face of disaster? Two reasons: you know how it is going

to end, or you are going to get them out of the situation.

God has promised us BOTH of those things.

Of course there are people who think that God gives us

anxiety as a warning, a sense that something isn’t right.

In scripture Jesus was given many many names, but one

of my favorite ones is how the Bible refers to him as our

Prince of Peace. Now, where would your prince of peace

get off giving you anxiety? It’s out of his character, out

of his nature, and that never changes. Besides that, He

said that his sheep know his voice. It says that the spirit of

man is the candle of the Lord. It says that his word is a

lamp unto our path. It says he is our leading shepherd. He

doesn’t need to send you some “spidey-sense” of anxiety

to warn us. He’ll tell you, he’ll guide you, he’ll lead you.

Just as you’d expect the one known as the Prince of Peace

to do…

Jesus said “Peace (not anxiety) I leave with you, My peace

I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let

not your heart be troubled, neither let it

be afraid.”

I’m so glad that Jesus isn’t the prince

of panic. Aren’t you?

Monthly Devotional


Making connections and offering opportunities for faith, love, and service.

“Time to say hello! There are so many ways

to meet and greet a new pastor to a new church

and town, but we are having to invent even

new and creative ways. Pastor Gloria Denton

and family, Welcome to First Jenks! We still do

not know when we will be able to make your

arrival a face-to-face greeting, but we do greet

you with our hearts. We will all being praying

for you as you begin your time with us.

First Jenks is a church community whose hearts

extend far beyond the walls of the church.

Inside, we are a close and loving community.

We have learned of the very powerful element

of prayer for each other. We help each other

within the church, and we also work to find

ways to help in our community and beyond.

year, summer is the quiet time. However, with

the church being shut down in early March,

this has interfered with many of our projects.

We will be working on trying to work some of

those back into our schedule in the fall.

We all look forward to meeting you in person

and hearing what you have in mind for all of us

as we move about in God’s kingdom, doing His

work. Again, Welcome, Pastor Gloria. May

God bless you as you begin this new assignment

of love and sharing.

Have you noticed that God does things a lot differently

than we would? Jesus is resurrected from the dead, and

he spends actual time in the flesh after that. Remember

Thomas? He was in His body just like we are, and Thomas

felt the holes in His hands. He was here, and having

defeated death, He could have stayed on the earth in the

flesh all the time. How powerful that would have been!

Instead of going to church and hearing about Jesus, we

would go and He would tell us directly about things sitting

right there in the room. So then, why would He ascend to

Heaven and NOT stay here on the earth with us? He very

well could have stayed, but chose not to. Why?

In John 16, Jesus told His disciples that if He didn’t go,

then the Holy Spirit would not come.

Jesus, who knows everything, knew that it would be better

for us to have the Holy Spirit come down and dwell within

us than if Jesus was here talking to us. A voice from inside

to lead us, guide us, and teach us is better than a voice

from the outside.

We’ve studied the people throughout the Old Testament

this year, the prophets, kings, judges - and none of them

could experience what we get to experience here and now.

God took all of human history before Jesus and said that

this is not good enough. He couldn’t speak to us enough,

He couldn’t teach us and guide us enough. We couldn’t

know enough about God that way. So God decided that

He was going to take Himself - His very own Spirit - and

place Him within us.

The Holy Spirit is not an “it.” The Holy Spirit is a “He”

just like Jesus, just like the Father. He’s not a feeling or an

idea. He’s an equal portion of who God is, and He lives

in us!

So while we are going about our days, we need to do so

knowing that the guide is in us. And as we continue with

our devotional and study time, the teacher is in us. No

matter how boring, no matter how serious a time we find

ourselves in, the Holy Spirit is here and living in you. So

follow His leading and His guiding you in every area of

your life. Jesus went to Heaven so the Holy Spirit could

be this big in your life. And if He chose that for us, then

we know it has to be much better for us!

First Jenks KIDZONE!

The UMW at First Jenks is composed of 2

circles, Mary’s Hope and Joy. We both meet

on the 2nd Thursday of the month, one in the

morning and one in the evening. We normally

have projects going on about 7-8 months of the

Our Sunday School classes are

discussing ways that they can

meet online with various means

of video/teleconferencing. If you

are unaware of what your class is

doing, or if you’d like to join a

class, please contact the church

office for information on how

you can join them!

Services at 9 and 10:30


return to worship

Services at 9 and 10:30


Livestream @ 10am

Vimeo and Facebook


Livestream @ 10am

Vimeo and Facebook

All Monthly Events are cancelled or Postponed due to CDC and Conference

Guidelines. Services will be livestreamed at 10AM on Sunday Morning.

Once we return to worship, we will have two identical “blended” services

at 9:00 and 10:30. (reservations will be necessary.)

Starting at 6pm

Starting at 6pm

Starting at 6pm

Starting at 6pm

Our Thursday night ZOOM meetings

have been a wonderful time of discussion and interaction.

We will resume these meetings on July 9th!

Be sure you join us every Thursday at 6 PM!

See your email for information to join.

Thursdays @ 1:00pm

This group of knitters and crotcheters gather every

Thursday to make hats for those in need,

plus they knit together a special fellowship time.

Join them this and every Thursday.

As we approach reopening day we ask that you

Help us spread the Gospel, not Germs!

“Blended” services will be at 9 and 10:30

Reservations required

Here’s what you need to know:

•You must wear a mask.

•Social distancing will be maintained.

•Families will be seated by an unsher, one

family at a time - please arrive early.

•Restrooms are for emergencies only, and

are limited to one occupant at a time.

•All children and youth facilities are

temporarily closed.

If you have any of these symptoms

we invite you to worship with us

online at :

If you have any questions,

please contact the church office

at 918-299-5462 or


• Fever/Chills • Cough

• Fatigue • Muscle/Body Aches

• Headache • New Loss of Taste/Smell

• Sore Throat • Congestion/Runny Nose

• Nausea/Vomiting • Diarrhea

• Shortness of Breath/Difficulty Breathing

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