Slipstream - July 2020

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America


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JULY 2020

Taycan. Rhymes with icon.

With life getting back in motion, now is the perfect time to discover a classic in the

making: Taycan. It’s the first all-electric Porsche sports car, with two permanent-magnet

synchronous motors generating up to 750 hp and acceleration faster than a skydiver in

free fall. Plus, an 800-volt battery that can be partially recharged to add up to 62 miles of

range in just over five minutes. And at Park Place, this new Porsche icon comes with a total

commitment to sanitation, safety and comfort every time you visit the dealership.

That’s what makes Park Place feel like Your Place.

Park Place Porsche Dallas

6107 Lemmon Ave.

Dallas, TX 75209



Porsche Grapevine

1280 Texan Trail

Grapevine, TX 76051



©2020 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.



JULY 2020


June Mavs & Mochas at Turbo Coffee, feels like old times

photo by Paul Moseley


6 | You’re Invited: 2020 All Member Party

9 | Deafening Silence: 2020 Taycan

14 | Mavs & Mochas: June 13 at Turbo Coffee Review

16 | Driving Down Padre Island National Seashore - In a Porsche

17 | Autocross Series: Event 4, Lone Star Park, May 24

19 | Maverick Marktpreis: Auctions

20 | Coffee, Cars & Conversation: James and Wendy Shoffit

24 | Toy Tuesday: Our Toys Large and Small

28 | Good Samaritan Canned Food Drop-Off


6 | Alle Mitglieder All Member Party

15 | Mavs & Mochas

22 | Maverick Concours Rescheduled

22 | PCA Club Racing announced

23 | HPDE upcoming dates

23 | Autocross upcoming dates


2 | Board Botschaft (Executive Board Member Column)

2 | Maverick of the Month

4 | List of Officers and Board Chairs

4 | Zone 5 Presidents

11 | New Mavericks

11 | Member Moments

31 | Porsche Trivia

34 | Advertiser Index

34 | Anniversaries

36 | Oversteer (Editor’s Column)


See more details and check for event updates via the QR code

here or our online calendar at http://mav.pca.org/go/calendar


Mavs & Mochas: Montgomery Plaza ........................................ (Sat) 11

Tech Session: Porsche Service Interval Mythbusters ................. (Sat) 11

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 18

Garages and Gearheads Having Coffee..................................... (Sat) 25


Autocross: Challenge Cup #6 .....................................................(Sun) 2

Mav Board Meeting.................................................................. (Wed) 5

Mavs & Mochas: Starbucks Las Colinas ........................................(Sat) 8

Werks Reunion Monterey.......................................................... (Fri) 14

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 15

Maverick All Member Party...................................................... (Sun) 16

Mav Happy Hour.......................................................................(Thu) 20

Tech Session: TBD...................................................................... (Sat) 22

Autocross: Challenge Cup #7 .................................................. (Sun) 23

Garages and Gearheads Having Coffee..................................... (Sat) 29

On the Cover

Greg Dranow’s Taycan’s Wheel’s reflection.

A 21” Taycan Exclusive Design Wheels with

Carbon Fiber Aeroblades. A pricey but very

good looking option.

Photograph by Peter Wen

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The Coronavirus has, of course, created new records for

firsts. One notable first is that 2020 is the first time that the

Porsche Parade has been cancelled in its 65-year history. The

organizers held out as long as they could before making that

decision, but the writing was on the wall; it would have been

too dangerous to bring over 1,500 PCA members and guests

together for the numerous banquets, seminars, parties, and

get-togethers that comprise the Parade.

The competitive events, in hindsight, probably could have

been put on in relative safety. The Concours d’Elegance,

typically held on a large golf course, would have made

for practical social distancing measures to be in place for

competitors and spectators alike. The TSD Rally is not a

spectator event, and the driver/navigator pairs in each car

are largely couples, and the exceptions to that rule of thumb

know each other well enough to trust that their partner

would bow out if they suspected that they were infected. The

two-day Autocross does allow spectators, but there is enough

room at the outdoor venue (usually an airport or very large

parking lot) to allow safe distances between the fans, the

workers, and the competitors. The fourth competitive event

is the Technical and Historic Quiz, which is held in a large

conference room or ballroom, again with enough room for

everyone to stay six feet apart.

But it was not to be for 2020. However, we’re already

looking ahead to 2021, when the Porsche Parade will be

held at the French Lick Resort in French Lick, IN, which is

roughly a 12-1/2 hour drive from the D/FW area. If French

Lick sounds familiar, it may be because it was the site of the

2015 Parade as well. It was one of the more scenic Parade

venues, not the least of which was the resort itself, which

has been in operation for over 100 years. The resort actually

consists of two hotels a couple of miles apart: the French Lick

Springs Hotel and the West Baden Springs Hotel. Porsche

Parade attendees occupy both hotels, and the various Parade

events are split between the two locations.

2 July

Board Botschaft: Make Plans for Porsche Parade 2021

by Carey Spreen, Region VP


Mike O’Hare

So if you have never attended a Porsche Parade, or if

you haven’t been to one in a while, make plans to attend

next year. Keep in mind also that the Parade won’t be this

close to D/FW again until 2024! The dates have not been

finalized yet, but it will take place sometime in late June or

early July. It’s a gorgeous venue, and a great way to meet

fellow PCA members from all over North America, as well

as representatives from Porsche AG.

Meanwhile, Texas is finally starting to open back up, so

stay safe and come on out to a Maverick Region event to see

what PCA is all about!

Mike has been with the PCA close to 4 years. Right from the green light he kicked it into high

gear and became very active in many activities and always lending a hand. Mike is a friendly

face always welcoming Mavs at our event and giving a fun greeting to any PCA Jr. that may also

be attending. Mike’s love for Porsche and Auto Racing can be seen either by the smile on his

face when driving his 991 GT3, or his amazing collection of die-cast race cars. Mike has had

some great ideas for our club’s Tech Sessions which is why he teamed up to help Co-Chair those

events. Mike also recently took on a fun task of running our Weekly Online Trivia “Porschephile

Prufung” (Porsche Exam) to give us all something fun to do during the COVID19 sheltering-inplace

time. Mike has come up with some great and interesting questions to stump us. Each

week he would announce a winner for “bragging rights” and post another question. These are

things that bring us together by Driving Friendships and more reasons how our club stays

Fueled By Volunteers. Please join me in Congratulating Mike as our Maverick of the Month.

Our response to COVID-19

Maverick Region COVID Communication chair, Wendy Shoffit

I know… If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of

hearing about COVID-19. You’re tired of talking about

it and certainly tired of hearing how everyone in the

universe is handling this situation. The reality of it is

that this coronavirus will be a part of our lives at least

for the next year or so. I’m tired of cancelling all my

fun events and having this illness affect my business and

my livelihood to the extremes. Yes, I know I shouldn’t

be grousing about this, but the reality is it has made a

significant impact on all of us. I think it’s okay to be

sad about the losses and STILL do the right thing by

following the protocols that other government officials

and experts have deemed to be the safest for us.

The Porsche Club of America has nearly ground

to a halt. Talk about non-essential activities? While I

might feel like my oxygen has been cut off if I can’t

drive fast and autocross or DE, no one in government

finds that essential. Go figure! So, as restaurants, bars,

entertainment venues, and eventually stores start reopening

in Phases, we also have to start to adapt to our

changed environment. We have to do it safely to protect

those most at risk, but still understand that we as

human beings need other human beings for our mental

well being. While we can’t necessarily shake hands and

hug each other, even being the socially distanced 6 feet

apart feels like a breath of fresh air. I welcome it and am

eager to find out exactly what this “new normal” looks

like for Maverick Region.

Drives will have

As we slowly start having

events again, I wanted

to assure you that we are

taking many precautions to

protect everyone.

reduced attendees,

as will rallies. We’re

going to give virtual

tech sessions a try and

cautiously meet up for

coffee. We will respect

social distancing rules

as much as possible

and have things like hand sanitizer and (if they can

be sourced) masks available. Each event type will be

coming up with their own set of protocols to ensure

they are taking care of entrants. PCA National

has outlined much of this for us and we will adapt

additionally, as needed.

National is also concerned about what could turn

into a lawsuit frenzy. You’ve probably heard of the

lawsuit filed against Walmart by a family of an employee

who contracted COVID-19. There are likely to be other

attempts as time progresses. Well, we want our people

to be protected from any sort of lawsuit that could arise

where people think they contracted this virus during

one of our events. So, as a protective measure, they’ve

created a required communicable disease waiver for

everyone to sign at our upcoming activities. It’s a single

page and you only have to sign it one time to be covered

through May 15, 2021. This is a safety precaution

for US as we try to resume PCA life. This waiver will

be sent out to everyone who pre-registers for events.

Printed blanks will also be available at check in for

those who might not be able to print them at home. We

are working on a system to track who and when you’ve

signed the waiver to keep you from having to sign it

multiple times if you don’t want to.

If you don’t want to ever sign the waiver, that’s okay.

You don’t have to come to events. If you are in a high risk

category and don’t feel like this is worth it, we respect

that and will see you when you do feel comfortable. We

won’t love you any less. The rest of us will press on and

try to find whatever OUR “new normal” is.

So, when an event comes up and you want to

attend, be prepared to sign this waiver. Please

don’t give our volunteers a hard time if they

insist you sign it in order to be there. They’re

just doing their jobs. We will, of course, keep

doing everything we can to protect everyone in

attendance, like the world has been doing since

this pandemic started.

Be safe, be well, be happy!

Wendy Shoffit

COVID Communications Chair


2020 Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs


William Kruder



Vice President

Carey Spreen




Jennifer Parma



Chris Flaugh



Autocross Chair

Mark Schnoerr


Charity Chair

Jimmy Gallegos


Club Race Co-Chair

David Hodges


Club Race Co-Chair

David McBee


Coffee Meets Co-Chair

Derrick Tate



Coffee Meets Co-Chair

Matt Wilson



Concours Chair

Scott Kellogg


DE Co-Chair

Keith Olcha


DE Co-Chair

Renee Hayden


DE Registrar

Jason Brodigan


DE Chief Driving Coach

Craig Janssen


DE Medical Chair

Dr. Jeffery Komenda


Merchandise Chair

Peter Wen


Region Historian

Carey Spreen



Marketing, Social

Media Chair

Bill Orr


Membership Chairs

Beckie & Tom Gomer


Monthly Social Chair

Claudia & Jeff Reynolds


PCA Tours Co-Chair

Sam Bryant


PCA Tours Co-Chair

Ted Martin


PCA Junior Ambassador

Brady Stogner


Rally Chairs

Ginger & Tom Heuerman



Registrar, Club Race

Wendy Shoffit


Safety Co-Chair

Nikolaus Klemmer


Slipstream Advertising

Mike Mahoney



Slipstream Content Ed.

Carey Spreen



Slipstream Editor

Kurt Scaggs



Slipstream Event Ad Design

David Tierney


Slipstream Mailing

Andy Mears



Social Chair

Debi Kruder


Tech Sessions Co-Chair

Michael Baynton



Tech Sessions Co-Chair

Mike O’Hare


Tub Club President

George Maffey


Trivia Chair

Jerry DeFeo



Volunteers Chair

Landon Stogner



Web Site Chair

James Shoffit



COVID Communications Chair

Wendy Shoffit

Link to





Ken Chandler


2020 PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative


Tuffy von Briesen



Phil Daigrepont



Brian Swope



Chris Hines



Bryan Kerrick



Doug Carroll



Dennis Halmai



William Kruder



John Showalter



Robert Handy

not listed


Leonard Zechiedrich



Chuck Bush

(703) 577-0562



4 July


YOU’RE INVITED: 2020 All Member Party

by Debi Kruder

We are excited to announce that our previously-scheduled

March All Member Morning has been rescheduled to Sunday,

August 16 and will not disappoint!

Over 350 Mavericks drove at least 40 miles for last

year’s “Alle Mitglieder,” our annual All Member social, to

get to what proved to be worth the drive for an amazing All

Member Morning, two events for over 3000 members! This

year’s registrations are topping that number, proving to be our

largest Maverick gathering in history!

The morning kicks off with a first driving tour enjoying

45 miles of pure country bliss. Enjoy the cattle ranches and

horse farms among the roar of more than 100 engines while

traveling through the towns of Van Alstyne, Weston, Celina,

Pilot Point, Tioga, and finally arriving at our destination:

Gunter, TX. Tour begins at 9:30 am departing Van Alystne

on the beloved FM 455 and registration is $5 per Porsche.

Registration is filling fast so register today.

And what waits in Gunter? Well the 2020 All Member

Brunch begins at 11 am at One Preston Event Center Carriage

House, Chapel, and Victorian Estate. The property will leave

you speechless. It’s a gorgeous space with vaulted ceilings,

large windows, and barn doors overlooking acres of lush

landscaping with great patios and the largest number of

Porsches you are sure to see in one place!

Our Porsche flags will line the drive and our Maverick

volunteers will greet you to assist in parking. As you walk

around the circle drive you will see the gorgeous fountain and

enter the barn door, immediately smelling a most delicious

country breakfast bar, including eggs, smoked applewood

bacon, sausage patties, breakfast potatoes, and fresh seasonal

fruit. What was last year’s crowd favorite? The Southern

Biscuit Bar, and we’ve made sure to double our order of the

warm biscuits, buttermilk fried chicken, and all the toppings!

Mingle, eat, and enjoy the Bubbly Bar and Bloody Marys

as we welcome our new members too! Nearly a third in

attendance last year were new members, and it’s the perfect

place to meet and get connected with club opportunities. Our

Maverick officers and chair representatives will be on site to

showcase the fall and winter 2020 events we are so excited

about. Rumor has it our new President, Bill Kruder, will also

be introducing a new Maverick award, Crest Club, that’s sure

to make the All Member Morning extra special too!

New members are our special guests with FREE registration

discount codes available, email socials@mavpca.org and a

Maverick goodie bag to make them feel welcome too! So, do

you want to spend August 16 with nearly 400 Mavericks on

a casual country morning at one of the most talked about

events of 2020? Register today!

6 July

The Independent Porsche Specialist

• Expert maintenance and repair services • Track day preparation

• Performance and appearance upgrades from GMG, Manthey, FVD and more

• Superior customer service and free loaner cars • PCA discounts

Porsche factory computers • Comprehensive service from air-cooled to 991

We Buy, Sell and

Consign Quality

Pre-owned Porsches

3221 Skylane Drive, Dallas, Texas 75006 • 214-269-1570 • www.racperformance.com


Porsche Specialists - Experienced Enthusiasts

Dealer-Like Service at Independent Prices


Excellent Service Maintenance & Repair Sales

•All Porsches’ Serviced

•Fast Turnaround Times

•Same Day Service In Some


•Serving DFW Area For Over

14 Years

•Family Founded, Owned &


•100+ Years of Porsche Tech Experience

•11,000 sq. ft. State-Of-The-Art Facility

Equipped with the latest Diagnostic


•Comfortable Waiting Area with

Free WiFi & Coffee Bar

•Same Services and Capabilities as the


•Consignment Sales performed

on a case-by-case basis

1975 Archer Ave • Lewisville • TX 75077 • 972•317•4005

Taking care of my clients

and business even though we are apart.


Hockaday Area


M Streets


Preston Hollow


Copper Canyon

214.507.6699 • tim@timschutze.com


8 July

Deafening Silence: 2020 Taycan

by Greg Dranow

photos provided by author

The year 2020 has arrived.

While most (if not all) of us had

plans and expectations for the year,

this diverse petrol Porsche driver

neither planned or expected to be

joining the ranks of electric car

owners or drivers.

Yes, I was the guy

who would activate

the Sport Exhaust

and drop down a

couple of gears to

flex some Stuttgart

muscle to millennial

Prius drivers as

I smiled with a

sense of immature

and juvenile

satisfaction. And if

in a tunnel? Bonus!!

Not sure if it was

the effects of Covid,

boredom, curiosity,

or a combination of

all three, but seeing

the new Taycan 4S

at the dealership

got my attention. Having driven

the Taycan Turbo S briefly prior,

I had already felt an odd sense

of familiarity and wanted more.

Negotiations to put this Taycan 4S

in my garage got underway. A few

hours later, we drove off in near

silence, yet still getting to 60 in

well under four seconds.

First ownership impressions,

I must say, were not terribly

impressive. While the dealership

was helpful in assisting with

the basics, being so reliant on

technology to do just about

everything was somewhat

challenging. From charging (a

WHOLE other story) to setting

up Porsche Connect to simply

setting radio stations, it was . . .

interesting. Think giving the latest

and greatest Samsung product to a

long time iPhone user.

But now . . .

It’s been

a month and

just over

700 miles.

Weighing in at

just under 5000

pounds, it’s

anything but a


however, it handles

as if it were on

rails. And this

weight and long

wheelbase are very

welcome when it comes to bumpy

surfaces. Even though it’s crazy

fast, ironically, every trip takes

longer than expected. Young to

old and male to female it seems

nearly everyone approaches to ask

questions about the car. It looks like

nothing else before, and everyone

who looks seems to smile.

Coming to terms with the car as

a whole is certainly enjoyable. Is it

a replacement for piston moving

and oil burning? I’m not so sure.

This thing is a riot!!! Stupid fast acceleration making

a whirring sound that sounds like something out of

Star Wars! Without gears, the power is linear. And the

handling is pure Porsche.

What it seems to be is Porsche’s

future and we can all agree that the

future is not the past. Looking

forward, I say Porsche engineers

did a great job and the design team

also impressed. Now, while the

Taycan sits in the garage charging,

it seems a great time to take the

6-speed Boxster out for dinner . . .















10 July

Welcome Our New Mavericks!

by Becky and Tom Gomer, Region Membership Chairs

New Members May 2020

Jonathan Abelmann Dallas 2011 911 Turbo S

Daniel Alvarez Irving 1998 Boxster

Richard Arce Lewisville 1999 911 Carrera

Vincent Biemans Dallas 2019 718 Boxster GTS

Charles Bradshaw McKinney 2004 Boxster S

Peter Dakessian Frisco 2014 Cayman S

Kevin Daly Colleyville 2016 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Michael Deroose The Colony 2020 911 Carrera S

Kevin Dias Allen 2015 Cayman

Jill Esstman Flower Mound 2014 911 Carrera Cabriolet

John Gray Boyd 2016 Cayman GT4

Tim Green Burleson 2003 911 Carrera

Mike Grosse Grapevine 2017 Cayenne

Orlando Hampton

Fort Worth

Samuel Hartt Aledo 1982 911 SC Targa

Eric Hutchings Roanoke 2020 Macan S

Jessie Indracusin Plano 2014 911 Carrera 4S

Naveen Irudayaraj Frisco 2014 911 Carrera S

Allen Johnston Richardson 2014 Panamera Turbo

Michael Lantzy Southlake 2011 911 Carrera 4S

Tammy Logan Arlington 2002 Boxster

Matt Maschmann (Debbie) Allen 2007 911 Turbo

Brian Miller Highland Village 2017 718 Boxster S

Jopin Niazi Plano 2015 911 GT3

Don Nunes Watauga 1984 911 Carrera

Bruce Prager Westlake 2019 718 Boxster GTS

Sujit Sahadevan Dallas 2013 911 Carrera S

Vinay Shahani Frisco 2018 911 Carrera GTS

David Smith McKinney 2016 911 Turbo S

Jurel Smith, Jr Plano 2017 911 Carrera S

Byron Spears Dallas 2017 911 Carrera 4S

Wouter Stokman Mansfield 2000 911 Carrera

Anthony S. Urbanek Burleson 2004 Boxster S

Ivan Vrcek Dallas 2002 911 Turbo

Geoffrey Walker Dallas 2018 Panamera 4S

Brent Weech (Brooklynn) Fairview 2017 911 Carrera

Michael Weiskircher (Cheryl) Keller 2011 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Andrew Wright Dallas 2003 911 Targa

Calvin Yeh Little Elm 2014 Cayman S

Transfers In

Eman Alvani from (LST) University Park 2017 Macan Black

Sam & Beth Cullison from (PNW) Dallas 2000 Boxster

Orlando Hampton from (LST) Fort Worth

Kristin Treager from (CMR) Dallas 2007 911 Carrera

Please give a Maverick Welcome to these new members when you meet them

Member Moment

Bill Bradley



If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, contact Tom or

Becky at membership@mavpca.org

First Porsche

1960 356B 1600 Super coupe purchased

in 1962. Second Porsche 914-6 purchased

new in 1970

Current Porsche

2006 911 Cabriolet purchased in 2014

Favorite Porsche


Favorite Maverick or PCA event

70th Anniversary Celebration

Best thing about Porsche ownership

The many friends I’ve made over the nearly

60 years I’ve owned examples of this


Member Moment

Orlando Hampton


Pipeline Worker

Primary reason for joining PCA

Referred by his cousin

Current Porsche(s)


Favorite Porsche

911 Targa

Best thing about Porsche ownership

The handling.

Hobby and/or leisure interests

Gas powered r/c trucks

Flying drones

Bible study

Maverick Membership Statistics as of June 1

Primary Members: 2124 Affiliate Members: 1022 Total Membership: 3146




for Smart


Contact me to learn how you can

get the most out of retirement.

Lisa D. Ward, MBA



318 W. Main Street Suite 200

Arlington, TX 76010





Your mind’s been racing.

Catch up.

Decades of dreaming, fulfilled instantaneously. The iconic 911 Carrera. Legendary

handling, immediate power, and decades of motorsport heritage. It is the full

measure of a sports car. Found only in a Porsche. Porsche. There is no substitute.

The 911 Carrera.

Porsche Plano

5924 W Plano Pkwy.

Plano, TX 75093

(214) 579-1911


©2018 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of traffic laws at all times.

12 July


The World’s Finest Timepieces

6821 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75205 214.522.2400

River Oaks District Houston, TX 77027 713.621.2400


202006SlipStreamHalfPageAd.indd 1

6/13/2020 5:12:28 PM





Mavs & Mochas: June 13 at Turbo Coffee

by Robert Turner

photos provided by Richard Arce, Landon Stogner & Scott Sheetz

months have been tough

on everyone. It was great

to celebrate togetherness

once again, if for just a few

hours, in a parking lot at a

joint called Turbo Coffee.

Me? I think they

should change the name

to Porsche Turbo Coffee.

It’d be our Mav region

home! See you all at the

Mavs & Mochas at

Montgomery Plaza in

Fort Worth. We are

celebrating the color

yellow. So calling all

yellow Porsches! Yes, that

means you LMNHED.

Turbo Coffee? You’ve got to be

kidding me. Turbo and Coffee colliding

together at an actual venue? Yep,

pretty much. So, I am thinking this is

a place that Porsches should hang out.

Not sure if it’s coincidence or irony,

but it was also Porsche Turbo day too.

Prophetic? Nah. Just good timing.

After a long hiatus, Mavs &

Mochas is back, and with a vengeance.

Over 140 cars showed up and it was a

smorgasbord of Porsches too. Yes, pun

actually intended, as there was a version

of the infamous Pink Pig, except in 930

clothing. This was a celebration of the

Porsche Turbo. And over 25 showed

up. There were 930s, 993s, 996s, 997s,

Not bad for my 1st event. Great time seeing

incredible cars and meeting amazing people.

Look forward to meeting more of you on the

next one. - Richard Arce

14 July

991s, and there may have been a few

other “9’s” involved, but I think we

covered them all.

Several months of social

distancing and shut-ins did not

detour our Maverick Region

faithful. Oh hell no. We turned

out in droves. The weather helped:

typical Texas sunny and warm. We

were greeted with bright orange

cones as Matt Wilson (Mavs &

Mochas Co-Chair par excellent)

and his team set up spacing so our

cars would not be stacked too close

together, also meaning that the

drivers of said cars would not be

stacked too close together. We did

pretty well, and appropriate spacing

was, for the most part, followed by

everyone (I did see one actual hug –

calling you out Jan!) But cars kept

showing up and showing up, more

and more Porsches piling into the

Turbo Coffee parking lot, spilling

(cars, not coffee) into the back

reaches of the lot.

Bill Kruder, our Region President,

was beaming; he was happy to see

so many Mavs coming out. And he

should be happy. As a region we are

socially active, and these past few

Debi Kruder, Julia Cleath and Phyllis Gallegos

sporting their Porsche for a cause Breast Cancer

Awareness shirts, available at M&M!


Driving Down Padre Island National Seashore - In a Porsche

by Carey Spreen

You may not be aware that the Texas General Land Office

(GLO) passed the Texas Open Beaches Act in 1959, which states

“The public . . . shall have the free and unrestricted right of ingress

and egress to and from the state-owned beaches.” In many cases,

this includes vehicular access, which the GLO considers a primary

means of access to many Texas beaches.

One outstanding example of this right to drive on the beach

is the Padre Island National Seashore (which I will hereafter

refer to as PINS), the entrance to which is located about 30 miles

southeast of downtown Corpus Christi. PINS extends south from

this point about 60 miles, where it ends at the southernmost tip of

Padre Island (not to be confused with South Padre Island, which

is only about 500 feet to the south across the Mansfield Channel,

but not accessible from PINS). All 60 miles are drivable beach,

and a great way to spend a day (or more) on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Of course, since this is the Porsche Club, Sue and I decided to

drive our 2008 Cayenne (the base model with the 3.6-liter VR6)

to this unusual destination, although any four-door all-wheeldrive

Porsche is easily capable of the journey.

Being enthusiasts of so-called “blue” highways (secondary

roads that used to be identified on paper maps with blue lines),

we avoided I-35 and I-37 once we passed Waco, following smaller

state and US highways down to Palacios, TX, then picking up

State Highway 35 (not I-35) south and following it through Port

Lavaca and Aransas Pass to Corpus Christi. There we stayed in a

hotel not far from the Intracoastal Waterway, the body of water

that separates Padre Island from the mainland.

Upon leaving the paved park road and entering the beach,

I stopped, put the Cayenne in neutral, and flipped the lever to

low range. That’s one unique feature of the first-generation

Cayennes (2003 to 2010) – they only have a 6-speed Tiptronic S

(not counting the 1.8% of base models and GTSs that were sold

with 6-speed manuals), but they have dual range, a locking center

differential, and an optional locking rear differential. By the way,

redline in sixth gear in low range is about 60 mph, so don’t try it

on the highway!

In the accompanying photos, you may notice that the Cayenne

sports high-profile off-road tires. Before we struck out on this

journey, we weren’t sure how deep the sand was going to be, so

we opted to drive down on our off-road tires on 17-inch wheels,

instead of 40-series street tires on 20-inch wheels (what, doesn’t

everybody have two sets of wheels for their Porsches?). But as

it turns out, the street tires would have worked just fine. The

majority of vehicles on the beach were Jeeps and fourwheel-drive

pickup trucks, but we also saw Ford Focuses

and Buick Regals happily cruising up and down the wet

packed sand on their all-season tires.

Anyway, the first few miles of beach had lots of

traffic (most of which was traveling above the posted

15-mph speed limit), but past the 5-mile marker, the

crowds thinned out, and by mile marker 16, there were

no beachgoers for as far as the eye could see in either

direction. We pulled in toward the dunes out of traffic,

put up the shelter, and enjoyed the day.

Later that afternoon, we were ready to head back to

the hotel, so after packing up, we faced north and drove

back up the beach. At mile 15 there was a turnoff that led

to an overnight camping area, so we detoured to see what

it looked like. There was about 200 feet of loose, dry sand between

the beach and a gravel road on the other side of the dunes. This

made the Cayenne’s AWD system work a little bit, but we never felt

like we were going to get stuck; to make sure, though, we kept up

our momentum until we were back on solid ground.

We passed a large overlanding group on the way out;

there were probably ten or twelve vehicles and lots of tents in

an enclave. It looked like they had spent the night and were

going to spend

another one

before they left.

That got me

thinking that a

group of fourdoor



might enjoy

a similar

excursion to

the Gulf Coast.

Any takers?

On Monday we took a different route back to D/FW, still

on blue roads, with the exception of State Highway 130, the

toll road from Seguin to Georgetown that boasts an 85-mph

speed limit in its southern half (it drops to 80 near Circuit of

the Americas). We couldn’t pass that up!

The point of this story is that your four-door Porsche is capable

of going places that you might not have considered. The next time

you have the opportunity, take your Cayenne, Macan, or even your

Panamera 4 off the beaten path. You might be surprised at how

well it’ll do! Just remember that the sand gets everywhere . . . .

16 July

Autocross Series: Event 4, Lone Star Park, May 24

by Mark Schnoerr, Region Autocross Chair

Covid-19 pandemic

directives have started

to relax enough to start

getting back to the real

driving fun again. We had

a total of 92 entries and

552 timed runs, averaging

122 runs per hour. Equipe

Rapide, our Autocross

partner, adjusted to

appropriate cautions

such as required masks

to enter the building and

when closer to others,

social distancing, preregistering

limited to 100

drivers, inside-car self

tech, no loaner helmets

provided, bringing your

own water, no spectators

invited, no in-car

instruction or ride-alongs,

equipment wipe-downs between users, only two workers

in the timing trailer, the announcer stationed in another

vehicle, and no post-event trophy presentations. For the

most part, everyone on site was courteous and respectful,

followed the special rules appropriately, and adapted to

make it work for all of us.

The course was a very fast sweeper layout with two

slalom sections. The forecast warned of heavy rain and

thunderstorms that held off until after the last cars

finished. Entrants were split into three run/work groups

with the Porsche Classes driving in group one. We had

13 Porsches that fit into four of our classes. Igor Tulandin

continues to scare everyone with how quick he is driving

his Cayenne GTS in class P0, splitting the other Porsche

photos by Robert Kirby of Lightspeed Images



P0 - 'PCA Zero'

Total Diff. Top 3 PAX

1T P0 958 Igor Tulandin Silver Cayenne GTS 50.98 - 7

P1 - 'PCA 1'

Total Diff.

1T P1 954 Mark Schnoerr Lime Green 914 48.97 [-]1.197 1 1

2T P1 914 Sigrid Schnoerr Lime Green 914 50.17 1.197 2 5

3 P1 5 Ed Mayo Silver 911S 50.54 0.37 6

4 P1 9 Julia Underwood Silver 911S 59.62 9.077 13

P2 - 'PCA 2'

Total Diff.

1T P2 47 Russ Rosenberg Grey 911 51.75 [-]0.951 8

2T P2 7 Douglas Edney Black 996 52.7 0.951 11

3 P2 81 Robby Dunn Speed Yellow 911 Turbo X50 59.59 6.898 12

P3 - 'PCA 3'

Total Diff.

1T P3 428 Owen Coulman Guards Red 911 GT3 49.39 [-]0.447 3 2

2T P3 11 Steve Krysil Porsche 911 49.84 0.447 3

3 P3 89 Wendy Shoffit White Cayman GT4 49.91 0.071 4

4 P3 981 Scott R Gray Racing Yellow Cayman S 51.76 1.85 9

5 P3 98 Dawn Marie Gray Racing Yellow Cayman S 52.57 0.812 10

The big guys can turn too. Igor Tulandin on three wheels in his Cayenne GTS

times. Class P1, the quick and light air-cooled cars, saw

the Ed Mayo 1972 911S and the Schnoerrs’ 914 2.0 going

after it again with two drivers in each car. This time it

was Mark and Sigrid, ahead of Ed and Julia. The first

three cars were covered by 1.54 seconds. In class P2,

Russ Rosenberg finished first in his 996 Cab with the

hardtop in place, ahead of Doug Edney and Robby Dunn,

in a 996 Coupe and Turbo, respectively. The Big Dogs

were running in class P3, where the first three cars were

covered by just 0.518 seconds. Owen Coulman took first

in his 996 GT3, Steve Krysil of PCNA, brought a new

992 coupe and took second, with Wendy Shoffit in her

Caymen GT4 in third. Scott and Dawn Marie Gray are

getting training under fire learning to drive their well-setup

Cayman S with these guys.

In Raw times as well as

Performance Index , first

through third were Mark

Schnoerr, Sigrid Schnoerr in

the family 914, and Owen

Coulman in his GT3.

The next event is June 14

at Lone Star Park again. If

you are missing the seat time

in your real Porsche, some out

and join us. We have a class

for anything you can drive or

drag out there. See the rest of

the schedule on page 23.



18 July

Maverick Marktpreis is proudly sponsored by:

Maverick Marktpreis: Auctions

by Peter Wen

Two years ago this feature article with a funny German title,

Marktpreis, or Market Price, was born. The objective was to

inform our members about Porsche pricing trends. Multiple

resources were referenced each month including Excellence

magazine’s annual Porsche Buyer’s Guide and Hagerty’s Vehicle

Valuation Tool. While these tools are very handy and easy to use,

they are not complete without actual sales data. For that, we turn

to the auction sites, bringatrailer.com (BAT) and pcarmarket.com.

BAT is a very popular digital 24/7 auction platform to buy

and sell classic, collector, and enthusiast vehicles. At any given

time, more than 40 Porsches are up for auction. Lively real time

comments from the seller, potential buyers and the peanut gallery

make every auction a spectator event. Go check it out at https://

bringatrailer.com/porsche/. The past auction results are listed at

2017 Macan GTS

Sold for $39,300, $1,965 buyer fee

47k Miles Shown

3.0L Twin-Turbo V6


Volcano Grey metallic

the bottom of the page below current live auction listings.

Another online auction site is https://www.pcarmarket.com/.

This is a Porsche ONLY auction site. Similar to BAT, all cars go

through a vetting process and have to be accepted for auction.

Live comments are permitted. One unique feature is the Deal

Tank. This is where you can make offers to buy cars that did not

meet Reserve for up to 30 days. Last checked on pcarmarket.com

on 5/30, there were 18 live auctions and 98 Porsches in the Deal

Tank. View auction results here:


These two websites are great tools to add to your toolbox. The

car selections are top notch. The free resources on these two sites

are simply wonderful. Recently sold cars, from these two sites, are

listed below. Good hunting, Mavs.

1996 911 Targa

Sold for $66,500, $3,325 buyer fee

53k Miles

3.6L Flat-Six

Six-Speed Manual

Polar Silver / Black

2011 Boxster Spyder

Sold for $51,799, $2,590 buyer fee

16k Miles

3.4L Flat-Six

Six-Speed Manual

Guards Red / Black

1987 928 S4

Sold for $21,000, $1,050 buyer fee

164k Miles

5.0L DOHC V8

Four-Speed Auto

Silver metallic / Black

2002 911 Turbo Coupe

Sold for $35,000, $1,750 buyer fee

51k Miles Shown

3.6LTwin-Turbo Flat-Six

Six-Speed Manual

Seal Grey / Black

2007 911 Targa 4S

Sold for $48,100, $2,405 buyer fee

35k Miles

3.8L Flat-Six

Six-Speed Manual

Cobalt Blue / Sand Beige Leather

2012 Cayman R

Sold for $40,100, $2,005 buyer fee

42k Miles Shown

3.4L Flat-Six

Six-Speed Manual

Guards Red / Black

1973 911T Targa

Sold for $34,000 + $1,700 buyer fee

58k Miles

3.2-Liter Flat-Six (from ’86 911)

5-Speed Manual

Guards Red / Black

1988 911 Targa

Sold for $41,991, $2,100 buyer fee

156k Miles

3.2L Flat-Six

5-Speed Manual

Guards Red / Tan

1967 912

Sold for $34,350, $1,718 buyer fee

80k Miles

1.6L Flat-Four

Five-Speed Manual

Guards Red / Black

At Hagerty, our love for cars and their owners drives our

business forward, allowing us to offer you better

classic car insurance coverage for less.


Coffee, Cars & Conversation

by Bill Kruder

photos provided by author

So I don’t even know where to

begin this month. Normally I tell

you how I met someone at an event

and the rest is history. Well it’s safe

to say I knew Wendy and James

long before they knew who this old

man was. Matter of fact, I watched

their daughter Jasmine grow up via

Slipstream. Speaking of Jasmine,

she is now wrapping up her degree

in Interactive Game Design from

the Savannah College of Art and

Design. What’s even better? PCA

has recognized her and she recently

joined the club with all her years

of membership having endured her

parent’s club journey.

Ok, back to the story. I joined

PCA in 1996 and think I first

started reading about these two

right away from all the events they

attended. In 2000 it all began with

them taking on the Newsletter

Editor position. Then for the next

15-16 years, while I am missing

in action, I’m watching these two

take on one leadership role after

the other. Matter of fact they both

not only volunteer or run for office

once, they have a history of serving

in most positions four times!

How about this for a Maverick

first family? In 2001 they were

awarded PCA Family of the Year.

Then in 2005, Wendy was awarded

Mav of the Year along with PCA

Enthusiast of the Year.

James (not too shabby himself)

was awarded Mav of the Year in

2010 and in 2017 Past President

David Robertson created the James

Shoffit Mav of the Year award in

his commemoration.

Unlike my normal short opening

where I would say “so, here is the

next in my series of conversations

I would like to share with you….”

frankly this couple earned a grand

entrance and is just too big a deal

not to list everything they have

done for our club.

2000 Editor: Wendy and James Shoffit

2001 & 2002 President: James Shoffit

2001, 2002, 2005 & 2006 Editor:

Wendy Shoffit

2007 & 2008 President: James Shoffit

2009 thru 2012 Zone Rep: James Shoffit

2011 thru 2015 PCA National

Newsletter Chair: Wendy Shoffit

2015 thru 2017 Secretary:

Wendy Shoffit

So, let me recap for you: between

them they have been President

FOUR times, Editor FOUR times,

Zone Rep FOUR times, and

Secretary THREE times (and it’s not

FOUR yet as they aren’t finished!)

Oh wait - they have attended

19 Parades too. Matter of fact,

in 2004, when it was held in Fort

Worth, James added the technology

to scoring that is still used today.

So NOW here is the next in my

series of “conversations” I would

like to share with you:

James and Wendy Shoffit,

members since 1997

Owner 1978 911SC, 2016 Cayman

GT4, and 2017 Macan Turbo

Bill Kruder: So where are you from?

Wendy Shoffit: I was born in

southern California in Escondido;

it’s about 30 miles northeast of San

Diego. My dad was in the Navy

out there. We then moved back to

Fort Worth where I went to school.

I went to Dunbar Magnet High

School for Science and Engineering.

James Shoffit: Not many know this

but I was born in Cairo; no, not the

one down by Beaumont, but THE

Cairo in Egypt. My dad was in the

oil service business and we moved a

lot; how about 22 countries in my

first two years (smiling big). When

we returned stateside, we lived in

Utah and Wyoming and then we

settled in Sherman, TX when I was

about 11 years old.

BK: Let’s talk college?

WS: I attended A&M for a year,

then James happened (laughing).

JS: I went to UNT and earned a BS in

Computer Science with a minor in Math.

BK: Hmm, sounds like there is story

there. How did you two meet then,

being so far apart?

WS: Well first of all let’s be clear:

he is older (laughing). We are both

into computer stuff, and there was

this on-line chat called RELAY

where we met and talked all night

as I remember. So we dated for

three months before he popped the

question, and then married nine

months later in 1991. Hence, I only

attended A&M one year as James

was too good to pass up (smiling).

BK: And he concurs, I might add.

20 July

BK: So have you always lived here then?

WS: No, in 1992-94 we lived in Pennsylvania. James

took a job with ICI Explosives and I took a job with a

law office as an administrative assistant based on the

computer skills I had.

JS: It’s while with ICI that I learned SAP which would

later be what I built my own business on.

WS: Then in 1994 we moved back, settling in Irving,

where we still live in our first and only house.

BK: Ok, let’s talk cars. What was your first car?

JS: Mine was a 1966 VW bug. It was the same car that

my parents drove to the hospital when I born in Cairo.

I drove it all through high school.

WS: My first two were kind of interesting; the first was

my grandparents’ 1976 Caprice Classic, followed by a

custom Dodge van. Yes, a VAN.

BK: How about your first Porsche?

JS: That was our 1990 (964) C4 Cab, white with a

black top over camel, Wendy insisted on it (grinning).

WS: Well it’s true. He was driving a Mitsubishi 3000GT

and we had just had Jasmine. This was 1997 and we

couldn’t fit a car seat in the back. Just so happened

Porsche made a car seat and the rest is history (laughing).

BK: So why the Cab?

JS: My dream car was a slant nose turbo cab; we found

this one in the paper. And if you can’t have your dream

car, a 964 C4 kind of works: 0-60 in about 5 seconds,

8.5 seconds later it is at 102, and tops out at 157 mph.

Those that know me know the one thing I like is speed.

BK: How about the


JS: We bought the

1978 in 2000 to

solely track it; we

still have it and store

it in our garage at

MotorSport Ranch.

BK: So where did this love for Porsche and speed come from?

WS: Well, my family was more into, I guess you would

say, American muscle, so I blame James for the Porsche.

JS: As a kid I would go into a dealer and read all the

magazines about them. My dad loved them but couldn’t

afford one, hence his VW.

BK: So how did you two get so interested in autocross

and the track?

WS: When we lived in PA a friend of ours autocrossed,

and once I saw it I thought “I like that!”

JS: I have always liked to drive fast and there is no

better place to do that than in a controlled environment.

Matter of fact, I was so hooked on it I Club Raced for

13 years.

BK: Share with me again the GT4 story. I know it’s been

told, but the Readers

Digest version will do.

WS: We had just taken

ownership of our GT4

from David Loder at

Porsche Plano. We had

put like 50 miles on the

car before heading out

to Rennsport Reunion

V. So we head out,

obeying the required 2000-mile break in period. We

arrive and we parked on “Cayman Island.” As luck

would have it, Porsche wanted to film a commercial

in a GT4, but didn’t want to use their own. So they

used our car as the sample car, which they took out on

the track, driven by Mark Weber, Earl Bamber, Jochen

Mass, and Derek Bell. When they were all finished up

we had them all sign the underside of the hood, along

with Jeff Zwart, Patrick Long, and Andreas Preuninger.

And there you have it . . . 23 years and still continuing

to Drive Friendships! Thank you, James and Wendy

Shoffit, for a great Maverick legacy!



22 July



Toy Tuesday: What else to do when you aren’t driving

forward by Kurt Scaggs, Managing Editor

It seems like only yesterday that we were cooped

up at home (garage) with nothing to do but play with

our toys both large and small. Like any good collectors,

many of us just can’t stop and find ourselves with

“reminders” of our passion sprinkled through house

and home. Club President Bill Kruder likes to keep us

engaged and alert with social media challenges. These

were some of the member submissions of a recent

“Toy Tuesday”. I’d say we have a problem, but I don’t

think it’s really a problem just yet.

24 July



3 Dallas Locations:

Porsche Specialists with over

35 years experience in DFW

Park Cities

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Arrive 'n Drivel


from Dallas



26 July



Introducing HPDE/Track Day Insurance

High performance driving school is a blast. It’s a chance to push your car and your

skills to the limit, and it will make you a better driver. With Hagerty’s HPDE/Track Day

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Drive with us. Nolan Eberl-Coe | 682-219-5206 | nberl@hagerty.com

Hagerty Track Day program is underwritten by RLI. Some coverage not available in all states. This is a general description of coverage. All coverage subject to

policy provisions, exclusions, and endorsements. Hagerty determines final risk acceptance. Hagerty & The Steering Wheel Logo are registered or common law

trademarks of the Hagerty Group LLC, ©2019 The Hagerty Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Good Samaritan Canned Food Drop-Off

by Jimmy Gallegos, Region Charity Chair

photo provided by author

It was one of the first sunny weekends of

the Covid-19 quarantine, and several events

were planned for the Memorial Day weekend,

which included Mavs canned food drop off

and cash donations for Good Samaritans in

Garland. Several Mavs dropped off canned

food totaling 523 pounds and a generous

$600.00 in cash donations. With the club

matching donation of $500.00 we were able

to donate $1100.00 to a very worthy cause.

One of our members drove all the way from

Weatherford just to donate canned food!

Good Samaritans volunteers were busy

sorting canned goods, but Director Pam

Swendig made sure we had help collecting

canned food from our members. Special

thanks go to Good Sam volunteer Johnny,

who is a regular volunteer at the agency and

was great help to our members.

Good Samaritans of Garland, “Good

Sam,” was formed in 1983 from an alliance

of several Garland faith communities with the

intent to provide centrally-located services for

neighbors in need of assistance and providing

food with kindness and compassion to

hungry and food-insecure neighbors living in

Garland, Rowlett, and Sachse. In May 2020

Good Sam served 3,715 people and assisted

3,078 families.

“Many of Good Sam’s housed families

are caregivers for elderly parents, raising

grandchildren, disabled, or facing a family

emergency or other unexpected life challenge.

In many circumstances, assistance is

temporary and extremely valuable in helping

families move forward through a difficult

time. Often, food assistance reduces anxiety

and helps families from falling further into

overwhelming need and hopelessness.”

The event turned out very well for Good

Samaritans and will enable them to serve

many people who are in need especially

during this 2020 pandemic. Pam and her

team work very hard every day to help the

communities and make all donations count

for the communities.

The drop off canned food and cash

donations events will continue as people are

in more need than ever before. Thank you

for your generosity and let’s continue to give

back to our communities!

28 July


From the exotic to

the everyday driver,

we’ve got you covered.

• Preventative Maintenance & Scheduled Service

• Repairs on Electrical Systems, Engine and Drivetrain

• Full Restorations

• Paint Protection Film and Detailing

Factory level diagnostics for

Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi,

Porsche and BMW

serving north dallas since 1989

13595 Floyd Circle #400

Dallas, TX 75243


30 July

You can test your

knowledge (or Google

search ability) of all

things Porsche by

participating in the

monthly trivia contest

posted online at http://


Answers are due by the

last day of each month.

The winner of the trivia contest receives a $25 gift certificate

from our sponsor, Zims Autotechnik. In the case of ties, a

random drawing determines the winner.

OK, here are the Questions for the May 2020 Trivia. We

went with a Trivia that brings Q&A this month dealing with

Miscellaneous Trivial Porsche Items. Our Winner this Month

is Tammy Logan getting all 5 of 5 Correct. There were a

number of others that also got

ALL 5 Correct, too many to

list here. In case of a Tie, the

Winner is chosen by a Drawing

of all persons that tied.

Maverick Trivia: Are you a Porschephile?

Jerry DeFeo

sponsored by Zims Autotechnik

Answers: 1)b, 2)c, 3)c, 4)b, 5)c

1. Porsche sometimes has unique colors that may only be available

for one year only, and only for one product series. One such

color was Malvern Red, which was darker than Guards Red,

but not really a maroon. The origin of the name is unclear, but

there is a town in England by that name, which is home to a

small car manufacturer. What cars are made in Malvern?

a. Ariel b. Morgan c. Caterham d. Bristol

Source: https://tinyurl.com/y95bhyxl (PCA Internet News)

2. Which Porsche model was Malvern Red? a. 911 b. 924 c. 944 d. 968

Source: https://tinyurl.com/y95bhyxl (PCA Internet News)

3. And in which single model year was it available?

a. 1980 b. 1983 c. 1987 d. 1992

Source: https://tinyurl.com/y95bhyxl (PCA Internet News)

4. The 2019 Porsche Speedster was a special car of which only 1,948

were made, listing at $275,750. For that price there were some items

they didn’t come standard with, but you could still have _________

as a no-charge option if you checked it on the Option List.

a. power convertible top b. air conditioning c. more HP 4.0L

9000 RPM track engine d. softer suspension for road vs track

Source: Motor Trend Internet News, May 23, 2019

5. Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, bicycle racers tried to beat speed records

by drafting a car. The 200 kph record was broken behind a M/B

300SL, and a 139 mph record behind a ‘55 Chevy. But Jean-Claude

Rude wanted to break the 240 kph record behind a Porsche 935

with famous racing driver ___________ behind the wheel.

a. Brian Redmond b. Hurley Haywood c. Henri Pescarolo d. Jacky Ickx

www.thedrive.com/news/22705/ Aug 7, 2018 by Chris Constantine


At APEX, your unique, personalized service program is crafted to meet your

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Investment Advisor Representative, Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Financial Enlightenment and Cambridge are not affiliated. V.CIR.1217

32 July

877 C

200 C

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200 C

123 C

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307 C

151 C

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354 C

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354 C

299 C

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Oversteer: Letter from the Editor

by Kurt Scaggs, Managing Editor

I did it. I put an electric Porsche on the cover. It used to

be that we only needed to decide between two camps and

now there seem to be three. Are you air-cooled, watercooled

or electric? Such strange days.

It’s subtle I know. You might not even notice it, but it’s

there whether we like it or not. Electric cars are coming

faster and faster now, both literally and figuratively. I have

so many questions. How will they change motorsport,

and collecting, and heck even commuting. But more

importantly how will they change the road trip?

I know to many of us a road trip brings back memories

of the back of a van or station wagon, roadside stands of

peaches or pecans or Indian jewelry, and of course the

all of the new and unknown restaurants along the way.

The only thing our parents planned were the hotels at

the end of the day. The rest was an adventure. But unless

those peach stands have a charge port, I think those days

could be numbered. Life with batteries is going to have

to be a whole lot more structured for a while. It’s kind of

bleak; there are only so many times I can stop at Collin

Street Bakery on the way to Houston to charge my Tesla.

(Editors note: the mention of a Tesla if for illustrative

purposes only. I don’t have one, don’t really want one

and don’t know where else you can charge on the way

to Houston.) It’s not all doom and gloom though; with

autonomous driving getting better and better, we can

now play the alphabet game and “would you rather”

with the family without worrying about our attention

wandering from our driving. Such joy. I guess as long

as my new automated pilot takes the corners quickly I’ll

learn to adapt.

I want to get serious for a moment. As I mentioned

earlier, these are strange days. Just as we have different

opinions about which are the best Porsches and whether

or not we’re ready for an all electric road trip, we have

different opinions about issues that we are facing today

both collectively and individually. Life has changed.

People have feelings and opinions that might not marry

up with our own. But without people, we have cars in a

garage. We need to take care of each other now more than

ever. My hope is that we’ll be able see past the cars and

the opinions and see each other a little more clearly.

Anyway, I hope that you and yours are well, and that

you’ve had time to take care of those “someday” projects.

I’m going to make sure my tank is topped up and ready to

go and Enjoy the drive.

36 July

motorcar serv ces

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