Slipstream - July 2020


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Our response to COVID-19

Maverick Region COVID Communication chair, Wendy Shoffit

I know… If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of

hearing about COVID-19. You’re tired of talking about

it and certainly tired of hearing how everyone in the

universe is handling this situation. The reality of it is

that this coronavirus will be a part of our lives at least

for the next year or so. I’m tired of cancelling all my

fun events and having this illness affect my business and

my livelihood to the extremes. Yes, I know I shouldn’t

be grousing about this, but the reality is it has made a

significant impact on all of us. I think it’s okay to be

sad about the losses and STILL do the right thing by

following the protocols that other government officials

and experts have deemed to be the safest for us.

The Porsche Club of America has nearly ground

to a halt. Talk about non-essential activities? While I

might feel like my oxygen has been cut off if I can’t

drive fast and autocross or DE, no one in government

finds that essential. Go figure! So, as restaurants, bars,

entertainment venues, and eventually stores start reopening

in Phases, we also have to start to adapt to our

changed environment. We have to do it safely to protect

those most at risk, but still understand that we as

human beings need other human beings for our mental

well being. While we can’t necessarily shake hands and

hug each other, even being the socially distanced 6 feet

apart feels like a breath of fresh air. I welcome it and am

eager to find out exactly what this “new normal” looks

like for Maverick Region.

Drives will have

As we slowly start having

events again, I wanted

to assure you that we are

taking many precautions to

protect everyone.

reduced attendees,

as will rallies. We’re

going to give virtual

tech sessions a try and

cautiously meet up for

coffee. We will respect

social distancing rules

as much as possible

and have things like hand sanitizer and (if they can

be sourced) masks available. Each event type will be

coming up with their own set of protocols to ensure

they are taking care of entrants. PCA National

has outlined much of this for us and we will adapt

additionally, as needed.

National is also concerned about what could turn

into a lawsuit frenzy. You’ve probably heard of the

lawsuit filed against Walmart by a family of an employee

who contracted COVID-19. There are likely to be other

attempts as time progresses. Well, we want our people

to be protected from any sort of lawsuit that could arise

where people think they contracted this virus during

one of our events. So, as a protective measure, they’ve

created a required communicable disease waiver for

everyone to sign at our upcoming activities. It’s a single

page and you only have to sign it one time to be covered

through May 15, 2021. This is a safety precaution

for US as we try to resume PCA life. This waiver will

be sent out to everyone who pre-registers for events.

Printed blanks will also be available at check in for

those who might not be able to print them at home. We

are working on a system to track who and when you’ve

signed the waiver to keep you from having to sign it

multiple times if you don’t want to.

If you don’t want to ever sign the waiver, that’s okay.

You don’t have to come to events. If you are in a high risk

category and don’t feel like this is worth it, we respect

that and will see you when you do feel comfortable. We

won’t love you any less. The rest of us will press on and

try to find whatever OUR “new normal” is.

So, when an event comes up and you want to

attend, be prepared to sign this waiver. Please

don’t give our volunteers a hard time if they

insist you sign it in order to be there. They’re

just doing their jobs. We will, of course, keep

doing everything we can to protect everyone in

attendance, like the world has been doing since

this pandemic started.

Be safe, be well, be happy!

Wendy Shoffit

COVID Communications Chair


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