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Book Description

A New World is Coming…If We Can Take It In 2015 Whitley Strieber experienced a stunning

return of strange beings that he had met in 1985 and written about in the mega-bestseller

Communion. A New World starts in September of 2015 and describes experiences he has had as

recently as October of 2019. No longer is the world wondering about whether or not this is all

real. In 2018, the US Navy admitted that videos taken off the carrier Nimitz by pilots using ultrasophisticated

cameras were of unknown objects with incredible flight characteristics. Add to this

the past 70 years of UFO evidence, and it is now undeniable that something unknown is flying

around in our skies. They are here--but why? There are millions of close encounter witnesses who

would say that they are here for us, and have already been in contact with us for two generations,

while the official world and the media have been in denial. A New World describes what it is like

not just to encounter them, but to live in contact with them. It will shatter all of our previous

theories and beliefs and reveal the experience for what it is: the strangest, most powerful and

potentially most important thing that has ever happened to mankind. From A New World: “As

science advances, we are finding that the universe is far larger and more complex than we ever

imagined, and mysterious beings like our visitors, which we dismissed as imaginary, are turning

out to be real. This is calling to all of us to find a new life—a new world—in which they play a

part. Dare we open our door to them? Praise for A New World “Whitley Strieber’s magical books

about his encounters with the uncanny have captured my imagination since childhood. A New

World find the master in top form, from a stirring and ultra high strangeness experience at

Wounded Knee to grand speculations about consciousness, communion and the future of

humanity. A fascinating, mysterious book.” --Josh Boone, director of The Fault in Our Stars “Mr.

Strieber writes with the precious sanity of an intuitive savant. In describing so clearly true

experiences that baffle most of us, he opens our minds to accept with grace meanings we need to

learn are very real.” --Christopher Green, MD, PhD “Provocative and riveting. I couldn’t put it

down. Strieber confronts the mystery of close encounter with fresh insight and depth, wrapping up

his years of interaction with the phenomenon he calls “the visitors.” Now there is more urgency

for contact than ever before, and this book explains how that might happen.” --Leslie Kean,

Investigative Reporter and Author of Surviving Death, a Journalist Investigates Evidence for an

Afterlife“ I entered Whitley Strieber’s New World and couldn’t put it down. Humankind has

always wondered what extraterrestrial life would look like, be like, act like. The “visitors” of A

New World are unlike anything we have conceived, in other words, they are truly alien. Enter this

risky new world and leave warned…and empowered.” --Diana Walsh Pasulka, Chair, Department

of Philosophy and Religion, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, author of American


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