Kosovo president Hashim Thaçi vows to resign if war crimes trial goes ahead | World news | The Guardian 1st July 2020


unpredictable Trump as guarantor.

“We donʼt really know who is influencing the court, if

anyone, but itʼs a legitimate question to ask because it is

vulnerable to political influence,” said Andrea Capussela,

who was head of the economic department of the

International Civilian Office in Kosovo from 2008-11 and

wrote a book on the countryʼs development. The court

was established in response to a 2011 report accusing

the KLA leadership, including Thaçi, of involvement in

serious crimes.

Attorneys working on defence cases at the court said the

prosecutorʼs public statement was inexcusable. “The

rules are crystal clear that the indictments that are filed

are to be kept confidential and are not to be made public

before it is confirmed by the pre-trial judge,” said

Jonathan Rees QC, a British barrister who is on the list of

approved defence counsel for the chambers.

Rees said the court should sanction the prosecutor for

breaching the rules. “The specialist chambers will have

powers to prevent proceedings continuing if their

fundamental fairness has been jeopardised,” he said.

The majority of victims of the 1998-99 conflict were

ethnic Albanians, and several Serbian military and police

officials have been convicted by international courts of

war crimes. While the KLA was also accused of atrocities,

and while Thaçi has many critics for his performance in

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