theme 2 science (2)


Nutrition is the science that interprets the nutrients

and other substances in food in relation to

maintenance, growth, reproduction, health and

disease of an organism. It includes

ingestion, absorption, assimilation, biosynthesis, catal

osim and excretion.

The diet of an organism is what it eats, which is largely

determined by the availability and palatability of

foods. For humans, a healthy diet includes preparation

of food and storage methods that preserve nutrients

from oxidation, heat or leaching, and that reduces risk

of forborne illnesses. The seven major classes of

human nutrients

are carbohydrates, fats, fiber, minerals, proteins, vitam

ins, and water. Nutrients can be grouped as

either macronutrients or micronutrients (needed in

small quantities).

how nutrition affects personality

development ?

• Apart from the environmental inputs

which have lasting effects on a person’s

personality, good nutrition, balanced in

both macro and micro nutrients is of

vital importance. When we talk about

the cognitive abilities of a person, we

refer to the attention, memory, thinking,

learning and perception of that person.

All of these in the years to come, go on

to shape the skills and the general

abilities of a person and have a direct

relationship with a person’s

achievements, including access to better

literacy, lifestyle, self esteem and self


• As we go on to grow through our lives,

the food we eat; in other words nutrition,

among other factors, go on to play an

important role in our personality.

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