Newsletter 24 - 03.07.20






A word from the Principal...


You will no doubt have seen the headlines and guidance regarding school opening in September

that have been all over the news in recent days. The main points are the Government want all children

to be back in school all of the time and that attendance will return to being compulsory. They

are also happy for bubbles to increase in size from 15 to a whole class. The implications of this are

that we can offer a full curriculum for all children at Ludgvan, which is great, but that we will need

to continue with protocols that limit the amount of mixing between bubbles. We will provide you

with a detailed plan of how this will look before we break up for the summer on the 23rd July. As in

normal years, there will be no provision through the summer holidays at Ludgvan School, but you

will be able to book holiday club provision at Oasis. Oasis will also provide kids club after school in

September, but this also needs to be booked directly with Oasis.

You will soon be receiving information about our exciting virtual sports day! Our participation in the

Cornwall School Games was so successful, that we are running a similar format for our own sports

day. There will be a number of activities and challenges set and an online form for children to enter

their scores into. We will then be able to total these scores and announce the winning coloured

team! Our virtual sports day will be held on the 15th July and scores will need to be submitted by

3pm on that day.

Another project that we are entering into is creating a rock path that will be created by the children.

For this to be a success, we need as many rocks as possible to be painted by children, so that we

can varnish them and begin creating the path. Colourful, exciting designs are best and they can

be dropped into school when they are complete. Some of children who are attending school have

already started painting theirs, so the project has begun.

Stay safe,

Mr Adam Anderson


Home Learning...

This week in Early Years we have been learning all about the RNLI. The children

have enjoyed finding out about the different lifeboats and what they are used

for. We learnt that the all-weather lifeboat can operate in any weather condition,

the inshore lifeboat is only used in shallow water and they were amazed

by the hovercraft! The children had great fun exploring and investigating how

to rescue our toy dinosaur from a bucket of water without touching it! We had

some very interesting ideas.

We looked at the ever changing colours of the sea and how the weather conditions

impact on the colours. The children then used different colours and materials

to make sea pictures. The children investigated which materials would

float or sink. They then had a go at making boats using a selection of different


The children have been working incredibly hard with their writing this week and

listened well to the story of Who Sank the Boat? The children were very engaged

discussing who they thought might sink the boat and why.

Home learning...

Year 1 have been continuing with their work on Sayeeda the Pirate Princess.

This week we have made pirate hats. Mrs Patrick and I loved seeing all the

photos from home of your hats! The handwriting that Year 1 have been producing

this week has been fabulous. In fact, the children in class are producing

such neat handwriting that they wrote out their pirate letters in blue pen. They

put so much effort into the handwriting that it could easily have been work

produced by children in year 2!

Home learning...

Year 2 have been looking at the mythical story of Pandoras Box. They have

done a lot of work using the text and have created their own magic boxes as

well as poems of the things they would put in their boxes. We have linked this

to National art week and the children have been drawing mythical creatures

and mythical gods. The children have done a super job at their art work. Well

Done Year 2.

Home learning...

Year 3 have been looking at, area and perimeter of 2D shapes and also exploring short

and long multiplication within maths. Even though some of the questions were quite

tricky, several members of the class embraced the challenge and had a great go. We

have also read the story of The Cat in the Hat and made ourselves into a character

from the story for art as well as generated some adjectives to describe a specific character.

Home Learning...

For our PSHE focused on kindness last week, playing kindness ‘bingo’ and challenging

ourselves to think about how we can help other people. Some of of the

children wrote some wonderful poems as a part of this task. In Art, the children

have been practicing their drawing skills, some of the pieces they have created

are truly amazing! In Topic, the children have continue to develop their map

skills, finding coastal locations around the world and in the UK. Class 4 have

been out and about exploring this week, a special well done to Rowan who cycled

to school!

Home learning...

This week Class 5 and 6 had a zoom meeting together. They spoke about their different

experiences of lockdown; asked the Year 6 questions about school; checked

whether Class 5 were still working at home; discussed new skills they have learnt

and talked about growing their own food. It was great to see everyone’s confidence

improving as the conversation continued. As part of English the children have been

writing their own diary entries which have been amazing to read as they have put so

much thought and emotion into them. There were a variety of diaries written from

different experiences such as visiting space; trips to different places, in the mind of

a dog and even a diary with a ghost. For their next piece of English the children are

writing a story from different cultures. Part of this study has involved reading and researching

a variety of stories, planning their story mountains and drawing pictures of

their characters.

Home learning...

Class 6 have really enjoyed creating and drawing their own fantasy island maps

this week. The outcomes were excellent. Some of the creations drawn were a

Kingdom of Ginger snap in a hot island; Montsia a mountainous cold place; The

Island of Liberdade;The Island of Life and Utopia an island that split apart into

many small islands. In science the children are learning about how creatures

adapt to different environments. The children enjoyed a great quiz this week.

The rounds included riddles, sports, geography, music and animals. Here are

some of the questions, do you know the answers? Wat has hands but can not

clap? What do you have to break before you use it? How many times does a

snake blink in a day? What’s the longest tiger? What is a female cat called?

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