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In this issue: celebrity interviews with Hollywood actress Rosamund Pike, Michelin Star chef Steve Drake, British actor Luke Hobson plus features on Baby & Toddler, Beauty & Makeup, Expert Articles, Food & Drink, Home & Garden, Health & Wellbeing and lots more including Toddlertainment Toy Guide

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23 rd edition


Sloan loves the new

Weber SmokeFire

In this issue:

Chris Hemsworth

Steve Drake

Jamie Laing









Sloan Sheridan-Williams

We discover the woman behind the successful entrepreneur,

media personality and international speaker to find out what

makes the celebrity life coach stand out from all the rest!

Sloan Sheridan-Williams is a uniquely talented celebrity life coach who has

worked with rock stars to royalty and politicians to CEOs. Her VIP clients

include Hollywood actors, professional athletes and reality TV stars. She

also works with brands from start ups to global leaders such as Unilever,

BMW, Honda, David Brown Automotive, eHarmony, Whirlpool, Hotels.

com and to name a few.


Sloan Sheridan-Williams is known for her work as one of the leading

“diagnosticians in the complementary therapy world” She is often

commended for having the fastest results in the shortest time often tackling

problems that have yet to be solved by others. Sloan achieves this using

over a decade of experience and is unique in the fact that she has trained in

so many different areas using their diversity to fix problems that a single

qualified practitioner may not be able to address. She talks about all these

area in the press on a regular basis both in the UK and globally.


Sloan was originally known in her capacity as an experienced therapist and

success coach, but she is impossible to pigeon hole. Over the last 18 years,

she has had the opportunity to work in many different arenas from legal to

political, medical to media, and corporate to academia. Educated at Oxford

University where she originally read Medicine,

Sloan then attended University College London

before converting to Law. Sloan has collaborated

with some of the finest institutions and brands in

the UK, if not the world, and has had the pleasure

to work with some very talented individuals.

Sloan’s latest work is her new book, “Slap Fear

In The Face” which is available in e-book and

paperback at

Visit to learn more

about Sloan and her extraordinary work.


Sloan has worked with rock

stars to royalty and politicians to

CEOs. Her VIP clients include

Hollywood actors, professional

athletes and reality TV stars


As a respected relationship

expert, Sloan has appeared in

the UK and international media

over 200 times. She is also a

charismatic media personality,

radio host and trained presenter.


Sloan is an engaging and

inspirational world class

international speaker and has

shared the stage with some

of the top business experts

and entrepreneurs in the UK

including John Lee, Vincent

Wong, Andy Harrington and

Shaa Wasmund MBE.


Sloan has a combined social

media following of over 450K on

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and

LinkedIn. She is also Founding

Editor of SLOAN! Magazine.

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23 rd





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I'm delighted to present this 23 rd

edition of SLOAN! in which

we continue to work with a

host of inspirational celebrities,

exceptional experts and some of

the best brands I know to ensure

that this issue continues to offer

our readers and fans all the

different options and possibilities

you have come to expect from

SLOAN! even in the face of the

Coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the challenges we have

faced in recent weeks, I am

pleased to say we have a wealth of

quality content we're sure you'll

love that (as always) isn't lost in a

sea of distracting advertisements.

With COVID-19 making everyone

work from home I have been

especially proud of my team and

how they maintained morale and

stayed as productive (if not more

so) and creative during this time.

We're delighted to get this latest

edition to you having focused on

many of the things that make up

the New Normal. Following all

your requests on how to make the

most use of your garden, this issue

is filled with ideas from which

barbecues to buy to entertaining

al fresco. With many of us

spending much more time with

our children, from home-schooling

during lockdown to keeping

them entertained during these

unprecedented times, we've got

some fantastic expert advice and

some amazing 'toddlertainment'

for you.

As always a big thank you to all

my team who worked tirelessly to

bring this issue to life and a big

thank you also to you our readers,

for your continued support during

these difficult times for us all.

Continue to be inspired!


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Add some sauce to your life and learn the

recipe for success and confidence from

scent to soul with these hot suggestions



The Mansour collection is encapsulated in this velvet

robe. Hand tailored with classical Moroccan broderie

around the collar and along the edges it is a unique

statement piece. A versatile piece to be dressed up or

down, it looks as good with trainers at a festival as it

does at a cocktail!

Atlas jackets are made by hand in the workshop in

Marrakech and must be cared for with love. Please

dry clean your jacket if you spill something on it and

simply hang to air after a night out.

£260 from


You're not the only one who deserves to dream big...

your little ones do too! The 12V Porsche 918 Spyder

Premium Edition from Rollplay guarantees tonnes

of driving fun for little ones aged three years up. The

luxury-style vehicle effortlessly reaches top speeds

of 4.5 km per hour, even on uneven surfaces or grass

in forward and reverse while it’s foot pedal makes it

easy to control. It also features a comfortable padded

seat, radio with MP3 connection, light-up dashboard,

fully-functioning doors and a remote control with

easy-stop functionality.

£299.99 from


Following the success of the limited-edition launch

of Mango Thai Lime, this iconic scent is being

relaunched back into the Jo Loves Fragrance

Collection this summer (1st July), following huge

customer demand.

Renowned for breaking the rules of fragrance, Jo

Malone CBE has once again applied her signature

artistry to present an energetic and unpredictable

interpretation; youthful and fresh, yet warm and

evocative of sunshine and light.

Jo says, " I love breaking the rules of fragrance and

this mouth-watering combination of sweet mango,

sharp lime and punchy pepper is a celebration of

Thailand's most vibrant culinary flavours."

Jo Loves Mango Thai Lime is £115 available from



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The Canyon Signature Pro Short Sleeve Jersey offers

maximum performance, comfort and style. This sleekly

designed, race-fitting jersey has been developed to

help you reach your personal bests and beyond. Along

with a tighter, body-conforming fit, the Signature Pro

Jersey also offers an aerodynamic advantage via its

Neoair sleeve fabric, a lightweight technical material

developed to reduce air resistance and surface drag. The

body is constructed from Microsystem Airplus, a highly

breathable fabric developed for excellent temperature

regulation, while the full length zip features a zipper

garage to prevent neck irritation.

£111.95 from


Delivering maximum comfort, fit and performance,

the Canyon Signature Pro Road Bib Shorts have been

developed to ensure you stay focused on the road ahead

and deliver your best. The shorts feature a compressive,

multi-panel design with a seamless construction in key

areas to provide an outstanding fit and second-skin feel.

At the heart of all great bibshorts is the pad, and the

pro-proven Etxeondo chamois is no exception with its

multiple layers of visco-elastic memory foam providing

excellent freedom of movement and long-lasting

comfort. Elastic leg grippers hold the shorts in place.

£189.95 from





Made from pure 100% Mulberry silk, the liquid

smooth finish of these premium pillowcases from

Sleepy Silk is incredibly soft and frictionless. Hair

can now glide effortlessly on sumptuous silk, so you

can say bye-bye to tangled bed head and hello to

luscious locks!

These pillowcases are also kind to your skin,

and provide a perfectly smooth sleeping surface,

preventing premature ageing and sleep creases.

Cotton and other fabrics draw in your skin's oils

and face creams while you sleep, but the natural

hydrating properties of silk allow moisturisers to

fully absorb into your skin, not your pillowcase.

£128 for set of 2 silk pillowcases from www.


Get The Sauce is the brainchild of celebrity life

coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams. Sauce is colloquially

used to describe something as especially good, or

to describe someone who has a style, confidence,

charisma and unique talents.

If your vision of your life doesn't match what you

currently have then you need to Get The Sauce with

Sloan Sheridan-Williams. For more information and

to sign up Get The Sauce today, please visit

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Discover What's Possible with

Weber's Brand New SmokeFire

As we look forward to the warmer months,

what better time to try out my new Weber

SmokeFire and share how I got on with this

new piece of kit. Many of you know I love

my food, I have reviewed enough restaurants

to know what I like and what I don’t but

cooking is another matter. Inspired by the

likes of any good domestic goddess I do love

to dabble in the kitchen but I have often kept

away from what I think of as tools reserved

for Pitmasters and BBQ Kings and Queens.

Weber’s first pellet grill, SmokeFire,

combines over 70 years’ expertise and

has been developed in collaboration with

the iconic brand’s army of Grill Masters

to deliver superior cooking performance

and ease of use. I often tell my clients if

something seems like a challenge and you

have the wish to explore your abilities

then it’s time to say challenge accepted.

So Weber, challenge accepted. Can the

SmokeFire turn me into a BBQ Expert?

The delightful team at Weber delivered my

SmokeFire already assembled – the beauty

of a brand collaboration – it was very much

appreciated but hasn’t biased me one way

or another about this product. For those of

you assembling yourself, I would probably

leave yourself a couple of hours. It seems

very straightforward and YouTube has lots

of good videos to help you along.

The first thing I did was download the

Weber Connect App and power on my

SmokeFire EX4. For those who can’t find

the app, there is a QR code on the Weber

display that leads you straight to it. I went to

connect via Bluetooth and I had a couple of

issues with pairing but nothing a good oldfashioned

turn the machine on and off and

try again didn’t fix. There was a software

update which didn’t take long and then it

was time for the burn-in.

The Weber Connect App offers step-bystep

guidance on everything from setup

and meal-prep, to smart tips and custom

food doneness alerts, even providing an

“ETA” on when food will be done based on

food temperature readings and integrated

grill measurement systems, from your

smartphone. I didn’t use this as already had

my recipe worked out, but this makes the

whole cooking process even easier.

The recently launched SmokeFire grill was

designed to let Weber fans discover what’s

possible with pellet grilling. The all-in-one

grill is capable of reaching high-heat searing

temperatures of 600°F as well as the perfect

‘Low n Slow’ conditions and of course at

high heats you can get that perfect reverse

sear if you are looking to trap those flavours

in for the juiciest of bites.

The weather was beautiful and it took just

under 16 minutes to reach 600°F. There is

something very satisfying about hearing the

first few pellets drop into the burn pot and

watching the smoke start to form. After the

16 minutes, I waited just over 35 minutes

and then I started the shutdown sequence

from the display panel. Some say you can

start cooking straight away, but I found a

little bit of ash (nothing out of the ordinary

at all) and I wanted to get rid of it before

starting my first cook.

Check out Sloan's review of Weber's

SmokeFire on

Sloan Sheridan-Williams Loves Smoking With Weber

Celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams says, "As a first time smoker, I was

absolutely delighted with the results from the SmokeFire. From a responsiveincline-drive-engine

that heats up quickly and delivers precise temperatures of 95

to 315°C to Weber’s iconic Flavorizer bars that ensure consistent heat distribution,

the breakthrough SmokeFire is among the best for cooking performance. It’s unique

auger and hopper system features a short gravity-fed path to the heat source that

speeds up pre-heat time and helps to reduce pellet jams."

Whether you’re looking to cook the perfect steak, delicious short ribs, or juicy and

tender pulled pork, the SmokeFire gives you the ideal setting at your fingertips.

For more information and prices, please visit

8 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

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S u m m e rF i z z

Add Some Sparkle To Your Summer

Soirées With These Champagnes & Sparkling Wines


Pommery Rosé Brut NV Champagne is available in a beautifully

designed exclusive gift box from Waitrose. Small red berries suggesting

roundness and softness enhanced by a fine freshness in a world of

distinction. Very subtle rosé character: supple and finely robust with an

appealing freshness and liveliness. £45 from Waitrose & Partners


Oastbrook Sparkling Rosé 2015 is a sophisticated Sussex sparkling rosé

dominated by red fruit flavours. Made from a mixture of 50% Pinot

Noir, 30% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Meunier. Consequently the

overriding sensation is a long finish of strawberries and cream. Perfect

as an apéritif or paired with roast white meats and fruity desserts.

£38 from

Hattingley Valley

Hattingley Valley 2015 Rosé has a subtle delicate salmon hue and a

soft mousse, with bright red fruit and summer berry aromas. With

extraordinary depth, freshness and perfectly balanced acidity, expect

a creamy texture on the palate with fine toasty notes and a delectable

strawberry coulis flavour to finish. The vineyard celebrates its 10 th

anniversary this summer. £36 from

Taittinger Rosé NV

Taittinger Rosé NV is the ideal summer aperitif and this half bottle is

the perfect treat for one. Salmon pink in colour with aromas of wild

strawberries and a hint of spice. On the palate this lively, fruity wine is

smoothly balanced with good length and crushed red fruits to finish.

£28.85 from Partridges of Sloane Square,,

Champagne Wine Company, Amps Fine Wine Merchants

Sharpham Wine

Sharpham Wine’s Sparkling Pink 2016 was voted the best UK

Traditional Method Sparkling Wine at the prestigious international

competition Bollicini del Mondo in Italy earlier this year. Crisp and

delicate with aromas of fresh strawberry, tart raspberry and some floral

notes. Pairs well with charcuterie, prawns, salmon or goats cheese.

£27 from

Chapel Down

The English Rose NV is a delicate rosé with aromas of ripe strawberries

and raspberries with background notes of toasty shortbread. The palate

is focused and pure, its fine mousse contributing to the crisp and fresh

style. £26 from Waitrose

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Klein Constantia

This Méthode Cap Classique is bright and pale gold in appearance. An

intense nose with vibrant flavours of stone fruit and citrus blossom, with

a hint of brioche and lime zest. £18.50 from, Divine

Fine Wines, Murcatto Wines, North & South Wines


The freshness, fine bubbles and fruitiness of this Langlois Crémant

de Loire Brut Rosé make for an original aperitif as well as an ideal

companion for red fruit desserts. £17 from Thorne Wines, Portland Wine

Company, Bray Valley Wines, Roberts and Speight


This Moscato d'Asti DOCG is the par excellence dessert wine. Intensely

fruity, aromatic & lingering with sweetness balanced by low alcohol &

gentle acidity for a pleasant freshness. £17 from Edencroft Fine Wine,

Harrogate Fine Wine,


Freixenet Italian Rosé is a delicate blend of Glera and Pinot Noir

grapes, carefully selected from the finest Italian vineyards. Light and

effervescent, with a delicate aroma of red fruits and an elegant base of

white flowers and apples. Presented in a striking cut-glass bottle. Perfect

with shellfish, desserts or as a sophisticated aperitif. £12 from Asda,

Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and


This Cordón Rosado is the vibrant pink partner of Freixenet's famous

Cordon Negro. Made using the same traditional techniques as

Champagne with Trepat and Garnacha grapes. Slightly sweeter than the

traditional brut cava - with a pop of summer fruits and a delightfully

long finish. £11 from Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and

Fleurs De Prairie

A sparkling apéritif can often be sharp, but due to its exuberant

effervescence this Fleurs De Prairie Sparkling Rosé can be enjoyed very

fresh. With a creamy palate and dominant strawberry milk notes, it's a

delightful apéritif. £6.99 from Aldi

Richard Juhlin

This elegant alcohol-free sparkling rosé is made from Pinot Noir and

Chardonnay grapes with a soft flavour from careful ageing in oak

barrels. A silky texture reveals subtle notes of sweet berry, citrus and

apple. £15.99 from

Chapel Down

Kit's Coty Blanc de Blancs 2014 shows typical aromas of cool climate

Blanc de Blancs; green apple and freshly baked bread. The palate shows

development from maturation on lees and a toasty character from partial

barrel fermentation. A savoury finish with fine, persistent bubbles. £240

for a 6 bottle case from

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How To Create The Ultimate

At-Home Grazing Platter

Toria Smith and Catherine Callaghan of GRAPE&Fig share the

secrets to making the perfect grazing platter to wow your guests

Grazing tables are show-stopping, edible works

of art which are perfect for upgrading any food

occasion. From beautiful boards for one, to pretty

platters for two, they can be created to suit any

number of diners.

Cost-effective to make, a grazing board can be

crafted by getting creative with any leftovers or

utilising whatever you’ve got available in your

cupboards and fridge, and once you know how,

they can be easily created for any occasion.

To create your own, all you need to do is follow a

few simple steps...


Start with placing the cheese on the board, in the

above we’ve used Port Salut. If you’re creating a

platter for one or two people, we would recommend

1 – 2 wedges of cheese, and for a small sized board

which will feed up to 6 people (30 x 30cm board), we

recommend 2/3 wedges.

The beauty of using something like a Port Salut

wedge is that you can cut and display it in different

ways to make each cheese ‘cluster’ or section look

intriguing on the platter. For example, try cutting one

wedge into equal strips and laying them down in a

‘fan’ shape on the platter displaying the rich, creamy

cheese as well as a little of the beautiful orange rind.

Keep a couple of wedges whole, but place one with

the rind completely showing, and another with the

creamy cheese showing. This will create depth and

intrigue on the platter!


Next, place your fish and/or meats (if you choose to

include). Smoked salmon and prosciutto are perfect

parings for a spring platter - the salmon isn’t too

overpowering, and its texture and light pink colour

lends itself brilliantly to a ‘light but bright’ or

‘Spring’ theme. Salty prosciutto complements but

isn’t too overbearing! Try creating little ‘flowers’ of

salmon and prosciutto and place in 2 or 3 distinct

areas near to the already placed cheese - this will

stop it looking ‘flat’ and will add more texture. Those

red/pink hues will already make the platter ‘pop’, and

we haven’t even got to the fun part yet!.


Next, add your fruits and vegetables - we are talking

carefully chopped radishes, carrots, cucumbers,

blanched asparagus, cherry tomatoes (yellow and

orange if you can) and boiled eggs. Put simply, you

can use whatever produce you have available to you.

This (very healthy!) produce will add wonderful

colourful elements to the platter, and the green, pink,

orange, yellow and white colours just scream spring!

Wrapping the prosciutto around the asparagus is just

divine and a perfect paring! The radishes, cucumber

and boiled egg with some smoked salmon is also

a match made in heaven on a hearty oat cracker or

a bagel. The crunch of crudités with the smooth

creamy Port Salut on a cracker, or on its own, is also

perfectly complementary, in both texture and flavour.


So far the platter has only savoury elements, but

adding sweet treats onto the platter is not only

recommended to bring variety and please those sweet

toothed out there, but is very much commonplace

with platter/grazing caterers, such as GRAPE&Fig.

Cheese is always the hero and tastes delicious when

paired with fresh seasonal fruit. Right now, berries,

fresh cherries, figs, sliced grapes and peaches work

well as the sweet flavour balances well against

the creaminess of the cheese. The tart flavour of

homemade pear and cranberry chutney placed on

a cracker with a slice of cheese is one to remember

too! Of course, if you’re a fan of sweet and savoury,

why not be creative and incorporate your favourite

12 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

treats? Adding some broken milk and dark chocolate,

Mini Eggs and Smarties will tie in nicely to the spring

pastel theme of the season but are also perfect to

graze on too.


Next add your crunch - hearty oat crackers,

bagels and nuts (pistachios are great due to their

multicoloured appearance). These may not be the

heroes of a platter, but they certainly are essential.

Here, quality counts.


Lastly, garnish your platter to make it super

Instagrammable - we’d recommend dill, along with

eye-catching Spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips

and primrose on a bed of eucalyptus to keep the

theme fresh, crisp and very ‘spring-like’...and top tip,

once the platter is eaten, you can create a handmade

bouquet with the flowers and enjoy for days to come!

Leading grazing table experts GRAPE&Fig is run by

Toria Smith and Catherine Callaghan. The team is

renowned for creating visual masterpieces for a wealth

of celebrity clients and consumers alike, and pride

themselves on their meticulous attention to detail to

provide both style and substance when it comes to their

grazing tables.

Toria Smith and Catherine Callaghan

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The Macallan

The Macallan Double Cask 12 Year

Old Highland single malt whisky

marries the classic Macallan style

and the unmistakable sweetness

of American oak. This is a fully

rounded single malt in perfect

balance, with flavours of honey,

citrus and ginger.

With its warm harvest sun colour,

on the nose there is creamy

butterscotch with a hint of toffee

apple, candied orange, vanilla

custard and newly felled oak. The

palate is deliciously honeyed with

wood spices and citrus, balanced

with raisins and caramel. Oak

lingers on the finish that's warm,

sweet and drying.

The perfect partnership of Oloroso

sherry seasoned American and

European oak casks creates the

distinctive, warm character of this

harmonious single malt where the

delicate and indulgent flavours of

American oak to take centre stage.

£52 from Amazon

Ti p


Inspired by the wildflowers

growing in the ‘glorious

grasslands’ of the Cotswolds,

Cotswolds No. 1 Wildflower

Gin is a blend of cornflowers,

lavender and orange, layered over

the distillery’s classic London

Dry gin. It's a fragrant gin with

delicate floral aromas of summer


£34.95 from

Union Rum

Union Rum Spice & Sea Salt is

a smooth cask-aged Barbados

rum infused with five delicate

spices: Guatemalan cardamom,

Madagascan cloves and vanilla,

Peruvian cacao and a pinch of

Añana sea salt. The rum has

sweet spice aromas and a moreish

honey-nut finish.

£34.95 from Master of Malt,

Amazon, The Whisky Exchange


Roe & Co

Named after George Roe - a true

pioneer of Irish Whiskey - Roe &

Co Irish Whiskey is delightfully

fragrant and rounded with notes of

soft spice and mellow spun sugar

along with warm hints of woody

vanilla. With Irish whiskey being

on the cusp of another golden age,

it is the ultimate tipple for crafting

an Irish Coffee or smooth cocktail.

£29.39 from Master of Malt

14 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

p l e s

1 2

Maestro Dobel

Maestro DOBEL Humito® is the

world’s first smoked, silver tequila

using a secret technique that

harnesses mesquite wood. It is a great

alternative to Scotch Whisky and

the perfect gift for whisky drinkers

looking to try something new.

£48 from The Whisky Exchange,

Master of Malt, and Drinks Direct

3 4


1. Liefmans Fruitesse - From £1.75 from Waitrose,

2. White Claw Hard Seltzer - £2.50 from Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys

3. Two Brooks - £29.99 for a pack of 12 from

4. Highland Earl Whisky - £10.99 from Aldi

The Cotswolds Distillery

Cotswolds Hearts & Crafts Sauternes Cask

Single Malt Whisky is the first release in a

series of yearly limited edition single malts

inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement and

is the distillery’s first ever European Oak Cask

expression made up of only 1,680 bottles.

French Oak casks seasoned with sweet Sauternes

wine result in a honey-coloured malt with a

vinous quality and aromas of sweet raisin,

malted biscuit, peach and ripe pears. On the

palate, honey with fresh nectarine and a touch

of lemon zest leads on to creamy vanilla and

warm oak wood spice. It has a long finish with

lingering spice and layers of light fruit.

£74.95 from

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Low Allergy Gardening


Airborne Allergens Expert

Max Wiseberg is an expert in airborne allergens (including pollen,

dust, pet and mould) and is a hay fever sufferer himself. He regularly

writes in the press, for publications including Daily Mirror, Daily

Express, The Sun, Sunday Mirror, Running Fitness, Health Food

Business, The Practicing Midwife, Pharmacy magazines and Your

Healthy Living and has appeared on BBC radio, many local radio

stations, as well as The Chrissy B Show, Fitness TV and the Holiday

& Cruise channel.

Surprisingly, there are many ways to considerably

reduce your hay fever in your own garden. There

are a few simple rules to follow and there are an

increasingly large number of books and articles on

the subject of creating a low allergy garden.


One of the first rules to note is that female plant

varieties are best. Male species are usually the pollen

creators so don’t plant them. Just plant the females

which not only don’t produce the pollen, but might

even mop up some of the pollen produced elsewhere

in your garden. Of course, you don’t usually find the

plants marked male or female so how do you work

out which is which? Well, very often the seedless or

fruitless items will be the males which will happily

produce loads of pollen, so avoiding seedless or

fruitless varieties is probably a good start.


Planting fruiting shrubs and trees can also have the

added benefit of attracting birds into your garden.

Although they will often eat the fruit before you get

to it – they will also eat insects around your garden.

This helps because insect dander is also bad for



Another good move is to go for double flowers.

These often have petals instead of pollen parts.

Double-headed chrysanthemums are good and there

are many others. You can now get lots of pollen-free

varieties. Clearly, planting these in your garden will

be a good thing for people prone to hay fever.


Next on your list should be disease resistance. Along

with diseases come all sorts of spores and allergens

which will make the allergic’s life a misery. So

getting disease-resistant varieties should further

reduce the amount of allergens flying around your



Keep out the uninvited! Gate crashing weeds will

often turn into great pollen producers, so keeping the

weeds down should keep the sneezing down, too.


Some people say to grow plants and trees which are

used to your climate. The principle here is that if they

aren’t growing well, they are likely to get somewhat

diseased, produce mildews and moulds and attract

insects. So more spores and insect dander mean more

hay fever. So if a plant’s not looking healthy, it’s best

to remove it.


It is almost certainly better to avoid using chemicals

and pesticides, as it has been claimed that exposure

to these can often trigger allergic reactions in people

who previously had no allergies.


Pollen is out in force in the mornings and the

evenings, so it’s best not to do your gardening at

these times. If you are going to grow plants that

produce lots of pollen, keep them away from the

house, or at least away from windows that get

opened, doorways, or ‘high traffic’ parts of your


So favour the female varieties, dig in the double

flowers and disease resistant, and plant the pollen

free. Keep out the chemicals, weeds and non-native.

And hopefully, you’ll sneeze a bit less and you’ll be

able to see your garden because your eyes won’t be so


Finally, before you go out in the garden put on some

HayMax organic allergen barrier balm to trap the

pollen before it gets into your body. Less pollen, less


Find out more about HayMax at

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As k The Ex p e r t

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The “NAM” in Namgrass stands for ‘Natura Artis Magistra’, meaning – ‘Nature is the teacher of art’.

The UK leading artificial grass company Namgrass are nuts

about mutts and have created “Barking” - a realistic artificial

grass developed with the needs of dog owners in mind

18 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Brand Collaboration

The benefits of pet ownership for

health and wellbeing are welldocumented,

and more and more

dogs are becoming our everyday

heroes. Spending time with your

pet can help lift moods and offer

consistency in uncertain times. Dogs

are helping to reduce loneliness and

lower anxiety levels; they provide

daily structure for people whose

days may lack fulfilment.

Exercise and being outdoors even

if just in the garden has been a key

message, particularly over the last

few months, with dogs playing their

part in giving people a purpose to

get out and about for regular walks.

Dogs receive big screen débuts

and regularly feature on our TV

screens from winning talent shows,

to performing rescues on mountain

tops or out at sea, all this combined

with their ever insistence on cuddles

and affection with unconditional

loyalty has given them their welldeserved

title of Man's Best Friend.

Dogs do come with a certain amount

of unwanted mess and sometimes an

element of untimely fun and this is

not without its frustration. Muddy

paws straight in from the back

garden, well-worn doggie tracks up

and down your prize lawn as they

alert you to the fact the neighbours

cat has just rested on dad's newly

roofed shed. Their inherent need to

dig holes often to hide the shoe that

they are sure you had meant to give

them before you left for the shops.

The winter months can bring

additional challenges as the weather

changes and heavy rainfall makes

areas of the lawn no go areas as they

become boggy and form unwelcome

puddles. Which is why many dog

owners are opting for the ease of an

artificial lawn.

Nothing takes the edge of a muchdeserved

weekend with family and

friends than a long list of jobs for

the garden stretching before you on

a Friday night. Mowing the lawn

avoiding the trench your dog dug

during lockdown, filling in the

aforementioned holes, sprinkling

seeds to fill in bald patches and the

repeated trips to the outdoor tap to

fill up the watering can and attend to

burnt patches (also created by man’s

best friend).

The UK leading artificial grass

company Namgrass are nuts

about mutts and among their large

selection of grasses they have

created “Barking” an artificial

grass developed with the needs

of dog owners in mind. The

grass is designed, developed and

manufactured exclusively by

Namgrass with great attention to

detail and a terrier tenacity towards


Barking grass is formulated using

yarn that increases durability and is

perfect to withstand the pounding

and high usage that four excited

paws brings. Pups cannot dig

through this tough turf and doggy

mess is no bother, just simply

hose off, allowing you long lazy

weekends with no maintenance just

quality time with family, friends and

of course …your pooch.

Barking artificial grass is £25.99 per

m 2 . Go to for

more information including stockists

and installers.

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Celebrity Life

Coach Sloan



Char-Broil's latest

gas barbecue grill

Char-Broil Professional

Black Edition 3500

Char-Broil Professional

Black Edition

Conjure up a great BBQ with Char-Broil's patented TRU-Infrared cooking technology

Sloan Sheridan-Williams says, “I was really

impressed with the Char-Broil Professional

Black Edition 3500. It takes cooking outdoors to

the next level with its TRU-Infrared cooking

technology which results in food that's up to

50% juicier than on a conventional grill and uses

up to 30% less gas consumption.

Life is complicated enough but,

thankfully, Char-Broil can make

things so much easier – when

it comes to barbecuing at least.

Innovations that simplify the

BBQ process, making it more fun

and more delicious, can be found

across the Char-Broil range. And

even more so in the new 2020

product line-up, which includes

the stylish all-black Professional

Gas Grill.

“Let’s just barbecue” is not

just Char-Broil’s mantra, it’s

a promise. Since Char-Broil

started revolutionising the world

of barbecuing back in the 1940s

when they brought the first

charcoal grill onto the market,

they have pursued one goal:

Developing appliances that are

as unique, innovative and simple

today as they were then.

Char-Broil’s Professional Black

20 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Brand Collaboration

Edition scores highly not only for

its eye-catching design through

its all-black look and red LED

illumination on the temperature

controllers, but also for the

incomparable performance of

Char-Broil’s patented TRU-

Infrared cooking technology

– the success guarantee for

professional barbecue results

which prevents flare-ups and

keeps meats up to 50 percent

juicier, allowing you to relax

and enjoy the BBQ experience

knowing you’ll get great results

every time.

The secret of the TRU-

Infrared cooking technology

lies in the way it transfers heat.

Conventional grills only work

with convection (circulating

air). The heat is transferred

through the air. TRU-Infrared

grills, on the other hand, work

with infrared heat, so the air is

not heated first, but the heat is

transmitted directly to the food

by radiation

The Professional Black Edition

3500 is the perfect All-American

barbecue for feeding family and

friends with enough room to

cook up a storm for between 4 to

6 people.

We loved using the new GRILL+

accessory system which allows

you to mix and match with each

item able to be used separately or

in combination with the GRILL+

roasting dish for countless

possibilities when grilling

different foods. Our favourites

are the GRILL+ Beer Can

Chicken Rack and the GRILL+

Skewers which when used with

the roasting tray allows for easy


Speaking of which, a cooking

grate is easiest to clean when it

was barely dirty in the first place

so our top tips for cleaning your

gas barbecue are:

1. Always rub the grate with

some cooking oil, such as

rapeseed or sunflower oil, before

grilling. The meat won't stick and

will be easier to turn

2. Always brush after

barbecuing. Turn the heat up fullblast

to burn off even the stickiest

residues from the grill before

cleaning the hot grill with Char-

Broil's Hot-clean brush

Following these two simple tips

each time you get grilling will

leave your barbecue looking

almost as good as new and you'll

enjoy using your Char-Broil gas

grill each and every time.

The Char-Broil Professional

Black Edition 3500 3-burner is.

£619.99 available from garden

centres nationwide.

For more information, please





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Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams

talks to Michelin-starred chef Steve Drake

about his life in and out of the kitchen



Why did you decide to become a

chef? Did you have a back up career

in mind?

Not really, its something that I

S always wanted to do, probably as I

had a really good Home Economics

teacher who was very encouraging. I was

one on of only 2 boys in the whole year

that had chosen this as an option. I don’t

think I was particularly good but I was

always enthusiastic and interested in the


What culinary experiences taught

S you the most when you were

learning and what would you have

liked to learn early on?

Kitchen discipline and to work clean,

S tidy and organised was a lesson I

learnt early on, but more importantly

was not to cut corners as any stage,

even if know else would see or in fact it

didn’t make a difference to the finished

dish. If it a chopped onion that’s needed,

then do it properly and nicely with care

respecting the ingredients. I remember

Keith Stanley, the incredible Head chef

of the Ritz, had me skimming the veal

stock for an hour once it had come to the

boil every day, great lesson in patience

although I’m not sure I have it in the

bucket load.

I do wish back in those days more

enthusiasm was put on kitchen and

management as well as the culinary side,

its kind of something chef learn along the

way and there isn’t always the training

and support available when your on the

way up. I can see that things are different

now. As chef in our kitchens we need to

put our own egos to one side and learn

how to get the best tout of our team.


What do you like best about your

industry? What would you change?

I love that the industry is so diverse

S and constantly evolving, there is

always something new around the

corner to capture our interest, but as the

end of the day it comes down to passion

and enthusiasm to create wonderful

dishes with love. You can truly taste

the difference when some love has been

put into a dish. My concern is that as

the industry is a hard at times and does

require this level of commitment, there

just aren’t enough people who can see

past this hard work and see the beauty

in it, recruitment is tough and to be

honest always has been. I actually

think that COVID-19 could be the thing

that reshapes the industry into a more

appealing industry to be part of.

In 2004 you had an amazing

S opportunity of buying your very own

restaurant. What defined your choice

to jump in and was anything holding you


I always wanted to have my own

S restaurant so for me it was the

natural thing to do, I think I just

wanted to do my own thing. I’ve made

lots of mistakes and a few good choices,

I have no regrets its all a learning curve

and got me to where I am today, most

importantly I still love it.

What is your leadership style? We

S have all been tested in different

ways due to COVID-19, what have

been the hardest decision you have had to


In the weeks and days running up to

S the lockdown announcement there

was a lot uncertainly, all my team

members and guests where worried not

only about the health issues but also how

they would survive financially. I had

daily meeting with all the staff and not

just the senior guys, I also made sure I

spoke to everybody individually everyday

to see how they felt. To be honest when

we where told to close it was a massive

relief at the time. Thankfully Furlough

has avoided any job loses, although it was

on my mind so that was pretty tough.


Are you a team player? What role do

you find you are most drawn to in

the kitchen.

I am very hands on, sometimes a

S bit too much. My job though is to

lead and to try and bring the best out

in everybody. I would say leadership is

the one things I think about and work on

everyday to try and be better at.

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Do you have a sense of humour? What is the last

thing that made you genuinely laugh at loud?

The last thing that made me laugh so much

S was when my wife brought our children some

inflatable dinosaur outfit, and to watch them

running around the garden trying to play football was

hilarious, equally, Richard, our sommelier sometimes

breaks out into a dance routine which is pretty special


What is your favourite mistake that turned out to

be a fabulous dish?

Learning from your mistakes is probably the

S best lesson for all of us creatives out there. I’ve

made so many mistakes I’ve lost count, but

the one that’s produced the more amazing results

has to be when I was making a green tomato relish

for cheese, which required cooking them in ginger

and Verjus (green sour grape juice). It should of

been cooked immediately, mistakenly it was put

in the fridge over a 4 day break. The tomatoes

has fermented with the ginger and had the most

incredible juicy fragrant flavour imaginable, after

a few tweaks I’m very happy with the results and

something I do now throughout the tomato season.


Is there a chef you admire the most and/or a

culinary creation you wish you had thought of


Too many to mention. I admire so many chefs

S and creatives out there for there individuality.

So many dishes I’ve tasted have had a jaw

dropping wow factor, but these dishes belong to them

and I respect that. I’m inspired to be individual and

do my own thing and I think that’s what all these

amazing chefs do.


What is your favourite cuisine? When it comes

to fast food, what is your cheeky go-to?

Japanese cuisine really does it for me right now

S I love how delicate it can be as well as punchy.

Modern French cuisine from chefs like David

Toutain is the future of French food and simply

stunning. As for fast food, I love a KFC.

For all those new cooks mastering their kitchen

S for the first time what 3 meals would you

suggest learning how to make that would take

them from ordinary to wow.

Risotto, Sourdough, Vinaigrettes. For different

S reasons these can be frustration to get right

and can require lots of practice. The risotto is

about get the texture right without being too heavy.

Sourdough can take years of practice and something

that should be made regular. Vinaigrettes are all

about balance and the right amount of acidity.


What 5 more unusual ingredients would you

recommend buying to keep the taste buds ready

for restaurants to open in full swing again.

Ortiz anchovies are simply stunning and have

S a flavour like no other. Pomelo, a little like a

grapefruit, slightly less bitter, wonderful. Dried

hibiscus flowers, either in your G&T, or to flavour

an ice cream, great flavour with strawberries.

Caperberries sliced thinly add a lovely acidity to any

salad. Lastly which is my favourite, Kiwi, nobody

seems to eat them anymore, they have a wonderful

flavour and acidity when perfectly ripe, very nice

with grilled broccoli on a salad.

Steve Drake is Chef Patron at

Michelin-starred Sorrel Restaurant

in Dorking, Surrey. The restaurant

was awarded a Michelin-star

in 2019, which it has retained,

as well as received the highly

coveted 4 AA Rosettes.

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Chef Life

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Ti p p l e s

Johnnie Walker Green Label

The perfect prelude to summer, we love the Green

Shores cocktail created by Ali Reynolds, UK Brand

Ambassador for Johnnie Walker.

Here's how to make it...

In a tall glass or wine glass, build over ice 50ml

Johnnie Walker Green Label and 3 slices of nectarine

or peach. Top with Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic

and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Johnnie Walker Green Label is £44.49 and is available

from all major retailers including

Jack Daniel's

Each bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select

is uniquely crafted from one single barrel where

only one in 100 barrels is deemed good enough.

With no two barrels producing the same

whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select offers

a distinctive, full-bodied taste with notes of

vanilla, toasted oak and caramel. Each bottle is

hand-labelled and marked with a unique number

and bottling date, making it one-of-a-kind.

£45 from all major retailers, select whiskey

specialists and Amazon

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MOOSE – The Mountain Spirit is made in the

mountains of Austria and is a blend of mountain herbs

such including mint, gentian, nettle and pine, with the

natural sweetness of Canadian maple syrup and some

subtle chilli heat.

This exciting spirit is outstanding for mixing in cocktails

and MOOSE has launched a brilliant MOOSE Mule

Cocktail box as part of their Stay In Feel Out campaign.

Containing all the ingredients you will need to mix four

delicious MOOSE Mule cocktails at home: fresh orange,

lime and mint, a 20cl MOOSE bottle and Fever-Tree

Ginger Ale and Soda Water.

The MOOSE Mule cocktail box is £20 from

Su mme r Si p s a nd Se r v e s

Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon is an award

winning Kentucky whiskey

inspired by the small batch

technique used over 150 years

ago which involves distilling and

ageing the liquid using a higher

proportion of rye grain. The result,

a versatile yet premium spirit with

unparalleled complexity, perfect in

an Old Fashioned or served neat.

£27.45 from Master of Malt


STARLINO Rosé is a delightful

and refreshing Aperitivo made

by blending Rosé wine, spirit,

pink grapefruit peel, orange peel

and 8 other botanicals including

Wormwood and Coriander. With

notes of rose water, plum, cherry

and strawberry alongside hints of

ripe grapefruit. Best served in the

STARLINO Rosé Spritz cocktail.

£23 from Amazon

Copper Dog

Named after a device used to

sneak whisky from the cask to

smuggle home, Copper Dog has

that same irreverent, cheeky

spirit without losing the classic

Speyside tradition. A combination

of eight single malt whiskies, it's

deliciously fruity with a hint of

honey and spice.

£33 from


Taylor’s Chip Dry white port is

made from traditional white grape

varieties, fermented for longer than

usual to give it an appetisingly

crisp dry finish. Pale, straw colour

with a delicate nose of fresh fruit

and mellow oak aromas with a

crisp, dry finish. Served chilled as

an aperitif or in a tall glass with

Tonic, ice, lemon and mint.

£13.99 from Waitrose and Amazon


Croft Pink has a crisp, light

finish and a delicate pink

colour. Attractive floral notes

underline the aromatic raspberry

fruit aromas. The palate is full

of deliciously ripe cherry and

raspberry fruit flavours with

lovely nuances of honey and

grapefruit. Serve over ice with a

tonic water or in a cocktail.

£9.50 from Sainsburys and The

Whisky Exchange


Partridges Pinot Noir is

beautifully balanced with an

elegant ruby robe. The mouth

is velvety with black cherry

aromas. Ideal for those who prefer

drinking red wine with fish. Also

well suited to charcuterie, white

meats and mild cheeses. Serve

lightly chilled.

£11.59 from Partridges stores and

online at


Old Hopking Sea Dog Black Spice

Rum is a premium black spiced

rum based spirit drink with notes

of sweet vanilla, warming spices,

coffee and a citrus lime kick,

finished with a deep rum aftertaste

Won Gold at Spirits Business Rum

Masters. £14.99 from Aldi


Delivering packaged cocktails to your

door, NIO was born out of a simple idea

by founders Luca and Alessandro to bring

expertly crafted ready-to-savour cocktails

into the home to enhance your evenings.

So the same expertise, the same premium

brands, the same quality ingredients and

the same range of cocktails. Everything

you expect to discover in the world’s best

bars. The only difference - Needs Ice Only,

no other specialist knowledge, ingredients

or bar implements required.

Available from starting

from £19.50 for 3, £39 for 6 and £58 for 9

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Entertaining Al Fresco

As we welcome the beginning of the

warmer months, check out these great

ideas to enjoy in your summer garden

Sit Back & Relax In

Your Garden And

Enjoy Summer Days

With Family And


Ooni Koda 16

Ooni Koda 16 is a brand new gas-powered large pizza oven designed with home

cooks, street food vendors and professionals in mind. Blending a showstopping

design with the convenience of gas power, the new outdoor pizza oven gives

the cook real control with a large stone baking board and powerful flames for

pizzeria-quality pizzas at home.

Ooni Koda 16 is the first gas-powered model in the Ooni pizza oven range that

cooks large 16-inch pizzas, and is ideal for flame-cooking a range of dishes

from meat to fish and veggies as well, perfect for feeding hungry crowds.

It reaches an incredibly hot 500°C - the same top temperatures used to cook

Neapolitan-style pizza in pizzerias - and cooks pizza in just 60 seconds, at a

fraction of the price of traditional outdoor ovens.

fully portable and so easy to use, with the convenience of gas-powered flames

and the ability to cook the bigger New York-style pizza, the Ooni Koda 16 is

£399 from

How To Enjoy Outdoor Living

Tefal OleoClean Pro Fryer

Who doesn't love the goodness of deep-fried nibbles while

enjoying a cocktail on the terrace?

The Tefal OleoClean Pro Fryer eliminates two of deep frying’s

biggest headaches, cleaning the fryer and changing the oil,

thanks to their patented, automatic oil drainage and filtration


There’s no more tipping, sieving or spilling and as your oil is

filtered it stays cleaner and lasts longer for healthier frying with

no transfer of flavours. When it comes to cleaning the fryer, we

love the fact that all the removable parts – everything except the

element – can go straight in the dishwasher leaving you with a

clean machine, and a supply of cleaned oil, ready for next time.

Other features we loved included the viewing window in the lid,

the tilt-and- drain basket, the digital timer and the easy-to-adjust

dial thermostat to set the temperature from 150° to 190°C.

£119.99 from

28 SLOAN! | E-mail us at, the largest UK ‘on-demand’

grocery business, now offers a first-to- market, Beelivery

24-hour grocery delivery service in London.

Ideal for those who need last minute items from

bread, milk and flour, to beer, wine and snacks,

Beelivery guarantees to deliver a wide range of essentials across all

boroughs of London within 45 to 90 minutes.

Harnessing the power of the local

community, Beelivery works with 15,000

independent, registered drivers who are on

hand to purchase and deliver your groceries

straight to your door. Minimum order value

is £12 and delivery is from £1.99.

Find out more at

Wild and Game, the company putting

game on the menu across the UK, offers an

exciting barbeque range including garlic and

herb pheasant breasts and chilli and lemon

partridge breasts. All of these are delivered to your door frozen so

that you can easily store them until you're ready to cook.

Wild and Game's mission is to

make game accessible to all,

encouraging people to try it for the

first time by offering game

versions of some of the UK's best

loved dishes. We love their sample

boxes which are ideal for summer

barbecues or self-isolation.

Wild & Game


Beautifully decorated, tough and

so lightweight it’s easy to take

everywhere from your back garden

to the beach, this gorgeous Hana

Garden Melamine 12 Piece Dining

Set from Lakeland features a lovely

floral motif inspired by Japanese ink

paintings. Perfect for outdoor dining

from garden parties to picnics.

£47.99 from

Find out more at

The latest addition to the iconic KitchenAid

collection is the exceptionally powerful NEW

Artisan K400 Blender. Making margaritas and

milkshakes to enjoy in the garden as well as

fresh soups and healthy smoothies couldn’t be faster and easier. The

stable die-cast metal base and die-cast metal knob with 1.5 Peak*

HP Motor and unique asymmetric stainless steel blades, precisely

angled to work with the 1.4L ribbed glass jar, create a mighty

blending vortex to power through the toughest


We love the simple, intuitive controls which

include 3 pre-set recipe programmes for

crushed ice, icy drinks and smoothies.

Another great feature is the Soft Start which

starts the motor at a slower speed to pull food

into the blade, then quickly increases to the

selected speed setting to avoid splatter.

This blender is an indispensable culinary

companion for both professional chefs and

home cooks.

£279 in 11 inspirational colours, including

Kyoto Glow, from


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How to Serve And Enjoy Rosé

Wine This Summer

Eric Kurver, owner of the iconic winery Maison Saint Aix

in Provence, details the best way to enjoy Rosé wine

Eric Kurver

As the weeks get warmer, Eric

Kurver, owner of the iconic

winery Maison Saint Aix set in

the beautiful region of Provence,

details the best way to enjoy Rosé

wine this summer.



When I bought this Winery in

2008, the ambitious goal became

to turn Maison Saint Aix into

a global Rosé powerhouse in


The Provence wine area is

internationally recognised as the

epicentre for Rosé, with Provence

Rosé from many different

producers enjoyed globally due to

its freshness and elegant flavours.

Over the years, with the whole

team, we have put a great amount

of dedication and passion into our

vineyards, which has resulted in

AIX Rosé becoming a leading

reference for quality Provence

Rosé around the world.

We strongly believe in the spirit

of generosity, and larger formats

are readily available to facilitate

bringing people together over a

glass of something great.

That’s for me why Rosé is a great

wine for summer. And AIX Rosé

is made for people who enjoy life,

it is the affordable everyday little

luxury designed to share in the

summer sunshine.

As a classic Provençal Rosé, AIX

has the beautiful pale, salmon

pink colour associated with the


It is fresh and fragrant on the

nose, with its lovely floral

aromas accompanied by notes of

watermelon and strawberries and

some spices – perfect for summer!



Rosé can be enjoyed all year

round, but in the summer months

in particular it is exceptional.

It can either be served as an

aperitif but I also like to enjoy it

with a picnic of smoked salmon,

strawberries or fresh seafood.

It’s also great with Asian food,

including Sushi and Sashimi.

The ideal serving temperature

would be between 8-12°C. You

don’t want to chill the wine too

much as it might reduce some of

the delicate flavours and aromas.

I would recommend serving

AIX Rosé in a medium sized

wine glass, with a wide bowl and

narrow rim, to encourage the

development of the flavours and

to concentrate the aromas on the

nose. It’s best to hold the glass by

30 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

the stem so as not to warm the

wine inside with your hands.

A couple of years ago together

with the world leading wineglass

producer, RIEDEL, we created the

first glass specially designed to

reveal the bouquet and freshness

of high quality rosé from



This is a tricky question. This

time last year, I would have said

that you can find AIX Rosé served

at super trendy beach bars in

Ibiza like The Blue Marlin, while

sailing in the Mediterranean or at

inspiring locations in Singapore,

St. Barts or nearby at The George

Hotel on the Isle of Wight.

When available in large formats

such as magnums, even right up to

a Nebuchadnezzar (equivalent to

20 bottles of wine!), the AIX logo

is immediately recognisable from

across a bar, or when served in a

nice restaurant. Hopefully they

will all reopen soon!

Meanwhile, with the sunshine

here, you can still enjoy at home

with the rest of your household,

whilst enjoying the summer


AIX Rosé is available through

high end independent wine

merchants such as Thorne Wines,

The Magnum Company and

Secret Bottle Shop.

In the exceptional case that you

might not be able to finish a

bottle, an already opened bottle of

AIX Rosé can last up to four days

in the fridge so no excuses are

needed to pop open a magnum to

enjoy in the garden!

A regular 75cl bottle of AIX

Rosé retails at around £17 and a

magnum is around £34.

For more information on AIX

Rosé and where to find it near

you, please visit www.aixrose.


Quintessential Rosés

Here's four excellent examples of rosé wines

perfect for sharing with your household

whilst enjoying sunny days and balmy nights

Maison Saint-Aix - AIX Rosé 2019

Smooth, crisp and well balanced, with fresh red and orange fruits. A

hint of spice and a creamy soft palate is lifted by elegant acidity.

£17 from Saxty's, Thorne Wines and The Magnum Company

Turkey Flat Vineyards - Rosé 2019

The bouquet is packed with strawberry, raspberry and a hint of cherry.

Well rounded, luscious fruit on the palate with a suggestion of spice.

£15 from, Oz Wines, ND John Wine Merchants

Jean-Luc Colombo - Les Pins Couchées Rosé, IGP Méditerranée 2019

This blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault offers an elegant, dry

Rosé with spices and freshness at the same time.

£12 from Luvians, Whole Foods and Morrish & Banham

Domaine Langlois-Chateau - Cabernet de Saumur Rosé 2018

Salmon-pink in colour with a nose of fresh red fruit and sour sweets.

Deliciously juicy on the palette, fruity and long-lasting.

£12 from Jaded Palates Wines, Cairns & Hickey Wines.

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SIXPAD are the pioneers of Electrical

Muscle Stimulation. The Abs Fit

2 works by sending a low (20hz)

frequency signal into the muscles that

makes them contract and relax.

A recent study showed SIXPAD

products helped users achieve a

12% improvement in abdominal

muscle size after 8 weeks alongside

a balanced diet and exercise, while

an 8% improvement was seen after

just 4 weeks. Each product delivers

training through a unique 23-minute

automatic programme cycle calculated

for efficiency and based on Cristiano

Ronaldo’s training method, taking the

user through warm-up, training and

cool down phases.

The Abs Fit 2 effectively trains

the abdominal area targeting the

abdominal and oblique muscles.

£230 from


On's Men's Cloud Terry features

soft-touch experimental fabrics

with the iconic silhouette

of the Cloud, taking all-day

performance to new levels of

comfort and style.

Zero-Gravity foam and

CloudTec® in the outsole

provide soft, cushioned

landings. Advanced abrasion

pads ensure superior

grip, and the molded heel


This Men's Element Stretch Jacket

from Montane is close-fitting for

fast-paced activities on and off the


Constructed using AQUA PRO

STRETCH, a durable 3 Layer

waterproof fabric with good

stretch and breathability for

ultimate comfort and freedom

of movement. This well featured

jacket is suitable for mountain

walking, climbing and everything

in between.

£190 from

provides a snug, secure fit. The

Speedboard within turns

energy generated from landings

into forward motion. The

signature speed-lacing system

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ease, yet keeps the shoe firmly in

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The 3 axis stabilisation of the PNY

MOBEE Gimbal delivers a high quality

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Capture movement with PNY MOBEE

App advanced functionality, such as

face tracking and slow motion. Zoom

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Gimbal with no need to

touch your smartphone.

With 12 hours battery life

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your smartphone, the only limit

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We love the Men's Hoodie from

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Hoodie is ready for more

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The Hoodie is crafted from

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SmartSound audio automatically

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Six Ways To Look

After Your Liver

Dr William Alazawi is a Consultant

Hepatologist at the London Digestive

Centre and The Princess Grace Hospital,

part of HCA Healthcare UK. Here he cuts

through the confusion on liver damage and

offers practical tips on protecting your liver

Dr William Alazawi

Dr William Alazawi is a

Consultant Hepatologist at the

London Digestive Centre and The

Princess Grace Hospital, part

of HCA Healthcare UK. He is a

Reader in Liver Medicine at Queen

Mary, University of London where

he leads a research team that

studies liver disease.

He qualified from Cambridge

University and trained at

Addenbrooke's, Hammersmith,

Royal London and King's College


He looks after patients with a

broad range of liver diseases,

with particular focus on the

management of patients with

abnormal liver tests, non-alcoholic,

alcoholic, and autoimmune liver

diseases, and viral hepatitis. He

is a skilled diagnostic upper and

lower gastrointestinal endoscopist.

Did you know that

1 in 5 people in

England are drinking

at risky levels?

The liver has a reputation for

being able to regenerate itself and

this means that many of us assume

it is a forgiving organ. However,

if the liver is damaged repeatedly

or over a long period of time,

then it can reach the limits of

this regeneration, leading to liver

scarring or fibrosis.

Fibrosis can develop into a

condition called cirrhosis, which

in turn can lead to liver failure and

liver cancer. The most common

causes of this are drinking excess

alcohol, infection with certain

viruses and non-alcoholic fatty

liver disease.

Even though it can take many

years to develop advanced

scarring of the liver or cirrhosis,

many people with liver disease

do not have symptoms and sadly,

may not be aware that they have

a problem until the later stages

of disease. So what can we do to

protect the liver?


When we drink a small amount

of alcohol, the liver processes it

and breaks it down into harmless

substances. But drinking too much

alcohol can overwhelm these

processes, causing damage to the

liver and eventually preventing

it from carrying out other vital

functions in the body. The

question is: How much alcohol is

too much?

Some people may have a

stereotype of an ‘alcoholic’ in

their minds, but unfortunately, we

see more and more people with

significant liver disease who do

not fit these stereotypes at all.

People who drink to harmful

levels can often function at a high

level, work in demanding jobs,

and maintain active family and

social lives. In fact, the British

Liver Trust reports that 1 in 5

people in England are drinking at

risky levels.

The official NHS guidance is that

we should keep our alcohol intake

below 14 units per week and

spread our drinking over at least

3 days in the week, with several

alcohol-free days.


It’s not always easy to know how

many units there are in a drink.

What is a unit, anyway? The

problem is that we don’t normally

talk about ‘units’ when we talk

about drinking. A unit of alcohol

tells us how much alcohol there

is in a drink and it is based on

the size of the drink, as well as

its alcohol strength. The weekly

fourteen-unit limit is equivalent to

6 pints of average-strength beer or

around a bottle and half of lowstrength


Depending on the bar or restaurant

you go to, when you order a

‘glass’ of wine you can be getting

anything from sixth of a bottle

(1.5 units) to a third of a bottle,

or 3 units. Most spirits are served

in 2 unit ‘double’ measures, and

cocktails can vary enormously. It

36 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

isn’t surprising that the units can

quickly add up.

Actually you can work out how

many units there are in a drink

yourself by multiplying the total

volume of the drink (in ml) by the

percentage alcohol by volume or

ABV on the label and dividing the

result by 1,000.


Many of us lead sedentary

lifestyles and one of the effects of

this is that more and more people

in the UK are now overweight or

obese, which is a common cause

of chronic liver disease. In fact, a

build-up of fat in the liver can lead

to liver damage and cirrhosis in

the same way as alcohol.

Eating sensible portion sizes

and eating a healthy balanced

diet which is high in vegetables,

pulses, and lean meats and low

in certain fats and carbohydrates,

will help you to maintain a healthy

weight and minimise your risk of

non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


When combined with a healthy

diet, regular exercise can also

help you to look after your liver.

Exercise can help to reduce fat

build up in the liver and has wider

health benefits including reducing

the risks of obesity, diabetes, and

heart disease.

It is recommended that you aim

for a total of 150 minutes of

exercise each week, combining

aerobic with anaerobic exercise.

If you have any health concerns or

haven’t exercised for a while, it is

important to discuss your exercise

plans with a clinician or trainer to

reduce the risk of harm or injury.


Other conditions that affect the

liver include the immune system

reacting against the liver, the

bile ducts, and problems with

processing iron. Unless these and

other diseases are specifically

tested for, it may not be clear that

someone has these conditions or

needs specialist treatment.

An important example of this is

infection with viruses such as

hepatitis B and hepatitis C, which

if detected through simple blood

tests can be treated and even

cured. People can be exposed to

these infections while living in

certain parts of the world where

the diseases are common, through

contaminated blood products, use

of non-sterile medical, dental, or

tattooing equipment and through

recreational drug use. While most

drug-related infection is related to

injecting drugs, virus transmission

has been reported through other

methods of drug taking such as

nasal cocaine use.

If you think you are at increased

risk of contracting hepatitis – even

if you have only been exposed in

one of these ways once – ask for a

hepatitis test.


Symptoms such as yellowing

of the skin and eyes (jaundice),

abdominal swelling, itchy skin,

dark urine, pale stools, a tendency

to bruise easily or swelling in

the legs and ankles can indicate

that the liver has reached the

late stages of disease and is not

working properly. If you notice

these, you should seek urgent

medical attention.

However, we see many patients

who do not have these symptoms.

Some patients have non-specific

symptoms of fatigue, nausea,

or abdominal pain. Others may

have had blood tests or scans that

show liver abnormalities, or they

may be worried about the impact

of their lifestyle on their liver

health. As part of the assessment

it is important to rule out serious

disease, and this process usually

involves a consultation, blood tests

and specialist scans of the liver

(such as a Fibroscan). Once this

information is gathered, lifestyle

advice and appropriate treatments

can be started.


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What Your Scalp

& Hair Reveal

About Your Health

Dr Sue Ann Chan

Dr Sue Ann Chan is Consultant Dermatologist at the King’s

College Hospital NHS Trust. She is MONPURE London’s

resident dermatologist and scalp expert

What are your scalp and

hair trying to tell you? Many

symptoms like itchiness, redness

and hair loss could be down to an

underlying health issue – or else it

could just be because of the harsh

hair products you’re using.

It’s important to prioritise natural

‘clean’ formulas that are devoid

of synthetic chemicals, which

can upset your scalp and affect

hair growth. But if you suspect

that there’s something going on

internally, here are some common





Where the scalp is concerned,

stress can cause our underlying

skin conditions to become worse

or even trigger a severe flare-up.

These include inflammatory skin

conditions, such as atopic eczema,

seborrhoeic dermatitis, psoriasis,

scalp lupus and also alopecia.

The stress hormone cortisol

regulates the normal functioning

of our hair follicles. When cortisol

is present at high concentrations,

it causes cells in the hair follicles

to undergo apoptosis (i.e. die)

prematurely by up to 40%,

resulting in hair loss.



While stress or trauma are often

linked to going grey early on,

it can also be a simple case of

genetics. So if you happen to

notice a few grey hairs in your

20s or 30s, this isn’t always a

sign of ill health – it could just

be hereditary! If you choose to

dye them, make sure you read the

ingredients carefully to ensure

that they do not contain chemicals

you are allergic to (such as PPD).

Harsh chemicals in hair colourants

such as ammonia and peroxide

can also irritate sensitive scalps.


Contrary to common belief,

dandruff isn’t down to poor

hygiene (but regular washing and

brushing can lessen its symptoms).

Issues like stress, puberty or

pregnancy causing hormonal

disruption are often to blame.

They can wreak havoc with our

hormones, sending our body’s

normal processes into a tailspin

and our skin’s oil glands into

overdrive. This gives our hair a

greasy appearance and can also

lead to seborrhoeic dermatitis,

manifesting as red, irritated and

scaly skin – which often leads to



Although there’s a current

craze for fasting and extreme

detoxing, this can have disastrous

consequences when not carried out

under strict medical supervision.

Reduced food intake results in a

lack of nutrients needed to sustain

the hair follicle so it can function

properly. The natural life cycle of

hair means it grows and then falls

out, during which time there is a

resting ‘telogen’ phase. If the body

doesn’t get these vital nutrients,

it can actually reduce new hair

formation during this phase,

resulting in hair loss and bald




I would advise to avoid common

causes of hair ‘wear and tear’;

for example, avoiding drying

your hair with high setting heat

hairdryer, not pulling your hair

back in tight braids or ponytails

and refrain from using harsh

chemicals on your hair and scalp.

If you have serious concerns

with regards to your hair loss,

it would be advisable to seek

advice from a dermatologist to

obtain an appropriate diagnosis

and medical treatment for your

scalp, preferably at an earlier

stage, before hair loss becomes


MONPURE was created as a

way of transforming how we care

for the scalp, bridging the gap

between skin and haircare. Find

out more at

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 41

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Alibi Fluid Foundation



Nourish & Stimulate Scalp Mask



Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum




SLOAN! Magazine presents our

favourite cosmetics, haircare and musthave

beauty products


Skin Base Foundation



Antimatter Lipstick



Intense Day to Night Buildable

Volumising Mascara



Marine Energy Eye Mask



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Brow Shape Defining Brow Gel




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Male Tweakments:

How To Avoid

Looking Overdone

More men than ever are opting for nonsurgical

and surgical ‘tweakments’ – but

how do you know which treatments to have

to look younger and for no-one to know? Dr

Dirk Kremer shares his insights on how to

look younger without looking overdone

Dr Dirk Kremer

Dr Dirk Kremer is a German

Board Certified specialist cosmetic

plastic surgeon, with global

experience of plastic surgery. He

is now one of the most progressive

and approachable plastic surgeons

in London with his clinic based on

Harley Street.

Harley St Aesthetics can be described

as 'London's worst kept secret',

becoming the go-to clinic for those

seeking a progressive surgeon with a

caring plastic surgeon who can offer

natural-looking results. Dr Kremer

has worked his magic on a diverse

clientele, including a few national and

international celebrities.

As a new age plastic surgeon, Dr

Kremer understands the importance of

being down to earth and approachable;

these attitudes have allowed him

to cultivate a reputation as a warm,

friendly and non-judgmental



Men now have a

more open attitude

towards cosmetic


In our visually-dominated world,

there is more pressure than ever

for professional men to continue to

look younger to be competitive in

the workplace. Sadly, it will take

more than a supermarket-bought

face wash to reverse years of sun

damage and bad lifestyle choices –

but equally, frozen foreheads and

pinched cheeks don’t look good on


Men now have a more open

attitude towards cosmetic

procedures and they are now

more aware of the treatments

that are available to them. If

we look back 5-10 years, you

would find a far lower number

of men willing to have cosmetic

treatments to improve the way

they look; not because they did not

want to undergo the procedure,

but perhaps because they were

embarrassed or did not want

others to see them as vain. Now,

however, perceptions have very

much changed and people don’t

associate cosmetic treatments

solely with women.

However, there is still a fear -

especially for men - about looking

overdone. Here is how to avoid it.


Unless you’ve had cosmetic

surgery or ‘tweakments’

yourself, it can be difficult to

even understand what patients

are referring to when they talk

about the work they want done. So

knowing some of the basic terms

can help. When it comes to nonsurgical

enhancement, Botulinum

Toxin (mostly referred to as

Botox) for example is injected

into certain muscles of the body,

usually into the muscles of the

forehead to diminish wrinkles

by temporarily paralysing them.

Dermal fillers, on the other

hand, is the word that is often

used to describe having a natural

substance called hyaluronic

acid injected into your face and

lips to add volume and balance

asymmetry. For surgery, the

most popular treatments for men

is gynecomastia surgery – male

breast removal, liposuction which

is surgical fat removal, otoplasty

(a surgical procedure that is

usually performed to move the

ears into a more natural-looking

position closer to the head) and

rhinoplasty (a nose job).




Injectables are an effective and

versatile way to lift, tighten

and smooth the face. They can

temporarily eliminate wrinkles

in older patients and delay the

appearance of fine lines in

younger patients in their thirties.

However, to avoid looking frozen

44 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

from anti-wrinkle injections or

the dangerous complications

associated with fillers, only trust

an experienced, board-certified

practitioner. For the most naturallooking

and proportionate results,

your practitioner will need to be

highly-trained in facial anatomy

and experienced with the wide

variety of injectable products on

the market.


A good way to find out how

well you like the look of a

particular treatment is through

a conservative first approach.

Perhaps begin by having only

one area treated, such as your

crow’s feet or forehead lines, to

see if the results live up to your

expectations. If your desired

results are not quite met, more

product can be added. Give

anti-wrinkle injections at least a

week or two before making any

decisions as it can take up to 14

days to see the full results. Dermal

fillers too can take a week or so to

settle and show the final results.



A natural-looking facelift

begins with working with an

experienced board-certified

plastic surgeon who understands

your unique beauty. Thanks to

more information, new techniques

and new tools and technology,

facelifts have improved over what

they used to be several years ago.

Facelifts are no longer a one-sizefits-all

procedure, frozen faces

don’t have to be the case and we

can give you a natural look. No

male patient will get away with a

pulled look of the face. To achieve

your natural younger look it is

important to reposition facial fat

and skin where it used to be when

we were younger by lifting fat

and skin strictly vertically. The

goal should be to erase all obvious

signs of ageing but at the same

time preserve the characteristical

male facial features of the

individual male patient.



Yes, plastic surgery can often

be cheaper in other countries

when compared to the United

Kingdom, but often at the expense

of safety, which should always

be paramount. Many countries

don’t have the same strict medical

regulations found here in the

UK or other countries such as

Australia or the USA. These

overseas operations can cause

problems because first, they

only offer consultations online,

meaning you don’t have an

opportunity to get to know your

surgeon, and your surgeon doesn’t

get the opportunity to meet you

and find out your personal needs

and requirements. Language

barriers can also cause significant

issues. What’s more, you will only

be offered one night hospital rest,

which is often not enough time

to overcome large procedures

sufficiently, meaning you could be

more active than recommended,

severely impacting your recovery.

Finally, once you are back in

the UK, it is difficult to receive

follow-up care, which is also a

large part of the recovery process.



Meeting with your cosmetic

surgeon should not feel like a sales

pitch. A qualified, board-certified

cosmetic surgeon will assess your

skin and facial shape before going

over all of your options – whether

that’s surgical or non-surgical. He

or she should explain what can

be done to smooth wrinkles, fine

lines and contour features while

keeping up a natural-looking

appearance. Ask questions about

your surgeon’s background and

experience as well as what can be

done if you are not happy with the


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Health &


Sons was founded in 2018, after

best mates Will Kennedy and Dr

Adrian Gilbane sat in a pub and

opened up about their hair loss.

Sharing their stories and what

they had experienced, they

quickly realised things needed to


Bringing their expertise together,

Dr Adrian’s in healthcare and

clinical research and Will’s in

business, as the business manager

for a large Irish brand, the two

mates quickly established online

subscription service Sons.

Working with the best physicians,

pharmacists, and scientists, the

objective was simple - to offer

easy to understand, clinically

proven, yet affordable hair loss


Headed up by Medical

Director, Knut Moe, who has

experience having worked with

in leading hair restoration clinic

HRBR, Sons have sourced,

licensed and brought to market

a combination of products that

is proven to deliver the most

effective results for male pattern

hair loss -proven to deliver results

in 94.1% of men.

Learn more at

MIC's Jamie Laing

Supports Male Hair

Loss Solution

TV personality, Candy Kittens founder and entrepreneur, Jamie Laing,

is backing a new men’s hair loss subscription service, Sons, after

trying it and finding it really does work. Having spoken candidly on

his platforms about his hair loss journey, and the sudden decision to

undertake transplant surgery in 2018, Jamie has now invested in Sons,

and hopes to further open conversations about male hair loss and raise

awareness that there are measures guys can take to help tackle this,

at every stage, from those first noticing and wanting to prevent, to

helping to maintain post-transplant.

In the UK, 6.5 million men are currently suffering with hair loss.

Many are confused by the minefield of information and costly

treatment options that are available and find it hard to talk about it to

others, or even admit it to themselves. Sons want to break down taboos

and get all men to talk about how it affects them. Hair loss can be a

big deal, and Jamie hopes that by continuing to speak openly about

coming to terms with his own hair loss others will recognise it’s ok to

talk about it too.

Sons was born out of an honest conversation between two mates

about their own experience with hair loss and offers a simple, clever

solution that works. Working with leading physicians, pharmacists and

scientists, founders Will Kennedy and Dr Adrian Gilbane have created

a clinically proven plan which shows clear results in over 90% of men,

including Jamie.

The men's healthcare brand offers a new unique pharmaceutical

subscription service.

The process is made to be straightforward and simple, after an online

consultation from a physician (which takes a matter of minutes) they

create a tailored plan, after all, no two men are the same - so why

should the treatment be? The products are then sent on a subscription

basis in discreet packaging for ultimate ease. Sons have sourced,

licensed and brought to market a combination of products that is

proven to deliver the most effective results for male pattern hair and

what’s more, it’s affordable - around half the price of a monthly gym


Jamie said of his experiences “Like most men I have had the worries

and stresses of losing your hair. I’ve always been fascinated with a

solution. Having found Sons, seen the way they work as a business and

realised how amazing their products are, I knew not only that I wanted

to use Sons but also become part of the business.”

When it comes to men’s health there are many things that guys don’t

openly talk about, hair loss being one of them, Sons want to change

this and get men to open up conversations, between their mates, their

partners and their families and will be donating a percentage of sales

to CALM.

Find the Sons range of products and plans, from prevention to

maintenance, with monthly subscription treatment plans from £30 a

month at

Follow them at @careforsons

46 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

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Dr Sean Olive

Dr Sean Olive is senior fellow of

acoustic research for HARMAN –

the name behind audio equipment

brands Harman Kardon, JBL

and AKG. Dr Olive is an expert

in scientific research related to

perception and measurement of

sound quality in audio systems

such as microphones, loudspeakers,

headphones, amplifiers and

automotive audio systems, and is

responsible for conducting research

to ensure the outstanding sound

quality of HARMAN’s consumer,

professional, and automotive

products. Dr Olive has authored/

co-authored over 50 research papers

and three book chapters for which

he received several awards including

the AES Fellowship. Sean is a

regular invited speaker and chair for

international scientific conferences,

industry events, and universities, and

is an expert audio spokesperson.

To find out more about

active listening, tune

into the first episode

of HARMAN's ‘Audio

Matters’ podcast

How Consciously

Listening To Music

Improves Wellbeing

Numerous scientific studies have shown that music can benefit

us physiologically, psychologically, and cognitively. During the

coronavirus pandemic we turned to music more than ever, but are we

getting its full benefits? Audio expert Dr Sean Olive explains that

when used consciously and paired with ‘active listening’, music can be

used as a tool to help manage our emotions and improve our wellbeing.

Here are his tips to improve your listening technique and gain music’s

full benefits.

Music stimulates the emotions and contributes to a sense of happiness

and wellbeing. It can modify our mood, reduce stress and anxiety,

improve our productivity and sleep, and it can also enhance our

memory. When listening to music we produce neurochemicals in

our brain including dopamine, which is associated with pleasure and

rewards, much like food, sex and drugs, but less addictive and without

the negative side effects. Our biorhythms, heart rate, blood pressure

and breathing tend to synchronise with the beat of the music. Slower,

softer, calm music tends to relax us whereas faster-paced sounds

arouse energy.

However, our typical habit of passively listening to music in the

background means we aren’t getting most of the health and wellbeing

benefits. So how do we achieve this? ‘Active listening’ is a key

technique that can help you reach this deeper state of listening that

will immerse you in the music and possibly make today’s difficulties



The first step in active listening is to give music your full attention.

This may seem obvious, but most people listen to music in the

background. It’s on while you’re working, cooking or cleaning – it

has become background noise. We need to bring it back to the fore.

Imagine you’re at a performance: distracting devices are turned off,

the lights go down, the audience is hushed and the music begins.

At home, turn off the TV and phones, turn the music volume to a

moderate level – 75-80 dBA for the technical minded – not so loud to

cause hearing fatigue or disturb neighbours, but not too soft to obscure

details in the music. Then, sit back, relax, close your eyes and really



Today, we’ve got into a terrible habit of ‘snacking’ on music. We

select and play individual tracks or put them in a compilation, quickly

identifying those that we don’t enjoy and skipping them, which can

cause us to be restless. Listening to full albums or complete musical

works is really important to get the most physical and emotional health

benefits from music. Listening to the full musical structure, aesthetic

and emotional ‘storyline’ the artist has created will be more fulfilling

than an algorithmically-determined mishmash of tunes.


The quality of the recording and playback equipment impact greatly

in delivering the correct timbre, dynamics and spatial richness of

the performance. Our studies show that good sound quality triggers

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positive emotions, such as a sense of the music

coming to life (60 per cent), feeling uplifted (49

per cent) or feeling relaxed (38 per cent), while

bad sound quality activates negative emotions

such as dissatisfaction (45 per cent), annoyance

(42 per cent), or disappointment (34 per cent).

Setting up your speakers to ensure they have

good interaction with the room acoustics is

important and affects the quality and quantity

of bass, but for those who lack space and

budget, good headphones that fit around the

ears are an excellent alternative.


The emotional effect you get from the listening

experience comes from the choice of music

itself. The tempo, melody, rhythm, dynamics,

spectral characteristics, and musical complexity,

amongst others, will produce an emotion. Of

course, a piece of music that makes one person

energised may sound like noise to you – it

varies depending on the individual listener,

their preferences and familiarity with the music.

Typically, music and data scientists can predict

the emotional impact on listeners by analysing

and modelling those acoustic features.

Often, when you feel down or sad, you pick

music that reflects your mood. However, by

consciously selecting and actively listening –

really listening – to music that reflects how you

want to feel, you can help that emotion rub off

on you. It can feel counterintuitive, but it can

have a huge impact and help reconnect you with

a positive frame of mind.

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Whatever job

there is to be done,

I want to do it well.

A pleasure in life is

to enjoy your work

and to get the most

out of it.


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SLOAN! chats to Rosamund Pike about meeting

the Queen, the 75th anniversary of Thomas &

Friends and what it's like to play Duchess


You are voicing a new character,

S Duchess who is the Royal Engine.

Can you explain a little bit about

your character and her role in this special


Duchess is a lovely, warm, bubbly

R sort of effervescent engine who I was

incredibly drawn to because she is very

anxious to get things right. Duchess has a

very important job, but she is feeling the

pressure. In her striving to get everything

right a few things go wrong, which often

happens when you try too hard to make

things perfect.

You mentioned that Duchess has an

S important job, transporting The Royal

Family. Have you ever met a member

of The Royal Family and if so whom, when

and where?

Duchess has an important job in

R the fact she transports The Royal

Family, which is obviously an exciting

role however that comes with great

responsibility. You don’t want anything

to go wrong when you have such very

important passengers. I know our Royal

Family does like to travel by train, so it is

apt that they feature in this episode.

I met the Queen at the premiere of my first

film which was a Bond film called “Die

Another Day,” as we had a Royal premiere

at The Royal Albert Hall (in London).

When we met the Queen there were so

many things that could go wrong in terms

of the correct way to behave. I know that a

lot of the younger royals don’t stand on the

ceremony, but I think you still want to get

it right - certainly when you are meeting

the Queen. So, I practiced my curtsy,

saying ma'am and when to say, ‘Your Royal

Highness’ or ‘Your Majesty’.

I have a very wonderful, treasured photo of

myself, Madonna and the Queen from that

meeting. I am sort of mid-curtsy looking

slightly anxious, but I was only aged 21 and

it was a very big night for me.


Is there anything about your character

Duchess that you can identify with or

relate too and if so what?

Duchess and I do share some qualities,

R for instance she often feels a bit

overloaded but still wants to get things

done right. Many people in our busy

modern world can identify with that feeling,

when you are tasked with doing multiple

things at the same time but at the same

time you want to make sure any work you

do is to the best of your capability. I think

I have always been like that that whatever

job there is to be done: I want to do it well

whether it’s cleaning the house or doing a

voiceover for Thomas & Friends. I think a

pleasure in life is to enjoy your work and to

get the most out of it. Although as lovely

and charming as the Duchess is, she can

seem a little rude at times but only because

of her anxiety. She is a warm and friendly

engine who is just looking for friends.


Without giving too much away what

can we expect from this special Royal

Engine episode?

It is a beautiful and apt episode for

R the 75th anniversary of Thomas &

Friends. It has all the key characters,

some new ones and some unexpected ones.

It puts Thomas front and centre by giving

him a very noble and important challenge

in which he emerges triumphant. There

are some things that go wrong, some

misunderstandings and a bit of confusion,

but the message is that teamwork gets you



How does it feel to be involved in this

75th anniversary celebratory episode

of Thomas & Friends?

I was very excited to be asked to be

R in the 75th anniversary celebratory

special. It was a lovely invitation to

be asked to join a much-loved family and

was a very easy ‘yes’! I also think it is fun

to voice something mechanical like an

engine rather than a person as you have to

capture their busyness and the mechanics

and somehow encapsulate that in the voice.

I took it as a big responsibility to play



Do you have any memories of Thomas

& Friends growing up that you could

share with us?

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I remember Thomas in all his incantations. I

R remember the books by Rev. Awdry. I loved the

faces of the engines in the original drawings; I just

think it is amazing the enduring appeal of Thomas.

I took my son to an incredible railway show in New

York in the botanical gardens where trains run in

and out of the trees and it is all lit. It’s the most

enchanting thing, one of the trains is Thomas and

amongst all the other engines you just see the children

gravitate towards him as he creeps in and out of the

bushes. Children are perpetually delighted by him.

You know they got something right, because there’s

amazing identification with children and that face

even when they may not have discovered the books or

programmes yet. There is just a tremendous sense of

Thomas being an icon.


You talked a bit about the enduring appeal of

Thomas, what do you think the enduring appeal is

with children and parents?

I think you find out how many people are

R fascinated by railways once you start talking about

taking a train journey. So many people come out

as secret train lovers. There is something about going

by train and that it has more romance and the sense of

it being a journey. I think also the different characters

in Thomas have made it the enduring success it is. The

way people can identify with the different qualities of

each engine. Children recognise the ones who boss, the

ones who aim to please, the ones who are obstinate, the

ones who are just cheeky the ones who think they are

above everybody else and the ones who want to make

mischief. It replicates human life but in engine form.

Recently Thomas & Friends has become more

S inclusive with the gender balanced cast. Duchess

is the newest female character who plays an

important role in this episode. What is it about her that

you think might inspire young girls and boys?

I think it is great that the female engine was

R given a very important responsibility. She is

given power, but she goes about it with a lot of

grace and a great deal of anxiety but is a brave little

engine. She is courageous like Thomas and the fact

they become friends during the episode shows they

are a well-matched pair. They both have the same kind

of quality of triumphing over the odds and Duchess is

surprised at one point at Thomas’ willingness to help.

Her experience prior to this, senses she has been in

the more competitive environment that is less used to

people stepping in and helping others. Maybe that is a

good lesson too, that collaboration gets you further.



If you could send a 75th birthday message to

Thomas what would it be?

Happy Birthday Thomas I hope I am as rust free

as you when I am 75!

The Duchess is available now as TrackMaster

motorised toy train. Duchess is a passenger train

who transports a very special passenger: The

Queen of England! RRP £19.99 from toy stores.



1. The new animated special "Thomas &

Friends: The Royal Engine” includes a special

on-camera introduction from Harry, The Duke

of Sussex.

2. Rosamund Pike, Jamie Dornan and Stanley

Tucci at the European Premiere of "A Private

War" during the 62 nd BFI London Film Festival

3. Rosamund Pike voices the new royal engine

character called “Duchess of Loughborough” in

"Thomas & Friends: The Royal Engine”.

4. Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost in Die

Another Day (2002)

5. David Oyelowo as Seretse Khama and

Rosamund Pike as Ruth Williams in A United

Kingdom (2016)

6. Rosamund Pike as Marie Colvin in A Private

War (2018)





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Mamas & Papas

Mamas & Papas' Welcome to the World newborn clothing

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These fun Nautical Jersey Sleepsuits (£22) are made

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aden + anais' Winnie the Pooh classic sleeping bag combines the

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The Velcro straps make them easy

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Love To


The Love To Sleep Suit 1.0 TOG

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Completely eliminates the need

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Lazy Baby

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Polarn O. Pyret

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The sun-safe fabric is lightweight, quick

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We love the nautical look of the UPF 50 Kids

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Sunny days are here again so

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one in these fab toddler outfits



This smart Pintuck Shirt & Striped Short Set from Rachel Riley

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Rachel Riley is a British award-winning children's clothing brand

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We love these soft cotton Sailboat Short Pyjamas which feature

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Mealtime With Stokke


With the simple addition of Stokke® Steps Baby Set, the Stokke®

Steps Chair transforms into a highchair which can be used from

about 6 months. Safe and secure, the ergonomically designed Baby

Set ensures that your baby is seated correctly.

The back plate is adjustable in both height and depth to ensure a

perfect custom fit as your child grows. The Stokke® Steps Baby Set

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with a 5-point safety harness.

£79 from


The Tray option can be used with the Stokke® Steps Baby Set in

order to give the child a space of their own to play and eat.

Slides off horizontally to avoid spills and is easy to wipe clean with

just a damp cloth and some anti-bacterial sterilising spray. The high

edge keeps food (and anything else) from sliding off the tray at


£39 from


Stokke Munch Complete comes with a waterproof bib, easygrip

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Bring baby to the table with the Stokke® Steps high chair 5-in-1

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£178 from

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The Power Of Routine

JOHNSON’S® skincare expert, Rebecca Bennett, offers

some practical tips to help your baby (and you) to get a

good night's sleep using proven bedtime routine strategies

Rebecca Bennett

The gentle power of routine is key in establishing a

healthy sleep habit for baby. Though it would be great

to start a routine from the time baby is born, it’s not

until around three months old that you can begin to

establish a pattern when it comes to bedtime.

A familiar bedtime routine can help to regulate

your baby’s body clock and help them to establish a

sleeping pattern. Your baby will be more relaxed if

they know what’s coming next, and the more relaxed

they are, the more likely it is that they’ll go to bed

easily and fall asleep quickly.

This gentle routine can start with a calming bath

time. When babies sleep better, parents sleep better


Here are a few top tips for a better bedtime routine

and sleepy baby…


Before bedtime, a warm bath will help to make

a difference in body temperature, temporarily

increasing it and then encouraging a larger drop in

temperature, encouraging the release of the sleep

hormone melatonin.


Swap your baby’s sleeping bag and bedding for a

lightweight sheet to help them stay cool at night and

use a natural and breathable fabric. Also pop your

baby to bed in a short sleeve vest, rather than just a

nappy or bare skin. The thin layer of clothing will

help regulate their body temperature.


Lighter evenings may confuse your baby’s natural

circadian rhythm, making it harder to settle them

at bedtime. Blackout blinds will help to create a

consistent sleep pattern, just make sure to invest in

cordless blackout blinds.


Your baby will be more relaxed if they know what’s

coming next, so it’s a good idea to establish the

routine as soon as possible. Follow a set pattern every

night to help your little one feel settled each evening,

using elements such as bath time; baby massage;

nappy change; lights out and a story or lullaby.

Here is an easy to follow guide to JOHNSON’S®

three-step Bedtime® routine:


Keep nighttime baby care calm and cosy with

JOHNSON’S® three-step Bedtime® routine.

It’s the first and only bedtime routine clinically

proven to help babies and toddlers 7 to 36 months

sleep better in just one week.

60 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


Bath time is the perfect way to start your baby’s

pre-bed routine. Use a baby wash with an enjoyable

and familiar scent, such as JOHNSON’S® Bedtime®



A soothing baby massage is a wonderful way to make

your little one feel secure, loved and ready for sleep.

Massage can also help you recognise and respond

to your baby’s body language and it’s a great way to

make your little one feel safe and secure. Use a baby

lotion with a relaxing scent to soothe them before



It’s time to send them off to sleep with a little quiet

time. Make sure you keep the atmosphere calm and

cozy. Help your baby wind down further by reading,

singing or playing a lullaby.

JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® range is available at Boots


Rebecca Bennett is the respected skincare expert

for Johnson & Johnson in the UK. For more than 20

years, Rebecca has worked closely with the Johnson

& Johnson Research and Development team, to

immerse herself in the scientific background of

skincare products – the how and why are they are


Be d ti me S t or i e s

No-Bot: The Robot’s New Bottom by Sue

Hendra and Paul Linnet

Seven years since No-Bot starred in No-Bot: The Robot with No

Bottom he’s back in another thoroughly silly story. When Bernard

the Robot's bottom starts to make funny noises, he decides it must

be broken! So along with his friends, he sets off to find the perfect

replacement. Perhaps a nice round cheese will work? Too smelly! Or

maybe a red sofa? Too heavy! It's no use - nothing is quite right! Will

Bernard ever find the perfect bottom?

£6.99 published by Simon & Schuster Children's Books

Bedtime For You by Wonderbly

This beautifully illustrated bedtime story written in charming verse

offers the cosiest, cuddliest countdown to sleep from 5 to 1.

Written for children up to 4 years old, with sweet, calming rhymes,

a loving message and gentle illustrations, this isn’t just any bedtime

story... it’s a personalised bedtime story! It can work wonders when

helping children learn a bedtime routine. For small children, seeing

themselves in the story getting ready for bed alongside their favourite

animals offers a comforting sense of familiarity. This charming

personalised book helps make bedtime a special moment to look

forward to for your little one as they grow & develop.

From £21.99 available online from

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Jessica Montgomery

How To Ensure Toddlers

Get A Head Start At Home

Early Years expert shares advice for parents on athome

learning & development activities for toddlers

Head of Nursery (Designate) at Peregrines Nursery

part of Falcons School for Girls, Jessica Montgomery,

offers her expert advice for parents of toddlers aged

between 12 months and 3 years, on the learning

and development activities they can do at home to

prepare their children for entry into the Early Years’


Your child starting nursery for the first time can be

daunting for you as a parent, you may worry about

your child being without you, them not being able

to cope with the change and be generally concerned

that they may be unhappy. All these feelings are

completely natural. However, it is important to

remember that a nursery is there not only to support

children but parents too.


There are many things that a parent can do at home

to prepare their child to start nursery however, first

and foremost, it is crucial to stay calm and relaxed,

especially in front of the children. Anxiety from

parents can be filtered onto children, which in turn

can affect their ability to settle into nursery.

The personal, social and emotional development of

children is in my opinion one of the most important

areas of learning development. Through this,

children are supported in developing relationships,

learning how to express their feelings and emotions,

developing self-competence and self-esteem, and

learning a range of social behaviours which will

help to shape their behaviour and attitude. Children’s

physical development and communication skills are

also very important areas to progress in the early

years, especially from birth to age three.


Once you have selected and enrolled your child

at a nursery, you can discover what routine is

implemented in your child’s class. This will be more

so for the younger children but, by finding out at

what time they have a snack, lunch and sleep, your

child’s day at home can be shaped accordingly. It

also means that your child will be familiar with this

routine, something which young children thrive on.

However, this is not essential and parents should not

worry if their baby is not following the nursery’s

routine. The nursery will work in partnership with

you, making changes over time, which your child

will adapt to naturally.


I firmly believe that prior to nursery it is important

for parents to talk, talk, talk and then talk some more.

Talking to your baby and child throughout the day

is excellent for their communication and language,

even if they are not yet talking back. Telling them

about what you are doing, when you are changing

their nappies, preparing food, and all other routine

activities will help them to cognitively develop an

awareness of their day to day life.


For younger children in particular, we would also

encourage parents to sing – even if they are not

the best singer! Songs and rhymes are a big part of

nursery life; at Peregrines Nursery for example, most

routine activities are accompanied by a song, from

tidy up time to washing hands to waiting for lunch,

the list is endless. Additionally, children build up a

range of favourite nursery rhymes which are essential

for communication and language development, and

also their physical development as they join in with

the accompanying actions. In my view, introducing

singing at home will help to support your child with

transition and give them a sense of familiarity when

joining nursery.


Reading is another activity which will happen

throughout nursery for all ages and which can be

focused on at home too. Children may have reading

time on a one-to-one basis with their teacher, it could

be in pairs or groups with a teacher, or the child

might just be looking at a book by themselves. The

physical development of a child can also be supported

when looking through books by encouraging them

to turn the pages, point to pictures, and lift the flaps

and pop-ups of interactive stories. For children aged

two and above it is helpful to begin reading stories

with them about starting nursery or school, engaging

in conversation about how the different characters

may be feeling and using language to support the

development of their awareness of feelings and

emotions. For example, when speaking with your

child you may use vocabulary such as “oh the little

boy was so brave starting nursery for the first time”,

approaching and discussing experiences that they

will also encounter.


Furthermore, parents can support their child by

62 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

encouraging them to engage in different tactile,

hands-on activities at home such as painting or

playing with sand. I believe this will broaden the

children’s experiences and help to develop their

confidence to try something new, all while advancing

their small hand muscles that they will later need for



When considering physical development and so

development as a whole, it is vital to remember that

children progress at different rates and this is fine.

Yes, there are developmental milestones which we

refer to throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage

but these are here as a guide. Children will cruise,

walk, jump, climb, write letters, all at different stages

of their physical development.


Providing children with age-appropriate challenges

which will help to support their skills is key. For

a younger child this could be placing an object

on a table or high surface to encourage them to

pull themselves up and collect the object. For an

older child who is at the park it could be a slightly

higher climbing frame that they are unsure about

approaching. Giving them the reassurance to take on

these challenges is developing their resilience and

confidence, which will put them in good stead for

starting nursery where they will be exposed to new



Nursery supports independence. For instance, at

Peregrines Nursery we give children the space and

opportunity to learn to do things themselves, while

of course offering assistance when needed. However,

the earlier a child is encouraged to independently

undertake tasks such as feeding themselves with a

spoon, putting on and taking off shoes, and removing

their own jackets, the more empowered I believe they

will feel. Opportunities for independence are really



When starting nursery, there may be some

boundaries that are set such as remembering to

walk in the classroom or putting toys away once a

particular activity is finished. While preparing for

nursery, it is advisable to try to instil some of those

boundaries at home to ensure that they are not too

alien for the children once they do start nursery.

The key thing is enabling your child to be happy,

independent and supporting them to discover a love

for learning alongside the willingness to take on new


Jessica Montgomery will be joining Peregrines

in September 2020 as Head of Nursery. She is a

passionate Early Years Educator and leader, and has

worked in the Early Years sector for 13 years, working

with children from 3 months to 4 years.

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 63




Toys, games and other items for the

playroom and nursery



A relaxed atmosphere like bath time

is a great place to start introducing

counting and to start teaching colours

and developing key skills like handeye

coordination. These swim ring bath toys

are an exciting tool to not only enjoy bathtime

games but to also introduce

some gentle learning. The

set contains 6 floating rings

with a selection of 6 brightly

coloured sea creatures. They

are perfectly sized for little

hands and can also be used in

the paddling pool or sandpit.

£9.99 from



Created to help parents turn bath time from a

battleground into a playground, these foaming

soaps from Kids Stuff Crazy has launched the

that are perfect for educational

play. The mild and gentle formulation of

mouldable foam cleanses whilst allowing

children to explore their creative side

through mark making and sensory play.

£1.99 available online at,, and



Ideal for children aged 18 months and over, the

Playmobil 1.2.3 toy range helps little ones learn

all about different careers and the world around


The Playmobil 70179 1.2.3 My First Train Set helps children

become familiar with public transport. The train can seat up

to 2 figures in the middle coach, and the end coach can hold

luggage and accessories. There is room in the train driver's

coach for 1 figure. All coaches are detachable.

As the train drives along the tracks, there are barriers which

can be lifted and lowered

to alert pedestrians of the

approaching train.

The playset includes 4

Playmobil 1.2.3 figures,

animals and other


£49.99 available from



The 2-in-1 Sports Centre features a football

net and basketball hoop for a fun 2-in-1 play

experience. Throw the basketball into the hoop

and watch the LED screen count the number

of baskets or kick the football into the net, and the sports

centre will respond

with encouraging

sounds and

phrases. The

LED screen

also encourages

play with fun

animations, playful

sounds and press

the shape buttons!

£39.99 from Argos



The vital baby® NOURISH

scoop feeding set, with lid and

spoon, is the ideal baby dinner set

for feeding little ones in the home or

when out and about.

This infant feeding set is ideal for both purees

and more chunkier textures when your little

one is ready. Coming with a start baby weaning

spoon, with a hygienic spoon cover to keep it

clean, and a lid, this

handy baby feeding

set is perfect for when

eating out with baby,

and will last from the

early stages of weaning

throughout toddlerhood.

£4.49 available from

64 SLOAN! | E-mail us at



Made from plywood and teawood,

this stylish cardboard shape sorter

from Wood Little are perfect for

inspiring early imagination and

dexterity. Your child can learn and remember the

shapes as they match them into the correct holes,

and the top can be removed

to take them in and out.

Comes with 20 different

shapes to teach little

ones about both simple

and more unusual shapes.

Suitable for children from

1 to 5 years old.

£17 from



A must for racing fans, this threetiered

racing track from Wood

Little comes with two

charming wooden

painted cars. A fun set

that will encourage

imaginative play

and storytelling for boys

and girls who are

enthusiastic about cars.

£28 from



The Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

Toddler Toy features 25 colourful wooden

pieces of rings, octagons, and rectangles

that can be matched and stacked on three

rods. This geometric stacker is made from durable

and child-safe materials and developmental toys such

as these help to build early shape, colour, and size

differentiation skills.

Parents and children can play

multiple games to help

strengthen hand-eye

coordination and more.

Suitable for children aged

between 2 to 4 years old.

£14.99 from Argos and Next



The Shopping List and Extras packs

is Orchard Toys number one best

seller. Children love playing the classic

Shopping List matching and memory

game and this set includes two fun extras packs:

Shopping List Extras Clothes and Shopping

List Extras Fruit & Veg. These fun educational

games encourage discussion,

promote imaginative play and

develop children’s matching and

memory skills Ideal for children

aged 3 to 7 years old and a fun

game the whole family can play

from between 2 to 6 players.

£18 from



The Aquadoodle Classic Colour brings four contrasting

corners together on the one mat for hours of magical

drawing fun and creativity – but with no mess to spoil

the party! Simply fill the Aquadoodle pen with ordinary

tap water, run the nib over the magic mat and see the colours appear!

When they’ve finished, the mat folds up for easy storage

Around the edges, there is a picture

alphabet and number with colourful

shapes and characters to copy and

inspire. Inside the border are

hidden letters and numbers to

trace and colour over to learn to

copy basic writing strokes.

£19.99 from Smyths, Amazon,

John Lewis, The Entertainer



Keep your little one

entertained and focused with

this grey wooden pounding

bench from the Swedish

brand Stoy. The sweet toy includes a

bench, mallet and 6 wooden pegs and

encourages hand-eye coordination.

£14 from

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Childs Farm 50+ SPF roll-on sun lotion

(£10) makes application so easy and fun,

there’s no fuss involved, so little ones can

have the confidence to apply their own sun lotion!

The 70ml bottle fits perfectly into bags too

so they can apply wherever they are! We also

like Childs Farm 50+ SPF sun spray (£12)

which is water resistant and protects young

and sensitive skin from UVA and UVB rays,

whilst keeping skin moisturised

and hydrated. Both offer very high

protection and are registered with

The Vegan Society and certified by

Cruelty Free International.

Available at



Stickle Bricks Little Builders is

crammed with easy to assemble pieces

that lock together any way little ones

like. Help them unlock their imagination as

there’s no telling where new ideas can lead.

Ideal for promoting

dexterity and

imagination, Stickle

Bricks is the big name

in building fun!

For ages 18 months

and up.

£10 from The




This 32-piece Nuts & Bolts Set includes a range

of large size nuts and bolts made from sturdy

and durable plastic. The set helps improve fine

motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while also

teaching children about colours, shapes and numbers.

Suitable for children aged 18+ months.

£18.74 from Amazon



These Giant Lacing Beads help develop

the small muscles of your child's hands

via this lacing activity so they will

learn hand-eye coordination whilst developing

dexterity and good writing skills. The beads

are great at helping children learn their colours,

counting and classifying skills, while also

encouraging them

to experiment with

patterns and creative

thinking. Designed for

small hands with large,

chunky beads to assist

with grasping and finger


£36.72 from Amazon



The screen-free Toniebox comes with a

wide arrange of educational and storybook

Tonies for children to listen to. From

counting to animal songs, to storybook classics.

Some of our favourite Tonies include: Animal Songs,

Counting Songs, Guess How Much I Love You, The

Gruffalo and The Little Prince.

Tonies are £14.99 each and are

available from


Toniebox is £69.99 and is also

available from



Guaranteed for life, this Heavy Duty

17 inch Steel Dump Truck is built to

last! With a working tilting payload

bucket to load and unload it is perfect

for indoor or outdoor play. It's time to

do the work with Cat Toys!

RRP £29.99 available from Argos and Amazon

66 SLOAN! | E-mail us at



The Island Wavemaker from

Little Tikes is the only water

table that lets little ones

create waves with an easyto-use

steering wheel – resulting in

hours of imaginative play! They’ll

watch in delight as Skull Island

turns into a waterfall when water

is poured from the top. Plus, play

gets even more realistic with islandthemed

characters including a shark,

mermaid, narwhal and treasure.

£69.99 from



Children can learn to spell words,

recognise letters and objects and also

start to count with this stunning abacus.

It encourages early learning and development, and

enhances identification and matching skills.

With letters, numbers, colours

and animals the learning

possibility is endless. Each

block can be removed from

its rail allowing words to be

spelt out.

£19.95 available from



Stickle Bricks Fun Tub is perfect for young

builders to stick, stack and construct

the different Stickle Bricks together to

make bright and colourful creations, vehicles and

creatures. There are also special bricks such as faces

and wheels to help inspire

your child’s imagination.

Doubling as a handy storage

container, the Stickle Bricks

Fun Tub perfect for ages 18

months and up.

£20 from The Entertainer



Set to change the way our little cherubs think

of lifejackets, the new junior lifejackets from

SeaSafe offer multiple fun themes of brightly

coloured fronts, including Superheroes, monsters and

unicorns. They also feature a unique interchangeable

zipped front cover that can be washed, changed

or updated to a different style making them more

interesting to wear without compromising safety.

The Junior 150N Lifejacket is suitable for a weight

range of 15-40kgs. It also allows greater movement,

weighing only 0.7kg itself, is more comfortable to wear

than a floatation device.

Handmade on the Isle of Wight, the lifejackets are soft

padded, have a comfortable collar, reflective tape on

the lung that can be seen at night, a fully approved

deck safety harness & D-ring, a pea-less whistle, crotch

strap, and oral backup inflation.

Prices start from £72 with additional covers starting at

£27 from



Little ones adore role play and pretending

that they are doing jobs around the house

– just like the grown-ups! This Dyson

Cord-Free Vacuum has been specially designed to

be true to life, right down to the last detail so your

Little Helper will really feel part of your world while

developing essential life skills.

Allows for realistic role play, exploring imagination

and developing social skills whilst play encourages

the development of hand-to-eye co-ordination.

The replica design features Dyson's iconic colours

for visual realism and the working suction and

cyclone action helps kids understand cause and

effect. There's even different attachments and ways

to play to help develop problem-solving skills.

£29.99 from Amazon



Your child will love interacting with this

action play book from Ladybird's Busy Day

series. They can use the flaps to help the vet

as she listens to the dog's heart, gives the chameleon

her medicine and X-rays the cat's leg. With interactive

action-flaps, your child can do

it, too!

Each clever flap provides an

action or scene-change to

encourage children to actively

engage and explore. The

playful flaps are perfect for

little hands to develop fine

motor skills and hand-eye


£6.99 from all good bookshops



Little piggies and their parents love the

World of Peppa Pig. In this delightful

brand new picture book, it's time for bed

but Peppa and George are absolutely,

definitely, not even a little bit tired. A bedtime

story from Granny Pig,

Grandpa Pig, Daddy

Pig AND Mummy Pig

should send them to

sleep... shouldn't it?!

This picture book story

is perfect for reading at

bedtime, playtime and

over and over again!

£6.99 from all good




With the Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart,

children will meet a cast of six hungry

characters by inserting activity cards to explore

colours, counting, numbers and flavours

while playing a stacking game. Following the animals’

instructions to build their orders, children are tested on


memory and

matching skills

to learn while

they scoop!

Features bell

and smart till.

£44.99 from

Smyths Toy


68 SLOAN! | E-mail us at



The Smart Sizzling BBQ Grill inspires

hours of interactive play. Great for

playtime and learning, the LeapFrog

Smart Sizzling BBQ Grill will teach

children from 2-5

years food names,

numbers & colours,

while introducing

them to cooking and

a healthy, nutritious

diet. The colourful toy

features accessories

for cooking, a light-up

grill and eight pieces

of food.

£39.99 from Smyths

Toy Superstores



This stylish, chrome-effect Pan Set has

been specially designed to be true to life,

right down to the last detail so your Little

Cook will really feel part of your world. Promotes

realistic role play for

exploring imagination and

developing social skills in

addition to encouraging

the development of handto-eye


£15 from Amazon



This 44 piece Play Food Set contains an

wide variety of fruit, vegetables, meat,

ketchup and more. In addition to cooking

role play, the Play

Food Set also helps

toddlers develop sensory

and language skills

plus hand-to-eye coordination.

£12 from



This toy Dyson Ball Vacuum is a direct replica of the

instantly recognisable life size version – so role play

really is just like the real thing! With working suction,

it actually picks up small bits of paper and there’s a removable

debris drawer at the back. The cyclone action with coloured balls

whizzing around the clear cylinder, the realistic sound and the

‘twist & turn’ movement make this brilliant toy just the job for

Little Helpers to help clean up!

Casdon toys enable realistic role play to help young children

develop important early childhood skills such as hand-to-eye

co-ordination, understanding cause and effect, problem-solving,

gross motor skills, creative thinking , exploration and discovery.

The Dyson Ball Vacuum by Casdon is £25.99 and is available

from Amazon.



The Uh Oh Milo! series of books by

new children’s picture book author,

Kate Wogan use imagination and

creative storytelling to make learning about

manners fun. In each book we see Milo, Mary and

their magical granny meet a different mischiefmaking

character who challenges their behaviour

and manners. The characters use fun, imagination

and a touch of magic to win the day. All three

books are inspired by fairy tales and mythology as

they help teach pre-schoolers that good manners

can be fun.

UhOhMilo! The Beastly Bogels, UhOhMilo! The

Gobbing Goblins and UhOhMilo! The Impolite

Imps are available individually for £6.99 each from



Joanne Hutchinson’s new children’s

book, ‘Og’, fuses rhyming story with

spellbinding, vivid artwork, taking

readers on a series of book-bound adventures

alongside a friendly Ogre. After listening to a

young girl read stories, Og becomes concerned

when her books are stolen and tries to get them

back. Og will keep readers entertained and have

them guessing which books Og listened to,

inspiring them to read them, too. Capture the

magic of story-time and discover what happens

when Og becomes the hero in an unexpected way.

This beautifully illustrated story, written in rhyme,

will capture the hearts of children and parents.

£6.99 from

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The Pretend & Play® Doctor Set is perfect

for children who love playing doctors. This

pretend playset gives them the best tools for

the job! Parents can encourage their child

to have fun and talk about their health and their body

parts. The set comes with 19 pieces of toy equipment,

including a stethoscope

with sounds, forceps,

plasters, scissors, glasses,

thermometer, blood

pressure monitor, pretend

smart phone (batteries not

included) and lots more for

plenty of imaginative play!

£35 available from



This Puffin book is celebrating its 40th

Anniversary this year. The original lifethe-flap

book, this title is a must-have

for every child’s first book collection.

It makes for the perfect birthday, christening or

Christmas present and

we hear that SLOAN!

cover star Spencer

Matthews and his wife

Vogue Williams love

reading this book to

their son Theodore.

£6.99 from all good




Splashtime 2-in-1 Hair Rinser is a

simple and stylish essential that helps

your baby enjoy bath time without

stress. The soft lip sits against your child’s head

so you can rinse their hair whilst preventing

water going into their eyes.

The 2-in-1 pouring action

allows you to rinse away

soapy suds with a gentle

rainfall shower or turn it

over for a free-flow pour

for a quick rinse.

£7.99 from



Supercharge your child’s

learning journey with this

amazingly personalised ABC

For You alphabet book. Personalisation has

been proven to boost letter recognition and get

children reading earlier. When little ones see

themselves at the centre of the story, learning

their ABCs becomes a breeze.

To personalise the book, choose your child’s

name and character, and they will be featured on

every page of their alphabet

adventure. From the colour of the

front cover to your completely

customisable dedication, each page

is personalised to your little reader.

From £21.99 available from



Wonderbly's 10 Little Yous takes your

toddler on an enchanting counting

adventure from 1 to 10, meeting

mini versions of themselves along the way! Learning

numbers has never been so much fun. Studies show

that when children see themselves in a book, it has a

profound effect on their learning and development.

Personalisation puts your toddler the centre of the

story, helping to supercharge their learning experience

and understand numbers in an immersive way.

Your child's character appears

(and magically multiplies) on

each page from two little pirates

seeking treasure to ten little

astronauts on a trip to the stars.

From £21.99 available from



This classic toy is back for a new

generation! Introduced in 1965, See

'N Say was the first talking toy that

allowed children to pick the exact phrase they

want to hear by pointing the arrow to an animal

and pulling the string.

The Farmer Says features 12 different animals

and the sounds they make.

Children will have fun, over

and over again, as they learn

all about the sounds that

their favourite animals


£19.99 available from

70 SLOAN! | E-mail us at



The Baby Balade is a progressive trike for

children from 10 months to at least 3 years

old which grows as they do.

One of the features we love is the intuitive steering

system which means only slight pressure on the parent

handle is needed to make the front wheel turn in the

targeted direction.

It's quiet too, thanks to its EVA rubber wheels.

The seat with headrest, 3 points harness and safety

ring has been designed to offer a high level of comfort

and safety for the kids, with more space for

children legs. Also there is a horn on the front


Other features we like include the retractable

footrest, steering control transfer between child

and parent, and the adjustable and removable

parent handle.

£94.99 from Argos, Very & Amazon



The Grobag Steppee gives your child all the comfort and safety

of a sleep bag but with the freedom to walk, jump and play. As a

safer alternative to loose sheets and blankets, your baby enjoys a

safe and comfortable sleep, with no loose sheets to get tangled up in or kick

off during the night.

It allows arms and legs to be free – perfect for active little ones - and is

specially designed to allow a hip-healthy natural leg position. The easy 2-way

zip opening for night-time nappy changes and the Grobag Steppee encourages

independent healthy sleeping habits. We love the cute Ollie Dreams design

and super soft cotton rich fabric that's made for comfort in ind.

Available in sizes 6-18 mths and 18-36 months in either 2.5 Tog for 16-20°C

all year round or 1.0 Tog for 20-24°C in warmer weather or for daytime naps.

£38.99 available from



This Kenwood Mixer has been specially

designed to be true to life, right down

to the last detail allowing for realistic

role play for exploring imagination and

developing social skills. The visually stimulating

replica toy has real mixing functions for added

realism and sense of achievement whilst encouraging

the development of hand-to-eye co-ordination. The

mixer has a two speed battery

powered motor or can be hand

operated if necessary. The set

includes a beater, whisk,

spatula and recipe book.

£24.45 from



The Pretend & Play® Calculator

Cash Register is a sturdy toy

cash register that's ideal

for sparking imaginative

play developing early language

and social skills in

addition to


early maths

skills and money

recognition. The large buttons are

ideally sized for little hands and the cash drawer makes

a "cha-ching" sound when used. It also features a

working solar powered calculator to extend the learning.

This UK currency set includes a pretend credit card and

44 play money pieces.

£36 from

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A Buyer’s Guide To

Antique Jewellery

Humphrey Butler is at the forefront of the

international fine antique jewellery market.

Here’s his buyer’s guide on what to consider

when purchasing antique jewellery with top

tips for both new and seasoned collectors

Humphrey Butler

Humphrey Butler was a former

auction house specialist, forging

an international career – spanning

two decades – at the forefront of

the jewellery division of Christie’s

and Sotheby’s holding positions

in Geneva, London, New York

and Paris. His knowledge and

expertise are second to none

and his loyal clientele, including

royalty and celebrity, appreciate

his total discretion. He has now

enjoyed 20 years in the business

at Humphrey Butler Ltd with a

showroom on Pall Mall.

Clients can choose from a

stunning array of both important

estate jewellery as well as more

contemporary luxury pieces

dating from the 18th Century to

the present day.

To find out more, please visit

If you know

where and how to

look, you may find

yourself a minimasterpiece

Even for relatively seasoned

collectors, the jewellery market

can be hard to navigate. Perhaps

this is one reason that so many

people just surrender themselves

to big-brand retailers, paying

hefty prices for mundane

modern jewels. However, with

a little guidance, there are real

treasures to be unearthed. Pieces

from the great era of jewellery

design, the late 19th and early

20th centuries, with a quality of

work rarely equalled by modern

manufacturers and a history (and

romance) that cannot be recreated,

remain remarkably undervalued.

If you know where and how to

look, you may find yourself a



While the rise of the internet has

meant that we have all grown used

to making purchases based on

images alone, jewels demand to

be seen in the flesh. Dealers and

auction houses all have websites

geared towards persuading you to

do otherwise, but jewellery (and

antique jewellery in particular)

needs to be seen and felt to judge

its quality. Does a bracelet catch

the hair on your wrist? Are the

links stiff? Do the band or claws

of a ring feel sharp to the touch?

That isn’t the quality you’re

looking for and, chances are, the

piece isn’t as old as it’s pretending

to be.


When dealing with pieces that

might have two hundred years

of loving use behind them, it’s

natural that there will have been

some work. A replaced ring

shank or re-tipped claws are to be

expected, but make sure the work

is done well. Invest in a jeweller’s

loupe and keep an eye out for

tell-tale dark blobs of solder –

normally a sign of shoddy work.


Fashion is your friend here. The

fact that brooches, for instance,

are deemed old fashioned means

that they are often overlooked

and underpriced. But, worn with

a little imagination, a Victorian

brooch can look spectacular. For

the price of a high-end dress or a

single pair of shoes, you can buy

something that will lift any outfit.

Also, think about conversion. A

dealership like ours will be more

than happy to help convert an old

brooch into a pendant, or set it at

the centre of a cuff or bracelet for

a much more contemporary feel.



Jewels from the great houses like

Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels,

particularly those dating from

the 1920s and 1930s, command

enormous premiums. However,

less well-known makers such as

Mauboussin or Lacloche, have

produced some fabulous things

and, while sought after, are still

buy-able. Even better, if you have

a keen eye for a French maker’s

mark (a lozenge, often with the

72 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

maker’s initials and a chosen

symbol), you may find pieces of

excellent quality surfacing from

time to time as the workshops

supplying the retailers operated

independently for much of this

period and produced top-end

jewellery without a retailer’s




In part because of the myth

surrounding fine jewellery, a myth

we dealers are guilty of creating,

and in part because of the hefty

prices modern retailers charge, all

too often people simply assume

things will be beyond their budget.

Always ask. When dealing with

antiques you may be pleasantly

surprised by what you can

afford. We take as much pleasure

(sometimes more) from seeing

someone walk away with a pair

of £1,000 earrings they thought

would be out of reach as we might

from a sale at ten or a hundred

times that price.


Part of a dealer’s job is managing

their clients’ collections. Try and

form a relationship with one or

two. Let us know what it is you’re

after and we’ll keep an eye out for

you. Our industry can seem rather

opaque; dealers’ stalls in markets,

trade fairs and dusty upstairs

offices can seem intimidating, but

we’re always happy to talk – even

if it’s just to give advice.


This is the most important tenet

and it holds true with any part of

the art or antiques market. No-one

can tell you what you should buy

and people who buy what they feel

they ought to, without loving it,

rarely buy well. Jewellery isn’t a

rational commodity, it has to move

you to be worth the expense. If the

quality is there and if the work is

sound, when you see it and think

‘I have to have that’, chances are

you’ve spotted a great jewel.

Above: Antique gem-set holbeinesque pendant -


From top: Pair of Art Deco ruby and diamond earclips -

£16,500; Antique diamond octafoil cluster ring - £15,500;

Victorian pearl and diamond twin wing brooch - £30,000;

Cartier Art Deco onyx bead and diamond sautoir necklace

- £125,000

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 73

How To Improve Your

Brain Performance

Jonathan Kemp MSc, Human Intelligence Expert and creator

of SmartWisdom, shares his expert advice on how to improve

your brain performance for your next important meeting

Great emphasis is placed on improving physical

health, but how about increasing your brain’s

performance? There are many places this can be done

but improving brain performance when managing

day-to-day knowledge can be very easy to do and has

great health benefits, particularly a feeling of being

more in control, more relaxed and confident. As

so much work time is spent in meetings, where the

ability to manage both knowledge and relationships

is key, this is a great example of where simple actions

can have great results.

To improve brain performance in all your meetings

(you can equally apply this in conference calls, phone

calls), here are a few simple brain performance tips.



Brain fact – by preparing you are clearing

your working memory before you go into

the meeting, which then enables you to focus on what

others are saying. You will also feel more relaxed and


How to do this – record what you want to say or

ask in a meeting, regardless of whether there is an

agenda. If you are busy, then just write down the top

three things that you want to cover and put a mark

next to the most important point. You can either

write this down or use your laptop (writing is often

quicker and easier). The more senior you are and the

greater the level of responsibility you have, the more

important this key action of preparation is.

Advanced planners – once you have done your

preparation you can empower your brain even further

by changing your questioning and using just one key

word: ‘could’. The question: ‘what could I cover in

the meeting’ will open the brain to new possibilities.

If you want to take it one step further and tap into

your creative thinking there are three final questions

at the end of your plan: ‘Apart from everything that

I have recorded, what other opportunities, risks or

actions are there or could there be?’ This is a very

simple process to get used to and your brain will

certainly generate ideas it would not have thought of


Point of note – if you see someone going into a

meeting without a pen, paper, laptop or tablet, you

can be reasonably certain that they have not prepared

for the meeting, and by default they are at some level

not taking the meeting or your time seriously. Their

brain will not be able to bring their best thinking

to the meeting, as the moment someone else starts

talking, their brain will start to listen to and be

distracted by what is being said… ouch! But true!



Mobiles – The efficiency of a meeting can

be transformed by one simple act… turning

off your mobile and if you are able to do so, ask

everyone else to do the same. If you want to make a

play on it, and if you are with people you respect you

can say out aloud ‘I must turn my mobile off as I do

not want to be disturbed’, turn it off in front of them

and turn it over or put it away. This is a very simple

act that shows you respect the other person and is, at

the same time, prompting them to do the same. For

your brain it means it is not tempted to try and task

switch between the mobile and the conversation and

to focus on the meeting, thereby increasing brain


Laptops – in many ways, like a mobile, are a

distraction machine. But in some ways they are

worse, as the second you open your laptop you put a

barrier between yourself and others, which increases

the temptation to start task switching. The design

of keyboards on laptops and tablets and the fact

that most people will type into a word document, is

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not an efficient use of your brain. In fact, it restricts

your brain’s ability to really question, analyse and see

the bigger picture. Why – if we go back to one of the

brain’s key restrictions – impose limitations on your

cognitive load? When you type, your primary focus is

storing accurate information in the short-term memory

and then there is the act of typing. This doesn’t leave

much brain processing available for other key mental

activities that will add value – it is a brain restrictor.

Manage the knowledge effectively – this makes all the

difference and is a powerful approach to increasing

your brain’s capabilities. There are two effective ways

of doing this and they both involve writing on either

paper or on a digital tablet. As we have seen, typing

is an inefficient use of the brain’s resources. Some

people resist writing things down. They might do this

for a variety of reasons, one of which is the connection

between note-taking and study – a not very interesting

activity to capture information for use at a later point

in time. The very thought, ‘I should take some notes’

can have a negative psychological impact. If you replace

the word ‘notes’ with the word ‘knowledge’ and think,

‘I should capture this knowledge’, your brain is being

reprogrammed to understand that this is a very valuable


Proactive note-taking – extends the brains capability,

reducing the amount of information you try to store in

the working memory by writing it down. By capturing

knowledge externally, you are effectively extending

your working memory. This reduces stress and allows

you to listen and concentrate more effectively. What

should you capture are the key points which are relevant

to you to make decisions or use later, any questions

that arise which you can not ask straight away and any

actions. I would also recommend capturing Ideas as

these come into the short-term memory very quickly

and leave just as quickly. The key with proactive notetaking

is not to record any more than you need to and

what you do capture, you should try and link together.

Next generation note-taking (Knowledge Harvesting)

– as with planning you can take your knowledge

capturing up another level and use a technique such

as SmartWisdom ( which

is scientifically proven to increase your real-time

understanding above that achieved by others by 20%[1]

(23% if you are dyslexic) and enables you to listen,

record, analyse, question and interact simultaneously

in real-time. Knowledge Harvesting enables you to

collect an hours’ worth of information on one page

which, as you work with others, you can see and use

real-time. SmartWisdom knowledge harvesting enables

you to achieve your true brain’s capabilities, to manage

knowledge effectively at a level that cannot be achieved

by anyone else who is either listening, taking traditional

notes or using a laptop. So, for example concentrating

and listening in a one hour meeting becomes easy, as

does having a holistic overview of all the knowledge,

including all the detail and being able to spot questions,

links and connections that no one else can. Remember

what has been said even 6 months later is par for the

course. In effect by increasing your cognitive skills to

this new level it also gives you a competitive edge.



There is one simple act that can help to

increase both your short-term memory and

your long-term memory and it requires no complex

brain training, yet is very powerful on a number

of levels and that is to do a quick summary of the

meeting, the key discussion points and any actions.

This is powerful because it checks you have the right

understanding of what has happened and helps to

ensure others do too. It is also a good relationships

builder, as everyone appreciates being listened to and

understood. By repeating what has happened this will

have helped your brain process the knowledge and start

to store it and make it much easier to return, too. You

then have an advantage over many people who a few

weeks or even days later look at their notes and have not

got a clue what they are about (this is normal as people

speak at about 140 words a minute and only record

around 30 if fast, so they have an incomplete record of

what has been said in the other person’s language, in a

time sequence that makes sense to them).


Jonathan Kemp MSc


Understanding some or how the brain works in

a practical work scenario, such as a meeting,

its natural structural limits and how to overcome them,

can make a big difference to optimising your brain’s

performance on a day to day basis. A secondary benefit

is that this has mental and emotional benefits such as

feeling more relaxed and more confident.

SmartWisdom is the scientifically proven advanced

note-taking technique which helps save time and increase

productivity at work. To find out more, please visit

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You can't force

people to like you. As

long as you've done

the work, it will speak

for itself, you don't

have to speak for it


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SLOAN! talks to Luke Hobson about his new postapocalyptic

thriller Edge of Extinction & his life as an actor


How would you describe the character you

play in your new film Edge of Extinction?

I would describe 'The Boy' as lonely, isolated

L and highly intelligent. When I first read

the short film version of the script, what

fascinated me the most was the idea of first

contact with another person after years of living a

solitary life. I could just imagine his mind going

at 100mph! What would you do, what would you

say? Especially in a situation in which society has

descended into chaos. Playing a character that

lacks so much trust was interesting too, because

so much of our lives rely on trusting others, and

when that is taken away I think you're left with

paranoia of anything different to you.


What was the hardest part of being an actor

during the unprecedented times of the

Coronavirus pandemic?

The hardest part is not knowing when things

L will kick off again. But to be honest, I've felt

that it has helped knowing that you're not

missing anything. When it's quiet it is quite easy

to get stuck wondering what else is going on that

you may have missed, but it's a big weight off your

shoulders knowing that very little is. It's a good

time for actors to step back and focus on their

craft or learning new skills, since the race has

been halted.


What did your lockdown life look like? What

did you do? Did you learn any new skills?

I've spent a lot of time writing, I also enrolled

L on a writing course which has kept my weeks

busy. It's been great to be creative without

any pressure, and also to be able to read other

people's work. I'm an avid gamer too, so that's

filled up a fair few hours! I've been lucky enough

to hold down a work from home job too over this

period, which has helped with the bills!


What is something that you know now that

you wish someone had told you when you

were first starting out as an actor?

Stop trying to be someone you're not. Be

L yourself, no one else does that. Those quirks

you worry are annoying? They're not,

they define you. Use it! Also, your job is 90%

auditioning, the sooner you learn to love it, the




Is there a particular role you really wanted,

but didn't get?

There very much is a role... unfortunately it

is yet to be released so I'm still under NDA

and can't discuss the project. But the script

was amazing. If anything is a 'dream role' this

one was it. I actually took time off work for two

weeks in order to prepare for the audition. I got

great feedback from the Casting Department and

Director, and so ultimately I did my job, but I just

wasn't right. And that's another thing I wish I had

been told, you can do everything in your power

to do your best, but sometimes you just aren't

right for that character, and that's okay. As long

as you do yourself justice in the room, people will

remember you.


What is the scariest part of an audition?

I always find the chat the scariest bit if I'm

L honest. If every audition just required you to

walk in, do the scene, and leave again, I'd be

a very happy man. I have a tendency to ramble

because of nervous energy which causes me to

make bad jokes and go on tangents, so a lot of my

preparation is spent making sure I'm relaxed.


What advice would you give people who need

to give a good first impression?

Stop trying so hard. Breathe. You can't force

L people to like you. As long as you've done the

work, it will speak for itself, you don't have to

speak for it.


If you could choose, what three actors/

actresses would you really want to work with

and what would you hope to learn from each.

I have a ridiculously long list of people I want

L to work with! First, it would need to be Tom

Hanks. The guy is a power house of emotion,

I'd like to know how to access that and let it take

the lead in scenes. Fiona Shaw, because she is an

absolute master of the craft. She always places

scenes perfectly, and her inner monologue and

how she feels is so clear. She also has an amazing

control over tension and knows just where to place

it. Lastly, Joaquin Phoenix, I'd be happy to just sit

in on set and watch his preparation and how he

adjusts his performance take by take.


What 3 things are you most grateful for?

I'm grateful to be surrounded by people who

L support and believe in me, which is the best

thing anybody could ask for. I'm grateful for

my partner's patience when I'm unemployed, and

I'm grateful for knowing I can still afford to eat.

Read the full interview on

Edge of Extinction is available on Digital

Download now

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Spider-Man - Far

From Home

Alita: Battle Angel

Men In Black: International

The Lion King

Gemini Man

Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc Ignim

ullacca ecatqui acid

esciam, sustius,

Once Upon a Time in



Mistress of Evil

Toy Story 4

NOW TV Spring Highlights

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The Great Gatsby

No Country For Old Men

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Our favourite movie highlights this spring included Spiderman: Far From Home, Men In Black:

International, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Alita: Battle Angel, Gemini Man, Downton Abbey: The

Movie, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, The Great Gatsby and No Country for Old Men.

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