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MeDuSa DeSiGnS iS

a StuDio coMMitteD

to tHe Delivery

oF PowerFul anD

StrateGically SounD

BranD SolutionS...

we PriDe ourSelveS

on our exPertiSe

in every Facet oF

tHe BranD creative


From Design and development of inspiring logos to the creation of Holistic

Brand Specific Guidelines that are thoroughly and precisely implemented

into all collateral associated with the effective marketing of a Business.

we were commissioned to refine the

Reviv logo for use within their retail

stores. the rebranding exercise

proved so successful that we were

asked to redesign the packaging for

their complete range of products.


CaseStudy One

Product Branding

A Japanese Bread and Pastry Bakehouse...with cheek.

Hello Happy is driven by the need to inject fun into our

lives. The Hello Happy brand was conceived with this

goal in mind. To allow the customer to develop an intimate

emotional attachment with the Brand. The ‘fun’ aspects

enhance the experience and provide an

enjoyment and relief from the daily grind.

CaseStudy Two 02 Retail Franchise Branding


Situated in Chifley Plaza, Stilo presents a venue that

believes passionately in the food service industry.

The space was broken into three separate precincts, the

bar, cafe and deli. Each area was branded

separately yet collectively they speak in the same

language. All the various signage components have a

powerful tangible quality about them.

CaseStudy Three

Cafe Branding

Finite’s acquisition and merger with a

larger competitor demanded a rebrand

for the business to take it forward.

A human resources company that

specialises in Information technology

demanded an innovative and edgy brand

that expressed the business ethos and

mantra... “The Whole is only as strong

as the sum of it’s parts”.


CaseStudy Four

Corporate Branding

tHe loGo iS tHe

Focal Point oF any

iDentity SySteM

anD tHe key to

it’S accePtance.

it inHaBitS

environMentS anD

aPPlicationS anD

MuSt look at HoMe

in eacH one.

to help add to the ‘coffee house’

experience, Gloria Jeans Coffees

commissioned the development of

a series of customised graphics

that could be utilised within the

stores. the graphics are intended to

compliment the interiors and create

a dynamic that helps to reinforce GJc

Brand. the methods of application

varied from store to store, from

column fabricated graphics to timber

frame wall mounted pictures.


CaseStudy Five

Environmental Art

Situated on Victoria Road in Gladesville, 161 Centre

is an environmentally friendly business space that

features bamboo and timbers to compliment it’s

neutral tones. Creating a font to mimic the cut’s in bamboo

gives the brand a unique feature, which

is carried throughout the building and collateral.

Dimensional signage made from dark timbers create

a space with depth, while the bamboo font became the

staple of the brand.


CaseStudy Seven

Property Development Branding

We were commissioned to create a promo for

Caravan, a catering company, that was in spirit of

Christmas whilst at the same time showcasing an innovative

approach to food presentation.

The theme was based around food and eating which is a

favorite pastime of lovers of the jolly season..


CaseStudy Eight



tHere iS no queStion

tHat a Great naMe iS

tHe keyStone to a Great

BranD iDentity.

More iMPortantly

tHe naMe GiveS tHe

BranD an oPPortunity

to Be DiStinctive,

MeMoraBle, ownaBle

anD iDentiFiaBle.

a fusion of italian foods and

Japanese flavours is what inspires

MarioTokyo. the branding conveys

this in every aspect. the humour,

colour and dynamic of the graphics

help to create a visually unique

identity and provide the means

through which to market the Brand in

an effortless yet impacting manner.


CaseStudy Six

Retail Franchise Branding

Rosebud is a bar and restaurant located in the

entertainment savvy suburb of Roselle/Balmain. The aim

was to develop a brand that was minimal yet provided

impact in a tasteful way... a reflection, you could say, of the

space and the offering. The splash of red was utilised for

dynamics while the emotive brush strokes convey quality

and wholesomeness. A strong emphasis on marketing was

implemented to develop and build a strong awareness for

the Rosebud.


CaseStudy Nine

Restaurant Branding

The Clarence represents an exciting development

combining commercial, residential and retail areas.

This fusion was reflected in the branding developed for

the building. Many facets of the visual branding of the

building were developed. From wayfinding signage and

web site to marketing material and adverts.


CaseStudy Ten

Property Development Branding

Serbia’s greatest dance ensemble,

KOLO, toured throughout Australia and

played to packed audiences at the

Sydney Opera House. We developed a

broad range of marketing material that

helped promote the event. We also

designed a range of merchandise, including

CD covers, t-shirts, posters and

postcards, for sale on the nights.


CaseStudy Eleven

Cultural Branding

tHe loGo (or BranD Mark)

eMBoDieS tHe eSSence oF a

BuSineSS. it iS tHe viSual

iDentiFyinG ancHor oF tHe BranD

tHrouGH wHicH tHe core valueS

oF tHe BuSineSS are

conveyeD anD exPreSSeD to tHe

enD reciPient.

Bayton,a market leader in Hospital

cleaning Solutions, were looking at

expanding into several new industry

areas (including Hotel and corporate)

and in so doing decided on a brand

redesign to convey the change.

the brand was developed and

implemented into their

existing infrastructure and a new set

of marketing collateral were rolled

our to herald the change.


CaseStudy Twelve

Corporate Branding

Held at Customs House, the Ai Stratis

Photographic exhibition documented the

life and time of the photographer. As well

as the Programme for the event we

designed the Circular Quay forecourt

banners, invitations and postcards to

herald the event.


CaseStudy Thirteen

Cultural Event Branding

Great DeSiGn connectS

witH tHe auDience. it

lureS, enGaGeS anD

exPreSSeS anD in

DoinG So iMPartS tHe

MeSSaGe conciSely anD


Eremea is a company that specialises in

caring for the sick and elderly.

An appropriate Brand was designed

and developed to reflect the essence

and ethos of the business. The visual

language has a softness and a truth that

conveys itself in every piece of collateral

from signage to brochure to corporate



CaseStudy Fourteen

Commercial Branding

Coco Cubano opened it’s first store along the golden mile

in Kings Cross followed by the second on Taylor Square.

It is inspired by all things Cuba. Wall graphics are applied

using stencils, red is splashed in all things expressing the

brand and every component of the brand is put together

in an erratic and highly dramatic manner to convey the

energy and vibe of Cuba.


CaseStudy Fifteen

Retail Franchise Branding

Situated in the heart of a suburban village atmosphere

IlVillaggio taps into all things natural with a hint of

nostalgia. Departmental signage marks the various

areas of the store, whilst the children’s poems applied

to walls bring out the child in us all and remind us of the

bygone days, when fruits were grown by farmers and not



CaseStudy Sixteen

Store Branding

to coincide with RPA Hospital’s

new wing developments and

refurbishment of existing wings, we

were asked to develop a complete

package of graphics incorporating

super graphics and door signage as

well as directory boards and other

wayfinding elements


CaseStudy Seventeen

Property Environmental Branding

occassionally we treat ourselves to

some Medusa Designs self promotion

and no time seems as approporiate

as christmas.this Shotglass/

coaster set was a vehicle to delivery

some humour to our customers fused

seamlessly with a collection of custom

pieces of art. it proved so successful

that we were asked to create a similar

christmas gift for a paper merchant

two years later that showcased

their paper and various printing



CaseStudy Eighteen

Promotional Branding

When Sumo Salad approached us in 2003 they had only

one store that was in dire need of some design work. We

re-designed their complete branding and implemented it

into every facet of their business. In less than two years

they are twelve strong stores and growing.


CaseStudy Nineteen

Retail Franchise Branding

The multi-national company, Tyco, created a new subbrand

business geared at the development of a GPS unit.

We were commissioned to create a name, develop a Brand

and implement it throughout the marketing collateral.

The name Gogo was embraced and from the outset we

developed a strategy that would differentiate Tyco from

the crowd. Gogo took on the characteristics of a worldly

travelled dynamic Brand... An Adventurer...

A Go-er. Gogo Became a Brand that would Go Places.


CaseStudy Twenty

Product Branding

Bowan Island Bakery was a pioneer

in the Sydney Bread making industry.

over the years, however, they lost

some of the edge, due largely to the

infiltration of many competitors to the

scene. in order to convince people,

once more, to take notice of the product

it was important for us to develop

a Brand that differentiated itself from

others. the result was a Brand that

highlighted the product and reveled

itself above the heads and shoulders

of the competition.


CaseStudy Twenty One

Product Branding

our aiM iS to

ProviDe clientS

witH a viSual

BranDinG tHat

raiSeS tHeir

iDentity aBove tHe

coMPetitorS anD

SPeakS to tHeir

enD conSuMer

clearly anD


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