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tHere iS no queStion

tHere iS no queStion tHat a Great naMe iS tHe keyStone to a Great BranD iDentity. More iMPortantly tHe naMe GiveS tHe BranD an oPPortunity to Be DiStinctive, MeMoraBle, ownaBle anD iDentiFiaBle. a fusion of italian foods and Japanese flavours is what inspires MarioTokyo. the branding conveys this in every aspect. the humour, colour and dynamic of the graphics help to create a visually unique identity and provide the means through which to market the Brand in an effortless yet impacting manner. 06 CaseStudy Six Retail Franchise Branding

Rosebud is a bar and restaurant located in the entertainment savvy suburb of Roselle/Balmain. The aim was to develop a brand that was minimal yet provided impact in a tasteful way... a reflection, you could say, of the space and the offering. The splash of red was utilised for dynamics while the emotive brush strokes convey quality and wholesomeness. A strong emphasis on marketing was implemented to develop and build a strong awareness for the Rosebud. 09 CaseStudy Nine Restaurant Branding The Clarence represents an exciting development combining commercial, residential and retail areas. This fusion was reflected in the branding developed for the building. Many facets of the visual branding of the building were developed. From wayfinding signage and web site to marketing material and adverts. 10 CaseStudy Ten Property Development Branding

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