Newsletter 25- 10.07.20






A word from the Principal...


As we race towards the end of the school year, we are reacting to yet more Government guidance

on how we should be opening in September. There will be a number of changes in September and

I have detailed these in a letter to you today. All of the changes made are done so to ensure your

children’s safety and in line with Government guidance.

It is usually at this time of year that we are preparing our entries for the Ludgvan Horticultural

Show. However, due to the pandemic, this show has been moved to an online platform with the

opportunity to submit online entries. Your child’s teacher may have already encouraged participation

through Seesaw, but it would be lovely to see as many children from Ludgvan School getting

involved as possible and supporting a fantastic community event. More information can be found


Next week is our final full week and will be the last week of teachers setting home learning that

needs to be submitted. If you have loaned a school Chromebook during this lockdown period, can

you please return it to school and ensure it is handed to a member of staff.

As always, if there is anything we can support you with or you have any questions, please do not

hesitate to get in touch.

Stay safe,

Mr Adam Anderson


Home Learning...

This week in Early Years we have been learning all about lighthouses. The children

enjoyed listening to the story of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and finding

out how Mr and Mrs Gringling came up with different plans to stop the seagulls

from eating the lunch. They had some very creative ideas of their own!

They worked incredibly hard drawing their own story maps and wrote a shopping

list for ingredients to make their favourite sandwich. We used the internet

to research all about lighthouses and then had a go at making our own lighthouses

using a selection of different resources.

Just before lockdown each child planted a sunflower seed. They then took them

home to look after and I can’t believe how well the children have cared for

their plants.

Home learning...

This week Year 1 have been enjoying lots of pirate adventures! They have

been solving pirate riddles, writing messages to put in bottles and even making

their own treasure maps! We have been so impressed with all of their brilliant

ideas - especially when naming different places on their treasure maps.

As well as all of this, they have still managed to find time to learn about place

value in maths and complete lots of phonic challenges. Well done Year 1 - keep

up your hard work!

Home learning...

This week Year 2 have been following a learning theme about Pirates. The

children have been creating their own pirate treasure maps, messages in bottles

and creating wanted posters for Captain Blackbeard. They have also been

writing their own pirate rules for onboard their pirate ships and have been writing

their own pirate stories after looking at two favourite texts. Alongside this

the children have done a super job revising written methods for calculations in

maths, as well as being introduced to the 6 timetable! Well done Year 2, keep

up the good work.

Home learning...

Year 3 have taken part in various activities involving several foundation subjects this

week. We have recorded ourselves greeting people in French, counted to ten and also

asked how others were feeling. A few members also completed observational drawings,

focusing on detail, shading and pencil contour. For geography, class 3 have looked at

the 7 continents, their positioning on a world map and also have explored capital cities

within Europe. Several members have been practising their research skills to find out

some information about one particular continent of their choice and have managed to

find some great facts all by themselves.

Home Learning...

Year 4 have been busy this week exploring our topic with a focus on coasts this

week. They’ve learnt about different coastal habitats, including reefs, mangroves

and rock pools, and created some amazing posters and presentations.

Year 4 all had a go at origami sea animals this week, they were quite tricky but

really fun! Whilst learning about erosion some of the children went to see erosion

first hand, taking pictures and creating videos to talk about the process.

Outside of the tasks set, the children have continued to share pictures of what

they have been getting up to. This week, Poppy made sausage rolls to send to

her Papa, wonderful!

Home learning...

This week Class 5 have completed their stories from different cultures, there were

many important moral messages included in them such as acceptance and standing

up for your beliefs. There were stories from the Indigenous Australian people about

joining the Southern and Eastern Crocodiles together after being separated for so

long; Eastern Africa from a small village in Somalia about a lion born with red eye and

who was not accepted but still gained strength and resilience regardless; Leprechaun

stories from Ireland to help them get through the ‘Great Hunger’, ‘An Gorta Mor’ and

so many more. It was also great to see work completed about Cornish mining history;

learning about the terrible conditions the adults and children had to deal with. In

maths they have been learning about transformation and reading different types of

graphs. There has been a lot of creativity this week from the children, they have been

designing and painting rocks for the ‘new rock river’ at school. The children have also

been taking creative photographs which are at the standard of a professional for the

Ludgvan Horticultural Society Competition.

Home learning...

This week Year 6 have been writing their own Hope for the Future poems!

These have been sent to a poetry competition hosted by a Cornish poet. It has

been created to celebrate the re-opening of the Edge of the Word Bookshop.

The title was set by the competition hosts, but the children have written their

poems about whatever they interpreted ‘Hope for the Future’ to be. We’ve had

some fantastic poems about unpolluted seas; helping endangered animals and

no more deforestation, to name a few. We’ve also been being very creative

with activities such as helping Mr Richards build a new chicken coop and contributing

to the rock river by painting our own rocks.

In class this Friday we watched Boris Johnson’s speech to the school Year 6

leavers. He spoke about the fact that we’ve lost the last few months of our

school and thanked us on behalf of all the hundreds of thousands of lives

we’ve saved. He also spoke about how - because of this crisis - we now have

a chance to rebuild this country bigger and stronger and how we will be a big

part of that as the next generation. He explained how the skills we’ve learnt in

lockdown - strength, resilience, determination, empathy, patience and self-discipline

- will be a key part in our new future. He also quoted Winston Churchill

in saying ‘Keep picking yourself up, keep trying again and never, never give

up!’ This week Year 6 newsletter has been written by: Harlyn Sykes (Head girl)

and Isaac Hutchings (Head boy).

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