Southeast Messenger - July 12th, 2020

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southeast<br />

<strong>July</strong> 12-25, <strong>2020</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XXXVIII, No. 2<br />

And the walls come tumbling down<br />

The changing face of<br />

Groveport’s Main Street<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Southeast</strong> Editor<br />

The claw of a trackhoe demolished a<br />

100-year-old house at 480 Main St. in<br />

Groveport on June 30<br />

The demolition makes way for potential<br />

commercial development at the city of<br />

Groveport owned properties (480 and 490<br />

Main St.) located on the northwest corner<br />

of Main and College streets.<br />

The trackhoe operator quickly demolished<br />

the house and the snapping sounds<br />

of crackling, smashing, and crumbling<br />

filled the air. Items from the house’s interior<br />

that had never been exposed to the<br />

outside air were now bathed in sunlight.<br />

The inside became the outside<br />

Over its history, the 2,048 square foot,<br />

seven room, two-story frame house served<br />

as a family home as well as the site for<br />

businesses such as Bill and Ruth’s<br />

Restaurant, Applause Four Paws dog<br />

groomers, a photography studio, and as a<br />

site for Sophie’s food truck.<br />

Groveport resident Pat Reiter, who<br />

lived upstairs in the house with his family<br />

from 1982-89, sat nearby and watched the<br />

demolition take place.<br />

“It’s kind of sad to see it come down,”<br />

said Reiter. “I and my family have lots of<br />

good memories of living there. We had<br />

good Christmases there. My son, when he<br />

was six-years-old, used to build forts in<br />

the attic.”<br />

Reiter, whose family rented the home,<br />

remodeled part of the house and made<br />

repairs while living there. As he watched<br />

the trackhoe tear apart the upstairs bathroom,<br />

he saw the bathtub come tumbling<br />

down.<br />

“I put in that nice bathtub liner,” said<br />

Reiter. “It was the biggest bathroom you<br />

ever saw. It was so big we had a freezer in<br />

it. The bathroom filled the whole upstairs<br />

back of the house.”<br />

Reiter said he also fixed some plumbing<br />

and lighting in the house while he<br />

lived there.<br />

“It had a great country kitchen and a<br />

beautiful corner fireplace,” said Reiter.<br />

While he was disappointed to see the<br />

house come down, Reiter said he hopes<br />

city official will do something soon to<br />

develop the properties the city owns at<br />

Photos by Marie Kujawski<br />

The house at 480 Main St. in Groveport was demolished on June 30 to make way for<br />

future development at the northwest corner of Main and College streets.<br />

480 and 490 Main St.<br />

“The city has a beautiful spot to develop<br />

something now,” said Reiter. “Let’s do<br />

something with it. Let’s get it done.”<br />

He said he, like many other city residents,<br />

would like to see a diner or family<br />

style restaurant on the site.<br />

“I love this town,” said Reiter. “Let’s<br />

build on our historic downtown!”<br />

The old house had many lives in its 100<br />

years that served past generations. It is<br />

gone now, but like other vanished structures<br />

in Groveport’s history, maybe something<br />

new will rise in its place for present<br />

and future generations to use and enjoy.<br />

Background<br />

On April 27, Groveport City Council<br />

approved legislation to authorized the<br />

purchase of the 0.19 acre property at 480<br />

Main St. for $150,000.<br />

The 480 Main St. property is adjacent<br />

to 490 Main St., a 0.492 acre site that the<br />

city purchased for $250,000 in 2018. That<br />

property previously was the home of<br />

Stebe’s Sales Inc., a used car business<br />

that operated there for many years.<br />

Groveport Development Director Jeff<br />

Green has said the purchase of 480 Main<br />

St. enhances the chances of the whole<br />

northwest corner of Main and College<br />

streets being developed and that it would<br />

“maximize the development potential of<br />

See WALLS, page 12<br />

A chimney on the house tumbles down<br />

during the demolition.<br />

Hometown Realtor<br />

Marylee Bendig<br />

580 Main St., Groveport, OH 43125<br />

(614) 218-1097<br />

marylee@maryleebendig.com<br />

Sain Insurance Agency Inc.<br />

Lisa Sain, Agent<br />

Groveport, OH 43125<br />

www.lisasain.com<br />

Bus: 614-830-0450<br />

A name you KNOW,<br />

the name you TRUST<br />

New board<br />

member named<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Southeast</strong> Editor<br />

LaToya Dowdell-<br />

Burger is the newest<br />

member of the<br />

Groveport Madison<br />

Board of Education.<br />

On <strong>July</strong> 8, the<br />

board unanimously<br />

approved her<br />

appointment to fill<br />

the vacancy left by<br />

the resignation of<br />

LaToya<br />

Dowdell-Burger<br />

Bryan Shoemaker,<br />

who announced his immediate resignation<br />

from the board on June 10 citing his recent<br />

move outside of the school district.<br />

Shoemaker was serving in his third term<br />

on the board, having been first elected in<br />

November 2010. Dowdell-Burger will complete<br />

the remainder of Shoemaker’s term<br />

of office, which concludes on Dec. 31, 2021.<br />

“We are extraordinarily pleased with<br />

the outcome of this process,” said Board<br />

President Libby Gray. “There were seven<br />

interested and very qualified applicants.<br />

In the end, Ms. Dowdell-Burger proved<br />

herself the best fit to carry forward the district’s<br />

vision. She brings to the table a commitment<br />

to the education of the children of<br />

Groveport Madison Schools. She is highly<br />

respected, has extensive leadership experience,<br />

and understands the board’s role<br />

with respect to governance through policy<br />

development and oversight. The board is<br />

very excited to welcome Ms. Dowdell-<br />

Burger. We look forward to working with<br />

her as we confront some very challenging<br />

circumstances and decisions in the weeks<br />

See BOARD, page 4<br />

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PAGE 2 - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - <strong>July</strong> 12, <strong>2020</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Fourth of <strong>July</strong> in Groveport was different this year<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Southeast</strong> Editor<br />

The Fourth of <strong>July</strong> in Groveport - normally a day of<br />

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boisterous celebrations, a festive parade, and spectacular<br />

fireworks - was a subdued holiday this year after city officials<br />

cancelled the day’s traditional events because of the<br />

ongoing coronavirus pandemic.<br />

The town was eerily quiet on this steamy and hot<br />

Fourth of <strong>July</strong>, except for the occasional crackle and<br />

bang of backyard fireworks being set off around<br />

town.<br />

Normally by the morning of Independence Day<br />

people would begin setting out lawn chairs along<br />

Main Street to stake out their spots for the parade.<br />

By the evening of the Fourth of <strong>July</strong> each year the<br />

town would be filled with people coming to see the<br />

fireworks display. Not this year. The streets were<br />

empty and ghostly silent throughout the day.<br />

One parade float did appear at the corner of<br />

College and Main streets as the city parked its traditional<br />

float, that usually carries the mayor and<br />

council members in the parade, at that site. A sign<br />

on the empty float read, “We will see you in 2021.<br />

Happy 4th of <strong>July</strong>!’<br />

Though there was no traditional parade, festival,<br />

or fireworks in Groveport, the town’s residents still<br />

celebrated the nation’s independence in their own<br />

ways. People gathered in small groups of family and<br />

friends for backyard parties and cookouts. It was<br />

clear no virus could keep Americans from celebrating<br />

the nation’s birth.<br />

“We miss the fireworks because Groveport<br />

always has a magnificent display,” said Groveport<br />

resident Steven Thomson at a small gathering his<br />

family hosted. “We are still going to celebrate our<br />

American heritage and honor our great nation.”<br />

At another small backyard gathering, Groveport<br />

resident Nicole Prestifilippo said about the cancelled<br />

Independence Day festivities, “It’s sad for the<br />

kids. The Fourth of <strong>July</strong> is my kids absolute favorite<br />

holiday. People come from all over to celebrate in<br />

Groveport on the Fourth. It’s a great community.”<br />

Another backyard party was held at the nearby<br />

Eberst home<br />

“It’s not as much fun this year,” said Groveport<br />

resident Joe Eberst as he played a game of cornhole<br />

with friends. “We miss the parade and fireworks.<br />

It’s all smaller this year. We’ll make the best of it.”<br />

A large American flag, accompanied by an array<br />

of smaller flags, decorated the front of the Campbell<br />

home on Main Street.<br />

“I put the large flag out every Fourth, but this<br />

year we added a ton of flags in our yard,” said Matt<br />

Campbell. “I feel like since there were no standard<br />

celebrations, (parade, food, fireworks) that not as<br />

many people decorated their houses this year. I<br />

wanted any veteran who drove by to know that we<br />

appreciate the sacrifices they made to achieve the<br />

freedoms we enjoy. A truck pulled up out front this<br />

morning while I was on the porch and a man said,<br />

‘Wow, those flags look fantastic, thanks for putting<br />

them up, God Bless America!’ We had lots of honking<br />

and waving today.”<br />

As for the subdued nature of the Fourth,<br />

Campbell said, “I saw lots of people hanging out at<br />

home versus walking to a food vendor or going to<br />

Heritage Park and, while I miss the parade and<br />

fireworks, it was nice not having so much traffic on<br />

Main Street.”<br />

City officials have said they hope to shoot off the<br />

fireworks, originally planned for the Fourth of <strong>July</strong>,<br />

on the evening of Apple Butter Day on Oct. 10. As of<br />

this date, Apple Butter Day has not been cancelled<br />

because of the coronavirus.<br />

<strong>July</strong> 4, <strong>2020</strong> marked 244 years since the United<br />

Photos by Marie Kujawski<br />

Flags adorned the length of Groveport’s Main Street on<br />

the Fourth of <strong>July</strong>, but the street, normally packed with<br />

parade watchers, was empty and quiet this<br />

Independence Day because the parade, along with the<br />

annual fireworks and the festival along Wirt Road, were<br />

cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.<br />

(See more photos on page 3 and online at www.columbusmessenger.com.)<br />

The Campbell home in Groveport displayed a large<br />

American flag and an array of smaller flags on the Fourth<br />

of <strong>July</strong>.<br />

States declared its independence from Great Britain. A lot<br />

of things have happened in <strong>2020</strong> that make it a tough year<br />

for everyone, but it is good to know that, in spite of the<br />

nation’s difficulties, its citizens still take time to note the<br />

country’s birth and to carry on.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

More photos from <strong>July</strong> 4 in Groveport, continued from page 2<br />

Visit<br />

columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>July</strong> 12, <strong>2020</strong> - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - PAGE 3<br />

Visit<br />

columbusmessenger.com<br />

The Thomson home in Groveport decked<br />

out in red, white, and blue.<br />


Beplerinsurance.com<br />

614.837.4379<br />

staff@beplerinsurance.com<br />

3246 Noe Bixby Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43232<br />

Photos by Marie Kujawski<br />

While the annual city Fourth of <strong>July</strong><br />

events were cancelled this year, it did not<br />

stop many Groveport residents from celebrating<br />

the nation’s birth in their own<br />

ways with small gatherings of family and<br />

friends. Pictured here is Joe Eberst playing<br />

cornhole with some friends at a backyard<br />

party.<br />

The city of Groveport’s empty Fourth of<br />

<strong>July</strong> parade float was parked at the corner<br />

of College and Main streets on<br />

Independence Day with this message<br />

from city officials, “We will see you in<br />

2021. Happy 4th of <strong>July</strong>!”<br />

Our Family Caring For Yours<br />

Dr. Sacheen Garrison<br />

5055 S. Hamilton Road<br />

Groveport, OH 43125 614-836-0500<br />


PAGE 4 - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - <strong>July</strong> 12, <strong>2020</strong><br />

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BOARD<br />

Continued from page 1<br />

and months ahead.”<br />

Dowdell-Burger served in the Ohio<br />

Army National Guard and has worked as a<br />

civilian employee in the U.S. Department<br />

of Veterans Affairs for the past 10 years,<br />

currently serving as a human resources<br />

specialist. She also has her own private<br />

consulting business.<br />

According to information she submitted<br />

with her application for the board seat, she<br />

is skilled in a variety of computer software<br />

programs and has experience and knowledge<br />

dealing with complex issues, project<br />

management, evaluations/investigations,<br />

presentations, interpreting regulations,<br />

research, customer service, and creating,<br />

developing successful processes, policies,<br />

budgeting, training, performance management,<br />

and procedures.<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

southeast<br />

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Rick Palsgrove ...................................<strong>Southeast</strong> Editor<br />

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copy.<br />

“I am committed to my children’s education<br />

and to ensure that of all children in<br />

Groveport Madison Local Schools receive<br />

the best possible education we can provide,”<br />

said Dowdell-Burger. “I am very<br />

detail-oriented and an extremely hardworking<br />

professional — one who will bring<br />

brightness to the team and serve as a<br />

model to encourage others. I will thoughtfully<br />

use my life and work experiences to<br />

inform and guide my interactions with parents,<br />

teachers, and the District’s administration<br />

as we work together for the benefit<br />

of our students.”<br />

The other applicants for the board seat<br />

were Seth Bower, Wayne Bryan, Lisa<br />

Butts, Aaron England, Lori Rea, and John<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com <strong>July</strong> 12, <strong>2020</strong> - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - PAGE 5<br />

Active Lifestyles<br />

A bi-monthly feature celebrating our<br />

community’s senior citizens<br />

Groveport Farmers’ Market is up and running<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Southeast</strong> Editor<br />

The summer heat did not discourage<br />

vendors and customers from enjoying the<br />

opening day of the Groveport Farmers’<br />

Market on June 30.<br />

Eight vendors selling items including<br />

maple syrup, jams and jellies, baked goods,<br />

crafts, and more lined up to serve customers<br />

in market’s new location this year<br />

in the parking lot of Groveport Madison<br />

Middle School Central, 751 Main St. in<br />

Groveport.<br />

“Business is good,” said Ashlin Bullock,<br />

who was working in the Williams Maple<br />

Products booth. “We worked at Apple<br />

Butter Day last year and did well and had a<br />

lot of interest from customers so we decided<br />

to participate in the farmers’ market, too.<br />

The company owner told me, ‘If you want to<br />

do it (the farmers’ market) it’s all yours.”<br />

Katherine Jones of Royal Cottage Fruit<br />

Jams and Butters also said business was<br />

good at the farmers’ market. She and<br />

Damitric Rembert have worked other<br />

farmers’ markets in the area and wanted<br />

to give Groveport a try.<br />

See MARKET, page 6<br />

Photo by Marie Kujawski<br />

Ashlin Bullock arranges bottles of maple<br />

syrup at the Williams Maple Products<br />

booth at the Groveport Farmers’ Market.<br />

The market opened for the season on<br />

June 30 in the parking lot of Groveport<br />

Madison Middle School Central, 751 Main<br />

St. (See additional photo online at<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com.)<br />

Lockbourne scavenger hunt<br />

Rediscover Lockbourne presents a family<br />

scavenger hunt on <strong>July</strong> 17 at 7 p.m.<br />

Start at Boot Jack Square, 85 Commerce<br />

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leading you from one location to another.<br />

Cost: $10 per family. Register<br />

Obetz Splash Pad open<br />

The Obetz Splash Pad is open the season.According<br />

to village officials, starting<br />

<strong>July</strong> 1, the Splash Pad will be free to use<br />

for everyone during the <strong>2020</strong> season.<br />

Before visiting, read the Splash Pad Rules<br />

and Regulations at obetz.oh.us/splash-pad.<br />

www.eventbrite.com.<br />


A connection to care<br />

and independence<br />

Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging<br />

(COAAA) is a local resource that helps older<br />

adults and individuals with disabilities remain<br />

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With the assistance of area providers,<br />

COAAA connects people to long-term care services<br />

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COAAA can help address the concerns and needs<br />

of caregivers, those who help loved ones with<br />

health needs. COAAA staff can advise caregivers<br />

on senior housing, professional in-home help, and<br />

respite care that provides temporary relief to caregivers.<br />

COAAA is here to assist individuals during<br />

and after the health crisis by finding services and<br />

supports that enable individuals to live independently.<br />

If residents need help at home or if one<br />

needs information about services and resources<br />

for their loved ones, COAAA can be reached by<br />

phone at 800-589-7277 Monday through Friday<br />

from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information about<br />

COAAA, visit www.coaaa.org. COAAA manages<br />

services for 10,500 people and funds services<br />

for another 25,000 older adults in eight counties:<br />

Delaware, Fairfield, Fayette, Franklin,<br />

Licking, Madison, Pickaway, and Union.<br />

Even though our popular ‘Medicare for Beginners’<br />

workshops at<br />

Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging (COAAA) are postponed to keep all<br />

of us safe during these extraordinary times, our staff is still here to help<br />

you with your Medicare questions. If you’re new to Medicare, need<br />

help navigating the Medicare system, or have questions about your<br />

options, COAAA is here to help. Call, email, or visit COAAA’s<br />

Medicare page for more information.<br />

medicare@coaaa.org 800-589-7277<br />

coaaa.org/medicare<br />

COAAA A connects you to resources and services that help you or your loved ones<br />

remain independent at home for as long as possible. Through aging or disability,<br />

we have the knowledge and experience to help you maintain your dignity,<br />

independence, and sense of self.<br />

COAAA does not represent or<br />

sell insurance products.<br />

Funded in part by:

PAGE 6 - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - <strong>July</strong> 12, <strong>2020</strong><br />

MARKET<br />

Continued from page 5<br />

“We wanted to venture out,” said Jones.<br />

Dwan Kraft of Kraft’s Kreations, a baked goods company,<br />

also agreed business at the market was “not too<br />

bad.”<br />

“We came here last year, too,” said Kraft of the<br />

Groveport Farmers’ Market.<br />

Like much everything else in a world revamped by the<br />

ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Groveport Farmers’<br />

Market is a bit different this year.<br />

Groveport Community Affairs Director Patty Storts<br />

said the farmers’ market will only feature vendors this<br />

year offering items such as fresh produce, baked goods,<br />

and jams and jellies.<br />

“There will be no entertainment, no children’s activities,<br />

or theme days due to COVID-19,” said Storts. “Only<br />

Active Lifestyles<br />

vendors this year. We need to follow the guidelines issued<br />

from Franklin County Public Health due to COVID-19.”<br />

Storts said the farmers market plays a vital role in the<br />

community.<br />

“Residents can develop face-to-face relationships with<br />

the farmers who grow their food and can contribute<br />

directly to local farm sustainability,” said Storts.<br />

“Groveport residents also benefit from being engaged<br />

with the vendors and their neighbors. Farmers’ markets<br />

reconnect communities to their food system. They create<br />

opportunities where farmers can simultaneously sell<br />

fresh, local food and serve as<br />

food educators, revitalizing<br />

the way consumers shop and<br />

eat.”<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Obetz Community Sale<br />

The Obetz Community Yard Sale will be held on <strong>July</strong> 24<br />

and <strong>July</strong> 25 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The village of Obetz will<br />

publish a list of addresses for the participating households.<br />

Names will not be included. If you want to be included on the<br />

list, email Jacob Gifford at jgifford@obetz.oh.us no later than<br />

<strong>July</strong> 20. Include a brief description of items you are selling.<br />

Groveport history films<br />

Two documentary films on the history of Groveport, produced<br />

by the Groveport Heritage Society and Midnet Media,<br />

are now available for viewing online on YouTube. The films<br />

are: “Groveport: A Town and Its People” and “The Story of<br />

John S. Rarey and Cruiser.”<br />


Exceptional care for you<br />

and your families<br />

Home health care is becoming more available<br />

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“With 10,000 baby boomers a day turning 65<br />

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care will only increase.” (Can you afford a homecare<br />

worker? Marsha Mercer, AARP)<br />

Knowledge of how get your loved-ones the<br />

types of care specific to their needs can be confusing<br />

and time consuming. Home Healthcare<br />

Services, LLC has 15 years’ experience helping<br />

families find the services needed for seniors to<br />

stay in the comfort of their home.<br />

One such service is PASSPORT care.<br />

“To be eligible, a person must be 60 or older,<br />

meet financial requirements, and have qualifying<br />

functional impairments (health problems, etc.).<br />

In addition, those who are eligible for PASS-<br />

PORT in Ohio receive a Medicaid card to cover<br />

the cost of medications and health care.” (Central<br />

Ohio Area Agency on Aging).<br />

Give Pro Care Home Healthcare Services,<br />

LLC a call to help you navigate all options. With<br />

the combined effort of our compassionate caregivers<br />

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<br />

<strong>July</strong> 12, <strong>2020</strong> - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - PAGE 7<br />

<br />

Franklin County Board of Commissioners: Commissioner John O’Grady, President • Commissioner Marilyn Brown • Commissioner Kevin L. Boyce<br />

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners and The Franklin County Office on Aging join with the <strong>Messenger</strong> Newspaper in providing this update on aging issues in Franklin County.<br />

Importance of Home Delivered Meals during the Pandemic<br />


Any Franklin County resident 60 or over who is struggling to access food while sheltering in place is eligible to receive home delivered meals.<br />

Now through September 1, <strong>2020</strong>, Franklin County Senior Options will not require income verification to receive home delivered meals. To<br />

request the meals, and other available services, call Senior Options at 614-525-6200, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.<br />

COVID-19 has led to the closing of congregate meal sites causing many older adults<br />

to rely on home delivered meals and other options like food pantries and free<br />

community produce markets to supplement their supply of food. As they get older,<br />

their caloric needs decline, but their need for vitamins and minerals does not.<br />

Therefore, home delivered meals can provide the needed vitamins and minerals they<br />

could be missing and be a lifeline for food-insecure older adults unable to grocery<br />

shop without assistance or who are unable to safely prepare cooked meals. Home<br />

delivered meals also can help older adults live longer in their homes which is what<br />

most of them want to do, according to a 2018 AARP survey.<br />

Home delivered meals are a benefit to working caregivers who rely on meal delivery<br />

to provide a healthy option for their frail or disabled family member when a home<br />

cooked meal is not an option.<br />

According to AARP, home-delivered and congregate meal sites feed approximately<br />

2.4 million older adults annually. In addition to reducing hunger and improving health,<br />

home delivered meals offer homebound older adults the opportunity to connect with a<br />

caring person which may be their only daily human contact. This interaction is even<br />

more important now during this pandemic for older adults living alone and for those<br />

who frequent congregate meal sites and are missing the opportunity to socialize over<br />

food.<br />

Franklin County Senior Options (FCSO) provides home delivered meals to residents<br />

60 and older with the help of these providers: Clossman Catering, Global Meals<br />

(Casleo Corporation), Grannies Cooked Delivered Meals Inc., Life Care Alliance and<br />

Simply E-Z of Columbus, Ltd. FCSO is a levy funded program administered by the<br />

Franklin County Office on Aging and helps older Franklin County residents maintain<br />

their independence. It also supports family members with the often-overwhelming<br />

task of caring for a frail older parent, family member, or friend with limited abilities.<br />

Senior Options has been providing community-based services since 1993. These<br />

services can include home-delivered meals, homemaker services, personal care,<br />

respite care, adult day care, emergency response systems and minor home repair.<br />

To learn more about home delivered meals or other Senior Options Services,<br />

call 614-525-6200, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.<br />

5 Ways Home-Delivered Meals Make a Difference (source Caring.com)<br />

According to Kali Thomas, assistant professor of health services at Brown University,<br />

her research on the impact of programs like Meals on Wheels for recipients and<br />

volunteers revealed the following:<br />

1. Meal delivery services reduce loneliness.<br />

“Older adults who received home-delivered meals, regardless of the type, were more<br />

likely to report improvements in loneliness,” explains Thomas. These findings<br />

appeared in the Journal of Gerontology.<br />

2. Meal recipients feel more confident about staying at home.<br />

Meal delivery services ease the burden of shopping and meal preparation. And<br />

Thomas says the meal recipients her team has interviewed say they feel safer at<br />

home knowing that meal delivery volunteers will be coming regularly.<br />

3. Meal delivery services lower the rate of falls.<br />

“Individuals who daily were greeting a delivery driver had reduced rates of falls,” says<br />

Thomas. The risk of falling depends on several factors for older adults, including the<br />

safety of their home, taking medications correctly and nutrition. The “more than a<br />

meal” model can touch on any of these aspects of a client’s life, reducing their fall risk.<br />

4. Staying at home can save everyone money.<br />

Home-delivered meals keep people who do not yet need expensive nursing home<br />

care at home longer, thereby reducing overall costs, says Thomas. Her research,<br />

published in a 2013 issue of Health Services Research, showed that of all the social<br />

services for older adults in which states invest, meal delivery services are the only<br />

one correlated with later nursing home entry.<br />

5. Meal delivery volunteers keep an eye on recipients.<br />

“What we have found and interviews we have done with drivers [show] that drivers<br />

know they are to call the office if there is an unanswered delivery,” Thomas says. “The<br />

office will then call the client, check the records and if unable to reach the client, they<br />

follow up with next of kin.”

PAGE 8 - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - <strong>July</strong> 12, <strong>2020</strong><br />

Township Police statistics<br />

June crime statistics for Madison<br />

Township, according to the Madison<br />

Township Police: 68 assist/mutual aid, 7<br />

animal complaints, 5 burglary, 28 domestic<br />

complaints, 8 missing persons, 21 suspicious<br />

persons, 14 larceny/thefts, 5 assaults,<br />

12 threats or harassment, 125 traffic stops,<br />

11 property damage accidents, 16 hots<br />

fired in area, 14 vandalism, 7 hit-skip accidents,<br />

35 parking, 10 juvenile complaints,<br />

2 driving under the influence.<br />

Township police honored<br />

The Madison Township Police<br />

Department recently received distinction<br />

through the Ohio Collaborative<br />

Community-Police Advisory Board as a certified<br />

Law Enforcement agency in the state<br />

of Ohio. This certification was made possible<br />

through the township police department’s<br />

policies which focus on communitypolice<br />

relations in areas such as use-offorce,<br />

bias-free policing, and investigation<br />

of employee misconduct, among others.<br />

Obetz budget cuts<br />

The coronavirus pandemic has created<br />

record unemployment and a host of other<br />

economic problems that caused Obetz’s two<br />

main sources of funding – income tax and<br />

event revenue – to dramatically decrease<br />

for the remainder of the year.<br />

Obetz officials estimate at least a 10<br />

percent drop in income tax revenue, and<br />

this, coupled with additional expenses the<br />

village took on to help prevent the spread<br />

of COVID-19, are what lead to the $2.1 million<br />

cuts in village funding in June.<br />

“Our council essentially put a pause button<br />

on any non-essential spending. And it<br />

will remain that way until the fall,” said<br />

Obetz Village Administrator Rod Davisson.<br />

“We’re taking our resources and we’re centralizing<br />

those to keep the heart and the<br />

brain of Obetz alive so we can function.”<br />

Davisson said fundamental services -<br />

including but not limited to police, fire,<br />

water, streets, groundskeeping and facilities<br />

management - are still operating and<br />

have continued to operate throughout the<br />

pandemic.<br />

Major cuts were made in spending areas<br />

such as printing, training, advertising and<br />

community events.<br />

Groveport history<br />

The Groveport Heritage Museum contains<br />

photographs, artifacts, and documents<br />

about Groveport’s history. The<br />

museum is located in Groveport Town Hall,<br />

648 Main St., and is open during Groveport<br />

Town Hall’s operating hours. However,<br />

currently, Town Hall is closed to the public<br />

due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.<br />

Call 614-836-3333 for information.<br />

Our Pictorial Past by Rick Palsgrove<br />

Marion Gray<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Groveport did not have a Fourth of<br />

<strong>July</strong> parade this year due to the ongoing<br />

coronavirus pandemic. Here’s a<br />

look back at the city’s 2012 Fourth of<br />

<strong>July</strong> parade which featured decorated<br />

World War II veteran Sgt. Marion Gray,<br />

then age 93, of Groveport, as the<br />

grand marshal. Gray, a combat medic,<br />

was the first Franklin County man<br />

wounded in the battle of D-Day on<br />

June 6, 1944. “You’ve all read about D-<br />

Day,” Gray said. “But you had to be<br />

there to see it. Only two of us from our<br />

outfit of 285 are left today. Only 18 of<br />

us moved forward on D-Day. The rest<br />

were either killed or wounded.” He<br />

recalled holding his buddies in his<br />

arms and trying to keep them alive as<br />

medical supplies dwindled during the<br />

battle. Gray was wounded on Omaha Beach and was told he could go home, but he<br />

returned to his unit and fought on at Saint-Lo, the Rhine, The Roer River and right<br />

up to V-E day on May 8, 1945. For his service, Gray earned the Bronze Star Medal,<br />

the Purple Heart Medal, the American Campaign Medal, the European-African-<br />

Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with Bronze Star attachment (Quadruple) &<br />

Arrowhead, the World War II Victory Medal, the Good Conduct Medal, Combat<br />

Medical Badge (1st Award), Honorable Service Lapel Button (World War II) and the<br />

Knight of the Legion of Honor, which is the highest award given by France to those<br />

individuals who achieved remarkable deeds for France, a nation he helped liberate.<br />

(Photo courtesy of the <strong>Southeast</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong>.)<br />

BRICE<br />


CHURCH<br />

3160 Brice Road<br />

Brice, Ohio 43109<br />

614-866-3025<br />

Come Meet our New Pastor<br />

Nick Shaw<br />

Sunday Morning Worship Service - 10:30 a.m.<br />

Be a Part of Our Local Worship Guide<br />

Our Worship Guide is geared toward celebrating faith and helping readers connect<br />

with religious resources in our community. Make sure these readers know<br />

how you can help with a presence in this very special section distributed to more<br />

than 19,000 households in the <strong>Southeast</strong> area.<br />

Contact us today to secure your spot in our Worship Guide.<br />

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southeast<br />

Please visit the<br />

<strong>Southeast</strong> Church<br />

of your choice.<br />

List your Worship<br />

Services here.<br />

For info. call 614-272-5422<br />


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Friday,<br />

August 14, <strong>2020</strong><br />


1630 Schrock Rd.<br />

Dinner/Show Tickets $ 51.00<br />

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Tickets by Phone: 614-792-3135<br />

Still Good Seats Available<br />

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<strong>July</strong> 12, <strong>2020</strong> - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - PAGE 9<br />

Playfully stupid spoof filled with music and big laughs<br />

It is estimated that more than 600 million<br />

people tune into the Eurovision Song<br />

Contest each year and yet this international<br />

event barely makes a blip on this side of<br />

the pond.<br />

You could<br />

argue that<br />

The Reel Deal the lack of<br />

Dedra<br />

Cordle<br />

interest is<br />

due to the<br />

lack of North<br />

Americans in this primarily<br />

European<br />

singing competition<br />

but viral clips of the musical acts show that<br />

this is something Americans would probably<br />

like to see. It has acts that showcase<br />

pop music, rap music, country music, heavy<br />

metal music, folkloric music and what did I<br />

just hear? music. And if that is not enough<br />

of a lure, each singer and band bring their<br />

own flair, and sometimes actual flares, to<br />

the mix. It is a virtual smorgasbord of<br />

entertainment and opportunities to be<br />

entertained and yet it passes by like a onehit<br />

wonder on the billboard, which coincidentally<br />

most of the winners turn out to be.<br />

In the past couple years, more attention to<br />

this competition has been paid in the states<br />

but this was the year it was supposed to blow<br />

up due to the prevalence of interest in international<br />

bands. To coincide with the <strong>2020</strong><br />

Eurovision Song Contest, Netflix was set to<br />

release its own loving spoof with Will Ferrell<br />

starring and writing to boot. But then the<br />

coronavirus happened and put a halt to those<br />

plans and the singing competition itself, the<br />

first since its founding in 1956.<br />

Rather than push the movie back to<br />

2021 when hopefully live events can be<br />

held and with an actual audience rather<br />

than cardboard cutouts, the streaming<br />

service decided to release it as scheduled to<br />

fill the void. As someone who has consumed<br />

this event through helpings of pop culture,<br />

it didn’t fill the Eurovision loss but it did<br />

bring some amount of joy through its sheer<br />

stupidity.<br />

Make no mistake about it, “Eurovision<br />

Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” is<br />

stupid but it’s the kind that burrows deep<br />

enough into you to make you forgive it for<br />

being so dumb.<br />

Ferrell, whose outlandish mannerisms<br />

are more muted here, plays Lars<br />

Erickssong, a middle aged man who still<br />

carries the childhood dream of being a<br />

musical star. Since watching ABBA perform<br />

on the Eurovision Song Contest in<br />

1974, he has made it his mission to compete<br />

and win at the international competition<br />

despite having little vocal talent. Even<br />

with this minor inconvenience, he makes it<br />

his life goal to get there, mainly to rub it in<br />

the face of his disapproving father Erick<br />

Erickssong (Pierce Brosnan).<br />

Fed up with life and his station, Lars<br />

submits his latest effort “Double Trouble”<br />

to the Icelandic Song Contest with the<br />

encouragement of his bandmate, childhood<br />

friend and potential love interest Sigrit<br />

(Rachel McAdams).<br />

Due to a random selection by the ISC<br />

committee, Lars Erickssong’s band Fire<br />

Saga is chosen to participate in the showcase<br />

that determines which act makes it to<br />

Eurovision. This announcement does not<br />

please Lars’ father as he feels his son will<br />

make a laughingstock of him and the<br />

nation.<br />

Lars does just that and with that pitiful<br />

performance comes the realization he will<br />

never attain his long desired dream. But<br />

then, due to a random accident that results<br />

in the deaths of their competition, Fire<br />

Saga is selected to perform at Eurovision<br />

by default.<br />

When the duo step foot in Scotland to<br />

prepare for the song contest is the moment<br />

where the film finds its stride. Not only<br />

does it introduce us to interesting side<br />

characters like snarky announcer Graham<br />

Norton (playing himself) and Alexander<br />

Lemtov (Dan Stevens), a Russian smolderer<br />

who is the favorite to win with this song<br />

“Lion of Love,” but it introduces us to so<br />

many throw away backhanded comments<br />

and compliments. It’s one of those films<br />

that you could find new things to laugh<br />

about with each viewing.<br />

But the real humor (and later heart)<br />

comes with the performances and interactions<br />

of Fire Saga as they try to navigate<br />

this new landscape and their feelings for<br />

each other. Some moments will have you<br />

puzzled, others rooting for and against the<br />

pair, and some will have you crying with<br />

laughter.<br />

There are many who are on the fence<br />

with this movie due to exhaustion for its<br />

male star but as I said earlier Ferrell is<br />

much more toned down for this role. It<br />

could be because his character is mellower<br />

but he allows room for his female co-star<br />

and the secondary characters to develop<br />

and shine as well.<br />

And they do.<br />

Though humor and taste are always<br />

subjective, I found real enjoyment from<br />

watching “Eurovision Song Contest: The<br />

Story of Fire Saga.”<br />

It is a playfully stupid film filled with<br />

good and bad music, big and small laughs,<br />

terribly cheesy graphics and a real love for<br />

this wonderful and wonderfully weird competition.<br />

I’m not sure if it will get more people<br />

interested in the actual competition, but if<br />

you’re looking for a good time at the (home)<br />

theater, this might be the movie to see.<br />

Grade: B-<br />

Dedra Cordle is a <strong>Messenger</strong> staff writer<br />

and columnist.<br />


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District is currently hiring drivers<br />

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$16.55/HR<br />

Available positions are for substitute drivers<br />

that can develop into “Regular” positions with<br />

benefits. Interested individuals should submit<br />

an application on our website at swcsd.us.<br />

Follow the employment link. Applicants should<br />

have an excellent driving record and must<br />

submit to drug, alcohol, and background<br />

screening. A high school diploma or equivalent<br />

is required.<br />

EOE<br />

HIRING?<br />

Let us help you recruit the qualified employees you need to make<br />

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Our Eastside <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

now covers<br />

Canal Winchester<br />

Our <strong>Southeast</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

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xCome & Get It<br />

<strong>July</strong> 12, <strong>2020</strong> - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - PAGE 11<br />

xClassified Services<br />


Deadlines are Tuesdays by 5 pm.<br />

Call For Publication Schedule 614-272-5422<br />

Need to Get Rid of Something Fast - Advertise It Here For FREE!<br />

FREE Garden Straw for gardens or bedding. Call for appointment for pickup.<br />

Circle S Farms, 9015 London-Groveport Road, Grove City, 43123<br />

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Round Glass Top Table, 42 inch diameter with 4 padded chairs.<br />

White canopy style crib, Disassembled with assembly instructions.<br />

Changing table, dark wood finsh<br />

TE - Groveport - 614-783-7123<br />

. Come and Get It! is a bi-weekly column that offers readers an opportunity to pass<br />

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long as they’re FREE. NO PETS! Just send us a brief note describing what you want to<br />

get rid of, along with your name, address and phone number. Nonprofit organizations<br />

are welcome to submit requests for donations of items.<br />

Send information to The Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong>, Attention: Come and Get It, 3500<br />

Sullivant Ave., Columbus, OH43204. Deadline is Tuesdays by 5 pm for following<br />

Mondays publication. <strong>Messenger</strong> Newspapers is not responsible for any<br />

complications that may occur. Please contact us when items are gone. 272-5422<br />

Come & Get It<br />

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PAGE 12 - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - <strong>July</strong> 12, <strong>2020</strong><br />

WALLS<br />

Continued from page 1<br />

the corner and allow sufficient space for a<br />

building, space for a patio, and adequate<br />

parking. It makes a big difference having<br />

the neighboring lot.”<br />

Groveport City Administrator B.J. King<br />

noted, “The property (480 Main St.) will be<br />

combined with the adjacent city owned<br />

property (490 Main St.), making a larger<br />

lot for commercial development. It allows<br />

for additional access points and more parking.”<br />

Green said city officials envision the corner<br />

being developed as a mixed use,<br />

retail/restaurant/office development.<br />

“Council views this property as a key<br />

element in the overall development of historic<br />

downtown Groveport,” said Green,<br />

who added the site will remain vacant until<br />

developed.<br />

Main Street development timeline<br />

For approximately the last 18 years,<br />

Groveport city officials have taken steps to<br />

re-develop the city’s historic downtown core<br />

along Main Street. The following is a timeline<br />

of what has transpired so far.<br />

•2002 - The city bought the two former<br />

gas station properties at the northeast corner<br />

of Main and Front streets for $305,000.<br />

The city’s public works department demolished<br />

the structures.<br />

•2004 - The city purchased the former<br />

ceramics shop and doctors’ offices at 716<br />

and 728 Main Streets for $230,000. The<br />

buildings are demolished at a cost of<br />

$7,300.<br />

•2005 - The city purchased properties at<br />

651, 653, and 657 Main St. for $235,000.<br />

•2006 - The city demolished the buildings<br />

at 651, 653, and 657 Main St. at a cost<br />

of $16,500 after it was determined it would<br />

cost $360,000 to rehabilitate the structures.<br />

•2013 - The owners of the business at<br />

649 Main St. purchased the 651, 653, 657<br />

Main St. parcels from the city for $13,000<br />

for possible expansion of their business<br />

sometime in the future. City officials indicate<br />

that currently the city has received no<br />

word on when the business owner will<br />

develop this site.<br />

•2013 - Plans are made to build the Ace<br />

Hardware store at 726 Main St.<br />

•2013 - The city budgeted $1 million to<br />

construct the large municipal parking lot,<br />

sidewalks, bike path, and landscaping near<br />

the Ace Hardware and the undeveloped<br />

grassy site extending from the northeast<br />

corner of Main and Front streets.<br />

•2015 - Ace Hardware opened at 726<br />

Main St.<br />

•Various plans and proposals were<br />

made over the years to develop a<br />

“Groveport Town Center” project on the<br />

grassy area extending from the northeast<br />

corner of Main and Front streets, but as of<br />

yet no project for this site has been confirmed.<br />

In the mean time, the site is being<br />

used for the city’s annual summer farmers’<br />

market.<br />

•2018 - The city purchased<br />

the former used car lot property<br />

at 490 Main St. (the .492<br />

acre property on the northwest<br />

corner of Main and<br />

College streets) for $250,000.<br />

Signage is erected to market<br />

the site for business development.<br />

•2019 - The city’s contract<br />

with the owners of Ace<br />

Hardware to develop the<br />

grassy site on the northeast<br />

corner of Main and Front<br />

streets expires.<br />

•<strong>2020</strong> - The city purchases<br />

the property at 480 Main St.<br />

for $150,000 to expand development<br />

opportunities with<br />

the adjacent lot at 490 Main<br />

St. on the northwest corner of<br />

Main and College streets.<br />

•<strong>2020</strong> - In the city’s <strong>2020</strong><br />

budget, council approved a<br />

Phase 1 environmental study<br />

and an architectural study for<br />

the city owned property on<br />

the northwest corner of Main<br />

and College streets at a cost<br />

of $25,000. Also in the budget,<br />

the city’s Community<br />

Improvement Corporation is slated to<br />

receive $25,000 to aid in the search for<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Photo by Marie Kujawski<br />

Pat Reiter and his family once lived in the house at 480<br />

Main St. and they have good memories of their time<br />

there.<br />

downtown business development.<br />

Moses-Mouser Eye Care<br />

Dr. Joshua Morris is a board-certified Optometrist<br />

who grew up in Bellville, Ohio. He<br />

completed his undergraduate degree at the<br />

University of Akron, where he graduated<br />

magna cum laude with honors.<br />

Dr. Morris attended The Ohio State University<br />

College of Optometry and graduated cum laude with honors to receive<br />

his Doctor of Optometry Degree in May 2019. After completing his<br />

studies, he was awarded the “Primary Vision Care Clinical Excellence<br />

Award”, in 2019.<br />

Dr. Morris is a member of the American Optometric Association, the<br />

Ohio Optometric Association, and The Ohio State Alumni Association.<br />

He is excited to practice full scope optometry, diagnosing and treating<br />

a variety of ocular disorders and diseases in patients of all ages, but has<br />

a special interest in contact lenses and ocular disease.<br />

On a personal note, Dr. Morris and his wife Tess, enjoy spending time<br />

with their family, friends, and their Bernese Mountain dog Maverick,<br />

cheering on The Ohio State Buckeyes, trying new foods, and exploring<br />

Columbus breweries.<br />

Q: How often should someone with diabetes<br />

get an eye exam?<br />

A: Someone with diabetes should see an eye care professional at least<br />

once a year for a comprehensive dilated eye exam.<br />

Q: How can diabetes affect my vision?<br />

A: Over time, diabetes damages small blood vessels throughout the body,<br />

including the retina. Diabetic retinopathy occurs when these tiny blood<br />

vessels leak blood and other fluids. This causes the retinal tissue to swell,<br />

resulting in cloudy or blurred vision. The condition usually affects both<br />

eyes. The longer a person has diabetes, the more likely they will develop<br />

diabetic retinopathy. If left untreated, diabetic retinopathy can cause<br />

blindness. (AOA)<br />

Symptoms include: seeing spots or “floaters”, blurred vision, and difficulty<br />

seeing at night.<br />

Schedule your diabetic eye exam today<br />

with Dr. Morris.<br />

6441 Winchester Blvd. E., Canal Winchester, OH 43110 614-274-<strong>2020</strong>

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