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In this issue, These Curious Times covers the impact of the COVID-19 on nursing homes, a military family's creepy encounter with an ancient Hawaiian spirit, the hidden recipes of the Banning Museum in California, and more.

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July 2020

Truth About COVID-19 in Nursing Homes

From Getty Images

Family Encounters Possible ‘Menehune’

at Marine Corps Base Hawaii

Andrew Perry

Kelsea Marie Yoder moved to

Marine Corps Base Hawaii in July 2015.

Shortly after moving in, her family

started experiencing something

strange, especially inside one particular

room of the house.

“My eldest daughter (at the time 3.5

years old) complained that she didn’t

like her room and that it made weird

noises,” said Yoder. “So, we switched it

with youngest daughter, who was 1.5

years old at the time.”

“My youngest daughter never did

get a full night’s sleep in that room,” said


The First Signs of

Something Strange

At the time, Yoder remembered

that strange things would occasionally

happen around the house, or they

would hear odd sounds. “We would

hear someone walking up and down

our hallway upstairs, banging on the

wall, cupboards and doors opening and

shutting – things like that,” said Yoder.

“She acted terrified.”

At one point, Yoder had sleep

paralysis. “There was this thing

standing in the corner of the room

and it told me it would take my body

and that I would never wake up. I

screamed for my husband, but all that

would come out was a whisper. This

thing jumped on my chest and it felt so

heavy. I kept screaming and screaming

until they were loud enough, and my

husband woke up. When he woke up,

there was nothing there.”

Something Captured On


Eventually, the Yoder family

purchased cameras and had them

installed in the rooms. “So we could

monitor the care our daughters would

get from the nanny and to watch

and make sure the dogs didn’t tear up

anything while we were gone,” Yoder

‘Menehune’ Continued Page 4

The media frequently bombards

us with fear tactics, focusing on the

presently dangerous state of situation

nursing homes and their residents.

Nursing home residents must face

this fear alone, except for the staff’s

support, because their families and

friends are not allowed to visit.

An article was submitted to HMG

by a reader and we would like to pass

along the information.

Do you have a loved one in a

nursing home? Are you worried? Please

peruse the numbers presented in this

article. The statistics are from Texas.

gov and DSHS.

How many of our nursing home

residents have died alone without

family to comfort them? Too many.

How many have died not only from

the diseases they were plagued with

before this obviously politically-driven

virus struck, but from an actual fear

and anxiety that resulted from the

Media’s dire reports that the elderly


If you are a true haunted house fan,

then no doubt you have already viewed

The House In Between, which was released

this past May. Ten years in the making,

this film is a documentary about a dream

home that turned into a nightmare after a

life-changing paranormal experience.

The movie centers on homeowner

Alice Jackson, who refuses to spend

another night in her home alone

unless someone proves to her what she

experienced has a natural explanation.

In steps directors Steve Gonsalves and

Kendall Whelpton who head to Mississippi

with their camera crew to document the

real-life effects of a homeowner’s mission

to get her house back in order from a

terrifying nightmare.

The approach was much like a

detective chasing down leads and

connecting the dots, with no stone left

unturned, utilizing real scientific data via

physicists, field experts and deep accurate

research. The filmmakers required their

crew to have extensive experience in

paranormal research due to the sensitive

nature of the case. Each cast member

was hand-selected for their respective

and nursing home residents are the

largest at risk group with the largest

number of COVID-19 deaths? What

a grim, maddening piece of news to

share with nursing home residents

who must face this dastardly

misrepresentation alone.

Consider this: The state of Texas

website, a reliable source, features

information about the virus provided

directly from the Department of State

Health Services, and hosts a special

section on nursing home facilities and


Here is what the media is not


On the Texas.gov website under

the CoVID information link at the top

of the page, an alert went to Quick

Links. There is additional link titled,

“Texas Case Counts.” In scrolling down

the list of cases in each Texas County, a

bar is found at the bottom of the page

‘COVID’ Continued Page 4

The Medium and “The House In-Between

For CoVid-19 Updates, Visit HMG at LosCerritosNews.net

production expertise and their dedication

to the documentation of legitimate

paranormal research.

This kind of dedication and

commitment led the directors to approach

psychic medium Jill Marie Morris.

‘Medium’ Continued Page 10


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The Partially Informed Philosopher

The Landmark Forum, Part 3 of 3: The Forum

Andrew Perry


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Tammye McDuff

Andrew Perry


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We hate that, too!

We know that people experience

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the supernatural exists in such a

way that people can observe it with

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this phenomena has an effect on the

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But we are not scientists, we are

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The Landmark Forum technically

occurs over three days of the weekend - all

of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I found the Landmark Forum to be

very Socratic, in the sense that it is all

geared around dialogue and sharing. So,

rather than someone telling us what is

true, we discover what is true through


The Outer Shell of the Ego

Day One identifies how we build entire

storylines to interpret any thing or event.

For example, imagine if a stay-at-home

mom’s husband came home from work

and went straight to the fridge. The wife

then interprets his behavior as selfish

because he didn’t greet her or didn’t offer

her food. What happened in reality? He just

came home from work and he went to the

fridge. What’s the story that was created -

that by ignoring her and not offering her

food, he was selfish.

A lot of this behavior is ingrained into

us - because we as humans create meaning.

That is simply what we do. Day One

identifies all the ways that up to that point,

we have been unconsciously creating

meaning by filtering the present through

the lens of the past.

That night I rekindled a relationship

that I thought was slipping away - the

relationship with my wife.

Identifying Identity

The first part of Day Two was geared

around trying to grapple with our

interpretations and fears. We were asked

to call our parents and family members,

acknowledge them, and create the

possibility of having them as regular parts

of our lives.

That morning, I called my parents. For

me, it wasn’t too hard because I already

have a good relationship with them. For

others, this was a very difficult phone call

Is It All For Real?

Dee Dee Mason

Is there a paranormal reality or is it


That’s a legitimate question

frequently asked by many, so let’s explore

the possibilities.

Have you ever attended a ghosthunting

event and encountered a

career-skeptic intent on debunking the

activities? Perhaps you have read vicious

words placed on various social media

pages by keyboard warriors who revel

behind their favorite mobile or desktop

devices because they don’t have the guts

to go face to face in person, yet take any

and every opportunity to attack anyone

associated with the paranormal field?

Some hit the “follow” button thinking

they may be secretly monitoring the

success or failure of paranormal pages.

Others have a genuine interest in the

unexplainable, unknown and spooky in

their endless search for the seemingly

unattainable answers to personal

experiences, life after death, or angels and

demons and god[s].

Make no mistake: there are those of

the paranormal community who are in it

simply for the money. And that instantly

raises the question the legitimacy of onair

personalities working as paranormal


The Landmark Forum reminds is almost like a Socratic dialogue.

to make because they had not spoken to

them in a long time, for a variety of reasons.

The second part of the day was about

trying to figure out who we are. One thing I

discovered that was especially meaningful

to me is that we are basically scared of

other people - always worried about

looking bad and trying to look good. All

of us to some extent do this. I found that

significant because the people whom I am

afraid will judge me are just as scared as I

am of me judging them. If we get over that

little hang up, we don’t have to be scared

about looking good or bad.

The Moment of Zen

Day Three was very intense. Aside from

a largely inconsequential lecture about the

importance of inviting friends and family

to the Tuesday night graduation, Day

Three was the moment of zen.

Having become conscious of how we

attach meaning to reality, and of how past

experiences have shaped how we react

to various situations, we now focused on

the inherent meaning of life, and what

we discovered is that even though we

are meaning making machines, there is

technically no inherent meaning to life.

Throughout our lives, we unconsciously

create meaning upon the present based

on the events of the past. Moving forward,

we now can interpret the present based


Perhaps some would fit in that bill,

if they script their content and never

showcase an episode in which nothing

unexplainable transpires and no

evidence is captured on any camera or

visual-geared devices at hand. But there

are genuine shows out there, with new

additions seemingly advertised weekly.

The genre is not without its share of

“wanna-bes’’ who will network endlessly

for even the slightest chance of meeting

the right people who could be their ticket

to the big-time paranormal world.

Eventually, however, such folks get

nowhere after one eager attempt at a

pilot episode that was more of a cough

and splutter. Their efforts quietly die in

the proverbial dark of what musingly

refer to as their studio or office which,

in reality, is a room somewhere in

their modest suburban home. These

individuals ultimately hit a brick wall

with their meager attempts to ride the

coat tails of genuine professionals who

are inevitably miles ahead of the curve.

The legitimate sectors of the

paranormal pros follow the social media

pages of their favorite television shows,

and demonstrate an honest heartfelt

love for those who they have admired

and watched for years.

upon the prospects of the future.

Final Thoughts, Concerns

I won’t say much about Tuesday night,

but I will say this. Please don’t invite friends

or family who live far away to go to this.

The first part is nice because Landmark

graduates get to talk about how their lives

have changed in the couple days since

Sunday. But it very quickly devolves into

an offputting sales pitch. I really wish

Landmark would find some other way

to get their product out there - because

Tuesday night holds a lot of liability on a

program that is immensely good.

Landmark’s product is basically a

revitalized and inspired you. The price

point seems steep conceptually because

all the information that is received is

technically ‘free’. But if you consider that

some people spend their entire lives either

oblivious or actually trying to achieve

what Landmark has done in three days, it’s

not a bad investment.

So, would I recommend it? Even with

those reservations I mentioned, I believe

that the Landmark Forum is a beautiful

thing. And remember that thing about my

job that I wrote about in the first article

in this series? Ever since the Landmark

Forum, I have absolutely loved coming

to work - even though I’m in the same

situation as when I started!

The truly freaky, weird and intriguing

other world will always be filled with

those from variant backgrounds, belief

systems and interests. Chris Howley of

Ghost Chasers, a Bright Spark Media and

Insight Channel, very wisely described the

subject as this:

“So what is Para-unity? It is

supposed to be the bringing together

of paranormal teams, investigators

and all people with an interest in

the paranormal. … a converging of

scientists, parapsychologists, believers

and skeptics to share ideas, methodology

and help promote each other. There are

opinionated people out there with a

belief completely different to your own

and when you acknowledge that, you can

move forward. I have learned quickly that

the more exposure you as an individual or

group get the more prone to trolling you


The bottom line? There are many

unexplainable occurrences that happen

every day.

So turn down the lights, grab your

pillow and popcorn, and settle in to

support one of the numerous paranormal

television series.

Allow yourself to venture into a world

that is just on the other side of credible.

Tammye McDuff

We are all looking for ways to

stay healthy – and in the fear of the

pandemic, there are many ways to

calm the anxiety that may often be

more harmful than a disease. There is

a Chinese regimen called ‘Tapping’ that

works to physically and simultaneous

alter the brain, energy system and

body; a combination of ancient Chinese

acupressure and modern psychology.

The practice is simple and does

not require any special equipment. The

process consists of tapping with your

fingertips on specific meridian points

while talking through traumatic

memories and other emotions.

Acupoint tapping sends signals

directly to the stress centers of the

mid-brain to synchronously access

stress on the physical and emotional

levels, akin to receiving a massage

during a psychotherapy session.

David Jennings, an HMG reader,

was struggling with the current issue

that gripped him in fear, stress and

exhaustion causing him much stress,

“Virtually every time I began to fall

asleep, I would wake abruptly, gasping

for breath for 30 seconds or so, my

inner voice telling me each time this

occurred, that I almost died. At first,

I was treated for sleep apnea with a

CPAP; however, this did not help much

at all. My sleep center physician could

not understand why my sleep was

interrupted 72 times the night of my

sleep testing, even with the CPAP fully


A sense of terror would come over

me as each inevitable and upcoming

night would draw nearer, knowing

the unspeakable exhaustion would

worsen with another night of my


Not knowing what to do, Jennings

reached out to a friend, Dr. Les Phillips,

a practicing psychologist with

EmergeOrtho in the Raleigh, Durham,

the Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.

Phillips counsels and helps patients

who have experienced extreme

trauma. As Jennings explained his

condition, Phillips queried Jennings

about his medications and mental

state, and then introduced him to

Tapping, also known as Emotional

Freedom Technique [EFT].


Tapping: Using An Ancient Asian Practice to Relieve Modern Day Stress

Bootcamp For Burnouts

JD Wildflower

“People in burnout

are overwhelmed

with too many

workplace demands

and at the same time,

feel underwhelmed

by what makes

them happy. Being

underwhelmed in their JD Wildflower

personal lives can make

stress at work more


Burnout Bootcamp is a four-week

Online Mastermind Program designed to

help interested-parties kick burnout to

the curb and reclaim their well-being.

Let’s break it down to fully

understand why the subconscious mind

might sabotage potential efforts to create

a life balance without first upgrading a

successful mindset.

In the 21st century, we are bombarded

by images and notions that influence our

own perception of what having a truly

successful life means and looks like. And

that’s usually a very different perception

of success that history has recorded.

Some may have tried all sorts

of techniques to try to help reduce

stress, curtail excessive busyness or get

connected to their authentic selves. But

are these techniques conducted on a

regular basis?

Several high achievers tend to know

much about the techniques, but fail to

have a proper framework in place to

help them cultivate and maintain their

‘Tapping’ involves touching various pressure points on the body.

Pictured is the pressure point called “Karate Chop”, one of nine major

pressure points addressed in tapping.

Photo by DrNorthrup.com

well-being while having highpowered


Some experiences

may be dependent upon a

commitment to one’s wellbeing.

But in today’s fastpaced

world, with rampant

global viruses, riots, upcoming

elections and dire apocalyptic

predictions, one’s well-being

is not just an ‘undertaking’;

it is a mission. If not actively

envisioned as a duty or

obligation, then it’s just an interest. And if

just an interest, that interest can get easily

pushed aside in a busy life. But a mission

of holistic success helps to make one’s wellbeing

a priority.

So, yes - embark upon the journey of

a lifetime. The journey of Holistic Success.

That’s not a destination, but a meaningful

lifestyle based on cultivating a deep

relationship with our real self, which helps

to fuel passions for life so that goals may

be pursued with a great deal of room for


Ready to grab the reigns of life back

from all of this worlds insanity, reduce

burnout and cultivate a greater sense

of peace, flow and ease in your life? Then

contact one of our Holistic Success

Coaches to receive a complimentary

Holistic Success Strategy Session.

There is no obligation. These calls are

provided free of charge to those interested

in seeing how they may kick burnout to

the curb and reclaim their sense of self.

For more information, contact: www.



Phillips advised Jennings to ‘Tap’

when stressful situations would arise

at work and in his private life. Jennings

confessed, “I had not yet thought of it

helping me with my new and larger

sleep monster.”

A brief explanation of tapping:

lightly and continuously tap various

areas of the body with your index

and middle finger, such as the middle

forehead, temple, chin, throat, midchest

and under the arm, while

confirming an enlightening narrative.

While tapping lightly, you speak two

very powerful words: “Even though,”

while consciously slowing and

lengthening your breath.

Tammye McDuff

I just couldn’t believe it. The hatred

that spewed from some of the posts

was mind boggling.

I have a dear friend who by all

accounts must be the warmest, most

caring and understanding person

I have ever met. She has taken the

hardships she has endured ~ some

of her own making and some not ~

and turned them into a path of deep

spirituality, energy and healing.

But make no mistake. She is

as tough as they come. Her inner

strength is a beacon even to me ….

and if you know me that is saying a lot.

This woman speaks the truth.

Always. She is intelligent, insightful

and one of the wisest women I have

ever had the opportunity to know.

No, I am not going to mention her

name – out of respect – although she is

the reason for this post, it is not about

her. It is about the hate.

In a Facebook post she had spoken

her truth about SARS-CoV-2 [CoVID-19].

And we could discuss this in depth but,

I will just say that we are being lied to

and there is so much more that we

are not being told. I’m going to leave

that discussion for another time and

another newspaper.

These Curious Times News was

created in part to bring reality to the

Starting with the forehead

Jennings would begin to tap at the

forehead stating, “Even though I have

struggled with an inability to sleep,

causing other issues in my mind and

body, I love and accept myself…”. He

would do this just before going to bed.

“Then, as I would breathe out, I released

all the stress, worry, fear, pain; all that

toxic waste which pollutes the river

of my mind, body and spirit, which

in turn, symptomatically affects

the immune system, nerve system

and mental state.” Jennings began

to realize a very real sense of calm

replaced the fear. “It gave me a chance

to sleep - even for 30, 60 or sometimes

even 90 minutes at a time. It did not

take away the waking, gasping and

thoughts of death completely. There

would be hellish nights to come. It did

however, give me a fighting chance

that I did not have before,” he added.

As the coronavirus continues to

spread, so do anxieties about CoVID-19.

From the news to social media,

information is circulating causing

fear and often times panic about the


Tapping meditations will help

release anxiety to support the immune

system, and to feel more at peace

and empowered in order to take the

necessary steps for protection.

The Tapping Solution may be

downloaded from the App Store or

Google Play, with a present six-month

free membership to healthcare

workers, first responders, teachers

and mental health professionals.

For more information visit www.



Where Did Civility Go?

paranormal community and to the

oddities that occur in this world. We

wanted to bring you true articles, that

would otherwise not be written about

in the mundane world. I say this to

make note that we are accustomed

to those raised eyebrows and askance


What happened to civility? When

someone raises talking points that

others do not agree with -it is okay

to disagree if you believe otherwise,

it is okay to engage in discourse

passionately. It is never okay to spew

the hatred I read on her feed.

The idea is to listen and maybe

learn something new – see a different

perspective. That is, after all, how

we grow as human beings. On her

website – and she is an international

personality – she writes:

“In these times of uncertainty,

I want to remind you this is what

you came for. To be fully awake and

in your power during the time of

planetary need. I do not like using the

word Covid-19 but prefer to call it an


Listen to those who know more

than you – Consider their point of

view – Research for yourself – and stop

hiding in your little sheltered bubble

of denial.

Stop hating because you are




A still from the security camera in the child’s room. In the video, the

child is sleeping near the wall and on the bed, with legs dangling, is the

alleged ‘menehune’. Watch the video clips at TheseCuriousTimes.net.

‘Menehune’ from Front


Local Witch Doctor, or ‘Kahu’,

Chimes In

Yoder called the Marine Corps

base chaplain, and she checked out

the building. “She walked right

back outside and told me that I

need to speak to a witch doctor or

someone local. In Hawaii, it’s called

a kahu,” said Yoder. “I didn’t even

know witch doctors were a thing.”

Yoder talked to a few locals,

and had the house blessed. Yoder

said, “I was able to get my house

blessed and I haven’t seen it around

since. I’ve heard a few other people

explain this same thing or being and

I almost wonder if it hangs around

the base.”

After asking other locals,

‘COVID’ from Front

called, “Additional Data.” From there,

the reader is invited to visit “COVID-19

Cases in Extended Care Facilities,”

which provides an interesting chart.

As of June 30, 2020, the numbers

of CoVID cases listed for Texas are as


• Number of Confirmed Cases

among Nursing Home Residents - 5907

• Number of Fatalities among

Nursing Home Residents - 923

• Number of Reported Recoveries

among Nursing Home Residents - 2723

Pay close attention to these figures,

and do the math. What percentage

of people died from COVID in Texas in

nursing home facilities this year? Using

the old fashion algebraic equation –

number of fatalities [923] divided by

the number of cases [5907], the total

is 15.6 percent. This means that only

15.6 percent of nursing home residents

that contract the coronavirus actually

die. Realizing of course that any death

is one death too many, the point is

that just under more than half have


The media hype would have us

believe that if a nursing home resident

contracts the virus the chances of that

person recovering are slim to none.

These numbers state otherwise.

Initially, several residents who have

passed away were already ill, many

with chronic if not terminal disorders.

A case of the measles could have easily

exacerbated their conditions to cause

death or the common cold. It may

also be that the virus exacerbated

their illnesses, but did not cause their

someone told her it was something

called a menehune. Menehune are a

legendary being of Hawaii, a dwarf,

that stands about two feet tall, and

are notoriously mischievous.

“It never hurt us,” said Yoder.

“Just messed with our emotions

quite a bit.”

Yoder still occasionally cleans

the area of spirits with sage, and

recites a prayer to St. Anthony, the

patron saint of lost things.

Yoder’s husband does not

believe in ghosts and thinks it may

have been dust on a camera or a

trick of the light.

Watch the video at: https://



demise. The death toll increased just as

the Media hoped it would.

Our reader stated, “Let’s ask a

resounding question: WHY are they

reporting these deaths as due to

COVID-19 when in truth these people

are dying from things like pneumonia

and other common but deadly

illnesses? Why? Because for some

wicked reason, certain factions of this

country’s powers-that-be want you to

believe COVID is the culprit. They are

using COVID for their own purposes

and trying to scare you out of your

wits. Are we not beginning to smell

something very rotten and vile?”

Our reader went on to qualify that

we should of course take precautions,

wear a mask, utilize social distancing,

follow protocol and continue to be

cautious – but not to allow the media

to instill fear into the elderly and

mainstream population or to infirm

into mass anxiety or panic. This alone

could inhibit the immune system and

cause a higher susceptibility to any


Such scare tactics grossly

misinform the public, frightening

everyone, including frail nursing

home residents who must sometimes

assimilate such information without

the assistance of family and friends.

The 15.6 percentile death-rate

of nursing home residents is a sad,

shameful number. But we can battle

the statistics by letting out our

mothers, fathers, grandmothers

and grandfathers know that if they

should contract CoVID-19 it is not an

automatic death sentence.

Welcome to ‘The New Reality’

Shawn and Cody are the hosts of

The New Reality Podcast.

Staff Report

These Curious Times met The New

Reality investigation team last year

while investigating one of the most

haunted houses in Hollywood. Based

in southern California, they specialize

in clearing homes, and investigating

the supernatural. Between the two

Cody and Shawn have over 20 years

of experience in the supernatural and

have investigated over 100 properties.

“Shawn and I have been examining

paranormal cases for about ten years

now and have studied various forms of

investigations,” said co-founder Cody,

“We are both sensitives, but I am more

of an intuitive empath.”

Intuitive empaths are highly

sensitive people that can sense subtle

energies, emotions, and physical

symptoms from others and absorb

that energy into their own bodies.

It is often difficult for empaths to

distinguish someone else’s discomfort

from their own, which makes it a bit

tricky when investigating an alleged

haunted facility.

Shawn has been hosting

meditation groups for some time and

had a family member of Cody’s in one of

his workshops. The group had headed

down to a local lake for a time of inner

reflection and Cody had accompanied

his uncle to the class. “I saw Cody across

the lake and immediately felt drawn to

him. I knew right away that we were

going to work together,” Shawn noted.

After a few meditation groups,

Cody and Shawn decided to join

a meet up group and with their

first investigation at the Pasadena

Playhouse. “There was so much activity

in that place it really blew my mind,

the evidence we picked up was crazy,”

added Cody.

With this said you should know

that when TCTN first met this team,

it was an assumption that they were

biological brothers. According to

Cody,”From the very beginning, we

had a really good synergy. I would say

that we are closer than brothers. We

would go to investigative Meet-Ups

and we were the ones that captured

the spectral energy. It got to the point

that the members would follow us at

haunted sites. If there is such a thing

as destiny, then it is ours to work


Shawn’s childhood was chaotic

for many reasons. “I didn’t really know

what ‘normal’ was, but I have always

been drawn to the supernatural. I

remember going to the library as a

kid and searching for books on ghosts.

I didn’t know what being a psychic

medium was and couldn’t understand

what I was feeling when I would scour

these books for hours.”

Both men have high profile jobs,

and part of the reason why TCTN is

using their first names. Cody admitted,

“We are very high energy people

anyway, but I honestly believe that we

are like a signal, a beacon of sorts, to

the other side.”

Eventually they want to create

a healing center for people on this

plane and the afterlife. A place to help

those grieving move on. “We try to be

personable with whatever we may be

dealing with. We want to understand a

haunting and why it has occurred. And

no better way to do that than heal the

living and release the dead.”

You can find The New Reality on

social media and be sure to tune into

“The New Reality Paranormal Podcast” on

PodBean and help them celebrate a

very successful second season.

Cody and Shawn conducting a

paranormal investigation.



Herbie J Pilato

Television host & acclaimed

author focusing on the lives of

classic television stars.

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Dimension TV: A Paranormal

Streaming Channel

Dimension TV (DTV) is a

paranormal based streaming channel

where viewers will be able to watch

exclusive programs, footage and a

series of behind-the-scenes dailies;

to receive a firsthand look at what

happens at haunted locations.

The idea was generated from a

Covid-19 lockdown Zoom meeting.

A team of paranormal investigators

and experts were discussing different

ideas. DTV offers something new,

different, and exciting, with a mobile

capacity that can be viewed and taken


The idea swiftly expanded

to include novel concepts from

establishing a haunted museum for

recording to paranormal news and a

24/7 live stream of haunted programs.

DTV has joined TV studios with

audience seating, and is dedicated

for and to social media broadcasting

platforms. Those outlets include

Twitch, FB, and Twitter, with the

intention and vision to create a

haunted ‘space for hire,’ as well as a

dedicated news room.

A Haunted Museum is in the

planning stages, but has thus far

designed 20 rooms for recording, some

of which may be considered strange

and odd. The experience may be

confusing with mirrored walls, a room

dedicated to massacres, a hanging

room, a haunted bedroom and one

devoted to the Ouija board.

Clients will have the opportunity

to hire out studio space, hire the

museum to film in or stage virtual

guided tours where visitors will learn

the history of locations, exhibits and


The world of spirits will be lending

itself to a café and retail shop featuring

handmade crafts, weird artifacts

and a wide range of metaphysical

paraphernalia to take with you on

future ghostly adventures.

The launch date is set for the

spring of 2021. Visit our Facebook site

at Ghost dimension UK for continual

updates and sneak peeks.

Dimension UK, Union House 111

New Union Street, Coventry, CV1 2NT.




Let’s discover the afterlife together.

Join us on our investigations.

Inexpensive and often free!

may be haunted.


Email office@ghostdimensionuk.club


In The Boneyard: History and Horror of America’s Haunted Graveyards

Troy Taylor

Death is the final mystery. We

have feared and worshipped it since

the beginning of time. All of us have

contemplated the mystery of demise,

and we all wonder – no matter our

beliefs – what will happen to us after

we die. Some believe we are born

again in a new body with an old soul,

others believe our spirits pass on to

another place – or perhaps remain

behind as ghosts. The mystery of death

has forced us to create rituals and

practices to deal with and immortalize

it with cemeteries, grave markers, and

of course, with dark and frightening

legends and lore – usually involving


But what makes a spirit linger

behind in a cemetery? Nearly every

ghost enthusiast will profess that

a place becomes haunted after a

traumatic event or an unexpected

death. We may understand why a

spirit might linger at home or other

locations where they lived, but why

a cemetery, which appears to be the

final destination before we leave this

world and journey onto the next?

Graveyard ghosts seem to be

a different sort of spirit than what

might be found hanging around a

haunted house. These ghosts seem to

be connected to the cemetery in a way

that has nothing to do with events

that occurred during their lifetime.

The restless spirits found in graveyards

linger because of events that occurred

after their deaths instead of before.

Eternal rest eludes them in the place

where they physical remains were

placed, disturbed by things like grave

robbery, desecration, unmarked or

forgotten graves, natural disasters, or


In his latest book, author Troy

Taylor delves into our fears of death,

graveyards, and what might be

waiting for us beyond the grave. In

the Boneyard: History and Horrors of

America’s Haunted Graves, is a crosscountry

trip to the most haunted

cemeteries and burial grounds in

America, with detours along the way

to pick up stories of ghosts, cemetery

curses, and vanishing hitchhikers.

In the Boneyard, however, is not

just a book about haunted places. Taylor

also explores the traditions behind our

funeral and cemetery customs and a

history of how graveyards in America

came about. Additionally, the reader

will need to brace themselves for tales

of forbidden and forgotten places,

premature burials, grave robbery,

desecrations, haunted cemetery art,

a history of American vampires, and

a myriad of lingering spirits that are

sure to chill the reader’s blood, if with

the lights on.

This book is filled with

nightmarish stories that seem to be

too good to be true – but, they aren’t.

They are not tales from fiction, but

authentic accounts from the dark side

of American history, including the true

story of Resurrection Mary - one of the

most famous cemetery phantoms of

all time.

This collection of unsettling tales

of boneyard ghosts and specters is

Taylor’s most chilling work yet. He

explores favorite tales and reveals a

few mysteries of haunted cemeteries

that have thus far eluded him. If there

is any book that will have you “whistling

past the graveyard” as you walk home

at night, it’s In the Boneyard: History

and Horrors of America’s Haunted



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The Haunting of Kearny Mansion

Mendy Baker

The Kearney Mansion sits atop 225

acres of pristine agricultural land. The

designs for the two existing structures,

constructed in 1903 by Fresno’s King of

Raisins, M. Theo Kearney, were inspired by

the French Renaissance. The structural

aesthetics were also influenced by the

Schwab Family residence in New York City,

which was a replica of the Chateau de


Kearney came to Fresno in 1869 and,

by 1892, he was creating the park. His family

immigrated from Liverpool England when

he was just 12-years-old. A self-made man,

Kearney started the movement for Fresno’s

agricultural developments, specifically

raisins. From this, he envisioned what we

now know as Kearney Park.

Construction was completed on the

mansion in 1903 which was intended to

be the manager’s residence. The second

structure on the property was the servant’s

quarters that now serve as the Fresno

Historical Societies headquarters. Kearney’s

dream involved a larger complex, with the

Mansion merely igniting project.

While in San Francisco during the

earthquake of 1906, Kearney suffered a mild

heart attack. He travelled back to Fresno to

recuperate and plan his annual trip abroad,

where he suffered a second, this time

fatal heart attack. Kearney died before his

Chateau Fresno Park was completed.

Haunted claims

Trying to locate true haunted

claims at the Mansion was a challenge.

From documented reports, no one has

investigated paranormal activities. A few

amateur videos, most of which feature the

Mansion’s exteriors, have been posted, with

light refractions and significant “feelings”

but nothing of substance.

Allegedly, Kearney’s spirit roams

the grounds, perhaps dismayed that his

dream materialized. He left his estate to

the University of California Berkley with

instructions to build an agricultural college

in Fresno. However, the property was

retained as a ranch, and the Chateau was

never completed.

Is this why he sticks around? Possibly.

Others say they have seen his housekeeper,

Nora, wandering the halls. Some also tell of

a white witch by the train tracks.

However, when TCTN investigated the

grounds, there were no train tracks on the

225 acres of land. In reality, they are a mile

north of the Mansion property line. When

crossing the railroad tracks at night, the

witch will apparently materialize, dressed

in white, and beg passing cars to halt. There

are also reports of hearing disembodied

laughter of children in Kearney Park, usually

around 1:30 in the morning.

Is the Kearney Mansion haunted? Does

Mr. Kearney wander the property to keep

his dream alive? Does Nora stay with him

to make certain the house is properly cared

for? What about the white witch? Where

did she come from?

Until we can conduct a further,

complete investigation we may never

know. Although make no mistake: we will

get in.

Check out Season One of

Then Again with Herbie J.

Pilato, starring classic TV

stars like Ed Asner and

Burt Ward. Find it on

Amazon Prime.

For more information, visit




‘Medium’ from Front

Morris calls herself a generational

psychic medium, fifth generation. Her

great, great grandmother was full blooded

Chippewa Algonquin, the medicine

woman for her tribe.

The gift, although maternally

hereditary, skips every other generation.

Morris’ great grandmother was a gifted

psychic who predicted the assassination of

John F. Kennedy.

Born in the caul, or with a veil over her

face, Morris’ initial experience as a Medium

occurred after her paternal grandfather

passed away. She was approximately

3-years-old at the time of this experience.

It was then her paternal grandmother

Esta contacted Marie [her maternal

grandmother] and shared the exchange

of information. That was knowledge that

Morris, at such a young age, could not have

been privy to, as it had been kept in the

deepest of confidence between Esta and

her husband.

Morris was mentored by her

grandmother through games, and

instructed how to protect herself from

spirits. “This was a practice taught

throughout the tribe,” she said. “My

grandmother and her sister lived on a

reservation until their mother died, and

were then placed in an orphanage in

upstate New York.” Her grandmother

ran away at the age of 15 and got married.

Morris was mentored by her grandmother

until her death in 2000.

Morris began doing readings at the

age of 18 and published her personal

story, titled, 207, in 2011. A true account of

terror, tragedy and courage based on her

experiences after she moved into an old

Victorian flat with her husband. “It was a

nightmare, and I truly believe that he had

been oppressed, it not possessed by an evil

that was present in the building.” The book

that followed, Saints, Sinners & Sacred

Ground, chronicles the history of 207 19th

Street in Watervliet, New York and the dark

and deadly past of the town. A third book in

the series is in the works.

“I kept the knowledge that I was a

psychic medium on the down low because

I was raised Catholic,” she said. “And my

history in the book could be a rush to

judgment due to others who claim to be

clairvoyant.” On the release of the book

Morris did numerous radio and podcast

interviews and one of those interviews

was with Whelpton, when he had a radio

show. “I became a repeat guest on the show

doing readings and became a friend with

the family. So, when the film came up, I

received an email that said ‘Hey, we have

a project that you might be interested in’.

I was told nothing about the film or the

house or where it was.”

Morris arrived on a Saturday in the

afternoon and they continued filming

until midnight. “I will usually begin to

sketch on the impressions I receive on a

particular property a few days prior to

actually visiting the place. I was already

picking up on things. One of the sketches I

sent to the directors ~ and I can share this ~

is a walking stick beside a door. The owner

of the home collected walking sticks and

it plays a prominent part in the movie.”

There is more that Morris shared – but you

will have to wait until the next film comes

out. [And] yes - there will be a Part Two to

the documentary.

To learn more about Jill Morris, to

order her books or listen to podcasts, visit


Harness the

natural healing power of

your body, mind, and spirit

We carry a wide variety of

stones & crystals, herbs, candles, incense,

jewelry, and our newest

“Sinful Indulgence” bath & body products.





Recipes From the Banning Museum

In the heart of Wilmington, California sits a little-known treasure, The

Banning Museum. Phineas Banning, “the Father of the Port of Los Angeles,”

constructed the 23-room residence in 1864. Generations of the Banning family

lived in house until 1925. In 1927, the residence, stagecoach barn, and surrounding

20 acres of parkland were acquired by the City of Los Angeles, and became a

favorite park and haunted destination.

The residence fell into disrepair over the decades, but an intrepid group, the

Friends of Banning Museum, spearheaded by a great-granddaughter, restored

the mansion to its original Victorian beauty.

Katharine Stewart Banning

and Joseph Brent Banning married

in April of 1888 and set up house in

the residence. Katharine’s recipe

collection includes those beloved

by the family, which were inherited

from Rebecca and Mary Hollister

Banning. [Note: our managing editor

Tammye McDuff is a descendent of

the Hollister family.]

Here are just a few of Katharine’s

recipes, which are over 100-yearsold,

if you’re seeking something

with an old-fashioned flare. Some

of the terminology may be slightly

different from modern verbiage,

but good luck - and let us know how

they work for you.

Aunt Fanny’s Chicken


1 1/2 pint good measure chicken

chopped fine

1 pint cream

1 teaspoon butter

1 tablespoon flour

Onion - size of a hickory nut

Parsley to taste - chopped fine

With the butter, flour and

cream, make a sauce, add salt,

pepper, and while hot stir into it the

chicken mixture, onion and parsley.

Cool and mold into croquettes when

soft enough to be handled. Roll in

very fine cracker crumbs. Keep in

ice box till just before serving. Then

fry in deep fat, till delicate brown in

color. For frying, use a frying basket.

Date Muffins

Cream 2 tablespoons of butter

with 1/4 cup sugar

Add 2 well-beaten eggs mixed

with 1 cup milk, alternated with

2 cups flour into which 2 teaspoons

baking powder has been


Beat mixture thoroughly.

Add pinch of salt and 1 cup

chopped dates. Bake in quick


Recipe will yield 10 large muffins.

Bake 18 minutes at 425 degrees.


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