The Artist of Everyday Life (extract)

A Kaleidoscope of Inspiration.

A Kaleidoscope of Inspiration.

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I dedicate ‚The Artist of Everyday Life’ to my beloved

brothers and sisters who supported each step of this

unfolding journey. My teachers who inspired me to

see and follow the light of my heart.

I am blessed to share my inspiration with all of you.

A Kaleidoscope of Inspiration.


How To Read This Book



About Jules

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Balance Is The Key


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California Revival

From Berlin to the World

Break-Ups or Break-Throughs

Speak Your Truth


Teaching of My Soul

Process Meets Progress

Self-healing Boomerang


The Road Not Taken Is Not Taken For A Reason

This Is a Journey – So What’s the Rush About?

Let Go Of Expectations But Keep Your Focus

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The Teaching Starts Within You


Nourish Yourself

Infinite Love

Love & Forgiveness Can Heal Everything

Morning Mantra

Sequencing And The Parallelism To Life



Materialistic Demon

Patterns and Reflections


Constant Reality Check

Inner Alert System and Bodyscan

The 8 Limbs of Yoga

Love Your Inner Child

Performance and Perfection


Journaling & Writing Art

Everyday Life Lives Every Day

The Smile You Send Into The World


Giving and Receiving

Laziness and Non-Doing

Handstand Journey and Splits Dedication

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Lunar Cycles

Healing Ocean and Nature’s Dream

Emotional Circus Of Thoughts

Relationship Chaos

Spiritual Sex

The People We Almost Fall In Love With

Emotional Yoga

Closing Ceremony



How To Read This Book

The beginning of this text is an introduction of me and my everyday life. The chapters

are meant to inspire you in certain topics of your life. I am really happy to share the love

with you through these little episodes written in the forms of texts, stories, and poetry.

All parts are mutually dependent but are also independent in and of themselves.

One by one or from beginning to end – you choose what you need. Each chapter may

differ in its way and form of expression. As everyday life is a process, so is this book, too.

Take what you need to make your own special recipe, or just use these texts as references.

I wrote these chapters throughout the past years as an ongoing process. Pauses were

needed to reflect and understand the higher purpose of this writing. This book is a

sharing from the bottom of my heart. In my classes I love to inspire my students with

the depth of our human being, offering a holding hand in the ever changing phases

of life. I have always said that it is the biggest gift for me to offer a glimmer of light in

whatever situation they are in. All these little chapters are stories and ideas that helped

me to unfold my natural state of being. There are many stories that made us come this

way - stories that formed us into exactly who we are right now.

I am pleased to share this inspiration with you, captured by many unique moments of

random aliveness. Enjoy the journey of unfolding your raw nature of being!

With much love and gratitude,



There is something magical about our everyday life. Some might think it is just a daily

rhythm of our intentions, but I think it is much more than this. At times, we are lost in

cycles - running and running for no reason, caught in our activities but disconnected

from our being. We’ve already lost our focus. There is almost no more room left for

receptiveness. I encourage you to step out of that cycle, in whatever cycle you are.

Make your everyday life more open-hearted. Experience the miracles within and

around you. The intensity is just one step away. Don’t hold yourself back with excuses

and explanations.

Life is fucking amazing - so free yourself to experience every moment fully.

I always knew that I have a tendency to enjoy dark matter or dark energies. Often I

told myself that this feeling is not okay, or that I should not have feelings like that at all.

One day, during a sound healing yoga class, these deep feelings were arising again. For

the first time in my life, I gave myself permission to let them be as they are. Out of this

permission arose something bigger: I was able to free myself from the negative self-talk

and punishment about my own personality. Everyone has dark corners within their

whole. The trick is to channel this energy into something bigger. As you know, without

darkness we would not see the night sky. I found that channel for myself in inspiring

people with my view of everyday life and by being a powerful initiator for expressing

themselves to their fullest - mostly by just reminding them of what they already know.

By creating space for switching perspective, we unfold our potential for growth. Each

human being has a universe inside. Even if we cannot feel it from time to time, we can

always reconnect with ourselves. The people you meet and the experiences you make

along your way are meant to help you find more aliveness in your daily learning and

the process of life. All these encounters may push you out of your comfort zone so they

can be in service of your growth. Expansion happens through our constant openness

to learning and growing. In the beginning you might not know how you feel about

this unknown state, but after trying to go through the experience as it is, you have the

12 / 13

possibility to grow with it, and in the end, you might be thankful for its lessons. In

that way, the best advice I can give you is to be open to whatever crosses your way. The

limitations start in our mind and transmit to our doing. How can you break through

the limitations?

I want to show you how you can let everything be the inspiration you need at this

moment. Are the birds singing a specific melody that you enjoy? Is a child smiling in

a way that lifts your heart up? This smiling child is like a recurring dream that wants

to be seen by the world. The child opens its arms to the world and is the expression of

infinity. This child is you and always lives within you. It wants to play and be happy. It

needs your fullest attention and love to come back to its fullest expression. Help your

inner child smile and feel the beauty in every moment. Let it be free. How much can

you give with just a simple smile, a heartfelt hug, or a soft kiss, no matter if you have

known each other for years, days, or a few seconds? Ask yourself if it really matters

how long you know each other. They say that the first impression matters the most.

That brings me to an understanding that our inner feelings lead us the way. Does

it make a difference if we give our fullest love to the world, or restrict ourselves by

making certain choices? I found for myself that the most important thing is sharing

wholeheartedly. If you feel deep love and connection to other beings, express it in

the best way possible. Trick yourself and especially your bogged down mindset by

playing with different scenery. What if you meet a wonderful animal on the streets or

in the park? Let’s say it’s a cat. Would you not pet it just because you saw it for the first

time? Would you do the same if it was a person you’ve never met? What this example

explains is that we have built artificial boundaries and limitations for ourselves. We’ve

built borders within our own human nature. We tell ourselves that there are rules with

which we must interact with people. But there are none, especially when we act from

our true being. Connection is built on mutual consent. You are the creator of your own

mindset. So why shouldn’t we actively build the wonderful play we live in? Travel every

day a bit deeper to your heart, play, and be excited about every experience. Breathe

deep until your chest starts to feel light. Trust and let yourself fall. See the wonderful

world within you. Connect with the soul‘s journey unfolding inside of yourself to

explore all individual phases and different expressions. Feel it with your whole spirit.

We are part of the universe and our heart is the master of our inner world. Being true

to yourself is a prerequisite of living the art of everyday life. When you are true to

yourself, the mask of the outer world slowly disappears. This will allow you to sink

deeper into spiritual worlds. There, critical comments do not affect you anymore. From

that foundation we can grow like a tree and never lose our roots. It’s quintessential

that you do what you love, without overthinking or determining yourself in a certain

direction. Let the moment decide; leave all opportunities open. If you live your passion

and true being, there is nothing that holds you back. Dream, visualize and never

doubt. You can earn it because everyday life gives you tons of opportunities. Go do

your art. You deserve it.

Art of Everyday Life.

Form of creation lies in the instant that you live.

Hold me tight, so I have the courage to go beyond myself.



Like little fragments in a kaleidoscope, the chapters of the book form a work of art.

I’m holding the pages of the draft in my hands, making the last final touches to this

version, and trying to see it for what it is today. This book means the world to me and

the world longs for meaning that is seen through you. Some things take time, like

publishing a book or becoming an artist of everyday life.

So here you are holding the final version; you are next to discover your art. So what is

this book actually about?

I want to invite you to transform your everyday life into an expression of the artist

that you are, your own unique way of being. I like to see it as a workbook. You can find

pieces of inspiration, like poetry, memories, techniques, and stepping stones of my

practice that allow you to dive deeper into your art of everyday life. The things I write

about should give you some clues for expanding your perspective and opening up to

new ways of experience. By including a lot of letters from my past to my future self, I

can see the whole book as an encouragement to myself to transform my life into the art

that I’ve always felt but never allowed myself to express. Now it’s time to acknowledge

the hurt parts inside of me, use them as a catalyst, and move into playfulness so I

can express myself freely in any way I can imagine. What does it mean to be an artist

of everyday life? How would it look like seeing yourself through this lens? Do you

think your life is less artistic than mine? And if so why? The lessons learned through

receiving the teachings of everyday life are an impulse to implement creative learning

into your daily living. By interpreting the happenings in your own way you will find

your way of turning your world upside down. My words are here to give you guidance.

Think of them like cues in yoga. They might lead you to new ways of thinking, but

you are the artist, applying them into your daily life as you choose. This is the process

of going through stereotypes and turning the connections into reality. I believe the

structure of the chapters is symbolic of what the reality of life is about. Which is to say,

perhaps it does not always seem logical, but it has been a journey, and each step has led

16 / 17

to the next in an organic way. Being in flow means being in sync with the changes that

we undergo daily. Everyday life fluctuates and has different ways of expressing itself.

There might be routines and structures, but sometimes we learn the most when we lose

them. Living the art of everyday life is not a thread of monotony going from beginning

to the end; it is ordered chaos, destruction, and beauty combined. This path is down to

earth, as I like to keep it real wholeheartedly. Guided by different techniques, mostly

inspired by my practice of yoga, you will get practical hints that you can integrate into

your life. This is not just for yogis or spiritual people. Not all stories we experience are

beautiful, but as we go through destruction, we can move beyond our own knowing. I

share this work with you because I believe that the topics mentioned here can support

you in exploring yourself on a deeper level. I think there is a lot of value in sharing my

path with you. We can all learn so much from each other just by sharing and listening.

I invite you to see life unfolding by diving deeper into your own art. Look through

your kaleidoscope and witness how every piece becomes art somehow, reflected in an

endless variety of patterns.

And life keeps writing stories,

day in, day out,

to remind us that every moment has to be lived,

that our soul needs to spread their wings,

when we need it the most.



Hey, I’m Jules. I want to share my journey and essential understanding of everyday

life with you. I am a yoga and acro teacher, lifestyle coach, as well as bodyworker and

world traveler. I’m based in Berlin and I enjoy traveling and exploring the world. I

believe in the world as my home.

I am at home wherever I am and in the room of lovers.

I can see with closed eyes the beauty that dances.

– Rumi

Passions of my life include movement and playing with different dynamics, guided by

intuition. My movement practice is influenced by my drive to create space in the mind

and heart through the practice of yoga, handstands, and acrobatics. The playfulness

aspect has a huge impact on the way I use movement in creative ways. Yoga is not

just yoga when we invite energy to flow freely. The unfiltered motion comes from a

deeper place of our soul. My practice is an invitation, that asks you to move to meet

your restrictions and dance your way out of it. I like to work with different forms of

connection, for example, through bodywork and acro. Learning more about these

techniques led me to an exploration of the moving energy within our bodies, which

I call energized motion. It is fascinating to observe how we relate to one another as

we merge our energies and explore a space of co-creation. Aside from that, I love to

inspire people by pulling them out of their routine. I enjoy creating healthy foods

and desserts, and on top of that sharing my philosophy of everyday life. Another big

part of me is my community and my family. The circle we gather around us holds

us in any phase of our life. Furthermore, I think that the quality of our relationships

impacts the quality of our life. Through my teaching I am able to share the love for this

practice and my joy of life. I believe that the world is our playground and that life is a

wonderful art each moment. Positive vibrations ought to be in sync with your way of

living. Allow your heart to open to the universe and its infinite possibilities. My wish is

for us to create a love affair with our unique spirits and raise the vibration to union.

18 / 19

Where I am Coming From?

There was a time in my life when I was stuck in depression. The external influences

were too strong to resist. It felt like I could not escape the tunnel of darkness. I was

walking through the days without realizing that I am alive. I had a longing for not

waking up anymore. I could not see the purpose of being alive. My family and friends

were left overwhelmed because no word that they would say mattered, as I was not

able to hear it in the state of my depressed being.

...The doctors tried to save me with medication and therapy. All I felt was

silent suffering and empty words. Each morning the questions shouted in

my head: why am I still here? The end of the tunnel was a night with an

unpredictable ending. Out of love for a close friend I went out to celebrate

her birthday. By this time I had to take drugs on a regular basis. We went

out to go dancing. Having a drink was part of the game. Half an hour later

there was no return. Stuck in the restroom in a state of transcendence.

Gone and there at the same time. Caught up in a state that I call half alive.

Twilight of realities. I couldn’t feel my body anymore, I couldn‘t move or

say anything to express what happened. I tried to speak as I could hear

them, but no words could leave my mouth. Still in the room. My soul was

floating. Realizing the destruction from above. My inner being wanted to

hold on to the strings of life somehow. The final call for the emergency

room. Caught up in a dramatic movie scene without having any access

to change direction. The doctors kept asking me if I wanted to kill myself.

Hidden underneath the desire to destroy myself completely… I was still

here and trying to see my way out.

The trip felt like it took hours, and within it I saw two figures surrounding me. One

came along with a message of just giving up, falling fully into darkness. The other

figure pointed the finger towards a little light, showing the ladder which I could climb.

In these hours of walking the edge between life and death, I knew it was time for me to

choose a side.

I have made a secret but a radical commitment to myself: I decided to be fully alive.

I knew that the way to do this is not just to step out of the hospital and be reborn.

The ladder is a symbol for a way I can choose to move upward. I should not have

unrealistic expectations either because climbing up takes effort. I started by liberating

myself from the chains of the emergency room and the hospital. The first thing I did

after arriving home was throwing away all the pills. Going through cold turkey within

the next week, I felt that luckily my heart supported the change.

With drastic experiences like that it takes some time to realize what really happened.

This experience was the peak of a period of drama throughout my everyday life.

Meeting our edge in situations like this one, we have the opportunity to re-center

ourselves and come back to the right track. In the end, I am really thankful for this

incident since it allowed me to change my life and to move from darkness to light with

the intention of my heart.

When we see our life almost disappearing through our hands, we are more likely to

open our eyes to the truth within.

For me, revolution simply means radical change.

– Aung San Suu Kyi

20 / 21

Liaison With My Yoga Journey, or How Yoga Found Me

Yoga is a big part of this book and of my life. Maybe you have wondered already

- why? After my studies in business administration and international marketing I

decided to get the experience needed to work worldwide in these fields.

At first I started off with being really determined to do something professional in my

field of business management and marketing. Yet, soon that plan has changed into a

newfound goal of sharing my passion for movement with the world. Once I discovered

yoga, my plan transitioned from being in a professional field into the passion I feel for

movement. That sudden career change was a bigger surprise than anything I could

have imagined to have happened. Yet the business world never felt appropriate to me.

I could not understand how people could sacrifice themselves to it every day. Society

makes you believe that you have to do something decent with your life and that being

in an office all day is it. Los Angeles was my first step into this journey of liberation

Stepping out of my comfort zone and into a secret place with open space. Trying

something new became my life from there. I wanted to take it all in. I went to yoga

before work and again directly after. On the weekends I enjoyed my first flights by

doing acro yoga. It was all about the balance between the magic triangle of body, mind,

and spirit. I started trusting the unfolding movement and change to allow myself to

flow. In one of the first yoga classes I could feel the higher calling inside my chest. I

woke up from Savasana crying, feeling my body shaking, and knew where to go from


Buddha is the teacher showing the way, the awakened one,

living source of understanding and passion.

Dharma is the clear path leading us out of ignorance.

Bringing us back to an awakened life.

Sangha is a beautiful community.

The practice of joy and realizing liberation.

Bringing peace and happiness to life

– Buddhism, Buddhas Teachings

My teacher in Los Angeles gave me the best advice:

If you truly feel the wish in your heart just meditate on

it and allow life to manifest.

- Kumi Yogini

I invite you to grant yourself your life, no matter what you feel that it is like.

Movement and change is like a rainbow - the interaction between sunlight and rain

takes it to its fullest expression. The outstanding factors keep changing constantly,

so the question for us is what is the deeper meaning that arises inside of us. The

feeling within can manifest into fullest happiness or sadness at the same time. You

know that the sadness is just a feeling, but you let it be as it is appearing. Happiness

is overwhelming sometimes. The art is to cry with a wonderful smile feeling deep

gratitude for every moment and reconnection with the power of now.

Mirror reflector.

Relegated in familiar dimensions.

Stillness as key.

Observing and observant.

Learning process and random stories.

Human beings and the dramatic which is interwoven.

The life that we are living and expressing is our message for existence, for life itself.

trust in the Self, trust in love, trust in the divine,

trust in the power of your own awareness,

trust in the stability of your own center.

- Lao Tzu



The name means hidden jewel, as its origin lies in the hidden island of the black

seaIt was given to wild women that still needed to transform their destructive energy

into light. The name should keep reminding them of their potential. Oftentimes

people with this name would find themselves in the midst of chaos and destruction.

But somehow a jewel would appear into their life, showing them how to rise from

the ashes. Hidden

potential can only be perceived if we shine light on

it and play with

the reflection.

Me Time

Having “me time” should be an important part of your day’s routine. I didn’t realize

this for a while. I always thought that I don’t need “me time” because I enjoy being

surrounded by others. The underlying pattern leads back to self-distraction. Having

company is a tempting and welcoming distraction from fully listening to ourselves,

as we flee from pointing our whole attention towards ourselves. However, these are

the moments where creativity can fly to you because you opened the possibility of

spaciousness. Give yourself some room to rest and be. Reconnect with your values and

forget your surroundings. Overthinking takes too much energy and steals from the

present moment. Sail in the wind and observe your being. Our spirit needs freedom

instead of cover layers. If you lose your deep foundation established by experiencing

room for yourself, you will feel restricted by the outside world that interferes with

your space. Emotions and reactions become easily triggered in a state of unawareness

and detachment from ourselves. Sometimes pushing yourself is good, but don’t use it

to run away. Nothing has to be extreme, yet it is so hard for us to move towards being

balanced. Leave criticism and doubt behind and learn to trust.

Create some space for stillness and turn the volume of your heart up

I dedicate this time - right now - to myself. Writing a book was a lifetime dream.

I thought about it a million times. I wrote hundreds of pages in my mind. Now is

the chance to fulfill this dream, putting all of the thoughts into action. As we move

through our lives, we come across many opportunities of meeting people, starting

something new, or else continuing on our path uninterrupted. Most of the time we

are too busy to see these opportunities. In everyday life lies a chance to break habitual

cycles, however we have to be aware of the steps we take and stay open to see all the

possibilities in front of us. Each time we make a choice, we close one chapter and open

another one. The direction determines the path we go on. Me time was a challenging

task to learn for me. It’s a commitment that you have to set with yourself so you don’t

skip it easily. When you’re in a challenging situation, you have two options: either

26 / 27

face it, or leave it. In this case, I made a promise to myself by making commitments I

would stick to instead of postponing them over and over again. It seemed stupid in the

beginning to add sections of me-time to my own calendar, but it really worked out for

me and was worth it. The doubts I felt while going through this process taught me how

to look deeper at the roots of my inner resistance. In my experience, we grow the most

when we go the way of least comfort and meet the resistance.

I wish you to feel the spirit of the world in your wings so you can share my excitement

for everyday life with the world and trust the law of attraction.

This is the intensity of aliveness that allows me to be fully with myself.

Truth be told, I had to learn the lesson of consciously choosing ‘Me Time’ for a while

- I have done everything else that I wanted to do instead. I felt more responsible for

everybody around me instead of serving my own needs. I could do that for a while.

As humans we are able to go for quite some time without nourishment. At some point

I had to realize that I gave all my energy away and that I had nothing left for myself.

When I started to bring this aspect back to balance, I had a hard time to allow myself

to give to myself. Learning in that case is the journey towards yourself.

If you have one of those personalities where the opposite is the case, it will be the

same journey, but backwards. Our essence is based on exchange: exchanges of energy,

inhaling and exhaling, giving and receiving. As much as we need time for ourselves,

we also need to share our light in the sense of connection with those around us. As you

will see later in this book, there are never-ending options to create connections. You

put your unique meaning in everything. Even if I sometimes don’t know how to return

the things that I’ve received, I know that it always comes back. The opposing forces in

the universe will always level themselves out. I like to say, karma will take care of it. We

take, we give, and we share. If we find a way of giving from our hearts, we don’t need to

think about the way it will return to us. Let go of the duty that you created for yourself

and plunge into the flow of life. Let go of any desired value and spread your wings for

the free fall. Remove the chaos within, remain true to yourself, and be fully there, just

for yourself. From that place, inspire your community. By doing this for yourself, you

automatically create space for others around you to follow the same principles.

Block a day, or some hours during the week, for your “me time” and date yourself.

Make no plans on what to do during that time. Be with yourself and be open to

whatever comes along. In the beginning, you might feel awkward or lost. Trust the

process of getting to know yourself.

Peace is every step.

The shining red sun in my heart.

Each flower smiles with me.

How green, how fresh all that grows.

How cool the window blows.

Peace in every step.

It turns the endless path to joy.

- Thich Nhat Hanh



Happiness is there if you know how to breathe and smile. Happiness can always be

found in the present moment. Our world is our dream and we are both its actor and

its creator, all within one. Dance and enjoy the dance around you. The sound of music

comes from the heart. It is always a choice to choose happiness in each moment. Allow

your breath to take you through it. A smile creates more than a resonance - it resonates

and creates a vibration for the world. There are many of these moments where you

want to express yourself in millions of words, but at the same time silence expresses

everything. We are telling stories with the energies we send into the world. A lot of

times we try to find satisfaction from outer forms or values. We are creating our own

suffering by that.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

- Buddha

It is a lifelong journey to learn Buddha’s lesson, and there will be many opportunities

to see the deeper sense behind it. Although it is true that we need the outside world;

from my experience, it’s not an option to hide in meditation, in your inner state of

being. There is a balance between interaction and solitude. Never forget that happiness

may arrive akin to the domino effect. Share the smile of your heart. Inspire the dance

around you. It might be just a little spark, but at this moment, it’s life-changing, for you

or for somebody else. The freedom and happiness we live can free others from their

chains. Life is only magic if you share the sparkles.

Ask yourself right now: What is happiness for me?

Wait and give space for receiving your answer. I love to ask myself questions, reflect

on them, and write my thoughts and feelings down. In my opinion, happiness can be

30 / 31

found in everything. Yet if our eyes can’t be open for receiving, we can’t find happiness

anywhere. If you know what generates happiness for you, you are able to navigate your

daily life towards it. Where you put your focus is what you perceive. Each thought and

feeling is the capture of a moment on its own. Treat each moment like one of a kind.

A lot of times when we suffer, we are trying to hold on to a negative experience or

emotion. But what exactly makes you struggle at that moment? What are you trying to

create an attachment to? Seeing that fact is a process of being really honest to yourself.

It takes a lot of courage to take a step back to see yourself going through emotions that

hold you back from enjoying happiness in each moment. Don’t get me wrong, there is

nothing bad about being triggered and feeling the underlying emotions: feeling what

you feel and allowing it to pass through you instead of restricting the energy flow. Sit

with it. Try it just once. The release will blow your mind.

And last but not least some inspiration from the Dalai Lama:

Who am I to be happy?

Our modern world neglects the inner dimension of

our human being. People overemphasize on material

gain that underlies the assumption that what we can

buy can by itself alone provide us with all the

satisfaction that we need. In this context we miss

out on the fact that gaining material satisfaction

is limited to the level of the senses. Our problems

- internally and externally experienced, cannot be

solved until we address the underlying neglect.

Reflection will guide us to spiritual revolution.

I believe that the very purpose of life

is to seek happiness.

- Dalai Lama

Balance Is The key

Physical activities and adrenaline associated with them have always been a big part

of my life. Yet for other people, pure stillness may give them the aliveness they desire.

The balance equation works the same way from either side: if we have too much of one

quality, we have to even it out. It’s your turn to make a move.

The Chinese believe in the concept of yin and yang. The yogis believe in union. Every

belief system comes back to finding a balance between the two forces. Essentially,

balance is about finding your own steadiness and ease. By moving from one edge to the

other, we find peace in between.

Life is like riding a bicycle.

To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

- Albert Einstein

Einstein’s quote sounds so random and yet so obvious. Do you remember when you

learned how to ride a bike? Do you remember how many times you tried? How much

did you struggle until you found the sweet spot?

I was always super curious about learning new things as a child. Most of the time,

I couldn’t even wait until I was old enough to try them out. I loved the challenge of

finding the point of ease within things. I bet all of us needed some time before we

could ride the bike effortlessly. The first steps are more like the first handshake. You

make the first connection. You see how it feels and what you will do first. You may shift

your weight from side to side. The critical point starts when you lift your feet from

the ground and try to ride. As Einstein said - you need to move, otherwise you lose

your balance. You try to find stability on wheels. This progression very well mirrors

the same process throughout our lifetimes. We have to learn and explore our points

32 / 33

of ease. We play the extremes to see how far we can go. At the end we find out that

what we seek is a small balance point, no matter what we are doing. We tumble to

come back to our line, but when we find it, we

just feel at ease. Past and future will never be

here, as balance lies within the now. All

of the past experiences have made us

come to this point. Appreciate these

pictures with love and laughter.

Meet yourself, then let go to free

yourself. Observe to overcome

judgement. The roots are

always hidden within. Guide

your attention to light.

A simple balancing check for

everyday life: tree pose.

Stand tall on both of your feet. Feel the ground underneath. Connect to your roots

through your feet. Focus your attention on a point that doesn’t move. Choose your

standing leg and lift the other leg up, placing its foot on the thigh or below the knee

joint. Bring your hands towards your heart center and take a breath here. If you feel

steady, move your arms up. If you feel okay, start moving your branches and explore. If

you want to work on your trust, close your eyes. If you want to challenge your balance

even more, stand on your toes. The same way you came in, come out of the posture

and repeat on the other side. Then, widen your comfort zone.

How can you move in and out of this position? Where can you transition to? This

simple technique is one of my favorite ways to check my overall balance. How rooted

do I feel? What brings me out of balance? Am I focused or wobbly?

In connection with this symbol of the tree, I want to make the link to our day-today

life. Holding the imagination in our mind, we can learn a lot from it. The tree

embodies steadiness, tolerance and connection. The question arises: how can you be

as tolerant as a tree? The tree always stays rooted in being, even though everything

around it is moving and changing. Each time of the year may give it a different color,

but the essence of the tree stays the same.

One of my favorite poems about trees that I would like to share with you is from

Hermann Hesse:

For me, trees have always been the most penetrating

preachers. I revere them when they live in tribes

and families, in forests and groves. And even more

I revere them when they stand alone. They are like

lonely persons. Not like hermits who have stolen away

out of some weakness, but like great, solitary men,

like Beethoven and Nietzsche. In their highest boughs

the world rustles, their roots rest in infinity; but

they do not lose themselves there, they struggle with

all the force of their lives for one thing only:

34 / 35

to fulfil themselves according to their own laws, to

build up their own form, to represent themselves.

Nothing is holier, nothing is more exemplary than a

beautiful, strong tree.

When a tree is cut down and reveals its naked deathwound

to the sun, one can read its whole history in

the luminous, inscribed disk of its trunk:

in the rings of its years, its scars, all the

struggle, all the suffering, all the sickness, all

the happiness and prosperity stand truly written, the

narrow years and the luxurious years, the attacks

withstood, the storms endured.

And every young farm boy knows that the hardest and

noblest wood has the narrowest rings, that high on

the mountains and in continuing danger the most

indestructible, the strongest, the ideal trees grow.

Trees are sanctuaries.

Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how

to listen to them, can learn the truth.

They do not preach learning and precepts, they

preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law

of life.

A tree says: A kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a

thought, I am life from eternal life.

The attempt and the risk that the eternal mother

took with me is unique, unique the form and veins of

my skin, unique the smallest play of leaves in my

branches and the smallest scar on my bark. I was made

to form and reveal the eternal in my smallest special


A tree says: My strength is trust

I know nothing about my fathers, I know nothing about

the thousand children that every year spring out of

me. I live out the secret of my seed to the very end,

and I care for nothing else. I trust that God is in

me. I trust that my labor is holy. Out of this trust

I live.

When we are stricken and cannot bear our lives any

longer, then a tree has something to say to us:

Be still! Be still! Look at me! Life is not easy,

life is not difficult.

Those are childish thoughts. Let God speak within

you, and your thoughts will grow silent.

You are anxious because your path leads away from

mother and home.

But every step and every day leads you back again to

the mother.

Home is neither here nor there. Home is within you,

or home is nowhere at all.

A longing to wander tears my heart when I hear trees

rustling in the wind in the evening.

If one listens to them silently for a long time, this

longing reveals its kernel, its meaning.

It is not so much a matter of escaping from one‘s

suffering, though it may seem to be so.

It is a longing for home, for a memory of the mother,

for new metaphors for life. It leads home.

Every path leads homeward, every step is birth, every

step is death, every grave is mother.

So the tree rustles in the evening, when we stand

uneasy before our own childish thoughts:

Trees have long thoughts, long-breathing and restful,

just as they have longer lives than ours.

36 / 37

They are wiser than we are, as long as we do not

listen to them. But when we have learned how to

listen to trees, then the brevity and the quickness

and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve

an incomparable joy. Whoever has learned how to

listen to trees no longer wants to be a tree.

He wants to be nothing except what he is. That is

home. That is happiness.

- Hermann Hesse


Expansion means to me that our horizon should be brighter than the sky we can see.

Is there any reason why we limit anything? We create this idea of measurement.

An idea that keeps us back from experiencing the widest range of possibilities. As

children, we see expansion in everything. We want to burst limits. There is this drive

to go beyond - beyond the barriers that we create ourselves, or that were created by

others. If someone would tell me that there is an edge, as a kid I would go there and

find out for myself.

My mum told this sweet little story about me:

Trying the maximum and walking edges. See how high you

can go.When there was a mountain, you climbed it and let

yourself roll all the way down. A street has an ending on

the map but not in your imagination.

You tried to break through.

Taking your bike and running all the way up to have the

most speed

and see where you go after the street ends.

Or you just took your brand new rollerblades on the

highest peak

to find a way to drive at the maximum speed.

Are there any rules for life?

Your drive to expansion made me afraid sometimes.

The power seemed like a never ending bubble machine.

- Beate Kühner

38 / 39

Limits are good in some cases, but if you love adrenaline and intense aliveness as

much as I do, go play with the edges. I guess this is not everyone‘s preference. To

be honest, I couldn’t imagine being stuck in my own limitations. If I hadn‘t tried, I

wouldn’t know. To have boundaries is valuable, to overcome them is mind-blowing.

Adrenaline is an addiction, so you must be careful with that. As long as you don’t lose

yourself in the rush, keep going. Start small and take gentle steps outside your box.

Start something new, something that you’ve never tried before, and see how you react

to it.

Ask yourself: what is holding you back? Really reflect on it.

India loves to tell stories to deliver a certain message to the world. The mythology of

asanas describes the child’s pose “Balasana” as follows:

When Krishna was a child he was playing with his brother

Balaram in the courtyard near his home. He took a scoop of

earth in his hand and ate it. Balaram went running home to

tell his mother, Yashoda.

He told her “Krishna is eating dirt. He may choke on it.”

Yashoda wasn’t surprised as Krishna was always getting

into trouble. She grabbed Krishna and asked him if he’d

been eating dirt. Krishna, his mouth and face covered in

mud, replied that no he hadn’t eaten dirt. “Balaram is

lying”, he told his mother.

Of course Yashoda didn’t believe him. She told him to open

his mouth. He did so but Yashoda didn’t see mud, instead

she saw the entire universe and all of the galaxies.

- Alanna Kaivalya and Arunja van der Kooij

Unfolding freedom.

Release requires internal satisfaction.

Seeing clearly what I missed, and what I needed instead.

Never ending learning progress.

I don‘t feel overwhelmed, I just enjoy.

This part is about expansion, restructuring my reality of life.

Connection is a deeper level with space to explore.

We learn the lessons.

We only move into letting go from here.

I am that without rejecting the past.

Guidance happens from a state in being.

Pressure formed by pressuring ourselves.

Forcing to go to a place where we cannot breathe.

Morning touch.

Free heart space.

Diving without expectations.

F ollow Your Heart

Following the calling that you feel by heart is something we hear quite often when we

struggle with making a big decision. From my own experience I know that if I truly

follow my heart, my mind is lost because the heart cannot be logically understood.

The heart has the strongest energy field that drives our actions. Sometimes we even

feel like there is nothing we can resist when our heart is calling up on us. The strong

vibration keeps us on track, but if we radiate these wonderful vibes, our environment

will resonate with us in union. First, we need to become soft and still.

The following meditation from Drunvalo invites us to reconnect to our heart and to

be able to be guided by it. Entering the sacred space of the heart is really powerful.

Prepare a space to meditate. Begin to breathe

rhythmically. Forget the outside world, it will be there

when you return. Begin by seeing or sensing a place in

nature that you see as beautiful. It could be by the sea,

the dessert, the mountains.

Feel this place and let your heart open. Feel the love you

have for this place.

Let your love grow and feel love for all of nature.

And let your love grow that you feel love for mother

nature, the living spirit of the earth.

She is your mother and she loves you so much. She is

giving you everything you have.

When you feel this love strong in your heart, place this

love in a small sphere

and with your intention send it down to the center of the


So that mother earth can feel your love and then you wait.

Wait until mother earth sends her love back to you and she

always will.

42 / 43

She has loved you forever, for you are her child.

When you feel her love return to you, let this

love move throughout your body and all of your

cells and into your light body.

Wherever it wants to go. Simply feel the beautiful

love of your mother filling your being.

When the time feels right and without breaking the

connection with your mother, turn your attention

to a night sky.

See the milky way, the planets and the moon. Feel

the depth of the space.

And feel the beauty in your heart. Open your heart

for the love you feel for your divine father.

Your divine father is all of creation other than

the earth.

And when this love you have for your divine father

grows a strong place this love in a sphere and

with your intention, send it to the sun or to the

grids if you understand them.

Either way it reaches the divine father and he

feels your love.

And then you wait. Again you wait until you feel

your father‘s love coming into your body.

Your father has always loved you. And he does now

no matter what.

You are his son or daughter. You are the one he

created this universe for even if you probably

don’t understand.

When your father‘s love enters your body let it

move anywhere it wants. Let it enter all that

you are. At this moment you are living the whole

eternity. For you are in a holy triangle of love.

Your divine mother and father are in love with

each other and with you, their divine child.

Within this triangle of love simply open your heart

to the presence of god and know that all is whole,

complete and perfect.

Now the journey in the body begins.

Feel yourself feel and leave your head. Travel down

to your throat chakra.

Wait there for a moment. Feel the softness all around

you. Turn and move towards your heart.

When you can feel or sense the heart in front of you,

continue on and pass through the membrane of your

heart. Once inside, simply trust yourself and let

your female know to guide you. Trust your intuition.

Begin to move.

Knowing that your intuition will guide you into the

secret space in your heart. In a moment or two you

will stop.

You are know in the secret space of your heart. You

are there. It’s so easy. It is usually dark and warm.

The first thing you do is ask for light. This light

may come in different ways.

Whether you are in darkness or light become aware of

the vibration that is everywhere.

Listen to it for a moment and then hum. Remember this

vibration to use it to find your way back.

Make the sound of vibration and look around,

discover, see. Hidden in this space is your purpose

why you came to earth.

When the time is right to return to your throat

chakra and then back to your head.

In the secret space of your heart love is the light.

- Drunvalo

44 / 45

“Living in the Heart” by Drunvalo is one of the most inspiring books to me. He guides

the reader through meditation into experiencing one’s heart fully, opening up to

Mother Nature and Father Sky. It’s a journey towards your heart, passing through the

layers one needs to pass through, asking for light, and letting the intuition guide us to

enter the vibration of our heart.

Just follow your heart. Trust that love is our essence.

We are born of love; Love is our mother.

- Rumi

Today, I follow the guidance of my heart unconditionally, so I feel much more

connected to my own life from within. I can put my heart into my daily life and create

a way of wholehearted living. If we live in sync with our hearts, the rest of our lives

will follow because the energy that we put into our daily doings resonates with the

longing in our hearts. There were many times where I heard this gentle voice inside of

me trying to pull me towards the right direction. Usually we listen to the loud voices

of our minds instead, maybe because it seems more reasonable. Each time I tried to

avoid the calling of my heart, life would teach me a lesson. Like my heart would tell me

“Hey, if you don’t listen, you will have to feel.” If we are really aligned with our hearts,

we trust the resonance of this connection. A lot of times when I get into unknown

experiences or meet people I’ve never met, my heart already knows whether this

connection is aligned with my intention.

Think back to any of your heart’s decisions: did you ever feel trapped?

I think the guidance in our heart is like a master key. It‘s a bond with the universe‘s

highest manifestation. It’s the reason we keep going even when we think there is no

way. We find ourselves in situations that we could not have imagined just because we

trusted in the highest force that is always love. By following our heart we might feel

scared of losing control over our minds and stopping the search for logic. Our hearts

just want to feel - feel the intensity of life, each heartbeat a reminder to listen more.

It always works out somehow. I don’t know how and I am still surprised each time

it happens. It feels like receiving a gift. Each time I leave my home to go out into the

world, there is a feeling of excitement and sadness. Parts of me are afraid of the new

and unknown, but the pull of my heart is stronger than the fear. I feel when it’s time to

go to certain places or see certain people and I know it’s always for the better.

I think one of the most far-reaching moments when I followed the pull in my heart

was the decision to become a yoga teacher. If I had thought about it, this idea would

have never appeared in my mind. I am so grateful that this practice found me and

changed my life into what it is today. Recently, I found a little wish box with the paper

which said that I want to become a yoga teacher. Looking back on that dream, I didn’t

know how I would get there, but I knew I would find my way. If our dedication is

strong enough, we can reach all the things we desire.

Regarding my path as a teacher, I want to share a little story about my approach

to teaching a class. I used to be so attached to creating a certain image or flow that

people would expect. It took me a long time to realize that it is not about the flow and

not about the sequence. It is about the unique experience and light that we share by

expressing our hearts. The pure essence shining through shows the heart we put into

the things we do. The difference in how it feels is tremendous. Releasing that pressure

of perfection and trusting the wisdom of my heart led me to the style of my current

teachings. I feel much more natural with this approach. I can speak my truth.

May you always be guided by your heart.

46 / 47

Chain drive.

Humans, stories, colorful rollercoasters.

After the crash you got a free ride.

Something cracked open, something stayed.

Authentic hearts will always be loved.

Chaos and waves, embracing intensity that I live.

In softness lies a hidden dream,

When we surrender to our soul’s path.

Unexpected moments, random adventures,

I trust my heart.

Game of Awareness

Awareness starts inside. Play a game with awareness and show it the edges of your

comfort zone. Awareness doesn’t have to be about being afraid of losing the grip. The

aim is to just play. Everyday life is offering you endless chances. The main question is:

How well are you in touch with your awareness?

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions

of consciousness into our awareness.

- Lao Tzu

When I started implementing this game in my daily routine, I needed a trigger - that

of my breath. How conscious was each action I was taking? When I feel my breathing

completely, I know I am aware of what I am right now. Self-awareness starts with each

new cycle of breath. The more awareness we live as a present being, the more we can

dive into the flow of life. The moments are unfolding before us, and we are able to

catch them if we like.

How to play this ‘game of awareness’?

Define the rules you want to play by. Maybe set some timers throughout the day

to help you get into the habit of consciously observing yourself. It can be as easy as

checking the status of your current awareness, each time when you drink a sip. Life is

random - but can we use all that to play and to evolve?

Step one: become aware of your thinking mind. Look for the traps you fall into

when you constantly think you have to figure something out. We have endless

discussions about ourselves and others in our heads, like a never-ending talk. Most of

the time this talk keeps repeating itself. Start to become aware of the endless chatter.

Find the gaps in-between to smile about this self-created hustle. If you need to label

and categorize, do so. Put all the thought patterns in a box and keep them stored there.

48 / 49

Step two: check in with how your body’s posture is right now. How is your posture

describing your current state of being? Are there any patterns that are stuck in your

daily life? Like tensing your shoulders, crunching your teeth, or biting your nails?

Step three: can you focus your eyes? Can you stay there without hesitation? Play a

game with a mirror and do a solo eye gazing meditation.

Step four: pause more often than you think you can, and start all over again.

While going through our daily routines, we tend to have tunnel vision. We are just

working through tasks that we’ve established in our life. There is nothing wrong with

the routines, but the way that we approach them can use some mindfulness. Shine

the warm light of awareness on your thoughts and feelings, says Thich Naht Hahn. As

we go through our day, we can make a conscious choice to do the things we do with

focused attention. I am used to rushing through my tasks so I can be super efficient

and get it all done in no time. Not only am I stressed by working that way, I also don’t

realise that I am doing it. I love cooking and preparing delicious meals, but in my daily

routine I often skip meals or just snack on the way out. Taking the time to prepare

food can be like meditation. Choosing the ingredients, preparing them for cooking,

touching and smelling them, selecting the proper seasoning, and so on. Each step can

be quickly done, or you can participate and connect. Filling your meal with love and

awareness is also a healthier choice for your body. It pays to eat your homemade food

by sitting down and tasting all the different flavours nature gave to us.

This morning I took the time to prepare my food for the day. I enjoy the process of

creating a meal with whole foods and lots of nourishment for my active lifestyle. It

helps to do one thing at a time instead of being in the hurry of getting it done. The

outcome is a meal that makes me happy, that my body likes, and an act of caring for

myself so I can have good food when I am striving through my day. A lot of times

we make choices based on comfort. We want life to be easy and fast, but by that we

compromise ourselves, creating an environment and lifestyle that makes us worse off.

Breaking the cycle of a habit takes time and constant awareness. Pick one routine that

you can fill with your full attention. Maybe it’s just brushing your teeth, making your

coffee, or driving to work. Make an effort to raise your awareness in the little things.

To meditate does not mean to fight with a problem.

To meditate means to observe.

Your smile proves it.

It proves that you are being gentle with yourself, that

the sun of awareness is shining in you,

that you have control of your situation.

You are yourself, and you have acquired some peace.

It is this peace that makes a child love to be near you.

- Thich Nhat Hanh


Life is the Master Teacher

Everyday life is your best teacher. There are millions of opportunities to learn to your

fullest about the innermost values of life. Trust your intuition to receive the teachings.

Welcome the distractions on your way and recognize them as tutors. They want to tell

you something that you are not aware of. Listen like a little child to all the details of the

story. The narrator of life makes a whole lot of effort. You never know if the distraction

could be one of your most wonderful moments in life. Learning is like an ocean

without shore. The meaning of life is to live. The world can be so big and at the same

time so small. The biggest changes happen in the inner world that is only perceived by

us. Keep asking yourself that question - what mzakes you feel really alive? Move from

moment to moment. As you follow the master, trust life blindly.

To master yourself, you have to become a master to yourself. As you live your truth in

everyday life, be an inspiration for yourself and all fellow human beings. From there,

the sharing can begin. Together with life you are able to create an uplifting energy field

that supports you in finding your own light.

Life is here for you. It wants to hold you. It wants you to learn as you go through it.

Each encounter can be seen as experience. We don’t have to judge it as good or bad - it

just is. Getting caught up in the ideas on how we would like our lives to be takes us

away from perceiving the teachings that occur.

Let me tell you a personal story about my little reminders.

I am used to having a busy daily life. I get so passionate about teaching and caring for

my circle that I forget to leave time for myself. These times go on until life sends me a

gentle reminder to stop. One of these mornings when I was riding to work with my bike,

planning the poses in my head, going as fast as I could, something broke down in my bike.

I couldn’t use the handle bar anymore and went straight into the curb.That’s the moment

52 / 53

where the world stopped. I was standing there on the side of the road, paralyzed, trying

to understand what happened and being grateful that nothing happened, even if it was

an accident. I tried to compose myself and started slowly driving my bike again. My life

was shaken by this little moment. I felt everything around me much more intensely. I

know that I have to take a deeper look into my life. I took the lesson into my class and

shared it with my students. We all have to go through these little lessons - I don’t think

that they can be avoided. After I was done teaching, I made my way home very slowly.

I looked at the busyness and stress level I created for myself in the past weeks and how

it was not serving me. Life asked me to slow down again. I didn’t get hurt, but as we all

know, if we keep going, life will send a more obvious reminder, until we learn. The bike

was broken. The handle bar couldn’t be moved right or left anymore. As we can only go

straight forward, we tend to have tunnel vision. We miss out on the beauty along the

way and the process. We almost forget ourselves in just moving and running forward.

Stop and look at your life. What is it teaching you right now?

The end of the story was not only slowing down, but also receiving a new bike as a gift

from a friend because I took the time to ask around. Everything is there if we are able to

look around and receive our environment. Luckily, I didn’t get hurt at all. I had a little

bruise on my arm from crashing into the barrier. The broken bike got exchanged with a

really good one and I could take the lessons learned to adjust my daily life again.

My personal understanding of life is that constant change and movement is one of its

biggest qualities. Being in the flow with life means you have to keep moving. Let go of

control and the aim of needing to control. As magical as our life’s beginnings are its


Your Life is Your Artwork

If you see your life as a masterpiece of art, you might just wake up in the morning

with a wonderful smile on your face and excitement about every upcoming moment.

At the end of the day, you hold your heart and dive into your dream world with a

gorgeous smile as well. Our true nature wants to create and build, so life can unfold as


A friend of mine once said, ‘I got hit by a rollercoaster that is your life’. Depending on

your personal experience, you may enjoy the kick of rollercoaster rides, or you may be

scared. As our life is going up and down, enjoy the highest peaks as much as the ride

down. Ride it for all its worth.

The art of life is to create and respect your own emotions instead of just ditching

them. Play every day with your own art of life and see the wonderful pictures you’ve

painted. Dance freely, feel your heartbeat, and love unconditionally.

Your life is your work of art:

I like to think of myself as an artist, and my life is my

greatest work of art.

Every moment is a moment of creation, and each moment of

creation contains infinite possibilities.

I can do things the way I’ve always done them, or I can

look at all the different alternatives,

and try something new and different and potentially more


Every moment presents a new opportunity and a new


What a wonderful game we are all playing, and what a

magnificent art form.

- Shakti Gawain

54 / 55

We are the artists. We shape each moment anew. We decide on material, color, size

- everything we can imagine. Would you hang up a picture you don’t like at all? Even

if nobody would try to manipulate your decision or convince you about the beauty? I

would only hang up an art I really love.

In my work I have the ability to express my art and creativity through movement. I

feel the playfulness moving through me when I practice. I am most creative when I

allow myself to have no expectations but I am curious to see where it leads me. In this

space of creation I am dedicated but also very soft. In the morning after waking up,

I take some time to feel my body through my own movement practice. I try to listen

to the needs of my body, but more so ever creating art with my body in this moment.

Capturing these unique moments and filling them with my words or intentions have

been my expression of sharing my art with the world. The way people look at my

viewpoint of life may be very different, but art is expressed through my soul and there

is no fear of being wrong. That’s easier said than done. In the beginning I had such a

hard time sharing these small pieces of myself. I was afraid of people judging me or

not liking my form of art. After some time I realised that this is my art, this is my life,

and that’s what I have to offer. If you take it or leave it, that’s up to you. That being said,

art is therapy, not only for the artists but also for the beholder. You see your truth in

the expression, and others see the things they want to see and perceive. My intention is

pure because I want to express myself and live to the fullest.

What does it mean to work or to live to you?

What is your form of art?

Is your heart part of it, or is it something you just do?

Can your soul unfold in your doing?

Mostly we are looking for the sense behind our doing. An artist is so driven by his

passion that he doesn’t think about the value of his art. The value is created if we truly

unfold the art of our heart.

Detachment exposure.

Dancing wild in my energetic high.

Expansion instead of withholding.

I don’t care if you like my art,

Because I impress myself with my words.

You ask for what life is

And how do we find meaning in it.

Take action, inspire people,

Start fucking doing something.

I hear you whining about all the things

You cannot do or change.

But you don’t want to do the fucking work.

Life is action, life is inspiration,

Life is unlimited creation.

I am not going to sacrifice my flow

To make you feel better in your victimhood.

And I know exactly what I am talking about

Because I rescued myself

And many others from that dark shitty hole.

Detachment as a symbol for release.

Unveiling who goes first.

Do I detach myself from you

Or do you detach yourself from your lethargic mood?


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