Tropicana Jul-Aug 2020 #131 The Beauty Issue

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The Psyche of


If beauty is only skin deep and it’s what’s on

the inside that counts, then why is the beauty

industry estimated to be worth USD532 billion

in 2019? Admittedly, even the most confident

and successful of us feel the pressure to appear

attractive and appealing, at least occasionally

if not at all times. And it’s not just for the sake of other

people, either. Even as the standards of beauty have

changed and it is now easier than ever to embrace our own

physical attributes, traits and even flaws, there will always

be a time when we just want to look our best. The past

Movement Control Order period seems to have proven

this with many of us, where we still felt the urge to spiffy up

even when just going out for groceries or staying at home.

Perhaps in today’s society, we see beauty and grooming as

a branch of discipline. It does take effort and time, and we’re

not even specifically talking about makeup or cosmetic changes

here. Even natural beauty needs diligence and consistency in

applying all the products included in one’s beauty routine. Men

are not immune to it, either, with the need to shave 5 o’clock

beards and trim their hairdos just so - and that’s just the bare


We do this because we care about ourselves, proving to

ourselves that we’re not “letting it all go.” We partake in these

“beauty rituals” because in some cases, it is expected - like in

a meeting at work or a social event. There may not be any

fast, written rules that we have to doll up or look dapper in

these situations, but we are very much aware of the impressions

made and perception that occurs based on appearances.

In most cases, it’s better to have people think that you cared

enough to appear presentable. Verily, in these modern times,

pursuing a certain standard of physical attractiveness is

considered professional, proficient and savvy, because one who

is accomplished and looks good as well must be someone who

has it all together. Beauty is aspirational.

And thus we present to you the Beauty Issue, where we

have included extra beauty-related content here and there just

so you know about what’s available now, but with no pressure

to conform to any standard of beauty or grooming, of course.

We have also highlighted the issue of sustainability in beauty,

because it’s very important that we avoid further harming of

the Earth in the pursuit of our personal beauty goals. And as

beauty does come from within, read up on wellness retreats in

New South Wales, Australia that you might want to visit once

we can do so, in our Vacation section, as well as on keeping

healthy and in good shape in our Health and Wellness section.

Beauty might seem only skin deep, but it’s what’s going on in

the inside that reflects on the outside, so it’s important to take

care of yourself to be the best version of you, both mentally

and physically.

Take care, stay safe, and see you next issue!

Tropicana Magazine Editorial Team

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Spending Time IN

The unnerving pandemic is no excuse to put your travelling dreams on halt. Hop onto

screen and satiate that lingering wanderlust by indulging in some virtual travelling.

Heritage Festival (Digital Edition)

19 June – 15 July 2020



For the first time ever in 17 years, Singapore’s annual Heritage Festival

will be going online! While participants won’t be getting the usual fivesensory

experience, the line-up was created in a way to allow them

to engage in some hands-on activities – be it uncovering lesser-known

neighbourhood stories through online tours, digital commissioned

works, webinars or online masterclasses! Locals and (virtual) tourists

alike are welcome to get a glimpse into the Lion City’s yesteryears.

‘Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk’ Exhibition

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, The United Kingdom

Watch Kimono: Kyoto To Catwalk on Victoria and Albert

Museum YouTube Channel

Due to London’s lockdown, Europe’s first major kimono exhibition

was forced to close down after a short opening of just two weeks.

While this rings bad news for those who have been anticipating to

see the artworks up close, not all hope is lost. The V&A (the Victoria

and Albert Museum), the world’s leading museum of art, design and

performance, has released a series of five films that feature an intimate

30-minute behind-the-scenes tour of the exhibition, led by curator

Anna Jackson. Viewers will be able to delve into the sartorial and

social significance of the kimono, exploring its traditional roots from

the 1660s in Japan to the garment’s recent reinvention in Japanese

street culture.

Calle Libre Festival

1 August – 8 August 2020

Around the city of Vienna, Austria


Vienna imbues imperial elegance but lesser known is that the city

of dreams is actually a harmonious blend of modern and classic.

Take a stroll around the city and be surprised at how easily muralpainted

buildings can be spotted in between majestic palaces and

genteel coffee shops. Locals have been embracing more street art

over the years, most evidently through the organising of the Calle

Libre festival. It’s an annual art festival that’s dedicated to curating

the painting of walls by talented artists. Due to social distancing

constraints, this year’s event will be carried out small-scale, with the

theme “Future Perfect”. By offering this platform, organisers hope to

raise questions about equality and social engagement within society.



The Lockdown Monologues

June 3, June 17, July 3 2020

Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, Australia



Ever wondered how people around the world have

been coping with the coronavirus pandemic? How

they’ve been keeping their cool from being with their

other half 24/7 and cooking all meals from scratch

without burning the kitchen? Then, Melbourne’s

Malthouse Theatre has just the right thing! Their

Lockdown Monologue series accurately encapsulates

life in lockdowns, all written by three local playwrights

- Jean Tong, Jane Harrison and Tom Holloway. To get

the real gist, they’ve gone on the streets to interview

a diverse range of Melbournians to hear the voices

of those ranging from frontliners to some whom

audiences may not have even thought of. Be prepared

to be moved to tears upon hearing heartwarming

stories told or find semblance in the unexpected

ripples faced by people during this challenging period.

Explore Space With NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA),

The United States


Unless you’re an astronaut, flying into space seems more of a pipe

dream. But with your luck aligning with the stars, a trip to the moon

and back is now possible. Head over to NASA’s official website

for an exhilarating virtual adventure where you’ll be able to float

around the international space station, explore planets outside

our solar system, and even study stars and blackholes through the

famous SOFIA (the administration’s flying observatory)!

Tomorrowland Music Festival

25 July - 26 July 2020

According to Europe viewing times


The world’s biggest and most legendary music festival, Tomorrowland

is not cancelled! Like many other festivals, they, too, have jumped on

the bandwagon by taking the show online. Set to entertain global

fans for a good two days, the festival sees a jam-packed schedule of

not just music but a line-up of interactive experiences, inspirational

webinars, games and workshops as well. Tickets have gone on sale at

tomorrowland.com, and are priced at €12.50 for day tickets and €20

for weekend tickets.



Happenings About Town

The hottest events to have set society abuzz.

A Memorable Mother’s Day

Even though Mother’s Day this year was celebrated

indoors, it definitely was not short of excitement. In

fact, thanks to the Robert Chinn Foundation, this

year’s celebration had been quite meaningful! The

Seattle-based foundation presented an Asian Hall

of Fame Mother’s Day online concert that aimed

to raise funds to purchase Personal Protective

Equipment for COVID-19 frontline workers.

The highly-anticipated free concert featured

modern and traditional classics such as Ave Maria

and You Raise Me Up, performed by familiar faces

like America’s Got Talent performer Maki Mae and

guitarist Toshi Yanagi from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Show Must Go On!

Come rain or shine, nothing could stop legendary Hong Kong superstars

Sam Hui and Aaron Kwok from cheering on the world. Amidst the

COVID-19 outbreak, the two singers made extra effort in uplifting

sombre moods with their free online concerts recently on 12 April and 9

May. Aptly named “2020 Sam Hui In The Same Boat Online Concert”

and “Cheer Up & Dance Online Charity Concert”, both shows were

streamed from the iconic Harbour City Ocean Terminal Deck, offering

Canto-pop fans not just power-packed performances but breathtaking

views of the sea and Hong Kong island as well. Armed with his acoustic

guitar, Sam Hui performed around 20 songs that honoured the people

of Hong Kong’s affection towards their city; while the ‘Dancing King of

Cantopop’ Aaron Kwok charmed audiences with heart-skipping grooves

to his own catchy beats.

No Child Left Behind

As schools were closed during the MCO period, classes had

to be carried out online. It hadn’t been an easy transition, for

many students were neither equipped nor able to afford any

forms of e-learning devices. HP Malaysia was quick to jump

in and address this problem by launching the #iMovewithHP

campaign. With the support of Teach for Malaysia, they’ve

pledged to donate HP14 laptops to the less fortunate so that no

student is left behind. That’s not all. To kick things up a notch,

HP also collaborated with popular Malaysian personalities

(Jestinna Kuan, Zamaera, Nurin Afiqah and Sean Lee) to

inspire fellow Malaysians to get up on their feet and pick up a

new skill.



For A Great Cause

Free live-streamed music and fitness festival ‘Stream

The Beat’ was recently organised by Fresh Events

Asia, as a way to cheer up those staying at home

during the Movement Control Order while also

raising money for charity. The event spanned 8

hours, streamed over two sessions, and featured

an impressive line-up of star-studded music acts

including Malaysian rapper SonaOne and Simon

Webbe from British boy band, Blue; fitness and

wellness activities featuring Hansen Lee and Nana

Al-Haleq, and even cooking classes by the likes of

chef Anis Nabilah. Viewers were encouraged to

donate to The Lost Food Project, a pioneering food

bank in Malaysia, that was running an emergency

food and fund drive to ensure that vulnerable

charities and B40 families receive the food they

needed to survive this difficult period.

Hot Pink Party Raises USD5.2 Million

Every year, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation would throw

an evening gala to raise funds for research into finding a cure for

cancer and treatment of patients. However, due to social distancing

restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, a soiree was

out of the question. As with other charitable endeavours around

the world, this year saw the foundation throwing their first ever

Virtual Hot Pink Evening. Streamed online, viewers and donours

were treated to performances by Broadway star Norbert Leo Butz,

belting out “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story, and the

stars of musical In The Heights performing a heartfelt tribute for

cancer victims and survivors. With appearances by Elton John,

Elizabeth Hurley, Karlie Kloss, Edie Falco, Rachael Ray and

many others, the program raised at least USD5.2 million for the

research centre.

Aid For Single Mothers

While single mothers face a hard battle of

juggling work and raising kids single-handedly,

the COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially made

it worse. To ensure that they could still provide

food at home for their families, Kraft Heinz,

one of the largest food companies in the world,

partnered with Malaysian Red Crescent on the

#responsMalaysia project, where the company

contributed 30,000 bottles of Kicap ABC sauce

and food packs containing essentials such as rice,

salt, sugar and cooking oil. This contribution is part

of Kraft Heinz’s global commitment in donating

USD12.0 million globally to ensure that people

across the world have enough sustenance amid this

challenging time. The brand is also working with

other food partners across the globe, including in

the United States, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy,

Spain, Russia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand,

Brazil, Costa Rica and Asia.



Time For Some Action

It looks like cinemas might be reopening but you could also safely enjoy these

action flicks at home via on demand services.

The Old Guard

10 July 2020 on Netflix

If you’ve been looking forward to watching Charlize Theron kick serious behind on

another action movie, Netflix has you covered with The Old Guard. Theron seems to

play to type as one of four older-than-they-look warriors who have apparently been

keeping humanity safe for centuries before they suddenly become targeted for their

powers. The band also finds out about another immortal awakening, and it’s a battle

to counter the attacks againts them while ensuring the longevity of their kind for the

sake of mankind. Based on the 2017 comic series of the same name by Greg Rucka

and Leandro Fernandez, the movie also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Belgian actor Matthias

Schoenaerts and Italian Luca Marinelli.


31 July 2020

Christopher Nolan’s latest movie Tenet

is an action-adventure espionage film

starring John David Washington,

Robert Pattison and Elizabeth Debicki

set in the world of international

espionage, but with elements of

science-fiction and fantasy. Though

Nolan himself revealed there is no

time travel in the filem, you would say otherwise based on the tralier.

The two male leads play secret agents on a mission to stop World

War III, who must use a variety of fantastic tools and abilities —

possibly involving time manipulation and other sci-fi elements — in

order to save humanity form another global war. A must watch…

and don’t blink, or you might miss the details.

Project Power

14 August 2020

It’s about time that Jamie Foxx and

Joseph Gordon-Levitt teamed up in an

action thriller, and this science fiction

flick looks to be promising, indeed. The

film is set in a time when a new drug

becomes available, giving the users

superpowers. Thankfully, the effect only

lasts for five minutes. Unfortunately,

the superpowers are unpredictable. Enforcers are already weighted

down with the “drug epidemic” that’s hit town, and it’s up to a

teenage dealer, a local cop and a former soldier to clean up the

streets of New Orleans by going after the group responsible for the

dangerous superdrug.

Wonder Woman


12 August 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 gives us

a dose of the eighties and

its music, and a somehow

resurrected Steve Trevor, who

was last seen to have seemingly

perished in an airplane packed

with mustard gas cannisters

that blew up in the Great War.

That was over 60 years ago and

in 1984 Trevor, played by Chris

Pine, looks only slightly older. Meanwhile, Princess Diana squares

off against Cheetah (Kristin Wiig), who possesses superhuman

strength and agility, and whose human alter-ego Barbara Minerva

was Diana’s good friend. Things get complicated with diabolical

businessman Max Lord, played by The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal,

who promises clients he’ll help them grant their biggest wishes – but

at a cost, of course.

Bill & Ted Face

the Music

22 August 2020

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are

back again in Bill & Ted Face the Music,

a sci-fi comedy about two middle-aged

rockers who get transported into the

future. Once known for saving the

world with their rock and roll, the

now middle-aged dads have family

responsibilities that have caught up with them. After writing more

or less a thousand tunes, they have yet to write a good one, much

less the greatest song ever written. This warrants setting out on a

new adventure when a visitor from the future warns them that only

their song can save life as we know it. Out of luck and fresh out of

inspiration, Bill and Ted’s true adventure begins for the song that will

set their world right and bring harmony to the universe. Reminiscent

of their first outing together 31 years ago, with the help of their

daughters, some historical figures, and popular music legends, Bill and

Ted find much, much more than just a song.




Strength And Resilience

Survival of the fittest is the name of the game with these stories that delve into the psyche

of its characters, mirroring the struggles of real life.

Escape From

Happy Palace

Jai Patel

Escape From Happy Palace is a captivating story of murder and mystery, with unlikely heroes thrown

into its premise. First time author Jai Patel takes readers through the hidden dark side of Chow Kit,

often described as a shady part of Kuala Lumpur. The story tells of a former rising star at Happy

Palace, Mei Mei the now-masseuse, who is framed for a murder she did not commit. However, with

a dead man on her massage table, Mei Mei can only depend on her friends to save her – Joy the trans

prostitute and Longkang Loga the hawker, doing their best to race against time to save her from an

undeserving fate. But the world is not kind to characters like them, and they will need to overcome

their own fears, and elements they often hide from, in order to help one of their own.

The Better Liar

Tanen Jones

Desperate for money, a woman conceals

the fact that her sister is dead. For years

Leslie had looked after her father and

his estate, and upon his death discovers

her father left a joint inheritance for

both his children. With her sister dead,

Leslie finds a substitute, Mary, who looks very much like the dead

Robin, to help her get the inheritance in all its entirety. But will Mary

settle for only a pittance compared to what she could get if she passes

off as Robin? The Better Liar has all the right twists, turns and surprises

of a perfect thriller.

The Beauty of

Your Face

Sahar Mustafah

A mass shooting at an all-girls Muslim

school outside Chicago has the principal,

Afaf Rahman, questioning her issues of

faith, identity, hatred and forgiveness.

The American-born daughter of

Palestinian immigrants, Afaf explores

the motivations of the shooter, explored

through the series of interactions between her and Afaf. Through this

ordeal Afaf is taken into her past, where she faced bigotry as a child, her

mother’s dream of returning to Palestine and the loss of her sister. Read

how Afaf finds hope and acceptance in the Muslim community centre,

which she lacked in her home life.

American Dirt

Jeanine Cummins

Lydia owns a small bookstore in New

Mexico City. One day a charming

man walks into her bookstore and

buys several books that happen to be

her favourites. Unknowingly to Lydia,

her customer is actually the new drug

lord of the cartel that has taken over

the city. As fate would have it, Lydia’s

comfortable life comes to a stop when her journalist husband

publishes a tell-all profile of the very same drug lord. Forced to go on

the run, Lydia and her 8-year old son find themselves transformed

into immigrants, travelling north to the United States where

hopefully the drug lord has no reach, facing danger and perils on the

notorious “Train of Death.”

MAID: Hard Work, Low

Pay, and a Mother’s

Will to Survive

Stephanie Land

A memoir of a struggling single mother

working as a maid. Overworked and

underpaid, Stephanie Land writes of

the reality of what it really is like for

under-class America, telling of how her

relationship with her clients, for whom

she cleans house, helped her in receiving government assistance and

subsidised rent. Barely living paycheck to paycheck, Land shares

how she survived the hardships of life. An inspiring tribute to those

who are determined, resilient and strong, honouring the triumph of

the human spirit, this is a book worth reading for an insight into how

one woman would not let her spirit break, even during tough times.




Sweet Music, Sweet Escapes

Because a pandemic isn’t going to stop the music from playing.

Without You (EP)


24 June 2020

Much of Lauv’s emotional substance lies

within his lyrics, as opposed to his often

merry, mid-tempo electropop beats. The

singer often croons over the fleeting nature

of modern love affairs, something which the

members of Gen Z find extremely relatable.

“Without You” encapsulates this perfectly,

albeit feeling rather repetitive. Nevertheless,

fans will welcome this as a cohesive extension

to his existing album.


Black Eyed Peas

19 June 2020

Angkasa Online Fest

3 - 27 July 2020

Angkasa Event Space is throwing an online gig

and everyone is invited. The lineup consists of an

eclectic mix of local acts, from the psychedelic rock

outfit Pitahati to indie veterans Kyoto Protocol,

and a slew of up-and-coming performers. Tickets

start from RM20, with daily and weekend passes

available for purchase online. Head on down

to www.instagram.com/angkasaspace/ for more

information and the latest updates.

The eighth studio album from

Black Eyed Peas sounds nothing

like they’ve ever put out before.

This time around, the trio

has decided to jump on the

bandwagon of Latin-pop beats.

Fans who are looking for a trip

down memory lane would be

disappointed as there are no

traces of their former signature sounds that have arguably shaped the pop scene

of the 2000s. In this album, they’ve collaborated with prominent names such as

Maluma, French Montana and Shakira, adding some degree of variety and range

to the album.

What’s Your


Jessie Ware

26 June 2020

Jessie Ware teleports listeners

back to the heydays of late

70s dance floor craze with

her fourth album, What’s

Your Pleasure? In this album,

the British singer-songwriter

conjures an image of a disco diva with swooning, sensual vocals.

Filled with infectious beats and pulsating baselines, What’s Your

Pleasure? stands as a flirtatious form of escapism in the current

days of isolation. Ware lends her breathy delivery to tracks such as

“Mirage (Don’t Stop)” and “Spotlight”, leaving an almost timeless

appeal that is most definitely magical.



26 June 2020

The latest album from the

emerging artist from Indonesia

is aptly described as a “deeply

personal work borne from

isolation”. Rightfully so, the

body of work that is Solipsism was conceived within the four walls

of his rented apartment; in which he wrote, mixed and produced

each track in this album. Carrying the same theme across his tracks,

the folk-electronic artist intends to put out a message that loneliness

can indeed be the cathartic release that we all seek in life. Perhaps

the most powerful track from this album is “Closure” as he bares it

all, singing about the upheaval of moving on from something (or

someone) from the past that is holding him back.




Sweater and pants by Salvatore Ferragamo




A Surprising

Entrepreneur Alex Shiew shows how taking

the unconventional route pays off.

Text: Zurien Onn

Art Direction: Luke Jing Yau

Photographer: Brian Fang @ M8 Studio

Makeup: Cindy Hor

Location: Residences (South) at

Tropicana Metropark Show Unit

What Alex Shiew, founder and Managing Director of Kuvings Sdn Bhd, might have

lacked in experience, and even formal education and qualifications, when starting the

company at 18 years of age, he certainly made up with enthusiasm, gumption and

commendable work ethics. With a push in the right direction from his father, Shiew

Man Hon, who was already a successful entrepreneur himself, Alex has managed to

build this company as the Malaysian distributor of the popular kitchen appliance

brand from Korea from the ground up.

It all started in 2012, when Alex had just finished his pre-university program. The plan was to take a gap year

to see what was out there before deciding on which university course to take up. However, just a few weeks shy of his

18 th birthday, the older Shiew came up with an opportunity for the son: to get an early start running his own company

with an award-winning and internationally acclaimed product that was already a well-known name amongst healthy

living enthusiasts who are into juicing and clean eating.

“My father had met the manufacturers of Kuvings and found that they were open to appointing distributors

in Malaysia,” Alex explained. He decided to give it a go and started their first pre-order for 50 units on the social

media platform, Facebook, where the official Kuvings Malaysia page now has a following of more than 36,000 fans.

15 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM




Shirt and pants by Salvatore Ferragamo

“Never had we thought that things would come this far,”

Alex muses. Today, Kuvings Malaysia has expanded to offer

not just their original product range of cold press juicers, but

also power blenders, yoghurt and cheese makers, multi-function

cookers, among others, as well as parts and accessories for the

appliances. Meanwhile, after many enquiries from customers

who needed industrial strength juicing and blending, Kuvings

Malaysia has just recently secured distributorship for the South

East Asian region for American brand Goodnature, which

specialises in industrial-sized cold-pressed juicing for central


With prices ranging from RM1,398 to RM8,388, the

typical Kuvings cold press juicer can be considered quite pricey

for most Malaysians, yet the brand has grown despite cheaper

alternatives and counterfeit versions available out there. It

seems that there must be a company value that resonates with

Malaysians until Kuvings is now a well-known, well-loved and

coveted brand. Alex attributes this success to their relationship

with customers.

“Having a great product and

to deliver it with great customer

service definitely helps, but I

think the core of our business is

that we passionately care for our


17 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


“Having a great product and to deliver it with great

customer service definitely helps, but I think our strength

is that we passionately care for our customers,” says Alex.

Kuvings Malaysia runs a Facebook user group that actively

promotes the use of their products with educational content

and inspiring reminders. “Over the years, I think people can

see and feel that we are genuine people who try to do the

right thing,” Alex adds. “When you buy one of our products,

we hold your hand and walk that journey with you. Whether

you’re looking to maintain your family’s general health, or

you’re looking to lose weight or even for those recovering from

cancer, we are with you.”

Perhaps this is that intangible quality that makes Kuvings

a beloved brand among its users. “I think it’s our culture as

Malaysians to look out for one another,” says Alex. “When

Malaysians see that in us, they respond positively.”

Figuring It All Out

Of course, it hasn’t been all rainbows and blue skies, especially

in the beginning. Alex credits a strong collaborative team that is

willing to sit down and discuss how to overcome any problem

which contributes to the success of Kuvings Malaysia. His young

age, starting the company at 18, and now leading a company

where the average age of employees are about 15 years his

senior, could have been a personal stumbling block. However,

Alex learned the art of balancing authority and still does a lot of

the operations day-to-day, giving himself the title of Operations

Manager in the beginning, instead of a loftier title. “At the same

time, you have to know that there are people in the team that do

look up to you and expect you to be firm when you need to be,”

says Alex, summing up the importance of reading the room, so

to speak, in order to manage expectations and ensure the business

runs as smoothly as possible.



19 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Sweater and pants by Salvatore Ferragamo

“One of the biggest challenges that we faced at the start

of the business was educating customers about the difference

between cold press juicers and normal juicing,” Alex shares.

However, once he and his team figured out how to explain the

“tremendous value” customers would benefit from through

cold press juicing, this was when Alex said they started making

progress by leaps and bounds.

The recent Movement Control Order was also a massive

stumbling block for us,” Alex divulged, referring to the restrictions

imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Overnight, it left close

to 30 promoters with nowhere to work and no income. We had to

scramble to re-skill ourselves and focus on online marketing and

sales.” Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise as online purchases

has now become a major contributor to the company’s sales after

they found their rhythm, with Alex saying that online sales may

become their biggest sales channel within the next 18 months.

The Tropicana Life

Because of the need to focus on his business, Alex shared

that he doesn’t really indulge in the usual social activities that

the typical 25-year-old might. Thus, it’s a good thing that

he has the option to unwind at Tropicana Golf Club, where

his family has been members for at least 15 years, going

swimming, bowling and playing tennis here for recreation.

Investing in his own property, Alex has just bought a unit

at Edelweiss SOFO and Serviced Residences at Tropicana

Gardens. “Tropicana just feels like home. Buying a home at

Edelweiss allows me to be close to something familiar and

offers me the balance that I am looking for,” says Alex. “It has

connectivity, convenience and familiarity.”

As for future plans, Alex hopes to grow Kuvings Malaysia

to be as big as “the Panasonics and the Phillipses of the world,”

a target they had set from the very beginning. To achieve

this, the company is in the midst of an equity crowdfunding

campaign to raise capital. Alex Shiew is young and hungry,

and feels that this is the best time for him to go all out and

work hard now for a better tomorrow. Watch this space as this

is one inspiring young Malaysian who’s going places in the

retail realm and would soon be a force to be reckoned with

in future.















Residences (South) doesn’t just come complete with a

myriad of residents’ only facilities but also a good mix of modern retail

conveniences and a 9.2-acre urban park at your doorstep.

This is a new addition to Tropicana Metropark,

the largest freehold integrated lifestyle master plan in the

golden triangle of Subang Jaya.

Artist’s impression only

*Terms and conditions apply






1700 81 8887

012 533 1428





No. 1, Jalan Delima 1/1, Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park,

47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

GPS Coordinate: 3.069312 N, 101.564488 E

The information herein is subject to change and cannot form an offer or contract, and all renderings are artist’s impressions only. The Developer reserves the right to modify any part or parts of the building, development and/or any unit prior to completion as directed or approved by the architects and/or the relevant authorities. While

every reasonable care has been taken in preparing this publication, the Developer cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies.

Tropicana Metropark Sdn Bhd (412231-X), Level 10-12, Tropicana City Office Tower, No. 3, Jalan SS20/27, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. • Developer’s License No.: 12238-4/02-2022/0180(L) • Validity Period: 27/02/2020 - 26/02/2022 • Advertising & Sale Permit No.: 12238-4/02-2022/0180(P) • Validity Period: 27/02/2020 - 26/02/2022 • Approving

Authority: Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya • Building Plan Reference No.: MPSJ.BGN.BP2.600-1/10/4/12(18) • Land Tenure: Freehold • Type of Development: Serviced Apartment • Land Encumbrances: OCBC Bank • Expected Completion Date: March 2024 • Total No. of Units: 656 • Built-up: 500sf - 700sf • Selling Price: RM377,000 (min) –

RM852,000 (max) • 7% Bumiputera Discount • Express Condition: Nil.



Rustic Industrial


Different contrasting elements blend very well

together at this house designed with love.

Text by Mimi Ezura Esa

Photos courtesy of Seshan Design

The main living area opens up wide to let the breeze in



The koi pond adds a relaxed vibe to the house

When one talks about rustic

industrial design, images of

raw and exposed finishes,

natural materials like

wood and metal and the

juxtaposition of old and

new come to mind. The structural elements revealed

in this style creates a harmonious and complementing

contrast to the sleek and modern furniture and

finishes. This design concept brings the traditional

and non-traditional details together into quirky yet

functional living spaces.

This is exactly what the Seshan Design project

team had successfully brought into realisation with

this house in Petaling Jaya, which the owners chose

to call “Chahna” (meaning “love” in Sanskrit). The

rustic industrial language is clearly exhibited right

from the exterior down to the interior.

The 6,070sqft built-up is home to Captain Lee

and Corrina plus their four children. Their previous

house was built with the Tropical Balinese Resort

look, so for their new house, they wanted something

different and went into the direction of the currently

popular raw/industrial look with fair faced concrete

and brick wall elements. Interestingly, the clients

(Captain Lee in particular) also had an affinity for all

things retro and vintage.

When the Seshan Team was commissioned

to the project, the house was already complete

structurally, thus the team had to re-visit the design of

all the spaces, adjust some walls here and there, redo

the entire electrical and lighting layouts, redesign all

the bathrooms, and also propose additional elements

such as railings, screens, panelling, custom lights and

other architectural devices. The design process very

much involved the client and the design team sharing

spontaneous design ideas they happen to come across

and thought would become a priceless addition to the


The exterior of the house presents a steel framed

structure, clad with stained cement boards that really

look like actual corten steel. Combined with the fair

faced concrete and brick walls, this gives the exterior

of the house a rich composition of raw and natural

materials. The main and side gates exude Art Deco

elements inspired from the movie The Great Gatsby,

where symmetrical intricate lines break the monolithic

outlook of the “ziggurat” perimeter walls.

23 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


The bare concrete spiral staircase with metal panel railings

A baby grand piano contrasts with the industrial kitchen, creating an eclectic mix

The enviable outdoor lounge and bar influenced by colonial and classical Hong Kong themes

The design process

involved the client and

design team sharing

spontaneous design ideas

that would become a

priceless addition to the


The living area is stark yet welcoming thanks to the retro-style sofas



Fair faced concrete and metal railings are common elements that tie the look of the house together

One the children’s bedrooms, influenced by their love for music

A corridor on the ground floor, characterised by the India green marble floor and

exposed brick walls

The first floor outdoor lounge and bar was envisioned by

the owners as a marriage of both colonial and classical Hong

Kong themes. Black and white bamboo blinds portray the

colonial influences in Malaysia, whilst the Chinese influence

is represented by the custom-cut geometrical shaped ceramic

tiles and the symmetrically designed black railings. The client

managed to source for old barber chairs as the bar stools and

the design team gave an existing vintage cabinet new life by

turning it into a bar cabinet.

Chinese influence is also notable by the full height swivel

bronze panels at the car porch where the bronze material

creates a contrasting palette set against the raw finishes and

black profiles. Elements from the old Malaysian shop house

are also borrowed, from the folding metal sliding grills of

the storeroom to the “V” profile railings that is prominently

featured across the house.

Three different colours of floor finishes create a visual

separation of each floor. India green marble for the ground

floor, rosa levanto for the first floor and cement finish for

the second floor were used. The very much industrial bare

concrete spiral staircase is fitted with brass inlays and encased

with thin expanded metal panels for railings while the core

of the staircase comprises of fine rods that house several

downward lights.

Furniture in the house are pieces from the owner’s

private antiques collection acquired throughout the years

from Bali and China, plus several quirky adaptive reused

furniture pieces and a series of custom made furniture that

takes us back to the American 50’s era. The children’s love for

music is aptly represented by printing custom graphics on the

wardrobe doors with large silhouettes of the two great music

legends - Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison.

With an eclectic mix of design elements, the ‘Chahna’ is

indeed a house rich in content.

25 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Leaf And



Inject some freshness into your home

with bold botanical prints and shades

of lively, leafy colours.

Text by Zurien Onn

Photos from Oliver Bonas

Inject some colour and greenery to the home with potted plants in quirky vessels



Add texture and interest with woven decorative accessories as seen in the mirrors and mini drawers here

Bright tropical prints may not be what comes

to mind when you think of the typical British

style, but lifestyle brand Oliver Bonas has

never been known to be typical. Earlier in the

year, the brand led the pack on the botanical

trend for homes, with new additions to their

Iro Collection literally illustrating a love for plant-inspired

prints and lush jungle vibes.

The Iro Collection carries a line of storage furniture

with silhouettes inspired by the architecture of the Far East,

but rather than looking stereotypically oriental, the pieces are

given a fresh twist with bright, punchy colours. This is in line

with the Oliver Bonas philosophy of combining great design

with fresh ideas, inspired by the belief that design has an

effect on how we feel, as well as by the eponymous founder’s

background, having lived in many countries.

The latest Iro style is inspired by the natural beauty

of Mexico, its greenery informing the lively, freehand-style

sketched illustrations of giant leaves like those found in the

tropical jungle. The pieces are assembled in Indonesia, and

then hand-painted by artisan Irwan for that authentic jungleinspired

decor essential.

The hero of the Iro Collection updates is surely the

bright yellow statement armoire wardrobe. Though bright,

the colour is kept neutral in a more muted and earthy tone.

The same goes for the medium-sized cabinet in a deep-hued

pink and the small side table painted a mossy green. This

means that the pieces fit into most interior concepts, be it

a room with dark walls or a bright, white space awash with

natural light.

27 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Contrasting metallic elements add just the right amount of whimsy to these decor items by Oliver Bonas.

If real plants are too high maintenance for you, consider them in graphic form

To complement the look, Oliver Bonas pairs the cabinets

with their Luna sofa in dusty pink velvet, its asymmetrical oval

shape and tapered wooden legs giving it a modern look amidst

the tropical theme. Meanwhile, other complementary pieces

include storage trunks in similar shades and hues, providing

not just extra space for keeping away belongings, but also a

stronger look to the concept.

As for accessories, anything inspired by greenery or

natural materials will most likely work, especially if it comes

in the same botanical hues as the Iro range. At Oliver Bonas,

pottery pieces in a rainbow of bright floral colours style up

the look, some even with gold or silver-foiled bases that add a

touch of glamour to any room. The Eva desk/table lamp is

one piece that helps balance out the plant-based concept with

a hint of urbaness, especially when paired with the Oliver

Bonas Tala bulb with exposed elements.

In the same shade, the soft dusty pink of the Luna Sofa complements the darker pink of the cabinet



One decorating their abode in this botanical-inspired

theme might also look out for natural-hued handmade

accessories like woven blankets or baskets for that wholesome

ambience. Throw in a jute or hemp rug to make it feel more

cosy, or add a brass-legged lamp or two for a vintage chic vibe

that balances out the jungle fever. Seagrass baskets are great

in any room, whether as an item collector, or a plant pot cover

- these are sure to inject personality into any space.

When bringing the outside inside, like these items from

Oliver Bonas’s Iro Collection as well as from their “Jungle

Edit,” what’s important to keep in mind is that the colours

should look like they exist in the natural world. Balance out

large statement pieces with furniture in muted, solid tones or

dress it up with foliage to really play up the botanical theme.

A concept such a this may feel a bit harder to pull off for some,

but that’s why it creates even more of an effect to your home

when done properly and tastefully.

Woven seagrass baskets add interest and colour to a space the easy and practical way

29 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM



On The World

A peek into how Garden of Six Seasons discusses the current global situation is

all set to become a momentous chapter in world history.

Text by Zurien Onn/

Photos courtesy of Para Site Hong Kong



Emma Kunz, Work No. 097

Pan Lu, Wang Bo, Miasma, Plants, Export Painting, 2017

Pacita Abad, Filipinas in Hong Kong

The Kathmandu Triennale 2077 is slated

to open in Nepal in December 2020,

exhibiting the works of more than 100

artists from 40 countries. With recent

events tinting much of the year 2020 in

a dour mood, the large-scale exhibition

has been symbolically detached from the 2020 calendar and

reinstated instead as a 2077 event, the year referring to the

ancestral indigenous Nepali timeline for this year.

As a buildup to the triennale, the Garden of Six Seasons

exhibition in Hong Kong’s Para Site gallery is acting as a

precursor with works by artists from Hong Kong, mainland

China, Nepal and the rest of the world on display. Starting

16 May until 30 August, the exhibition is curated by Cosmin

Costinas, Executive Director and curator at Para Site, and

also the triennale’s artistic director.

Garden of Six Seasons takes its name from the English-style

garden built 100 years ago by a Nepalese king in Kathmandu.

Also known as the Garden of Dreams, the garden located in

the Thamel area of Kathmandu still retains its Victorian-style

elements in its pergolas and pavilions, although only a fraction

of its former glory. The garden is quite symbolic of the world’s

state of affairs, the name referring to the six seasons that

used to be observed in the Kathmandu Valley, before climate

change wreaked havoc on the distinction in seasons.

31 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Vvzela Kook, Columbus of Horticulture

Pacita Abad, Dumaguetes underwater garden

View from opening reception for Garden of Six Seasons

Likewise, the works of art on exhibit at Garden of Six

Seasons relates to the current global atmosphere. It projects

how the world was before things came to a standstill - the

aspirations of the citizens of the world, their visions, passions

and everyday conflicts. The changes happening to the world

forced us to change, while also bringing upon us the change

that we should have affected a long time ago.

J.D.’Okhai Ojeikere, Untitled (Onile Gogoro Or Akaba)

A Mirror of the Kathmandu Triennale 2020 and

the World

Like the 2077 Triennale, Garden of Six Seasons peruses multiple

venues including Para Site’s two floors, a larger exhibition

space at Soho House Hong Kong, as well as online - a

platform that is almost de rigueur in today’s pandemic-riddled

landscape. As most innovators have come to realise, though,

that the necessity became a blessing in disguise, being able

to reach a wider and newer audience - another example of

how the world has forced us to be better, as reflected in many

of the artworks on display, although open to interpretation

according to the eye of the beholder.



Mary Dhapalany, Untitled

Lam Tung Pang, Forming the Landscape

Installation shot of Garden of Six Seasons

Izmail Efimov, Shamanic Dance (Reincarnation)

Garden of Six Seasons brings together the works of

various artists who will also be exhibiting at the Kathmandu

Triennale 2077, including those of Pacita Abad, Korakrit

Arunanondchai and Alex Gvojic, Bibhusan Basnet and Pooja

Gurung, Chang En-Man, Mary Dhapalany, Patrizio Di

Massimo, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Julia Mage’au Gray,

Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe, Hung Fai and Wai Pong Yu, Sudhira

Karna, Vvzela Kook, Liu Kuo-Sung, Madhumala Mandal,

Rebati Mandal, J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere, Antonio Pichilla, John

Pule, Komal Purbe,Citra Sasmita, Ekaram Singh, So Wing

Po, Batsa Gopal Vaidya, and Trevor Yeung, among others.

The works of Izmail Efimov, Britta Marakatt-Labba, and

Pavel Mikushev have been included with the crucial curatorial

advice and support of Anders Kreuger.

Details of online programmes and exhibitions, which include a VR viewing

room, video tours and live panel discussion with the curator and exhibiting

artists may be accessed at Para Site’s website, www.para-site.art.

Andrew Thomas Huang, Kiss of the Rabbit God

33 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


It’s A Lifestyle Thing

Be it for yourself, for work or for play, here are this month’s selection of

tech gadgets that will enhance your everyday life.

Text by Geeta Muniandy

HP Neverstop Laser Printer

Say hello to the world’s first cartridge-free printer

for small to medium-sized business owners that

print up to 20,000 pages before the replacement

drum will need changing. Changing it is a breeze,

too, with a rapid reload drum system that allows

users to refill the ink in seconds. The printer can

be connected to one computer at a time using the

cable, or connect it to multiple devices, including

your phone, via WiFi. Use the HP Smart App

for easy remote printing. The Neverstop is ECOcertified,

and Energy Star 3.0 certified. This

gives it an 84% smaller environmental footprint

than other printers, saving much energy and

making it perfect for those who are working from

home these days.

Philips Shaver S9000 Prestige

The new Philips Shaver S9000 Prestige comes with a multidirectional

Contour Detect head that has three shaving rings,

ensuring capture of hair growing in different directions

and of varying densities. The rings feature Philips’s new

NanoTech precision blades, giving a really close shave, perfect

for the discerning gentleman. Meanwhile, on the handle is

the discreet monitor that displays battery power and shaving

intensity. The rear rubberised grip gives firm hold and

control, and, of course, the overal look of the slick, two-tone

black and gun metal finish doesn’t hurt, either. The S9000

Prestige supports Qi wireless charging and comes with an

equally sleek-looking Qi wireless charging pad. There is also

a travel ready case for the shaver, trim head, power adapter

and wireless charging pad, so you can always take it on the go.



Samsung Odyssey G7

Gaming Monitor

Being a gamer does come with its perks, and the

new Odyssey G7 gaming monitor will make any

video game enthusiast very happy. Its Quantum

Dot technology ensures amazing colours, further

enhanced by its curved QLED panel. A subtle

blue light lights up the back of the monitor, while

Samsung has also added adjustable lighting

to the bottom of the front bezel and opted to

make the exterior finish a matte black instead

of white. It has a 1ms response time on top of

the 240Hz refresh rate, making this monitor one

of the fastest panels on the market. Available in

two sizes: 27-inch and 32-inch variants, both

with native 2560 x 1440 (1440p) resolutions and

super-fast 240Hz refresh rates.

ghd Oracle Hair Curler

Every woman’s answer to creating any type of curl in one stroke, look forward

to wrapping and rolling hair without the fear of burning off a lock – or your

skin – in the process with the Oracle Hair Curler from ghd. That’s because the

curl zone instantly cools your hair while you shape it, helping to set the look

for long lasting, perfect curls. The unique U shaped curling tong works magic

on any type of hair with a combination of hot and cold contoured plates and

a unique, internal, high powered fan. Hair is curled while you glide out the

tong, with the size of your curls determined by simply how you tilt your hand

or hold the device. It’s that easy! And don’t worry about losing your curls

during the morning commute to work, as the speedy cooling system sets hair

for the whole day.

35 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Panasonic Lumix G100 Camera

The verdict on Panasonic Lumix G100 is out. Designed as the one camera you will ever need

as a casual consumer or vlogger, it comes with a bigger sensor than other competing compact

cameras. That means that it’s capable of shooting 4K or Full HD videosat framerates of

100Mbps or up to 28Mbps respectively. There’s also a Slow & Quick option on the mode

dial to ease shooting slow motion and quick motion footages. This camera’s extras would be

the three internal microphones for good, clear audio, which works in tandem with the face

detection function that tracks the person talking and optimises the audio for them. Remarkably

compact with a lightweight body, it’s just perfect for outdoor shots or solo adventures, as well

as for the budding vlogger or start-up YouTuber.

Philips Prestige Hair Dryer

A hair dryer that provides optimum power yet doesn’t dry out the

hair – that’s what the new Phillips Prestige Hair Dryer is all about. It

dries hair 20% faster in gentle mode, while retaining up to 90% of

hair’s moisture after a 10-minute session thanks to Philips’s SenseIQ

technology that continuously scans the temperature of your hair and

adjusts accordingly to prevent overheating. This means that moisture

is locked in, hair is smooth and shiny, and the scalp is protected. The

hair dryer also comes with a fast-drying nozzle, a styling nozzle, and

a volumising curl diffuser for easy styling.



Kreafunk aHEAD Headphones

These cool wireless bluetooth headphones combine form with

function and look, leaving you looking hip and with it while listening to

your music. The sound processing chip with A2DP1.2/ AVRCP1.4/

HSP1.2/HFP1.6/DSP delivers loud and clear sound quality, while

the soft PU leather earmuffs keep it contained and your ears comfy.

The built-in microphone allows for hands-free phone calls, and with

the on-ear control for turning the volume up and down as well as for

changing tracks, these headphones are easy to use and bring around.

After a charging time of 2.5 hours, the playback time goes up to 18

hours for all day usage. Get this from amara.com.

Lexon Tykho Wireless Speakers

and FM Radio

These speakers from French design agency Lexon add a simple

minimalistic touch to your décor with clean lines and solid

colours. The rectangular Tykho 3 (seen here in Duck Blue)

is also an FM radio that allows you to listen to your favourite

radio station, even outdoors. Both devices have built-in Bluetooth

wireless connection that hook up with your smartphone or tablet

to stream your music, so you can bring these anywhere, even to

the beach or poolside as its silicon casing keeps it splash-proof.

The Bluetooth range goes up to 10 metres, while battery life lasts

as long as 20 hours. Available at amara.com.

37 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM



Prestigious. Award-winning. Quality.

Innovative. High capital appreciation.

Good return investments. These are just

some of the signatures of the property

projects undertaken by Tropicana

Corporation Berhad. The following

pages showcase some novel and stunning residential

and commercial developments as further testament

to the organisation’s flair in this industry. Tropicana

Corporation hopes to create a more compassionate

and supportive community, especially within the circles

of influence.

As a responsible developer, Tropicana Corporation

continues to deliver on its responsibility to give back

to society by supporting various charitable causes and

participating in celebrations and community events.

RM2.5 Million Donated By Tropicana

and Top Glove In Fight Against COVID-19

Tropicana 10-Ten Campaign

Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (TGCR)

Launches Online Ordering Platform


Tan Sri Dr Lim Wee Chai (R) and Dato’ Lee Kim Meow (L) of Top Glove presenting the mock

cheque to Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

Mr Dion Tan, Mr Jared Ang and Tan Sri Dato’ Tan Chee Sing from Tropicana presenting the

mock cheque to Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

RM2.5 Million Donated By

Tropicana and Top Glove In

Fight Against COVID-19

Tropicana Corporation Berhad (Tropicana) and Top Glove

Corporation Berhad (Top Glove) donated RM2.5 million

worth of medical equipment and supplies to the Ministry

of Health (MOH) on 3 July 2020 in the fight against COVID-19.

The donation was in the form of ventilators, ultrasound machines,

medical suits and gloves to the MOH where Tropicana had donated

RM1.5 million while Top Glove handed over a donation worth

RM1.0 million.

A mock cheque was handed over to Prime Minister Tan Sri

Muhyidin Yassin by Tan Sri Dato’ Tan Chee Sing, Group Executive

Vice Chairman of Tropicana while Tan Sri Dr Lim Wee Chai,

Executive Chairman and founder of Top Glove also presented the

mock cheque from Top Glove to the Prime Minister.

The initiative was facilitated by the Tan Sri Muhyiddin Charity

Golf (TSMCG) Foundation, of which members will help to disseminate

the donated supplies to hospitals and health departments identified

by the MOH. Among these hospitals are Hospital Sungai Buloh,

Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Institut Kanser Negara (National Cancer

Institute), Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Hopsital Ampang,

Hospital Selayang, Hopsital Shah Alam, Hospital Kajang, the Health

Department of Selangor (JKN Selangor), the Health Department of

the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (JKNKL and JKN Putrajaya),

the Health Department of Negeri Sembilan (JKNNS), the Health

Department of Melaka (JKN Melaka), the Health Department of

Johor (JKN Johor) and MOH’s Crisis Preparedness and Response

Centre (CPRC).

While COVID-19 infections seem to have slowed down in the

country, there are still many cases being treated at the moment that

need close care and treatment. According to the MOH, on 3 July the

number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Malaysia stands at 8,648


Prior to this, Tropicana had donated 200,000 pieces of face

masks to the Selangor State Government for the use of frontliners

and extended rental waivers to eligible tenants at its newly opened

Tropicana Gardens Mall throughout the Movement Control Order.

Meanwhile, Top Glove also committed to donating 3 million pieces of

medical gloves worth RM700,000 to Malaysian hospitals, the Royal

Malaysian Police, various government ministries and Malaysian

charity organisations to facilitate their work as frontliners.



Edelweiss SOFO and Serviced Residences at Tropicana Gardens

Dalia Residences at Tropicana Aman




This is the best time to purchase your Tropicana dream house with the

launch of the Tropicana 10-Ten campaign. Featuring 10 signature

Tropicana properties to choose from, there’s sure to be that special

one that’s a 10 out of 10 in your books. In addition, there are also 10 signature

incentives for you to sweeten the deal. Purchase any of the 10 properties

featured, and you’ll be eligible for the following:-

- RM1,000 low booking fee

- Flexi-buy option

- Zero downpayment

- Cashbacks

- Mortgage relief

- 10:90 scheme

- Easy payment cheme

- Free MOT

- Moratorium

- Double Referral Rewards

Elemen Residences at Tropicana Aman

TwinPines Serviced Suites at Tropicana Grandhill

The properties involved in this campaign are Twin Pines Serviced Suites,

in Genting Highlands; Lakefield Residences and Ridgefield Residences at

Tropicana Heights, Kajang; Residences South, Shoppes South and Paisley

Services Residences at Tropicana Metropark, Subang Jaya; Dalia Residences,

Elemen Residences, Aman 1 Urban Homes and Triana Shop Offices at

Tropicana Aman Kota Kemuning; Edelweiss SOFO & Serviced Residences

and Dianthus Serviced Residences at Tropicana Gardens Tropicana Indah;

Tropicana Cheras Link Villas; and Tropicana Landmark Condominium

in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. With prices starting from RM318,000, anyone

can own a premier quality Tropicana home property now with the 10-Ten

campaign. For more information, go to www.tropicanacorp.com.my/10Ten.

Paisley Serviced Residences at Tropicana Metropark

41 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


TGCR Online

Ordering Platform

In response to the previous Movement Control Order (MCO), Tropicana Golf & Country

Resort (TGCR) launched an online ordering platform where customers could buy

their favourite dishes from TGCR and have it delivered. The service was launched on

jomtapau.tropicanagolf.com and was also available for self pickup.

Customers could order from TGCR’s online menu that included a la carte items,

beverages, and frozen food. To fit the festive season at the time, there were also promotional

items that included their Selera Muhibbah set during Ramadan and Juadah Aidilfitri, while

the current set on promotion is the Friends & Family Set.

If you would like to order from TGCR, check out how on the website, or just scan the

QR Code here.




Exclusive Offers For You

Visit the new Tropicana Gardens City Mall and look out for these special

tenant promotions available exclusively here at this shopping centre

conveniently located in Tropicana Indah, Petaling Jaya.

F & B

Asam Pedas Premier

CC-05, Concourse level


F & B

Kenny Rogers Roasters

CC-07, Concourse level


Kenny Rogers Roasters presents the new Ayam Nyior Pedas - specially marinated

chicken using rich and creamy ‘nyior’ santan, Northern Malay slang for coconut milk,

enhanced with a special blend of aromatic herbs and spices. Topped with a robust

tangy and spicy gravy, this results in a truly distinctive meal bursting with flavours!

From now until 10 August 2020, get 10% off the Ayam Nyior Pedas Soup Meal, only

at KRR Tropicana Gardens Mall.

Experience true Malaysian dining at Asam Pedas Premier and their signature

Asam Pedas as well as other favourites like curry noodles, wok fried rice, and

rice with side dishes including masak lemak and deep fried fish. Their Buy 2

Free 1 Meal Deal, where the lowest priced dish in one order is free is valid

until 31 August 2020 at their Tropicana Gardens Mall outlet.




Limited Time

Buy 2



Limited Time



CC-71, 72 & 73, Concourse level


Sign up for a Watsons member card that now

includes a Life Insurance plan with special

COVID-19 coverage and you will receive an

instant voucher worth RM20 as well as RM5,000

worth of rewards vouchers. Drop by Watsons

store now at Tropicana Gardens mall and be a

member now!



for a 12oz


F & B

The Coffee Bean

& Tea Leaf

CC-51 & CC-51A, Concourse level


Head over to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Tropicana

Gardens Mall for a RM5 12oz Today’s Brew. The daily

flavours offered will be any one of their light, medium, or

dark roast, selected from the top 1% of Arabica beans from

the world’s best growing regions. Available from 1 July until

31 August 2020.

F & B

Dunkin Donuts

CC-K46, K47, Concourse level


It’s not just all about donuts at Dunkin

Donuts, as they also have delicious beverages

and filling sandwiches. Look out for their

current promotional Rasa Malaysia combos

featuring some local flavours and national

favourites this month, and be sure to drop by

Dunkin Donuts for a breather after all-day of

shopping at Tropicana Gardens Mall.

TM | MAY/JUNE 2020



Garden Scents Florist

CC-57, Concourse level


It’s time to enjoy fresh blooms at home or deliver a beautiful bouquet

to loved ones with the new opening promotion at Garden Scents

Florist at Tropicana Gardens Mall. Make your purchase now during

the promotional period and get a RM50 voucher when you make a

purchase of RM150 and above.

F & B

The Chicken Rice Shop

CC-48, Concourse level


At The Chicken Rice Shop, diners are treated

to ‘Chicken Rice… and More.’ Traditional

Hainanese and Malaysian recipes meet in

signature chicken rice and over 25 other

beloved local dishes.

F & B


CC-42, Concourse level


DubuYo, is the destination for food lovers

eager to taste harmony in a bowl. From our

signature Soondubu Jigae dishes to a variety

of delicious urban Korean food, everyone

will leave satisfied.

F & B

Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls

CC-39, Concourse level


Enjoy the Dodo Express – Build Your Own

Meal promotion at Dodo Dim Sum &

Bowls and choose a set meal size that’s just

right for your appetite. From Petite to Small

to Medium and Grand, prices range from

RM11 to RM32 so there’s one for every

budget, too. Get to Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls

at Tropicana Gardens Mall now to enjoy this






Mail Boxes Etc

LG-21, Lower Ground level


You may choose from the various service providers partnering with

Mail Boxes Etc when delivering parcels, but the highlight this month

is the 10% discount on your second parcel onwards when using DHL

services at Tropicana Gardens Mall. The promotion is ongoing from

1 July until 31 August 2020 and is worth considering especially if you

need to send out multiple packages.

45 MAY/JUNE 2020 | TM


Best Value

of All Time

Find out why now is the best time to invest in property.

Text by Zurien Onn

Photos from Pixabay

Kamaruzaman Omar.

For many people during this time, in the wake

of the COVID-19 pandemic, their financial

situation may not be stable due to reduced

pay, unpaid leaves or layoffs. This leaves

property buyers wondering if this is the best

time to invest in property. To get insight on

the current property investment scene in Malaysia as well

as well as buyer behaviour, we spoke to two experts from

Transasia Property Consultancy. Kamaruzaman Omar is

Head of Business Development at the agency, while Isfarizal

Fazz Roma is a Sales Manager and Real Estate Negotiator

there. They answer our questions on whether now is the

right time to buy and why Tropicana property makes a good




“Those in the know are quick

to grab this opportunity that has

risen while the economy is still

recovering from the COVID-19

pandemic situation.”

Many people may not be able to afford property

at the moment due to reduced income. Is it worth

investing in property during this time with the

ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, especially

with uncertainties in economy?

Kamaruzaman Omar: Actually, it is always a good time

to invest in property but it depends on what type of property

and its location. Now is the best time to invest because there

is a wide range of choice with many new properties under

construction while at the same time many property owners

are looking to sell. While some Malaysians may be in the

unfortunate position of earning a reduced income, there are

still many who are less or not affected as the industry they’re

working in are not impacted. In fact, our sales have more than

doubled during this time. These buyers are smart, as they are

buying while the market price is lower than usual. Coupled

with the low Base Lending Rates for purchase of property

offered by the banks, seems to me this is the main reason in

the recent extraordinary jump in sales.

What kind of property will be best to invest with

the current situation?

KO: For now, the best would be to invest in medium-cost

apartments, as buyers would never lose with this type of

property. However, if you’re looking to buy a house to stay in,

well this is the time to buy your dream house, no matter what

type it is. Take advantage of the situation while you can.

47 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


What do you think about Tropicana properties -

are they good to invest in?

KO: For me, it is one of the best for investment because they

are a very well established and is a trusted developer, with

a very strong name. Other than that, their property is also

located in a good areas, in Petaling Jaya, which is a very wellconnected

city with great facilities. Isfarizal Fazz: There have

definitely been many buyers who have expressed an interest in

Tropicana properties because of the location, which is not far

from the city centre. Along with attractive promotions, these

are factors that are considered by those who are still looking

for their dream home.

How is the buyer response in the property sector

during these unprecedented times affected by

the pandemic?

IF: During this Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO)

and while the economy is at a low, this is the best time for

those looking to buy residential property at optimum prices.

For purchase of new homes, many developers are offering

attractive packages that include additional discounts, rebates

and home furnishings for buyers with purchasing power.

Isfarizal Fazz

“It is always a good time to

invest in property but it depends

on the type and location.”



Banks are also offering attractive schemes including

100% loans and incentive schemes of RM200 per month in

assistance for two years depending on buyer eligibility. While

bank regulations might be a bit strict right now, this shouldn’t

be a barrier as this is the best time to apply for a loan with

the average loan rate offered by conventional banks at around

3.8%. This is actually lower than the 4% LPPSA government

loan. Because the Central Bank (BNM) has lowered the OPR,

current home loan interests are at an all time low in all of

history in Malaysia. Because of these factors and packages,

the buyer response during this time is very encouraging - those

in the know are quick to grab this opportunity that has risen

while the economy is still recovering from the COVID-19

pandemic situation.

What kind of properties are buyers looking for

at most?

IF: Most buyers under the age of 30 seem prone to buying

homes in multi-level buildings, such as apartments, as their

first home. This may be due to a lower income or salary,

especially for those just a few years out of college or university.

Meanwhile, for terrace houses or semi-D lots, buyers

are above 30 years old and most probably earn a bigger and

more stable income. During the RMCO period, the type

of property that have been sold the most are apartments,

condominium units and double-storey terrace houses.

“If you’re looking to buy a

house to stay in, well this is the

time to buy your dream house.”

49 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Good On The Green

Enhance your performance on the course with these

nifty gadgets and tools.

Text from Izzat Haziq / Photos courtesy of the respective brands

Titleist Scotty Cameron Special

Select Newport 2 Putter

The new and refreshed Scotty Cameron Special Select

Line sports a slightly different look from its predecessor

with a sleek, fully-milled stainless steel construction.

The blade styles now employ heavier tungsten weights

for improved feel and performance. This new design

language also means that these new putters are going to

feel firmer and sound a bit louder compared to the 2018

models, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on

your preferences. The Special Select line also introduced

a new take on the plumber’s neck, shortening it to

increase toe flow. Another feature worth noting is the

Soft-Tri Sole design, which provides a self-soling feature

at address for proper setup and an aesthetically pleasing

view of the topline from the moment the putter is placed

on the green.

Brooks Brothers

Performance Series Pants

For golfers looking to get a leg-up in the style

department, Brooks Brothers’ Performance Series

Pants is here to the rescue. The relaxed, smart

casual silhouette of the pants promises comfort

for whether you’re out on the course or just simply

lounging at the clubhouse. In fact, these pants are

even versatile enough to be your daily commuter

pants. The Performance Series pants are available

in two different colour choices: navy and khaki.

Featuring polyester stretch twill together with

corozo buttons, these pants also add another layer

of flair with the Brook Brothers logo gripper tape

at the waistband to help keep your shirt tucked in.



Motocaddy M-Tech Electric Trolley

Elevate your golfing experience with this motorised golf caddy. The

M-Tech Electric Trolley is powered by a nine-speed setting 230W motor

equipped with Downhill Control (DHC), boasts an impressive battery

life to keep you powered throughout the day – all thanks to the Capacity

36+ M-TECH Lithium battery system under the hood, and an electronic

parking brake so you could focus on putting your A-game on while on the

green. It also comes with a slew of standout features including a sunlightfriendly

full colour LCD screen, Clock and Round timer and USB

charging port that makes it worth every penny. Speaking of which, the

M-Tech has many luxury finishes such as hand-stitched genuine leather

handle grips, polished chrome detailing and carbon fibre styling giving

it a touch of class like no other. Best of all, it utilises the world’s simplest

compact folding system and a revolutionary SlimFold design, allowing it

to fit into the smallest car boots with ease.

Mizuno RB566v Golf Balls

These high performance golf balls from Japan are

built with a new, redesigned high energy core and

with a unique dimple pattern. The high-energy

butadiene core in RB566V is now larger than

before, resulting in a significantly stable and more

efficient flight. The Ionomer cover provides an all

year round durability, making the Mizuno RB566V

golf balls suitable for virtually all types of terrains in

different conditions.

Gentlemen’s Hardware

Golfer’s Accessory Set

This accessory set ticks all the right boxes for both

newbies and the seasoned golfer to get swinging.

There are 3 sets of golf balls and wood tees inside

the durable bag pouch, along with a handy cleaning

cloth in the set for when things get a little bit messy.

With the attached carabiner, clip on the pouch to

any bag or even your belt loop for handy access

before taking a swing.

51 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Oasis In

The Desert

Escape the hustle and bustle of The Strip by going for a round at Arroyo Golf

Club where there is more than meets the eyes.

Text by Izzat Haziq

Photos courtesy of Arroyo Golf Club Las Vegas



Picture teeing off close to sunset, overseeing the

breathtaking panoramic view of the city, while

surrounded by the ever so stunning Red Rock

Canyon. It’s no wonder, then, that Arroyo Golf

Club is often regarded as a golfer’s paradise

within the vicinity of Las Vegas, USA.

Located at the Red Canyon Country Club, the course

is perfect for those who are looking for a high-end golfing

experience without having to break the bank. The spectacular

layout of the Arnold Palmer-designed golf course, with the

stunning scenery as a background for your every shot, offers a

pleasant experience for those looking to relax while teeing off.

Of course, the impressive facilities offered at the course will

definitely leave you feeling like a high roller in Vegas.

The course is a Par 72 links style layout with Bermuda

grass fairways and bentgrass greens, bedded with ryegrass

during cooler winter months. Featuring bold, dramatic

bunkering and frequent water hazards that provide a stark

contrast to the red rock and desert mountain scenery, it has

five sets of tee boxes to suit golfers’ ability. Golfers will find the

course to be fair but challenging with a great variety of shot


53 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM




Golfers will find that shot-making is key at Arroyo, with a

course spanning approximately 6,883 yards. The dramatically

sculpted bunkers, though plentiful, are shallow and generally

not easy to tackle. The large landing zones and bailout areas

mean golfers have to find most hazards almost on purpose.

Sprinkler heads are also measured to the front, middle and

center of the green, adding ease for shots played away from

the cart. Parts of the golf course meander along an upscale

residential community, with picturesque homes which actually

add to the overall surreal ambience of the landscape.

The sprawling golf course is built on irrigated turf that

has been returned to the desert, ergo lending Arroyo an oasislike

landscape of sands, rocks and cacti. The turf-reduction

program is part of a partial renovation of the layout. This also

includes new drainage and irrigation and some new areas of

turf. The result is an impressive golf course that has evolved

for the better in a short amount of time. Meanwhile, the oncourse

amenities include a state of the art GPS system on all

carts that registers accurate information to the front, middle

and back of the green, as with pin placement sheets also on

each cart.

For those who might be wondering, Arroyo Golf Club

has a dedicated clubhouse for the daily fee golfer, complete

with a full-service golf shop, men’s and women’s locker

rooms as well as a bar and grill. Adding to the country club

experience, there are also upscale banquet and outing facilities

within the complex. Full breakfast menu and lunch items are

also available at Arroyo Grill, fit for even epicureans who may

not be here for the golfing experience. Patrons can wine and

dine and mingle around on the large expansive patio while

enjoying the excellent views of the Red Rock Canyon and of

Las Vegas below.

All in all, the inventive use of natural features coupled with

lush green course makes Arroyo Golf Club the quintessential

golfing destination in Las Vegas, perfect to chase away any

blackjack blues!

55 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


A Showcase Of

Style & Craftsmanship

Discover the timepieces that stole the show at

Watches & Wonders 2020.

Text by Richard Augustin

Photos courtesy of respective watch brands

The Real Slim Shady

Piaget has consistently pushed the

boundaries of watchmaking by

producing some of the thinnest

mechanical watches around. This

year the bar is set once again with

the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate, which

measures just 2mm thick, making it the

thinnest mechanical watch available

on the market. Featuring a 41mm case

made of lightweight cobalt alloy, a

unique integrated winding crown and

an ultra-thin crystal, the timepiece

is powered by a caliber 900P-UC

movement, which is incidentally built

into the case. It not only works all

functions of the watch but also gives it

a 40-hour power reserve.

80s Revival

Cartier first produced the Pasha De Cartier in 1985 but this year

the luxury brand is producing a modern iteration of the model.

Nothing significantly has changed with the new collection as it still

incorporates a circular case with a square chapter ring motif on

the dial. New updates include a revised screw-down crown cover

and a new quick-change strap system. The collection is available

in two sizes –a 41mm model with date and a more petite sized

35mm that is not equipped with a date function. Presented in steel

and gold with either a chain link or alligator strap, the Pasha is

powered by a Cartier caliber 1847 MC.



Feel The Glow

Over 70 years ago, Panerai introduced a new self-luminous substance called Luminor, which helped improved legibility of its watches,

especially under the cover of dark. To celebrate the 70 th anniversary of that innovation, the luxury Italian watch manufacturer has

introduced a trio of models that creatively makes use of the lume. Presented in 44m cases made of titanium, Carbotech and Fibratech,

and powered by in-house P.9010 movement, each model features the luminous material on the dial, markers and hands as well as the

inner bezel, crown, crown guard and strap. Best of all, Panerai is offering a guarantee for these watches that last for 70 years.

Elegant Statement

Vacheron Constantin has certainly upped the ante for its

ladies collection by unveiling the Traditionnelle Tourbillon,

which is the first automatic tourbillon produced for women

from the brand. The model features a 39mm case made of

pink gold with the bezel, case and tourbillon set with 208

brilliant-cut diamonds. At the heart of the timepiece is an

automatic caliber 2160 movement, which delivers an 80-

hour power reserve. The mother-of-pearl dial designed

fitted with gold baton-type hour markers provides the

perfect backdrop for the tourbillion, which is framed

with a diadem of 46 brilliant-cut diamonds. Vacheron

Constantin also has a jewellery version of the watch, fitted

with 559 diamonds for those who want additional bling on

their wrists.

57 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Out Of This World

For 2020, Hermès has updated its Arceau L’Heure De La

Lune, which made its debut just last year. Even then the

timepiece drew accolades for its design, which utilises an

exclusive complication to work a pair of discs displaying

the hours/minutes and date that circles over two moons

on the dial. Needless to say, the masters at Hermès rewrote

the book on how a moon phase display can be beautifully

executed and in 2020; they have taken it up a notch as well

with several new dial options. The 43mm timepiece is now

available in dials made up of Lapis Lazuli and Blue Pearl

as well as meteorite. Buyers can opt for a choice of Lunar

meteorite, Black Sahara meteorite, and even Martian

meteorite, in which only two models will be available due

to the scarcity of the material.

Simplistic Style

Few timepieces are able to transcend time as well as

the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Collection. So

at Watches & Wonders, the watch brand revealed the

latest addition to the collection with the Master Control

Date. Featuring a truly vintage and timeless design the

model arrives in a 40mm steel case with a new Caliber

899 ticking inside. The movement works the time and

date functions whilst providing the timepiece a 70-hour

power reserve. However thanks to its slim design, it has

also allowed Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers to equip the

Master Control Date with a sleek profile that measures just

8.8mm thick. Paired with a contrasting brown Novonappa

calf strap, the model will undoubtedly be a true classic

that will be treasured for years to come.



Spirit Of Adventure

The Montblanc 1858 Automatic 24H is surely one of the

most unique models the luxury brand has ever brought

to the market. The most striking and unusual bit about

the watch is its one-handed display, which indicates time

via a 24-hour cycle. The design of the watch also borrows

heavily from the compass with the hand replicated to look

like a pointer needle with the dial itself featuring a map of

the northern hemisphere and 24 meridian lines. Arriving

in a 42mm brushed steel case fitted with a bronze alloy

bezel, the 1858 Automatic 24H is paired with a choice of

a steel bracelet, a cognac-coloured leather strap, or a black

nylon NATO band.

Dressed To Impress

Carrying an Art Deco motif, the Baume & Mercier

Hampton Automatic carries with it a retro-20s vibe that is

easily paired with any ensemble. Featuring two case sizes

(48mm x 31mm and 43mm x 27.5mm), the timepiece is

perfectly suited for wrists big and small. The larger model

however does feature a small seconds at 6 o’clock, along

with a date window. Both however are beautifully designed

with a rectangular case with rounded edges along with an

opaline-silver dial with black ruthenium sword-shaped

hands. Each timepiece is also equipped with an exhibition

case back, allowing the owner to admire the automatic

movement ticking within. A black alligator strap ties the

whole ensemble neatly together.

59 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


The Suede Life

Toning down the bright onecolour

suit trend, this suede

leather coat is a low-key way

to wear the look, yet without

compromising the wow factor.

Paired with matching tailored

shorts, there’s still a little bit of

that fashion rebel there.

Jacket, shorts and shoes from Longchamp





The season’s nature-inspired shades soften up strong silhouettes. It’s a

new, more subtle take on that balance between traditionally masculine and

feminine lines.

Text: Zurien Onn

Photography: Brian Fang @ M8 Studio

Art Direction: Luke Jing Yau

Stylist: Alphex T

Hair & Makeup: Cindy Hor

Model: Julia L @ Wu models

61 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Relaxed Fit

A slouchy suit can still be all business – just

as long as it is also tailored. Command the

right kind of attention with a pair such as

this one in today’s colour trend of sleet –

cool, subdued yet denotes a quite strength.

Jacket and pants from AllSaints



Playful Stripes

With an interesting print-onprint

take here, stripes may be

the most basic of graphics,

but there’s nothing basic about

matching a lavender striped

number with leather shorts for

that play on texture.

Top, shorts and sneaker boots from Longchamp

63 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM




Juicy Sweetness

Equal parts structured and unstructured,

this pleated high-slit dress helps camouflage

unforgiving bits while playing up the best

parts. Canteloupe and strawberry tones bring

in some of the last days of summer to what

otherwise would be a serious dress.

Dress and shoes from Longchamp

65 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Blushing Browns

A soft leather jacket in a light rose tan

conveys the perfect balance of sweet

and strong. The look says “Proceed with

caution” – there’s no room for frivolity

here. Or is there? Dainty bubble shorts say

otherwise, but formal pointed flats bring

serious back again. An ensemble such as

this shows off the wearer’s panache with a

hint of toughness.

Jacket, top, shorts and shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo



67 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM




Prep Work

The preppy look is a big trend this

season but keep it less formal with

playful touches like ruched pockets

and a knotted belt that adds interest

to the silhouette. Keep the look trendy

with this season’s ultramarine green.

Top, skirt and belt from Salvatore Ferragamo

69 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Fresh Details

Billowy sleeves are big this season exaggerated

volume makes a statement through soft lines.

Serious stripes make this top ultra-versatile, as

it’s not that playful anymore. Look closer to see

repeating logos on the blue lines, further lending

an aristocratic touch.

Top from Tory Burch



Touch Chic

While a leather jacket in this

season’s sandstone shade might

hint at a gentle tenderness, the

rugged silhouette takes a pretty

tough character to pull off.

Nonetheless, the colour provides

that hint of elegance that nicely

brings in the look together with

minimal, irreverent effort.

Jacket from AllSaints

71 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Perfect Transition

Segue from warmer days to upcoming colder weather effortlessly in

midi dresses and all-season accessories fit for any situation.

Text by Zurien Onn / Photos courtesy of the respective brands

Layered skirt shirt dress from

River Island

Skye silk floral print

dress from Hobbs

Olga Gerasimenko

Pastel blue Viva bow bag from

Salvatore Ferragamo

Sensual Pastels

Exude a soft sexiness with pieces in pretty pastel colours

that hint a touch of vulnerability. Flouncy tops and skirts

matched with blush-toned accessories always injects

femininity, whether you’re a chill boho chick or a boss babe.

Pastel pink belted dress

from Roman

Nicholes D’orsay

strappy pumps with

diamante heels from


Off the shoulder ruched

top from BonPrix

Mini monogram print E-canvas beach

tote from Burberry



Cong Tri

Belted white cotton shirt

from Balmain

Black leather mini guitar bag

from Fendi

Belted coral pink

jumpsuit from Matalan


Structured Flow

A belted dress in an earthy shade is the shape

du jour as we transition between seasons. The

look is perfect for both work and play, for formal

occasions or just socialising. All that’s needed is the

right accessories to fit the event.

Soft duster belted dress

with tie cuffs from Elvi

Medallion-embossed suede

leather ankle boots from Balmain

Viva bow flats from

Salvatore Ferragamo

Dark green boots from

Rosamund Muir

73 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Keeping It Casual

Dress up by dressing down with a rugged, layered utilitarian look that’s

elevated with well-tailored key pieces.

Text by Zurien Onn / Photos courtesy of respective brands

Silver and navy

sunglasses from

Yuichi Toyama

Utilitarian mens

bracelets from Joe


Long tailored coat

from Lanvin


Formal Informal

Keep a smart casual outfit looking - and feeling - more

relaxed with structured clothing in softer fabrics. Play it

up with unique sunglasses or spectacle frames, and the

quintessential black boots that can be tucked underneath

the hem of pants when needed.

Light cotton pants

from Gucci

Black leather and navy nylon ranger

boots from Balmain

Leather boots from

Giuseppe Zanotti



Pink gold and brown

sunglasses from

Yuichi Toyama

Symbols Oxford

cotton Duke shirt

from Gucci

Nylon hooded logo

jacket from Fendi

Navy blue cotton

cargo joggers from



Be A Good Sport

Take the athleisure look to the next level with a

couple tailored pieces thrown in to keep it dressy

yet comfy. An outer jacket is optional - and

probably unnecessary - but you might need it for

colder, rainy days so keep a sharp one on hand that

goes with any look.

Odsy 1000

sneakers from


Light jacquard nylon

logo jacket from Gucci

75 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


High Shine

Stand out in the crowd with sparkling head adornments or go for subtle

glamour with the well-placed jewellery piece to compliment your look.

Text by Zurien Onn / Photos courtesy of respective brands

Pearl and Gold Face

Mask Extender Clip from


Nassau Multi-stone Pearl

Slide from Oliver Bonas

Starburst Sparkle

Clip with Cubic

Zirconia from

Accessorize London

The Dame Diamante

Headband in

platinum from

Sereni and Shentel

White Mother of Pearl

and Diamond Earrings

from Avakian

Elle Fanning

Heads Up

When you’re all dolled up and ready to go, the

right headpiece could be just what you need to

complete your look. From tiaras to new-normaccessory,

the face mask extender - dress up your

crowning glory the way it deserves to be.

3-piece Hair Clip in

18k Yellow Gold with

Diamonds from Tiffany

Blue Book Collection

Savoy Headpiece

in Platinum with

Diamonds and

Pearls from

Tiffany & Co.



Silver Bracelet with Stone Charm Moon and Star

from Thomas Sabo

Kano 18k White Gold and

Diamond Bracelet from Niwaka

Aurora White Gold and

Sakuragold Bracelet

with South Sea Pearl

and Diamonds from

Tasaki Atelier

White Mother of Pearl

and Diamond Bangle

from Avakian

Umeutage 18k White Gold

and Diamond Bracelet

from Niwaka

Laura Dern

Layer Love

A tennis bracelet is pretty, but two or more would

be prettier. Make like Academy Award winner

Laura Dern and layer your wrist adornments

for twice or thrice the bling. Pieces that give the

illusion of the layered look works just as well in

building up your outfit.

Billie Jean Tennis Bracelet

from Bowerhaus

Shimmering Pink Opal

Bracelet from Thomas Sabo

77 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Nice & Warm

Tried-and-true beauty classics of warm reds and deep plums never cease to

impress. Get ready to indulge in rich colours and warm tones.

Text by Yap Jin Wen / Photos courtesy of the respective brands

Fall Comes Early

This season, Chanel Beauty sets out to win hearts

with their latest eye palette of sizzling hues, the

Canduer Et Experience: Acte II. A nod towards

the breezy days of crimson trees and hot cocoa,

the eye palette features four different brown

tones. Warm brown, light brown, deep brown

and a deep brick red – the shades you’ll ever

need for a dazzling everyday look or a snazzy

night out.

Red Never Dies

A quick glide of hot fiery red on the pout instantly upgrades

any look. In the world of scarlet lippie options, Yves Saint

Laurent’s No 21 Rouge Pur Couture trumps them all. Weightless

and comfortable to wear on the lips, the intricately concocted

formula also promises ultra-rich, high-pigmented and longlasting




Glow Up

Glowing complexions always seem more attractive as it

alludes to good health and youthfulness. Getting the goddess

glow takes time, but if you’re in a hurry, a few swipes of Sleek

MakeUP’s Fire It Up highlighting palette does the trick.

Choose from four shades of shimmery gold, brownish orange,

copper and reddish burgundy. Apply with a damp brush for a

more intense look.

Best of Brow Worlds

Get the best of both worlds with Gucci Beauty’s Crayon Definition Sourcils that is an eyebrow

powder in a pencil. It works wonders in bridging gaps and beefing up thin arches. Owing to its

powdery texture that delivers flake-free matte colour to the brows, intensity built up has never

been that easy. Whether you want natural brows or dramatic ones, the choice is yours.

Eye Loves Colours

If the eyes are the windows to the soul… better make

them pop! To ensure maximum soulfulness, choose a tone

that flatters your skin and is a few shades deeper than your

complexion. From warm plums to rich browns and flattering

pinks for highlights, George of ASDA’s 12-shade eye pigment

palette has a range that has a colour for any occasion.

79 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Ready, Set, Glow!

It’s time to shine with these natural beauty enhancers that helps boost

radiance on skin and from within.

Text by Yap Jin Wen / Photos courtesy of the respective brands

Seek Clarity

While primers and makeup may give temporary

help in attaining smooth-looking skin, nothing beats

the pride you get from the real thing. Get clear and

radiant skin with Lancome’s Clarifique Refining

Enzymatic Dual Essence. Formulated with enzymes

from French beech bud extract, the Clarifique

Refining Enzymatic Dual Essence refines, brightens

and hydrates skin. With regular use, expect supple,

bouncy skin in as little as four weeks.


The golden rule to plump, glowing skin is always to hydrate, hydrate, and

hydrate. A good moisturiser is what’s needed for long lasting results, and

Philosophy’s Renewed Hope In A Jar Water Cream is one of your best

bets. Made with pineapple complex and Norwegian glacial waters, the

lightweight formula gives the skin up to 72 hours of hydration and a litfrom-within

natural glow. The quick-absorbing water cream also serves

as a primer, helping you achieve smooth and dewy skin all day, minus the




The Royal Secret

Cushion foundations should be a staple in every woman’s bag. A dab on

the skin hides imperfections and gives the illusion of a perfect, peachesand-cream

complexion. However, if you want smoothness both on the

surface and from within, The History of Whoo has you covered with the

Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Moisture Cushion Foundation. Infused

with Seol Whitening Ampule and traditional royal cosmetics herbal beauty

secrets with the likes of Chrysanthemum floral extracts, every pat brings

you progressively closer to more radiant skin.

Winning Bronze

With holidays and tanning appointments being

put on hold, the fastest way to cheating a golden

glow now comes from a bottle. Simply spritz

St Moriz’s Advanced Pro Formula Radiant

Glow Face Mist all over to leave skin beautifully

bronzed. Packed with nourishing ingredients

such as vitamin E and aloe vera, the concoction

is so much safer and effortless when compared to

exposing your skin to the sun.

Clear Reflection

Described as a new dimension in makeup,

Gucci Beauty’s Eclat De Beaute Effet

Lumiere Gel Face Gloss adds a veil of

transparent illumination to the eyes, lips,

and cheeks. Available in one universal

shade, this covetable vegan gloss naturally

highlights and sculpts features, providing

a luminous effect with dewy finish. It can

be worn alone or on top of makeup, and

glides easily without leaving grimy traces.

81 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Spritz A Wish

Hopes and dreams, all encased in a bottle. Whatever state of mind you

might want to get into, these fragrances can help get you there.

Text: Yap Jin Wen / Photos courtesy of the respective brands

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia

Inspired by untamed beauty found in nature, Gucci’s Flora Gorgeous

Gardenia is an ode to warmer spring days. The intense aromatic scent opens

with a sparkling prelude of red berries, before giving way to an opulent floral

heart of frangipani, patchouli and brown sugar. Warm and invigorating, the

scent is the ultimate comforter on colder days.

Mr Burberry Element

The latest addition to the Burberry family, Mr Burberry

Element closely captures modern strength and verdant

freshness. Taking inspirational cues from British nature,

the beguiling scent is built on a powerful base of mineral

oakmoss, topped with spicy juniper and addictive almond.

Oliver Bonas Mini Rollerball Trio

Can you say space saving? These rollerballs are perfect for travel with three

different scents to match your mood. Get active and ready to go with Awake,

with its top notes of citrus, complemented by rosemary and black pepper, or

chill and mellow down with Unwind, especially after a jaunt around town

or a full day of work. Its balance of mandarin, lemon, black pepper, birch

leaf and patchouli will help you relax and reset. Meanwhile, Me Time is just

bursting with positivity with hints of citrus, green tea, sage, cedarwood and

dry amber. The set comes in a box perfect for gifting, while also perfect for

vegans with a formulation that does not contain any animal derivative. Get

this set at oliverbonas.com.



CK Everyone

Basically a message in a bottle, CK Everyone echoes

the ideals of this generation through its gender neutral

fragrance, as well as through the use of its vegan and

natural ingredients. The new scent is awash with

orange and blue tea, set against a vibrant cedarwood

base. Each spritz is sweet, clean, and fresh, combined

with a provocative edge. What’s there not to love?

Rabot 1745, Koray Eau de Parfum

Rabot 1745’s Koray Eau de Parfum is the ultimate summer

dream. It combines notes of fresh bergamot, floral jasmine,

warm cacao, and green tea. Doesn’t matter if national borders

are still closed, the comforting scents instantly transports you

to Saint Lucian sunshine.

Next Riviera Eau de Parfum

Next in line is Next’s Riviera Eau de Parfum, perfect for

those craving for a long-awaited getaway to dreamy tropical

islands. It bursts with tangy citrus, radiant blossoms and

light fruity accords wrapped up in sheer musk. The result

is simply delicious and divine – something sweet and

comforting which we could use more of on unnerving days

like these.

83 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Let’s Rendezvous

It’s time to paint the town red now that parties and soirees are back on

the agenda again! Be inspired by these looks featuring strong red lips.

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink

Fusion Idyllique

Chanel Les 4 Ombres

Candeur Et Provocation

Soft & Strong

Chanel Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer

Lucia Picca wanted to explore a pink palette beyond

the feminism cliche. To bolden the look, strong eyes

and red lips anchor the softness.


Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof

Romance Eyeliner

Chanel Baume

Essential Rosée



Burberry Effortless Kohl Eyeliner

Giorgio Armani Maestro

Lip Colour in 400

Armani Beauty

Porcelain Beauty

Classic red and a porcelain complexion go hand-inhand.

Actress Elaine Zhong’s features are beautifully

played up with a flawless visage and clean lines on lips

and brows.

Giorgio Armani Beauty

Power Fabric Foundation

Gucci Brow Pencil Noir

85 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Burt’s Bees Shimmering

Nudes Eyeshadow

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Bold Eyes & Lips

A strong matte lip colour is enhanced with smoky eyes

with a subtle shimmer. It’s disco without being too loud.

Gucci Beauty Poudre de

Beauté Matte Natural 11

YSL Beauté Rouge Pur

Couture 114

Sleek Makeup Highlighting

Palette in Copperplate



Sleek Makeup TFW

Flash Foil Eye Paint

Burt’s Bees Drenched

Dahlia Liquid Lipstick

Primark UK

Matte For Red

Matte reds flatter all skin tones and goes well

with subtly shimmery eyes. Highlight your best

features in soft golden tones to really shine in

the spotlight.

Burberry Fresh Glow

Highlighter Rose Gold

Stila Stay All Day

Liquid Lipstick

87 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM




Sustainability In


It’s time to become more Earth-friendly in our

beauty routines if you haven’t already.

Text by Zurien Onn

Photos from LUSH and Pixabay

A part of the Amazon River, which is abundant in natural resources that should be harvested sustainably

In pursuit of natural-looking beauty and age-defying

smoothness, we often forget the impact our skincare

products might have on the environment. From the

actual products that we use, to its packaging, and where

the skincare residue ends up when we wash our faces

at the bathroom sink, it all contributes to pollution of

the Earth unless we go the sustainable and eco-friendly route. As

consumers, most of us are quite aware of the dangers of certain

ingredients to our health. It’s time to be more aware of the effects

of beauty product residues as well as our own practices to the

environment. Here are some ways we can switch up our beauty

routines to be more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly Ingredients

Products with ingredients and formulations that are safe for

you are almost always a given when it comes to good quality

beauty brands. However, they could still be bad for the planet.

Consider the exfoliating beads in facial and body washes and

scrubs. Made of polyethylene, these beads don’t break down

and instead will gather in the ocean or wherever the water

from your bathroom flows to. Meanwhile, triclosan is another

ingredient that should be avoided because when you wash it

away, it reacts in the water to form dioxin, a toxic substance

that could alter the properties of organisms in the water,

including increasing the resistance of certain bacteria.

It really pays to be more vigilant about what’s in your

skincare and makeup. The best thing to do when buying new

products is to do some research about it beforehand, and

ensure the ingredients are safe for you and the environment. As

a basic guideline, try to look for products that are formulated

without parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, triclosan and

sodium laureth sulfate.

89 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Nature shouldn’t take a back seat as we pursue enhancement of our own natural beauty

Naked Facial Oil, LUSH

Minimalise Packaging

Try to buy products that come in the least amount of

packaging as possible. The best way to do this is to buy

products that don’t come in any, like LUSH’s Shampoo Bar

and Naked Facial Oil - a solid facial cleanser. There are also

many package-free and zero-waste shops that sell bath care

and beauty products without any packaging at all - customers

are encouraged to bring their own containers and pay for the

products by weight.

However, of course we all have our favourite, must-have,

it’s-the-only-thing-that-works-for-me products. If this is the

case, do try to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

Recycle every bit of the packaging as much as possible - from

the cardboard box to the inlay notes that usually come with

luxury beauty products, to the jar or tube that the product

comes in. Get familiar with or check up online for plastic

recycling codes and ensure they’re recycled the right way. It’s

the least we could do if we absolutely have to have our luxury


Sustainably Produced

Sustainability isn’t just about reducing, reusing and recycling.

When it comes to manufactured goods, how the product was

made also plays a role in ensuring the smallest impact possible

on the environment - even better if it helps the community

of the area where the product was made. For example, Tarte

Cosmetics, which describes itself as an “eco-chic” company,



Honey I Washed My Hair

Shampoo Bar, LUSH

uses naturally baked clay from the Amazon River in their highperformance

natural formulas. This means that in acquiring

the ingredient, there’s no industrial factory involved, and thus

no gas or smoke emissions. However, the company supports

and empowers the local communities there by working with

cooperatives to ensure that supply is collected in a sustainable

manner, while also creating jobs for locals.

Other companies try to omit or use the least amount

possible of certain precious ingredients, such as water.

“Water-responsible brands” is the catchphrase du jour with

water being one of the most precious resources on Earth and

it being used in large quantities for practically everything. To

do their part in ensuring water sustainability, some beauty

brands have chosen to formulate their products using less

water and richer ingredients. Beauty giant L’Oreal, for

example, is pledging to reduce water usage by 60% per unit

of product by 2020. Others, like Aveda and Laneige, support

clean water initiatives for the underprivileged or in areas

where clean water supplies are scarce. Not only does this help

the community get better access to clean, potable water for

their everyday lives but also helps avoid disease and infections

that come from drinking and using unclean water.

Beauty isn’t everything, but it does give a boost of

confidence and makes us feel good about ourselves. Well,

when we’re also being responsible towards the planet while

still indulging in our favourite beauty products, then that just

gives us something more to feel good about.

Shampoo bars eschew packaging and typically last through more usage than liquid shampoo

91 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Leslie, Camera,


Hollywood is calling for art director Leslie Ewe,

yet it can only benefit the Malaysian film and

television industry as this visionary shares his

vast experience and expertise.

Text by Izzat Haziq

Photos courtesy of Leslie Ewe

Leslie Ewe had his eye on set and production design from early days and has never looked back since



Putting the finishing touches on details that make all the difference

Filmmaking is an intricate craft. What

we see for two hours on the screen is

usually the product of months or even

years of ingenuity, hard work and raw

talent by multiple crew members - not

just of the director and cast but also the

unsung heroes who work behind the scene.

Leslie Ewe is one of those heroes. With hardly any

formal education in filmmaking, it is nothing short of

amazing how he managed to prove his calibre in the

art of visual storytelling to get to where he is today. In

his 19 years in the film and television industry, Leslie

has built an impressive resume, having worked on

prominent productions including Crazy Rich Asians,

Westworld, Netflix’s Marco Polo and The Ghost Bride, The

Amazing Race, and Asia’s Next Top Model.

Young and Determined

According to Leslie, being in a typical Asian household

meant that you were expected to pursue a more

substantial choice in tertiary education. “I wanted to

get into an art school but art schools were expensive

and there weren’t many options,” he shared. “So, we

found a small college in my neighbourhood that offered

an Advertising Communications course.” This was the

closest he could get to study art.

Upon finishing the course, he started an internship

at a local production house and was then assigned as

a production assistant. The position allowed him gain

experience on projects while also lending a helping

hand to other departments such as the casting, location,

technical and production departments.

However, of course it was the art department –

responsible for creating the overall look of a production,

from props to whole set build-ups – that he always had

his eye on. “I had been observing the art department

and always thought of this particular department as

very fascinating, with a fun job scope. They create and

make ideas turn into life,” he recalls.

That fascination drove him to begin a new career,

starting in the art department as a freelance assistant.

Along the way, he taught himself how to use design

programs to keep up with the latest developments in


“As time went by, I went from packing up the

art trucks to doing props and dressing, to doing art

direction in TV commercials,” he says, summarising

the earlier part of his career.

93 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


The impressive set for Tian Ching’s mansion built for The Ghost Bride



The art department

create and make

ideas turn into life.”

A set for Westworld Season 3, set in Singapore.

A model scale for The Ghost Bride

All In A Day’s Work

Leslie has always been lucky in the sense that he

managed to build a good reputation for himself, and

thus was always a top pick for upcoming projects.

“As you build a reputation for yourself, you then tend

to be recommended to work on certain projects,”

he explains, referring to the ins and outs of the

production industry.

With the experience and body of work that he

had amassed over the years, Leslie soon found himself

presented with the opportunity to collaborate with

some of the greatest minds in Hollywood. One of

these opportunities was as one of the art directors for

several episodes of the third season of television series

Westworld, the ferociously aestheticised dystopian

fiction co-created by screenwriter, director and

producer Jonathan Nolan.

Leslie spearheaded the production’s art

department in Singapore, which consisted of creative

teams from around the region. “We were up against

time and location restrictions. We had four directors

with multiple units shooting a few locations at the same

time in a day. So planning to split yourself between setups,

locations and shooting call time was quite a job, but

with a great team and hard work, we made it happen,”

he shared. For him, working with Jonathan Nolan was

a great experience as the series’s co-showrunner had

strong visions and he knew exactly how he wanted the

Leslie overseeing the art direction for his projects

show to be shot.

Closer to home, Leslie was also involved in Netflix’s

supernatural period series, The Ghost Bride, which is set

in Malacca, but shot in Penang, Perak and Johor, at the

Iskandar Malaysia Studios. Building a fictional fantasy

world that orbits around the local Malaysian cultural

elements with a heavy dose of Peranakan heritage was,

simply put, a joy for him. “It was a local production

with local crew but with an international system in

place to cater to an international standard for the OTT

(over-the-top) platform giant that is Netflix.”

Yet Leslie’s visionary visual storytelling talent is

perhaps principally defined by his works in the film

Crazy Rich Asian, for which his team clinched the Art

Directors’ Guild award for Excellence in Design for a

Contemporary Film in 2019.

“I was responsible for the art direction of Tyersall

Park, the Young family’s mansion,” he says, referring

to the ancestral home of the main characters in the

movie, which starred Malaysian actors Datuk Michelle

Yeoh and Henry Golding. “The interior and exterior

of the mansion included the conservatory, while I was

also responsible for other sets like the A380 First Class

airline section, which was a set build; the Calthrope

Hotel London scene, Astrid’s apartment, the jewellery

store, the JFK airport set, the Goh family house, NYU

auditorium, the plane hangar scene, and the mahjong

scene, amongst others,” he explains.

95 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


With production designer Nelson Coates, filming Crazy Rich Asians

Working with crew of The Ghost Bride

Leslie hopes to further elevate the local film industry.

Ensuring details look just right

The team spent countless hours going through

references from the original source material, the

eponymous novel written by Kevin Kwan. With limited

time on their hands, the team dove in and swam as fast

as they could. The mindblowing success of the film was

beyond his expectations.

“Working with film director Jon M Chu was great.

He was such a humble and great director to work with.

It was fun and crazy; and rich with experience at the

same time,” Leslie says.


Just recently in April 2019, Leslie founded The Artistry

Factory Sdn Bhd, which he describes as “a community

of talented art department people of all races, genders

and ages.” He wanted to bring creatives together in

“Creating Visions Into Reality,” which is the company’s

philosophy, and looks forward to using this existing

platform to share experiences, skill sets and taking

production values to another level.

Relating this to the local film and television industry,

he believes that many out there are still comfortable in

their zone. He believes that it requires a collaborative

effort by everyone, not just him, to focus on priorities

and moving forward. “Some of the industry players

have already understood the need to evolve, but there’s

only a few of us. We hope to create more awareness in

encouraging the rest to step out,” he says.

One downside to the work is probably the long

hours the crew needs to put in due to the nature of

a television or film production. However, for Leslie,

although usually swamped by work most of the time,

he is lucky enough to have a great support system that

keeps him grounded.

“During one of our crazy days when we were

setting up the conservatory set build for Tyrasall Park

and I haven’t had time for lunch till about maybe

3.30pm, my wife made a surprise visit with snack boxes

for myself and the art crew,” he gushes. “It is really

great to have a supportive wife throughout my career,

keeping me in good care. Having a wonderful wife is

definitely a plus point!”

At the time of this interview, the science fiction

aficionado explained how he was adapting to a new

workflow, collaborating remotely with his peers as the

COVID-19 outbreak forced people to stay indoors in

the safety of their homes. Nevertheless, he is thankful

for the chance to spend more quality time with his

family, while gathering inspiration for his next big

project in the future.




At The Heart of


Inspiring entrepreneur Datuk Chevy Beh shares

his passion in helping others and the importance

of a healthy lifestyle especially in the new norm.

Text by Alea Adzhar

Photos courtesy of Chevy Beh; Arthur Hidden/Freepik.

Datuk Chevy Beh is no stranger to the

healthcare industry. With the goal of

improving the lives of Malaysians, he

founded BookDoc, the mobile application

that acts as a bridge between patients

and healthcare professionals. With the

app, users are able to skip the line as BookDoc enables them

to set appointments with doctors, specialists, dentists and

physiotherapists before seeking treatment.

Most recently, as part of efforts to combat the spread

of COVID-19, BookDoc collaborated with the Ministry of

Health by providing COVID-19 tests for users. Through this

way, Chevy hopes to help ease concerns the society might have

regarding the disease.

Here, shares about BookDoc, which was recently listed

as the Top 100 World’s Most Promising Startup as listed on


What inspired you to start BookDoc and why?

I was inspired to start BookDoc after one of my friends had

a near death experience due to dengue and I helped him to

get a quick access to the hospital. Secondly, my family is in

healthcare so I was running the family’s company as the CEO

and a lot of people always ask me “Where’s a good doctor to

go to with a reasonable price?” So, instead of setting a call

centre, why not digitise it and make things more transparent?

Not just my friends would know about it, everyone can know

about it, too.

How does BookDoc play a role in assisting the

community to stay fit and healthy, especially

during these times when social distancing is of

the utmost importance?

BookDoc has seven features. The first feature is called Book

and Search. You can search for doctors who are all verified by

us and the Ministry of Health (MoH). If you are from Kuala

Lumpur for example and you go to Johor Bahru for work, and

need to find medical assistance, so, you can use BookDoc. If

you go to Singapore, Thailand or Hong Kong for a holiday,

BookDoc is also available.



The second feature is BookDoc Active that enables you

to connect to all devices and brands including smartphones,

as a motion detector. With this feature, you get rewarded

for being active; the more you exercise, the more rewards

you get. For example, we collaborate with Petron, Giant,

Guardian, Zalora, Lazada, and more to promote a healthy

living while getting rewarded. The next feature is Events

& News, if you would like to read about the latest health

articles or updates. If there are events and health talks at the

hospitals, users can register themselves, too. We also recently

introduced Telehealth. It is related to mental health or

sexual issues and allows users to remain anonymous if they

choose to. Meanwhile, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we

partnered up with MoH, where we go to people’s homes or

offices to do blood tests.

We also have webinar sessions every Monday to Friday,

10am to 11am. You can listen to live talks from the health

experts and ask questions, as well as replay the video if you

missed the session. Also, a lot of people put on weight during

the Movement Control Order (MCO) and they exercise

less. So, through BookDoc, you can chat with a team of

nutritionists and dieticians to achieve the ideal Body Mass

Index (BMI).

How does BookDoc assist in saving lives?

You will be able to seek for medical assistance as soon as

possible. We also help people with COVID-19, which deals

with the matter of life and death. It helps to prevent the

spread of the virus to your loved ones.

How can someone can fully utilise BookDoc

even if they are not sick?

If you would like to join a run, you can join a run virtually.

Some people run just to collect medals and t-shirts so we

allow people to do that. Once you achieve your milestone, we

will send you a t-shirt. It also rewards you for staying active

and you must hit the minimum of 10,000 steps to get the

reward. For example, if you hit 10,000 steps, you will get

an RM10 voucher from Giant. This program expires every

month because we want you to be consistently healthy and

promote good health behaviour.

And how do you stay fit and healthy?

I have been working out every day since the age of 15 until

now (at 35), for 15 to 20 minutes a day. I worked out intensely

back then but now it is less intense. I lift weights and run

alternately. I also play polo and represented the country. I

was the England U-21 polo captain and am an American All

Star in the United States for polo as well.

How can corporate companies improve the

productivity of their employees through


We have a feature on productivity. When companies have

panel doctors, they can view and search for their panels

through BookDoc instead of calling the Human Resource

Department. We can also help employees manage claims.

For example, Focus Point is available in about 200 locations

and they will receive the medical bills or medical certificates

of their employees each month. Employees can also check

on the utilisation of their medical benefits, which means

that everything is documented electronically. We also have

the e-commerce marketplace, for health benefits purposes

including health screening, dental and optical services.

What is your advice to the society regarding the

importance of healthy living?

The pandemic has proven that your background and status

do not matter. So, this shows that health is paramount. The

pandemic teaches us to value our lives more.

Find out more about BookDoc at bookdoc.com.

99 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM




Pouring a single malt Scotch is like tasting a bit of history

with origins of the drink going back centuries in the

highlands of Scotland.

Text by Liza Wakefield

Photos by Andrew Pickett/Visit Britain



The higher premium or prestige often

attached to single malt Scotch or whisky is

due to it being made of only malted barley

from only one distillery. As opposed to a

blended whisky that may be made from

a combination of barley and grain malt

from up to 50 different distilleries, the single malt feels more

exclusive, with a stronger and more distinct flavour. Add

to that the fact that only 10% of Scotch are of single malt

origins, perhaps that’s why it is much coveted by those who

appreciate fine whisky. Though sold in smaller quantities than

blended whisky, the single malt Scotch makes up almost 28%

of whisky exported from Scotland.

Steeped In Heritage

Scotch whisky (whisky made in Scotland) goes back to the

15th century, where the first recorded evidence of whisky

production was in 1494 for malt sent by order of the king to

a Friar John Cor to make 500 bottles of aqua vitae, or “life

water”, presumably for medicinal purposes. However, earlier

whisky was quite rough, as the whisky was not left to age in

the casket, while the distillation process hadn’t been refined

yet. Whisky only took on its smooth flavour over many years

beginning sometime in the 1800s. Today, the single malt

Scotch is revered for its more distinctive flavour, with 12, 15

and 18-year-old variants being the more popular ones.

The Singleton Single Malt Scotch Whiskey of

Glen Ord 12 Years is produced in the Singleton of Glen

Ord distillery, founded in 1838, in the Scottish Highlands - the

only single malt Scotch whisky distillery left on the Black Isle.

Aged in American white oak ex-bourbon casks or Oloroso

sherry casks, it’s a smooth and well-balanced, fruity single

malt with an earthy aftertaste and light smokiness. Made only

for export to Southeast Asia, the Singleton was the number

five best-selling Scotch worldwide in 2017.

101 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


The Dalwhinnie Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

15 Years has been described as a gentle and delicately smoky malt

and has been acknowledged many times over. As far back as 1989,

the Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old was listed as one of the Six Classic Malts

of Scotland, while recently in 2016 was given Gold status at the San

Francisco World Spirits Competition. Meanwhile, the Dalwhinnie

Distillery - established in 1898, is listed as one of the best whisky

distilleries in Scotland by esteemed travel and lifestyle publication, the

Conde Nast Traveller. The distillery is the highest in Scotland at 1164

feet above sea level, located in the highlands in Caingorm National

Park. With access to clear spring water in the mountains, the single

malt is renowned for its notes of heather honey, citrus and vanilla.

The Cardhu Single Malt Whisky 12 Years is a warm and

mellow malt with a good body and well-rounded richness. Smoky with

a gentle sweetness, reviews have reported hints of apple cider and

pear, and a touch of peat. Despite the aftertaste, the 12 years Cardhu

is perfect for the Scotch beginner, helping ease the taste for stronger

and bolder varieties. Some have even likened it to a “comforting

drink”, as it would bring back memories of life at a younger, more

care-free age. Indeed it seems that rugged romanticism is intertwined

with the Cardhu brand. Founded by whisky smuggler John Cumming

and his wife, Helen in 1824, Helen used to sell the illicitly-distilled

whisky from their home’s window to passersby, throwing flour on

herself to mask whisky smells and pretending to be baking when she

saw the police come up the hill.

Currently, the Cardhu distillery is located in Morganshire,

Scotland, having been sold to John Walker and Sons in 1893 by

Elizabeth Cumming, John and Helen’s industrious and forwardthinking

daughter-in-law. However, it was with the provision that

the family continues the day-to-day operations of the distillery and

thus the business is still in the family until today. In 1961, the whisky

smuggler’s great-grandson Sir Ronald Cumming was made chairman

of the whisky trade cartel, Distillery Company Ltd (DCL) - a testament

to the heritage left by the founders.




Beef Tagliata

Twenty 7

From the newly revamped lunch

menu at Twenty 7, order the

beef tagliata if you’re hankering

for steak but want something less

chunky. Full of lovely flavour, the

sliced sirloin steaks are seasoned

just nicely enough and cooked to

perfection – of course, based on

your preference. Served with a

side of mash, arugula salad and

mushrooms to round up a truly

filling meal.

Pizza Napoletana

JOJO Italian Restaurant

When you need something simple yet savoury,

a traditional Italian pizza should do the trick!

With a thin crust base that does not detract from

the pizza’s taste, the toppings of Mediterranean

anchovy filets, capers, black olives, mozzarella

cheese and tomato sauce burst with flavour in

your mouth as you chew up that cheesy goodness.


Scrambled Eggs

Twenty 7

For the adventurous, try this breakfast staple given

a traditional twist with a chicken floss topping,

garnished with chopped peanuts and coriander,

on top of a whole wheat toast and sambal sauce.

As expected, the dish is a spicy one, particularly

recommended for diners for whom chilli is a must

with ever meal, and those who love a mash of

flavours in one bite.

Shrimps Omelette

With ricotta cheese and shrimp, and a side of

asparagus and cherry tomato confit, this is perfect

as a side dish or on its own as a snack. One of the

chef ’s new creations on the menu, the familiar taste

has been elevated, and along with the rest of the

new additions to the menu makes weekend breakfast

something to look forward to.

Deep Fried Prawns With

Sesame Sauce

Spring Garden Restaurant

The quintessential dish at any seafood feast, you just can’t

say no to these juicy, well-seasoned deep-fried prawns

served with sesame sauce on a bed of fresh shredded

lettuce. No one would fault you for picking off the shell

and devouring the flesh with avarice because these are just

simply irresistible!



Raw Rib of Beef

Qinghegu Korean Restaurant

Right up there in the list of epicurean faves, Korean

BBQ never fails to incite excitement among foodies,

especially when the highlight consists of richly marbled

meat that melts almost instantaneously in your mouth.

Enjoy the richness of flavour with every bite that just

keeps you coming back for more.

Rib Finger Meat

Sliced to the perfect bite portion, the flavours of

these ribs are enhanced with just the right amount of

seasoning that seems to make it tastier because of the

size. Enjoy with muhsroom and lettuce on the side.

Seasoning Beef Ribs

For that extra shot of flavour, these premium quality

beef ribs marinated with the house recipe and grilled

to your liking are sure to satisfy all meat lovers – who

will definitely be back for more.

Jojo’s Italian Restaurant

Tropicana Clubhouse

Tel. 03-7805 3935


Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday

11.00am to 3.00pm

6.00pm to 11.00pm

Gin Shui Tei

Tropicana Clubhouse

Tel. 03-7804 8888


Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday

12.00pm to 3.00pm

6.30 to 10.30pm


Tropicana Clubhouse

Tel. 03-7802 8917

Salmon Ikura

Cheese Maki

Gin Shui Tei

Every mouthful is a burst of flavours

with this sushi roll thanks to the

delicious seared salmon and salmon

flakes, complemented with salmon roe,

cucumber and cream cheese. There’s

a crunchiness to it, yet also that meltin-your

mouth quality ensures ordering

just one plate of this will not be enough.

Conside this your fair warning.

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday

11.30am to 3.00pm |

6.00pm to 10.00pm

Weekends and Public Holidays

11.30am to 10.00pm

Restaurant 27

Tropicana Clubhouse

Tel: 03-7804 8888



Spring Garden Chinese


Tropicana Clubhouse

Tel. 03-7880 7226

Operating Hours

Monday to Saturday

11.30 am to 2.30pm |

6.30pm to 10.30pm

Sunday and Public Holidays

10.30am to 10.30pm

Proceed with caution when ordering these

delectable delights while dining at our tenants

at Tropicana Golf Club and Resort, as any

form of control might fly out the window with

dishes that will only leave you wanting more.

Text: Rina Ahmad Sapiuddin

Food Styling: Luke Jing Yau


Brian Fang @ M8 Studio

105 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


A Homecoming


The revamped menu at Twenty7, The Palm Coffee House and Banquet

at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort welcomes diners with exciting new

dishes and rejuvenated favourites.

Text by Zurien Onn

Photos by Brian Fang @ M8 Studios

Art Direction by Luke Jing Yau



Egg Benedict with smoked salmon, spinach

and Hollandaise sauce on ciabatta bread

Beef tagliata with mushrooms, arugula salad and potatoes

It was just in December last year when Chef Zaihari

Zainol joined Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

(TGCR) from Ritz Carlton Langkawi, with a view to

bring over the flavours he had constructed there and

revamp the menu at TGCR. And then COVID-19

hit. All plans were put on hold due to the Movement

Control Order (MCO).

However, now that the rules have been relaxed and the

country is opening up for business almost as usual again, this

seems like just the right time to introduce a revamped menu

at TGCR’s Twenty7 Restaurant, The Palm Coffee House and

Banquet. Diners will find the new additions by Chef Zaihari

to be refreshing and exciting, as he injects that fine dining

flavour to the menu.

The concept here is easy and relaxed,” says Chef

Zaihari, referring to the generally breezy ambience at

Twenty7 and The Palm, as golfers get in from the sun after

a game and families drop in for brunch. “Diners generally

want something simple but they also want to see something

different,” says the chef, explaining more about how he went

about planning the new dishes.

To ensure that there is something for everyone, Chef

Zaihari made sure to retain the all-time favourites in the menu

along with his new creations. “I’m not the type of person to

focus on one style of cooking,” he says. “With my experience

and my team, I can pull from many cooking styles.” This

means that all guests can enjoy dining together at the two

establishments, even if one feels like ordering a Western

dish, another wants a Malaysian favourite, while younger

diners want lighter fare. “We’re trying to offer more local and

healthful dishes that are still flavourful, but without sacrificing

favourites like fish and chips,” says Chef Zaihari.

107 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


The salted fish chicken with eringi

mushrooms and water chestnut

Comfort Food For The Soul

The focus on the menu is mostly on comfort food, but

apparently with a twist. “It’s your go-to spaghetti bolognaise,

or steak, or grilled fish. Your simple favourites, but slightly

different,” the chef explains.

One example would be the new Nasi Goreng Ulam at

The Palm – the typical fried rice but with enhanced flavours

and a side of raw local vegetables to enhance the dining

experience. Another would be your staple dish of black

pepper beef, but something would have been tweaked to make

it slightly different.

“Even staples have been revamped in terms of

ingredients,” says Chef Zaihari. “What has been missing

before, you would taste it now. Or we might use a different

cooking technique, or a new presentation to make it more


If you’re looking forward to trying out completely new

items, then you’ll want to check out the Chef ’s Creations

section from the Breakfast Menu at Twenty7. Dishes like

Apam Pisang Madu – a banana pancake with almond flakes,

honey, and tropical fruit salad; Gula Melaka Oat, with palm

sugar, cashew nuts and coconut milk; and Avocado Tartine,

which is charcoal toast bread with mashed avocado, poached

egg, asparagus and cherry tomatoes, should give you that

boost at the start of the day.

Clockwise from top: Steamed

Siam white rice, “Assam” fish,

Sayur Campur and lamb varuval



“We’re offering more

local and healthful

dishes... but without

sacrificing favourites like

fish and chips.”

Apam pisang madu with tropical fruits, almond flakes and honey

The egg white omelette with

vegetables, grilled tomato

and whipped avocado

Salmon teriyaki with wasabi potatoes, vegetables, nori flakes and pickled ginger

For lunch, how about rice with a side of Salted Fish

Chicken with Eringi mushrooms and water chestnuts? From

the Chinese Wok section, you might want to try the “Assam

fish”, which is not your typical assam dish as it’s actually a

whole golden pomfret fillet deep fried and served with assam


Meanwhile, those who love Western-style dishes will

not be disappointed with items like the melt-in-your-mouth

Tenderloin Steak, the Beef Tagliata with arugula salad,

mushrooms and potatoes, and the very satisfying Salmon

Teriyaki with wasabi potatoes and garnished with seaweed

flakes and pickled ginger with a side of vegetables.

According to Chef Zaihari, the feedback has been very

positive so far. As the regulations are less restrictive, he is

excited to give patrons something new to look forward to. It

will be a homecoming of sorts for Twenty7 and The Palm

with the new menu, as well as for the club members and

dining guests.

The wok fried Hokkien mee with

chicken and vegetables

109 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM




The new Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S 4MATIC+ Coupé takes the

compact car driving experience to new heights.

Text by Aileen Chow

Photos: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz



The first model debut of

the Mercedes-AMG CLA

45 S 4MATIC+ Coupé

couldn’t have arrived at

a stranger time. Due to

restrictions put in place

during the Conditional Movement Order,

its official launch on 1 June took place

completely online, on Mercedes-Benz’s

YouTube and Facebook channels. It was an

unusual and unique experience – a first for

the German marque.

The Next-Gen Mercedes-AMG Cars

Apart from the CLA 45 S 4MATIC+

Coupé, two other models from the compact

S series were also revealed at the launch – the

hatchback Mercedes-AMG A 35 S 4MATIC

and Mercedes-AMG A 45 S 4MATIC+.

The new AMG range has seen a complete

redesign from the engine and transmission

to the body’s aerodynamic design, to take the

sporty driving experience – of a compact car

– to a breathtaking whole new level.

A Petite Powerhouse

The new AMG range boasts Mercedes’

newly developed M139 2.0-litre engine,

which the maker claims to be the world’s

most powerful turbo-charged four-cylinder

manufactured for series production with an

output of up to 310 kW (421 hp). Maximum

torque has been raised from 475 to up to 500

Nm, compared to the previous 45 models,

and with an output per litre of up to 155 kW

(211 hp). There’s no doubt that this supercharged

high-performance turbo engine has

raised the bar against many other well-known

sports car engines. It sprints from zero to 100

km/h in just 4.0 seconds and with a top speed

of up to 270 km/h.

One notable unique feature of the

M139 engine is that it’s installed in a reversed

position where the exhaust manifold and

turbocharger are now located at the rear,

while the intake system is at the front of the

engine bay. This change allows for a flatter,

more aerodynamic front design for a sleeker

look, and at the same time, optimising air

flow in the engine compartment.

111 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM




To reduce friction between the pistons

and cylinders, the linings are coated using

a patented NANOSLIDE technology. This

gives the linings a mirror-like surface, which

allows for friction to be minimised. First

used in the AMG M156 V8 engine and can

also be found in the Formula 1 engine of

Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport, the

NANOSLIDE coating is said to be twice as

hard as conventional grey cast-iron liners and

therefore makes them much more durable.

Slide Away To Pure Driving Pleasure

The secret to the dynamic driving experience

of the CLA 45 S 4MATIC+ is its fully

variable all-wheel drive system. The AMG

TORQUE CONTROL in the new rear axle

differential has two electronically controlled

multidisc clutches, each of which is connected

to a rear axle drive shaft. This means, based

on your driving mode and situation, the drive

torque can be separately distributed to both

rear wheels for optimum traction. This also

means that the CLA 45 S 4MATIC+ can

deftly handle extreme cornering manoeuvres,

such as on the racetrack.

The Drift mode comes standard in the

S models as part of the AMG DYNAMIC

PLUS package, a feature that allows for some

fun “powersliding” action. The Drift mode

can also be called up in the “RACE” driving

mode using the shift paddles, provided that

the ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) is

deactivated and the transmission is in manual


Log Your Laps

Now here’s a real treat for the racetrack

enthusiast – the AMG Track Pace “virtual

race engineer” data logger. It’s a software that

is part of the MBUX infotainment system

that continuously monitors the driver’s

performance as they negotiate the circuit.

Lap and and sector times are displayed on

a quick-glance multimedia display and the

driver then has the option of using the data

to evaluate their driving skills.

Cool stuff

Lending a humanising touch to the car’s

high-performance engineering is the MBUX

(Mercedes-Benz User Experience), which is

Mercedes’ advanced multimedia infotainment

system that is offered in all its new cars. It

allows the driver to choose among the three

AMG display styles – “Classic”, “Sport” and

“Supersport” – for the instrument cluster.

The Mercedes Me Connect app gives

the driver total control over the vehicle from

their smartphone, housing all remote access

services from remote start to vehicle tracker.

The app also provides a quick snapshot of the

car’s mileage, fuel level, tyre pressure, fluids

and more.

In the world of super-charged sports cars,

it’s a given that form goes hand in hand with

function. To match the sporty persona of the

45 S series, the high-tech screen-rich cockpit

in this generation of Mercedes compact cars

boasts AMG Performance seats (with red

seatbelts), AMG Performance steering wheel

in Nappa leather and Dinamica microfibre,

aluminium AMG Design trim in black and

silver, and AMG illuminated door sills and

floor mats.

The Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S 4Matic+

Coupé is available now for RM448,888 onthe-road

without insurance.

113 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Lost in


The beauty of Byron Bay is best enjoyed with a beauty treatment or two.

Text by Alea Adzhar

Photos courtesy of New South Wales Tourism

Cape Byron Lighthouse sitting on Australia’s most easterly point, Byron Bay



View to Tallow Beach, Byron Bay

Famously known for its beautiful beaches

and lush tropical forests, Byron Bay is

one of Australia’s easternmost towns

that has become an oceanic jackpot

for surfers and outdoor enthusiasts

alike. Holidaymakers may take their

pick from the many breathaking beaches here

including the Seven Mile Beach (where Thor hero

Chris Hemsworth has a house), Main Beach and the

Tallows Beach. If you find yourself here, you’ll want

to do like the locals do and explore exciting activities

such as kayaking, birdwatching, beach-fishing and of

course, surfing.

The more adventurous might want to experience

the town’s natural beauty with a hike to remember up

Mount Warning and be awed by the 360-degree view

of the entire town from its peak. Another trek worth

trying would be the signature Night Vision Walk at

Nightcap National Park, where you can check out

Australia’s nocturnal animals like bandicoots and

pademelons in its natural habitat.

Meanwhile, for food lovers looking for a relaxing

eatery with a gorgeous view, visit Byron Fresh Café

and try their Summer Crunch Granola, Zen Burger

as well as Quinoa and Zucchini Hotcakes. The Byron

at Byron, on the other hand, serves the best local

produce such as the signature Grumpy Grandma

Olives and Bread Social Sourdough. Also, if you

prefer a cosy location to have a meal before you call it

a night, make your way to Treehouse on Belongi for

a retro atmosphere against the cool night breeze. Try

their signature pizzas and nachos while enjoying live

music available four times a week, from Thursdays

to Sundays.

Enjoy A Restful Getaway

If you’re in need of some self-TLC while enjoying

the beauty of Australis’s nature, Byron Bay is home

to quite a few wellness retreats that you might want to

check out. There’s a reason why the area is know as

The Healing Heartland of Australia, as this is where

you go for a break from everyday life while enjoying

therapeutic treatments such as acupuncture, yoga and

massage, reflexology, and facial treatments.

115 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


The spa’s hot tub at Gaia Retreat

The Komalla Luxe suite at Gaia Retreat

One retreat where you can experience a reviving adventure

like no other would be at the award-winning Gaia Retreat &

Spa. You can choose to check-in to the contemporary Layana

Room, the elegant Sura Terrace, the classic Acala Suite, the

intimate Komalla Villa, or the luxurious Komalla Luxe. Each

accommodation has its own highlight, from private en-suite

bathrooms to a heated private swimming pool, depending on

the guest’s room of choice.

To refresh and rejuvenate, choose from various treatment

packages such as the 2-Night Revive Package, 5-Night Refresh

Package or even the 7-Night Restore Package. You can also

spoil your loved one with the 2-Night Love the One You’re

With or the 3-Night Mother & Daughter retreat.

When at the Gaia Retreat & Spa, guests should definitely

try out at least one of these treatments, or more!

Gaia Deluxe

Keep your skin glowing with an enticing mixture of

treatments, beginning with a Swedish massage followed by a

1-hour personalised facial treatment. Gaia’s very own natural

and luxurious Retreatment Botanics skincare range, which

includes local nutrients, rich palm oils and native extracts will

leave you with refreshed skin and body.

Face Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Experience a holistic Chinese medicine-based therapy that

accentuates the importance of a healthy mind and body while

also obtaining a radiant complexion. The treatment assists

in stimulating collagen production within the skin, giving it

a youthful glow.



Grounding Clay Masques

Choose between the pink, yellow or green body masque

depending on your preferences and needs as each type contains

different benefits. The pink masque moisturises sensitive skin,

the yellow masque is suitable for grounding purposes, while

the green masque is specifically made to detoxify your body.

Guests will be wrapped in a refining cocooned mask before

being pampered with a nourishing warm Macadamia oil

scalp massage.

Personal Yoga/Pranayama

Your spiritual wellbeing is as equally important as your physical

wellbeing. Connect with your inner-self by experiencing a

majestic sense of selfcare as the yoga/pranayama session at

Gaia Retreat will entirely focus on healing your body, mind

and spirit.

Personal Pilates

Leave with improved body posture and core strength while

understanding both your physique’s strengths and weaknesses.

It’ll be a postural movement adventure with Gaia Retreat’s

Pilates experts who will not only guide you, but also inspire

you with their personalised Pilates methods. At the end of the

session, you will definitely vitalize your inner-self.

Eat Clean for Healthy Skin

Grab the opportunity to dine in at Gaia Retreat’s multi

award-winning Spa Cuisine, emphasising on a balanced diet

and healthy eating altogether. All of the fresh organic produce

is obtained from Gaia’s very-own Organic Garden as well

as from the orchards and plantations of New South Wales’

Northern River Region. Not only that, a variety of organic

produce is also distributed by local farmers. The chefs at Gaia

Retreat definitely focus on the importance of high standard

cuisines for guests.

Yoga at the Gaia Retreat

Choose Your Sweet Spot

Byron Bay is such a serenity hub, you can take your pick from

quite a few retreats around the area. Among those to make

your way to include the Byron Wellbeing Retreat and the Cape

Byron Retreat. Both retreats offer various signature facial

treatments, spa treatments, yoga, and meditation activities

for you to choose from. Wherever it is, make it a refreshing

and rejuvenating escape at Byron Bay by combining it with

a wellness retreat, and you’ll be heading back home feeling

inspired and ready to take over the world.

The Gaia Retreat’s spa pool

117 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


England’s Quaint

Heritage Gem

The city of Oxford in England is one of many hidden charms.

Text by Shah Shamshiri

Photos courtesy of Visit Britain

View of the Broadway Tower in the Cotswolds



The Cherwell Boathouse, Oxford

Inside the Long Library at Blenheim Palace

It is highly possible that every time we think of England or the United

Kingdom, the number one city that would most probably come

to mind, is their famous capital, London. But beyond the famous

London Bridge and the towering Big Ben, England has other gems

to be discovered and one of the more popular ones would be the city

of Oxford.

Situated in Oxfordshire county and located about 90 km northwest of

London by road, the city is also home to the University of Oxford, the oldest

university in the English-speaking world and is said to have buildings in every

style of English architecture from the late Anglo-Saxon era. And like several

historic cities around the world, Oxford has myriad of interesting venues to

be explored.

The most obvious touristic destination in the city is definitely the University

of Oxford itself. As it is not a campus university, not everything is located on

one site. Many different buildings, including academic departments, colleges

and halls, are located around the centre of Oxford. Many university buildings,

such as gardens, libraries and museums, as well as many of the colleges, are

open to visitors during the day, but they may have varying opening hours, fees

and rules for groups.

Although the University does not organise tours, the Oxford University

and City Walking Tour, which includes visits to college and university sites, is

offered by the Visitor Information Centre. These tours last about two hours

and can be booked at the Visitor Information Centre at 15-16 Broad Street,

or online at the Experience Oxfordshire website. Specialist tours are also

available on a wide range of topics, including architecture, science, literature

and art, as well as special interest Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and

Inspector Morse tours. Some independent operators also offer guided tours

of Oxford. A range of general and themed tours are available, as are tours by

cycle, rickshaw and bus.

119 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Fun for all when The Big Feastival comes to Kingham at the Cotswolds

Bicester Village is the place to head to for some designer brand shopping

Also not to be missed within the county of Oxfordshire

would be the The Cotswolds. Located right in the heart

of England, the Oxfordshire Cotswolds is rich in heritage

and awash with natural beauty. The towns and villages of

honey coloured stone include the bustling market towns of

Burford, Chipping Norton, Witney and Woodstock. There is

certainly no shortage of things to do with everything from

historic houses like Blenheim Palace to great shopping, and a

wonderful choice for food and drink.

The Blenheim Palace was once home to the 12th Duke

of Marlborough and his family and the birthplace of Sir

Winston Churchill. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage

Site boasting a long and diverse history. A masterpiece of

Baroque architecture, landscaped Parkland and stunning

Formal Gardens, Blenheim Palace provides an awe-inspiring

experience for visitors. Within the 2000 acres of ‘Capability’

Brown Parkland and 90 acres of award-winning Formal

Gardens, visitors can even ride the miniature train to The

Pleasure Gardens, a dedicated family area that offers a giant

hedge maze, butterfly house and adventure playground.

The Macdonald Randolph Hotel, Oxford



Paddleboarding at the Cotswolds Country Park and Beach, Cirencester in Gloucestershire, England.

Traditional Cotswolds stone cottages and stone footbridge in the Cotswolds village of Lower Slaughter

For more family activities, try getting up close with exotic

animals at Cotswold Wildlife Park or explore Cogges Manor

Farm, a 17th Century farm with animals and an adventure

play area. Both sites are perfect for fun family days out in


For those who seek some retail therapy check out Bicester

Village. It is a renowned outlet shopping centre on the

outskirts of Bicester, a town in Oxfordshire as well. The centre

opened in 1995 and most of its stores are in the luxury goods

and designer clothing sector. Among the brands that can be

found here include Armani, Mulberry, Salvatore Ferragamo,

Longchamp, Loewe and many more. The centre is said to be

the second most visited location in the United Kingdom by

Chinese tourists, after Buckingham.

Other attractions that can be found within the Oxford

vicinity includes the Ashmolean Museum, The Oxford Castle

& Prison, Oxford’s waterways and many more.

In short, Oxford has so much more to offer than just the

beautiful grounds of their famous university. Be sure to swing

by this historic destination and find out what many have been


The Bridge of Sighs at Hertford College

121 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM



Function Areas

3 Greens I

23 Greens III

25 Poolside Terrace

First Floor

5 Greens II

8 Ballroom I

9 Ballroom II

10 Ballroom III


1 MST Golf Pro Shop

2 De Manshop

4 Twenty 7 Restaurant

6 Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant

7 The Palm Coffee House

11 Gin Shui Tei Japanese Restaurant

12 Kindyland Tropicana

14 The Green House Florist


15 Alam General Store

16 Tropicana Clinic

17 Eco Salon

18 Havana Lounge & Havana Cozy

20 QingHeGu Korean Traditional Restaurant

21 J Italian Restaurant

22 Thai Odyssey Spa & Massage

24 Bowling Alley

MST Golf Pro Shop

Ground Floor, Golf Wing

Tel: 03-7804 6348

Open Daily: 7.00am - 7.00pm

De Manshop

Ground Floor, Golf Wing

Tel: 03-7880 4063

012-331 8063 (KK Wong)

(Call mobile for appointment)

Open Daily: 11.00am - 7.00pm

Twenty 7 Restaurant

Ground Floor, Golfers’ Lounge

Tel: 03-7804 8888 ext. 325

Open Daily:

Mon to Sun: 6.30am - 11.00pm

Spring Garden

Chinese Restaurant

Ground Floor, Main Wing

Tel: 03-7880 7226

Mon to Sat:

11.30am - 2.30pm | 6.30pm - 10.30pm

Sun to Public Holidays

10.30am - 2.30pm | 6.30pm - 10.30pm



The Palm Coffee House

Ground Floor, Main Wing

Tel: 03-7804 8888 ext. 306

Weekdays: 11.30am - 3.00pm

6.00pm - 10.30pm

Weekends & Public Holidays:

11.00am - 10.30pm

Gin Shui Tei

Japanese Restaurant

Ground Floor, Main Wing

Tel: 03-7886 9168

Open Daily:

Lunch: 12.00noon - 3.00pm

Dinner: 6.30pm - 10.30pm

Kindyland Tropicana

Lower Ground Floor, Main Wing

Tel: 03-7804 8888 ext. 318

Mon to Fri: 8.00am - 3.00pm

Closed on Weekends and Public


QingHeGu Korean

Traditional Restaurant

Ground Floor, Palms Wing

Tel: 03-7802 8917

Mon to Fri: 11.30am – 3.00pm

6.00pm – 10.00pm

Weekends & Public Holidays:

11.30am – 10.00pm

The Green House Florist

Alam General Store

Tropicana Clinic

Eco Salon

Ground Floor, Walkway

Tel: 012-370 7303 /

03-7880 1388

Mon to Fri: 9.00am - 6.00pm

Sat: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Closed on Sunday

Ground Floor, Walkway

Tel: 03-7804 3095

Open Daily: 10.45am - 9.00pm

Ground Floor, Walkway

Tel: 03-7805 5461 (Dr. Molly)

Mon to Fri: 9.00am - 7.00pm

Sat: 9.00am - 4.30pm

Closed on Sun and Public Holidays

Ground Floor, Walkway

Tel: 03-7804 9316

Tues to Sat: 10.30am - 7.30pm

Sun: 10.30am - 6.00pm

Closed every Mon and Public


Havana Lounge &

Havana Cozy

Lower Ground Floor, Palms Wing

Tel: 03-7804 8888 ext. 514

Open Daily:

Mon to Thurs: 5.00pm - 1.00am

Fri to Sat: 5.00pm - 2.00am

Closed on Sunday

J Italian Restaurant

Ground Floor, Palms Wing

Tel: 03-7805 3935

Mon to Thurs: 11.00am - 3.00pm |

6.00pm - 11.00pm

Fri to Sun: 11.00am -1.00am

Thai Odyssey

Sports Wing Entrance

Tel: 03-7803 1233

Open Daily: 10.00am - 10.00pm

Driving Range

West Course

Tel: 03-7880 6164

Open Daily: 7.00am - 11.00pm

Mon: 2.00pm - 11.00pm

Bowling Cafe

Poolside Café

Lower Ground Floor, Sports Wing

Tel: 03-7804 8888 ext. 327

Lower Ground Floor, Sports Wing

Tel: 03-7804 8888 ext. 327

Mon to Fri: 3.00pm - 11.00pm

Sat to Sun: 10.00am - 11.00pm

Tues to Fri: 4.00pm - 7.00pm

Sat, Sun and Public Holidays:

8.00am - 7.00pm

Closed on Mon

123 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM



Head Office

+603 7663 6888

Customer Care Support & Tropicana

Privilege Card Services

+603 7663 6888/ +6012 688 7003




Head Office

Unit 1301, Level 13,

Tropicana Gardens Office Tower

No 2A, Persiaran Surian, Tropicana Indah

47810, Petaling Jaya

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +603 7663 6888

Fax: +603 7663 6688



Office Hours:

9am - 6pm (Monday - Friday)

Closed (Saturday & Sunday)




Jalan Kelab Tropicana

Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

47410 Petaling Jaya

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +603 7804 8888

Fax: +603 7804 3688



Office Hours:

9am - 6pm (Monday - Friday)

9am - 1pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday)



Property Gallery & Show Unit

No 2, Persiaran Aman Perdana 3

Bandar Tropicana Aman

42500 Telok Panglima a, Selangor

Tel: 1700 81 8868



Office Hours: 9:30am – 6:30pm

(Monday – Sunday)


Property Gallery & Show Unit

Tropicana Heights Show Village

Off Jalan P6/2

43500 Semenyih, Kajang, Selangor

Tel: +603 7453 2328 / +6016 239 7565



Office Hours: 9:30am – 6:30pm

(Monday – Sunday)



Property Gallery & Show Unit

Lot PTB 22902, Teluk Danga

Jalan Persiaran Abu Bakar Sultan

80200 Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel: +607 2341 585



Office Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm

(Monday – Sunday)


Property Gallery & Show Unit

Level G, Tropicana Gardens Mall

No. 2A, Persiaran Surian, Tropicana Indah

47810 Petaling Jaya

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel : +603 7880 0989



Office Hours: 9:30am – 6:30pm

(Monday – Sunday)



Property Gallery & Show Unit

Lot PTD 28845-28892

Taman Cahaya Kota Puteri, Plentong

81750 Masai, Johor

Tel: +607 3823 355



Office Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm

(Monday – Sunday)


Property Gallery & Show Unit

Lot 38515, Jalan Delima 1/1

Subang Hi-Tech

40000 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603 5636 6888 / +603 5637 3018



Office Hours: 9:30am – 6:30pm

(Monday – Sunday)


Property Gallery

No 16, Jalan Anson

10400 Penang

Tel: +604 2105 888



Office Hours: 9:30am – 6:30pm

(Monday – Sunday)


Property Gallery & Show Unit

Jalan Permai 2, Genting Permai,

69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang

Tel: +603-6106 0688 / +6018-390 9988



Office Hours:

9:00am – 6:00pm

(Monday – Sunday)







Jalan Kelab Tropicana

Tropicana Golf &

Country Resort

47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603 7804 8888

ext : 513/557

Fax: +603 7806 5044


Office Hours:

9:00am – 6:00pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)


Level 1, Management Office

Block A, Tropicana Grande

Condominium, No 3, Persiaran

Tropicana, PJU 3

47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603 7610 0968

Fax: +603 7610 0966



Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)


Jalan Kelab Tropicana

Tropicana Golf &

Country Resort

47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603 7804 8888

ext : 154/557

Fax: +603 7806 5044


Office Hours:

9:00am – 6:00pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)


B-5-17, Block B, Casa Tropicana,

No 5, Jalan Persiaran Tropicana,

PJU 3, Tropicana Golf &

Country Resort

47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603 7883 0982

Fax: +603 7883 0292



Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)


No 6, Jalan Tropicana Cheras 1

Taman Tropicana Cheras

43000 Kajang, Selangor

Tel: +6013 202 0746



Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)



Off Jalan P6/2, Bandar

Teknologi Kajang 43500

Semenyih, Kajang, Selangor

Tel: +603 8725 9800



Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)



Jalan Tropicana Heights 2/1

42000 Kajang, Selangor

Tel: +603 8723 5191


Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)


Basement 1, Menara TR

No 121, Jalan Ampang

50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2770 6338

Fax: +603 2270 6343



Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)



Level 5, Residensi A,

Tropicana Gardens,

No 2A, Persiaran Surian,

Tropican Indah

47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603 2714 6172



Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)



Level 6, Residensi C,

Tropicana Gardens

No 2A, Persiaran Surian,

Tropican Indah

47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603 2714 6175



Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)


P-LG-01, Lower Ground Floor

Tropicana Avenue

No 12, Persiaran Tropicana

Tropicana Golf & Country

Resort, PJU 3, 47410 Petaling

Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603 8605 3608 /

+603 8605 3609

Fax: +603 8605 3618



Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)



Arahsia Tropicana Aman

Jalan Aman Arahsia 2

Bandar Tropicana Aman

42500 Telok Panglima Garang,


Tel: +603 8687 5512


Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)



Bayan Tropicana Aman

Jalan Aman Bayan 1

Bandar Tropicana Aman

42500 Telok Panglima Garang,


Tel: +603 8687 5525

Fax: +603 8687 5530


Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)



No.1 Jalan Aman Chria, Bandar

Tropicana Aman, 42500 Telok

Panglima Garang, Selangor

Darul Ehsan Malaysia

Tel: +603 8686 1088

Fax: +603 8686 1087


Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)


Level 5, Tropicana Landmark

Lorong Kondo Bundusan

Off Jalan Bundusan

88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Tel: +6088 742 052


Office Hours:

8:30am – 5:00pm

(Monday – Friday)

8:30am – 12:30pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)



Level P4, Menara A,

Pandora Residensi

Jalan MP1, Tropicana Metropark

47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603 5036 2088

Fax: +603 5036 2089


Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)



Tower B, Level 4,

Paloma Residensi

Jalan MP1, Tropicana Metropark

47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603 5022 9099

Fax: +603 5022 9097


Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)



No 01-01, Residensi Bora

Jalan Danga 1/1, Teluk Danga

80200 Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel: +607 2074 234


Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)



G-03, Blok B, Tropez Residen,

Persiaran Danga Perdana,

80200 Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel: +607 2446 559

Fax: +607 2374 088


Office Hours:

9:00am – 5:30pm

(Monday – Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday & Public Holiday)

125 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | TM


Respect is how to treat

everyone, not just those

you want to impress.

- Richard Branson

Photo by Stocksnap/Pixabay






We provide a full range of fixed-price services, each performed in a structured series

of operating procedures to ensure faster and more efficient performance servicing;

especially for Mercedes-Benz, BMW and AUDI car owners whose car warranties have expired


Lubrication & Maintenance Service

Air Cond Service and Maintenance

Programming and Adaptation using latest STAR Diagnostic Compact 4 and BMW

ISID Diagnostic Tester

Computer and Electronic Programming complete with SCN Coding

Suspension System

Engine and Automatic Transmission Overhauling

Braking System ABS/ETS/ASR/SBC/ABR

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Suspension System

Prominent Autotech Sdn Bhd

No 8-E, Jalan Teknologi, Pusat Teknologi Sunsuria

Kota Damansara PJU 5, 47810 Petaling Jaya Selangor

Tel: +603-6151 5369 / +603-6151 8369

Fax: +603-6150 5369

Email: enquiry@prominentautotech.com.my


Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5.30pm

Saturday, 8.30am - 3pm

Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays


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