e3 Partners Impact Report - 2019

See how your support served to multiply disciples and churches in 2019.

See how your support served to multiply disciples and churches in 2019.

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Dear Friend,

By the grace of God, 2019 represents one of e3 Partners’

most productive years of ministry in our entire 32-year

history. The Lord continues to fulfill His purposes on Earth

in extraordinary fashion. This past year, “this gospel of

the Kingdom” continued its powerful advance across the

globe. In fact, the broader missions community is currently

tracking more large movements of multiplying disciples

and churches than ever before. Missiologists refer to

these movements as either Church Planting Movements

(CPMs) or Disciple Making Movements (DMMs). Over the

past several years, e3 Partners has become very focused on

understanding these movements—what drives them, what

slows them down, what accelerates them. And we have

made numerous adjustments in our tactics, tools, structure,

and even our workforce in order to align our methods to the

way that God is working in these days. These changes have

not come without difficulty or cost, but their impact is clear

in the pages that follow. Thank you for your participation

and support along the journey. Whether your contribution

has come in the form of prayer, giving, going, training, or

all the above, please know that you are making a difference.

May the Lord bless and keep you as you work and long for

His return.


To see a church accessible to every person


To EQUIP God’s people to EVANGELIZE His world by ESTABLISHING healthy,

multiplying, transformative churches everywhere.


What We Do...............................................................3

Partnerships.............................................................. 4

Impact......................................................................... 5

Church Planting Movements.............................. 6

4 Fields.................................................................... 7-8

A Story from Africa.......................................... 9-10

A Story from Asia............................................ 11-12

A Story from Europe...................................... 13-14

A Story from Latin America......................... 15-16

A Story from MECANA Region................. .. 17-18

A Story from North America...................... 19-20

Jim Shannon

e3 Partners CEO

Virtual Trips & Training................................. 21-22

I Am Second..................................................... 23-24

Live Second..................................................... 25-26

What We Do

We seek to catalyze, accelerate and deepen

multiplying movements of disciples and

churches everywhere — utilizing the most

effective means possible in each context.

We accomplish this through three primary

ministry divisions:

• Mobilization

• Training

• Media


Through our media ministry, I Am

Second, we lift up the name of Jesus

and help people discover a different

way of life through the use of digital,

print, social, and other forms of

media. I Am Second reaches those far

from God, sharing raw stories of real

people who found and embraced the

hope of Jesus, and then connecting

them to a community who equips and

inspires them to Live Second.


We send Christians all over

the world to spread the

gospel, make disciples, and

help catalyze church planting

movements. Through

both short-term trips and

long-term missionaries,

we work with national

partners, coaching, training,

resourcing, and encouraging

them as leaders to advance

the Kingdom among their



Gospel training isn’t just

for missionaries. Through a

strategy known as 4 Fields,

we emphasize the necessity

of moving beyond evangelism

to discipleship and church

formation. And we provide

ways for all believers to learn

how to share the gospel,

disciple others, and plant

churches themselves.


Interstate Batteries is passionate about missions and tries

to provide its staff with opportunities to serve locally and

abroad as often as possible. Last year, we connected with one

of the chaplains from their Dallas office, Henry, to discuss an

opportunity for them to go on a mission trip with e3.

Henry was seeking three main things:

1. An opportunity for their staff to serve in

missions together

2. A trip that would allow for each of their chaplains to

build 1-on-1 relationships with their coworkers

3. An experience that would build community within their

Interstate Batteries team

Our refugee ministry in Greece seemed to be the perfect fit,

and Henry agreed, so we began planning a trip to Greece for

the fall of 2019.

Working with their schedule, training sessions were

conducted during their lunch hour over the course of

several weeks. There were training sessions on the culture,

security and logistics, how to share their testimony, how to

share the gospel, how to lead Bible studies, and how to start

discipleship groups.

The trip was customized to remain within our strategy while

also aligning with the goals of the Interstate Batteries team.

And their chaplains were involved throughout the planning

process, empowering them to co-lead the trip.

When the time came, there were 22 Interstate Batteries

employees who joined us in Greece. Each day was filled with

ministry opportunities through eyeglass clinics, prayer teams,

sports, serving meals, and more. God worked in amazing

ways, transforming the lives of many the team ministered to

and with.

“By the end of it, this guy [refugee] had accepted Jesus, and so

had the translator we were working with to minister to him!”

— Traci

“Everybody’s going to leave changed people with a greater

desire to know Christ, and to love Him, and to serve Him.”

— Henry

Today, our relationship with Interstate Batteries continues.

Some from the team have joined one of our online Live Second

Groups, and many remain in contact with our partners they

worked with in Greece.

(This is an example of how our ministry partners with

other organzations and churches.)


Church Planting Movements

We have made it a priority to learn the principles

driving Church Planting Movements (CPMs)

around the world. The classic definition of a CPM

is, “a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches

planting churches that sweeps through a people

group or population segment.”* Sustainability

seems to be achieved when the movement

reaches multiple streams of 4th generation

churches or greater.









Stream 1 Stream 2

We are not the first generation to experience

CPMs. In fact, we can see evidence of periodic

CPMs from the first century onward. What

sets our generation apart is the sheer scale and

geographic diversity that we are seeing.

In the 1990s, missiologists could identify less

than 20 CPMs around the world. Today, we are

aware of more than 1,000 — many in some of the

most unreached places on the planet.

*Church Planting Movements, David Garrison, 2004, p. 21

This picture is an example of a generational map that demonstrates

movement to the 4th generation and beyond.



Field 1: Entry

Identifying and engaging new target areas

Field 2: Gospel


The 4 Fields

In order to align our efforts with the

way in which God is currently working,

we have adopted a comprehensive

movement-focused strategy called

“The 4 Fields.”



Leadership Development keeps

the cycle of multiplication going

Too often, missions efforts have either

stopped at evangelism or focused on

only one or two elements of the process.

Sustained multiplication requires a

comprehensive and simultaneous focus

on all the elements using tools that are:

• Simple

• Biblical

• Reproducible

We have, therefore, adapted our

teams, tools, and training to ensure

that we are addressing all

5 elements.

Field 4: Church

Gathering believers into healthy community

Field 3: Discipleship

Assisting believers to

achieve spiritual maturity


A Story from Africa

One day, on a recent trip to Africa, an

e3 team had the opportunity to go to

Kofi’s* home to share the gospel. Kofi is a

translator who has worked with several e3

teams in the past.

God is on the move in Africa.

We’re seeing disciples

and churches multiply

and the gospel spread at

rapidly increasing rates.

God is opening doors in

hard to reach areas and

hardened peoples. Believers

are making their way

from closed countries to

neighboring countries to be

trained so they can go back

and share the gospel with

their own people.

God is working in refugee

camps, among Muslims, and

even with witch doctors. He

is working in big cities and

in rural farms. And while

we celebrate these great

advances of the Kingdom we

are reminded that a large

percentage of the African

people are still far from God

and have little access to the

gospel in a way they can

understand. So, we press on

until all of Africa hears the

Good News!

His mother in law was the only one

at home when the team arrived. Kofi

explained that his brother, who was

against Christianity, told the rest of his

family not to come and hear what they had

to say. However, after waiting about an

hour, Kofi’s uncle, two brothers, and other

family members showed up. The e3 team

began sharing the many dangers of human

trafficking. This caught the attention of

Kofi’s uncle, Zain*.

Then, the team shared the message of the

gospel. Zain listened intently. Once they

had finished, he was convinced, saying the

message of the gospel was right and true.

He was afraid to accept Jesus as his Lord

and Savior though, because of what his

community would potentially do to him.

He said that being an old man, he couldn’t

defend himself, and besides, it didn’t

matter anyway because he was too late.

Zain explained that he had spent his whole

life worshiping other gods, and because

of that, he thought he couldn’t become a

Christian in his old age.

The team shared the story of the sinner

on the cross, who became a believer

on the very day of his death. Jesus had

promised him that he would be with Him

in paradise.

Zain was moved by this story, awestruck

by the grace and mercy of Jesus.

The team then left Kofi’s house, promising

to return later in the week. When they did,

Zain professed his faith in Christ.

Kofi now disciples Zain weekly, and his

faith continues to grow.



A Story from Asia

On Sunday, September 9th, Mr. S found

himself sitting in a local village office,

handcuffed like a criminal. Village police

guarded the door. His “crime” was opening his

house to more than 60 Jesus worshipers. His

house church had grown weekly, overflowing

with new believers, and finally, after months

of harassment and threats against him, local

authorities had seen enough.

God is moving around

the world today on a scale

that we’ve never seen.

Technology is helping the

gospel advance further and

faster than ever before.

We’re seeing multiplying

movements of disciples and

churches across the world,

and Asia is at the forefront

of it all.

In a span of just a few

months, one of our

indigenous partners and

his team saw thousands

come to Christ. Another

partner witnessed the

Spirit lead hundreds to be

baptized in the span of just

one week. The work God

is doing across Asia right

now is nothing short of

incredible. What a blessing

it is that He allows us to join

Him in His work.

“I have come back home fearless because God has

shown Himself to be altogether powerful and

trustworthy. I see His people in [Asia] and His

heart for them and that He could allow me in such a

mission is breathtaking and humbling.”

— Alanna

“I am grateful that God provided this

opportunity for me to go. I know that He is

able to accomplish His purposes without me,

but it is thrilling to see His Kingdom expand

and to meet brothers and sisters in Christ

throughout the world.”

— Cindy

But as Mr. S sat in that office with his hands

cuffed behind his back, he couldn’t help but

smile. He could hear the sound of worship

continuing on in his house. The believers sang

in unison, a beautiful song about trusting in

Jesus. No wrongful arrest, no persecution was

going to stop them from worshiping the one

true God.

Four days later, Mr. S was released. Without

fear or hesitation, he immediately joined his

mentors from e3 Partners at a 3-day training,

teaching new believers how to share the

gospel, disciple others, form churches, and

build up other Christian leaders. Everything

he learned from the e3 trainings he attended

in the past, he was now teaching himself. And

despite persecution and threats from local

police, the number of believers and churches

was growing.

Third generation churches have started in Mr.

S’s village. More people are coming to know

Christ daily, and many of them are growing

into strong, passionate Christian leaders.

Mr. S and many of his fellow leaders are now

making plans to spread the gospel in other

nearby communities. Pray for them as they

implement those plans. Pray that they would

remain steadfast for Christ. Pray for all the

Christians in Mr. S’s village, that they would

continue to worship, recognizing that this

is a miracle, and they are counted worthy to

suffer for Jesus. Pray for wisdom and power as

we encourage Christian leaders and interface

with government authorities for justice. And

pray a prayer of praise, that God is moving in

Asia and people who’ve never heard His name

are coming to know Him.


A Story from Europe

Diana* is 75. She has high blood pressure,

has suffered several mini-strokes, and

her local doctor just told her she has

Parkinson’s disease.

A team from e3 Partners met her on a

recent trip to Russia, and after hearing

her story, they asked if they could pray for

her. She responded with a question of her


“How much does prayer cost?”

The team was overwhelmed. What a

perfect opportunity to share the gospel!

They explained to Diana that prayer is a

gift from God, just as salvation through

Jesus is a free gift of God’s love and grace.

Diana was shocked. That was not the

answer she was expecting. She asked to

know more about this “love and grace”,

which led to more conversation about God

and his love for each one of us. By the end

of the conversation, Diana had accepted

Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

She has now been referred to a local

Parkinson’s specialist. The e3 Partners

team connected her with a nearby church,

and one of the women from that church

has committed to helping her travel to

and from her appointments.

It’s never too late to turn back to Christ.

Please pray for the church as they

minister to Diana and disciple her as a

new believer!


“I am already packed for next year. This was my 5th

trip. Before my first trip, I prayed that I’d impact

their lives. I didn’t realize how much it was going to

impact and change my life! God is amazing.”

— Karry, Russia Trip

“What an incredible experience. God is good.”

— Darrin, England Trip

“Trust in the Lord with all

your heart and lean not on

your own understanding;

in all your ways submit

to Him, and He will make

your paths straight.” —

Proverbs 3:5-6

Refugees are fleeing

to Europe, giving us

opportunities to reach

people with the gospel

who we otherwise couldn’t

physically reach. God

is opening doors across

Europe, and it’s amazing

to see!

Through refugee

outreach, eyeglass clinics,

medical trips, and other

initiatives, we’re seeing

the continuing spread of

the gospel. And through it

all, we continue to lean on

Christ and submit to His

ways, because we know it

is only through the power

of our Lord that any of this

is possible.


A Story from Latin America

On a recent trip to Honduras, Jess* and

George* spent the whole first day searching

for a “house of peace”. The house of peace

search was something they’d learned during

their pre-trip training. It comes from Luke


The gospel is exploding

across Latin America! God

is transforming entire

communities and it’s

amazing to see. When we

step out in faith and seek to

do the Lord’s will, He uses

us to grow His Kingdom.

He’s shown us time and

time again that He can

do extraordinary things

through ordinary people.

And it’s incredible to see

how God has answered

our prayers time and time

again to raise up more

laborers for His harvest

field. We continue to find

more people whose hearts

God has prepared to receive

the gospel. And now some

of our national partners

are even preparing to

move to other countries to

continue reaching the lost

for Christ as international


As they walked up and down neighborhood

streets, they prayed that God would lead

them to a person whose heart was ready to

receive Christ’s love. It wasn’t long before

they knocked on Mary’s* door.

Mary welcomed Jess and George into her

home. She was incredibly hospitable and

friendly, and it was very clear that God

had led them to her. They asked her if they

could pray for her, and then they shared

the gospel. Mary listened intently and

after hearing of Christ’s great love for her,

she joyfully accepted Him as her Lord and


The next day, Jess and George went back to

Mary’s house and led her through a Bible

study. They taught her how to share the

gospel herself and helped her practice. Mary

was overwhelmed with gratitude for what

Jess and George had taught her and couldn’t

wait to start telling others about Jesus.

By the end of the week, Mary had shared

the gospel with several others in her

neighborhood. In just a few short days, God

completely transformed her life, and was

now using her to help transform the lives of

others as well.

A few weeks after returning home, Jess

followed up with Mary to see how she

was doing and to encourage her to keep

spreading the hope and love of Christ. And

to Jess’s delight, that’s exactly what Mary

was doing. She continues to share the gospel

with others, and every time they talk, she

reminds Jess how grateful she is that God

brought them together.



A Story from MECANA region

Just a few days before Ben left to go on his e3 mission

trip, he had an opportunity to talk with a family friend

about it. The friend wanted to contribute in some way,

so even though Ben told her he already had all of the

funding he needed, she insisted on giving him $100 to

support the trip. Ben graciously accepted her money

and packed it in his suitcase. He didn’t think much of

it. He was appreciative of her kind gesture, and just

figured he could use the money to buy souvenirs for

friends and family. But by the time he arrived in the

Middle East, he’d completely forgotten the money was

in his bag.

During the trip, Ben met a family of believers. They

were refugees with a five year-old daughter. They

didn’t have much, but they had Jesus, and it was easy

to see that He was enough for them. They were so kind

and hospitable, inviting Ben and those with him into

their home.

“There were so many memorable

moments, but the best was watching

the light come into people’s eyes when

they realize there is hope in Jesus.”

— Susan

"God was able to use me to share His

story and to be a part of a woman's

beautiful transformation. I had lots of

happy tears. I feel blessed to have been

called to serve my King."

— Anonymous

The Middle East/

Central Asia/North

Africa (MECANA) region

encapsulates some of the

spiritually darkest places

in the world. Yet in the last

year alone we’ve seen God

spread the gospel across the

region rapidly.

While everyone was talking, the family’s landlord

showed up at their door demanding that they pay their

rent. Ben watched as Ali*, the husband, explained

that they did not have the money, which just angered

the landlord. Eventually he left, but everyone knew

he’d be back again if Ali didn’t pay soon. But Ali was

unemployed. He had no way to earn the money the

family needed to live.

Ben prayed over him, along with his wife and

daughter before leaving. As he returned to his hotel

that evening, he couldn’t get Ali out of his mind. He

continued praying for him, asking God to help him.

Ben then began packing for the return trip home, and

as he opened up his suitcase, he found the $100 his

family friend had given him. He took it to one of the

national partners from the local church and explained

the situation. The partner smiled and told Ben that Ali

had called him earlier asking if the church could help

him pay his rent. They had to tell him no originally

because the church didn’t have enough money. But

now, with Ben’s contribution, they could help!

The believers here are

a testament to both the

power and importance of

the gospel. Many of them

put their lives on the line

every day for the purpose

of spreading the hope

and love of Christ to the

unreached. Their faith

and their commitment

to growing the Kingdom

is both encouraging and

convicting. It is truly a joy

to work alongside them.

The contribution Ben’s family friend made didn’t seem

like a big deal at first, but God used it to help Ali and

his family significantly. What a privilege it is to serve

our Lord!


A Story from North America

Julien* is a full-time college professor at a university

in California. His wife, Nina*, is an orthodontist.

They are both believers and have a passion for

sharing their faith. They felt a calling from the Lord

to multiply disciples and churches, but they weren’t

sure how to go about doing that. Through prayer

and God’s guidance, they were introduced to our e3

team in California, and began evangelism and church

planting training.

At e3, we are focused

on growing the Kingdom

both locally and globally.

The gospel is needed

everywhere, including

America. That’s why we have

a team focused on reaching

the lost here in the states.

The work here can be hard.

The rate of receptivity to

the gospel is lower in the

U.S. than many other places

around the world. But

despite that, we’re seeing

new disciples raised up and

new churches planted all

across North America.

The e3 team taught them how to share the gospel,

how to share their own testimonies, and once

someone accepts Christ, how to begin discipleship

and gather them with other believers into churches.

Julien and Nina soaked it all in like a sponge. Their

faith in God and their passion for reaching the lost

grew as they began putting the training into practice.

Nina led one of her coworkers to Christ and is

now discipling her. Julien led several of his former

students to Christ and is discipling them as well.

Together, Nina and Julien have started a church in

their house. So both in their professional lives, and

in their homes, Julien and Nina are spreading the

gospel and discipling other believers.

And now their work is multiplying. Many from

their house church have begun sharing the gospel

with others in their sphere of influence. And one

of Julien’s former students talked about God and

the meaning of Good Friday while presenting his

Masters’ Thesis in front of several other students and

faculty members.

Julien and Nina hope to one day move abroad to

continue sharing the Good News with those who

don’t know Christ. But for now, they remain in

California doing the work that God has called them

to do during this season of their lives. It is through

believers like them that God is expanding His

Kingdom in unprecedented ways around the world.



A new way to, “Go and make disciples

of all Nations…”

e3 has been leading mission trips for over 30 years,

seeing firsthand how God can use those trips to make an

immense impact for His Kingdom. Many times, government

restrictions, health risks, or one of several other reasons

hinder people from participating in mission trips though.

So, when God gave us the vision to create virtual mission

trips in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we ran with

it. e3’s virtual mission trips provide a way for anyone to

experience other cultures, connect with believers from all

over the world, and work with national partners to further

the Kingdom.

Virtual Mission Trips

e3’s virtual mission trips are unique opportunities for

believers across the country, and the world, to come

together online with the common goal of furthering God’s

Kingdom. These trips are not a temporary replacement for

our physical trips while travel restrictions are in place. They

are a new avenue through which God is using His followers

to spread the gospel.

Each virtual trip includes opportunities to:

• Learn how to tell your story and God’s story.

• Work alongside national partners and

long-term missionaries who are on the field.

• Experience the cultural distinctives

of different countries.

Virtual Training

Each virtual mission trip includes evangelism and

discipleship training from missionaries and national

partners around the globe. The training focuses on helping

believers grow in their passion and confidence for sharing

the hope and love of Christ. The virtual trip then provides

them with opportunities to put the training into practice.

And even after the trip is complete, time and time again, we

see believers from all walks of life use what they’ve learned

to further the gospel in their own communities.

A Virtual Trip Story

Recently, e3 led a virtual mission trip to

Uganda. The trip consisted of a team of 10

from a church in Texas, and a team of 5

national partners in Uganda.

Every day, the two teams mirrored each

other’s actions. While the team in Texas joined

together online for a time of prayer and Bible

study, the Uganda team did the same. While the

Uganda team led evangelism and discipleship

trainings for local house churches, the Texas

team participated in their own trainings. And

both teams spent time each day prayer walking

in their neighborhoods.

The Uganda team, along with the house

churches they were training, also spent time

sharing the gospel. By the end of the week,

they had shared with over 600 people, more

than 200 accepted Christ, and 25 new house

churches were planted!

Every night, the Texas team watched videos

from the Uganda team, listening to them speak

about their experiences that day and how God

was at work in their community. Many from the

team in Texas said seeing God use the boldness

of the Ugandan team to further His Kingdom

inspired them to be bold in their own lives.

Then, on Saturday, they had the opportunity

to put that boldness into practice. They walked

around their neighborhoods, knocking on

doors, praying for others and sharing the

gospel. And even with all the fears surrounding

the coronavirus pandemic, and people being

less willing to open their doors, the team was

able to pray with over 20 people and shared the

gospel with 10!

That night, the two teams concluded the trip

by connecting online to share stories of all the

amazing things God had done throughout the

week. And practically as soon as the trip came

to an end, the church in Texas reached back

out to e3 to plan their next virtual trip. They’ll

be going back to Uganda with a new team this

month, and the Uganda team will be following

up with the new house churches that were

planted during this trip!



I Am Second, e3’s media

ministry, exists to lift up Jesus in

unexpected places using digital,

print, social, and other forms of

media to help people discover

a different way of living. I Am

Second reaches those far from

God helping them experience

the raw stories of real people

who found the unflinching hope

of Jesus, and connecting them

to a community who equips and

inspires them to Live Second.


People discover us starting with a curious phrase,

“I Am Second.” They see it on wristbands, social

media ads, and at events. From there they engage

with our content, whether it be one of our 135

White Chair films, blogs, books or other content

that tell the raw stories of both everyday and high

profile individuals who put Jesus first. Then they

connect with practical Live Second tools, an online

community, and/or a personal Live Second Coach.

To date, we’ve seen over 83 million page views on

our website, and last year alone, our content was

viewed 29.8 million times. God’s Kingdom is growing

and He’s using I Am Second as an agent to further

that growth.


“Early this morning, while I was

working at the Admirals Club at

DFW airport, a man approached

me. I believe he saw the sadness

and despair I had in my eyes.

He handed me an I Am Second

booklet with Brian Welch on the

cover. Brian’s personal testimony

was printed on the inside. I

immediately went to the restroom

and cried. I am going through the

hardest time of my life and the

message he shared with me was

so profound. I don’t know how to

thank this mystery man because I

don’t know his name. In the past,

I have struggled with accepting

Jesus. I don’t know who this email

will reach, but I needed to express

how that man started a great

change in my life and a healing

process I didn’t expect could even

happen.” — Amber


Live Second is not a brand. It’s not

a campaign. It’s a way of life. At e3

Partners and I Am Second, we believe

we are called to Live Second, putting

Jesus and others first.

That’s why we’ve developed a bridge

that connects our I Am Second content

and events with our e3 initiatives.

We’re seeing people go from watching

an I Am Second film to receiving

evangelism training and discipleship.

We’re seeing those who connect with

us at I Am Second events show interest

in joining an e3 short-term mission

trip. God is taking them from “viewing”

to “doing”, and that’s what Live Second

is all about.

Jesus showed us how to Live Second.

Now we’re just trying to follow His

example and provide ways for others

to do the same.


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