Interactive Projector Market size


Interactive Projector Market size by Display Type (DLP, LCD, LCoS), Type (Ultra-Short Throw, Short Throw), Resolution (XGA, Wide XGA, HD, Wide UXGA), Dimension (2D, 3D), Application (Education, Healthcare, Media & Advertisement) - Forecast till 2023

Interactive Projector Market size Research Report: Forecast 2023

Interactive Projector

Market size Research

Report: Forecast 2023

Interactive Projector Market size Research Report:

Forecast 2023



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Interactive Projector Market size Research Report: Forecast 2023


Interactive projectors help the presenter to connect with the projected images with the added sensors that

can track movements and add them to the projected image. Interactive projectors allow the presenter to

interact with the displayed image using an electronic/ mechanical stylus or gestures using fingers.

Interactive projectors are extensively used in sectors such as education, healthcare, media & advertisement,

hospitality & tourism, and enterprises among others. Rapid advancements in technology over the past few

years have led most of the educational institutions to focus on virtual as well as e-learning methodologies

which, in turn, is driving the market growth of interactive projectors hugely. Resultantly, the Interactive

Projector Market size is garnering colossal traction on the global platform.

Recognizing the huge traction, this market is witnessing, currently, Market Research Future (MRFR) in its

recently published study report asserts that the global Interactive Projector Market size is expected to reach

approximately 3 BN USD with a whopping CAGR of 21 %CAGR during 2017-2023.

Augmenting adoption of interactive projectors in various schools that have adopted interactive and

engaging teaching methods to facilitate the learning experience predominantly drives the market growth.

Besides, extensive usages of interactive projectors in organizations to explain new modules to their

employees during a presentation foster the market growth.

In healthcare sectors, interactive projectors extensively used to incorporate interactive games to help the

patients in stimulating physical activity and encourage social interaction. Widening uptake of the

interactive projector in the burgeoning healthcare industry is a key driving factor supporting the market


Additional factors substantiating the market growth include advantages that interactive projector deliver

with the real-time access to the content and informative data and inventions in technologies.

Simultaneously, the convenience interactive projectors render to the users are supporting the market

growth, increasing the popularity of these projectors.

On the other hand, factors such as the lack of awareness towards this technology impede the market growth

especially in the developing regions, allowing a slow adoption of these projectors. Also, the high set-up

cost incurred in the installation is a key factor restricting the market growth of interactive projectors.

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Interactive Projector Market size Research Report: Forecast 2023

Competitive Analysis and Industry News

Fervent players driving the market for the interactive projector include Seiko Epson Corporation (Japan),

ViewSonic Corporation (U.S), BenQ Corporation (Taiwan), Dell Inc. (U.S), Optoma Corporation (Taiwan),

Hitachi, Ltd. (Japan), Christie Digital (U.S), Touchmagix (U.S), NEC Corporation (Japan), Sony

Corporation (Japan), Panasonic Corporation (Japan), Delta Electronics (Taiwan), Boxlight Mimio (U.S),

Vivitek Corporation (U.K.), Infocus Corporation (U.S), Casio (Japan), Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), and

Touchjet, Inc. (U.S).

The Interactive Projector Market size appears fiercely competitive with the presence of several large and

small players operating in the market. Well-established players incorporate collaboration, acquisition,

partnership, product launch, and expansion in order to gain a competitive advantage in this market.

Manufacturers are emphasizing on improving their market performance by acquiring promising companies

in the fast-growing markets.

Vendors employ improvement strategies continuously to analyze and update the software, implementing

improvements and launching new technologies to meet the changing needs of the consumer. Substantial

investments are transpired in R&D sector from the major players which, in turn, helping the market to

grow. Growth in terms of technologies and product innovations in the market is also expected to create

strong investment opportunities for global players.

Market players strive to offer standard and custom designed projectors that can provide superior

performance and provide long-term service for demanding buyers. Emphasizing on quality, using the latest

production techniques and quality standards, ensuring top quality and maximum performance they develop

the projectors with the adept technologies, unique design, and features.

October 05, 2018 – BenQ Corporation (Taiwan) a global company involved in the sales and marketing of

consumer electronics, technology products, and computing & communications devices launched its latest

education interactive flat panel display -RM5501K along with pioneering products including laser

projectors, digital signage and dustproof projectors various segments.

October 18, 2018 – Panasonic (India), one of the global leaders offering a wide range of Televisions, Home

Appliances & Consumer Electronics launched its new top-end M Series projector - the Panasonic MZ770

with 8,000 lumens and a wide variety of suitable lenses that work with many applications. M Series laser

projectors are 3LCD, a fantastic step up to move into the laser space.

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Interactive Projector Market size Research Report: Forecast 2023

By Dimensions : 2D, and 3D.

Global Interactive Projector Market size: Segmental Analysis

By Application : Education, Healthcare, Media & Advertisement, Hospitality & Tourism, and

Enterprises among others.

By Regions : Europe, North America, APAC and the Rest-of-the-World (RoW).

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Interactive Projector Market size Research Report: Forecast 2023

The Interactive Projector Market size in the European region is expected to witness rapid growth

Regional Analysis:

over the forecast period owing to the burgeoning tourism and healthcare sector. The emerging travel

industry in the region is supporting the market growth favorably. Besides, the high adoption of

interactive projectors in the government, as well as the corporate sector drives the growth of the

regional market.

The Asia Pacific region is emerging as a promising market for interactive projectors which is

expected to grow at the fastest rate during the forecast period. Burgeoning industries such as media

& advertisement and travel and tourism help the market to increase, allowing penetration of these

projectors. Besides, the proliferating Healthcare sector provides impetus to the market growth.

Growing markets in countries such as China, Japan, Korea, and India substantiate the market

growth, augmenting the demand for the deployment of these projectors. Market players are focusing

on targeting the development of advent interactive projectors to meet the requirement of customers’

need which increases the market size.

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Interactive Projector Market size Research Report:

Forecast 2023

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