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This story is a short book presented as a gift to Oli from

Babu on the occasion of his birthday.

This book highlights the beautiful memories and the

journey so far of Babu and Oli. Throughout this book Babu

would be reciting the story as felt by her. It would begin

from the time when Anjali (Babu) and Anil (Oli) saw each

other the first time and how they became Babu and Oli

forever together.

Its been a beautiful four years of ups and downs which

led to a bond so strong that the test of times and distance

only made it more and more unbreakable. Its a story woven

by love, sewn by tears, put together with hardships and

worn on the body like a second soul.

As I pen down this story, I want the reader to know that

I have poured my heart and soul into it. So belt yourself for

a journey that will surely bring tears to your eyes.

Chapter 1

Introduction to Babu and Oli

Anil is a simple boy heading from a small village in

UP, India. He went through a challenging

childhood which lead to a self made man to whom

only goals and results mattered. He worked to achieve

those goals with bullheaded determination. A man who

kept to himself and had less friends by choice because he

thought that socializing and being with friends was a waste

of the precious hours he could invest in his future. Anil’s

strong headedness got him the best of education and ace

colleges up his sleeve and made him the most educated

man in his district. His educational career was a zoom ride

but sadness caught him on those days in the hostel when

he cried alone and missed his mother’s loving care. A

sadness which Anjali filled in his life with her love and care.

Anjali is a simple girl heading from a upper middle class

family who got all the amenities from childhood. She was

happy, bubbly and friendly to all. She was as ambitious as

Anil but never got the platform to perform. Hiding her deep

sorrow behind her happy face that only Anil could see in

her. Unlike Anil she struggled through her education but

not because she was a weak child but because she was

caught in the shackles of a constrictive family. Facing lot of

difficulties and carrying equal amount of experience Anjali

made it to a Masters but always regretted not getting the

chance of doing a PhD.

We have come to learn about two personalities who are

strong in their own right, progressive and ambitious. But

can you guess what these two unique individuals thought

about love?

Anil always kept away from woman because for him love

was pure. He was so confident about himself that he just

knew in his heart that the day he sees the right woman,

everything will click in place on its own. Until then he

wanted to save all his pure love for that right woman.

Anjali was a tomboy in matters of love. She saw too

many bitter relationships in family and friends which made

her believe that love was a waste. She made many friends

and broke badly too in those friendships. Her heart always

searched love but she ran from relationships with the fear

of being hurt again. Within she had committed to herself

that she will always love one and only one man in her life

and make him her husband but she was too realistic to

believe in the concept of love at first sight or that click

which Anil believed in.

Two people who are so similar in the way they perceived

their careers, can they be so different in the way they

perceive love? That is the beauty of this story!

Chapter 2

The First Meeting

Anil and Anjali met the first time at SQC office in Dubai.

Anjali had newly joined and Anil was the marketing head.

The moment she entered for the first time Anil turned and

looked at a woman with interest. When they had their

introduction and handshake for Anil it clicked. He knew he

had found the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life


The following days Anil observed Anjali’s bubbly and

friendly nature and the more he saw her, the more his heart

started to sink that a girl like Anjali would never choose

him. All he had was hope so with that little hope in his heart

he kept discussing his feelings for her with his colleague. He

wanted to take things further so he sneaked her mobile

number from her form at the reception. With lot of courage

he called her the next day when she had left from office

early for a training and he didn’t see her the rest of the day.

He tried to make small talk but he didn’t know that Anjali

knew he was beating around the bush. Surprisingly, unlike

Anjali’s usual nature she didn’t get annoyed but found it

cute. To return the favor and also because she wanted to

talk the next day Anjali called Anil when she didn’t see him

in the office. Anil was on cloud 9 and he kept laughing to

hide his nervousness which Anjali found very much


On the other hand, Anjali who was keen to make friends

and fill the love hole in her life started having keen interest

in Anil. She saw him at metro stations each morning and

tried to get his attention so that she got company on her

long ride to the office. Eventually, she did get his attention

and they started going to office together. They took the

long metro rides and walked through the sandy roads to

their office. During the metro rides, Anil just kept blooming

in the fact that how close Anjali was standing to him due to

the overly crowded metro. On the other side, Anjali was in

love with Anil’s sparkly eyes and was mesmerized by the

innocence they held.

From the first second when Anjali stepped into the SQC

office, Anil knew that he had found his girl but for Anjali it

was a long ride. She liked Anil but had trust issues due to

her broken friendships in the past and her overly

conservative family. Due to Anjali’s conservative family,

once when Anil called Anjali to meet in a small cafe just

near her house she came to meet him but the moment she

saw him in small jean shorts she took the first opportunity

and ran as fast as she could. Despite all this some special

moments had made a place in their life. Their walks

through the sandy road towards the office were very

special moments for both. On one such walk Anil gathered

the courage and indirectly confessed his feelings to Anjali.

Anjali was a practical lady and she was thinking to herself

that how could someone fall in love so deeply so soon with

anyone. She thought that maybe it was just an infatuation

for Anil and so she took it all lightly and smiled through his

confession. Few days later, even Anjali confessed her

feelings quite directly to Anil and left him shocked. It was a

bad day for Anjali, she had an issue had home and came to

office crying and sulky. Anil had gone to Abu Dhabi that

day and he tried to call Anjali all day but she didn’t reply his

messages or calls. Anil started to get worried and called the

office landline to speak to her. They both made small

conversation but that persistent coming from Anil made

her realize that this man would never leave her in times of

hardship. She kept the phone and immediately texted Anil

and told him that she loves him. She didn’t mean it in the

literal sense but in that emotional moment she loved him

for standing with her as a friend. That evening they both

met at a pizza shop and seeing Anjali’s sad mood Anil very

lovingly told her that it killed him to see tears in her eyes

and he never wanted to see them again. Anjali was touched

and didn’t know what to say but she knew she had found

someone special.

Twenty days after Anjali joined the office, Anil left for

his yearly leave to his hometown. That was the moment

when Anjali’s feelings hit the rock. The day he left, he

dropped her near her house and Anjali couldn’t resist

giving him a hug. She tried to hug him tight but he was

hesitant to display his love publicly. When Anjali left Anil

stood shell shocked and watched her go. It was the best

moment of his life. When Anil left the next day, his absence

made Anjali long for him more and more. She was missing

him all the time and waited eagerly for him to return.

Meanwhile to avoid her lonely metro rides in the morning,

Anil had given her calling cards so that they could talk to

each other daily till he returned.

Once Anil returned, Anjali was very happy to have him

back but the days of his absence had made her realize that

she had to hold back her feelings and she couldn’t risk her

heart to be broken. She wanted to push him away but also

wanted him near all the time. She had come to Dubai to

find herself a groom. Whenever she went to meet

prospective grooms she told him with all the joy that she

could gather but within it killed her. But she didn’t know it

killed him too and he went back to his room and cried and

prayed that she doesn’t choose anyone else. She wanted to

push him away with these talks. At the same time she

brought him near by tricking him into joining yoga class

with her. Anil had done a lot of gym and athletic activities

during his college days but he didn’t believe in yoga. He

joined it anyway just to be near her for some more time.

Anjali kept an eye on him during yoga classes and soon

they both became the best yoga couple at the class. Anil

went a step further and became an ace yoga practitioner

and the best student of the class. He fell in love with yoga

and the changes it brought in his body but more than that

he was in love with the idea of doing yoga with her.

As their love story deepened, Anjali became Anil’s baby

and then his “Babu”. On the other hand, Anil became

Anjali’s Bholu Prasad then Bholu then Bholi and finally he

became “Babu’s Oli”.

About the Couple

One of our best memories together at Baskin Robbins.

Four years ago, I met a man who turned vegetarian for me.

With his strong determination he could do complicated

yoga poses and speak about business and numbers with

the same ease. I found him unbelievably cool and sexy, he

still makes my heart race and grounds me at the same time.

Nothing compares to you my dearest Oli, your compassion,

kindness, generosity and smarts are incredibly attractive

but so is your rusu phusu and your annoying perfectionism.

Thank you for being my partner and standing besides me

for these four years. They have been my most fulfilling.

Happy happy birthday my to be husband. I’m so thrilled I

get to keep you for the rest of my life. I love you the most

and I know you love me the best and the most. That I

promise you is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Everyday

is phenomenal with you.

This beautiful couple has faced the thick and thins of life

and become one soul in two bodies. Both of them feel

lifeless without each other but they know that together

they can and will create a beautiful future. They are the

strength and backbone of each other and in true sense are

made for each other. One is incomplete without the other

and vice versa.

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